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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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determine if there was enough evidence, to send cosby to trial. and after a three hour hearing, the district justice said that indeed there was and so, cosby will be facing trial, at some point in the future. moments before he left the courtroom, bill cosby had shown no reaction, as he learned he would be held for trial on all charges, saying only a polite, thank you to the judge. outside the courtroom his attorney, however, used much stronger language. >> we see this as a travesty of justice they had 12 years to bring a case, they didn't. >> reporter: spectators hussled to get a better look the at cosby as they arrived for 39 hour preliminary hearing. a detective reading alleged victim andrea conn stan's description of how, during a visit to the comedian's cheltenham home in 2004, she was given pills and wine, and then sexually a salted. he said just taste the wine, i started to have blurred
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vision, i got scared, i had no feeling in my legs. >> we're here, because we want to seek the truth, we're here to serve justice. >> reporter: cosby's defense team angrily protested they had no chance to cross-examine constand in an attempt to shake her story because she wasn't called to testify. prosecutors instead relying on written reports, of her statements, read by detectives. >> what they presented today was evidence of nothing. >> reporter: in statement read by investigators cosby from the start admitted that there was sexual contact with constand, that his defense team claims was consensual. but prosecutors won the day, arguing a woman incapacitated by alcohol and pills, was incapable of, consenting and that made cosby action 12 years ago that night criminal. and the road to an expected trial for cosby is anything but a straight road, there are expected to be a lot of
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appeals, a lot of pretrial motions, and in one at this point even guessing, if the trial, happens, when it might occur. live from the montgomery county courthouse i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, as you air wear, cosby a's attorney brian mcmonigal held a news conference just moments ago and said he will fight for his client's rights. >> the complaintant continued to contact mr. cosby, the complaintant accepted a dinner invitation from mr. cosby. complaintant returned to mr. cosby's home and ultimately after returning to can inadequacies at complaintant asked for tickets to a concert that he was performing at, went to the concert, and presented him with a gift. today a united states citizen had his due process rights violated. we intend to ask the courts to put an end to this once and for all. >> also celebrity attorney globe use allred was among
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those in the packed courtroom. she represents more than two toss even other cosby accusers. allred says her clients could testify in this case. >> under pennsylvania's prior bad acts, legal doctrine, potentially other accusers could be called to testify at trial. whether they will be called, that is, subpoenaed to testify at trial is a decision that will be made by law enforcement, the district attorney and the court, in terms of admissibility. >> allred client filed a sexual battery civil suit begins bill cot bye. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage as bill cosby goes to trial. you can always get the latest on cbs no one was hurt in the fire a at north penn high school that forced district to cancel all afternoon and evening activities.
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chopper three over the campus in lansdale montgomery county. school was evacuated around 11:30 this morning due to a fire neared band room. fire fighters put out fire, student were dismissed for the day. district says an inspection will determine whether classes are canceled tomorrow. a swat team was guns drawn searches a jet at los angeles international airport. take a closer look at the video now, law up force. swarmed this american eagle jet, which had just flown into lax from houston. nothing suspicious was found and threat made against that plane was deemed not credible. the passengers were then escorted off the plane. person of interest is in custody in connection to a deadly hit and run crash in northeast philadelphia. it happened at a little after midnight at cottman and bustleton avenue. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is at the scene with the very latest on the investigation, rahel, good evening. >> reporter: ukee, good evening. philadelphia police tell me they believe excessive speed and weather were factors in this crash, meantime i spoke
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to the victim's wife and she tells me her husband had just left work, went here behind me waiting for 58 bus to go home and of course we know he never made it there. >> there was cops every where. >> reporter: in the harsh light of day, the scope of a violent, fatal hit and run overnight clear. the victim was 50 year-old alejo molina a family members said he left work, and he was waiting for the 58 bus. molina never caught that bus, never made it home to his two children and wife. he was less than a mile away. >> rest in peace baby, i love you. you were such a strong man, such a wonderful father, i will miss you. i love you to the moon and back. >> reporter: police say driver of this black lexus ran off on foot but after seeing morning news coverage of the wreck turned himself in. >> he did tell us that was very important he told us he was driving the vehicle and he was responsible. see that is crucial to our investigation of what we call operation. he claimed he was in the car
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and he was the only one in the car and he was responsible for the crash. >> reporter: major development for the investigation, but little consolation for family, and still left wondering why. >> because my sonnies two, he is probably thinking his daddy is working but i don't know how much longer that can be. >> reporter: also now, how to move forward. as we tell you when that driver turned himself in he was still wearing same bloody clothing from the accident. he also had some head injuries. he was taken to hahnemann hospital and then questioned. at this point police have not released his name. reporting from northeast philadelphia, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is end of the month and finally starting to feel like may should, and this is just the beginning because temperatures are going to sore from here. meteorologist kate bilo live on the cbs-3 sky deck to tell us when this summer-like heat will be rolling in, kate. >> it started to day, our first 80-degree day in may
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thus far and it has been a nice day cloud bubbled up mid afternoon. it looked like it would really rain but showers, just drifted into portions of south jersey and they are fizzling so less active then we were at this time yesterday. lets look at it on storm scan three you can see a couple spotty showers, most of these are to the north and east and as i zoom in quickly we do still have a couple spotty sprinkles here over portions of burlington, atlantic county and brief downpour across the atlantic city expressway just a few minutes ago but that has now started to weaken. we can see where upper low is impacting coastal new england as it moves away and that is allowing temperatures to warm up. eighty-three in philadelphia. eighty-three in reading. it is 80 degrees in trenton. it will get hotter from here, and in fact we will be closer to the 90's over the next few days. and with the humidity ramping up there are a few days where it will feel like the 90's. i will tell you whether which days are the hottest and when showers and thunderstorms creep back in, coming up.
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in campaign 2016 it is primary day for republican voters as donald trump gets closer to locking up g.o.p. presidential nomination. meanwhile hillary clinton and senator sanders are fighting for the biggest prize yet on the calendar, california. cbs correspondent mark albert has more from the white house. >> bernie, bernie. >> reporter: bernie sanders whipped up an enthusiastic crowd in anaheim, california on tuesday ahead of the golden state's primary in two weeks. >> this is a campaign of the people, by the people and for the people. >> reporter: sanders is persisting crowds of support have forced front runner hillary clinton to spend valuable time and resources here including at this l.a. event about foster care. >> i'm fortunate to be your president next january things will be changing. >> reporter: but clinton also only need nine more delegates to secure the nomination so her campaign is shifting to attack her likely opponent in
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the fall donald trum one a harsh new ad. >> if there is a bubble bursas they call it. >> reporter: this a tack ads seems to trump his persona as a successful businessman. >> i kind of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy. >> reporter: trump hit back with a new video saying the media should client out clinton foundation which he says is dishonest. campaign manager corry lewandowski says more is coming. >> when someone attacks donald trump he respond and maybe times ten. difference he he's authentic, genuine and that is what the american people want. >> reporter: tuesday's washington state primary should put trump just a few dozen delegates away from clinching the g.o.p. nomination. mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the host commit thee for democratic national convention in philadelphia, unveils a new series of videos. >> i love philly for their amazing cozy cafes around the city. they are my home away from
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home. >> reporter: it is called philly welcomes you. short videos showcased philadelphia's diversity. they feature philadelphians from a variety have background speak nothing a variety of languages. convention is scheduled for end of july and those coming in town are snapping up places to stay. many are turning to air b and b to nail down accommodations and our alexandria hoff will have more on that tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. coming up on "eyewitness news", long lines, big headaches, how you can avoid travel troubles at the airport this summer. we will have a a live report at 5:30. also this it is sink or swim time for a local high school i'm pat gallen see how this school is helping another school, learn important survival skills before graduation, coming up. do you know billions of pound of produce are tossed out every year because, well, there is just not pretty enough? coming up what some people are doing to give ugly fruits and veggies a chance. eighty six million adults have a serious medical condition
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called prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you may be one of them, and your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is higher. the good news is that you can prevent or delay diabetes. talk to your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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a suspect on a stolen
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motorcycle leaves police on a wild case in miami, florida. speeding motorcyclist weaved through traffic after running a traffic stop. police say he was clocked at 100 miles an hour, 20 minutes later he park his met or cycle, talked his helmet away and jumped several fences before being taken into custody. no one was hurt. the name may sound strong, but are they safe, a new report find muscle cars don't offer the best crash protection. the insurance institute for highway safety, tested 2016 models of the ford mustang, chevy camaro and dodge challenger. all three earned good ratings for side impact and moderate overlap frontal crashes. the camaro was rated low, for roof, and while challenger performed worst overall. did you know more than 25 percent of the fruits and vegetables never make it off the farm due to their appearance. they are just not pretty enough. today's three on your side report, jim donovan tells but
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a campaign to get imperfect produce on grocery store shelves. >> reporter: christine coke says half of her crops go to waste because of how they look. small, oddly shaped strawberries are some of the more natural imperfections that lead to 6 billion-pound of waste and produce in the u.s. even though it is safe to eat grocery stores want pretty produce. >> it is really hard sometime because you cap just not accept that small little flaw. >> reporter: now there is a push to get twisted carrots and co joined cher is in stores at a reduced price to both cut waste and feed the hungry. >> it is insane that all this good produce goes to waste for mostly cosmetic reasons which is just looks not taste, nutrition or anything like that record record jordan started a social media campaign to celebrate ugly produce. his on line petition to have wal-mart sell it has more than 100,000 signatures. >> it is socially accessible to litter make it socially unacceptable to keep throwing
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food in the garbage. >> reporter: he convinced whole food to sell imperfect produce in california stores for 30 to 50 percent less. in pennsylvania, giant, eagle rolled out a similar program but for ugly produce to be the normal, farmers say consumers have to be willing to compromise and buy into something to not so perfect. wal-mart has a pilot program to sell produce with imperfections in its united kingdom stores, and is now looking how to transfer that mod toll its u.s. locations. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. hey, if it tastes good. >> hello. >> all right. kate, how are things looking? when i came in it was starting to look, maybe a storm but maybe not, i could not tell. >> it is starting to look ominous and cloud bubble up, still under just the periphery of that same upper level low we have been talking about for days and that caused clouds to bubble up but showers missed most of us. we have a couple in new jersey but that is the extent of it. tomorrow is a dry day. >> all right. >> across the board. >> all right.
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>> that looks good. today started out really nice with lots of sunshine, nice day to visit a school. lucky students got to learn about a career in meteorology today. justin drabick stopped by twinville elementary school in willingboro. he talk to prek, first and fourth graders. justin let some of the fourth graders try their hand pointing at the maps something that is important to know if you are one day going to have his job or my job being a meteorologist, on television. great fun for students and great time for justin as well. always out with the kid and out on the beautiful day. can't beat that. thanks, justin for showing the kid a little bit of what we dove day. lets take a quick look outside. we will take you down the shore. you can see blue skies in the distance. those beaches are packed in just a couple weeks. this is a pretty good weekend, to head down the shore and kick off the summer season. temperatures in the 80's inland, cooler at the coast this weekend but expected to see lots of umbrellas on that sand in just a few days from right now. looking up to the north and
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west, absolute opposite, of the shore points, this is in broadheadsville in the poconos you can see cloud and sunshine, pretty nice looking afternoon here in broadheadsville just a breeze in the leaves there. storm scan three we have been talking about this same upper level low for days upon days and you can see where it is right now. see that swirl where it is over portions of massachusetts, showers, storms rotating around periphery mainly over eastern new york state, portions of northern new jersey, we're not seeing much. we're on the outer edge and once that le gets out we have much nicer weather to look forward to, albeit, hotter as well n fact it is up to 83 degrees in philadelphia cloud have moved out, sunnies back and temperatures are soaring. eighty-two in wilmington. eighty-three in allentown at the moment. today our first day in the 80's this month. last may, 20 days in the 80's, only one day in the 50's. seven days with rain, may 2016 just one day in the 80's, that toys day. we have had six days in the 50's, and 18 days with rain, so far this month.
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but the summer-like pattern moves back in. eighty's tomorrow. eighty's on thursday. stray thunderstorm north and west, friday better chance for afternoon storms but we are still in the 80's and humidity will be ram pink up as well. humidity relatively low tomorrow even though it is warm but by friday it will feel steamy especially for this time of the year and staying humid in the start of the memorial day weekend. here's a quick look at your forecast, 62, partly cloudy, milder, tomorrow, humidity low, take a look at how hot it gets, 88 degrees, lots of sunshine for your wednesday and that is the take we will say farewell, see you later to our walt hunter who is retiring. that is on the seven day. eighty-eight and sunny. beautiful day. thursday looks good. more humid. maybe afternoon thunderstorm and friday a better chance for storms, and of course that kicks off the memorial day weekend. so question is does warm weather, last? i will answer that next half an hour. >> welshing we will look forward to that answer. >> thanks, kate. >> as kate mentioned "eyewitness news" is saying good bye to one of the best reporters in the business,
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tomorrow. >> our senior investigative reporter walt hunter is retiring so please join us tomorrow at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. on cbs-3 as we say good bye to walt. i had a chance to talk with our collogue and friend about his 36 year career here on "eyewitness news". we will look back at his remarkable tenure, see what defined walt as a reporter starting tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. on "eyewitness news". still ahead tonight on "eyewitness news", what to bring and what not to bring when you travel by air this summer. and how closure of a major sporting goods chain can benefit you. get ready for some great deals, leslie. eagles defensive coordinator jim schwartz talking to the media for first time since hired in january? how is bird defense shaping up? we will hear from him
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philadelphia students faced off against one of the eagles to day. >> no, they were not on the football field but they were, playing with chess board there. "eyewitness news" at the link for 13th annual eagles chess
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tournament, more than 200 young chess players competed against one another, we even got to play against eagles defensive tackle taylor heart. studies show chess significantly boost academic performance of grade school children, you never know, maybe benefits the football player too. good. that is a a great game. >> why not the try it. >> yes, that is a lot of fun. >> i don't remember last time i played. i don't remember last time i played. it has been a long time. >> good brain skills, to use. >> what do you say we have a little tournament here, among us all, we will bring in kate bilo. >> yes, chess tournament. >> chess or checkers. >> my bad. >> i'm out. >> i'm out. >> all right, guys. speaking of chess, all of the pieces are on the board for eagles, now it is about putting them in the right position to call out check mate. leslie van arsdal has the latest on the busy day in south philadelphia a. >> it is second week of organized team activities for eagles, players continue to
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add just to a brand new offense and defense. defensive coordinator jim schwartz speaking with the media for first time since he was hired in january. he says he is very high on his safeties. >> i would be very surprised as the year went on if they are in the one of the better safety tandems in the nfl. >> it is always good when you have a position coach that believes in you early in the process, and me and malcolm, i think we will build something great here. >> reporter: players like his edge. >> most defenses take the permit of their coordinator and, you know, i think with jim, our defense will have an edge. >> reporter: schwartz thinks marcus smith could thrive in this defense. >> i definitely think that he is a student. >> reporter: as for offense players new have to learn how to slow down. >> the biggest thing is, last season it was just regular nfl offense, two man drill the whole day where it is slowed down, longer play calls but
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end of the day if you play man licensing enough you'll get hold of it. >> reporter: since thinks just ota's the real work has yet to begin. leslie van arsdal, "eyewitness sports". >> yes, organized team activity, when they are just wearing shorts and shirts. >> yes. >> get the pads on. >> time will tell. >> appreciate it. coming up next a new test could help diagnosis a dangerous disease, that is prevalent in this time of the year. we will also have this. turbulent times for tsa as people are offering tips for travelers heading in the holiday weekend. i'm joe holden at the airport and we will tell you shower of that information is being received here. conflicting reports from egyptian officials as crews work to recover black boxes from egyptair flight 804. are we any closer to finding out what cause that had crash, answer is coming up.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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tsa wants travelers for prepared for the busy summer travel season and what they can expect when it comes to airport security and they will encounter long lines as tsa struggles with a shortage of screening agents. the tsa wants passengers to be pro active doing all they can to speed it up the fine. "eyewitness news" continues 59:30 i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. joe holden is live at the airport with more on the tsa summer travel tips, joe. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, tsa in recent weeks has taken a beating over long lines in many of the nation's airports. they blame that on a up tic in passengers flying, they say, up 7 percent just this year. today in somewhat of a dog and pony show at philadelphia international the tsa says that they are asking passengers, to be aware and pay attention, when heading
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through screening. it was a tsa called an unscientific experiment, we have here a staged security screening to show how line people love to hate can quickly bottleneck. >> this is our next group, unprepared, traveler. >> reporter: before we get to them we should tell you so-called prepared group all ten of them, breezed through security in one minute and 45 seconds. their lap tops out, pockets empty and there were no water bottle issues. >> that helps them get through. there is no slow up at the line. >> reporter: for the unprepared crew. >> we will be late for my flight. >> reporter: this man was stuck behind a a with man carrying a firearm in her bag. tsa says it was a toy for demonstration purposes only. there were other issues all the while time is moving, there is that man again read his lips. so what is going on. why is the government agency some in congress say is failing, doing all of this. >> my goal, it is not to blame passengers for longer lines.
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i merely want to point out that passenger preparedness can have a significant i am pack on how quickly travelers can get through checkpoint. >> reporter: just days out from the busy memorial day weekend the tsa is trying to shake off sharp criticism of long lines in some cities like chicago and washington. recent tsa troubles have travelers thinking there could be lengthy waits. >> three hour wait here. >> no, i don't think so, definitely not. >> reporter: no three hours wait is here at philly international but lets go a and compare those two groups. first group went through in a minute and 452nd. that second group with the issues, fake gun and other problems, they took more than eight minutes. so as tsa asking for a little help from travelers, just be prepared, and know it is coming at you as you head through screening. live at philly international tonight, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> be prepared indeed, thanks joe very much. in the wake of the historically long lines at the airport tsa is making changes.
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kelly is responsible for security operations at nearly 450 airports nationwide, he's now out of his post. he will be replaced by his deputy. his base salary was more than $181,000 a year and over 13 months he took home more than $90,000 in bonuses. even as the screeners he oversaw failed to detect mock explosives or banned weapons in 95 percent of tests, by the inspector general. there are conflicting reports about the final moments of the egyptair flight 804. mourners held a vigil for 66 victims killed during last weeks crash, today. egypt's head of the air navigation services now says plane was flying normally, when last seen owe egyptian radar. greek government reported the plane swerved wildly before crashing. search continues for plane's black boxes, experts say they may or may not tell us what went wrong. george zimmerman speaks publicly for the first time
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since auctioning off the gun that he used to kill trayvon martin. zimmerman defended his decision abe claimed he sold weapon to an anonymous buyer for a quarter million-dollar. zimmerman was acquitted of the shooting, of shooting the 17 year-old martin in 2012. >> i had to take a lesson in self-defense. i don't think anybody in their right mind would ever want to be in this position. >> reporter: zimmerman says he plans to use money from the a auction to support families of officers impact by violence which he says, is time to black lives matter movement. high tech field trip for some lucky middle school tours day, they attended the students stem expo at temple's liacouras center. the students took part in interactive seminars and exhibits designed to help them learn about careers in science, technology, and engineering. about 1,000 students attended the expo. never forget it. spurs some careers. great. students in philadelphia high school are learning both
5:35 pm
inside and outside the classroom. >> our pat gallen says seniors are learning more than just english, history and math they are learning life lessons as well. >> reporter: that is sound of success at crystal ray high school in north philadelphia, they bang the gong every time a major goal, is achieved by a student and in june major goals will be met as first ever graduating class will walk, but before that happens, their students must first learn who to swim. >> part of the curriculum by the time they graduate they need to pass a swimming test and basically water survival. >> reporter: crystal ray has teamed up with st. joes prep and head swim coach kelly va s to make sure each student can get over an extremely difficult obstacle. >> these kid came in and they were extremely nerve to us get in the water and they have never been by a pool before. >> reporter: program is designed to help kid with little or no access to swimming instruction and therefore are much more prone to drowning but crystal ray is changing that, one child at a time.
5:36 pm
each student is required to take a swim test and pass it, before they can move on. >> it had to be brought back in, that was a good experience, i never forgot it. >> as i got in two or three weeks and i felt pretty confident. >> definitely ready to take this test. >> i felt like i can actual do i anything now because it is hard to swim especially in 4 feet of water. >> reporter: but now nearly all of the 85 senior students are able to tread water, and, if not more, and that is a great feeling. >> the first time i swam from one end to the other end i felt like i could just pick up the world. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, pat gallen, for "eyewitness news". >> that is how it starts. north fill bakery is opened after being shut down for more than a year. >> hates been 14 months since flames went through denise's bakery at 22nd and indiana destroying the place. owner tells us it was the community that gave her the
5:37 pm
strength, to rebuild. the bakery first opened up, 24 years ago. >> welcome back. detroit the police department is challenging the philadelphia a police department, to a dance off. >> ♪ >> um-hmm. >> this video posted on facebook shows detroit police officers doing the running man challenge. this made possible by ncaa basketball teams and create a video, the running man philly and cincinnati in our police ace wear of the challenge but they did not confirm nor deny that they would take part. >> you better get in this. >> they danced around the answer, with this. >> i see what you did there, we better get on this. >> we can get giggy with it too, come on now, it is on. still to come on "eyewitness news" this time of the year most of us start spending more time outside but you have to watch out for dangerous, tics, we will tell but a new test that could
5:38 pm
diagnosis lime disease. also this. >> we have been married 75 years. >> seventy-four years. >> is what their secret? hear from two couples with a combined 130 years of marriage under their belt, kate. it has been a cool will may so far but we are making up for lost time this week. coming up when temperatures sore to near 90 degrees and when showers and thunderstorm creep back in the forecast, we will look at the memorial day weekend outlook coming up when
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well, sports authority is launching a going out of business sale. chain is planning to close all of its stores. court documents say its final sales are expect to start by friday and finish by end of august. the sports authority has been hurt by on line competition
5:42 pm
and excessive debt. two couples in illinois show what 130 years of marriage looks like. melva and basil jordan have been married for 56 year years. wand a and cyril wright said 74 years ago. they renewed their vows in the combined anniversary celebration and they each shared their secret to a long, happy marriage. >> like i have always said you have got to give and take. >> you give and then i take. >> part of the beginning to make up your mind in marriage. >> just love one another. >> congratulations to both couples. >> how nice. >> that is great. >> also i like her sequence. >> it looks good. >> yes. >> give and take. >> yes. >> that made me chuckle indeed. >> well, up next, just in time for a sixth season a
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once again, are you going to be here. it will be 88. >> it is so nice tomorrow. >> that will be tempting. >> sure. >> it will be like i will walk
5:46 pm
up. >> sure. >> last couple of hours of the day, what a beautiful day it will be tomorrow. but, that is what we dealt with, this may, we are looking forward to a little bit of heat, outside and that is what we are bringing for you. temperatures heading to 90 degrees. this is after a may that felt at times more like march or april, and now will feel like we have catapulted in the middle of summer. that is how averaging are created after all. lets look ate what is going on outside. we will go out to our camera looking live at center city philadelphia we can see a few breaks of sunshine. we have cloud bubbling up this afternoon. we are still under influence of le pressure. what that does is destabilizees at moth fear. when we get sunshine and heat up air close to the ground it rises in the atmosphere and will create clouds because we have that cool pocket aloft and that is why cloud bubbling up this afternoon. not as active as yesterday. we are on the periphery of that low but cloud here and there. it will be sunny, next minute overcast, that is what i mean
5:47 pm
self-destructive sunshine. sun causes those clouds to storm but tomorrow looks like full sun across the game. lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers. temperatures in the 80's across the region. we are at 81 degrees, check with lynn springer in cherry hill. today was perfection, temperatures, sunshine, cloud formation, love it, spoking lean a true weather geek. we love cloudy days look at cloud formation, even better than a full day of sunshine. ed, in atglenn pa he is a at 81. full sun there a awesome day. we are pulling out of the pattern that has dogged us for the entire month and get something sunshine back and temperatures in the 80's. what is in the the to love. jason in middletown, delaware says yes, there is sun, little warm but i'll take it. i said that earlier today. little hot for my liking upper 80's in may but i complain enough about the cold i lost my right to complain about the warmth. lets look outside. we will go to the live neighborhood network sites. this is cape may courthouse in middletown ship high school.
5:48 pm
there is a few cloud down there we have a few showers that drift add cross southern new jersey. those have have since fizzled out but still some clouds overcast skies at the moment. it looks ominous. i see sun will be back before sunset tonight. here's why that is, that upper low that has been sitting, spinning over really the eastern seaboard, since the weekend. it is moving out. you can see showers and storms on the periphery of that low over vermont, new hampshire and eastern new york state. for us in philadelphia things look great. heading back we will see clear skies that is what will be moving over us tomorrow. we have got a nice day to look forward to tomorrow. highs today, 83 in philadelphia. eighty-three in allentown the high. seventy-two in mount pocono. cooler in south jersey, mainly thanks to the marine influence and showers moving on through and still that low just overhead keeping it cooler to the the north and east as it warmed up to the south and west but we ended up with .03 inches of rain, brief shower, and that means we had
5:49 pm
another rain drop to the map here over 5 inches of rain, 5.14 the official total at the moment. taste of summer moving in as jet stream rises through end of the week. temperatures on their way up and tomorrow at least will be full day of sunshine, thursday maybe a stray shower or storm mainly off to the west in the afternoon and better chance for showers and storms friday but you can see looking at our feels like temperature by thursday afternoon it will be feeling like 90 here in philadelphia. overnight we will drop down to 62. partly cloudy, milder. you can see warm up. eighty-eight for next few days. humidity values rising through friday, nice start to the memorial day weekend but we have chance for showers on monday with an eye on the tropics as well and we will talk about that at 6:00. for now back over to you. we have breaking news, to tell but chopper three is leave over 12th and market in center city. this is where septa is investigating a report of a person on the tracks between 11th and 13th street station. septa has shut down train
5:50 pm
services on the the market frankford line in both directions, between 30th street and spring garden stations just a head up in case you know someone who uses that route. they are running shuttle buses along that route for the time being. we will keep you updated here and cbs in healthwatch our warmer temperatures with the summer season starting this weekend means risk for lyme disease is back. pennsylvania is always top state in the country, for cases of lime disease. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on potential new test for lyme. >> reporter: this could be a big development. lyme disease is hard to diagnosis because test are not always accurate and can take six to eight weeks to get those results but young researcher may have come up with a solution. twenty-four year-old grad student temple douglass is an aspiring scientists who is already made a name in the field of lyme disease research. >> i was in the right place at the right time. >> when researchers why testing for cancer particles
5:51 pm
she wondered if it could work to test for lyme disease too. >> i was aware of the issues with the lyme disease test because of my family, few people in my family had lyme disease. >> reporter: disease is diagnosis to diagnosis because only 40 percent of the people get the telltale bull's eye rash after a tic bite and current lab tests can give false positive results. >> we believe it is a game changer. >> reporter: the uses particles that can capture lyme bacteria in the patient's urine. >> bacteria that is causing this we are testing it directly and we are testing witt a high sensitivity that never has been achieved were. >> reporter: they test which is experimental will be able to detect lyme disease before symptoms appear. >> the goal, it is to treat this bacteria early right after the tic bite and it can be completely cured with antibiotics. >> reporter: doctors say that while most cases of lyme disease can be treated, some patients can have lingering complications and doctors say it is best to avoid tic by the
5:52 pm
all together, best way, of course to priest vent lyme disease. cdc says there is 300,000 cases of lyme a year and many in our area, chester county is a big hot spot. >> i had a dear friend with lyme in college and she has had a tough disease to treat. >> thanks, stephanie. that brings us to tonight's good question what is the best way to remove a tic? >> steven aston wants to know how to you get rid of the disease carrying critters? tweezers, pull them off with your hand? experts say there is a right way and wrong way to remove a tick. >> do you worry about tics everything now we do, this time of the year. >> i'm going to wear a body suit. >> those tics are gross. >> nicole brewer tells us best way to remove tics and what to do when you are done is tonight's good question at 11:00. if you have a good question log on to cbs question. tweet us at #cbs-3 good
5:53 pm
question. >> i hate when they show up on my dog. >> yikes. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", they are known on the big screen for crime fighting but in real life some avengers assembled to put a smile on a special fan's face. you do not want to miss this. we will have it on the other
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
♪ ♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪
5:56 pm
i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪ video of a texas mom cracking up over her new chewb aka mask has more than 140 million facebook views. >> late, late show, james cover din decided to car pool with can days pain and never guess who showed up. >> what are you doing here. >> been here the whole time. >> yeah, yeah. >> no. >> it is laughs like this. >> that is star wars director jj abrams in the back seat there, payne bought the mask
5:57 pm
as a gift for herself, and then, of course, that went viral. >> i think everybody sees that right now. >> listen to her. >> well, avengers, one sick fan his ultimate wish. >> insider louie agear joins us from los angeles with a very sweet story. >> i love this story, ukee and jessica. gwyneth paltrow rallied her hollywood friend, namely captain american and iron man to give one cancer stricken fan quite the super hero surprise. >> hey, what is up, buddy. >> we were just in the neighborhood. >> reporter: not every day super heroes unite to help you fight battle of your life. >> hi, i'm chris. >> good to meet you. >> and that is just what happened yesterday, for 18 year-old ryan wilcox who has been battling cancer since he was a toddler. >> i have a brain tumor when i was three. >> hey, how are you doing.
5:58 pm
>> and san dean owing teen hoist a huge fan of captain america. >> never gives up. >> received word of encourage. then chris evans at a pep rail held at his behalf at his high school. >> people like you, with strength like yours, that inspire people like me. >> gwyneth paltrow who play iron man's girl friend pepper pot heard the biggest dream was to meet a yenningers and called out to robert downey junior and chris on instagram, posting, want to take a road trip? i will drive you guys down. >> well, super hero don't drive, the three hopped in a helicopter and cruised down to ryan's house to deliver, the surprise of a lifetime. >> i have no words. >> it was so funny, they came, they sat down on the ground. >> it was just great. it was like they were just our friend. >> reporter: we will have so much more tonight on the insider. ukee and jessica back to you in the studio. >> louie, thank you. you can get more hollywood tonight and every night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3.
5:59 pm
>> bravo, wonderful. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 the judge has spoken and bill cosby is going to trial, tonight his lawyers react to the news that the sexual assault case will move forward. and, she was hired to watch the kid, but the things this new jersey nanny allegedly did inside a burlington county home landed her behind bars. kate? we finally got to the 80's, the clouds are back over center city but it feels fantastic out here right now and if today was nice for you you'll love what we have in store for rest of the week. it will be feeling like summer. i'll tell you which days could feel like the 90's coming up at 6:00. philadelphia homeowners, flooded air b and b during the pope's visit but renting out their apartments to strangers didn't go as planned for everyone? did the dnc provide another opportunity to cash in? i'm alexandria hoff with what you need to know before listing your place.
6:00 pm
it is 6:00 o'clock and here's is what happening. going to trial. a judge ruled today that the sexual assault case begins philadelphia's own bill cosby will move forward. more than a decade after the alleged incident. the judge announcing the decision not long after closing arguments had ended. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. cosby's accuser andrea constand did not appear in court but parts of her 2005 statement was red. constand complains cosby assaulted her after giving her wine and pills in his montgomery county home. cosby waved his right to appear at a july 20th arraignment setting the courts for a trial and if convicted, he could face ten years in prison. the. >> the reaction to the ruling was fast and furious. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us in center city where cosby's attorneys spoke within the hour, greg. >> reporter: good afternoon. the fast and furious really a great way to describe all of the reaction pouring in after


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