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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  May 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> rose: a judge orders bill cosby to stand trial for sexual assault. also tonight, cell phone video exposes a gap in airport security. >> you have employees coming in with backpacks, leaving with backpacks. you don't know what they're bringing onto the airfield. you don't know what they're taking off of the airfield. >> rose: are these muscle cars strong enough to survive a crash? and a magazine cover that made edward locke the butt of a joke. >> the towns people said i was the kid who showed his butt for $5. >> this captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. it is a stunning fall from grace. bill cosby, who portrayed the all-american tv dad, was ordered today to stand trial in
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pennsylvania for sexual assault. dozens of women have accused of cosby of attacking them. this is the first case to be prosecuted. and here is jericka duncan. >> any comment whatsoever, sir? >> reporter: shaking his head, refusing to answer questions, 78-year-old bill cosby left court knowing he now has to fight for his freedom. the preliminary hearing lasted nearly four hours, and for the first time, we heard parts of the police statement from what allegedly happened in 2004 between the embattled comedian and the accuser, former temple university employee andrea constand. she was not required to appear in court today. in the police report, constand said cosby sexually assaulted her with his fingers while at his pennsylvania home after giving her wine and pills. she says her legs sphartded -- started feeling rubbery and everything was blurry and dizzy.
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according to cosby, constand never said no and their sexual actions were consensual. montgomery county district attorney kevin steele. >> we're here because we want to seek the truth. we're here to serve justice. >> mr. cosby, do you wish to say anything? >> reporter: cosby was charged last december. so far at least 50 women have accused the comedian of sexually assaulting them, many after allegedly receiving drugs from cosby. a 2005 deposition partially unsealed last summer revealed cosby's use of quaaludes. in one part constand's attorney asks, "when you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?" cosby responded yes. according to more recently released portions, cosby admits to having sexual contact with a 17-year-old model. costs -- cosby's attorney brian mcmonagle. >> there is no evidence of a crime here. there are inconsistencies that
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playinged this investigation from the beginning continue to plague it now. this case should end mealy. >> reporter: cosby remains free on $1 million bond. charlie, if convicted, he faces up to ten years in prison. >> rose: thanks, jericka. joining me now is cbs news legal analyst rikki kleiman. rikki, what's likely to happen next? >> >> reporter: there are going to be a series of hearing dates. at these hearing dates, motions will be filed, the government will respond to the defense motions, and eventually a trial date will be set. don't think that trial is going forward any time soon. could be up to a year. >> rose: and what's cosby's defense going to be? >> reporter: cosby's defense was that the sex was consensual, that is that he had her come to his home, she came on numerous occasions, that he gave her pills, that she took them voluntarily, and that they had sex and it was not against her will. >> rose: the most powerful evidence the prosecution has? >> >> reporter: the most powerful
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evidence the prosecution has is andrea constand, the woman who claims she was vickized by bill cosby? >> rose: is she likely to be a good witness? >> we don't know because she is a mystery witness. today in court at the preliminary hearing, her testimony was read in by a detective who hadn't even heard all of what she had to say back in 2005. >> rose: we have read about other victims in the paper involving bill cosby. will their testimony be allowed in this case against him? >> there are some perhaps 50 other alleged victims, and they will want to come forward. the prosecution will want to have them say exactly what happened to them is the same thing that happened to andrea constand. the defense will fight tooth and nail. they do not want this evidence coming in, and they will say it is unduly prejudicial and irrelevant. the prosecution will counter and say that it is a signature, it's a pattern of conduct, and when
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you have a pattern, it does come in. >> rose: thank you. the man who once investigated president bill clinton's sexual misdeeds now finds himself at the middle of an investigation involving sexual assault. don dahler reports kenneth starr could lose his job as president of baylor university in waco, texas. >> reporter: over the last seven years, the nation's largest baptist university has been plagued by allegations of rape and sexual assault. at least six women have accused eight baylor football players of violence. >> i hope that people don't have to deal with this in the future. >> reporter: in march, jasmin hernandez filed a lawsuit claiming after she was raped, the school ignored her pleas for counseling and justice. >> the school completely neglected my needs and i didn't realize that they were federally required to sort of address these issues differently than they did. >> reporter: linebacker tevin elliott was convicted of raping
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hernandez and is serving a 20-year sentence. defensive end sam ukwuachu was convicted of raping a female soccer player. the school's president is kenneth starr, who was accused by several students of failing to respond to reports of sexual assault. >> i don't know to what extent ms. lewinsky was being guided by... >> reporter: starr became well-known in the '90s as the independent counsel who investigated president clinton's relationship with then-intern monica lewinsky. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> reporter: starr's report on that affair led to only the second presidential impeachment in u.s. history. baylor will not comment on whether kenneth starr will step down as president. charlie, the university is currently reviewing an independent report on how the rape allegations were handled. >> rose: thanks, don. today attorney general loretta lynch said the u.s. will seek the death penalty against dylann roof. roof is awaiting trial in the fatal shooting of nine black parishioners who had welcomed him into their bible study in
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charleston, south carolina. lynch said, "the nature of the alleged crime and the resulting harm compelled this decision." severe storms are tearing through the great plains this evening. at least one twister was spotted in scott city in western kansas. there is no word of any damage or injuries. the national weather service says the next few days will be stormy throughout the region. a threat against an american eagle flight drew a huge police response. a swat team met the plane with guns drawn when it arrived at lax from houston. all 80 people were allowed off about an hour later. the airline says the threat was not credible. kelly hogan has been removed as head of security operations at the t.s.a. the agency has come under fire because of long lines at the airport. jeff pegues has been investigating a major gap in airport security. >> reporter: cell phone camera
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video obtained by cbs news recorded workers over the last several days entering a restricted area of new york's j.f.k. airport. the employees scan a security card and/or a pin number and walk through the turnstile. their identities are not verified, and their bags are not checked. >> i think the flying public is in -- endangered and it's got to stop. >> reporter: florida senator bill nelson says it shows an obvious vulnerability at the nation's airports. you're not surprised? >> i'm horrified, but i'm not surprised. i think one of the main threats is employees of the airport getting on, carrying contraband, possibly weapons. there you have then the potential for disaster. >> reporter: it recently happened overseas. last year a russian jetliner crashed in egypt after someone with access to the plane smuggled a soda can bomb on board, and a bomb blew a hole in
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a plane in somalia. it was carried around security in a laptop. in the u.s., airport workers are given key cards after they complete a background check, and their names are run through criminal and terror databases. but a 2015 report by the department of homeland security inspector general's office found t.s.a. did not identify 73 individuals with terrorism-related category codes. some workers call the badges the key to the city because once you have one, employee screening is spotty at best. it's what allowed a delta employee in 2014 to smuggle more than 100 guns through airport security in atlanta and hand them off to a passenger headed to new york. marshall mclain represents an airport police union. >> that person went throw a background check, but a year after they get hired, they could be doing some other nefarious acts, so there is not a continuing screening process. so it's not sufficient.
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>> reporter: t.s.a. says it screens 17 million airport workers and conducts more than 3,000 tests to reduce the insider threat. charlie, it says it is working closely with law enforcement to share information across terror databases. >> rose: thanks, jeff. it is now 24 weeks until the election, and the clinton camp rolled out a new line of attack against donald trump. and here's nancy cordes. >> we're not going to let him bankrupt america. >> reporter: clinton led the charge from commerce, california, hitting trump on his taxes and bankruptcies as high-profile supporters from 11 battleground states backed her up. >> shame, shame. >> reporter: ohio congressman tim ryan accused trump of rooting for the recession. >> perched in the gold-plated towers of the trump building in new york city, there was a billionaire saying, "i hope this happens. i hope the housing market
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collapses." >> reporter: he was referring to comments trump made in the mid-2000s about the looming crisis. >> i sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy. >> reporter: in a statement today, trump said, i have made a lot of money in down markets. frankly, this is the kind of thinking our country needs, understanding how to get a good result out of a very bad and sad situation. clinton allies also turned up the heat on bernie sanders, who they increasingly blame for her drooping poll numbers against trump. >> you have the power to choose a new direction for the democratic party. >> reporter: they say the senator's daily criticisms of his own party, like the ones in this new ad airing in california, are dividing democrats. >> i don't think i'm harming the democratic party. i think i'm invigorating american democracy and invigorating the democratic party. >> reporter: besides a surge in voter registration here in california, the state that has
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become his primary focus, so he did take the time, charlie to, call for a re-examination today of the results in kentucky, a state that clinton won last week by fewer than 2,000 votes. >> rose: thanks, nancy. earlier today on "cbs this morning," we talked with trump's campaign manager, cory line lewandowski about trump's refusal to release his tax returns. >> your tax returns don't show what you're worth. they show what your income is. mr. trump has showed what his income is, $557 million last year. he has massive cash flow. he has very little debt. he's worth $10 billion. look at some of the properties he owns, doral in florida. >> but nobody disputes how much property he owns, but the question is your tax returns show what you pay in taxes. it shows what you make... >> here's what he said about taxes. as a businessman, to his family, no his corporation, he's going
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to pay the smallest amount of tax as possible, which i think the american people understand. >> rose: that's not the issue how much money he's deducting. the question is transparency on man who is one of the two people most likely to become president. >> i think what you also have, and we've been very clear, is his taxes is in a routine audit. this is the fault of the i.r.s. have them finish the audit. as soon as this is done... >> but the i.r.s. says... >> there is no legal obligation. but when you release them and the arrest and everyone else has the ability scrutinize them. let the i.r.s. finish their work. when that's done, he'll release those taxes. >> rose: within a day? >> as soon as it's done. >> rose: an i.r.s. spokesman says the agency is prohibited by law from scrussing a different taxpayer, so it can not confirm if someone is being audited. do these cars have the muscle to withstand a crash? and which bug spray protects best against the zika virus?
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>> rose: cars that travel at high speeds can sometimes crash at high speeds. so what happens then? new crash tests out today contain important news for drivers of muscle cars, and here's kris van cleave. >> reporter: they are american icons, symbols of freedom and the open road. >> it's the need for speed. >> reporter: muscle cars like de'angelo smith's dodge challenger. what is it about the muscle car? >> i love the sound of the roar you get when you're driving it, when you're riding inside or when it's riding past you, it's something you're always going to notice. >> mustang. >> reporter: for decades they've begged drivers to go fast. but now we're seeing how
6:47 pm
dangerous that can be. none of the cars received the insurance institute for highway safety's highest ranking. president adrian lund. >> we haven't tested them before because we haven't thought that the population is necessarily interested in safety, but they should be. >> reporter: ford mustang scored a good rating thanks to optional collision avoidance technology but has room to improve in small, overlap front crashes where 25% of the front end hits a simulated pole at 40mph. the chevy camaro also earned a good ranking, but it lax crash-avoidance technology and struggled some on roof strength, key to preventing injuries in a rollover crash. the damage challenger managed only an acceptable score, earning lower marks for roof strength and its performance in the small overlap crash test. in that crash, the dash pushed back, trapping the test dummy. >> the damage in the footwell was so bad that the dummy's foot had to be unbolted from the leg. this would have been serious leg
6:48 pm
injuries for a real person. >> reporter: ford is calling this its safest mustang ever, noting it receives five stars in the government crash test. charlie, chevy and dodge are not commenting on the iihs report. >> rose: thanks, kris. here's a question: can you guess two turned 75 today? and here's a hint, the answer is blowing in the wind. that's next. ♪ the answer is blowing in the wind ♪
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>> rose: so-called natural bug sprays get low marks for fighting zika. "consumer reports" magazine says the natural sprays smell nice, but do not keep mosquitoes away for long. it recommends sprays made with synthetic chemicals, including deet. actor burt kwuck died today.
6:52 pm
he played inspector clousseau's man servant cato. cato would launch surprise attacks the keep the inspector's reflexes sharp. burt kwuck was 85. 75 years ago today, robert zimmerman was born in duluth, minnesota. if that name is not familiar, his music is. ♪ how many years must a man.. ♪ the world knows him as bob dylan, a poet laureate. this peanuts strip gave us a chuckle. linus says, "bob dylan turned 30." charlie brown remarks, "that is the most depressing thing i've ever heard." 45 years later, bob dylan is still forever young. still ahead, lee cowan on some
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>> rose: 100 years ago this month, the first of more than 300 norman rockwell covers appeared in the "saturday evening post." we end tonight with a little-known story about those portraits. lee cowan tells us that between concept and canvas, there was camera. >> reporter: do you really remember that day? >> not so much. you know, it's hard to say. i remember bits and pieces of it. >> reporter: it's a scene that's pure rockwellian. the runaway on that stool is edward locke, eight years old back then. now he's 65. not very many eight-year-olds get immortalized as parted of americana. >> but here i am. >> reporter: it was 1958 when ed posed at the coulter of a howard johnson's, but before
6:57 pm
rockwell ever put paint to brush, he called in a photographer. what do you think when you look at these now? >> i'm stunned at how cute i was. >> reporter: each photograph became the template for the final painting. what did your friends at school think? >> the friends at school are okay. when you're sitting with a police officer, that's one thing. when you're posing with your pants down, that's quite another. >> reporter: he's talking about this painting, one of the few rockwell photographed himself. the towns people thought i was the kid who showed his butt for $5. >> reporter: photography was a technique rockwell started using in the early 1930s to streamline his painting process. >> you really couldn't have somebody stand there for hours. it was just too tedious, too time consuming. they couldn't hold the pose. >> reporter: stephanie plunkett is the main curator at the rockwell museum and keeper of tens of thousands of photos, all of which rockwell detailed like a movie.
6:58 pm
no detail was left unphotographed, the linoleum floor, the scale, even rockwell himself. >> reporter: he was a thinking painter. there was never anything in a rockwell that wasn't there for good reason. >> reporter: at for ed, his modeling days ended after he turned nine. >> apparently when i was nine i was over the hill because that was its. never called me again. >> reporter: but the emotions rockwell captured stretch far beyond the still frame. >> i remember kneeling a -- meeting a number of police officers. and one came up and said, that picture has hung in our house since i was two years old, so i felt very proud of that. >> reporter: for norman rockwell, it was story, not paint, that came first. lee cowan, cbs news, stockbridge, massachusetts. >> rose: from bob dylan to norman rockwell, that is the "cbs evening news." for scott pelley, i'm charlie rose. i'll see you first thing tomorrow on cbs this morning. good night.
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>> tonight dancing tears flowing inside a finale making grown men cr >> nyle leaving everybody in tears. what you didn't see behind the scenes. >> there was not a dry eye in the house. >> i'm grilling her about the new season. >> you are good. >> right over here. >> and what really happens that first night. why i assembled a panel of e and chip and joanna gains. we're at home with the lovable couple from hgtv's number show. >> ten times crazier in life. >> now, for may 24th, 2015, this is entertainment tonight. >> tonight is tan


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