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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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i don't know. >> developing right now tornadoes touched down in the nation's heart land see more dramatic video captured by storm chasers. new this morning a deadly shooting in germantown what investigators say happened just before bullets went flying. protesters clashed with police outside a donald trump rally in new mexico, more on the violence plus results from washington state's primary. today is wednesday may 25th good morning i'm jim donovan brooke is a little under the weather but meisha and katie are here joining us. >> traffic is good. what do you think i will say is out there? >> construction. >> a lot of it. we will get to that in just a minute but no accidents
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thankfully. >> weather is perfect for, construction, you know, outside today is the day we have been waiting for. sun will shine all day in the 80's, pretty nice looking day. >> yes. >> it is gorgeous outside, really comfortable. for ones storm scan is empty. if it stays that way all day here today high pressure to thank for. that we will look around the region it is only 61 degrees at the airport. nice mild beginning in many locations, cooler, we have clear skies after all, but up in the poconos we are in the 40's right now. some of the shore outlying suburbs think about dress nothing layers, very light jacket is all you'll need and later today we will easily talk t-shirts and shorts kind of weather. if you are a able to take half day at work something like that this is a great excuse to do it. 58 degrees in palmyra and cool through the suburbs of the quakertown at 48 degrees. looking at the region as a whole it is wall to wall
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sunshine, guys. 88 degrees. this is going to hit us like a ton of bricks so a bit of the rude, a wakening hitting high of 88. it was warm yesterday. but this is really going to take it to the next level and this is just beginning of the stretch of the days that easily get in the 80's here. i know, meisha, this is what we have all been waiting for but it will get you if you are not ready so sun block required and hydration for sure. >> it is funny because right when i walk out i could feel difference. the bird singing. bird singing. it felt warm. i can sun bath, but i felt like i could layout. thanks, katie. good morning. still very early. we are talking about construction. this is an area that has just been cleared 95 south near vine between vine and girard one lane block they have just cleared that out. crews are out there right now working to get that out and we know it will be busy on a wednesday, adding that we have dry roadways, a lot of people hitting the roadways.
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ninety-five south between vine and girard that has been cleared. we have construction out there, 422 westbound at route 23 that left lane still compromised still looking good because it is quiet and dark out there. schuylkill eastbound the blue route that left lane compromise right there because more construction and construction i-95 north between 141 and 495, two right lanes block until 5:00 a a.m. and 95 north between 495 and mlk boulevard right lane is blocked until 5:00 a.m. i'll have more when we come back in a little bit. new this morning philadelphia police are questioning two persons of interest following a fatal hoot nothing germantown. eyewitnesses a say two men were arguing in the parking lot near wayne and chelten a avenues and then gunfire erupted. twenty-five year-old man shot in the chest died at the hospital, the philadelphia police are checking surveillance video near crime scene. so far no charges have been file. also new this morning a 21 year-old man is in the hospital after a shooting in frank for. investigators say two men shot
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victim in the back and shot out back window of the vehicle parked in front of the restaurant near philmore and tackawanna a street. there is in word what prompted that shooting and police made no arrests. monster tornadoes captured on camera in the midwest. >> there is three tornadoes on the ground at the same time. good night. >> this video taken by storm chasers in ford county, kansas about two hours west of wichita. there is lots of damage there and two injuries have been reported. national weather service reports at least one tornado in oak a1 family got an alert on their phone and ran to the cellar with their pets. >> we heard wind pick up a little bit, we heard glass start breaking, and then i heard all of the lumber start ripping apart and i knew what was going on. >> right now crews are going through homes to make sure everyone is safe. unfortunately more severe weather is expect this week.
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protests turn violent outside a donald trump rally in new mexico. last night demonstrators in albuquerque threw objects at police and income down barricade. officers responded with pepper spray and smoke grenades. trump inched closer to the g.o.p. nomination winning the washington primary last night. new mexico with new jersey and california, hold primaries in two weeks. hillary clinton has won washington state's democratic primary but she won't get anymore delegates. in march, democrats in the evergreen state awarded delegates based on party caucus. clinton got 27, bernie sanders got 74. former congress woman gabby giffords and her husband retired astronaut mark kelly will campaign on behalf of hillary clinton in cherry hill this morning they will hold a round table on preventing gun violence. giffords was shot at point blank range at a tuesday son, supermarket in 2011. six others were killed. meeting today is at the jewish
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community center at 11:30. top tsa official testifies on capitol hill over long security lines, at our nation's airports. peter is expected to answer questions about the staffing issues that disrupted travel at chicago's o'hare airport recently. tsa has replaced head of security in response. overnight taliban confirmed death of the former lewder, mullah akhtar m u.n.sor. in confirm his dead the taliban appointed a deputy as a successor. earlier this week president obama called mansur's death a milestone. a second community meeting will be held this morning after a -- to address water safety concerns for residents in parts of the montgomery and bucks counties. chemicals typically found in fire fighting foam have been detect in groundwater. county officials shut down several municipal and private wells. studies have link these chemicals to development
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effect in fetus and infants and certain types of cancer. >> right now we're in the process of identifying where we think most likely places where it would have gone in the groundwater is and best places, where we can attack the problem, and basically treat it. >> the navy is providing bottled water to homes on private wells with high levels, until they can be hook up to a publicist tell. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao will have a live update in the next hour. we now know the identity of the man struck and killed on the train of the track of the market prank forward line. five five-year old wood row jackson a tourist from texas. jackson and his wife just finished visiting the lint bell. they are waiting on the platform at 13th street when jackson stuck his head out to see if the train was coming. he lost his balance and fell on the track just as the train arrived. services were suspended while police responded, and all is back to normal this morning. after being accused of
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misconduct for years bill cosby will stan trial in montgomery county on sexual assault charges. cosby's accuser andrea constand did not appear in court but part of the 2004 statement were red. conn stand claims cosby a salted her after giving her wine and pills at helps elkins park home in 2004. cosby waved his right to appear in the july 20th arraignment setting a course for a trial f convicted cosby could face ten years in prison. the prosecution and defense reacted to the judge's ruling. >> the point of this is that it was intoxicating to her, and that she was unable to consent. that is the crime. >> district attorney kevin steele called two witnesses to the stand, detective that interviewed constand in 2005 and cheltenham police chief who interviewed cosby. defense attorney brian mcmonigal argued that the alleged assault was a consensual interaction and that there was not enough evidence to go to trial.
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>> today a united states citizen has had his due process rights violated. we intend to ask the courts to put an end to this once and for all. >> cost bye was originally charge last december, in trial date has been set. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage as bill cosby goes to trial, you can always get the latest on cbs later today comedian jon stewart will hold a news conference following the adoption of the abused horse in lancaster county. lily made national headlines after he was shot with dozens of paint balls and abandoned at a stable in march. stewart is planning to make a home for lily and other, excuse me, neglect mare at his farm for abused animals in monmouth county, new jersey. well, the solar powered plane making its trip around the world is heading our way. swiss made plane makes a trip to our area was grounded for a few days in dayton, ohio so experts could check for previous damage. solar impulse two took off, bound for lehigh valley
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international airport. here's a live picture of the plane right now that has made dozens of stops since taking off in march of 2015. its next stop is new york city and then transatlantic flight to either europe or north africa. well, still ahead a police officers answers the call of duty in a unique way, we will tell you two ways he helped a crash victim. also a head two places smokers in new jersey may not be able to light up, and the reason these train passengers, were forced to walk in the bridge 50 feet the in the air. we will be right back.
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welcome back. it was supposed to be a quick train ride instead dozens of passengers in denver were evacuated forced to walk along tracks 50 feet in the air. train was heading to the airport when it lost power yesterday. fire department showed up and help get passengers down. they were put on buses and taken the rest of the way. just in time for summer tourist season new jersey may restrict smoking in public beaches. today senate is and assembly are expect to okay a bill that
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lets coastal community set aside 15 percent have the beach as a designated smoking area. some resorts already have smoking bans, and the bill would also ban smoking entirely at parks. time is 4:43, katie a has another check of your forecast, katie. >> talk about beach weather too coming up, jim, so many people heading down there for weekend hitting beaches for first time and down the shore as we say to energy really what looks to be great weather for the upcoming weekend. so happy i can report this weather because last two weeks has been a drag, i will in the lie, in the weather department. we have had gray, glummy conditions and has in the let up but we're on a streak at what looks to be a multiple day event of 80 plus degrees. for now high pressure is moving n we are looking nice and wide zoom on storm scan. is there stormy weather breaking out multiple squall lines, across the central plains and a front will credits through our area and our temperatures will backup a
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little bit but for now we have clear skies and high pressure is going to hook us up with very summer-lake conditions just in time for the upcoming holiday weekend and as early as today. the here's what is going on. we had a system that weren't leave as you lope, sluggish guy, that is finally gone so that is allowing the jet stream to lift north and as a result the warmth gets drawn from the deep south and that is what is sending our temperatures well above their average, startling and moving forward to the holiday weekend. it is unis i, warm, definitely a rude, awakening that will hit you like a ton of bricks because we have not experienced this for a while. be red which lots of water, sun block, all that stuff, preten it is dead heat of july and august. that is what it will feel like. mainly clear mile tonight. sixty-five. check this out. it doesn't let up anytime soon. we are flirting with 90 on the thermometer as it is tomorrow and friday but i'm telling you it will feel more like easily in the mid 90's the with the humidity beginning to bill. we will drop a few degrees
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this weekend it is a pretty great weekend for the upcoming who will will day. >> eighty-nine, my goodness almost 90, that is like great. 422 westbound, that left lane is still block here. we are talking construction this morning. we will talk about it until it clears because there is a lot of points of construction out there. this is one. 422, westbound route 23, left lane still compromised. construction schuylkill eastbound at blue route left lane compromised here. crews out there right now. they usually get this pushed out in the 5:00 o'clock hour. we will see what happens here. overall schuylkill eastbound at blue route left lane compromised there. we have an accident cool ledge avenue and galloway a avenue one lane block here police are on the scene. make note. that accident cool ledge avenue at galloway avenue one lane is block and police are on the scene. the let talk about mercon trucks pennsylvania turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove that has just been cleared, two lanes were
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blocked there again that has just been cleared but more construction i-95 southbound route 896, two writ lanes block and 95 north bound between route 141 and 495, two right lanes there are block until 5:00 a.m. is there more. i'll get that in ten minutes. jim, back over to you. developing story tops this morning's headlines on cbs-3, parts have the great plains are bracing for more severe weather day after a destructive tornado out break. several twisters overturn vehicles damage home in four kansas counties. same severe storm system struck oklahoma and colorado. also a developing story donald trump has won washington state republican primary, and now he is turning his attention to california. yesterday there were violent protest outside a trump rally in new mexico. both california and new mexico hold their preliminaries june 7th, so does new jersey. live picture right now solar powered solar impulse two is on its way to lehigh valley international airport. the plane is in route from
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dayton, ohio where it was check over by maintenance crews. plane is expect to land at lehigh valley tonight. welshing still ahead we will tell you when national champion villanova we will cats are heading to the white house. also a head how a police officer is rewarded for going a above and beyond for helping a
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back on "eyewitness news" if you are heading out the door get katie's updated forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. also philadelphia's principals union reaches a tentative contract agreement with the school district. a new jersey man over came a disability to graduate from medical school. latest treatment for pain might look more like the yoga class then pill bottle. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. 4:49. time for a check on business news. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange and jill,
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i understand whole foods looking to shake up its reputation as whole paychecks, what can you tell us. >> reporter: well, they will open up their first 365 store today in california, so this is a less expensive, and scaled back supermarket and then to attract millennials. they will store prepare food, vegan restaurant. no word when they will be opened up those 365 in our neck have the wood but there are plans in the works. jim? >> something to look forward to i understand more and more millennials are now living with mom and dad. >> reporter: that is right, pew research center fun one-third of people age 18 to 34 lived with their parent. the reasons for that are soaring rents and also heavy student loan debt, and this is actually the first time living at home has out paced living with the spouse for that age group since record keeping began back in 1880. wonder what mom and dad think of that, jim.
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>> i'm wand fairing mom and dad are charging the millennials rent. very quiet. >> reporter: interesting swing. >> i paid rent. >> don't that he that as me living with my mom and dad but it is an interesting idea. >> we will check in later next half an hour, thanks, jill. imagine this ordering a pizza and having it delivered by a cop. it happened in lincoln park, michigan. pizza guy was hurt in the accident so the responding officer pick up the pie, checked the address and noticed it was just a few blocks away. he would figure to deliver it himself and that had one hungry customer certainly surprised. >> i'm like wait a minute why is the cop bringing my food. >> he came out surprised, he. >> dude, what the heck what did i do. >> pizza shop is hooking up that officer with a free run to much say thank you. coming up we will get another check of weather and traffic, katie says it will feel like summer to
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here we go, let's take you outside we have a nice clear sky out there for you and temperatures very comfortable overall this morning. the as we look over center city philadelphia a. 61 degrees is current temperature at the airport. dew point still relatively low. and today it won't, more just hot then anything. as the sun comes up these temperatures start to spike. nice and clear, expecting full sunshine today. looking ahead to the seven day it is walt's last day here at the cbs-3. tune in at 5:00 and 6:00 we will have a special send off for him. upper 80's expect tomorrow and friday and then turning awfully steamy for unofficial start to the summer season memorial will day weekend is here. overall meisha not looking bad, cooler on monday, maybe a few showers but this is good
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beach weather coming up here. >> absolutely, that is what i thought. >> road trip. >> i need to go down the shore. i don't say get to the shore i say down the shore, is that right. >> that is right. >> i will get today. probably so. >> good morning. >> all right. we still got construction 422 westbound at route 23 that left lane still compromised a lot of construction. just make note because wednesday are busy. i will be busy a lieutenant of people hitting roadways, very warm. roadways nice and dry. perfect driving conditions. perfect construction crew, conditions as well. a lot of construction. it will get busy. give yourself extra time this morning. there we have it there and this is where we have mercon trucks schuylkill eastbound at blue route that left lane still compromised just clearing out right now. good news for those taking schuylkill. we have an accident in abington, one of the two cool ledge and galloway avenue one lane block. we have another accident wynfield heights. belmont avenue between
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conshohocken avenue and monument road. car went in the pole. jim, back over to you. classes will start on time in north penn high school in lansdale after a small fire in the building yesterday. chopper three was over the school just after the fire broke out near the band room. north penn canceled all after school and evening activities and building was evacuated. fire fighters controlled the fire quickly and there were no injuries. wildcats are heading to the white house, president obama welcomed jay wright and national champion villanova mens basketball team on tuesday, who could forget the their buzzer beater victory last month. white house made special mention of the teams efforts to give back to their community. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a close call for some fire fighters, see terrifying moments when they narrowly avoided a big explosion. a big tweak from twitter, how you can squeeze a few more characters in your tweets. and funny
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new this morning killed in the hail of gunfire man is murdered in the parking lot, key item that is missing from the crime scene. this is not good. stunning video as tornadoes carve path of destruction through the midwest and threat of more severe wet ter day. we will show you damage left behind by several twisters. and drinking water worries in some local neighborhood the dangerous chemicals found in the water and what is being done to protect people. today is wednesday, may 25th i'm jim donovan. brooke is under the weather today but meisha and katie are keeping me company. >> yes, we are. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> traffic is good.
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just a lot of construction out there but as we were saying earlier in case you missed it, it is the season for that. when we have warm weather. >> absolutely guys and girls in the hard hats they love this kind have of weather. >> just before the sun comes up, it is so comfortable outside. clearly a breeze. not humid just yet and that will change. >> here she goes. >> but this is what we are looking forward to jim, so i do not want to hear a word out of you. nice and clear. high pressure is hooking us up with beautiful weather. the only thing would i say it will be awfully hot today. we have not experienced that in a long time. so be ready for it. make sure you are staying hydrated have sun block. this is a day you don't want to let get to waste. this sun angle is strong and once sun does rise we have a gorgeous sunrise and a lot of solar heating. storm scan is totally quiet devoid of any storms. aver quality alert guys goes into effect, already in effect for day, it i


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