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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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get ready to crank up air conditioning, it will feel like summer, katie will tell you how long this stretch of 80-degree days will stick around. good morning i'm jim donovan. we will have fantastic forecast in just a minute but here's what you need to start your day in the morning minute. >> um-hmm. oh, no. >> monster tornadoes captured on camera in the midwest. there is lots of damage there and two injuries have been reported. all of the effects be in knows good second community meeting will be held to address water a safety concerns for residents in bucks and montgomery counties.
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protests to turn violent outside donald trump rally in new mexico. trump inched closer to the g.o.p. nomination winning washington primary last night. a break in the battle and it is meek mill, it is scary because only cat woman i acknowledge is halle berry. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> pretty impressive ann hat the away she won that rap battle on the late, late show last night, but we will win battle against weather, right, katie. >> it is one of those situations where i get to end up dropping the mike, and exiting, the stage left, so we end up with gorgeous weather. finally i have some good news for you, now we are looking at
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some gorgeous weather throughout the course of the day today. temperatures spike in the 80's, it feels comfortable. you will notice if you haven't already i'm in the wearing a coat. first day in a long time that i walk in the building this morning, without a coat, and i don't think i need one out here right new but just comfortable outside. storm scan nice and clear, high pressure completely hooking us up with beautiful weather today and we can expect that sun to shine all day to day. there does come a little will bit of a caveat to this when it comes to air quality. i was than the shock when i saw the alert coming out from the air quality partnership of delaware county or delaware valley regional partnership. we do have a potential for higher levels of ground level ozone, particle pollution, unhealthy as a result, air quality for sensitive groups. specifically if you fall into that category, kid, elderly if you have any kind of respiratory issues this is a day that could bother you. please keep that in mind and try to limit your sun exposure
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but we will spike in the upper 80's here, sun block required, foulke. but that sun angle will get you very, very warm today. eighty-seven by 3:00 p.m. we expect to top off at 88 at some point today with a very significant warm up that will take place as soup as the sun comes up. this warming trendies with us for many days to come. look at by thursday and friday we are till in the 80's and we're talking upper 80es a. i will tell when that lasts for upcoming holiday weekend and how does that weekend forecast look. full details straight ahead later in the show but for now, more than eighties all good out here. >> okay. it is looking good out there, thanks, katie. not too often i wish i was on the sky deck but i wish i was right now. blue route taillights moving in the north bound direction at the schuylkill, it is looking good, both moving in the north and southbound side. blue rudies steady where it is. i thought it would heat up quicker then it is. blue route around the schuylkill we are lag good. schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction at girard avenue starting to heat
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up, but looking westbound side it is not looking too bad. both east and westbound is pretty average but i will say eastbound side is heating up quicker. boulevard having in in the southbound direction you can see what you are working with there, a lot of headlights and early risers, whenever we have this kind of summer wet they are nice warm weather everyone wants to get to work early and get out of there. i do not blame them. it is heating up. we have an accident the belmont avenue between conshohocken and monument road, all lanes block because car went in the pole in this area just make net for those in and around that area. another accidental even town road at bandbury drive, one lane blocked there, jim, over to you. protests turn violent outside a donald trump rally in albuquerque, new mexico. demonstrators through lou rocks, bottles. as hen na daniels reports trump focused his attention on hillary clinton. >> reporter: this was a chaotic street own side a donald trump rally in new
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mexico tuesday night, protesters through barricade at police on horse back, some threw rocks, plastic bottles, other burned trump t-shirt, officers responded by firing pepper spray and smoke grenades. police locked down the albuquerque convention center, the aftermath shows, smashed glass windows and doors. >> get them out of here. get them out. >> reporter: inside presumptive presidential nominee was interruptly repeatedly by demonstrators. >> this is so exciting, isn't it. >> reporter: it took several officers drag this woman down the steps. trump told the crowd he expects to pick up democrat bernie sanders supporters. >> the system is rigged a begins bernie sanders so he cannot win but i'm hearing we will get close to 40 percent have of his supporters, maybe not these people report report while campaigning in california, hillary clinton dealt with her share of hecklers. >> some people are just allergic to the fact. >> reporter: she attack her
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likely opponent in the general election. >> you know, you got to sort of pinch yourself when you hear some of what donald trump is saying. it may have started out as a entertainment but it is really, really concerning. >> reporter: clinton, sander and trump will hole campaign events in california. henna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia host democratic national convention this july, some visitors will be looking beyond hotels for a place to stay. some are turning to air b and b for accommodations, and many hoping to rent out their homes for papal visit were disappointed with the lack of demand. the convention may be a different story. only two months to go only 14 percent of the homes listed on the site during the convention are still a veilable. >> it a allows them to get a feel for the real flavor of the people who live here, what the neighborhood are like, how
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to get around the city, and the fact that philadelphia is so easy to get around. >> air b and b got its start during 2008 democratic national convention in denver. dnc will be at wells fargo senter from july 25th to the 28th. time right now is 5:37. business news this morning longer tweets are on the way and market start the day in positive territory. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim. markets opened this morning after their best day since march, the dow jones jumped 213 points yesterday, nasdaq rose 95, futures pointing to a higher open and there are a lot of factors. investors are in a buying mood shrugging off the so call concerns. a new poll shows britain will likely decide to expand the european union when it votes, next month. new home sales jumped to their highest levels in eight years driving 16.6 percent last
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month. the steady job gains and low mortgage rates encourage more americans to buy new homes. also fueling the rally oil prices hit a 2016 high. traders expect supply will fall because of production problems in libya, nigeria. also here in the u.s. oil companies laid off workers and cut back on production, because of an over supply that have have sent those prices lower. twitter made it official making over tweet toss allow for longer messages. 140 character limit remains, but, user handle, photos, gifts, videos will no longer down against that 140 character limit. twitter will let people have longer tweets, and it with the ill make communication easier, jim in. >> good information. thanks as always, jill. classes will start as usual today at north penn high school in montgomery county. student, you have to be there by 7:21 a.m. chopper three was over the school just after a fire broke out yesterday morning. it started near school's ban room and fire fighters,
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controlled the situation quickly. never the less school was evacuated in after school activities canceled. there were no injuries. heading to the shore, leave the smoke at home, new jersey senate and assembly are voting on a bill to restrict smoking on public beaches and ban them in parks. governor chris christie vetoed the bill two years ago, senate president steve sweeney a says measure will help keep beaches cleaner without cigarette butts in the sand. we're expected to learn more about a horse adoption making national headlines. you may remember lily the lancaster county horse that was shot with dozens of paint balls and abandoned back in march? today comedian john stewart and his wife are officially a adopting her. tracie stewart is set to hold a news conference this afternoon and lily will live at stewart's farm for abused animals in monmouth county, new jersey. well, celebration continues for villanova wildcats we will let you know about the special honor for the national champions.
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pat? good morning, jim, it is a beautiful morning here outside art museum what are we doing? running around. we are working out with the academy, come out and join us, wow.
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champion ship celebration continues for villanova wildcats mens basketball team. now they have a date with president obama. wildcats are heading to the white house on tuesday, the president will honor villanova for winning the national title last month.
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president obama will also recognize the wildcats forgiving back to the community. well, key member of the championship run is returning to the main line and phillies try to avoid getting swept that afternoon. here's sports director don bell with your morning sports. >> reporter: baseball for the phillies series finally with the tigers, aaron nola will be on the bump looking to even the phillies two game slide, last night former cy young award winner justin verlander flat out dealing. pick it up in the first inning in score, miguel cabrera who has won a triple crown before, deep to left, cameron mavis, it is one to nothing. now we will go to the sixth, it is two to nothing detroit. victor martinez, one of the best in the american league. just a bloop are rate there, j.d. martinez, coming on home, we will have a play at the plate and he is safe. so three to nothing detroit. the justin verlander getting
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it done. 10k's. phillies had in answer for him. they lose three-one your final score. great news for we will cats, shooting guard josh hart, is returning to the main line. what hes flirting with the nba but decided to come back for his senior season. hart had 15 points, per game last season. that is all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great day. happening right now, solar powered plane on a trip around the world is on its way to our area. solar impulse two, took off about 4:00 from day top, yes foregrounded for a few days to checkup but now all systems are go, live picture from inside the cockpit, courtesy of solar impulse. the plane is expect to make it to the lehigh valley international airport about 9:00 tonight. that is after that it will get to new york, and then across the atlantic all powered by the sun. you know what they could not have pick a better day to fly here. >> they will have plenty to work with today.
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sun just popped over the horizon, awesome view of the sunrise this morning. that is what i want to show everybody as we will go out to our cameras and it doesn't get any better then this. so beautiful outside. nice big ball of sunshine and it looks like it will last us all day here with virtually no cloud cover, and, just nice chances to warm up, very, very efficiently here. we can expect to see that sunshine all day and that will allow to us warm up easily and we are off to a very comfortable start, but lets check with the weather watchers as well and look at what they are fining. generally temperatures are in the mid 50's for the most part. i have seen a couple spots where weather observations where they are in the lower 60's but that is in the urban corridor through these outlining suburbs. we will not find it quite as mile. maryann has full sunshine browns mills. she has not gotten in to the sun yet. southwest, also in new jersey, john carroll reports full sunshine at 51 degrees. lets go to further inland one of the cooler spots here 47
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from john jenkins with the full sun. you'll fine big ball of sunshine in every observation from the watchers this morning since we're all experiencing a beautiful sunrise right now. right now it last us all day. free, clear here on storm scan three. nothing to report in the way of wet weather issues anytime today. that means we will heat up. new lets jump it ahead. we will take to you 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. notice, nothing out there high pressure nice and clear, sunshine but by tomorrow, at this point, it looks clear for most of us, we will call it mostly sun a cross the board here but do you see these little speckles that show autopsy across the western counties. so if you are traveling farther inland, to pennsylvania, maybe up toward poconos, that is your best shot to see a sure or thunderstorm but tomorrow is dry, hot, humid and then friday looks like better shot for shower or thunderstorm more regional wide throughout the second half of the day. walt hunter's last report here today, guys, lots of sunshine to send him off, warm as well.
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feeling more like the 90's, very toasty and steamy and then by friday a shower or thunderstorm for most in the card, meisha. >> perfect weather for walt's send off, thanks very much, katie, it is feeling warm outside. in fact 3:00 a.m. when i was heading here it felt warm. i can only imagine as the day progresses, it will be awesome. car went off the road here, if penndot can hold the camera. right over there. 422 eastbound near egypt red make note of that. it is not slick or slippery whatsoever. dry roadways. it is a gorgeous day to be driving especially for those lucky enough to have a convertible mind you, it will be awesome. car did go off the road. it is not dark outside. you will be able to he zoo it. schuylkill eastbound at spring garden man is that a gorgeous shot. this is the type of shotty like to lah at with my first cup of coffee in the morning. this sets the tone for the entire day. you where me.
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i'm getting those tweets bit. schuylkill eastbound looking gorgeous as usual. ninety-five south at academy this is what you are looking at here. interstate i-95 is heating up more so then anywhere else. we have an accident belmont between conshohocken and monument road all lanes block there, jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. >> new roller coaster in our area opens up this weekend called joker but this is nothing to laugh at. this is video from six flags great adventure. riders are lifted 12 stories and flip and flopped a half dozen times. meisha seems excited, but justin finch will try it the out live tomorrow on the air, hopefully he skips breakfast before hopping on the coaster. weather is improving, time to get you ready to get new shape and with afternoon temperatures topping out in the 80's, good idea to get your work out in early. our pat gallen is at the art museum where fit academy works out every morning, patrick.
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good morning. great beautiful morning. it is really early before 6:00 f people raring to go. why not. time for summer and get those beach bodies in tack. here, he runs fit contacted my. look at this guy he is in shape. we have to get in shape as well. so do all these people getting ready for summer. >> yeah. >> this is a perfect place to do it, why not. >> looking around you, scenic place, people get the best work out in the city. we have big crowd today. nice dynamic warm up. make you have a lot of fun and sweat. >> why outside the art museum, this is pretty unique to be out here working out. >> historic rocky steps. when it comes to fitness this is premiere. minus kelly drive, you have a lot of people coming here and getting the best work out without any equipment at all. >> i like it. >> what are we doing first here. >> first we will start with ladders, agility, mind, control, body type work out.
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get your foot work good. then we will progress into harder work outs. >> we will get right into it then. >> let's do it. you come with us. show us what to do here. let's do it. >> all right, guys. >> i'll hide out in the back and act like i'm in the really here. >> thinks mind, body control, do everything twice. >> here we go. >> jim, get ready for this we will bring you out here later, meisha too. meisha already has arms like that. >> there it is, there it it,. >> we will be out here all morning, these guys are warming up, running up and down steps we will get crazy sweat in and get those beach
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bodies in tack and new that you know we're here everyone will come out and join us until 7:00. jim, that means you. get over here, all right. it went mess hair up. >> if i can do that, can i get his arms. if that is the goal of this thing i will be there. we will check in next hour. >> that is one of the goals. >> meisha is excited she's coming with me. in other news police officer goes above and beyond call of duty unusual way he helped the victims of the car crash. speeding up security lines at the airport how tsa says he can help ease big backu
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♪ top ts a a official testifies on capitol hill over, long security lines at the nation's airport. officials hope to get it fixed before the summer travel season. tsa held a special security screening yesterday at philadelphia international airport. they wanted to show how passengers, who prepared properly helped move lines along, faster. women with the toy gun was used to show what happens when passengers don't pack properly. >> my goal, it is not to blame passenger for longer lines but i merely want to point out passenger preparedness can have a significant impact on how quickly travelers can get through the checkpoint. >> don't bring a gun to the airport.
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tsa blames recent run on long lines on a increase in air travel which is up 7 percent. an apology from the secretary of the veterans affairs, robert mcdonald came than fire after comparing long wait times at va health care site to waiting in line at a disney theme park. now mcdonald said he never intend todd suggest he doesn't take serving veterans seriously. he says improving access to veterans health carries his top priority. well, one michigan man will think twice before having a pizza a delivered again, that is because last time he wanted one a police officer showed up to his door. you see pizza delivery got into an accident and got hurt so responding officer pick up the pie, checked at dress and noticed it was a few blocks away. would just deliver it himself. >> i said this is weird why is a cop bringing my food. >> he came out, surprised,. >> i said dude what the hell, what did i do. >> most of us would react to
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that. pizza shop will give the officer a free lunch, good for him. coming up next on "eyewitness news" safe guarding your home. if you plan on going on vacation your empty home is a target for burglars. we will shoal you how to protect your property. watch this as a car goes flying over a round about, what sent the driver, airborne. that is coming up next.
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new this morning a man murdered his body riddled with bullet and police are searching for a key piece of evidence, missing from the crime scene. >> there is three tornadoes on the ground at the same time. >> storm chasers, capture incredible video as dozens of tornado rip a path have of destruction in the midwest, see damage and new threat that area faces today. and water worries in two local counties, what was found in the water that has, many residents scared to drink it. it is wednesday, may 25th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. brooke is under the weather but meisha and katie are jim me holding down the fort. >> we sure are, good morning.
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happy hump day. road are looking g sunnies rising. we will get that sun glare, not that i'm going to complain, not complaining about that. pack your sunglasses. >> yes. >> i'm not saying a thing. >> i was going to tell you if it was appropriate. >> during the commercial break how does that sound. >> perfect. >> well, we are going to find today is nothing but full sunshine, low humidity but would i say a rude, awakening because we have not had this heat in a while. in the within day in may has hit the 80's yet so other than yesterday but now we are starting to see those thermometer readings spike, sunnies up, meisha nailed it, sun glare, it is an issue here traveling east bound be ready for it with the visorr pair of shade but storm scan is void of any storms and it will stay that way throughout the day. so happy to say that. fifty-five is current temperature at the airport, lower 60's around wildwood, dover and couple spots in our observations in the


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