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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 26, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, hundreds of pieces of jewelry returned to their rightful owners. the man who police say carried out all the thefts and how authorities finally caught up to him. also, a historic flight has a lay over in our region. we're in at tonight and why this plane doesn't run on fuel. but first a rash of crimes playining a popular philadelphia recreation trail. volunteers are coming together to make these areas safer. schuylkill river trail has been
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the scene of several attacks on runners and cyclists in recent months. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> eye, everyone i'm jessica dean. our natasha brown is live in center city with more on the new effort to increase awareness and safety. natasha? >> reporter: well, the schuylkill river trail watch actually came about in response to string of robberies and groping incidents over the last couple of months. two incidents just this past weekend. we can tell you about. meantime volunteers say they are ready to hit the trail running hoping to keep others safe. on beautiful sunny day, there's not a more popular place in the city than the schuylkill river trail. runners, walkers and bikers co existing peacefully but recent crimes have shattered some sense of say tee. >> number one urban trail in the country. you know it's great. i want teal people to want to be out and not scared. >> reporter: john lions of run 215 is helping to lead a group of volunteers who will become the eyes and ears of the 10-mile trail this coming on the heels
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of two indecent exposure incidents on saturday morning. >> it's unacceptable is what i think and i think one incident is too many. >> reporter: volunteers are being trained to identify suspicious activity and describe suspects if necessary. the work in pairs have identifying badges and t-shirts. >> observe, document and report. they're not police officers. we're not making anybody a police officer. crew just a good citizen. you're out there in pairs and you're walking. if you observe something you document it. if it's warned you report it to 911. >> my roommate especially will run the trail at night and she definitely doesn't feel safe sometimes doing it. it will be good there's volunteers. >> reporter: more eyes. less chance of criminal activi activity. >> extra eyes are always nice. i did go running tonight and i felt a little uncomfortable. yeah. i guess i would feel good about it. >> reporter: so far about 150 to 200 volunteers have already signed up. these are regular citizens who
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normally bike, walk or just use the trail on any given day. they just want to help in some way they say. volunteers will actually begin after june 4th which will be the third and final training session for them. that is the very latest for now reporting live tonight, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, natasha, be careful out there. thanks so much. new tonight reuniting stolen jewelry with rightful owners. a long line of hopefully people waited inside municipal building in bucks county take a look at the stolen goods. this follows the arrest of william dalton the third in connection with break ins in solebury, whitemarsh and wrightstown townships. our trang do talked with one woman who recovered sentimental items. >> jewelry box that my husband had given to me when we were dating. so that was real important. i have my father's mickey mouse watch. he's no longer with us but it was something he wore all the time. that had great sentimental val
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value. >> with some items still unclaimed police are looking into weather dalton could be responsible for even more burglaries in bucks, montgomery and chester counties. a plane unlike any other touches down tonight in the lehigh valley. it's on a historic trip powered entirely by the sun. our david spunt is at the lehigh valley international airport right now with more on this remarkable aircraft and the people behind it. david? >> reporter: ukee and jessica remarkable is understatement. you can see it behind my right now. inside the cabin is about the size of a yoga mat i'm told. two pilots switch off every few days flying this getting ready to go backover seas in just a few weeks, and tonight they plan to change history. as the sun sets solariums pulls two made a clean landing at the lehigh valley airport. a few hundred people came to watch the plane that's making had he lines around the globe for being completely reliant on solar power. >> during this entire flight i have only moments of joy and
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even airplanes passing by and saying on their frequency your plane is beautiful watch is it? >> report roar pick car is the pilot and plans to make history when his plane becomes the first in history to circle the globe without any fuel. he took off from dayton wednesday morning. >> they asked me, when are you descending? i said, well, i have to descend when the sun goes down. and i think this is sentence he never heard before. >> reporter: the plane stores energy from the sun during the day and uses it to fly at night. a crew of more than 50 is monitoring the plane around the clock for monaco on the french riff vera. >> i'm sure we can make things better and the direction -- >> a lex six and his daughter came tout to seat historic flight that began in abu dab boo 14 months ago. >> it's a great opportunity and i love this and i hope i'll see
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it when i'm grown up and when i'm older. >> reporter: the flight itself has 17,000 solar cells and weighs about 5,000 pounds it flys at about 50 miles an hour. the plane is also equipped with a camera for perspectives you rarely see. we've actually entered a new frontier for flying. >> when we promo technology it's little bit like project of society for the future. >> reporter: so this plane the only one in the world will stay here for the next few days in allentown. you can see it will kind of hang out in this hangar i should say and after that, it's going to go to new york then over the atlantic ocean back to abu dab dough by july. if you're watching and you missed an opportunity to see it there is a chance it may be open to the public over the next few days. folks here with the company are working to try to figure out those details. you can follow them on their website there's a link on our website reporting live in allentown david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> that is amazing.
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david, thank you. now in campaign 2016 nominee donald trump continues to draw protesters. police at a rally in anaheim, california, on guard night after violent clashes between officers and protesters at a trump event in albuquerque the night before. it was the latest violent outbursts at his rallies. trump called the several hundred protesters who clashed with police, set fires and broke glass thugs. >> frontrunner hillary clinton's message in california was overshadow by a new state department report out today. it was critical of the private e-mail server she used as secretary of state. the inspector general audit found clinton did not comply with policies already in place. one she ditched the government e-mail for her own. it also says she does not follow the rules to turn over her e-mail records when she left the government in 2013. former congresswoman giffords and her husband mark kelly campaigned for clinton in cherry hill today. giffords led around table
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decision on gun violence prevention. she has add vo cadeed for gunnery form since her near fatal shooting five years ago. giffords says clinton is the best choice for president because she will stand up to the gun lobby. new jersey primary is june 7 many. in the meantime bernie sanders rallied supporters in lancaster, california, tonight. sanders said donald trump will not win the presidency if he is nominate at the democratic national convention in philadelphia in july. sanders it's told supporters his campaign is about standing up to the status quo and thinking out side the box. comedian john stewart and his wife are coming to the rescue of abused horse in our area. lilly first made national headlines in march after she was shot with dozens of paint balls in abandoned at a stable in lancaster county. today stewart's wife tracy visited lilly at the new bolten center in kennett square where she's been recovering. she was serve her crucial rule as the family animal sanctuary in monmouth county.
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>> hoping to open the new jersey branch in the spring of 2017. lilly will be one of the animal ambassadors. >> and she won't be alone. the stewarts adopted neglected horse. her name is anita. new night, honoring our men and women in blue. "eyewitness news" at the fop lodge in northeast philadelphia for their annual police awards ceremony. 73 officers were honored tonig tonight. scholarships were given out to six college bound students. and also, some well deserved recognition for a philadelphia tv legend. fraternal order of police in philadelphia honoring our walt hunter at tonight's ceremony. so much of walt's reporting over the years has been focused on the police and fire departments that protect our region. with that in mind it was a bittersweet day for all of us here. >> today was walt's day at cbs3 after 36 years. very hard for you will avenue us he is now retired. we took a big walk down memory lane today. walt started his journalism
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career working in newspaper, radio. he joined "eyewitness news" in 1980 and he's been going strong ever since. there have been so many stories over the years and so many people who walt touched with his passion and desire to get it rye. after nearly four decades walt says, it's time. >> it's almost like graduating from a college that you love. you don't want to go. it's commencement time. love to stay but there's another world out there i have the opportunity thank god with my health with my family to now try to do other things. >> all the best my friend big farewell in the newsroom. he reflected on his incredible career and we showered him with big time love. of course, going away celebration without classic cake for cherry hill for the sweets. walt will be missed. all the best as we see him there with his lovely wife as you begin an exciting new chapter in your life. >> such a great day here.
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it was. >> water safety top of mind with the recent issues in fort michigan even concerns in our own area about the drinking water. >> many take steps to purify our water. filters used in pitchers and on if i was sets are very popular but are they worth it? that's a good question and nicole brewer gets the answers. >> breaking bad habits is hard to do. but health reporter stephanie stahl shows you how you can just zap them away. kate. >> it's feeling like july. here's a look at our highs today. upper 80s across the region. it's only going to get hotter and more humid coming up i'll tell you if the heat lasts through the memorial day weekend and when your best time for a barbecue will be that's coming
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>> horsham township federal officials met with residents again today to address concerns about the quality and safety of the water they're drinking. residents living near the now shuddered willow grove naval base are worried. decades of fire fighting foam
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seeping in the ground water has caused contamination problems there and today the navy told residents they are working with local supply teams to construct a filtration system that will address the water concerns. now, a lot of people purify their water using the pitcher filters or even faucet filter. >> that brings up a good question with water safety issues here and all across the country is it worth it to filter your water? nicole brewer joins us now with the answer. >> ukee and jess, here in the united states, public water is regulated, of course, by the environmental protection agency which conducts multiple tests each day. in philadelphia, public drinking water often exceeds national safety standards. still, some opt to filter their h2o. so is it worth it? it's a good question especially given the recent water safety concerns in bucks and montgomery counties. ♪ >> do you fitter your water? >> yes. >> i want to make sure the water i'm drinking is safe. >> i don't. no. my hope is that the water coming through is filter.
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>> across the country and here at home, water safety issues are making headlines. >> worries are growing in parts of bucks and montgomery counti counties. >> from health concerns to better taste. we wondered is it worth it to filter your water? >> i'm not sure. >> it may be. >> there are many different factor that is go into that decision. i think it depends on what you're looking to do. >> meara olson is environmental engineering professor at drexel university. >> water filters can be very effective at removing dissolved chemicals not resolved by waste water treatment plans. >> the chlorine and the other things they put in the water you can seen smell it as you turn it on. >> there are two options. more affordable like pitcher or pour through filters or expensive inn home filtration system. >> who would be a candidate for an in home system. >> if you're living somewhere where there's a known contaminant that's consistently recorded and measured. >> reporter: if you're not sure what's in your water obtain
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a water quality report from your provider. if you use a private well you'll have to get it tested. from there look for epa certification. >> they're rated for removals of specific contaminants and specific conditions. >> a lot of people just want their water to taste better. does it do the trick? >> yes. the walter fits are removing at removing chlorine residuals and other things that crib to the taste of the water. >> it tastes better. >> there's definitely a difference. >> comes down to you feeling comfortable. >> exactly. >> rather have that comfort level knowing the water is clean, filtered. >> as i mentioned off the shelf products are generally much less expensive than in home systems. i found some as low as $10 and others several hundred dollars. now something else you should consider. how often you'll need to change that filter. these devices need regular maintenance in order to operate efficiently. >> not just the one time. >> you have to keep up on it. >> many of us use to drink water from the good danny hose remember that. >> did you ever do that.
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>> oh yeah. >> the thing is, they're still saying it's safe in most places. so you could do that. >> right. >> it's just -- whole new world. thanks nick. what's your good question? log on to question to submit your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. nicole will be here every night witness answer for you on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. breaking bad habits like snacking, smoking or spending too much time on the internet can be tough to to do. instead of relying on will power, there's new device that may be abe to help. health reporter stephanie stahl explains how bad habits can now be zapped away. >> reporter: from fast foods to facebook weville have our advises, procrastinating over spending, sleeping in late, bad habits we'd all like to break. >> my bad habit is arguablelably one of the worst habits in the world which is smoking cigarettes. >> i have mind less eating.
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ooh graze throughout the day on unhealthy foods. >> ever since i was 14 i would pull my hair out. >> device you wear on your wrist promises to jolt you out of a bad habit once and for all but it's shocking. >> feels someone is flicking you on your wrist. like bad. >> it's called padlock every time you feel a craving or engage in bad behavior push a button or activate an app unget a little shock. >> it was shocking how strong it was. >> some people might think it's painful. i think it's annoying. >> reporter: it's a version conditioning a type of shock therapy. there's debate about its effectiveness especially when self administered. but the makers of the padlock say there's a small study showing it works. >> it gives you that mild electrical sensation that is just uncomfortable enough that when you pair the with a habit you're trying to break trains your brain to not do that habit. >> the seventy three rest shock is up to the user it ranges from 50 to 450 volts.
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>> we've seen people quit habits in as little as five days. >> device broke their bad habits quickly. >> that day i saw results. i found myself by the end of the day not touching my hair at all. isn't so i've used it for two weeks now and it its worked. >> it costs just under $2 and it can zap you automatically if you do things like don't exercise enough or visit certain web sites you want to avoid. >> say you didn't want to go on facebook during the work day you can say any time i go to automatically send that uncomfortable stimulus. >> reporter: maker says it's safe when you've properly but the long-term effects of padlock are unknown. if you don't want to get zapped set the device to beep or have i bran. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs3 "eyewitness news". you can take it to various levels. >> right. >> it can vibrate or beep or zap you. >> got that right. kate joins us now with our forecast. boy, it's july. >> basically. >> seem like it. >> when we step outside it's
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going to feel like a summer night. temperatures in the 60s and 70s still and they won't drop below the mid 60s overnight. wasn't that long ago, guys, we couldn't get a daytime high of 65. >> right. >> now we're talking about daytime near 99 degrees. the hee is on right through the memorial day weekend. eighty three tonight i had a chance to meet a great group of kids. we were all in the studios. you can zoo my bobble head in the middle in the book. they won some stem awards. scholarships ain't wards to brilliant young minds and engineers and they came on in tonight and got to see a tour of the studio and congratulations to all these kids they will be shaping our future some day. something very important to me especially seeing girls in any sort of a stem or steam profession. let take look what's happening weather wise outside. take you time lapsed and look at
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margate. the beach was crowded it starts to in the out. nice nay margate. beautiful day no matter where you were. on the hot side but we're not explaining. temperatures got to the upper 80 today's and storm scan3 is still clear. big ridge is building overhead and what this is going to do is pump in that moisture from the south and west. heat and humidities will combine to bring the risk for scattered thunderstorms here and there over the next couple of days. very summer like pattern with pop-up afternoon storms much that's about all we've got in the forecast for the next few days. a front will approach but the heat and humidity will lead to those what we call thunderstorms during the heat of the day. 73 still in philadelphia right now. 73 in trenton. 69 degrees in allentown. and we've been climbing all week in fact today the hottest day so far this year. 88 degrees was the high. the average just 77 that makes it warmest day since last september. september 9th of last year. 80s again tomorrow. sunny nice and warm maybe a stray thunderstorm. better chance for that comes on
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friday with highs once again in the upper 80 toss near 90 degrees. on saturday, we make a run for 90 as well with pop up afternoon storms. again the chance for that pretty much ever day. holiday weekend headlines scattered thunderstorm friday. very warm with sun and clouds saturday, sunday good days for barbeques going to the pool, going down the shore. monday memorial day prop does get cooler with showers and a thunderstorm so keep that mind if you have any parades or anything like to attend to observe that day. overnight mainly clear and mild at 65 degrees. tomorrow near 90. more humid. let's take peek at your forecast for the holiday weekend. saturday and sunday best days highs in the mid to upper 70s. poconos low 80s think weekend. memorial day monday best chance to pick up a shower or thunderstorm. and your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, 80s all seven days looks like we got average high of about 86 degrees there. very warm well above average. just some scattered thunderstorms here and there
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until we get into monday that's better chance for showers and storms on memorial day. we're still warm next tuesday and wednesday. looks the same right through the end of next week as well. so it feels like we jumped head first 92 summer. >> we're staying there for whi while. >> too hot for mr. bell. >> what's going on in sports, don. >> we're talking about the eagles. talking about the quarterback situation. >> can i interest you in that? >> yes. >> is that something you want to hear about. >> eagles say sam bradford is the starter. end of story, right? maybe not. what the coaching staff is now saying about a quarterback competition. that story and more coming up next in spo
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eagle head coach doug pederson used three words were talking about sam bradford. he's my guy. does that moan there's no real competition at the quarterback position? not so fast. offensive coordinator frank reich joined the wip morning shows and he disagrees with that notion. >> as coaches you got to establish there's culture of
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competition. i mean this is one of the most competitive industries in the world. and so to say that there's not competition is, i can mean that's the furthest thing from the truth. so i don't see the problem with creating order and competition at the same time personally. >> stay tune. the union in orlando tonight. 71st minute game tied at one. kyle makes it two-one. the refs say that ball crossed the line very very close. 75th minute it's ken with the equalizer. and that's how the game would end a two-two tie. mikell franco walk around with a slight limp he left the matchup against detroit with right ankle sprain. he'll be re-evaluated during the day off tomorrow. phillies didn't need his bat in the line up late because they took care of business early. double steal in the second in inning. franco stealing home the first
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phillie to do that since chase utley in 2009. the phillies up by two. in the fourth had a rare rah -- >> deep to right. >> three run shot and epic back flip as well. take look. phils score more than five runs fifth time in this season they go on to win eight-five and visit the cubs on friday. college baseball tournament. why are we showing you this because in the history of baseball, never has a fan been this excited to catch a foul because ball. look at this youngster. he's like, you know, i'm going to celebrate as long as i want. it's like -- it's like he won a free trip to disney. >> rolling people over. >> ice cream. >> fist bump. he's enjoying it good for him. >> way to go, kid. good thank you, don. >> six month old
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she can be the world's cutest water skier. >> check out six month old sigh la skiing across lake silva in winter haven florida. she learned to water ski before she learned to crawl. she stood on tiny water ski attached to each other by wood and grips the handlebar. kind of looks like a walker. >> that's amazing. >> this is amazing. i know. a line of people in the lake to cheer her on. >> this is best video we've ever shown. >> way to go. look at those little legs. >> i'd be screening. >> we'll be right back. >> that is incredible. ♪
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time for to us roll. our morning team back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. for kate, don, everyone here, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the lay show with stephen colbert is next with james mcavoy. have a good night family >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for lifelock, the best identity-theft protection available. identity theft is the fastest growing crime in america. >> i started getting phone calls from credit collection companies. "you've opened an account here and here and here." they wanted payment. and it was payment for things


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