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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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a man is fight forgo his life at this hour, victim of the brazen shooting in west philadelphia. we will show what you he was doing in the moments before he was shot and why police say there are several crime scenes here. developing right the now gunfire erupts inside a packed nightclub, this morning one person is dead and several others are hurt, we will tell you where the hots were fired and who was scheduled to perform. and a new investigation reveals a startling amount of security breaches from this one from 2012 at nation's airport, we will tell you where philadelphia international falls on this list. well to day is thursday may 26th, good morning, i'm jim donovan.
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i'm brooke thomas. meisha is here with traffic but first katie has your forecast. >> welcome back. >> good morning. >> i feel better. sound good. >> you sound great. >> you look beautiful as ever. >> roads are looking good. still very early. just a lot of construction out there. >> what else is new, right. but we are heating up again today, and i will start to sound like a broken record with here, and temperatures staying in the 80's and we will see sunshine. right now on storm scan there is a handful of cloud but generally, or actually complete thely dry anywhere at this point. we are expect to go see the potential for not just some rising humidity but a shower or then are storms in the the days ahead. for now things are dry. 66 degrees at the philly international. we are at 65 in atlantic city. very mild start to the morning. if you didn't go leave windows opened overnight go throw them open now. the it feels confidentable. not terribly humid, just yet. that will change with time.
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we are turning more steamy as days progress and we will keep this heat around. sixty-six in palmyra. off to a mild start in spots. we will have no problems, hitting the up are 80's but because we have a building humidity out there that 89 degrees high is bad enough so hot enough i should say but it will feel more like 90's with no problems. down the shore is where we're at if we are looking for cooling impact. poconos could have a stray shower or thunderstorms and we have a new disturbance that is creeping closer, meisha, back over to you. >> good to know. good morning to all of you. burlington bristol bridge is scheduled to opened at 4:25. really dark outside but it should be opening right now if it hasn't done so all right. ninety-five south between the vine and columbus boulevard, two right lanes are compromised. that might be just leaving us right now. good news is a lot of construction especially touring the week usually tend to lift right around 5:00 a a.m. if not earlier in some places.
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this is where we have construction, route 23 westbound between 422 and gulf rose, that right lane is compromised there. also some more, take a look at this, pennsylvania turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove, two right lanes blocked, eastbound is also affected and that has been cleared. jim, back over to you. a man is fighting for his life after he was shot in the head. >> right now search is on for gunman. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at the scene in west philadelphia, jan. >> reporter: brooke and jim, good morning, shooting victim is in very critical condition in the hospital this morning fighting for his life. in the meantime here on the scene police have this block of angora a terrace still taped off this morning, investigators described a barrage of gunfire here overnight that left stray bullet holes in cars and a man again fighting for his life. this shooting scene happened just after 1:00 a.m. on the 5600 block of angora terrace, police say a 34 year-old man was parking his girlfriend's
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car in front of the house when someone walk up to the door and shot at least five times. investigators believe that the victim was able to get out of the car and star running but shooter just continued to fire. victim was hit once in the head and police found his body between two parked cars on this street. this investigation spans two locations, police believe this shooter ran away west on angora terrace and got in the gray or green minivan, police spotted a vehicle fit ago this description on the 5700 block of baltimore avenue just around the corner from the shooting scene. >> that vehicle will and occupants are being held, occupant were transported to southwest detectives where they will be interest viewed. >> reporter: back here live on the scene this morning police continue to hold this block, at least two cars here were hit by stray bullets. there was a lot of gunfire in the middle of all of these homes early this morning. at this point no arrests have been made and police are
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interviewing some of the people found in that car, just around the block, no arrests have been made at this point. we will bring you any updates, shooting victim is currently in the hospital, in very critical condition, also happening later on this morning police will be reviewing some private surveillance cameras in the area to see if they can provide some good video, brooke and jim, back into you. developing right now in new york panic and chaos when shots are fired at a crowded concert hall in new york. >> one person is dead and three others, are hurt. >> it happened just before rapper ti took the stage. three men and one woman were shot around 10:00 o'clock lag night in the irving plaza in manhattan. it happened, backstage and in the vip area where they were performing. the gun shots, sent concert goers scrambling for safety. >> show was about to start. literally i could not miss the concert. i heard two pops. right after that, there was a stampede with everybody rushing out of the entire
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remember you. yeah, insane. >> sadly one man died at the hospital. another man is in critical condition. other two victims were both shot in the leg. they are in stable. new investigation released overnight find an alarming number of the airport intruders nationwide. 345, since 2004. the associated press poured over documents and found philadelphia international, has one of the highest amounts of incidents, 30 in total. that includes this incident in 2012 when a suv crashed through a gate and sped down runway at nearly 100 miles an hour as a plane was about to land. that same year woman grabbed an airport police officers gun and pointed it at the his head before he disarmed her. airport officials have not yet commented on the new information. new evidence to increase safety and awareness on the the schuylkill river trail after two men exposed themselves to women on the trail saturday morning. group called round 215 will monitor the 10-mile pass.
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the volunteers are trained to identity suspicious activity. they will work in pairs and have identified badges and t-shirts. >> observe, and report. they are in the police officers. we are not the making anybody a police officer. we are just good citizens. we are out there in pairs and walking and if you observe something, documented, if it is warranted you report it to 911. >> reporter: 200 volunteers have signed up and they will get to work after their final training session on june 4th. in bucks county resident are being reunited with what is rightfully their, stolen jewelry. a long line of people waited inside solebury township municipal building last night hoping to see the stolen goods that follows the at arrest of william dalton the third in connection with break ins in that area some items are still unclaimed. investigators are looking into whether dalton is responsible for more burglar is in bucks, montgomery and chester counties. the solar powered plane on the around the world trip has landed at lehigh valley international airport.
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solar impulse two touched down last night in allentown after a 17 hour fly from dayton, ohio. the plane will remain at lehigh valley airport over the weekend. it the is latest leg of a historic flight, powered entirely by the sun. >> unaudible. >> we are here. we are on the east coast. we have finished 23rd of our flight around the world. >> plane began in march of last year in abu dab i helped to go new york and then, across the atlantic ocean. president obama will make a historic trip to hiroshima during his trip to japan. president is meeting at annual g7 summit. during a press conference yesterday with countries prime minister the president expressed his condolences for recent murder of a japanese woman, allegedly at
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the hand of a former u.s. marine. these contracts changed the course of the major league baseball and power of the civil rights movement and they are now on display at philadelphia ease national constitution center. i'm talking about the contracts signed by jackie robinson in 1947 and just one the of the documents on display. another contract, signed by robinson in 1945, is also, part of the inspiring exhibition. our pat gallen is live in our next hour with more on the entire exhibit. and is there also a new thrilling roller coaster opening this weekend at six flags great adventure. >> it is call the joker but may not be laughing once they are oint. our own justin finch is taking it for a ride. check this out 49d style ride flips forward, backward while traveling 12 stories in the air before dipping low. meisha, why don't you do this and we told her no. justin is strapped in and we have a camera capturing his
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every motion and move. >> two people who that would never do that. >> exactly we are staying here. >> still ahead we will tell you why a nine bedroom mansion in the nation's capitol is subject of the a lot of rumors this morning. violent weather just continues to move through the nation's heart land we will have latest on the damage leftend in kansas after two days in tornadoes. man scales a landmark and it wasn't just a news cameras that were rolling see message he posted to social media from high atop the hollywood sign when we come right
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here's something you don't see every day a man climbing the iconic hollywood sign and it was president just news helicopters documenting it. >> hollywood, baby. i climbed the sign what now. >> you tube prankster actually posted this video to snap chat as law up force. officers swarmed. he is trying to promote a movie he made. he eventually walk down and was arrested. in other news more severe weather in the midwest a large
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twister rips through northern kansas damaging more than a dozen homes. this morning troopers are going house to house checking on people, multiple tornadoes touched down in the state on tuesday. monster storm system is now, set to be moving east. your time is 4:43. >> katie is here with another check of the forecast, katie. >> indeed those storms role east, you can see behind me through iowa, missouri, heavy then are storms still running blink through and it is another active day for potentially severe weather. we are seeing heavy storms across these states. southeastern minnesota getting hit here as well. all this will continue to migrate east but we are at this point only expecting a couple scattered showers or thunderstorms in the the next couple days. there is a moistening of the atmosphere here locally. we will start to feel humidity creeping up and later today there is a chance we pick up a quick shower or storm far northwestern part of the city where it appears it will
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happen but tonight i cannot rule it out, anyway, but most of us in the sunshine, starting to heat up efficiently but with that building moisture content, it will feel steamy to you. later on tonight prime example of what we are expecting, scattered, granted, spotty but shower and thunderstorm nonetheless pushing through our region and in the early morning hours of tomorrow. tomorrow very similar looking scenario but we will see more widespread coverage of the scattered showers or thunderstorms through the afternoon and evening especially. as for today it is a hot one high of 89, more humid, very warm day obviously and we do expect to see more sun then anything. shower and thunderstorm tonight in scattered fashion, cloud building regardless and it is muggy. you might be thinking of turning the air conditioning on here in the next couple days. eighty-nine. trifecta right through saturday but right now, the weekend itself is looking pretty darn good if you have got picnic plans, beach plans,
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whatever it might be, opening up the pool, lucky you. eighty-one on the holiday itself. by that point we will have showers or then are storms to dodge, back over to you. i turn on my hair last night, would i rather be cool sleeping then overly hot. nothing worse then waking up all sweaty and gross. burlington bristol bridge is scheduled to go up at 4:25. it hasn't gone up yet. it is still dark out there. so hard to see. construction 95 south and vine between columbia boulevard that has all been cleared. two right lanes were block. that is looking g i-95 south, route 23 westbound between 422 and gulf road that right lane you can see is still compromised there. we have construction this morning at 35 turnpike both east and westbound, all clear, looking good on the pennsylvania turnpike right now. we have, south college avenue and he will beington road, two right lanes are block until 6:00 a.m. make note i'll let you know as soon as this clears. what we are seeing is it is multiple lanes that are closed. it is moving out of the way so
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that is good news. just a reminder, delaware memorial bridge that left lane is still blocked. jim, over to you. overnight violence tops this morning's headlines on cbs-3. one man is in critical condition after being shot in the head along the 5600 block of angora a terrace in west philadelphia. investigators found 15 shell casings around a car. police are questioning a man from the van that was pulled over nearby. an developing story, one person is dead and three other people are hurt after gunfire erupted at a hip-hop concert in new york city. the shots were fired in a vip area just before rapper ti performed. so far, no arrests. and new study says there have been more than 345 perimeter security violations at 31 major u.s. airports since 2004. there have been 30 such incursions at philadelphia international. one philadelphia incident took place in 2012 when a suv raced down a runway at a hundred miles an hour with a plane landing at the time.
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well, still ahead, how the pennsylvania convention certainty is honoring a former philadelphia mayor. also ahead it has nine bedrooms, tons of room and a garage that can fit ten cars, believe it or not, this is not jim's house, it makes his house, of very famous resident, we will explain
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back on "eyewitness news" if you are heading out the door get katie's updated forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. also a new project putting formally incarcerated philadelphians to work. the plus how businesses are using social media to influence their brand and review of the the new movie alex through the looking glass in theaters today. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. time is 4:49. time for a check of business news. >> jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. why are protests forming outside of mcdonald's
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headquarters. >> well, besides $15 an hour pay, protesters are marching in front of the mcdonald's headquarters near chicago ahead of the company's annual shareholder meeting. ironically mcdonald's has started to pay workers more money as part of the massive turnaround plan but the fast food chain also rolled out all day breakfast and simplified its menu after years have slowing sales, brooke and jim. >> so changes at victoria secret, i understand they are stopping production of the mail order catalogue. >> reporter: say it ain't so, that is right, victoria secret stopping presses on the iconic catalogue, first introduced in 1977. more customers are buying products on line, the company pays about 150 million-dollar to produce 300 million copies, victoria secret is ending production of the swim wear, accessories, shoes and most apparel and i feel like this is very sad, this was part of my youth getting those
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catalogues. >> swim wear, what? that is crazy. we're blown away here. >> reporter: it is big changes, yes. >> jim doesn't care. thanks, jill. we will check in next hour. well, it looks different then the white house and if it is, i'm interested in it. >> we are looking at is what rumored to be the future home of the obama's. take a look a mansion, with nine bedrooms, the rental home has three fireplaces, opare suite so maybe first lady's mom, will live there and parking for up to ten cars. it also happened to be in one of the washington's mess exclusive neighborhoods. >> it is a neighborhood that has convenience of the suburbs but it is really not a long walk to the white house. >> mansion is owned by president clinton's former press secretary joe lockheart and his wife.
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white house is not comment bug they do plan to stay in d.c. until daughter sascha finishing high school. >> lockhearts were doing well. >> i should be a press secretary. coming up after the break we will get another check of weather and traffic. >> if you like yesterday, you will love today, we will have the forecast when we come back. we are all coming back.
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today is another pretty hot day, certainly feeling like summer, however, you know, a lot of times you see caveat that comes along with the most important days, so, what we are going to find out there is air quality a leather is issued for the entire region. so take it easy, respiratory illness, asthma sufferers you have to be extra careful on days like this and kids too,
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take it easy if you are out in the heat. it will be a toasty1. 89 degrees in sunshine. later tonight we will see shower or thunderstorm. tomorrow 89 degrees. watching that humidity stick around here 89 as well on saturday, 87 sunday, a string of very warm weather continues, just in time and right through, the upcoming holiday weekend, meisha, over to you. >> eighty-nine, 90, my gosh, crazy to have that back. i'm glad. i welcome it. ninety's, bring it on. burlington bristol bridge was back down up around 4:40 and new back down looking good there, construction route 23 westbound between 422 and gulf road, that right lane still compromised, it is still dark out and light volume. we will not have any hiccups. vine looking good, folks moving in the westbound and eastbound directions, looking very, very quiet. schuylkill eastbound before spring garden, same thing, jim, over to you. big honor for former philadelphia mayor michael nutter. >> his name now marks the new
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theater. "eyewitness news" at the pennsylvania convention center for dedication of the michael nutter theater. this 600 seat facility featuring a g4 film screen, projector and more. the convention center hopes to use it for film festivals and musical performances. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" it is a big day for lawmakers in new jersey. >> we will have key bills they are expected to vote on in a few hours for you. plus is philadelphia's proposed soda tax about to fizzle out, key politician who says it won't pass. what do you call this meat? governor christie weighs in on the beef that is deciding new jersey what do you call it, jim? >> i'm hungry right now that is all i can say.
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new this morning a man is fighting to survive after being shot in the head. what police say he was doing just moments before someone opened fire. once i heard one shot, i was gone. i had it on my legs. >> chaos, at a concert in new york city, people were running for cover when gunfire erupted up side a nightclub. we will tell you who the famous rapper was who was scheduled to perform there. if you like yesterday's weather you'll love today's forecast, katie will let you know how long summer like temperatures stick around. it is thursday may 26th, i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. i'm glad to be back with you this thursday. >> yes. >> katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things.
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>> good morning. >> gateway to our weekend. road are looking darn good. just starting to get busy. we have a lot of construction but no accidents. >> i wouldn't be shocked to see a lot of people heading down the shore here today and next couple days on the way to cape may we will be singing it here heading down because we have beautiful weather coming up here, nice heat building, it feels like spring has stalled out for a while, right? earlier we had so many days, that had at least a trace of rain, gray skies now we are starting to go on a up tic for month of may we have had seven days where we have had an 80-degree day, two so far this month and we should get in the 80's here today. we are off to a mild start, you can see here, 69 degrees already here at our station headquarters, storm scan nice and quiet, staying that way for the most part today but later on today, a far northwestern counties could end up maybe in the poconos for example, with a shower or claps


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