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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. plus 36 month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. like a whole stampede of everybody trying to rush out of the entire venue.
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absolutely insane. >> concert chaos people running for cover after gunfire eruptness a crowded club. famous rapper was about to take the stage when the shooting happened. we will tell how. thanks for joining us aim brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. it will feel more like july, not may, katie will let you know how long they stick around but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. i don't know whether he will survive. >> reporter: shooting victim is in very critical condition. a 34 year-old man was parking his girl friend's car when someone just walk up to the driver's side door and shot at least 15 times. >> i heard one shot, everybody rushing in. >> panic and chaos when shots are fired at a crowded concert hall in new york. >> it happened before rapper ti took the stage. >> it is not an issue that will affect either the campaign or my presidency.
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>> hillary clinton brushed aside latest chapter in her latest e-mail saga yesterday. for a second tight in the row trump's rally was overshadowed by chaos. ♪ he is crazy. >> james corden performing the lie an king on crosswalk the musical on the late, late the show last evening. >> if that happened in philadelphia the cars would run them over. they don't wait for the light. >> no. >> katie, she's outside on the sky deck, how is it looking. >> very, very nice. humidity is starting to creep up on us, guys. we are feeling very comfortable but again, it is a slight bit more humid here and that will continue to creep up on us with time today.
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we saw the thermometer spiking in the upper 80's. down right summer like is the story but we are nice and dry and it will stay that way for the majority of the day. we will go outside to the kutztown area middle school here, beautiful view right now mid 50's, virtually no win, slight breeze where i'm standing on the sky deck but not much of the wind at all, that said you can see more sun then anything, a few additional cloud as the day progresses but overall it looks like a dry just hot day and then we will likely see a shower or thunderstorm, wrap up, and, you can see, and late this afternoon and it is dry and that said we have higher levels of the ground level ozone to contend w now we are at unhealthy level of air quality, essentially regional wide. everybody is in that group. yesterday was just for sensitive groups for children, elderly or respiratory illness. today it is anyone, so stay hydrated, seek out ac if you feel funny, take care of
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yourself. it is a hot day. be smart about it. you will be just fine. put on sun block too, we have more sunshine all day to day. 89 degrees, feeling more likely to mid 90's when you factor in that building humidity. moving forward in the forecast this is a stretch of time that we will stay in the 80's well into the upcoming weekend as well. so, coming up we will have a bit more detail for your memorial day weekend. we will head outside, i'll have down load for you here as far as what you can expect looking forward to the weekend. meisha, back to you. >> great information, as usual, good morning everyone and welcome to the gateway to our weekend this thursday morning, looking good, out there, you can see looking a little foggy but it is feeling warm outside. we felt that at 3:00 in the morning on our way to the studio. schuylkill moving in the eastbound direction at boulevard, slowly starting to heat up here. i would say, a little hesitation because over past 20 minutes or so we are
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starting to see a change and it is looking like on the roadways. overall things looking okay eastbound. more than the westbound side tap. coney palmyra bridge scheduled to go backup at 5:45 a.m. i will let you know when it is up and when it goes back down. vine, taillights moving in the westbound direction toward the schuylkill. both are moving in the west and eastbound side looking fairly early on the vine looking good there. we have construction here route 23 westbound between 422 and gulf road that right lane is still compromised. not causing too many slow downs. you can see how quiet is looks here. cristina parkway between south college avenue and he will beington road two right lanes block until 6:00 a.m. developing overnight a chaotic scene when gunfire interrupts a hip-hop concert in new york. >> one person is dead, three others are hurt. this all happened as rapper ti was about to perform. cbs news correspondent hena daniels have the latest as investigators are searching the night club for evidence.
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>> reporter: this video capture on the cell phone shows confused concert goers moments after shots were fired at rapper's t icons earth inside irving plaza in downtown manhattan. >> we saw people arguing and then everybody started running because they heard shots. >> reporter: chaos erupted while rapper mano and others were performing on stage. sound of gunshots sent hundreds of hip-hop fans running to the nearest exits. >> everybody is rushing, trampling over people. >> i stumbled, i fell. >> they were running for their lives. he starts running. i fell. my shoe came off. >> reporter: nypd officers responded and set up a perimeter around the crime scene. police say a 34 year-old man was shot in the chest and a three three-year old man was shot in the stomach. one of them later died at the hospital. the 26 year-old woman was also shot in the leg and investigators say a fourth person walk in the hospital on
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their own. >> detectives are still interviewing potential witnesses, canvassing for video. we're looking for cameras in the area to help us identify people there that witnessed this crime. >> no arrests have been made in this case. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 5:37 in the morning n business news a big sale starts today. >> markets are on a winning streak, money watch's jill wagner joins us life from the insuring stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> reporter: stocks rallied for second straight day as oil prices continued to climb to the highest level of the the year. dow jones rose 145 points yesterday, nasdaq jumped 33, futures pointing to a lower open. little blue box is getting crush, tiffany says sales fell 9 percent in the past quarter, tiffany says strengthening dollar is cutting into foreign tourist spending and takes up 40 percent sales of the flagship store in new york city on fifth avenue knew. tiffany is launching high end
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watches as a way to boost sales. sports authority massive going out of business sale starts today, at all more than 450 stores are closing. company filed for bankruptcy last march but could not secure a buyer so they are looking for huge brand like under arm or, nike and a didas and buy store fixtures, furniture and equipment. here's a sweet partnership, dunkin' donuts is teaming up on hershey with ice and hot coffees. they ever available for a limited time. dunkin' says new flavor is happiness for the start of the summer. like we need a reason, brooke and jim. >> happiness in the cup. >> these limited addition tiffany watches. >> okay. >> she's always wanting to add something to the gift list jill, help me. see you tomorrow, thank you. thankful residents are reunited with their jewelry after it was stolen from their homes. long lines of people waited inside solebury's municipal building in bucks county to
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take a look at the stolen goods. william dalton the third, was arrested in connection with break ins in solebury, white marsh and wrightstown township. our trang do talked with one woman who recovered very sentimental items. >> a jewelry box that my husband had given to me when we were dating. that is real important. i have my father's mickey mouse match, he is no longer with us but it was something he wore all the time. that is great sentimental value. >> that is great she was able to get that back w some items still unclaimed police are looking into whether dalton could be responsible for more burglar is in bucks, montgomery and chester counties. the italian navy patrol ship comes to the rescue of hundreds of migrants as their boat capsizes off north african coast. these dramatic pictures. the fishing boat jammed with more than 500 people. you can see i it tip over near the water in libya. sailors pulled 550 people from the mediterranean but seven
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migrants lost their lives. president obama continues his visit to japan, meeting with world liters at g7 summit, tomorrow, he makes a historic trip to here she will becoming first sitting u.s. president to visit the city where the u.s. dropped an atomic book in 1945 in the closing days of world war two. real estate world is buzzing over this house, reports say it is the future home of the president and plots obama after they leave the white house next year. it is a nine bedroom mansion in one of the washington's most porsche neighborhood. it haze eight and a half bathrooms and parking for up to zero cars. coming up another hollywood couple calls it quits, we will tell you about the latest celebrity split. plus look at this more than a dozen cars swallowed by a massive sink hole, the problem that caused the ground to suddenly cave-in. justin? jim, it is debut day for the joker, new roller coaster
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at six flags great adventure. where you you can ride it and what makes this different from any you have seen here before. >> ♪ >> the joker isn't just a ride, crazy ride. >> it is not just a ride, stop that, i cannot believe that. >> just crazy. >> we will be right back.
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can you stomach new thrill ride at six flags great adventure? it makes you shaky. >> yes. >> this new roller coaster opens up this weekend. >> it is called joker but as you can see riders don't laugh once it takes off, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live right new with the preview. he is still in one piece. good morning, justin. >> reporter: jim, brooke, good morning. i don't get nervous until you guys start talking bit and make it seem scary. i'm looking at this as being a fun experience. many people who come out, starting today, and throughout the week well find this same experience. i have kristin here from six flags. i think you have been on this ride one time is that right. >> yes. >> and you're still here. >> i am, i am, it is
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incredible and really unique. fact it is 4-d, free flying coaster means people have in the seen anything lick this before. incredible flipping, each ride is totally different. you can flip three times, six or seven times and it is all about your weight distribution. it is just for flu true game of chance, depending upon who is in the car, the way the car distribution is. but what has been the reaction including your own once you get on the coaster and finish the ride. >> chaotic seems to be the word people keep using which is a great way to reference the joker, it is very disorienting with all of the spinning and fact you could be going forward, backward and your seat can be flipping in the opposite direction while your car is moving in the different direction, very kay why the i can, very comfortable ride, we're very excited to get today buy to it day. >> what if i told you several
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people at my station are literally afraid of this ride, got the assignment, turned it down and i chest to take within for the team. i think what you are saying, it is survivable. >> absolutely, safety is our number one priority. we have extensively tested this ride. it is ready for riders and ready for you. >> reporter: you told me a six five-year old woman flew here from air zone, rode. >> and loved it. she got off the ride to the cheering high fiveing people. i'm sure your viewers will too. >> thanks very much. brooke, jim, everyone else back the at the station i will ride this thing, survive it. someone 65 years old can ride this and come out being very happy, i think i will be too. that is very latest from here, back to you. >> i like 90 year-old, but meisha did want to do this. >> justin, you will be just be fine. it will be so fun. so easy. >> okay.
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>> i haven't eaten breakfast, i will be fine. >> we will check in fine. >> would you have done this. >> i love rollercoasters. this one is awfully extreme. if i went to six flags i might just do it. >> i was trying to do positive reenforcement. >> yes. >> but lets go. >> but good for justin. taking one for the team. if you plan to go out and maybe experience some of these roller coaster yourself in the next couple days we've got great weather. >> exactly, yeah. we will go outside to a beautiful shot, isn't that lovely, yes, sunnies up over ocean city. we are at point of the year where thinks pretty much the earliest we will see the sun coming up. we have a few additional weeks here where sun will be coming up between 5:30, 5:45, just a really great way to get the day started right, and for the most part we will feature nothing but sunshine.
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it is turning a little hazy now that we have a bit more moisture to work with in the atmosphere. i want to check with the weather watchers as well and take you out to the map here. we have a nice mild morning here in a lot of spots. sixty is the temperature that ed sent in from chester feel. he says in a couple of pretty pictures. i like the one from this morning, little sliver of the red sky in the morning for us. we will potentially see a quick sure or thunderstorm firing up which we will discuss but we have a red sky as a result of. that clear sky for, liz spring inner cherry hill where she sent in a colorful picture of the sun coming up. come on, you can do it. lets get this. full screen. very, very pretty sunrise. she's out in cherry hill. everyone is seeing this kind of a theme, as they walk out the door this morning. the here's storm scan, nice, wide zoom, we have got certainly some disturbance off to the west but we're on the western rim of the high pressure. it will keep us, and help us heat up in the days ahead. the beach looks awesome. if you have got the opportunity to maybe just head
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down to use the expressway, enjoy it while you've got it. it will be a nice warm perfect beach day, little cool in that water for my personal taste but that said, tonight into tomorrow we have a storm threat, scattered variety of showers and thunderstorms firing up out there but general risk, pretty much regional wide. would i say later tonight when we have that next shot, rest of the day looks good. shore cast, here we go, look at the sunshine for the most part. memorial day itself in the 07's with the shower or storm and i quickly want to get to the seven day here. eighty-nine in the city for the next three days, meisha, so, yeah, it is awesome. >> yes. >> it does. >> a perfect day to ride roller coaster. >> jim donovan, i will kidnap you later to come with me. not hearing anything about it. >> headlights moving in the eastbound direction past oaks it is heating up, headlights out there but good news is, sunnies pushing up, we are seeing lightness, and have you drive, pushing in the hour, it will get busy warm weather
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tend to bring it out on the roadways and 422, headlights moving in the eastbound direction looking tacony palmyra bridge is up. taillights moving in the southbound direction past company man this is what you are looking at right now. i would say 95 and schuylkill are two areas where we are really start to heat up before the 6:00 o'clock hour. ben franklin bridge is looking g moving in the the westbound direction, into center city, we do have an accident though out there, east lancaster avenue at city avenue make note of this for those in and around this area if that doesn't get cleared out of the way that will slow you down, a little bit, jim, over to you. more than zero cars were swallowed by a sinkhole in italy. that wasn't the only big problem in that area yesterday. sinkhole was caused by a huge water main break near the banks of the river in florence. nearby homes were evacuated and power was knock out the to thousands of people who live in the area. and johnny dep is about to
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be a single man, again. dep's wife actress amber heard filed for divorce. they have only been married 15 months but you'll remember the couple they were in this video, last month, and it was bizarre how they were apologizing after they smuggled their dog to australia. been a rough few days, break up comes after couple days after his mom died. the internet is going wild, over a high school student's talent show trick. >> have you seen this yet. >> wow. >> mike senator brought the crowd to the feet with that bottle flip at his school's talent show in north carolina when video was posted on line the internet flipped out. mike has been planning the trick for a year, what is the secret to his stunt? he says you have to use a bottle shipped like and hour
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glass and fill it up with a little water. we watch this one more time. >> here we go, here we go good like an athlete training for a competition. >> i know, i'm like... >> students are hilarious. >> anything to amuse them. >> when it comes to the great meat debate, i didn't know that was a thing just for the record. >> neither did i. >> governor chris christie decided with north jersey what a surprise. it is all what we would call pork roll. some, not all, north jersey ans call it taylor ham. christie talked about it on his radio show. he said he may issue an executive order naming the state's official breakfast sandwich a taylor ham egg and cheese. >> i am from oak a i said it is bologne. no, it is not bologne. >> no, no, no. >> i didn't know. >> i know now. >> taylor ham roll pork. >> he won't find people that gree with him around here. everyone i talk to say pork
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casey anthony woman found not guilty in death of her daughter in 2011 is back in the news this morning.
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private investigators say anthony's attorney told him an tone difficult kill her daughter kay lee, after anthony's trial investigators never determined the cause of the death. anthony's attorney jose baez says the statements are 100 percent false. here's something you don't see every day man climbing iconic hollywood sign, you tube prankster, documented this crime and video posted to snap chat as law enforcement swarmed the location. he is trying to promote a movie he just made. he walked down and, of course, was arrested. >> there is so much security around the hollywood sign. >> apparently not yesterday. >> no. >> weird. >> coming up next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", real pet names, find out what kate middleton calls prince william. >> do you have a pet name for you. i'm sure you do. >> millennials are setting a new trend, we will show you parties gaining in popularity, coming up next.
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new this morning a man is fighting for his life after police say he was shot at 15 times. we're live with what he was doing before the gunfire erupted.
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screams of terror, when shots are fired at a concert inside of a crowded nightclub. find out who was about to take the stage, and what police are saying about the shooting this morning. and investigation shines spotlight on airport security, the staggering new information on breaches like this one from a few years ago and how philadelphia international ranks. well, today is thursday may 26th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas, it it is friday eve. >> good morning. road are looking good. construction out of the way. we have two accidents but that sun, katie, that can be glaring out there absolutely have your shade ready, visor ready to go and why not put the top down. you have a convertible this is freight time to break it out. we have very comfortable conditions. 66 degrees current temperature outside middletown ship high school. certainly sunlight, popping over the horizon nicely here and it is going to be a very


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