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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  May 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". flames tear through a twin home in bethlehem. and a firefighter is forced to dive through a 2 story window, as well as around him -- walls begin to give way. he is being returned to the hospital as firefighters battle other problems like lack of water. >> i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. >> their hoses couldn't reach the back of the property, they also reported water pressure
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issues. it's been difficult morning for those emergency teams in northampton county, fire quickly reached 3 alarms with flames coming through the roof and dense smoke visible for miles. chopper 3, over the 16 hundred block of east 8 street, officials declared evacuation order, called it may day, 29 year old firefighter shattered his ankle and to leap from the upper floors, now at st. luke's hospital. no other injuries have been reported. much more on the bethlehem fire on "eyewitness news" beginning at 5 and throughout the day you can get the latest updates on line on >> memorial day weekends is almost here. and experts say holiday travel this year will be the busiest in more than a decade. triple a expects more than 38 million people to hit the road this weekend, that's up by 7 hundred thousand travelers, since last year. and the most since 2005. triple a says rising personal income, lower gas prices, are encouraging more people to head out of town for the
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holiday. >> whether traveling out every state, check for travel information, events, and things to do. again, that's >> as many people get a start on the long holiday weekend, today shaping up to be hot and steamy and it could mean thunderstorms later on, so a first look at the forecast with katie out on the skydeck. >> hey there, jim, could mean little bit of thunder boomer rolling through here, later tonight specially, but for now there is barely a cloud in the sky. and, boy, is that solar angle really starting to heat things up here at the surface, we've got a lot of you already in the mid 80s, we expect to tack new additional degrees on before it is said and done. look what's going on right now, storm scan, actually no storms to track at all right now. you see few speckles of green out there, we zoom it out once or twice, and you're going to find again few speckles here and there, we're going to see the dew . climb little bit more adding a bit more instability, adding a bit more moisture content to the air,
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could help trigger shower or thunderstorm again specially by tonight. in the meantime, since it is still dry, really seeing the sun bake the atmosphere here at the ground level. not saying you should stay inside, but if you do have respiratory illness or asthma, this is unhealthy air mass day for you. play it safe. be smart about spending time outdoors if you do suffer those casino of illnesses but regardless here's where we stands, guys, mid 80s around the region, even atlantic city airport already at 87 degrees. expect to flirt with 90 in the city before it is said and done, will continue for us right into the end of the week. the average hi, 77, so far exceeding that, in the days ahead, and coming up i'll have much more on sort of planning out your weekend forecast, here, a loft just outdoor plans, i'll let you know if we have any wet coming up. >> philadelphia police are
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questioning two men in connection to overnight shoot that left a man fighting for his life. this happened on the 56 hundred block angora, someone someone fired 15 shots, it is unclear what motivated the shooting but they say they found a large amount of crack cocaine on the victim. >> appears that this 34 year old victim just parked his girlfriend's chevy malibu, in front of his girlfriends' house. and that's when the shooter walked up on the driver side, and fired at least 15 shots. >> at last check, the victim was list in the critical but stable condition. in other news, gunfire rang out in new york city concert hall last night just as rapper ti was set to take the stage. >> it happened around 10 at the irving plaza in manhattan. police say four people were shot in the back stage vip area. one man died two, other man
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and a woman wounded, describe frantic scene with concert goers scrambling for cover. no word on any arrests nor what motivated the violence. >> turning to campaign 2016, it is official, donald trump has enough delegates to clinch the republican presidential nomination. the associated press reports that a small number of un bound delegates have agreed support trump and the gop convention. it takes 1237 delegates to win the republican nomination, trump now has 1238. >> president obama was asked to weigh in on the race for the white house, while in japan for the g7 summit. as correspondent weijia jiang report, president more careful with his opinion about hillary clinton than donald trump. >> president obama told reporters in japan that world leaders are paying close attention to the us presidential race, especially the presumptive republican nominee, donald trump. >> they're rattled by it. and for good reason. they've got a lot of the proposals that he's made,
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display either ignorance of world affairs, or a cavalier attitude. >> trump has suggested banning muslims from entering the us and allowing japan and south korea to have nuclear arms. the president's comments folds a session of the g7 summit. president obama was not as forthcoming when a reporter brought up a skating report released wednesday, about hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail service, while his secretary of state. >> we're japan. doesn't we have something in asia that we want to talk about? >> comments came during news conference where he also talked about why he's making a historic trim here to hiroshima tomorrow. >> i want to once again underscore the very realist thanks are out there. >> obama will be the first sitting us president to visit the city since the united state dropped nuclear bamm on it during world war ii, while many in japan welcomed the president's visit, there were some small protests, some from
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people upset the president won't apologize for the attack. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". new investigation finds alarming number of airport intruders across the country. a total of 345 since 2004. and philadelphia international airport has one of the country's highest numbers. the associated press found 30 incident at philadelphia international airport. that includes one back in 2012, when suv crashed through a gate and sped down runway at nearly one hundred miles an hour, as a plane was about to land. that same year, a woman grabs an airport police officer's gun and pointed it at his head, before he was able to disarm her. a congressional hearing looks into long lines at airport security checkpoints and finds that things are not going to get better any time soon. correspondent mark albert is at reagan national airport outside of washington, d.c. with a look at the problem. >> airport managers told congress this morning, that lines at security checkpoints are long, and the problem is
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only getting worse. >> passenger wait times were consistently 06 minute or more. airline passengers have reported wait times as high as one hundred 20 minutes, with thousands of passengers missing their flights. >> many americans say they're planning to skip those long lines this weekend. a new pole shows more than 20% of people planning to fly before labor day have changed or canceled their plans, because of concerns about long lines in airports. >> the problem stems from a frustrated mixture of more people choosing to fly, combined with fewer people to screen them at these checkpoints. for the first five months of this year, the tsa has screened 449 million travelers, that's up 12%, or 57 million passengers, compared to last year, with 58 hundred fewer tsa screeners, than 2011. >> it appears tsa did not adjust its staffing model after screening protocols were changed. >> carry, with american airlines, says in addition to angry customers, the long lines are causing carriers to
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lose money. >> we are committing millions of dollars to fund non-security functions like bin running and q management so tsa can focus solely on screening passengers. >> recommend showing up 2 hours prior to departure to give time to get through security. >> a local area is ranked one of the happiest places in the country. this is all according to an annual study by smart assets. chester county came in at number four. the study factors in income, life expectancy, and population among other things. third happiest county carver county, minnesota, 2, fairfax county, virginia, and the happiest count any america, drum roll, lowden county i, virginia, number five was nearby hunterdon county, new jersey. >> good to know. coming up on "eyewitness news", new safety patrols are about to start on the schuylkill river trail. the reason why volunteers are getting involved. and, trouble under the golden arches, would what
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would make mcdonald work he is campout at mcdonald headquarters? the answer whe
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judge hundreds of protesters march for 2 day on mcdonald's suburban chicago campus calling for higher wages and union rights. mcdonald's closed its headquarters yesterday, the company's annual shareholders meeting is today. demonstrators have done this three years in a row. well new jersey lawmakers
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taking action on the state's minimum wage. will vote today to raise the state's minimum wage to 15 dollars per hour by 2021, almost double the current minimum wage 8.38 an hour, the last minimum wage hike was back in 2013. volunteers are helping to step up safety and awareness on the schuylkill river trail after 2 incident indecent exposure incidents. group called run 215 will soon start to monitor the ten mile path. about 2 hundred people are being trained to identify suspicious activity. they're going to work in pairs, and have identifying badges, and t-shirts. observe documentary report, not police officers, not making anybody a police officer, just a good citizen. so you're out there in pairs, walking, if you observe anything, you will documented, if it is want dollars you will report it to 911. >> volunteers will get to work after final training session on june 4. >> newest exhibition at the national constitution center will focus on baseball milestone, but about a lot more than sports.
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jackie robinson is part of the centers history tree, for breaking baseball's color barrier in 1947. and as a vocal civil right advocate, the new exhibit spotlight the contracts robinson signed, the documents are on display until june fifth, including free admission on memorial day. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news": cbs-3's justin finch takes on the joker. >> this is nice. go on up here. >> it is great adventure's newest ride. see what makes this roller coaster stand out from the rest. hey, katy? >> justin was such a good sport about this. so looking ahead my friend to the more summer like heat, but building humidity, the chance for little bit of wet weather and of course the holiday weekend is coming up. so coming up i'll time everything out for you, give you a sense how your picnic plans are looking whether we come back.
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>> dangerous weather destroyed several homes in kansas yet. correspondent omar villafranca with a look at some of the damage in the hardest hit areas. >> rumbling out of control. a second round of massive tornados slashed its way through northern kansas wednesday. >> large tornado. >> at least one twister spot in the and lean it, made its way across interstate 70, forcing cars and trucks to turn around. >> storms destroyed at least one home near there. >> that's a barn sitting in the road, folks. >> up to 25 other, suffered
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significant damage, in dickinson county last night. >> definitely going northeast. >> there were tornado sitings near solomon. >> just east from there, a twister around a half mile wide barely missed the city of chapman. >> oh, i think that was somebody's house. >> more than does end tornados were spotted in the southern planes. the violent weather has already left its mark. and ef3 tornado struck western kansas tuesday. >> is that where it tore? >> yes. >> cathy hamilton and her family hid inside a storm shelter as a tornado leveled their home. >> it is gone, everything is gone. all we heard was loud noise, and the door blew open, stuff was flying everywhere. >> miraculously, there were no report of any major injuries in this area. but, residents are not in the clear just yet, there are more storms in the forecast. omar villafranca, cbs news,
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and -- abaline kansas. >> miracle no injuries when you look at that damage. >> so true, that severe weather just keeps oncoming, another day actually where they have enhanced risk for severe weather out in the planes, tills the season, but rough stuff when you see all of the video coming in day after day after day. really is. we actually can start things off by looking at big zoom on storm scan3, let's go ahead, take you out to the maps. right across at this . the central mississippi, where it meets up with the ohio river, another squawl line currently pushing through here, also heavy rounds of rain, between dallas and houston, so, they're not catching too much of a break here today. more rounds of severe storms, certainly, underway. now, looking at the east coast, perhaps travels will be taking you down to the shore towns, or maybe even further south of that, into the carolinas, if you are lucking enough or the virginias, what you will ends up finding at least now pretty quiet weather. high pressure still on our side. however, we could potentially be talking about some tropical weather down the road here. we will get to that in a
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second. first, what the rest of today has up its sleeve. at this . high pressure still in control. now the heating of the day by tonight specially could trigger quick shower or thunderstorm, i don't want you to worry too much about this being terribly widespread, many of us actually end up staying dry, but that could happen specially tonight. now, scattered showers, thunderstorms will crop up as well tomorrow morning and evening, we sit in the moisture rich, very unstable air mass, that will be moving through our area tomorrow. back into the upper 80s once more. come saturday front will be nearby. so i can't rule out a stray storm, but generally we call it partly sunny, still in the upper 80s, and look what looms off to the south here, an area of low pressure, starting to move into the carolinas, and that is what could potentially ends up our next named system. now, already had alex. it happened very, very early, in the year. but, this is the area of disturbed wet their we are talking about, over the course of the next 48 hours, actually pretty decent shot to develop into something tropical.
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if it were to become a named system it, would be bonnie, at this ., i don't want you to worry too much about this having any casino of direct impact on us, but we could definitely grab up some tropical moisture in the days ahead. i am not shocked by this at all. look at the hundreds of people that are out here. and i'm very jealous of them by the way, outside boardwalk plaza in row hope he will, people lining the beaches, understand bridge, so warm outside, big weekends coming up obviously for the shore towns, beaches, and it is looking good, your "shorecast" for memorial day weekends, look fantastic, overall, can't rule out showers and storms monday specially, so memorial day itself looks like the day that sort of goes downhill. but the weekends leading up to it not bad. it will be hot, don't get me wrong, upper 80s right through sunday, but this is pretty good looking forecast for the unofficial start of the summer season, right? >> looks good to me, kate. >> i not bad at all. >> well, fan favorite at philadelphia zoo is celebrating a birthday today. >> louie, the western lowland guerrilla, is 17 and clearly enjoying his birthday cake.
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it is made you will of all of his five are you treats. has been at the philadelphia zoo, arrived from the st. louis zoo where he was born. >> i was actually at the zoo yesterday. we saw louie. and he is a riot. he is having so much fun playing with his big plastic toys, it was a riot. >> very content. >> he is. he's got good cake there. >> so sweet.
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>> breaking news to tell but, philadelphia police officer is in the hospital after his cruiser was hit by another car. while he was responding to call in germantown. the accident happened germantown avenue and price street, we're told the officer is in stable condition. a few mail driver in the other car was also taken to the hospital. no word on her condition. stay with "eyewitness news" for updates, or get the latest on with warm weather in the picture, at last, some of you may be considering a trip to the amusement park. >> if you missed "eyewitness news" this morning, we have our own justin finch riding the big new roller coaster at great adventure. >> all right, this is nice. go on up here. oh. >> justin and his roller coaster expert companion road the brand new joker coaster live on the morning news, a 12 story roller coaster, you can even flip your own compartment as the roller coaster goes up and down, if a new addition to the fun at 6 flags great at venture in jackson township ocean county. don't worry, justin got off
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the roller coaster in one piece. >> gives me the chills just seeing it. >> yes, little bit too much. >> i don't mind the speed, the up and down things. >> you got to be careful how much you eat before do you something like this, like, you know, don't have big cup of coffee, don't have big hearty breakfast, because i know justin prepared that way. no food, no drink. >> like a trip to the doctors office. >> empty stomach and all is well. >> well, that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5. we're always on line at the young and the restless is next.
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