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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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washington. i'm jessica dean. we will head over to meteorologist kate bilo live on the sky deck with how long this heat will be lasting, kate? >> jessica and ukee it is only going to get worse before it gets any better. now actually humidity today is in a generally comfortable range. we don't have any excessive heat warnings or heat advisories at the moment but heat is definitely unseasonable and if you are not prepared for it, it can certainly take you off guard and can be dangerous to are some especially sensitive groups like children and elderly. lets look at temperatures outside right now you can see how warm it is, 92 degrees in harrington, delaware. ninety-one in cherry hill. cooler along the coast. still warm 83 in atlantic city. eighty in rehoboth beach. in philadelphia at the airport we are at 88 degrees. voorhees reporting 91. eighty-seven in chalfont. 88 degrees in malvern and north and west upper 80's near 90. ninety in richboro bucks county. eighty-seven in reading. 88 degrees in quakertown. normal highs in the upper
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70's, so this is well above average and this very warm weather will continue through sunday. humidity will increase through end of the week and weekend. temperatures in the upper 80's. the heat index around 90 plus, could get as high as 93, 94 tomorrow or saturday, but want to drink plenty of water, void strenuous activities if you must be working outside take frequent breaks, through the weekend. coming up more on the memorial day forecast and how tropical moisture could play a bit of the role. we will talk about that when i join you inside. back inside to you. >> it is cooler down the shore, vittoria woodill is there and will have a live report from high above wildwood. where the unofficial start to summer is getting underway with memorial day weekend 2016. you don't want to miss the report coming up in ten minutes. in the meantime check shore weather, city weather, pocono weather, anytime at your fingertips, down load free cbs philly weather app available on itunes and google play. remnants from old underground has philadelphia
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neighborhood in wits end. the work happened months ago but left the street a complete mess. wrecked roadway is located on willow street between fourth and fifth in northern liberties. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos went looking for answers and joins us now to tell us more, greg? >> reporter: ukee, good afternoon, this entire problem began a few months ago, a problem we are told by water department with the underground gate, you can see construction site left behind here, though for months. the good news is streets department as you you can see right here just the past 30 minutes or so, crews are doing a temporary fix you can see freshly placed asphalt on the ground here on willow street and we're told there will be a permanent fix very soon. in the ever growing city that is philadelphia, it is not hard to find areas under construction. >> they came up, as it collapsed sewer. half of the first rain storm
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that sank. second time they came out this is what you see here. >> reporter: what is bothering many on willow street between fourth and fifth in northern liberties is how you long it has taken for cities street department to fix two massive potholes. >> we are frustrated, we are all are. >> reporter: both rob hotter manages a nearby building and andrew thomas, president of the local 22 fire fighters and paramedics union which shared the streets say they have been in contact with city officials for months. >> we have noticed a sink hole november 4th, 2015, we have called it in the city and been not repaired since. >> reporter: drivers found themselves stuck like this guy from thursday morning, cars have been damaged and despite multiple calls over the past six months, the same response, from the city. >> we're on the list to get fixed. that is only answer we have got so far. >> reporter: after our calls to the fill water and streets department, official from his both agencies arrived to look at the damage. why the delay. >> we have been working with the water department. there is no sense in doing a
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permanent repair to the street when is there an infrastructure problem. >> reporter: now water department says the underground work is done, and final repairs, can be made. back here live, you can see that second hole, that is the hole where cars were told by neighbors get stuck there on a weekly basis. so time line for all of this, we spoke with the streets department and water department, the permanent fix we're told will start next week in about two or three weeks this area could be fixed. we are live from northern liberties i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a bizarre scene unfold above the streets of center city this morning. police a rested this man have after he crashed in the sidewalk at 17th and arch, then started fighting with an officer who tried to wake him and his sleeping passenger. the officer also went to the local hospital for minor injury related to the fight. the driver faces dui charges and his passenger was let go. a fire fighter was forced
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to jump out of the upper floor window to escape a three alarm fire in bethlehem this morning. chopper three over the scene on the 1600 block of east eighth street, where we're told that 29 year-old fire fight shore jumped went to the hospital with a shattered ankle, and the red cross is assisting families from three homes, affected by this fire, and the causes under investigation. philadelphia police say a 14th district officer responding to a call, was involved in the crash, in germantown this morning. and it happened just have after 11:00 on germantown avenue and price street, and both officer and other car were taken to the einstein medical center to be checked out. security break down, tsa is under fire again, a new investigation exposes hundreds of security breaches, at the nation's airport, some of the breaches happened at philly international. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is at the airport with the troubling details. >> reporter: another troubling find this time for some of the country's largest airports, a new report shows many are
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vulnerable to to security breaches, the work focused on airport perimeters and analyzing cases offence jumping car crashes and other trespassing. >> yes, it can be scary. >> reporter: paul fitch was dropping off his mom for a flight to tennessee, and any concerns after hearing about this report. >> no. >> reporter: data shows philadelphia international is close to the top, there have been 30 security breaches from 2004, to just this february. that number has philly tied with mckaren international in las vegas. >> does that concern you at all, does that change your habits. >> no, no. >> you cannot place guard and dogs at every particular spot that is vulnerable, it will happen. >> yeah, it is unfortunate. >> reporter: you may remember this one very public problem, how about the car, cruising on a runway in 2012 here at phl. air traffic controllers were forced to scramble rerouting planes. the driver was later found to be drunk. yet another troubling instance
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for travelers as we head in the busy holiday weekend with many trying to figure out how these latest numbers affect them. >> it is kind of hard but i don't fly a whole lot but, you know, security is important and i never really thought about it. >> reporter: joe holden reporting from philly international. meanwhile for a second day in the row congress is holding hearings to come up with solutions to the long lines at airport security checkpoints. today airport managers told lawmakers that the problem is only going to get worse. >> passenger wait times are consistently 60 minutes or long. airline passengers reported wait times as high as 120 minutes, with thousands of passengers missing their flights. >> problem stems from a frustrated mixture of more people choose to go fly combined with fewer people to screen them at checkpoints. yesterday, the tsa said it is adding nearly 800 screeners to help reduce the long lines. police are investigating what sparked a shooting in west philadelphia overnight that critically injured, a man. this happened on the 7600
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block of angora terrace around 1:00 a.m. police say someone fired at least 15 shots at 34 year-old victim striking him once in the back of the head. investigators say the man was carrying a large amount of crack cocaine. police also questioned two men, seen fleeing in the minivan from that scene but no word on any charges. well, one person was killed and three others hurt in the shooting at a new york city concert hall last night. this happened at irving plaza in manhattan. rapper ti was set to perform when shots were fired in the backstage vip area. eyewitnesses described a frantic scene with concert goers scrambling for cover. >> they felt like people on the vip arguing and that everybody started to run because we heard the shots. >> man who was killed was identified as a body guard for one of the performers. no charges have been filed but nypd commissioner bill bratton says an arrest is close. train derailment in oklahoma was most likely caused by a tornado overnight.
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nineteen empty train cars blew over two hours north of the oklahoma city. tornadoes were hard to spot except when a accompanied by lightening, storm trackers caught many on camera during those flashes of light, tornadoes have touched down all across the great plains in the past few days. well, coming up on "eyewitness news" big news from the campaign trail hear what donald trump says have after learning he has enough votes to be the g.o.p.'s presumptive nominee, plus this. >> what goodies a child sex abuse hot line if many calls are not being answered, that is a question that the auditor general has, i'm alexandria hoff with the shocking new details in this report coming up. and new hope for baby showers, new way to celebrate new additions, a growing trend a monk millennials. fun video to make you smile, philadelphia zoo throws a birthday party, we will show smile, philadelphia zoo throws a birthday party, we will show you more when we come prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes,
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well, memorial day weekend is almost here and experts say holiday travel, this year will be the busiest, in over a decade.
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triple a expects more than 38 million people to hit the road this weekend and that is an increase of 700,000 since last year and the most, since 2005. triple a says factors like rising personal income and lower gas prices are encouraging more people, to have headed out of town for the holiday. whether you are traveling out of the state, heading down the shore or up the mountains even staying home this weekend, be sure to check out cbs to check out, travel information and things to do. find it all on cbs oh, yeah it is back. our vittoria woodill is kicking off the long holiday weekend to day marks start of the torey down the shore. >> each week vittoria will be visiting a different shore town and she's kicking it off in wildwood this week. torey, how is it down there. >> is she -- yep, she is. >> we're back, baby. we're back. that is right, it is down the
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shore, 2016, we could not find a better place to celebrate then wildwood. i'm sitting here with my good girlfriend marie, hanging out all day, how is cotton candy. >> it is awesome. >> who got you there. >> you did. >> that is how we celebrate down the shore. having a lot of fun. the right now we are taking in the views of the beautiful ferris wheel, here at morey's pier in wildwood, new jersey. james if you can get you, that is james or photographer here, and ferris wheel, it is one of the largest on the east coast, at 156 feet, in height, this ride provides a amazing view of the entire, island and you cannot see them, but some of the families right behind here is from new york. you have been vacationing here for quite a while. >> yes. >> is what best part of being in wildwood beside eating cotton canned which me on the ferris wheel.
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you know is what awesome, me, marie and my brother got in the a friendly competition at mini golf course you will not want to miss. you have to stay tuned to the 6:00 o'clock hour to see that and let's just say she's pretty good. she's pretty good. if you want to celebrate this memorial day weekend at the beach here in wildwood we have a few things going on that we want to share with you. big weekend. if you are coming to wildwood you do not want to miss wildwood's interacting kite festival on the beach, and rio grand avenue. for more information, you can visit cbs, there is no way to do it bringing family to the beach, having fun, and being down the shore.
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it will just keep getting worse as we head into the memorial day weekend. it is going to be steamy, and, not a direct impact from subtropical or tropical storm by the weekend but possibly tapping into more tropical moisture, which is more humidity. >> this is a beautiful day. we are taking you to all of the shore points. we just took you down to wildwood. ocean city looks great. lots of people out on the beach and walking the boardwalk this weekend. >> looking pretty crowd id. beach patrol headquarters in margate. got a few people camped out, life guard boats ready to go.
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can't rule out a stray shower or storm down the shore but better chance is on memorial damon. head back, maybe a little bit of traffic to that may be a good idea. we have a closer look in just a moment. lets show you a couple showers and thunderstorms popping over the midsection of the state of pennsylvania, right now, near state college, a couple of these could make tonight here under cover of darkness tonight but most of us, probably, not seeing much of anything at all. a few highs have been rolling in, and that number not quite right there in wildwood but you can see how warm, it has been, all across the eastern half of the country, 90's, the high in birmingham, 90 degrees, and 87 in little rock. all this, and green here is where showers and thunderstorms have been rolling through. this um is are-like pattern continues in the weekend, big ridge in the jet stream. high pressure in control and it will stay, in a very summer like pattern in bermuda highs,
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heat pump high pressure system that pull in the heat and humidity from the south and west. there will be enough instability and humidity for next few days that a few the scattered showers and storms will pop, pretty much eve afternoon. here's what that looks like. the let's take you through tonight. maybe a stray shower off to the south and west, it is what will escape unharmed. tomorrow same story. hit or miss, isolated showers or thunderstorms around 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. that is clearing out later tomorrow evening. there is spotty showers. saturday starts off with sunshine and once again around two or 3:00 o'clock, hottest part of the day, and, we will see showers and thunderstorms pop. dew points about 54 degrees. the that is in the pleasant range. tomorrow's dew point back to the mid 60's. we will feel down right steamy outside and stay that way until the weekend. here's the system we are watching, 60 percent chance of development in the next 48 hours, this could become tropical storm bonnie, which will impact south east coast. if you know anyone from north carolina to georgia you want to keep an eye on that system.
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that moisture could get in, i'll tell you shore about that next half an hour how it could impact your monday. tomorrow, 90 degrees, hazy, humid, few thunderstorms popping in the afternoon and you're witness weather seven day forecast in you can see heat sticks with us through the weekend but it is cooler on memorial damon and better chance a showers and thunderstorms but warmth sticks around right into the next week and tomorrow looks like it could be a peak of it, so your friday definitely plan for the heat. the children were i can is end today, do not prepared for this kind of the heat. you just need to be, drink plenty of water and plenty of breaks because it can come up quickly. >> sure can. >> thanks, appreciate it. >> certainly something that you you have seen before. >> you have noticed it when you go to the gas pump? why is there a fraction on on the price board that say 9/10. it is tonight's good question? but, plus and premium gas but that 9/10, it doesn't go away. sometimes it is just written out as that. what is up with that.
5:20 pm
>> what do you think that means? >> i actually want to say a little bit more, change? i never got the little 9/10, and 2 cents afterward. >> nicole brewer will answer this good question tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. do you have a good question? log on to cbs question and tweet us using the #cbs-3 good question. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight millions of people suffer with knee pain. >> but doctors say it might not be bad news, but instead a problem with your posterior. what you can do to combat the pain, coming up, don. okay, all right. art of celebration a home run did an eighth grader upstage guys in the majors, who did it best coming up next in sports.
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well, unofficial start to summer thinks weekend, memorial day weekend 2016 and wildwood is ready and weather
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is perfecto. we will see a line down the shore throughout this broadcast and vittoria will be live as well with the cool new attraction to show you coming up at 6:00. don bellies here, and summer's game. >> exactly. >> and phillies are in a town that is great for summer baseball, if you know this city. rest and relaxation for phillies. team enjoying a day off in chicago, they open up against the cubs at wrigley field. over the weekend they will face three starting pitchers with a total of four, world series, rings. it will be a tough road ahead. guys, how about this, a case of who did it best? subject is home run, bat flips, okay. number one is jose about a tease to during alds, go ahead home run with the rangers, epic bat flip. what do you say. do you like. >> it might have hurt the bat boy. >> and then that is emphatic, pretty good.
5:25 pm
they call him joey bats for a reason because he does things like this. >> there is a level of swag that goes with that. >> my thing is, act like you have been there, hit home run, take the base. >> he action like he has been there before and quite happy bit. >> yes. >> quite happy to go back. >> he got punched in the face for that bat flip because they were still upset when he did it. >> this is odubel herrera in detroit. we showed you this yesterday, worth another look because buzzing all over internet, bat flip right there. >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> well, you want best one or i still don't like the whole idea. >> you still don't like the idea. >> no, i don't. i don't. >> jb is big. >> but i'm just trying to take it all into see where it goes. he lifted it up there. >> yes, and finally, this, in an eighth grader named logan hall from earlier this week.
5:26 pm
logan what do you got. and then, okay. >> okay. >> and then running man challenge. >> he goes next level glowes an eighth grader. >> i will give it to the young fellow. he doesn't know any better yet. >> a act like he has been there. he hasn't been there. >> very excited. >> those little steps. >> and you don't want to hit anybody in the face with that bat. >> with the bat flip. >> there is nobody in the batters circle. >> yes you are excited. >> you are excited. >> taking liberties. >> eighth grader gets it. >> okay, eighth grader gets it. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" it is magic number, reaction to finding out he is presumptive g.o.p. nominee for president. i'm john mcdevitt at philadelphia zoo and a big birthday celebration, right, guys. >> yeah. >> and that is coming up. and at 6:00 how things from this new jersey dump could end up in your front
5:27 pm
yard, and what the momma allegedly has to do with it,
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revelations tonight for pennsylvania's auditor general who says that tens of thousands of phone calls to the state's child abuse hot line, are not being answered. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30, hi everyone i'm's jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. child line is pennsylvania's hot line for reported suspected child abuse and neglect but new report reveals that the state suddenly cannot keep up with the volume of phone calls. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us now on the new findings, alex. >> reporter: good evening. following the jerry sandusky convictions, pennsylvania passed a law mandate ago this
5:31 pm
pretty much everyone who works closely with children must report any suspicions of abuse directly to the state, they do so, using child line which we now know has yet to meet the demand. an interim report of significant matters. published this week in detailed findings of phones going unanswered and calls going undocumented at state run child abuse hot line. >> it is stunning is probably the most appropriate work. >> reporter: according to the report number of calls that the new child line abandoned or deflected jumped to 42,000 in 2015. according to the the auditor general eugene pass qualification i, the system is too easily overwhelmed. >> in pennsylvania for child abuse hot line if you were the 31st caller you just kept dropped. >> reporter: according to the report about one in five calls are dropped, and supervisors monitored just seven out of more than 146,000 calls, in 2015. a likely result of staffing and funding issues, as abuse
5:32 pm
awareness and therefore call numbers have grown. >> if you can take any good out of it, it is that but in any event the legislature passed these laws and then didn't prepare for the implementation. >> reporter: agency responded to the report, in part, saying quote, add its peak the deflected and abandoned call rate was 43 percent in january s reduced to 12 percent in march . while progress has been made in improving the dropped and abandoned call rate, hiring and training additional staff, as well as improving operations, remains a priority. the auditor general has some recommendations including screening, unnecessary calls, that come in, now philadelphia county does have its own child abuse and funding and now. in fact counties around the state of all said that they hope that the new attention and, possible funding that will come from it will trickle down from the state level to them as well.
5:33 pm
reporting live i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thanks for that. in campaign 2016 donald trump has reach number delegates clinched for republican nomination for president. it takes 1237 delegates to be nominee trump reached 1238. was put over the top in the cbs news delegate count by a small number of the parties unbound delegates who said they would support him at the convention. meanwhile, democrat hillary clinton need just 74 more votes or delegates rather to clinch the nomination for president. it takes 2309 delegates to be nominee. clinton has 2309. well, presidential candidates are on campaign trail today, cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham reports on how trump and clinton continue to clash on the road to the generally lex. >> reporter: donald trump was ready to celebrate his big day. >> big news flash, that donald trump had won the nomination?
5:34 pm
>> reporter: cbs nooses mates that trump has reached number of delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination for president. >> if you look at what has happened, tremendous support from all over the country, senators, congressman, we have governors, all over the place. >> reporter: delegates from north dakota helped put trump over the top. >> i asked him how many delegates you have? he said they were at 1235. let me let you talk to 1236. >> reporter: democratic candidates running for president, this was another day on the campaign trail, from sanders who had several events in california, including one here, in ventura. >> supporters of sanders remains optimistic despite clinton's big lead in delegates. >> the sliver of hope is there is still any possible mathematical equation there is still a chance. >> reporter: why? >> because look at all of the supporters here. >> hillary clinton. >> reporter: clinton is campaigning in nevada and california, she criticized trump numerous times during his speech in las vegas. >> donald trump is an urgent
5:35 pm
threat to our rights and to our country. >> reporter: democrats will next go head to head in puerto rico in early june. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president obama weighed in on the race for the white house while in japan today. he told reporters in japan that world leaders are paying close attention to the u.s. presidential race. he is steered a quay question of the private e-mail server but feels what the international community is skeptical of a donald trump presidency. >> they are scared for good reese on because a lot of the statement that he has made, display an either ignorance of the world affairs or a cavalier attitude. >> the president had headed to hiroshima tomorrow, to be the first sitting president to visit since the you had dropped a nuclear bomb on the city during world war two. today the city of philadelphia celebrated its first world heritage day,
5:36 pm
since becoming the nation's only world hurt stage city in november. "eyewitness news" at city hall where mayor kenney delivered remarks, leaders hope the new designation will help enhance the cities international stature and make an impact on economic growth through business and tourism. philadelphia zoo marked a very special occasion, for fan favorite today. >> john mcdevitt of our sister station kyw news radio was there for the birthday celebration, of one of the zoos most popular residents. >> ♪ happy birthday to you. ♪ >> reporter: zoo visitors sang happy birthday to lewis, western low land gorilla who is 17. he got birthday cards from children in his enclosure and birthday cake that he found finger licking g8 year-old gabriel evans of levittown who knows a thing or two about apes. >> they are really big. they act like people sometimes. >> reporter: what do they eat. >> lettuce. >> reporter: what about bananas.
5:37 pm
there didn't seem to be any around. >> gorillas love bananas but their stomach don't love amount of sugar in bananas. they are made for us, let's face it, right. so amount of huge air they ingest if they eat bananas would not good for their stomach. they eat a lot of rough age. >> reporter: birthday boy lewis and other western low land gorillas are ambassadors to the gorillas in the wild. >> they are chris thecally endangered due to habitat problem. >> reporter: zoo encourages to us do our part to protect the great ape's habitat. >> we can reduce energy we use, recycle and reduce our paper use, find palm oil which you don't know what that is that is an important factor more so in egypt and new in africa. >> reporter: philadelphia zoo has five western low land gorillas. john mcdevitt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good report. >> i'm done. >> next. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" thrill seekers, check this out. >> yeah, this is one of the
5:38 pm
new rollercoasters opening up in our area, it is crazy. we will show you how one of our reporters did trying it out. you think it is hot here? we will show you one place that is so hot, well, sidewalks are melting kate. we are tracking more hot weather in the memorial day weekend and it will get more humid from here on out. we will time out best chance to see thunderstorms this holiday weekend and how your actual memorial damon is shaping up, that is coming up when we come b
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well, this next story is a real pain in the dairy air. researchers in the medical industry, say that some aches and pains could be caused by something called dormant butt syndrome. they found that knee pain is caused due to weekness in the muscles, in part where body is impacted as well like hipps
5:42 pm
and back. they recommend stretching, your thighs and glutes to combat this syndrome. it is important if your job requires you to sit all day long. find a creative way around traffic jams in beijing, for chine, take a look, an elevated bus, that goes right over the cars, and this is a prototype, and engineers say that more than a thousand people at a time and costs a lot less than a subway. and this is in northern china later this year. i'm looking at that. >> that looks scary. >> that just happened. >> yes. >> yeah. >> it went right over your car while sitting there. >> i know, i would freak out, and. >> coming up, a place where it is so hot, that sidewalk is melting. >> warming up here just in time for unofficial start of the summer, torey's their life, and three tear, mini golf course, three tears at six
5:43 pm
pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors.
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well, now that the weather is finally warming up, some of you may be considering, a trip to the amusement park. >> fun thing to do in the summer. >> sure. >> "eyewitness news" this morning justin finch got a sneak peak of the new attractions at six flags great adventure. >> all right, this is nice, going up. wow, what a flip. >> yes. >> justin and his roller coaster expert, companion, took a ride on the brand new joker, coaster, live on the morning news, it is a two story roller coaster as roller coaster goes up and down, upside down, yes, and then it is all over. it is new addition to the fun at six flags great adventure in jackson township, ocean county. >> would you. >> would i do it. >> you're a hard no. >> i'm a hard pass. >> you are a hard no. >> do you remember, the log ride, that we went on. >> yes, i remember that story.
5:47 pm
>> i almost made them stop the ride and get me off of it. that was three years ago. >> the log flum on the ocean city boardwalk. i did it, but never again good no way. >> i did the one dwarf mine train in disney. >> did you do it. >> yes. >> wow, wow. lets talk about the temperatures. >> 89 degrees is our official high today. close, very close and we will be close to that same number tomorrow. we may hit 90 tomorrow, very close today but at least we're better off here then they are, in parts of the india. take a look at this, it is so hot in one part of the india that the streets are literally melting. >> my goodness. >> people can barely walk without getting their shoes stuck to the ground. look at that, some people had such a hard time they gave up, abandoned their shoes right on the street. their country has been suffering through triple digit temperatures for some time now. they have topped out at 120 degrees fahrenheit, over the weekend, so anytime you want to complain about the
5:48 pm
heat around here, just remember, melting streets and shoes getting stuck on that melted street and things are not as bad here, for sure. that is crazy video from india. lets check our eyewitness weather watchers and see how they are enjoying their day. temperatures in the 80's and seeing 90's here on the map from weather matchers. 90 degrees with sandor in burlington, new jersey. enjoy this wonderful day. i find people are split, i have heard a lot of people saying that this is great, i'm loving it, thanks for warmth, it is beautiful and others saying it is too hot. >> i don't know whatever side you fall on was still a nice day, dry. 88 degrees. the heat is on. stay hydrated, and, comfortable and couple photos here. i want to show you one that looks nice from sandor and he sent a photo of his pool. doesn't that look like a place to be. i would like to cannon ball deep in there. but unfortunately i'm here. sanor you have to do that for me and if you do, send me a
5:49 pm
picture of the video and we will get it on the air. lets look at is what happening outside on storm scan three. a couple showers over central pennsylvania, and not much to worry about these are starting to fizzle, there could be a stray shower, rumble of thunder off to our south and west and as we widen out there is a lot going on, showers, thunderstorms across kentucky, heavy storms in portions of east texas and look at this little batch of cloud here we have talk about that last half an hour, that is potential tropical low that could impact eastern seaboard through the weekend, it is not a direct impact for us, but may tap into that tropical moisture on memorial day. in the meantime temperatures in the upper 80's still here in philadelphia. 88 degrees. cooler as we head down in the south jersey and delaware temperatures in the low to mid 80's there. eighty-nine in allentown. seventy-six in mount pocono. it was pretty steamy today, little more humid then yesterday but dew points in the 50's not terrible. dew points head to the 60's tomorrow and that is where they will stay right through memorial damon, so expect to
5:50 pm
feel more humid, through the next four days, and kind of heat and humidity when you step outside you will sweat rapidly. temperatures in the 80's to lower 90's tomorrow and chance for just a few hit or miss thunderstorms in the afternoon. saturday, warm, steamy again, upper 80's near 90 again with the stray shower or thunderstorm and that time will continue as we head into sunday. front stays north. big ridge in the jet stream, it brings much cooler air to maine on sunday but that stays far enough north we don't worry about it and we will once again be hot and steamy. we have to worry about those showers creeping up from the the south on monday. hot and humid, lots of sunshine, hit or miss then are storms. that is pattern friday, saturday, sunday but monday not as hot with showers and storms. your monday memorial day forecast is warm, muggy but best chance for steadier rain as that tropical moisture moves in for memorial day about 81 degrees. still very steamy but just not quite as hot. take a look at overnight hours, down to 67 degrees. isolated thunderstorm is
5:51 pm
possible. mostly dry. tomorrow hazy hot and humid high near 90 just a few scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon, same story for saturday and sunday more showers and storms monday but middle of next week looks warm, sunny and pretty nice, ukee and jessica. >> that it does, thanks kate. people have been throwing baby showers for years but now there is a celebration that is increasingly popular with millennials. >> in three on your side consumer report,. >> kelly and jason found out they were pregnant in january. then came news, it was twins. >> the couple already had two girls but this time they decided to party where their friend and family could guess the baby's gender. even though don't know. >> we have the envelope on wednesday, one for the scan. >> reporter: they took the envelope the to the local party planning store that secretly filled two boxes with balloons, pink for a girl, blue for a boy. trend started popping up a few
5:52 pm
years ago but family and friends seemed confused. >> what is this. >> when i heard it, i said what the hell will you reveal? >> we're having a party for everything. >> reporter: social psychologist susan newman says young couples are working longer and harder then ever and looking at new ways to celebrate life events. they also want to include everyone, unlike a traditional baby shower that is usually attended only by women. >> you have a chance to be surprising and i think that is one of the biggest appeals to it. >> reporter: and to no surprise their daughter helped with the big reveal, two more girls. the first gender reveal party on you tube was posted in 2008, since then couples have posted more than 100,000 of their surprise moments, and here's another reason why people love them, unlike baby showers, guests don't bring a gift. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan.
5:53 pm
looks like fun. >> some very talented children were honored for their hard work and commitment to safety. >> 2016 delaware outstanding safety patrol lunch was held at hilton in newark. i hosted at ward ceremony and taking this selfie. these fourth and fifth graders are safety patrol members from delaware, pennsylvania and maryland and they are all amazing students and off the chart young leaders. keep up the fantastic work. we will be right bac
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
barbara adams of ambler is one week in the brand new job as a chef, and she's going shopping for spring clothes. >> the boutique are fabulous.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: this boutique is just one part of the maddie ann dixon community cupboard a non-profit helping families in ambler and surrounding areas since the 1970's. >> probably about 800 families, and on a inly or every other month basis. >> reporter: that is christine, executive director who directs oversee the boutique but job training, and the food cupgame. eligible families can team up, and have supplies once a month packed by volunteers like mary, from lower gwynedd. >> you are putting it in the bag and what would i give my kids. >> reporter: linda reynold of orland lost her job in march while she looks for next ones, cupboard supplies food and clothing. she's about to go through resume training also, she says the help is tremendous. >> it gives us a reason to, keep going, from times. >> reporter: the community cupboard for polishing her resume, interview skills and lifting her spirits. >> you step into this no
5:58 pm
judgment zone and everyone treats you with dignity. >> reporter: as school year draws to a close and children miss out on school meals, workers here fear the shelves will empty quickly. >> and, kid snacks, things that the kid won't be getting at school but now at home. >> reporter: they hope the community opens up its hearts to help. and you can find out how to help, maddie dixon community cupboard at cbs that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00, students sickened in bucks county due to excessive heat, we are live with an update on their condition. kate? temperatures will stay, well above average right in the memorial day weekend and humidity is climbing, i'll tell you when hottest days will be and when best chance for showers and thunderstorms work their way in for the memorial day weekend. officials investigating illegal dumping in palmyra, new jersey they say has connections to the philadelphia a and new york
5:59 pm
mob. i'm cleve bryan. coming up why contaminants from this site may be in your yard. well, it is getting hot out there and you know what that means? i'm topping to get a slice of the original hot spot here and you know what we're all about creating memories down the shore and is there more memories to be had. you know what that means? "eyewitness news" at 6:00 down the shore starts right now. now at 6:00 here's is what happening more than a dozen bucks county children sent to the hospital, sickened from exposure to excessive heat. the students were returning, from a field trip when they became ill. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in lower makefield. david, how are kid tonight. >> reporter: jessica, good news is they are doing okay, we are told there was 14 kids specifically affect, sixth
6:00 pm
grade their go here at william penn pen middle school in lower makefield bucks county they were at a trenton thunder baseball game today where we're told those students started experiencing some of that potential, heat exhaustion, after all, ukee and jessica it is no joke, very warm today. only expect to get warmer in the coming months, and we are told that some of the students started feeling sick, exhibiting signs on the bus and on the way back. once they got back here in this chopper video they were taken to local hospitals, two were taken to capitol health, 12 to aria health and st. mary's. again, we are told that students are okay, minor symptoms but again, you are in the heat, bus, and outside in the baseball game that can certainly lead to what happened here today. officials with the school district released a statement saying that they are continuing to keep everybody in their thoughts, they are glad that this was in the worse and just to remind everybody to be safe, drink water and do that kind of thing. reporting live from lower makefield bucks county, david


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