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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 27, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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meantime, so happy to see you, nicole. >> yes. >> welcome back this morning, so you guys, starting off a busy friday morning. we have a truck fire that's fully engulfed on the turnpike, that will slow you down, few more accidents i'll get to in just a moment. >> all right, my goodness, getting things started. the weather looks like it will cooperate. we had little pocket of rain that came through overnight. now at this . as we go on taught storm scan3 see primarily over northern, north central new jersey, really unless your travels are taking you maybe eastbound toward new york city on 78 or 80, generally, we're in the clear right now, but you might have some damp roads through the lehigh valley for example traveling out that way in the next couple of hours before things really dry out. but, that said, even though we start off on a pretty tame and tranquil note here, now that things are fizzling in the wet weather department overnight, doesn't mean you are in the clear all day, because you have got that very summer like pattern, where you get the heating of the day, the instability required, to help trying area shower or thunderstorm, especially, northwest of philadelphia, throughout the day. this is going to be a graphic
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that pops up, i think, in the next couple of days, air quality still an issue, unhealthy today specifically for the sensitive category of folks, so the kids, elderly, suffer from respiratory problems, maybe you've got asthma there is isn't the most ideal day for you. it is hot, it will be very steamy once more, so please take care of yourself and be smart about it, you know, you don't want to overdo it in the kind of heat we're experiencing. if you have got outdoor plans, you want to get that morning jog in, or get in a jog of some kind here today. do it in the morning, before the heat of the day really gets too bad. in the upper 60s, relatively comfortable, still steamy, but at least only in the 70s, the 60s, take a look where we ends up even by lunchtime, already 8 a degrees, 90's should be no problem for us, to hit here today, we ends p dollars up doing it yesterday, and we will see few scattered shower or thunderstorms primarily northwest of philadelphia. so summer might as well be here at this . shall meisha. >> absolutely, sure feels like it, thank you, katie, good morning, everyone, lots going on on the roadways this morning, we start off with the accident suing westbound near montgomery drive, two right lanes compromised actually the
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off ramp to montgomery drive. you can see we have almost the off ramp and right lane. cop is there. see the police officers flashing lights on, that will alarm you it is there. still dark outside. accident involving injuries, 422 westbound for limb ridge, linnfield, and also another accident in down pole mercer county new jersey, route 29 is closed both directions between washington crossing road and brunswick avenue. crews are out there right now with electrical repairs, i want to pull your attention to this, this truck fire fully engulfed on the pa turnpike eastbound before delaware valley. one lane block right now. not going to have so much gaper delay yet, still early, but certainly will. so i will keep you updated how that is going again, pa turn peak eastbound before the delaware valley only one lane blocked now, probably increase as they're trying to get it cleared out of your way. then construction this morning as well on top of the accident, route 42 southbound between 295 and creek road, one lane block here, until right around 6 a.m. i'll let you know as soon as that left, 295 one of those areas that gets busy even starting in the five hour.
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brooke, over to you. >> thank, meisha a hit-and-run leaves a church man driver dead this morning. >> and now the search is on for the car, and the driver, who struck him. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at philadelphia police department's accident investigation division, with what officers are saying about that deadly hit-and-run. justin? >> nicole, brooke, good morning, within just a few hours of being struck, dragged and left unconscious, that 57 year old driver died of his injuries, and now police are hunting for the car and the driver of that mode him down. >> this all happened just about ten last night, in kensington, officers among the first to respond, near the front street and diamond street intersection, police say that victim had just dropped off church members for a meeting, his dodge van was park on front street, and he was getting in or out from his drivers side door, when he was hit and dragged about 15 feet by a dark perhaps green or black car going northbound on front, police tell us the victim was knocked unconscious, and suffered
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trauma to his head and face. he later died at temple hospital. the impact we're told twisted that van store back in the opposite direction. the striking vehicle may also be damaged. >> the description of the striking vehicle is a small to mid-size vehicle, dark in color, possibly two-door, it has front end damage, and it also has damage possibly to the passenger front tire t may have left the scene with a flat passenger front tire. >> those are key details there, police say that driver will face vehicular manslaughter charges, among others, police also telling us that victim lived in the area where he was struck. he has not yet been identified. brooke, nicole, back into you. >> thanks a lot, justin. new this morning, a man is in recovery, after he was robbed and then shot in the hip on temple university's campus.
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this happened just before 12 30 this morning on the 13 hundred block of west moore lands street. police say the 45 year old victim's sell phone and wallet were stolen. the victim is in stable condition. they hope nearby surveillance cameras help them catch a suspect. >> new this morning, historic day for president obama. he's now the first sitting us president to visit hiroshima. this is a live picture of the hiroshima peace memorial where the president just finished speaking. he just took part in a wreath laying ceremony a few minutes ago. ceremony honors the victims of the us atomic bombing of that city back in 1945. we'll have a live report from hiroshima coming up in our next half hour. >> a pennsylvania woman has become the first u.s. citizen to contract a bacteria that's resistant to what's known as last resort antibiotics. the 49 year old woman went to a health clinic for urinary tract infection and doctors discovered she had the drug resistant e-coli bacteria in her sisterment she was
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successfully treated with different course of antibiotics. the pennsylvania medical society released statement saying the news is cause for concern, but goes ton say, it is important we remember it was caught and now is not the time to panic, as many healthcare professionals are working to address the situation. >> the fate of atlantic city now in the hands of new jersey governor chris christie. state lawmakers approved a bill yesterday to help the cash strapped resort avoid running out of money. the deal gives atlantic city five months to come up with a balanced budget for the next five years, and spares the city from a state take-over for now. governor christie has not said if he'll sign that bill, but he promised a quick decision. in campaign 2016, donald trump campaigns today in california, and now he's one step closer to officially locking up the republican nomination for president. trump reached one thousand -- 1238 delegates yesterday after uncommitted delegates announce they are supporting him. now, that's one more delegate than he needed to become the
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party's nominee. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton could clinch her party's nomination whether voters in new jersey and california head to the polls on june 7. clinton only needs 74 more delegates to reach the 2383 delegates to lock up that nomination. bernie sanders has little more than 15 hundred delegates with only 917 more up for grabs before the convention here in philadelphia in july. >> it is 5 07. and it has been a rough spring, right? so much rain. not really that warm. but now, exactly, it is time to get ready for summer. >> yes, it is memorial day weekends, many in our area are packing their bags, headed down to the shore, "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen live in wildwood with a look at what's going on there, pat, what's going on? >> well, i mean, it is five a.m., so not whole lot going on right here in the wildwoods, but soon enough, there absolutely will be, this place will be flooded with beach-goers all weekend long, it is funny you mention the weather. i was just thinking about that coming down here today, that i
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am pretty sure it was like 75 degrees on christmas day, i am pretty sure that it rained all of march, all of april, and then most of may. i was really getting tired of katie fehlinger giving us these terrible weather forecasts, but now, it is beautiful, i heard it will be 90 degrees in philadelphia, it is going to be out standing here in the wildwoods, this weekend, and just so much happening here. we've got kite festival coming up. we've got wall-to-wall action from one end of wildwood to the next ends every wildwood. i mean, we've been waiting for this for so long. and i'll just tell you this, my parents have a place in wildwood, just small condo, came down last night, got a chance to hang out, soak it all in before the main rush comes in. so that was casino every nice, come down here, kind of hang out on the bay, the weather is beautiful already. so coming up later this hour, what i'll get to do is something really cool that i've always wanted to do. if you come to wildwood, then you know all about the tram
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car. watch out for the tram car please. i'll drive that thing hopefully not on to the beach, i think i'm pretty decent driver, so gee gee, the famous wildwood tram car driver will join us, he just walk up, we'll talk to him in just a few minutes, talk to the mayor of wildwood, get everyone ready, set, to go for summer. i mean, this is the perfect, beautiful out here right now, even though the sun is not up. so, nicole, brooke, i wish you guys were with me, but you're not, so -- >> pat, did you just insight all of us to your parent shore house? >> that's what i thought? >> but he was cutting in and out. >> i'm pretty sure i heard that, too. okay, thanks, pat, see you there. sorry, pat, you're breaking up, and tell gee gee we said hi, legend, for sure. >> coming up we have to tell but a health scare at a local school. we'll tell you how a fieldtrip ended with more than a dozen student getting sick. >> plus frightening start to a flight. why hundreds of passengers
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returned off a plane before it even took off. >> also, slammed by severe storms again. see the damage left behind, and the terrifying moment when lightning struck right in front of some police officers. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> this is the kind of weather you live for around here. katie says it will be a hot start to the holiday weekend. she'll let you know if any rain will ruin your outdoor plans. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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♪ well the heat is on, and it caused some health concerns for more than a dozen bucks county school children. >> about 14 student from william penn middle school had to be taken to the hospital yesterday after they went to a trenton thunder baseball game. the 6 graders on fieldtrip to the game when they started feeling sick on the bus ride home. >> this was, you nobody not only a lot of heat but a lot of sun. and i think we're just not used to it yet. >> all of the kids are okay.
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experts say it is important to make sure children drink enough water on hot days and as the temperatures continue to rise. well, many people in the midwest and the south are cleaning up this morning after tornados and severe weather slammed that region for the 2 day. more than 25 million people across the southern planes face the threat of tornados and some flashflooding. read shows you the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: bright flashlights up the sky in what may have been a tornado barreling through college station texas thursday. that frightening scene just part of the severe weather tearing through the state, flood waters leaving student stranded in a elementary school outside houston, other states are feeling the weather's fury, too, in kentucky police dash cam video captured lightening strike that sounded more like a bomb. the concussion knocking the camera off it mount. elsewhere in the state, high waterleafs a group of college student trapped in a cave during a guided tour. >> when we went in it was ankle deep and it was almost chest deep when we got there. >> ultimately rescuers were able to reach the group.
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this as tornado warnings remained in effect thursday for parts of several states including kansas where this week's twisters left dozens every homes destroyed. >> just can't sit down and pitty yourself, because these storms -- >> air travel also impacted with tornado warning forcing evacuation at kansas city international. >> nothing is going anywhere. >> and a thunderstorm bringing hail and a ground hold to denver international. the effect on travel coming as much of the nation gets set to hit the road for memorial day weekends, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it is another hot and humid day here, but i'm not complaining. so amazing when i got in my car this morning, i almost started dancing. >> i am loving it. i would like to see more that far. >> like finally. >> in the meantime we toss it over to katie. do you think we'll see any storms this weekend? >> looks as though we'll have that classic garden variety every these pop up showers and thunderstorms, like we so often tends to see in the summertime here. no major organized storm
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system scheduled to cross through, how much, so it is kind of hit and miss, are you feeling lucky kind of situation. and dow not think that anyone day is ruined for outdoor plans, because, you are going to see some sunshine every day, staying hot, though. let's go outside. show this very wide zoom and what's up with the atmosphere at much wider zoom. still some very strong thunderstorms pushing through portions every texas right now, as well as down right where the mississippi meets the mouth of the ohio. we've got some very heavy rainout this way, high pressure still essentially keeping control of our weather. now, out we go to the east coast. and the reason i show you more of the ocean, because we actually have the potential for some tropical development. now, if we were to see a storm actually evolve, and into a named system, the next name on the list will be bonnie, since we've already had alex, it happened very early this year, very rare, i might add. however, this is still yet to actually form, high chance, about 80% chance, in fact, to develop within the next two days. now, eventually, i don't think
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we are talking any kind of major impact here. but, tropical moisture from that system, whether it forms or not, into an actual named system, it still is going to likely get drawn into our area. see what that means for our 7 day. we go back to heat safety though. yes, i don't think we're quite used to it yet. make sure you're taking care, all common sense stuff, also keep in mind, that your car turns into an oven in minutes, if it is sitting out in the direct sunlight specially. dot same. you too stay out of the direct sunlight, start to feel bothered seek out the air conditioner. simple as. that will be smart, listen to your body. 63 and inviting shot outside hereof middle township high school. cape may courthouse, as we overlook the genesis bay, a lot of people hitting the road, hitting the garden state expressway to hit up the shore towns. that's one way to beat the heat. it will be cooler by comparison out at the shore, certainly in the poconos as well, but we flirt with or actually hit 90 through the majority of the holiday weekend. meisha, over to you. >> yes, and another reminder katie do not leave those dogs
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in the car, especially when it gets this hot, 90s, that can be very hot. i love it, animals in vehicles, not so much. accident here, take look at this, the suing westbound near montgomery drive. two right lanes blocked. this is actual lit off ramp right here, to montgomery drive, where you can see these flashes in the road blocking far right lane. make note of this. it is starting to get little lighter out there. it is easier to see. just know, that's out there. also, some construction that's just clearing up right now, 422, this is westbound, off ramp to trooper, pulled all the way off to the shoulder, not causing too many slow downs. what i really want to pull your attention to this fully engulfed truck fire here on this pa turnpike eastbound before delaware valley, which is exit 358 for those of in you and around this area, all lanes are block, in the eastbound side, diverting traffic right now, at the delaware valley exit. and also, one westbound side lane is block right now for crews to try to get in here and remedy the situation. this will affect people trying to get into new jersey, so, if i were you, i would try it take the burlington bristol
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bridge. another accident downed pole mercer county new jersey, route 29 both directions closed between washington crossing road and brunswick avenue. crews are conducting electrical repairs. you will have to take an alternate. route 579 will be your best bet. overall, just a busy friday morning. brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. hundreds of airplane passengers are safe this morning, but it took a frightening evacuation to make that. smoke poured from one side of a korean air jet on the tarmac at tokyo airport, emergency crews drenched the plane with fire fighting foam and several firetrucks responded, too. authorities say an engine caught fire just before take-off. and more than 3 hundred people were forced off that plane. and now for a look at newspaper headlines, from across our region. >> the delaware county daily teams, talks about her efforts to escape the violence in chester after she survived a drive-by shooting. a 14 year old boy was killed in the shooting last weekends.
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shipley ended up with a bullet in her shoulder. >> also, on the front page of the intelligence err, saluting strangers at washington crossing national cemetery. dozens of people gathered there yesterday afternoon, to honor veterans who died recently, who don't have any relatives left. strangers show up for the ceremonies every month. >> and from the times herald, welcome to america. 48 area residents from 29 different countries proudly waived american flags yesterday as they became us citizens at a special ceremony in valley forge national historical park. >> there you have it. that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> all right, after the break, clearing the air down the shore, we will show you what governor christie says about a possible smoking ban on the beach. >> and it is a tie tie, the spelling bee ends in a tie for the third straight year, the history one of the champions made at this year's contest. we'll be back.
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hey there. for the third straight year, can you believe this, the spelling bee ends in a tie? >> gesellschaft. >> that is correct! >> never even heard that. >> me neither. >> 13 year old and 11 year old will each get 45 thousand dollars in cash and prizes along with a pretty nice trophy there. you can see them hoisting it above, kind of sharing that moment. the youngest camp in national spelling bee history, and his brother also co-champion two years ago. >> that's awesome. >> runs in the family. >> proud parents there. >> amazing hey, we all have words we struggle to spell, right, even with auto correct. so in honor of the spelling bee, google just released the list of the most commonly
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misspelled word in each state. the results, little embarrassing. here in pennsylvania, people searched how to spell canceled. now, although, according to the dictionary, you can spell it with only one l or two. >> and this one is a little harder to explain, nicole. people in jersey are easily stumped by february. >> okay? >> google says our neighbors in delaware need little help spelling neighbor. >> how about that? >> are you a good speller? >> yes, aim good speller, i was always the school's champ. >> nice. >> i am a good speller but our producer, i just asked what do oklahomans miss spell? he said gray. i and i realized i struggle is it ay or ey? >> i don't know judge. >> i shouldn't have said that out like. >> switching gears, you're all right. phillies taking on the best team in baseball. >> here's sports director don bell with your morning scores. >> rest and relaxation for the phillies last night, the team
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enjoying a day off in chicago. they open 3 game series against the cubs at wrigley field, now over the weekends, they'll face 3 starting pitchers, with a total of 4 world series rings. well, as we go to the hoops now, that was pretty quick. multiple media outlets, mike leaving the sixers to become the head coach of the houston rockets. came to fill any december to be the associate head coach under brett brown. now, before he got that gig, he was out of basketball altogether and chilling at his home in west virginia. is there anything better than a game 7 in the nhl playoff? tampa visiting pittsburgh last night, 2 period, jonathan, with the great goal to tie it at one. but just 30 seconds later, lightning, giving up a terrible goal, and bad bounce, brian rough scores, and that is your game winner. the penguins advancing to the stanley cup finals, to take on the san jose sharks, flyers fans like kick rock, pittsburgh, we don't care. hey, that's the way the cookie
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crumbles. that's all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great day. >> thanks, don. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", there is a year book controversy at a pennsylvania school. >> yep, see the questionable quotes that slipped by school leaders. >> plus: a historic visit to hero seem a president obama's met the japanese people and becomes the first sitting president to visit the site of the as tomorrow i can bombing. >> also, rapper arrest the for a deadly shooting at another rapper's concert. now we're seeing the frightening moments when those bullets started flying in a crowded club. katie? >> nicole, definitely mild to start the day here, it really feels like summertime, even though, we are still not officially there yet. but this will be a trends that lasts us a while. the heat, the humidity, sticking around your full forecast plus few thun
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>> get ready for hazy, hot, humid memorial day weekend, looks like beautiful start to the day in wildwood. katie lets you know which day has the best chance of rain during your holiday weekend. good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm brooke thomas. we will check in with kate any just a minute. first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the


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