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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 27, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> get ready for hazy, hot, humid memorial day weekend, looks like beautiful start to the day in wildwood. katie lets you know which day has the best chance of rain during your holiday weekend. good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm brooke thomas. we will check in with kate any just a minute. first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute.
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>> church worker dead this morning after hit-and-run. >> they say the driver struck a 57 year old man, in kensington, late last night. just kept going. a pennsylvania woman becomes the first u.s. citizen to contract the bacteria resistant to last resort antibiotics. president obama is making history, becoming the first sitting us president to visit hiroshima. >> we hit the 1237. >> donald trump has now reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination for president. >> millennials, let me introduce you to this guy, his named is david. he was famous in 95. he was on tv. now it is 2016 and he has no friends. to be clear, i married your kind, but your wife chose you, my bad, she blind. >> it is a huge mistake, it is like boston, it is on a break.
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karioke makes you think you are a big thing, everyone is thinking shut up and let adele sing. >> i love that. >> well done. later on in the show, james corden revealed, after seeing ann hathaway earlier in the week. >> i would have not pegged david swimmer for a rapper. nicely done. let's get the holiday weekend forecast, katie out on the skydeck, how is it feeling out there, kate? >> very warm, little muggy actually, as we head into the rest of the day here, guys, starting off on pretty mild note. we'll have no problem rebounding all the way to about 90 degrees today. yesterday, we managed to actually hit 90, at philadelphia international airport. let's go ahead, take a look at storm scan. did see lil rounds of rain roll through last night at this . it is over north central new jersey, but, you might have few damp roads up in the lehigh valley, berks county where it rolled through in the last few hours, we can put things into motion, see couple of clouds granted, but generally just clear sky here across most of the region. and that's generally what you are going to find today.
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soap, very warm weather is our story for the next couple of days. right through sunday. we'll at least flirt with 90 or hit it. so that means, the heat index values are above 90. when you factor in the kind of humidity we are talking about here, make sure you are taking care of yourself. avoid strenuous activity at the height of the afternoon, if you want it get your jog in, do it now, before it gets too terribly hot. but we expect more sun than anything here today. now, later this afternoon, and evening, there will likely be shower or thunderstorm that fires up. but primarily it looks like that will happen west or north of philadelphia, so, through the shore towns, through the delaware beach areas, it looks like a pretty awesome day at this . and i know a lot of people are already taking advantage of the fact that we've got it great weather, it looks like i won't be shock if we see those beaches packed later on this afternoon. for now, though, this is a trend that's set to continue. by the time we hit memorial day monday, notice that little bar does drop off a little bit. but we should still top off at least in the low 80s, and coming up, later in the show, we will talk about why that
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drop is taking place, in short, meisha tropical action, more details later job that will be good to know, thanks so much. now, we have dry roadways this morning, but you wouldn't know it by how many things we've got going on the roadways, it started even as early in the 4 hour. so what we are being looking at, the schuylkill, near montgomery drive, two right lanes, wet out there, so we cannot see it. before it was dark and hard to see. we had drivers casino every pull over last minute to the left. right now two right lanes block. you can see the squad cars out, there trying to get this remedied for you, actually the exit ramp off to montgomery drive, you can just swing around this, then continue to exit, so the exit, just know, that's still out there. also, a fully engulfed truck fire, pa turnpike eastbound, before delaware vale, or exit 358, all lanes blocked. they are diverting traffic right now at delaware valley exit. one westbound lane is also blocked, as we're trying to get crews in there, get this cleared out of your way. >> this will affect people
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driving into new jersey and i would suggest taking the burlington bristol bridge from there. just know this is going on out there right now. you will have to be diverted so just that's going to slow you down as we push deeper into the five and specially into the 6 hour. also, downed pole in mercer county new jersey all coming up in about ten minutes, nicole, over to you. >> president obama is on historic visit this morning to hiroshima. it is the first ever by a sitting us president, and it comes 70 years after the us drops atomic bomb on the city during world war ii. >> cbs news correspondent weijia jiang live in hiroshima where the president just attended a very special ceremony. weijia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to you, brooke and nicole, and good morning to everybody, it was a solemn ceremony here as you mentioned, a visit that was 71 years in the making. the japanese prime minister accompanied the president, show of friendship between the only country to ever use atomic bomb, and the only
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nation to ever suffer from one. together they walk a fine line, making history, without opening old wounds. >> president obama's solemn visit comes 7 decades after the us desomated the city with an atomic bomb, as expected the president did not apologize for the incident, instead he trusted strong bond between the us and japan, two nations, once at war. >> it is a testament to how even the most painful device can be bridged. >> president obama later joined japan's prime minister, aba at peace memorial park to honor more than one hundred thousand people who died in the blast. 88 year old survived with radiation burns to his entire body, rather than dwell on the destruction, he is focused on the path ahead. i didn't think the city could be rebuilt so quickly, he says, it is wonderful. the 30 acre park complete with
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its stunning granite archway served as constant reminder of the toll of war. american visitor jose says it is now up to the u.s. to spread a message every peace. >> we as americans in particular have a responsibility to show the world that we are going forward. >> president obama acknowledged looming concerns over north korea's nuclear ambitions, he says, he's working with china and other world leaders to address the threat, a sign the international community is learning lessons from the past. and in the weeks leading up to this trip, there was an ongoing conversation in both countries about whether president obama should apologize for the attack. we spoke with several survivors who said that's not what they wanted. what they really wanted was for him to commit to continue working, to prevent another attack. nicole, brooke? >> all right, weijia jiang, thanks so much. the time now 5 37.
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in business news this morning, find out where two tech giants, want to put an internet cable. >> why invest remembers in a holding pattern. jill joins us from the stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning, market put the brakes on tuesday rally, the dow fell 23. yesterday, the nasdaq rose 6. invest remembers waiting for fed chair janell yelin to speak about interest rate, pointing to higher open. this is the busiest week of the year for ipo's. really good sign for the markets and for overall economy. yesterday us foods raised a billion dollars in its ipo. here is the new york stock exchanges, a loft companies had postponed plans to go public, as the markets took a nose dive earlier this year. facebook and microsoft are bang together to build a giant cable. will help deliver faster service to customers, the cable will stretch from virginia to spain it, should be finished by next october. >> nicole, brooke? >> all right, jill, thanks so
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much for that update. a rapper has been arrested following a deadly shooting at a concert in new york city. now we told but this all day yesterday. but 33 year old troy whose rail name roland collins, faces charges of attempted murder and weapons possession. police say surveillance video caught him bursting into a vip room at the concert wednesday night and opening fire. three people were shot, including a 33 year old man who was killed. wow. 5 39. snuffing out smoking, down the shore. >> yep. hear what governor christie says about possibly banning smoking on the beach. >> plus, how would you like to see a piece of aviation history? where you can get up close to this one. that's this weekend, pat. >> reporter: good morning, nicole and brooke. a beautiful morning here in wildwood. and coming up next, i will get to drive the tram car. are you guys ready for this? >> oh, boy. >> you better be, because i am coming for you.
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>> smoking on beaches may be a thing of the past. it is receiving mixed reaction. we spoke to people on both sides, including democratic assembly woman, who helped sponsor that bill. >> i don't think they should. it is open space like we're outside. why not? >> around here there is a lot of smoking right in front of the kids. i don't like it. >> secondhand smoke is a enormous smoke risk to non-smoker, but finding cigarette butts on the beach and in the parks and also quite damaging to the environment. >> the measure will now go to governor christie's desk, and while many towns already have a smoking ban in place, the governor thinks the decision should be left up to municipalities, and not the state. >> get those grills and bathing suit ready. memorial day weekend kicks off today. >> i can't wait. many people will be headed down the shore for the un official start of summer, one of those people, is there
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already. early riser, right? pat gallen, live in wildwood, where he's getting to ride, or drive the tram car, do i see you behind the wheel? >> hey, how are you? >> good morning, guys. i know you're jealous that you're not down here like i am on the beautiful wildwood boardwalk, crisp clean feeling coming off the ocean, little chill in the air, sun will come up very soon, will warm up beautifully down here at wildwood, the beaches, boardwalk, the great mayor of wildwood, ernie. ernie, big, big weekend? >> as always, pat. we welcome to you wildwood. >> thank you, sir. >> and i hear you're my neighbor around the corner. >> yes, my parents have a place, guys, don't worry about that, you're not invited but you are, you are, mayor. >> tell you what, we are happy to have you here. happy to share what we have in our community. >> sure. >> you know, with all of the events, i mean, the kite festival, you want to come down, go fly a kite, perfect place. you have the national
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gymnastics event going on this weekend, fireworks on friday night, you know, just so many things, we have our farmers market happening, we have craft shows on the boardwalk here, the communities around us have events going on all the time. you go up on the convention hall website, a list of everything that goes on, and it is just good to be here. good to be me. good to be the gig. >> this is gigi. has his brand new tram car. gigi beautiful piece of machinery right here. >> yes, it is, a grab great honor to have it named after me. >> named after this guy right here. this is brand new? >> brand new. >> what were you driving before this? >> i drove the old ones, similar to this, you snow. >> like the ford model t of tram cars? >> from the 1939 new york world fair. >> goes way back. >> way back. >> do you mind if i jump in and drive this thing? >> not at all. >> you're sure? >> positive. >> all right. i'll do it, let's do it. not going to turn this down.
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all right, so just like riding a bike, right. >> watch the tram car please. >> i've always wanted to do this! nicole, brooke? >> oh, boy. >> it's good to be me! >> right, hand on the wheel, keep your eyes in front of you. >> definitely watch for the tram car today! pat gallen is behind the wheel. >> oh, do you see just what happened? we tried to cut him off, so he couldn't dis invite us, but he pick it back up. >> that's all right, we talked to mama and pappa gallen, they said they would send him home. >> hey, still making plans for the weekend, katie is cracking up over here. head to whether your not city or down the shore, fine the latest on memorial day travel. hey, things to do around town, all on our website. >> let's talk about the weather we're dealing, with i'm so excited that it is finally summer, or the unofficial start. >> exactly, i'm take it, because the weather is down right summer like too.
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but nothing says summer to me like that watch the tram car please, right? oh, i just love it, like summer, sounds like summer to me now. but, that said, the weather is going to cooperate. you're going to any of the beaches or the shore towns, it is looking good. look at this gorgeous shot. oh, does it get better than this? taking you couple every towns away up the garden state parkway here to ocean city and cape may county where the sun is now up. yep, looks little hazy, do have moisture to work with in the atmosphere for sure, but it is a nice mild start, and pat had mentioned that we're certainly going to heat up very efficiently here today. the eyewitness weather watch remembers back in action, up dark and early, or i should say bright and early now that the sun keeps coming up earlier and earlier. we have a special guest in house that i want to show you right now we k jerry aubrey in the house with us today, he hails from blue bell, wave to the camera, jerry, say hi, steve our producer, jerry on the right, again came in early, will be helping us produce the show, and hooking us up here with extra help while we're on the air until 7 this morning, so jerry thank
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you so much for coming in. we bring it back to the board, show you what's being said out there from the eyewitness weather watch they are morning, a loft us finding temperatures in the 60s, this morning. it seems like we've got late risers out in delaware and the western suburbs, but typically have more observations than this, but i'll gave you a pass. it is a holiday weekend after all. 70 degrees comes in this morning from barbara, sort of the oddball out at this . with the warmest observations, actually got more clouds than anything. we will take you bit further off to the south. do we have any shore ones? no one down the shore this morning, but 62 degrees comes in from mark out toward the pine land area, definitely seeing the sunshine. and the easy season as he calls it, weather is fine to kick off this season. we go ahead, go back to the maps. because we did see lil rounds every showers rolling through portions of the lehigh valley and the poconos, that's now nice little distant memory at this . we are clearing out for sunshine as we saw though in the picture moment ago, it is a little hazy. moisture really starting to build up. and look at this. we've got an area of disturbed weather out over the open waters of the atlantic. so good shot this turns tropical if it were to become
5:49 am
a named system it, will become bonnie regardless, i don't think this will be a major concern for us. but, by monday it, could really jack up our chances to see more widespread rain, and certainly, it will feel awfully humid. meantime, we do have just a general risk, very minor risk, for thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and evening, especially northwest of philadelphia, especially, again, later on today. heavy downpours possible with that. maybe some gusty wind. "shorecast", looking fine, my friends. showers, storms return on memorial day itself as we mention and quick check on the 7 day, it is awfully hot in the city as we flirt with or it 90 degrees the next couple every days. >> lots of water needed. we love that sun. but man are we going to have to stay hydrated. good morning, everyone, happy friday to you. tgif. 95 headlights moving in the southbound direction past betsy ross bridge, just starting to heat up there. a lot of activity this morning, we've seen a lot of different stuff going on. so getting right into accident near montgomery drive blocking the two rate lanes.
5:50 am
that should be clearing sometime soon. now, just as volume levels are starting to increase in the area, also, a truck fire, a truck that was fully engulfed in flames, minds you, pa turnpike eastbound, the exit 358, all lanes are block, one westbound lane is also blocked. by the way, this is an updated picture. you can see everyone being diverted. traffic is being diverted now off the delaware valley exit. also, this is going to affect some of you going into new jersey, you want to take the burlington bristol bridge. however you can get there. but just know right now this is what you are looking at in and around the area the pa turnpike eastbound, for those of you jumping out certainly make note it is out there, i'll be tweeting it, as well. downed pole mercer county new jersey route 29 both directions was closed looks like that's just now starting to get cleared out of your way one lane opening around that area, and also, another accident involving injuries, 422 westbound before limerick and linnfield. that will slow you down just little bit as well. to those of you taking the betsy ross bridge westbound one lane block down to 35 miles per hour, until around 6
5:51 am
a.m. brooke, over to you. >> got to tell but several celebrity break ups today. first case of divorce day gentleman zoo for khloe kardashian. reality tv star filed for divorce again, to end her marriage to former nba player lamar odom. kardashian first filed for divorce back in 2013. but that was never finalized. remember that. and then khloe called it off last year after lamar was found unconscious in that nevada brothel. now he recovered but it looks like their relationship didn't. >> and gwyneth paltrow and chris martin are almost officially consciously uncoupled. remember when they broke up at first? that's what they were calling it? the oscar winning actress and cold play front man reached a divorce settlement yesterday. now they just need a judge to sign off on the deal to end their ten year marriage. >> all right, so each his own,
5:52 am
but the consciously uncoupled thing? common. they're getting a divorce. >> maybe they did it for apple. maybe they use those words. >> whatever works, right? >> surprising discovery in a new jersey neighborhood. >> see the historic item uncovered under a house when we come back. >> unconsciously
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>> the year book in one pennsylvania high school is getting the wrong kind of attention. quotes from adolf hitler, isis, were published in the quaker valley high school year book in allegany county. school district says the quotes were reviewed but clearly the at buying was not. district apologized and offered refunds orr stickers if the student want to cover up the quotes. >> workers raising family's monmouth county house after it was damaged by super storm san i had. they discovered this boat from the 1800s. >> the boat was the foundation, the edges of those walls with are were fumely coming down and being supported by this boat. >> archeologists have not determined the exact age of
5:56 am
the boat but reaching out to local museums and university because they want to learn more. >> days after bringing its historic mission to our area you have chance to see the solar impulse 2 up close. >> the plane will be on display at lehigh valley international airport, on its way to becoming the first plane to fly around the world just using solar power. crew members will be on hand tomorrow from ten a.m. to 4 p.m. to talk about that project. and answer any questions. >> coming up in the next hour, how to build your own robot at home. it is easy. it is affordable, as long as you have one thing. find out what it is. >> so it was pretty industrialized area, look, but you with never know it now. >> never, never know. >> i love these, meisha goes on dream drive and finds ahead end gem where nature rules. what makes it a bird watchers dream, that's coming up next. stay with us. ♪
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. this morning, a church worker is killed in a hit-and-run. we are live with the description of the car police are looking for right now.
6:00 am
what travelers should expect heading into the the holiday week end. >> why fly when you can go to the jersey shore, right? it marks the un official start to summer, we are live in wildwood with a look ahead at some of the events on tap. we also have pat gallen driving the tram car. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's reason enough to tune in. >> we will take it. it is friday, may 27, good morning, i'm nicole brewer in for jim this morning. >> i'm brooke thomas. how is it going? katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, everyone, nicole, great to have you this morning, and i can tell you guys on this friday morning, it has been very busy in the world of traffic. i don't typically say that on a friday morning, but it has been non-stop. >> yep. >> exactly. took the words right out of my mouth on that one, little unusual i'm sure out there. in the weather department little atypical, too, a lot hotter than we're used to this time of year. i think everybody can handle it, though, since it does fall on the eve of the holiday weekend here, but at this ., seeing generally some


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