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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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what travelers should expect heading into the the holiday week end. >> why fly when you can go to the jersey shore, right? it marks the un official start to summer, we are live in wildwood with a look ahead at some of the events on tap. we also have pat gallen driving the tram car. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's reason enough to tune in. >> we will take it. it is friday, may 27, good morning, i'm nicole brewer in for jim this morning. >> i'm brooke thomas. how is it going? katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, everyone, nicole, great to have you this morning, and i can tell you guys on this friday morning, it has been very busy in the world of traffic. i don't typically say that on a friday morning, but it has been non-stop. >> yep. >> exactly. took the words right out of my mouth on that one, little unusual i'm sure out there. in the weather department little atypical, too, a lot hotter than we're used to this time of year. i think everybody can handle it, though, since it does fall on the eve of the holiday weekend here, but at this ., seeing generally some pretty quiet conditions out over most
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of the region, on storm scan3, we did have lil rounds of some pretty decent rainfall across the lehigh valley, but, that is starting to obviously not only fizzle off to the west, but migrate out to the east. so things are looking pretty quiet at this . little hazy granted specially near the shore towns, but now that the sun's up, it will do its part to help scour out haze, and the temperatures will eventually start rebounding, currently at very mild 70 in philly, so not going to be very difficult for us to rebound to 90, later on today, we actually ended up reaking out 90 degrees officially at philadelphia international airport yesterday. but it is a hot, steamy, overall sunny day. notice, that the shore, we kept it dry. looks to me at this . like only going to see any showers or thunderstorms even still scat nerd nature fire up from the city on northwest. so, that is generally where you will find the activity here today. it is still hot. it is still turning humid, however. and with time, today, again, it is going to be one of those days that you got to listen to your body. so the air quality still less than ideal, pollen levels remain moderate.
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at this . got to start talking about uv and heat index values, that uv index gets awfully high this time of year, so please, all common sense, but i'm going to just be the mom here and say make sure you latter on the sun block, 30 or greater, please, and drinking plenty of fluids, water most preferably going outside for all of the activities today. >> that's right, keep yourself protected, kids protected and keep those puppies protected. i saw one in the car the other day, ya, it is tough it, gets so hot, like your car becomes this little inferno. so just be mindful of that for all of that you have the pets, i know, i certainly will, as well. schuylkill at spring garden what you are looking at moving in the eastbound direction, looking good, both directions, right now, like heating up little bit. we will see that typically on a friday, specially, as brooke had pointed out when we have holiday weekend, certainly going to be little crazy out, there and we've been seeing that all morning long. right now looking good around spring garden just starting to heat up. we will see it do so, probably pocket of it heating up at certain . that it wouldn't or
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maybe little later, a loft you maybe even taking the day off. ben franklin bridge, looking good, moving in the westbound direction, toward center city, ben franklin bridge actually looking real nice right now. take a look at this shot. so much greenery. this just looks beautiful in bucks county. route one, headlights moving in the northbound direction near business route one looking really nice around that area in bucks county. where we had truck fire still out there, pa turnpike before delaware valley or exit 358. all lanes blocked. they are diverting traffic at delaware valley exit right now, this is more of updated shot. so you can see all of the vehicles being diverted right now, also, some construction on the commodore barry bridge, both directions, left lane block, nicole, over to you. >> meisha, thanks. hit-and-run leaves a church ban driver dead this morning. >> now the search on for the car and the driver who hit him. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at the philadelphia police department's accident investigation division with what officers are saying about the deadly hit-and-run. justin? >> reporter: brooke, nicole, police say just after ten last
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night a dark car struck a 57 year old man, and just never stopped. within a few hours, he was dead, and now police are searching for the driver responsible. this all happened in the area of front and diamond streets in kensington last night. police say the victim had just dropped off church members for a meeting. he parked his dodge van on front street and was either entering or exiting from the driver side door when he was struck by a dark green or black mid-size car going northbound on front. police tell us the victim was dragged some 15 feet, and left unconscious, with trauma to his head and face. he later died at temple hospital. the impact we're told bent that van's door back in the opposite direction, bystanders called over police nearby who were patrolling, police have at least 2 witnesses now, and they are also hoping to get their hands on video evidence. >> fortunately, at the location where the accident occurred, there were several businesses with exterior surveillance cameras.
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so, accident investigation officers are trying to locate the owners of these businesses in order to view these cameras. >> now, police are looking for a dark green or black mid-size car, possibly with two doors, it should have some front end damage, and damage to a right front passenger tire. now, the driver when found will face vehicular homicide charges among others, the victim has not been identified, but we are told he lived in the area of this accident. brooke, nicole, back into you. thanks, justin. and new this morning, a man is sent to the hospital after he was robbed and then shot in the hip on temple university's campus. this happened just before 12 30 this morning the 13 and westmoreland intersection, police say the 45 year old victim's cell phone and wallet were stolen. the victim is in stable condition. detectives hope nearby surveillance cameras will help them catch the suspect. more than dozen bucks county school children had to be treated for heat exposure
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thursday. 14 student from william penn middle school had to be taken to the hospital when they got sick on the school bus. now, they were on their way home from a fold trip to a trenton thunder baseball game. officials praised the quick response, and think the children were just not used to this much heat. >> our weather has changed from late fall to summer overnight. and i think possibly the buses weren't prepared. >> all of the kids are okay. but, experts say, it is important to make sure children drink enough water on hot days, as the temperature continues to rise. and this weekend is the kick off to the summer travel season. and today is the fourth busiest day of the year for air travel. airports and the tsa wrecking passenger arrive 2 and 3 hours early for flights, since the tsa is having some trouble keeping up with all of the volume. tsa officials say the biggest problem is that they really need to hire and train more screeners. one congressman says out sourcing screeners would speed up the process. >> i'm convinced that the
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private industry can do this just as well with oversight with ts a and save money, and improve customer service. >> airlines are pitching in to help free up tsa screeners. american has contributed 4 million dollars, and delta chipped in five million to hire people to do non-security related work at those checkpoints. that's good because americans are traveling this memorial day more than last year. about 39% more. 89% of people will drive, 2.6 million people will fly. according to the website wallet hub. com, orlando florida is the most popular destination. that's interesting. >> i can see why, right? disney world? all right, well, the surf, the sand, the jersey shore, the unofficial start of summer. >> this guy. he's always have all of the fun. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen live in wildwood, new jersey this morning, ahead of the memorial day weekends, glad to see you didn't break
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anything, pat. >> reporter: i didn't crash the tram car earlier today. i got a great ride on the brand new tram car here on the boardwalk in wildwood from my friends gig. i'm sure if you've been to wildwood you've seen him driving that thing up and down, you heard the noise coming at you. that was pretty fun, pretty cool, having gone to wildwood for years. but yes, we are here in wildwood, it is the start of summer, the unofficial start. guys, i'm in the much to look at. but look at that sunrise that's coming up of the that's beautiful beautiful thing. wildwood looking lovely. the beach, nice crisp breeze coming off the ocean right now, huge year last year for the wildwoods, about 1.5 billion dollars in tourism in 2015. expecting even more this year. it is a beautiful place to come to. and today we kick it off. there is an unlocking of the beach coming up at noon today. there is a kite festival coming up a little later on today which i actually a.m. going to be part of. so i didn't break anything
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with the tram car, and i and i m hoping the same comes true when it comes to flying kite later on today. there are a few people out here. we will talk to around 6 40 this morning, flying some kites on the beach, there will be a huge spectacle coming up a little later on this morning, i believe it starts about 11. so, they're going to let me mess around, i'll try not to break anything, i mean, that is sort of my mantra, my motto, don't break anything, and you'll have a pretty good day. so brooke, nicole, i hope you guys are super jealous of me being out here at the beach? >> always. we were just talking about this. the seagulls, almost sound like the little scuttle but the -- >> making friends with the animal kingdom friends? >> he's -- never minds. >> what was that? sorry, missed you. >> you just enjoy the beach. >> it looks grade, sounds great. from the city to the shore finds full list of things to do this memorial day weekends, all do you have do is log on to our website >> well, right now president
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obama is making history, becoming the first sitting us president to visit hiroshima, coming up we are live in japan with a look at what he's doing there. >> plus, dreaded super bug can't be treated when antibiotics and it is to has just found it way to the united states. it is in pennsylvania. a woman is infected. when we come back, find out how doctors are treating her and the warning they are sending this morning. >> meisha, a listen up, you will like this one. see the creative approach one count have i use to go fight traffic jams. okay, stay tuned for that, we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> they are already awake, on the road, head today their destination this memorial day weekends. man, so glad it is here, right? time to start the summer season. thanks so much for waking up with us. we'll take a short break and be right back. >> ♪
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♪ ♪ >> and welcome back this friday morning before the memorial day weekends holiday. so glad you're with us here on "eyewitness news". we are talking about the midwest and the south. they've been slammed with severe wet they are weekment and more is on the way. >> tornados in kansas left dozens of homes destroyed. in kentucky dramatic dash cam video captured lightning strike, hail and delays at denver international. high winds, heavy rain, possible flooding continue to threaten the region for the holiday weekend.
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>> that's too bad up there. >> so sad. >> really is too bad. thankfully not dealing with anything like that, katie. >> thankfully we really aren't. we do have unsettled weather to report. but overall this is looking like a real nice summary type of a forecast for your picnic plans, your beach plans, all of that stuff that you've got going on. i always love hearing sunrise theme song in the morning. here to the sunrise indeed, beautiful shot outside kutztown area middle school, grounds level fog, sort of just out there, over the grass, i mean, just beautiful start to the morning. little muggy, out in kutztown, pretty much every where else at 66 degrees there, actually even miler than that in urban corridor low 70s currently somewhat the norm. i show you wide zoom on storm scan from a rone, here again, more round of heavy thunderstorms already errupting west of the mississippi. we are still sitting pretty generally speaking with high pressure on our side. that's what's going to bring back the sunshine, help us heat up sitting on the western edge of it. area of disturbed weather out over the open waters of the
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atlantic. that could turn tropical. even if it doesn't actually end up getting a name, the next name on the list would be bonnie, by the way, we are still likely toned up with some of the moisture getting drawn in in the next few days. so for now hot, steamy, hit 09 with ease here today, some sunshine, but late day shower or thunderstorm specially northwest every philly similar scenario tomorrow, flirting with 90, obviously another steamy day, then front is nearby, on sunday. that will help trigger stray thunderstorm, as women. here comes that low, the tropical potentially tropical system. that's going to, regardless, bring in more moisture, so there will be more clouds on monday for the holiday, as well as more widespread showers and/or thunderstorms. but i still wouldn't call it a wash out. just the most dreary of the next four days, and the next three are all flirting with or actually hitting 09 degrees, come tuesday, wednesday, back into some sunshine. looking pretty good here. on thursday, hey, actually little cooler for a change. isn't it interesting that above average day would sounds cool to us, meisha? >> sure does, i don't know
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about you but i am loving the 90s. know to pack the water and the spf. let me back out of the way, so you can see this, before delaware valley, all lanes are block, and they are diverting traffic right now at delaware valley exit. one westbound lane is also block. this is going to affect some of you going into new jersey, you will want to take the burlington bristol bridge. yikes. looking at that little while ago. watching the crews put that fire out. but the good thing is the driver is not harmed whatsoever. so good news for the driver, good news for all of that you they are diverting traffic away from this right now. you will just get some slow-downs. you can see right now looking bumper to bumper in and around that area. make note. it is still out there. they are still diverting traffic. also we had an accident here the suing westbound near montgomery drive all since cleared. 95 taillights moving in the southbound direction near cottman. see certainly heating up there. so now we might want to take a cue from china whether it comes it avoiding traffic
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jams. check this out. elevated bus that can zoom right over cars! this is the prototype model. edge nears say it can carry more than one thousand people at a time, and it costs much less than a subway. so first one will be test in the northern china later on this year, so, nicole, brooke, i don't know about you guys, but i am just crossing my fingers that this comes to the east coast, please? >> little scary, meisha. >> keep that far away. >> what if you were getting out every your car. >> what, do you want to be in your car with that thing driving over you? meisha cannot speak for us, meisha is too daredevil to speak for us. that was weird, though. they do things differently in china. >> meisha not scared of anything, all right? coming up: the super bug that's resistant to antibiotics. >> each motor controls one finger. i will now move my index finger.
6:18 am
>> that's just so bizarre. by the way building a robot like this one at home. yes, the technology that makes it easy and here is the best part, affordable. that's next. let's hope he does dishes, right, and other helpful chores? we'll be back.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> bacteria resistant to what's known as last resort antibiotics.
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the 49 year old woman went to a health clinic for an urinary tract infection and doctors discovered she had this drug resistant e-coli bacteria had in her system, luckily, she was treated when different course of antibiotics. meanwhile, the cdc warns we may see more of these case. >> robots long been the stuff of science fiction. state-of-the-art research centers. but now, building your own robotics friends, right at home, is within reach. cbs correspondent brill silva brag a has that story from new jersey. >> are you ride? let's play simon says. >> how is this for a science project? seed ends at the institute of technology built moving talking simon says playing robot. >> her name is sarah, actually. >> even more incredible is how easily a robot like sarah can be created. with a 3 hundred dollar, 3-d printer. >> i will now move my index finker. >> sarah is now on display at the liberty science center in new jersey.
6:22 am
>> she is all 3d print parts. so even her eyes, her ears, every part, over five hundred parts. >> student printed her limbs, joins, bones and other mechanical parts in pvc plastic. the technology is being used more and more in the medical world from implants at the dentist office, to low-cost prosthetics. >> if you can imagine something. >> professor oversaw sarah's creation, and says the ability to print stronger, more flexible plastics will be to even greater possibilities. >> we have no longer parts for visual purposes only. actually very functional. >> the center hopes sarah will inspire the next generation of sciences. >> if you want to make me and you have a 3d printer, you had better get started. >> brook silva bragga, for cbs news, jersey city, new jersey. >> the way of the future. coming up: a look at other stories making headlines this this morning's newspapers. >> and this morning this memorial day weekends, why not
6:23 am
take a train drive? meisha found kid friendly place perfect to celebrate our best friend. you can check out aircraft that flew for our country, too. >> very nice. also, it is weather watcher friday, katie, you've got a friend here. >> indeed it is, jerry aubrey here from blue bell, former contractor, current home inspector, he writes books on home maintenance, and everything. we will learn all about him and also of course have your holiday weekends forecast coming up n
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>> the burlington county times reports on candlelight vigil head last night for 17 year old antoin timbers, jr. he was hit by a car and killed over the weekend while walking along route 130. >> on the front page of the intelligence err, the health department investigating the cancer rate of three communities in bucks and montgomery counties to see if connected to tainted drinker water wells. >> the mercury reports there will be no july fourth celebration in pottstown, officials blaming lack every funds. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", governor christie gives his opinion on proposal to ban smoking at the jersey shore. >> plus, president obama's historic trip to hero seem a live in japan with the message he's sending this morning.
6:27 am
remember floppy desk. >> yes. >> some of you might not, because you're so young, but finds out the surprising way they're still being used by the pentagon. that's next.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. it is hot and i love it as we kick off the un official start to the summer. great day to head down the shore. >> oh, it certainly is. but of course, those conditions are also setting the stage for some pop up thunderstorms, katie will time it out for your holiday weekend. good morning to you, thanks so much for being with us, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm brooke thomas. it is 6 30, time to get you caught up this friday morning. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> a hit-and-run leaves a church man driver dead this morning. >> they say the driver struck a 57 year old man, in kensington, late last night. and just kept going. police are now searching for a
6:31 am
car that is perhaps dark green or black in color. >> we come to ponder a terrible force unleash in a not so distant past. >> historic day for president obama. he's now the first sitting us president to visit hiroshima. >> donald trump has now reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination for president. >> and what would be an unprecedented move, donald trump and bernie sanders say they may face-off in a prime time debate excluding democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. >> do you mind if i jump in and drive this thing? >> not at all. >> you're sure? >> positive. >> nicole, brooke? >> oh, boy. >> it is good to be me. >> oh, wow. >> this guy. who put him behind the wheel? gigi, common. watch the tram car. >> for sure, pat will be back later on with more on what's happening down the shore. katie has some extra help in the weather center this morning, katie, not seeing
6:32 am
storms, i'm not saying -- i want mother nature to know i appreciate her. >> yes, definately very summer-like forecast, guys. i want to introduce to you jerry aubrey, he came to us this morning from blue bell, drove in dark and early, one of our eyewitness weather watchers. since the program started basically but what's so interesting to me about you, jerry, you are former contractor, you actually teach a severe weather seminar nationally about severe weather and roofing? tell me about that. >> okay, well, i started into it, pretty much self-taught in meteorology. what happened is i put together this class that takes, starts with acid rain, goes all the way through to hurricanes. it is amazing how many roofs install do not qualify for wind warantee because the specification also slightly different than most contractors use. so if you lose your roof in a hurricane or storm it, may not be covered by the warantee. >> really important information.
6:33 am
and i love that you able to put that information out for people. we will get to the forecast, though, lots to talk about here, a loft people headed out for their holiday weekend, we do have nice clear sky generally speaking at the moment. we can expect to stay that way at least for the next couple of hours, and we will continue here to end up with some sunshine throughout the course of the day today. seeing these temperatures rebounds efficiently, as the day goes on, 07 degrees at philadelphia international airport, currently flirting with that in millville, 68 degrees in wilmington, 71 in dover, right now, so off to very, very mild start. here are your holiday headlines, guys. take a day, see how it looks, for the most part almost carbon copy today, tomorrow, sunday, at least flirt with or hit 09 degrees today, tomorrow, and sunday, with some sun, steamy conditions, definitely heating up, and you will likely see shower or thunderstorm fire up specially to the northwest of the city. now, by monday, it is going to be cooling down a little bit here, with additional showers and storms. so this of the four days looks like it is the most dreary of
6:34 am
the pack, butt still not a wash out. more discussion on why it is cooling down on memorial day, and in short, meisha, some tropical activity gets involved with the reason for that, we will again talk about it later on. >> katie, i hope it doesn't cool off too much. let's leave it at that. guys it, has been busy, we know it is the holiday weekends this weekend. i can tell you since about 4 this morning we've seen things starting to heat up. why i am pulling your attention right now, live chopper 3, is over a truck fire, the pa turnpike eastbound, before delaware valley, exit 358. all lanes are block, diverting traffic at the delaware valley exit. one westbound lane is blocked in and around this area. they do obviously have the fire under control at this . but it will still affect those of you trying get into new jersey, also take the burlington bristol bridge. but at this ., because so much of this traffic is being diverted, probably going to be very, very busy, anywhere that you g i mean, just take a look at this string of vehicles trying to get where they need
6:35 am
to go. and they're all being diverted, all will be diverted at the same place going to the same place. going to cause you some significant slow-downs. so i would say give yourself at least a hour. then, also, taking a look at the blue route, looking good, taillights northbound approaching route one. overall give yourself couple of extra minutes this morning. it will be a weird one having a holiday weekends, back to you. >> in campaign 2016, donald trump has announced he has enough delegates to win the republican nomination for president. the number to become the nominee is 1237. right now trump has one more than that. trump was put over the top by a cbs news delegate count included gop's un bound delegates who now say they will support him at the convention this summer. >> meantime, democrat hillary clinton needs just 74 more delegates to clinch that nomination for president. it takes 2383 delegates to become the democratic nominee and clinton has 2309. >> well, happening right now, historic day for president obama, he is now the first
6:36 am
sitting us president to visit hiroshima. and that's where cbs news correspondent weijia jiang is live for us with more on special ceremony that's happening this morning. good morning, weijia. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. it was somber day here in hiroshima. but many people who finds the streets to welcome president obama say they were heavy which is his remarks, spoke broadly about the brutality of war and the bombing but did not assign blame to anyone. president obama solemn visit to hiroshima comes 7 decades after the us desomated the city with a atomic bomb. as expected the president did not apologize for the impact, instead he stressed rid the world of weapons. >> may not be able to eliminate man's capacity to do evil. but among those nations like my own, that holds nuclear stockpiles we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear. >> the president was joined by japanese prime minister, shin
6:37 am
so aba at peace memorial park to honor more than one hundred thousand people who died in the blast. 88 year old survived with raid airasia burns to his entire body, rather than dwell on the destruction he's focused on the path ahead. i didn't think the city could be rebuilt so quickly, he says, it is wonderful. the 30-acre park complete with stunning granite archway served as constant reminder of the toll of war. american visitor, jose, says it is now up to the u.s. to spread a message of peace. >> we as americans, in particular, have a responsibility to show the world that path forward. >> at this week's summit in japan, president obama talked about looming concerns, working with china and other world leaders to address the threat, assign the international community learning lessons from the past. >> and during his visit here,
6:38 am
the president also visited the peace museum, which is filled with haunting images of the war and traces of the tragedy, he wrote in a guest book there, we have known the agony of war, let us now finds the courage together to find and pursue a world without nuclear weapons. nicole? >> thanks, week a meantime the pentagon is updating its computer systems, but for now, they are still using a oldie but not necessarily a goody. these are called floppy discs, remember these? this is a floppy disc. auditors fend the pentagon still using this out-dated technology to run this get this nuclear division. they coordinate nuclear bombers, cost taxpayers now 6 hundred billion dollars a year in upkeep. >> wow, a lot of floppy discs. >> smoking on jersey shore beaches may soon and thing of the past. if that's new jersey lawmakers get their way.
6:39 am
just sent smoking ban bill to christie's desk and getting mixed reaction. we talked to people on both sides including beach-goers, assembly woman who helped sponsor the bill. >> you should definitely be able to do it on the beach. everybody's out here to relax, have a good time, you have the music, sometimes you have even a beer or two. >> enormous health risk to non-smokers, but, you know, finding cigarette butts on the beach, and in the parks, is also quite damaging to the environment. >> the measure goes to governor christie's desk next, while many towns have smoking ban in place, the governor thinks the decision should be left up to municipalities, not the state. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, meisha takes us on dream drive to find nature for our memorial day weekends. >> see where to watch for bald eagles and she'll scholl you where to see historic military vehicles, you'll even meet some of the people who flew them. hey, pat? >> good morning, nicole and brooke.
6:40 am
we are live on the wildwood beach, the international kite festival coming up. it is going to be a crazy, crazy weaken here in wildwood. and they'll teach me how to fly a kite. come on back. join us here. >> ♪ wildwood days ♪ >> ya, we're jamming, it is friday. >> i'm so ready to head to the shore by the way. i mean, it is on, the unofficial start to summer. after the spring we've had, brooke? let's get this going. >> let's do this. right to pat gallen's house. >> that's where the party is at. stay with us.
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>> many in our region are headed down the shore this weekend for un official start to summer. >> can't wait. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen, he's already there, been in wildwood all morning long, now, what, flying kites or something, pat? what's going on down there? >> reporter: yes, a lot going on here at wildwood this
6:44 am
weekend, earlier on you saw me driving the tram car. i mean, they are letting me do all sort every things this weekend, but coming up later on today, the international kite festival here on the beach in wildwood, new jersey, so when you drive in on rio grand, head toward the wildwood signment hang out on the beach. see all of the fun stuff. tell us little bit more about what's going on this weekend, beatrice, big weekends, this is fun. >> it is phenominal weekend. we have been looking forward to this weekend for a whole year. >> tell us little bit more about the international kite festival here. >> sure. >> this year is our 31 anniversary, and the event takes place today, tomorrow, sunday, and monday. today, the next three days, starts at about 9 a.m. ends at around five p.m. monday we finish offer with a indoor fly, inside the wildwoods convention center in the east falls, so that's open to the public, as well. the entire weekends is filled with much kite flying. certainly family activities, we have an auction on saturday
6:45 am
evening, a night fly tonight, ya. >> how many kite fliers are you expecting? >> probably in the area of one to 150. >> not bad. >> yes. >> and anyone can kind of come out here and learn thousand do it? >> absolutely they k we have learn to fly field. if somebody doesn't know how to fly, would like to learn, we have kites that we can teach them on. and then they can fly out on the fields on their own. >> that's what i need. so i'm going to learn right now. come over with me. i'll try to fly one every these bad boys. these are pretty cool. this is paul over here. he is going to help me do. that will so beatrice, i'll give you the mike. paul will show me how to do it. how do i do it? >> finger here. thumb here. you won't squeeze -- just wiggle it. >> wiggle it. >> sometimes going to fly in the flat part of your thumb. that's the brake. >> that's the brake. >> . these at your nose, it will go forward. >> got you. >> if you . these at the kite it, will go in reverse. >> in reverse. >> not up and down.
6:46 am
it doesn't go up and down, it goes forwards and reverse. >> in your hand it will go clockwise or counter err clockwise. >> in the beginning we will just give you quick, here. >> yup, little pull like a manican, great. >> and the kite does all the work. that's forward, see the long skinny line it, wants to go in that direction, like airplane, the leading edge. >> guys, i'm flying. >> it will also go backward, push your thumb. row lacks, the kite will do all the work. >> i'm relaxed. this is awesome. all right, guys, back to you, i'm going to flight this kite. >> you're doing a great job. >> i feel like he's saying i'm relaxed but he's clenching, i'm relax the. can you take off the training wheels do you think? poor pat. >> he can't even get near us.
6:47 am
he's just having fun out there. >> meantime let's check on the forecast. >> being g -- looking at great weather for flying kites or headed out for any activities, whether you are hitting devon horse show, or going to picnic, going to the shore, you are going to be in fine company here. you are going to have lots of sunshine to work with here. i want to take you on tour of some of the weather watcher photos. more than anything, folks have been reporting upper 60s, low 70s already. this is shot, beautiful morning, from fluff, fluff duffy. love his name. this is out in egg harbor township, just that we've got beautiful shot of the how-now brown cow sent in from john. i love the pictures, awesome. john also sent in pictures of people buying plants at rice's, and i believe this is down in newark, one more to go out to, peter, sent this one in from williamstown. beautiful sunrise currently coming up in williamstown and really everywhere else. so guys, thank you again so much for sending in the reports this morning. quick check on storm scan.
6:48 am
few things to . out. more severe weather in the planes. we don't have to worry about it here. we are on the out you are rim of high pressure, area at this ., justice turned weather, thunderstorms firing up through portions every basically between bermuda and the bahamas. that will could turn tropical. eventually that moisture is going to get drawn north. we do not at this . have to worry about any kind of lands falling impact from named storm here. but what we are going to see tropical moisture get drawn into our pattern, and by the time we hit monday, more showers, thunderstorms, high humidity, a lot of cloud cover. headed to the mountains, looks pretty good. watching for just scattered showers or thunderstorms, very spot any nature, any day, monday looks the wettest, though, and it goes for everyone, but men time, this is classic summer. here in the delaware vale, no matter where your travels take you, it is looking pretty good. meisha, over to you. >> our favorite words: summer. thank you, katie, good morning, tgif. a lot going on this morning, live chopper 3 over truck fire, has been pretty much up a morning, pa turnpike before
6:49 am
delaware valley exit 358. take a look at this, all lanes blocked, it is traffic being diverted at delaware valley exit. one westbound lane also backed, take a look at these backups, guys. this is significant. you will have to use an alternate right now, try taking exit 351 toward bensalem. you can take street road, bristol pike, get back on the turnpike there, that might help you out. because this is really going to slow you down this morning. if you can avoid it, you certainly want to do so, if you cannot avoid it, give yourself extra hour at least. here is a look at the schuylkill westbound at city avenue. looking little slow here, as well. not too bad on the boulevard, moving in the southbound direction, jumping on here, but you will slow down little bit once you get on to the schuylkill, more coming up in about ten minutes. brooke, and nicole, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha a facebook ceo mark zuckerberg making some changes, in his california community, not all neighbors are happy about this. >> no, zuckerberg purchased four homes surrounding his own and he plans to tear them down
6:50 am
and rebuild them. the plan calls for 3 single story houses and one two-story housement some neighbors, they don't mind, wheel others think the community should have a say. >> mark is a valued member of the community. he should be allowed to do whatever he wants. so the fact that he owns all four of those homes, i think he has every right to do what he wants with them. >> zuckerberg bought the homes after he learned of a new house being built which would be tall enough to see into his master bedroom. >> why not make that decision? all right, it is 6 50. you really got a kick out of this, my goodness. >> buy a bunch of houses, every house around you? >> must be nice, if you create facebook, you can do. that will 6 50, a lot coming up on cbs. >> that caught me off guard. nora joins us with a preview. >> we're getting crazy, nora. >> must be nice, must be nice, right? there you go. good morning to you, brooke, nicole. we will start in japan this morning, because of president obama's historic visit to hiroshima. plus ahead of the cdc says new
6:51 am
super bug that indicates the ends of the road isn't very far away for antibiotics. so doctor david will join us with how concerned we should be. >> and, we're at airports all across the country to see if the tsa can handle the holiday crowds. homelands security secretary jay johnson will join just studio 57. the news is back in the morning, we'll see in you just about ten minutes. >> thanks, nora. it is friday. time for another dream drive. >> i love these. america a -- meisha here with special memorial day edition. a lot of people are off so have a lot of time to explore, right? >> if you don't have out of town plans, eager to get outside this weekend, i found little known outdoor paradise just few miles from philadelphia. take a look at this. we're driving through montgomery county, stopping in huntingdon valley and ending in horsham. >> everybody wants to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, and it is going to be beautiful.
6:52 am
enjoy peace, wildlife, and wide open spaces at pennypack preserve. >> this is spectacular. >> paradise. >> the pennypack ecological restoration trust started acquiring land in the 19 70s, to restore the creek and surrounding area to its natural state. >> we move invasive certain exotic species not from north america. they're from europe or asia. >> so it was a pretty industrialized area. look, but would you never know it now. >> now, these 812 acres of private lands are open for free. sunrise, to sunset, 11 miles of trails and fishing, catch and release only please, and it is a birders paradise. >> we have osprey that fly up and down the creek, and we have bald eagles nesting in the pennypack preserve. we set up these meadows here on purpose, so that we would attract birds that nest only in meadows.
6:53 am
this is a hidden gem here in huntingdon valley. >> we are head today one of the most historic museums around, and it is all dedicated to flight. >> hi, welcome, i'm bob fisher called the wings every freedom museum. >> at the former willow grove naval air station, you can see vintage military planes and helicopters, and study their history. and kids are always welcome. >> has a shark mouth. >> he does. >> this is stunning, beautiful. >> it is a fascinating airplane, it is a biplane, and used to fly up and down the east coast with mail, so could contain it up a thousand pounds of letters and mail. >> this is helicopt their they used in korea. that was also the first helicopter to carry a president. >> oh, really? >> yes. >> many of the 2 guides are former military themselves. like navy lieutenant, david brown.
6:54 am
>> i know that you were the pilot of that plane. so not just lick a replica, you are the actual pilot that far? >> it was so much fun flying. i just can't even describe it, it is a navy c1. it would take 8 passengers or 45 hundred pounds of cargo out to aircraft carriers. >> follow me. >> okay. >> duck, watch your head, if you want to descend push forward, and there is two sets of controls for everything, two sets of gauges for everything, and the reason for that is there are two engines. >> would you trust me as your co-pilot? >> absolutely. >> ah-hah! you guys, there is nothing like it, a perfect mix of both nature and history and a big thank to you our great host at both the penny park preserve and the wings of freedom museum. i just love you. if you live in that area, you haven't been to these two places you guys have to visit. >> these are such great reminders. >> bring the little babes, visit the helicopters. >> and harold the helicopters. >> yes.
6:55 am
>> i'm lost. >> exactly. we'll take a short break. 3 to go is
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> three to go. >> 57 year old church worker hit and killed in a hit-and-run in kensington. police searching for dark colored mid side vehicle with front end damage and flat tire. >> pennsylvania woman is the first u.s. citizen to contract
6:59 am
a bacteria resistant to last resort antibiotics, so-called super bug. she has since been treated safely, the cdc is now investigate egg. >> and if you are looking for something to do this memorial day weekends, check out our event guide, it is 3 to go. >> let's get one last check on weather and traffic. >> and i have a shot of margate outside the beach patrol headquarters, and there is no one there, that won't last long, so if in your that area, you want some privacy, go on out there. it is self even and gorgeous and we will spike to 909 degrees with no problem today. >> thank, we still have the truck fire eastbound before delaware valley exit 358. all lanes are blocked right now. traffic being diverted to exit 351 toward bensalem. >> meisha thanks. cbs this morning is next. >> we will leave you with a live picture of pat gotten, wildwood. >> think he's doing a good job. >> i'm the king of the worlds. happy memorial day weekends everybody.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, may 27th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama reconciles history with an historic visit to hiroshima. he calls for moral awakening and a world free of nuclear weapons. we're at airports across the country to see how the tsa handles the start of the summer travel season. and the man in charge, jeh johnson, in studio 57. and we explore america the beautiful. a series revealing the hidden wonders in our national parks. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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