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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and we just showed you lets take another look at it, you can see is what heading our way, these will fizzle, most of it staying off to the west, you can see a few showers and storms over portions of central pennsylvania inn and off into northern central pennsylvania as well. the these showers and storms are not really getting here before undown and that means they will probably fizzle, but one or two spots could pick up an isolated shower or then are storm this evening. don't be shocked if you are sitting outside and dark cloud, and, pop up shower or storm. otherwise, temperatures are the big story, we are near 90 degrees again today, it is 90 in reading, 89 at philadelphia international, and, and, and, and, 81 in wildwood, and right now, 69 in ocean city, little bit off the water but still 82 in cape may and 82 as well in rehoboth delaware. and 63, on wednesday, dew point in the 40's, pretty
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comfortable, yesterday dew points got back to the 50's. dew points are in the 60's and that puts us right in this steamy range, definitely feeling increase in humidity outside, today and that will stick around through the weekend. the just a reminder of heat safety tips, people will be out and about this weekend and especially in the the city, drink plenty of water, light colored loose fitting clothing, draw blind to keep the house cool and cars can be becomes ovens in minutes. never leave small children and pets loan in the car at anytime. coming up we will have your full memorial day weekend and latest on our newly formed tropical depression number two which could impact us through the holiday weekend when i join you inside. >> kate, here comes the sun in time for unofficial start to summer, as you said it will be a hot holiday weekend. >> eye witt the necessary news reporter anita oh has tips to keep you and your family safe that it is starting to feel like summer. after a fairly mild may mother nature is ready to turn up the heat. >> it is too hot. it is just too hot, exhaust
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continuing just walking. >> reporter: at the first heat of the season is here just in time for memorial day weekend. >> it has been so, like cloudy, miserable weather, it is close to 90, it is great to get the to sun. >> enjoy witt some ice cream. >> yes. >> or water ice. >> reporter: even squirrels relished the shade, does heat and humidity didn't stop runners like michael mcginn. >> it is first hot day of the year. >> it is just taking it out of me today. running right back to my air conditioning. >> and, experts say so does the wrist objecting have heat-related illnesses or even death. that is why parents are taking extra steps to keep their kids protect. >> you wear the hat, and putting on sun screen. >> reporter: national weather service says last year 45 people died as a result of extreme heat, four of them right here in pennsylvania. so here are a few tips to keep in mind, drink plenty of water, staying hydrated, never leave kids alone in the hot car with the windows up, and
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make sure you're wearing loose light colored clothes, in philadelphia i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and it business 50 cents, a gallon cheaper then last year. >> and with the bikes and everything, 20 miles a gallon. so, it is not, as bad as it could be, but, a lot cheaper than flying for six. >> now the national average to fill up is $2.26 a gallon. jersey shore is ready through all of those holiday visitors heading their way, boardwalk and beaches are already busy, eye witt the necessary news reporter cleve bryan is in the the middle will of the action in sea isle
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city tonight, cleve. >> reporter: talk about traffic, who cares, once you get down here troubles just sort of melts away, we got stuck in a little bit of that but everybody i talk to said it was well worth it, it it was a gorgeous day. >> with the the waves rolling in and scarsly a cloud in the sky, beach lovers had their dream come true to kick off memorial day weekend. kelce from northeast philadelphia made it a mother/daughter day. >> we came on the beach, really nice, relaxing. it wasn't too hot. >> reporter: seeing owe spring made some nerve bus unofficial kick off to um iser but sun and visitors were. >> opened for business. >> reporter: had the shore buzzing with excitement. >> happy. >> with the weather that we're expecting this weekend. it is going to be great.
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>> the fish have been great. we just unloaded the lobster, thousand pound of lobster, ready to sell them and everything else that goes with them. >> at or above record levels, thanks to an improving economy and relatively low gas prices. but the top for summer at the shore, is what you might expect, the weather. >> it is a awesome and have to have this kind of weather, you could not ask for anything better. >> reporter: lots of people still pouring off the beach, it is a little bit breezy but you other than that, still very sunny, and people are, very excited, and if they can stay down the shore, if not, more day trips, on the way, reporting live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that looks nice, cleve, thanks very much. you can check out our special memorial day weekend section on cbs in addition to the latest forecast you will a's also find a getaway guide, barbecue
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recipes, and you can also learn how to give back to our military, heroes. more than two and a half million people are, expect to travel by air this memorial day weekend, and it will be a major test for the tsa. the government agency is trying to avoid those long lines, that have been hitting airports all across the country. correspondent chris van cleve reports now from reagan international airport from outside washington d.c. >> step on over. >> reporter: first real test of the summer travel season is underway, for the tsa. airports are breaking for record crowds, after 231 million-dollar, and flying from june through august, that is 95,500 more flyers a day then last year. >> we're going to keep passengers moving this weekend. but we're also going to keep them safe. that is our principal responsibility. >> reporter: seasonal surge comes as shorthanded, tsa, struggles to keep the security lines moving. >> year to date more than
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70,000, american airlines customers have missed flights, due to excessive weight time. >> on thursday carrie philipovitch told congress more than 30,000 checked bags has missed flights because of careening delays. >> it appears tsa did not adjust staffing model after screening protocols were changed. >> this is unreal. >> reporter: as we saw last week at chicago's midway airport patients is already running real thin as wait times have at points surpassed two hours. the nation's airports are worried it will get worse as travelers start to take summer vacations. now, because the summer travel season means more people are flying, there are fewer open seats. so if somebody misses a flight today, airlines say it could be saturday, even sunday, before they are able to be reaccommodated, on another flight. chris van cleve, cbs news, reagan national airport, virginia. striking verizon employees may be back on the job next week, the company and its
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unions reached an agreement in principal on a four year contract. about 39,000 cable and land line employees in nine eastern states have been on strike since april. they have been working without a contract since last august and negotiating with the labor department for the past two weeks. a private contractor, working on a tree was shocked have after touching a power line in delanco, burlington county. crews had to bring the man to the ground and confirm that he was conscious and being evaluated. there is no word right now on the extent of his injuries, pse and g trouble shooter happened to be driving in the area and was able to deenergize the wire for first responders to begin rescue efforts. today, president obama became first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima, japan since the you had dropped an atomic bomb on the city during world war two. he used the historic moment to look to the future, reenforcing his goals to end newer clear warfare. cbs news correspondent weijia jiang has details. >> reporter: president obama
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honored the 140,000 lives lost after the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb over here she will a in 1945. >> a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was change. >> reporter: somber ceremony was held 1200 feet from the epicenter of the blast, it was short but emotional. president obama and japanese prime minister aba looked at the dome that endured the explosion, the president embraced a survivor and spoke about the the brutality of the bombing. >> mere words cannot give voice to such suffering. >> reporter: president obama did not offer an apology for the attack, the survivors we spoke with said, they never expected one. >> this is not a problem that can be settled just by saying i'm sorry. it is not that light. >> reporter: instead 79 year-old amico acato wants
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president obama to fight for a nuclear free world. she remembers losing all of her hair after the bombing and being sick to her stomach. her older sister died. >> when i see the sunset it remind me of that night of august 6th, when all of those people were dying under those fires. >> reporter: she says that she's thankful that the president acknowledgeed what happened. >> it is the first year of a true friendship between japan and the united states. >> reporter: she says it is a new chapter for both countries, more than seven decade in the making. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a short time ago donald trump announced he will not debate bernie sanders. the three major candidates for president are out campaigning in california, at the start of this long memorial weekend. today trump campaigned at triumphant presumptive republican nominee a day after he lock up the needed delegates. he a tacked his likely democratic opponent hillary clinton in fresno accusing her
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of having bad judgment. front runner was in oakland, calling trump a bully. meanwhile sanders rallied bullies, trying to pull an upset in the golden state. a new jersey police officer is lucky he wasn't seriously hurt, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", he was hit by a falling tree, and it was all caught on dash cam video. a family makes a fascinating discovery, underneath their homes, why super storm sandy is reason they found an artifact, dating back to the 1800s. and hurricane season begins next week, and today, we're learning just how rough this season could be, we have experts predictions,
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well, johnny depp divorce is getting ugly. why has ordered depp to stay 100-yard away from the estrange wife, amber heard. heard says in a sworn declaration that depp threw her cell even if at her during a fight saturday striking her cheek and eye. she applied for a restraining order in los angeles today. on monday heard filed for divorce citing irreconcilable
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differences. depp's attorney declined to comment. new developments in the search for missing egyptair flight 804. a signal from the plane's emergency beacon is helping search teams narrow down where it crashed in the mediterranean last week. signal is different from location pings from the plane's black boxes. a french ship is on its way to assist, the search for those devices. a flight carrying 300 passengers was evacuated when engine caught fire. this korean airplane was preparing for a flight from tokyo to soul. fire crews weren't were on the scene, to spray it down, all runways were temporarily shut down and 67 planes had to be diverted elsewhere. no one was hurt. people across texas are spending the start of their holiday weekend cleaning up from severe flooding. strong storms dumped more than 14 inches of rain on parts of the state. it triggered flash flood warnings, evacuations and dozens of rescues. some drivers were forced to abandon their cars on highways, that overflowed,
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with that rising water. memorial day weekend is precursor to the start of the hurricane season in north america. >> nags ocean and atmospheric administration is expecting what it is called a near normal season. that means there will be likely ten through 16 named storms this year. >> four to eight of those are expect to be hurricanes, and with top wind speeds sustained at 74 miles an hour or greater. >> anywhere from one to four of the storms are expect to be major category three hurricanes. the 2015 season was slightly below average with 11 named storms. >> see any type of precipitation for holiday weekend? it looks pretty warm. >> yeah, on monday. >> on monday. >> memorial damon, some of this moisture from this newly named tropical depression number two will get up in here and it will bring us a wetter and wetter as day goes on as this system gets stronger and stronger. just in time for start of the hurricane season we may have
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our first tropical problem on our hand, not a direct impact, in the like a tropical storm making land fall in our area but if this is a tropical storm it would be a threat for south east coast, mainly moisture that will work its way in our region on memorial damon. me advice enjoy today, enjoy tomorrow and enjoy sunday as well. the lets talk about this season. hurricane names this season, we already had alex? remember that early storm in january. if this tropical depression number 2b comes a tropical storm it would be, bonnie and right through the end, last one walter. hopefully we do not get there. normal season wouldn't take us there but you never know. beach patrol showing a packed beach, a lot of folks heading down the shore, able to get there with the traffic, once you got split was fantastic. rest of the weekend, looks great down the shore. temperatures closer to the 80-degree mark then they will be in the the city, where we're near 90 relief down the shore. notice a few showers and
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thunderstorms across central pennsylvania, these may get in later this evening but once we lose heating of the day and sunshine they will fizzle quickly. if anything, isolated evening thunderstorm in our region. otherwise, temperatures right now still very hot and steamy. 90 degrees in reading. eighty-nine in philadelphia. eighty in at atlantic city. more comfortable in wildwood at 81 degrees. future weather shows a couple showers and storms could be popping up this afternoon. we are seeing a few moving from the west but if we get anything it the is out of here quickly. tomorrow same story afternoon showers and storms, not much of anything down the shore so that is good news and most of us stay dry. any barbecue plans for saturday looking good. sunday same story 1:00 o'clock still looking at sunshine more moisture by afternoon could bring in scattered showers and storms but heading pool side tomorrow, i will be pool side tomorrow 89 degrees, mostly sun which just a stray afternoon thunderstorm. uv index nine. put on that high spf. we are in the used to this weather in may but you can get burned in may as you can in
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june, july or august. protect yourself and kids this weekend. future weather shows clear conditions heading in to saturday but watch sunday, here comes that tropical depression that will move toward south east coast, this front will draw in some moisture from that and that will get here on monday, so here's tropical depression number two at the moment. most of the models take it in the south east coast where it will fizzle. a few have it being pulled north but remnant moisture that will be pulled north and many pack us by memorial damon. the overnight partly cloudy, isolated thunderstorm early, 68 degrees. tomorrow much like today is mostly sunny and 98 percent of the area is dry, just a stray afternoon shower is possible. eyewitness weather three day forecast, it gets more interesting, saturday and sunday looking fine, just a stray storm on sunday. monday showers, thunderstorms and even some tropical downpours, we could be talking heavy rain in spots for memorial damon. then things change after that next week i'll have that full forecast next half an hour.
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>> see you then, thanks, appreciate it. millions of sippie cups are recalled we will have important information for parents in the next half an hour. >> a handsome horse is breaking the internet you could call him the main attraction. >> i see what you did there. >> the main attraction, on the north side of chicago can phillies prepare the day side fun in the windy city, main attraction. sports coming up next.
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don bellies back in action, after a little rest. >> do you know who knows baseball? this one knows baseball. >> any about three points about baseball. >> that is right. >> i can throw my knowledge out there. >> drop her knowledge. >> on the red. >> yes. >> i could. >> lets talk about phillies. big difference between phillies offense and cubs offense or as bernie sanders would say, the difference is huge. spelled with a y, of course. phillies have have only scored more than five runs, five times this season.
5:24 pm
cubs, average, more than five per game. day baseball at wrigley field. flags blowing toward left field. game tied at one in the fourth. jorge solar, and solar going solo off adam morgan. and off the board, it goes in left. big blast. two-one, cubs. the later in the fourth, david ross, leaving the friendly confines a three run shot end up on waveland avenue. right now they are in the rain delay, with the phillies, trailing six-one, in the seventh inning. now if you take a spin around art museum this weekend you will notice it has a different look the street soccer u.s.a. i cup thinks weekend and runs through sunday. teams from philly and around the country will, compete in four on four, 15 minute match ups at a street soccer stadium located at base of the steps. players are age six through adult. soccer fans can register and play pick up games as well. founder explains why this
5:25 pm
event is good for the kids. >> building character, lessons in trust, relationships with each other, these are all ready made lessons that help translate to real life, and that is what we do a curriculum, that focuses honorary sill yens, and these soft skills. kid only learn through sports. >> good point. >> american heart association and eagles hooking up for an nfl play 60 challenge today at novacare complex. 125 students from five elementary schools got a chance to compete and run some drills like that lady right there. good stuff. nfl play 60 campaign encourages kid to play 60 minutes a day. get them back to the street soccer, so the teams of four. >> okay. >> so, what does that mean. kate bilo, we should get out there and play this weekend. >> free street soccer. >> no knee pads, yes. >> come on, man. >> it might not be seeing us then.
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>> no. >> thanks, buddy. >> appreciate it. >> temple becomes first university of pennsylvania to offer something special. >> that is coming up in the next half an hour. plus remembering our fallen heroes during this memorial holiday. ninety-four year-old pearl harbor survivor shares his story and the brothers that were left behind, rahel. volunteer pastor is killed by hit and run driver in kensington i'm rahel solomon coming up what he was doing just moments before he was killed and what police say was
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turn yourself in is the message from the family of volunteer pastor killed by a hit and run driver in kensington last night. police have a stronger message for that driver, you can run, but you will get caught. "eyewitness news" continues now 59:30. good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us from the scene on north front street with the latest on the investigation, rahel. >> reporter: ukee, good
5:30 pm
evening. philadelphia police were in this area for most of the earlier part of the day searching for surveillance, they tell me if you are a driver involved in this type of accident, the best thing you can do is stay at the scene. but this driver did not. now church, community, family and police hope someone comes forward. friend and family say he died doing what he loved, helping others. >> he was preaching. he had a great message last night. have after the ceremony was over, drove the boys here to the house. >> reporter: that message would be last for friend identified alycia leon a volunteer pastor. leon dropped a group off at the board of ministries a rehab facility at front and diamond streets. >> he was a good person. he was humble. he loved to help people. he help and people stay off the drugs. >> reporter: police say as leon tried on get in the white dodge van a traveling
5:31 pm
northbound on front hit leon so hard it knocked the door off and drag leon about 20 feet. the driver, just kept going. >> i saw people trying to help this gentlemen out, he was on the floor, and everybody was panic. >> reporter: their efforts, however were unsuccessful. leon died relevant i friday morning at temple hospital, and police, and driver and. and so much good forest. technology being what it is, and, videos, surveillance being out there. >> it is in the something you will getaway w buy yourself sometime but we will get you. >> take away the life of a good man and now you need to step up, and, you know, just step up, and face what you did. >> reporter: that victim leaves behind a daughter in connecticut. police tell me that saab is a 9.3 model between the years 1998 and 2008. they say that it has
5:32 pm
significant front end passenger side damage and missing the saab chrome logo from the front grill, of course, if you see this car or know anything about this accident philadelphia police want to hear from you. reporting from kensington remarks hell sol machine for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police need public's help identifying teenage trouble makers in overbrook. one of the boys attack a 61 year-old man walking his dog last saturday on 66th near malvern avenue. victim suffered a broken nose. police say teenager was in the company of four other boys who were seen on surveillance video trying to open up car doors in the area. illegal atv's and dirt bikes have long been a problem on philadelphia streets and now a new documentary pulls the curtain on the city's underground dirt bike community. kyw news radio community affairs reporter cherri gregg explains the effort to move the bikers, out of the shadows. >> they are real people with the passion.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: lemar mcphearson is the brains behind the last ride, a philadelphia story, documentary takes you deep inside of philadelphia's bike community, through the eyes of the young men who performed illegal dare devil stunts, on city streets. >> this right here, this is it as well. >> reporter: dirt bike, kyreal tyler with the hot voice anonymous with philly bike life real life main character and, this was hi place ground. >> this is where he kept his bike. >> yes. >> out of police view. >> reporter: he learn to ride on these streets and like many others in bike life, tyler was murder, but tyler was so well known, that hundreds, flocked to his funeral, shutting down traffic, in october of 204. >> it was horrific. it was horrific. >> reporter: nineteen months later, his murder remains unsolved, and his mother, hopes by selling t-shirts with his image. >> freedom. >> reporter: this picture of tyler popping a wheely is
5:34 pm
iconic and lives on corners, bikes and the backs of friend. these guys still ride on the block, and and off the street and in the dirt. >> and, i don't want to worry every corner i'm in a cop knocking me off the bike. >> i want to ride motor cross or professional. >> reporter: they are hoping to get a dirt bike park in the city a place where next generation, like tyler's son can grow. in west philadelphia, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today was graduation day for united states naval academy class of 2016. >> at contacted my says a little more than 1,000 mid shipmen were officers in the navy or marine core and for the first time the academy allowed female graduates to wear the same uniforms as male graduates. congratulations to all.
5:35 pm
more on president obama's historic trip to hiroshima japan today. the president is hoping to ease tensions around the world when it comes nuclear weapons. >> reporter christine johansen of our sister station kyw news radio spoke with philadelphia's last remaining pearl harbor survivor about the visit. >> reporter: ninety-four year-old alex ramsey doesn't consider himself a hero. >> just a regular, man. >> reporter: decorated veteran was in the forty-second infantry division for united states army when japanese planes swarmed pearl harbor and attack. >> i was right there about 2:00 o'clock in the morning and the bombs came flying over our barracks. >> reporter: his division for the back and remaining survivors were forced to enter an unwelcomed war where he spent his time where he contracted mow layer use and discharged in 1945 after u.s. planes dropped an atomic bomb on hiroshima. >> i know people, they that we
5:36 pm
had it too but we were there to save lives. >> reporter: now as he sees president obama visit hiroshima, he says that he hopes that it strengthens our relationship with japan, it is either us or them, so i think it is root it thing that we did but as time goes by, everybody wants healing. >> reporter: he says he hopes the japanese prime minister makes his way to pearl harbor encouraging peace between the two countries. christine johansen for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the girard college community is reminding everyone of the true reason for memorial day with the ceremony on campus. color guard of boy scouts from girard college troop 400 led the way from the school chapel to founders hall in complete silence. they placed wreaths at memorials for civil war veterans and veterans of the world war one and two, korean war and vietnam war. they honored those who gave their lives in service to the
5:37 pm
united states, with the rendition of taps. parents, take note, more than 3 million sippie cops will be recalled. >> we will have that after the break. >> a new weapon that could help you lose weight immediately, there is no sugar and you can be back at work -- after surgery you you can be back at work at the same time. we will show you how a balloon can help you eat less. and meet fredrick the great, one hand of war, six flags beauty is making the internet. yes is being called to fabio. kate? >> i think we can guess. >> feeling more like labor day weekend then memorial day weekend as temperatures hit towards 90 but one of the next three days looks to turn wet, i'll tell you which day will be worse for outdoor plans and which days to get outside coming up when we come back.
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recall involving a popular brand of spoon proof cups for babies. more than 3 million tommy tippy sippie cups are pulled off the shelves. consumer products safety commission say removable valves can get mold if i not cleaned well and make children sick. if you have one, manufacturer mayborn will replace the cup free of charge. attention taco lovers, taco bell will give away free tacos during nba finals. promotion is called, steel a game, steel a taco. if the away team wins during games one, two or three, taco bell will give away free tacos on wednesday, june 15th. retail analyst say it is a goodbyes move, customers tend
5:42 pm
to buy other items when they pick up their free give away. how about that. >> i love tacos. >> free tacos. >> yes. >> all eating good. >> yes. >> many of us will be eat ago lot of hot dogs this weekend. >> now that brings us to a good question, why do they sell eight or 12 hot dog buns in the bag when they come ten per pack. john and john both submitting this question is it a ploy to get to you buy more hot dogs, or need to get a new bun, either way, numbers do not add up. >> it is a never ending cycle will, bun. >> you think hot dog bun. >> can you understand the frustration here. >> consumer standpoint, remember that scene in father on have the bride when he has melt down over this. fire up the grill with the extra pack of the hot dogs and join us for "eyewitness news" at 11:00 as nicole answers your good question. if you have a good question log on to cbs
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question or tweet us using #cbs-3 good question. coming up kate's holiday weekend forecast, how steamy it will
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver
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♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ incredible discovery, beneath a new jersey home. >> workers are raising a family's monmouth county house after being damage by super storm sandy. they discovered this boat believed to date back to the 1800's, she says that is not only thing they have learn about their house. >> the boat was the foundation, the edges of those walls were actually coming down and being supported by this boat. >> archaeologist have not determine the exact age of the boat and scan lons are reaching out to local museums and universities to try to learn more. that dash cam video catches policeman's brush with serious injury. that tree almost came down on top of him. officer douglass barber was checking out a down tree in ring wood, new jersey when rest of it came down as he jumped out of the way there.
5:47 pm
did he brake his wrist and had to get 13 stitches. but overall he is okay, considering. >> look at that. >> it could have been worth. >> holiday is here and we the first couple days look okay. >> yes. >> but monday not looking so good. it never looked like the best day certainly in the forecast and it is getting worse as days go on. if you have parade plans, barbecue plans, try to move those to saturday and sunday you will be better off. monday not looking so great, but certainly still a day to honor these who served our country. lets look at the is what happening outside right now friday evening, bethlehem you can see we have blockade there on main street, you can see in the tent in the distance there because they have an italian festival on main street in bethlehem. and that is the camera mounted on top of the iconic hotel bethlehem. nice night to be out and about maybe walking around eating italian food but keep cool drink plenty of water outside tonight, it is still very hot
5:48 pm
outside and only going to get even more steamy as we head in the day tomorrow. tomorrow is a carbon copy of today. if you like today you'll like your saturday. eyewitness weather watchers have been out and about getting their memorial day plans underway and we are looking at upper 80's and lower 90's on the map right now. 88 degrees with william in levittown. eighty-eight feeling nice and warm there. we are seeing a 90 down in delaware as we check in lets head down toward middletown and check with walter in newark, delaware. we have lots of sunshine there. walter says it was down right hot this afternoon. weather watchers even ising us photos of a typical memorial day stuff. we have flowers in bloom. we have lynn putting hot dogs on the grill there. ed connor showing us a beautiful day and looking good heading in to the area nothing but sunshine we have 1lone cloud walter sent us, one cloud in the sky, that is all we had outside today. lets look at what is going on, things are changing as showers and storms start to move from
5:49 pm
the west. and we may see pop up shower or thunderstorm this evening. we will take you to the pocono region at senior school in bernville. few cloud bubbling up that way, see a few showers and storms, and, closer to the poconos then to us here in the city this batch here moving through williamsport head ing for scranton wilkes barre area. and showers and storms across central pennsylvania. these may get in but by the time they do sun will be setting and we will lose heating of the day. don't expect to see much in the way of thunderstorm activity this evening. eighty-nine in philadelphia still 90 degrees in reading. eighty-nine in allentown. very warm and very humid. still a holiday head line. saturday a lot like today, mostly rain free, hot and humid with sun and cloud, great pool day, sunday also nice but in the afternoon see a few more cloud and thunderstorms more prevalent sunday but late sunday into monday that showers, storms, heavy rain, tropical downpours move in associated with the moisture from this as tropical depression number two looks
5:50 pm
like it may make land fall along the coast of the carolinas through the weekend that moisture gets drawn up the coast bringing downpours and rough surf. watch it happened here watch the system into sunday move in on shore, there is center here over south caroline with you watch as this gets drown in and center of the remnant low moves up toward philadelphia, heavy rain machine morning and heaviest rain may be down the shore into monday afternoon. period of rain rumbles of thunder and rain could be heavy especially south and east of philadelphia on memorial day. not a good beach damon. overnight partly cloud which isolated thunderstorm. saturday mostly sunny mainly dry and 89. sunday looks good as well, but things change, rain, thunderstorms, and then a great stretch starting tuesday and continuing right through next friday. ukee, back to you. and new way to lose weight, and, gastric balloon and it works pretty much the way it sound. and, it inflates down in the
5:51 pm
patient's stomach with the scope and filled with saline. procedure takes 15 minutes with mild sedation and designed to make patients feel fill so they will eat less. >> it is really broken my habit of, eating late at night and eating too much at night and in hindsight i realize that was really my problem. >> balloon stays inside the stomach for six months, have afterwards patients meet with a nutritionist to keep the pound off. for viewers of the national institutes of health are finding flaws in the new study, connecting cell phone radiation to the development of tumors in rats. results showed tumors showed up in two to 3 percent have of rats continually exposed to cell phone radiation. female, were not affected. strangely rats not exposed to radiation died of a higher rate, then those who were. now this suggests the link when cell phones and cancer, may not be as significant as previously thought. temple is now first university in pennsylvania to
5:52 pm
offer a private space dedicated specifically to nursing mothers. a special suite on the student's center second floor officially opens june 1. mothers can reserve space for pumping or breast-feeding and features a fold down table, mirror two benches and more. temple says suite is in response to the annual call for big ideas. today fifth graders round the show at joyce killmer elementary school. "eyewitness news" was there as school held its tenth annual alex lemonade stand fundraiser. school has collected more than $30,000 since they have started doing this event and that money is used for childhood cancer research, indeed, something to cheer b great job, gang, great job. >> yes, they donated money. we take them to the donation boxes and then we hand them a cup of lemonade. >> students also collected donations for children with hair loss foundation, one
5:53 pm
child even donate $3.00 of her own christmas money. >> wonderful. holiday weekend a great time to catch a movie. >> coming up a sneak peak is what playing in theaters. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up jennifer lawrence lead a new class have of mutantness x men apocalypse to face off and every day you promise toor protect off! is here to help with proven protection against mosquitoes. trust our family to protect yours. sc johnson, a family company ♪ sfx: crowd cheering ♪
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harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you.
5:56 pm
check out this horse, fredrick the great is the main attraction on the internet, for well, of course his main. >> that hair. >> that hair, you got it. >> it is being called fabio of horses because of his
5:57 pm
stunningly long locks compared to the fabio, the most handsome horse around has some 20,000 likes, on facebook. >> just a little bend in it, a lot of movement. >> yes. >> slow motion. >> x men are back on the big screen, with some new characters in the mix. >> kevin frazier from entertainment tonight takes you behind the scenes of the latest super hero blockbuster. >> reporter: this week jennifer lawrence leads x men with an old favorite stopping by to defeat probably the biggest, bad guy, of them all in x men apocalypse. >> everything they built will fall. >> that ace pock lips played by oscar isaac a anxious mutant who wants to destroy the human race. >> the world need the x men. >> that is when jennifer lawrence mystique takes the lead, helping train and assemble the new class of x men to save the world.
5:58 pm
>> if i'm going to do this i will teach them how to fight. >> but not all of her students are well behaved, nicholas holt, aka beast, decided to play class clown. >> when i was giving the big speech at the end to the students, because nick would be in costume and at a podium and kept in the dj booth so i would be in the middle and he would go, like that and repeat part of my speech, and then did he one where i was going to be walking behind me and was repeating everything that i said, shouting. i was like for get everything you learned, everything. >> forget everything you think you know. none of that matters. you are not students anymore. you are x men. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier new back to you in the studio. you can get scoop from hollywood on entertainment tonight weeknights at 1:00 only on cbs-3.
5:59 pm
>> that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00. >> sea food and start to the fresh summer i'm cleve bryan, coming up how jersey shore is preparing for memorial day weekend. and memorial day weekend feeling more like labor day weekend with the heat and humidity already moving in, today was a beautiful day but we have some tropical moisture on the way thanks to tropical depression number two i will tell you when that gets here, coming up. also a tuesday fire brought crew toss north penn high school, we now know what started the flames and the charges. calls from "eyewitness news" leads to a quick clean up in kensington, what was being hauled away and the project, that is going up in its place. it is 6:00 o'clock and here's is what happening, the rush is on, the holiday weekend is here, and the roads are jammed, as people head
6:00 pm
down the shore, chopper three is live over the atlantic city expressway right at the entrance to the garden state parkway where you you can see, plenty of people, making their way, down the beach. it is a hot start to the holiday weekend, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have team three coverage for you. we will check with kate bilo in a moment but first "eyewitness news" reporter cleve brian... >> reporter: jessica, i know at this hour there are thousands of people, sitting in their cars waiting to get where i am at the beach, today i was in sea isle and ocean city where people have been thrilled, about the start to the memorial day weekend. unofficial start to the summer was if you asked patty sullivan officially gorgeous. >> it is awesome and to have this kind of weather you could not ask for anything better. >> reporter: businesses like mike's sea food aoc


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