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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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down the shore, chopper three is live over the atlantic city expressway right at the entrance to the garden state parkway where you you can see, plenty of people, making their way, down the beach. it is a hot start to the holiday weekend, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have team three coverage for you. we will check with kate bilo in a moment but first "eyewitness news" reporter cleve brian... >> reporter: jessica, i know at this hour there are thousands of people, sitting in their cars waiting to get where i am at the beach, today i was in sea isle and ocean city where people have been thrilled, about the start to the memorial day weekend. unofficial start to the summer was if you asked patty sullivan officially gorgeous. >> it is awesome and to have this kind of weather you could not ask for anything better. >> reporter: businesses like mike's sea food and dock that had their wish a strong
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turnout starting friday morning. officials expect it will only get busier. >> this is huge, and with the weather that we're expecting for this weekend, it will be great. >> happy memorial day. >> reporter: in ocean city sun and fun included a dip in an unusual a tire for 13th annual business person's plunge. >> with the sun out now we are looking at a very robust business. >> reporter: with the peak season that lasts three months shore businesses consider every golden ray a golden opportunity. >> i'm thrilled, it will be i great summer, we just got the award the best beach in america. >> reporter: gas prices relatively low summer tourism is expect to be at or above record levels at the shore. joann says is there in place she would rather within her kid. >> beautiful weather, it is really hot and gross where we live so we're happy to be here. >> reporter: hat and gross doesn't sound good. is there a nice breeze, plenty of time still to make it down to the jersey shore. reporting live from sea isle city, cleve bryan, cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". just up the way from you a big boost for atlantic city tourist this memorial day weekend. governor christie sign several bills to keep financially troubled resort town from running out of cash. rescue package gives cities government five months to device a plan to balance a budget a and void a state take over. atlantic city's tax base has been hit hard by casino closures. it is a hot one out there but that is not keeping people from enjoying the day. "eyewitness news" in penny pack park in fox chase where kid are out and about playing in the sunshine and it is a great day to get outside, where meteorologist kate bilo is on the cbs-3 sky deck with more, kate. >> sky deck is best place to be. beautiful evening outside, yes, it is on the hot side and humidity ramped up, you can feel difference in the air and outside but it is sunny and nice breeze that pick up as well. out ahead of the few showers and storms. lets look at storm scan three and you can see nothing
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happening, storm wise in our neck of the woods but zooming out a few showers and storms firing up over south central pennsylvania trying to make it in one or two does but mostly rain free tonight especially once sun goes down, lose heating of the day and they don't have much to work w just a beautiful warm friday evening, still 89 degrees in philadelphia at the moment. eighty-nine in reading. falling off from 90 last hour. eighty-six in allentown. seventy-eight, cooler at ac airport and cool's long the coast as well thanks to that 60-degree ocean water a few you shore spots have have cooled down, especially ocean city and barnegat light. still in the lower 80's. stone harbor 7 miles in cape may and rehoboth beach, delaware beach looking great as well with wind out of the south direction. what to expect moving forward? temperatures will stay high and humidity high as well. we have dew points in the 40's. yesterday in the 50's. today we are up another 10 degrees to a dew point of 64 in the steamy range so it
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is feeling like a summer day. with the heat and humidity you have to take precautions. do not work outside without breaks. don't spend too much time without taking a break, being hydrated, drink plenty of water, draw blind during the day and cars become ovens in minutes in this time of weather so never leave a child or pet in the hot car. very strange we have air conditioning, i should say, on in some spots after just having the heat on just a few weeks ago. what a difference end of may has made coming up i'll tell but tropical moisture that could impact memorial damon, for new back over to you. >> kate, thank you. sunnies back in time for the memorial day weekend after what has been a dreary spring so far. we caught up with people enjoying the weather around the city to day and we saw a lot of water bottles on hand and sunglasses. >> it is like the first hot day of the year, and it is just taking it out of me today. i'm running right back to my air conditioning. >> enjoy witt some ice cream. >> or water ice.
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>> reporter: good plan. now that it is finally starting to feel like summer take it easy outside and stay hydrated. check out our special memorial day weekend, section at cbs-3 and in addition to the latest forecast find a getaway guide, barbecue recipes and learn how to give back to our military heroes. the search continues tonight for a driver who hit a volunteer pastor in kensington last night and then never stopped. friend and family members identified victim as 57 year-old elijah leon, police say someone driving an older model somebody like this one hit and dragged leon as he tried to get in the van at front and diamond streets. he died hours later at the hospital. investigators say the saab should have some front end passenger side damage. a 17 year old student is facing several serious charges including arson for a fire in north penn high school on tuesday. students and staff were evacuated and school was dismissed for the day. the fire damaged a band storage area and several
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classrooms on the first floor. the cost for repairs is still being determined. striking verizon workers could be back on the job by next week, they have a new contract, the company and its unions reached a tentative agreement on friday for a four year deal, about 39,000 verizon landline and cable employees have been on the picket line since april. sticking points including off shore call center jobs, job relocations and health care coverage. this weekend is region celebrates those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, a major problem is holding up an effort to help veterans in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos helps to get that project moving. >> this is is what left of it. >> reporter: old adage in high school at seventh street and somerset in kensington could soon turn into this we are calling it edison 64. >> reporter: it will be a housing and services center for homeless veterans. transforming a high school that lost so many years ago. >> there were 64 veterans that died in vietnam, that
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graduated from this high school, it is largest number of vets from any high school in the country, that died in vietnam. >> reporter: scott, president of the company, which owns the building, is a that there are two issues which are causing delays. >> number one, we need funding for this. >> reporter: 800 page application though for state funding is in. >> they will tell us june 15th. >> reporter: second issue has to do with rubber, lots of it in the form of illegally dumped tires this is full, just a few you bad eggs that still think this is a good and necessary way of pertaining to business. >> reporter: kevin noon, project manager says he has called the city for months, even providing license plate of the truck whose driver was illegally dumping. >> for me to staff this and dispose of this the proper way to a proper recycling area this would cost me several thousand dollars. >> reporter: but no response until we reached out to city officials. >> we will address it. we are sending a crew out today. >> reporter: crew you arrived
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within hours. taking away three load of tires and allowing this important project to move one step closer to completion. >> are you pleased with the cities response. >> i'm elated. i can't be happier. >> reporter: if funding is approved for this project the developer says this could turn into veteran homeless house nothing a little as 18 months. reporting from north philadelphia, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news", a special surprise for a navy lieutenant in marlton, the way they trick her into coming and honor that she received. and could it be the future of septa more than 500 new buses will be hitting the streets in the next five years, how they will be different from the rest. nerlens or big ja are sixers ready to make a trade? plus long live the long ball, find out if the phillies can fight off the cubs in chicago, sports coming up next.
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today septa's board approved a purchase of 525 diesel elect hybrid buses. >> it is a five-year, 411 billion-dollar contract with new flier of america. the buses four are feet long with low floors and septa has option to buy additional vehicles. by the year 2021 septa hopes
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95 percent of the flat will be comprised of energy efficient hybrid buses. back on "eyewitness news" with a surprise, celebration. >> katie calhoun is a navy lieutenant who often speaks at evans elementary in marlton where her aunt is a classroom aid but today they turn the tables on her and honored her as part of the will school's fourth annual memorials day heroes lunch. every year, invite military members and veterans to share their experience was students. >> i cannot believe this is all for me and i think that i try my best and i don't know if idea serve it all but this is so nice, i can't believe everyone was here with a huge welcome, met or cycles, fire trucks, everything was so beautiful. >> lieutenant calhoun graduated from the naval academy and became flight officer in 2012. she accumulated 16 her flight hours butting 545 combat flight hours. don bell joins with us sports, a and friendly
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confines of the wrigley field in the so friendly today. >> no, no, not so far. they have away to go, right. long time nickname of the sad sack chicago cubs, franchise hasn't won a world series since 1908 but all of a sudden these losers have have become bullies and today they shared the same play ground as the phillies. wrigley field the scene in chicago. pete mackanin a windy city native from south side. game tied at one in the fourth, jorge solar goes solo, and, adam morgan off the board it goes, and two-one cubs. wind must have been blowing out. later in the fourth david ross, leaving the friendly confines, just right over the ivy over wifeland avenue. five -one north ciders. in the fifth, more bully ball for the cubs, chris bryant, a solo shot, it was that kind of a day, and it continues to be that kind of day because phillies trailed the cubs
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six-two in the eighth inning. multiple media outlets are reporting that the houston rockets and mike deanthony are finalizing a three-year deal for him to be the next head coach. he is currently an assistant coach for sixers. he is most known for his 72nd or less offense with the phoenix suns. meanwhile sixers are reportedly, exploring the trade market for both jahlil okafor and nerlens noel. feeling that one of the big men will be traded leading up to the nba draft on june 23rd. if all players are healthy the team has a log jam in the front core, joel embiid is expected to play with dario saric. stay tuned. eventually the sixers would like to be a championship caliber team like golden state warriors. the last night raining raining step curry and crew fighting offe problem nation they beat oklahoma city, okc by nine. they trailed the series three
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-two, going back to oklahoma city. check this out last night the cards/nationals game, in field pop up, who has got it? you got it. i got it. whose got it, kind of like hoist on first. eventually molina, he has got it and makes the catch. >> somebody got it. >> somebody. >> order is restored. >> yes. >> i got this. >> yes. >> don, thanks. >> kate has the forecast, holiday forecast. >> who will take weekend forecast, a big one and it turned out to be beautiful for holiday weekend. we will start off on a really nice note. can we keep it going. as we head into tomorrow things looking great once again but by monday, memorial day proper that is when everything starts to go downhill a bit. let's start off with what is happening, poconos, folks headed there this weekend, maybe some lake time. maybe people on the pocono peak cameras, they have the wave pool going on there, lots
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of stuff to do in the poconos, also down the shore, both spots a little bit cooler in the city but staying put, they will be pretty good as well, just find yourself a pool to take a dip in this week toned cool off. storm scan three shows showers and thunderstorms off to the west, and those are starting to fizzle out a little bit. you can see energy transferring southward, falling apart. i don't think much of anything gets in here this evening f what he get anything it is a stray shower, that is about it. mostly staying off to the west. that is the case for tomorrow as well. as we can even goes, tomorrow looks like the best day and then, we will start to see things change a little bit especially by monday. we hit 90 for the high today, we will hit it yesterday, as well, came back, and corrected that, so 90, two days in a row, can we get there tomorrow, it will be close. sunday a couple degrees cooler and monday thanks to the cloud cover and increase in the threat for rain that will be a will cooler day as well. future weather shows clear skies, saturday morning, saturday looks great, a stray shower or thunderstorm mainly off to the west, down the shore, delaware beach, you should miss it in the city. can't rule out a stray one but
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we are try tomorrow. sunday same story, cloud, sunshine but notice that these showers starting to push in, a system right here, this low, that is actually a tropical depression. what is happening is as this front starts to move through we will draw up the moisture along the coast and we will feel it, starting sunday night, into monday morning, with the heaviest rain through first part of the damon. here's tropical models here, tropical depression number two. if this becomes a storm it will be tropical storm bonnie, likely to make land fall along the coast of the carolinas, that is where models take it right through charlton south carolina so greater impact on the holiday weekend there but notice how it is a remnant low starts to get pulled up the coast right toward our area and that tropical moisture will impact memorial damon. so your shore cast, beautiful day saturday, maybe late day thunderstorm sunday, mess of the day looks good at 38 but monday, showers, thunderstorms and heavy rain, tropical downpours on monday, same story in the poconos, partly sunny, mainly dry saturday, sunday, spot have afternoon
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storm but period of rain and thunder on monday and then overnight in the city we are down to 68 degrees, isolated thunderstorm, very isolated, tomorrow mostly sunny, mainly dry, nicest day have the holiday weekend. if you have one day to get out and have a barbecue hit the pool, i would recommend tomorrow, much of the day sunday looks good too and then monday unfortunately not looking great but then it rebound as we head back to work tuesday, beautiful weather next week. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it. still to come on "eyewitness news". >> vittoria? >> that is right, we are celebrating, summer, right by the delaware river, there we go summer fest we are all smiles, bye-bye winter and hello to the best time of the year, all the details coming up.
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hundreds of students bragging rights for jenkintown. >> the red and blue clashed during annual color games.
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students from throughout the jenkintown school district were divided in the red and blue team and they competed in several sporting activities. this tradition dates back to 1938. >> wonderful. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> jail pauley in for scott pelley and she joins with us a look ahead. >> hi ukee and guess contact disaster in the southern plains, devastating flood touched off by rain, the cattle swept away. also tonight, the summer travel season begins. the tsa claims it is improving long lines, bus is it? and, steve hartman with a solder's remarkable recovery, from death. those stories just ahead on the "cbs evening news". giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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for those not heading down the shore is there a beach you can enjoy in the city. >> it comes with the outdoor roller skating rink. vittoria woodill is live at penns landing at summer fest where is there a ton to do i, torey. >> reporter: they have everything winter fest last year i thought was spectacular ape they winterized the entire waterfront. now they have summerrized it all, and it is truly remarkable and they have so many things to do, see, and even eat. can we drop down here real quick, james, that is
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contradict i and pete's crab fries and i want to introduce jody, vice-president of the delaware river water front who is making everything happen and these amazing transformations. jody, what does the mean to the corporation to to this for the city of philadelphia. >> well, these programs really help transform philadelphia's delaware river waterfront. our goal, to reconnect city and region to this amazing waterfront we have. people are naturally drawn to the water. who doesn't want to be by the river during the summer. you can come out, roller skate, you can lounge by our new lounge chairs, right alongside the river, putt, put t on our brand new mini golf course, called the art full golfer. of course, we have spectacular new chickie and pete's waterfront crab shack which is cracked crabs, mallets, bibs, the whole 9-yard, the only place in philadelphia to do that. >> it is spectacular. i took a brief little walk through earlier. they have crab catchers on
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top, nets and everything. if that wasn't enough, to wet the whistle they also have franklin fountain here, and speaking of franklin fountain can we introduce this ge nt, ryan burlily, co-owner of franklin fountain. did you bring me something special, ryan. >> well, i sure did, torey. we made these special vanilla ice cream golf balls sunday, okay, call the hole in one good i will take it. >> it is vanilla ice cream just like this and then there is dark check late hot fudge, that is the hole, so to speak and then we put a little bit of green grass jimmies, you know, we're right by mini golf, so, you know it is a sure hit. >> sure hit. >> do me a favor, can you hold this while i take a nice big scoop, putting to you work. >> oh, man. >> this is the first one. >> first one. >> that is a hole in one. that is a hole in one good if
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you can. >> is it up to par. >> it is up to par. >> boom. >> boom. >> you like that. >> i like that. >> you can make it the out to um is are fest bring family and fun, and for the majority of it, it is free to come in. a few things if you have your own roller skates, blue cross card holder you can roller skate for free but it is great for family and great for summer. i will finish this, and send you off to the weekend. say good bye. >> good bye happy memorial will day. happy memorial day. >> i love franklin fountain, i'm calling that the ukee, the hole in one. >> that is good there. >> hot time summer in the city. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten and then we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tsa is improving long lines but how are they doing as summer travel season officially begins. in for scott pelley is jane jane pauley, we will see you
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tonight. >> pauley: disaster in the southern plains. devastating floods touched off by torrential rain. cattle are swept away. also tonight, the summer travel season agains i left my house at 2:00, so that i could get here by 4:00, fair flight that left at 10:20. >> pauley: trump draws cheers at his rallies. ( cheers ) and protesters outside. >> ho-ho- >> donald trump has got to go! >> pauley: a study links cell phone radiation to cancer in rats. steve hartman with a soldier's remarkable recovery from death. >> i was put in a body bag, toe tagged and taken to the morgue. >> pauley: and his last request of you. >> one day a year we're asking somebody to do something.


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