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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight johnny depp's divorce gets ugly. shocking photos of ex amber heard's bruised face. did he hit her? the attack she says happened behind closed doors. then is this jeopardy's most hated contestant ever? why america can't get enough of this contestant. >> dust off the shoulder. >> last night i introduced the wife. >> did justin bieber steal sorry? hear the striking similarities. >> and see how far gina rodriguez went to make one young man's dream come true. >> everybody remembers. especially you. >> now for may 27th, 2016 this
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is entertainment tonight. thanks for joining us everybodyy nancy o'dell off tonight. samantha harrison is here with me. >> let's get started here with tonight's top story >> amber's explosive new allegations against johnny de >> these photos of amber with a bruise around her right eye are shocking and pretty compelling evide >> amber, how are you feeling? did johnny pay you to stay quite? >> the 30-year-old showed up to an l.a. court this morning. her face is still slightly black and blue. amber claims she is the victim of repeated domestic violence at the hand of depp and the last incident hhppened saturday when she said he slammed his ip on her face. >> issue a restraining order. >> she states there is an immediate threat of harm which is strange because right now johnny is more than 5,000 miles away performing on stage in portugal for his concert tour with the hollywood vampires.
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plus there was appaaently more. more photos and video of an alleged attack. so let's piece together wha know now. multiple sources have told u this relationship has a history of explosive fights and both johnny and amber have bad tempers. another source says amber claimed this is a reoccurring problem and the couple had been trying to settle this privately and while many portray amber as a gold digger she's not. she says she's actually a victim of violence. yesterday amber's source released this quote to people. amber did what she had to do to take care of herself. 2.5 hours later depp wrote the words salacious false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies. it's a very different story from what amber told us about johnny shortly after they first met. >> there's no one else like him and to add on top of that, to
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the unfairness and tor that he is also a wonderful person. >> and filing for divorce yesterday khloe kardashian from lamar odom. if you don't think there's a play book on the hollywood divorce think again. we're talking to the woman that wrote it. here's the education on the strategy of a star divorce. >> khloe filed for divorce around 3:00 yesterday. less than 24 hours after news broke of amber heard's divorce filing. is that just a coincidence. i have someone else but you should file at the same time. sharing the headlines means the spotlight not just on you. she repped not only khloe but drew barrymore angelina jo and other clients. paparazzi often stake out her office to see who she sees so she will often meet away from the office. >> sometimes i'll go to clients homes and sometimes here
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office there can be a little activi >> pick a day before a weekend or a holiday. laura's lient maria chose a friday before july 4th to announce her split from a nick the weekend before thanksgiving when he broke up from jessica. kim kardashian filed for her divorce on a monday. a big news day. maybe she wanted the publicity. >> i fell in love with him and now my feelings have changed. you don't think i feel bad. >> sean penn and robin wright pen filed for separation right after his oscar winning season. keep it private and negotiate the settlement before you file your documents. that's what she did with melanie and antonio. >> we try to settle so we don't end up with a public forum where the entire world knows t personal business.
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>> tell your ex before you file so they don't hear about the nightly news. >> you're communicating with the other side and making sure that you're on the same page. you can navigate this both through the media and through the actual legal process. really, really gracefully. khloe did not let that little divorce filing stop her from partying. a lot of stars kicking off memorial day weekend early by heading to the beach to play. here is our know and tell edition. hollywood dynasties converge. the ever present kardashian clan, maria shriver and her son patrick and cindy crawford and mariah. why was everyone in malibu? this ocean front restaurant is a goo to celeb sushi hot spot and it's next door to a stars only hub. there's the soft opening and something to celebrate at both places. in a mini skirt and peek-a bra she has her signing with the
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hall mark channel. basement the most watched holiday special ever. >> with the dress. >> kim kardashian got the lace and went way more expensive. just like sister khloe. >> the day after her divorce refiling khloe and her fans hit it up for scott di birthday bash. courtney brought the kids. french montana and kylie smoked cigars riding with the birthday boy. where was kendall? in london for a event and this was an interesting reunion last night. an extremely tan kate hudson in this affordable maxi dres arrived at the opening and hung with her ex-fiancee and h model girlfriend.
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kate left the same time as this guy. orlando bloom bolted in a vintage porsche but why wasn't katy perry riding shotgun? she was in a hotel for unicef. a double date night out with her co-star and robert buckley. she played coy but we asked her about it last week. >> i feel very, very lucky and grateful in my life right now and that's all that mat >> oh but no denying it now. we're told that she is crazy, head over heels about this guy. >> he may have stolen her heart but did justin bieber steal his song sorry. >> listen up you be the judge. that is bieber's sorry.
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this is ring the bell. sound the same? well according to a lawsuit filed by singer-song writer c.dynell, bieber allegedly sampled her vocal rifts without her consent taking sorry to the top of the u.s. billboard hot 100 list. >> what i did was i just said hey what am i going through? what am i feeling and basically just poured my heart out and made something real. >> e.t. not no response from bieber's camp today but y file this under sorry, not sorry. she reached out to the singer several times and was ignored before finally deciding to take legal action against bieber and producer skrilex. this is nothing new in the music business. from robin thicke and pharel and vanilla ice that had a suit back
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in 1990. been there done that move. vanilla ice tweeted i just caught myself singing a justin bieber song but how did he get in my subconscious. >> nick jonas is getting wet and wild and not dating actress lily holland and kate hudson. and tweeting i'm very single y'all. that is all. that wet and wild cover is out now. >> only we can show you bachelorette jojo's first group date. >> then why this is this father the most polarizing man in pop culture now? he tells us what he this of t internet backlash. >> i'm not trying to be a heart th >> it's the tv event people will be talking about all weekend. only i am on the set of the roots remake. how this one is very different
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from the original. >> that's unbelie
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>> who is that. >> jeopardy's unstoppable champion that captivated america and we have the winning answer tonight. who is he? cameron gets to know the man behind the buzz. >> 200. >> let's do romantics for 400. >> teen fashion 30. >> and definitely polarizing. >> love that perfect pair. and brushing his shoulder and running his hands through his hair. >> my legal name is austin but i have been called buzzy since before i was born.
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>> at this point now nine in a row. $165,000. do i have that right. >> 164 and change. you have it all about that strategy. take us through the strategy. >> what i did is i would read ahead. read faster than him and figure out if i knew it and then just basically listen to him and time it and basically right wwen he was there. >> and tribec. >> he loves these snl skits. this morning i visited the 31-year-old married music ad exec at his l.a. office. >> let's dust off the shoulder. >> a little bit of that. >> how did that come about? >> my co-workers here and my
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friends were like would you promise to do something that we can turn into a gift? >> the internet hate is real. has there ever been a most punchable jeopardy champion. >> what does your wife think? >> a agree with all the people that love you. i think you're smart and and handsome and stuff too. i sort of agree with the sometimes i want to punch you in the face. >> he has a long way to go to break the record for longest jeopardy winning streak. ken jennings won 74 games in a row back in 2004. up next, fashion friday. which star hits the street in a bath robe. plus retold 40 years after the original. exclusively behind the scenes of the massive event and see how jane the virgin star gina rodriguez became a real life fairy god mother for one high school student. >> no other celebrities can compare to what she has done. >> closed captioning provided by.
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in tonight's fashion fix, beyonce in the big apple but all about the lemonade while out with hubby jay-z. easy to spot in bright yellow pants. we call this album promotion. check out the small lemon sticker on her iphone. reese witherspoon with this $250 dress from her own line. almost as cute those koalas. she's getting ready for a trip down under in july. >> a tinker bell vibe with this and her stelletos on her way into a roshding st
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proof she can make anything look cool. >> here's someone doing something so cool. jane the virgin star gi rodriguez looked like a princess at the golden globes and now gina is helping a high school senior turn into cinderella herself. we took our cameras to buffalo where one lucky lady is heading to prom wearing gina's golden globe gown. this is a night 17-yea jessica will never forget. that prom dress is the very same gown worn by gina at the globes in 2015. >> i tweeted her on twitter after watching the golden globes and i said i wish i could wear your goalen globes dress to prom. an hour or hour and a half she said maybe i can make it hahn
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and it started to roll. >> she wanted to borrow this year's blue zach posen gown but she had to return it. but she offered this from 2015. she won wearing it. >> i'm like i'm getting dehydrated. i just created a flood of tears somewhere. >> it's the most beautiful dress i've ever seen in my entire life. >> to look like her idol on prom night a trip to the salon. jessica even wanted her hair styled just like gina. >> if gina is watching this i love you and i can't wait to hug you. >> next came make up but it almost came off when her mom saw her. >> oh look how pretty. you're going to make me cry. >> no, no. >> gina's generosiiy symbolizes kindness and she'll never be the
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same. >> as long as you take stu think of what's in your heart that helps you become a better person. >> moments before putting the dress on her mom surprised her with this. >> i'm here in london shooting. just know that i love you and i'm so proud of you. i'm so excited for you. you look beautiful and everybody will remember it. especially you. >> i have no words. no other celebrity can compare to what she has done. she deserves everything in this entire world. >> after the prom the gown g back to gina that will pass it on to another girl making her dream come true. >> i hope you know whoever gets it goes in the right hand because it's something really close to her heart and mean ace lot to her. i hope it gets taken care of really well. >> as they prep for the night of thaer young lives jessica was grateful she has her own real life fairy god mother. >> she's amazing. >> it's a cool thing that gina is doing and jessica you're amazing too. she is starting college in july to become a pediatric nurse. >> if you were alive in the 70s you probably watched roots. the ground breaking mini series
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shattered records. an average of 80 million people tuned in nightly. 100 million people watched th final ep now an epic remake is airing monday night on three different cable channels and i was the lucky one that had the chance to go behind the scenes. >> the story of an and in 1977 this time he is an executive producer and british actor plays the iconic role >> i don't know about you but for me it felt like i don't really need any. >> what tip did you give him? >> the only tip i can possibly give him is to make it his own. >> do you understand me toby? >> and john page takes on chicken george. >> the originals mostly shot on the disney lot where as this was
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shot here in louisiana but also in south africa. >> the production spanned two continents. the scenes were done in cape town south africa. in louisiana, seven different plantations were used. they have been historically preserved down to the original slave cabins. >> that's a real slave quarters. >> how many people lived in that house? >> probably about 20. >> that's unbelievable. >> now today they're shooting one of the most emotional scenes in the entire mini series. this is when his daughter has been sold and is about to leave the plantation. >> part of the realism comes from costume designer reese carter.
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>> explain what these are. >> this is a place tag and on the tag it says the name of the person that owns you and every year you got a new tag. >> some of the 21,000 plus costumes are stored in this huge new orleans warehouse. every outfit is historically accurate. >> this was worn by anna. she wore a corset under this dress. i think i got it down to abo 23 inch waist. >> the four night event starts monday airing on three networks. history channel, a&e and lifetime. it portrays the brutality of slave life and seeing actors walk through the plantation is like watching ghosts from the pa >> this ground is sacred because it is alive with the blood of our ancestors. >> by the way if you want to go back and see the original roots the complete mini series with a lot of cool extras but you do not want to miss this mini series. >> once worked in the cafeteria as a cookie scooper? is it jane lynch or matthew morrison? >> we'll be back with the
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the cast. >> travel considerations provided by.
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>> which once worked in the sch caf as a cookie scooper? it's chris. he turned 26 today. >> we ran out of time. but one more thing for you to check out before we go. >> have a great weekend. >> first one to the tower wins an evening with jojo. >> the first bachelorette grou date taking ten of the guys to a course. >> i feel like firefighter is such a fantasy. >> they're super hot. >> so the bi question, is your husband in this group?
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>> the insider tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, the descent of johnny depp. his most recent public appearan >> you just don't care.
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>> as he plans to end the 15 month marriage to amber heard new claims of do most ache bus. >> then beyonce's family re now gone viral. >> why the lemonade singer has made connections with her mom, dad and little siss as she gets mello yello out with jay-z. number three, kung fu carey in action. why is she lashing out at lee daniels. >> that's what we're doing. ♪ >> the boss ladies of fifth harmony working and twerking their music video that has broken the internet with 360 million views. inside the crazy life of pop music's hottest. >> that's eno >> i almost died.


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