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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a vintage plane plummets, out of the sky, and into new york's hudson river. divers finds a body in the water. >> also ahead, the kick off to the summer season down the shore, people are packing the beaches, and the board. >> but, have the water and sunglasses ready to go, though, the sun is back, just in time to heat things up for the holiday weekends. today is saturday, may 28, good morning, i'm jan carabeo. rahel solomon will be here tonight. >> here is meteorologist, justin drabick, with eyewitness weather. justin, i can't see how anyone has a complaint about this weather. >> i'm with you. >> i don't know about this humidity issue that they're having, but i'm loving t un
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official start of summer. >> i know, you want to be outside, the weekends to do it. we have the weather in place. it will be dry today, sunny, humidity not that bad. more humid than what it has been, but could be a lot worse. and it will get worse. give it another month or so. >> some people just got to complain about anything. >> i hear ya on that one. enjoy it, nice weekend, good start to the weekends, we will bring rain chances in here 2 half of the holiday weekend, but overall really not that bad. temperature right now at the airport, coming in at 68 degrees, nice looking sky there, mostly sunny, few areas that are dealing with some clouds this morning, but they'll quickly pass by, so decent amount of sun today. light breeze out of the south, six miles per hour, southerly wind, keep us warm today, upper 60s, to about 70 over most locations right now, the exception up in the mountains coming in at 62 at mount pocono, 70 palmyra, new jersey, 66 degrees, in mt. holly. storm scan3, there is a little band of some mid to high level clouds, just north of the city, that. that will roll on through the next hour, but again a lot of sunshine today, great day to be outside at the pool.
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or hit the beach. comfort index, humidity on the rise, dew . temperature right now at 59 degrees. this measures how much moisture is in the air. that makes it feel humid. and later today, dew points could get up to the mid 60s, so it will feel steamy. that's t usually middle of the summer dealing with dew points in the 7 70s, that's when you want to stay inside. ridiculous in the air-conditioning, but that's not going to happen today. 90 degrees, it will be hot, this could be day 3 for philadelphia, 80 at the shore, so nice breeze off the water keeps temperatures cool their. mid 80s up in the poconos, maybe late day shower or storm, but rain chances do increase a lot of people will beat the heat by getting their run in now, like now. anita oh, along kelly drive with how they and can you stay cool. very good idea i think and eat, a good morning.
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>> if you want to get your exercise in, beating the hoo because of course as we know it is going to get hot later today warning as temperatures spike so dot risk of heat related illness and injuries. >> so cloudy, miserable weather got to be pushing 90 so great to get some sun. >> what started as mild may isn't end that way it is too hot. too hot. exhausting just walking. >> first heat of the season is here, just in time for memorial day weekends. >> enjoy it with some ice cream. >> some scrambling for the shade, others like michael aren't letting the heat and humidity stop them from a five mile run. >> i'm running right back to my air-conditioning. >> as with any extreme, the heat can cause injury, illness, even death, doctors say. the national weather service says last year 45 people died
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as a result of extreme heat, four right here in pennsylvania that's why parents are taking extra steps to keep their kids protected. >> wear the hat and we try to put on sunscreen. >> good tips to remember, experts say, stay hydrated, make sure to drink plenty of water, wear light weight and light colored clothing and don't leave kids or pets inside a hot car with the windows up. all tips to keep you and your family safe this weekend. live on kelly drive, anita o "eyewitness news". >> present of of places tone joy the weekend a sigh from the shore, spruce street harbor park penn's landing was buzzing folks there enjoying the food, drinks, games good company, open to summer fest at the river rink making pens land ago prime destination this season.
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weather ideal for the thousands waking at the up jersey shore. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is in ocean city for the unofficial start to the sum. >> i call ocean city, had to pick me up once every these, ended up being more brisk and windy here on the board walk in ocean city than i thought. you know what, when you're wearing swimsuit during the day sweatshirts at night i think it gives it the whole memorial day weekend vibe. i haven't heard any complaint just yet. >> when craving salt and sand, all roads lead to the shore. the big difference being the mode of transportation. >> we love wednesday night. >> six hours. >> wasn't bad at all. >> those able to finagle an extra long memorial day weekend got early start to the season. >> biking, boardwalk, it is beautiful. we love it. >> it was busy day on the bore walk in ocean sit, and the beach boo it appeared almost fourth of july-ish. even though that water hasn't quite warm up yet, it couldn't
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keep the diehards away. >> over at mike's seafood in sea isle, unload ago thousand pounds of lobster for the season kick off. welcoming good weather as a business booster, after a stretch of gloom. >> you can see the cars like rolling into town here, feels real good to have the people back. >> gray to be on the beach, looking forward to the season ac really good one. >> another thing you are seeing in the shore towns, a lot of cleaning going on, a lot of power washing, all getting ready for the rental season to start fresh as summer approaching. amex andrea hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we have special memorial day weekend section at >> find get away guard, barbeque recipes learn how to give back to our military
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heroes. >> small plane crashed into the hudson river near new york city, they have not confirmed if it is the plane's pilot. the vintage world war ii plane crashed late last night. as marlie hall reports, it happened not far away from fleet week activities, that honor the military. they're now underway. >> search crews scoured the hudson river, hoping to retrieve a small world war ii era plane, after it crashed into the water friday evening. >> i thought it was making a water landing, but then we saw the other plane standing around, and we saw something is wrong. >> officials say only the pilot was aboard the plane when it went down around 7 30 friday evening. >> you could see him trying to get out of the harness or whatever, whatever, seatbelt, harness, whatever, he couldn't get out. >> sources tell us they've recovered a body from the crash airplane. >> the area where the plane crashed is in a busy boating corridor where it is not un come ton see cruise ships, ferris, tour boats, pleasure
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craft. >> the accident happened less than a mile away from where captain sully sullenberger crashed flight 1549 after it hit birds shortly after take off in january of 2009. fire officials say the plane was a part of new york's annual fleet week activities, which bridges thousands of people to the intrepid sea air and space museum just down the river. marlie hall, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". new this morning, an accident on the atlantic city expressway in camden county is now under investigation. the crash happened in a westbound lane near exit 38 in winslow township, one person had to be rushed to cooper university hospital. there is no word on the extent that far person's injuries or if anyone else was hurt. >> a motorcyclist is in the hospital after an accident on roosevelt boulevard. this happened on the boulevard's southbound lanes at c street around 12 30, the motorcyclist is in stable condition, the cause of that accident is under
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investigation. a man has died of gunshot wound after a shooting in southwest philadelphia. >> police shot him at 66 and upland, then the victim they say ran down the block to 66 and greenway, investigators say the man would not say who shot him. he died at penn presbyterian medical center police are looking for the gunman. >> friends and family every hit-and-run victim want the driver to turn himself in. philadelphia police continue their search for the driver who was hit and killed in kensington, yesterday. this was a pastor, "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has new information. >> not even 24 hours before, a man lost his life. and his killer is still out there. >> he was a good imagine. he was a humble man he was a
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person, doesn't matter who he was. >> working at his usual kensington ministry front street thursday night. as he was getting out of this van, police say, someone in a saab hit leon, dragging him about 20 feet. driver kept going. leon died at local hospital. he was on the floor. everybody was frantic. >> investigators located a car parked with a saab logo on the scene. leon's brother told "eyewitness news", that he dedicated his life to helping others, he was pastor helping recovering addict get back on their feet. as authority continue the officials investigation, those who knew him are begging the driver to come forward. >> life of a good man, now you need to step up and, you know, just step up and face what you did. >> if it was an accident, whatever happened, come forward. don't be hiding, because
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sooner or later, you know, they're going get you, going to get caught. >> police are looking for a saab years 2003 to 2007 that has significant passenger side damage. if you have any information give police a call reporting at philadelphia police headquarters david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and still ahead on "eyewitness news": chaos outside after dab rally. daniel nottingham, coming up: hundreds of protesters take to the streets as donald trump returns to california. more than 70 years have passed since the atomic bomb threat end the city of hiroshima. what does it look like now? i'm a weijia jiang i
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>> back here on "eyewitness news" with surprise celebration. navy lieutenant katie calhoun often speaks at evan's elementary in marlton where her aunt is a classroom aid. yesterday they turned the tables on lieutenant calhoun, and honored her as part of the memorial day hero luncheon, each year invites military members and veterans to share their experiences with students. >> oh, my gosh, i can't believe all of this is out here for me, and i think that i try my best and i don't know if i de is her of it all, but his is so nice and i can't believe everyone was here, but this huge welcome, the
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motorcycles, the firetrucks, everything, was so beautiful. >> now, we think she deserves t lieutenant calhoun graduated from the naval academy and became a flight officer in 2012. she is accumulated 16 hundred flight hours, including five hundred and 45 combat flight hours. it will be great week toned honor all every those military heroes, justin? >> definitely, weather wise, excellent conditions today if you like it hot, on the humid side, great news, mash break out the barbeque, should be dry pretty much everywhere, maybe mountains could see isolated shower but that will come most likely during the evening hours, very small chance for. that will right now weather watcher reporters p upper 60s, mug nay lot of the backyards, williamstown, new jersey, peter at 66 degrees, dolores lee, newark, 62, one the cooler spots. lawrenceville, peter at 68 degrees, mid 60s in chesterfield, out in
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nottingham, fran, at 67 degrees, upper 60s blue bell, philadelphia, and mid 60s delran, new jersey, at allen's house. nice sunrise shaping up this morning, over most locations, few clouds around, mid to high level clouds, not going to impact our sunshine too much today shot from chesterfield, ed connor's house looks pretty good, sunshine will rapidly go to work today and warm us up to near 09 degrees. let's take you up to the poconos, good spot to be there today as well. little warm side. but looking life from big boulder over at the lake, looking mainly clear skies there, i pension maybe late this evening could be stray shower or thunderstorm so the holiday headlines, hot humid conditions, just locked into the summer like weather pattern, sunshine and clouds today, tomorrow another warm day, more clouds increase, could be shower, thunderstorm specially late afternoon, into the evening hours, and then better chance for some showers sunday night, into memorial day, so not as hot monday more clouds. we have to dodge few showers,
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potential thunderstorms specially first half of the monday. outdoor plans, no problems today. and most of the day tomorrow looks pretty good. high pressure over the mid-atlantic keeping us nice and quiet. not finding any active weather across the mid-atlantic, northeast, also in good shape. change for memorial day because of this little system right here. doesn't look like much. developing stage, could become tropical storm bonnie late today, has not formed, tropical depression, and some of the moisture could get into our area sunday night and monday. that's the reason for the showers. just have to keep an eye on there is see how fast it does strengthen, or if it strengthens at all, won't be direct hit. won't see full blown tropical storm status conditions around philadelphia, just get some showers out ahead. we will watch it lingers across the southeast coast throughout the weekend but moisture runs out ahead of it, in the 08 to near 90 tomorrow mainly dry, late in day, some of the moisture could get
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pushed northward. see showers later sunday into sunday night. then off and on showers monday even few thunderstorms poconos, looks pretty good, partly sunny skies, mid 8's, tomorrow low 80s, storm chance late in the day. monday some showers around, back to the mid 70s. if you are hitting the shore, that's where you will find the coolest temperatures, because that ocean is chitty. this is typical for this time of year, right around 06 degrees. lots of sunshine today. wear the sun block. breeze kicks up though this afternoon out of the south at 20 miles per hour. tomorrow, more clouds, watch out for few showers, mainly late in the day, 76 degrees, risk remains on the low side. rain chances start to increase later on sunday night. give it 40% chance monday, 80% chance for some showers, tuesday, wednesday, clears out, looks pretty dry, and it gets comfortable next week. so today, mixture every
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sunday, clouds, just hot, humid tonight partly cloudy skies, tomorrow morning fog along the shore points, and then some sun for the afternoon, and then watch out for some of the rain to move in here late sunday afternoon, into the evening hours. so today, no problems. just hot, humid, feeling like mid-summer, 90 degrees, tonight 68 degrees, warm, muggy, here is that extended forecast, so few more clouds tomorrow, late day shower chance monday, best chance for some showers, back to some sun on tuesday, mid 80s, middle of next week very nice, low 80s, with lower humidity, jan, back over to you. >> justin, thanks. and campaign 2016, many people wanted to see it, but now it won't happen. donald trump says he will not debate bernie sanders ahead of the california primary. decision comes as hundreds of protesters clash with police and each other, at one of his rallies in san diego. cbs news core upon dent danielle nottingham has the details. >> police wearing riot gear faced off against about a thousand protesters in san
6:20 am
diego friday evening following a donald trump rally police say several arrested there is man take nine custody after police say he climbed a railing outside the convention center. protesters, through bottles at police, during the confrontation. several different groups came to protest trump's rally including people representing muslims, african-americans, union workers, and lgbt groups. many in this crowd are taking a stand against trump views on immigration, and his plan to shut out illegal immigrants. >> make our voices heard and to up lift. >> anti-trump protesters clashed with trump supporters, after the rally. police declared an unlawful assembly, and informed protesters it was illegal to remain in the area. danielle nottingham, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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>> first sitting us president to visit hiroshima since the bomb, honored 140 thousand lives lost in 1945, during a somber ceremony held near the epi-center of the blast. the president did not offer an apology for the attack, and he used historic moment to look to the future, reinforcing hills goals to ends nuclear warfare. >> we have a responsibility to look directly into the eye of history. and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again. >> the president also met with some of the survivors of the attack. weijia jiang spoke with one woman who was therefore the somber ceremony 84 year old, remembers, the moment she re-gained consciousness, after the atomic bomb knock her out.
6:22 am
>> couldn't see anything, and couldn't hear anything, and i couldn't feel anything. >> she was 13 years old, and a quarter of her body was burned. when the dust settled, she realized the blast flattened her hometown of hiroshima. the bomb wiped out 90% of the city. nearly 71 years later, hiroshima is a modern metropolis. >> came back much better than before the war too. >> only one building left standing near the explosion, the dome, also known as the atomic bomb dome. >> today, the dome is the centerpiece of the hiroshima peace memorial park, keeping it a symbol of survival and resilience. >> the museum in the park is also filled with traces of the tragedy. hopes visitors reflect, but move forward, like she did. >> she was one of 25 young women, dubbed the hiroshima
6:23 am
made encouraging, they traveled to the u.s. for plastic surgery. when children see her scars, they say, they won't forget what happened here. >> when i heard, just cried. >> she would like to see the world rid of nuclear weapons, saying, the lessons of the past should protect our future. in hiroshima japan, weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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>> xmen are back, new characters in the mix this time around. really carlton reports from london on the latest chapter of the block buster movies. actor oscar isaac plays a chin mutant named ac pock lips. applying hours of prosthetics and make up and 40 pound costume, hemmed him transform into a villain out to take over the world. >> civilization rise, and then if it is going the wrong way, he destroys them to make room for new civilization to grow. >> he always had four principal followers. >> jennifer laurence returns as raven, to try to stop apocalypse and his pommer. >> what evolution if you see in your characters from the last move toy this movie? >> i feel like rave send growing up, not focusing on reb dwelling against charles. >> james mcvoy is back as doctor charles xavier, he says
6:27 am
xmen fans keep coming back because it is pure entertainment. olivia mun makes xmen debut as mutant named zilok. >> this movie for me so much the physical part. >> new faces in the 9 installment of xmen, don't worry, wolverine fans, hugh jackman makes a cameo like you've never seen him before. really carlson, for cbs news, london. looks like a good one. still ahead on "eyewitness news": if the outdoors are part of your memorial day plans, we will tell you why it might be best to get out early. >> and, also, still ahead, amazing discovery. what crews found under a storm battered home in new jersey. it is truly remarkable. plus this: >> summer is the season of the garden. and we've found some inspiration. i'm jonathan, in the netherlands, coming up: we'll take you inside the
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm jan carabeo, it is memorial day weekends, finally starting to feel like summer. meteorologist, justin drabick, out there on the cbs-3 skydeck with eyewitness weather, how is it feeling snow. >> feeling good this morning. you know, humidity is not that hi, just yet. it is a little bit muggy. but not too bad. nice breeze here in the city. still pleasant temperatures,
6:31 am
that's going to change, though, over the next few hours, so if you don't like the heat and humidity, get outside now, enjoy the pleasant conditions. once again on our way to around 90 degrees, in philadelphia, across the region, upper 6 60s over most locations, 62 in mount pocono, pleasant start up in the mountains, atlantic city checking in at 67 degrees, at the airport, and the suburbs, kind of in the same shape. upper 60s to about 70 degrees over most locations, 70 in palmyra, new jersey, 67 up in pottstown. winds anywhere from about 6 miles per hour or calm, they'll increase later this afternoon, especially along the jersey shore delaware beaches, winds kick it up to about 20 miles per hour. that will just knock the temperatures down little bit, right along the immediate coastline as the ocean is chilly at 59 degrees, keeps the air temperatures down to about 80 this afternoon. storm scan3, quiet, just some few mid to high-level clouds rolling on through this morning, keep it mostly sunny today, just few afternoon clouds develop due to the daytime heating so temperatures hold until the
6:32 am
60s, 70s this morning. hot and humid, upper 80s to about 90 degrees, so looks like this will be day 3 of 90 for philadelphia, that would make it the first heatwave of the season, near 80 at the shore, mid 80s at the poconos, slight chance for shower there late in the day, but better chances for some showers for the 2 half this holiday weekends, i'll time it out for in you just a few more minutes, jan, back to you. >> justin, thanks. the summer tourist season sure is starting out on a hot streak. people trying to enjoy the great outdoors this memorial day weekend also trying to stay cool. "eyewitness news" reporter, anita oh, live along kelly drive with how you can avoid overheating. andand anita i hope those jogges are remembering those important rules? >> reporter: yep, absolutely, jan. it is shaping up to be a beautiful morning out here with a great breeze. we're seeing a lot of runners hitting the pavement this morning, along the schuylkill river. to get that exercise in, before it gets too hot, as you know, we've had pretty mild month. but now things really cranking up the heat now.
6:33 am
mother nature in full swing here. but of course, as those temperatures spike, so does the risk of heat-related injury, and i will necessary, according to doctors, the national weather service says last year 45 people died because of extreme heat, four of them here in pennsylvania. so as we were out yesterday, and this morning, some parent told us they are taking extra steps to keep their kids protected, lathering on that sunday screen, adding extra hats, so while summer scrambling for shade and comfortable conditions, others like michael mccann didn't let heat or humidity stop them from taking a five mile run. >> it is really hot, like the first hot day of the year. and it is just taking it out of me today. i'm running, right back to my air-conditioning. >> it does seem like there is an air conditioner out here though. it is very nice outside. so if you have not been outside yet today, i recommend it, it is beautiful conditions out here, but of course as the heat cranks up later this
6:34 am
afternoon, experts have some tips to keep you and your family safe this holiday weekends, they say stay hydrated, make sure to drink plenty of water wearing light weight, light colored clothing and don't leave kids or pets inside hot cars with the windows up. but that's the latest here on kelly drive this morning, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> great advice, and eat, a thank you. triple a says nearly 09% of all travelers this memorial day weekends with hitting the road. it is a good time to do it, drivers are cashing in on the best gas prices in over a decade. filling up the tank is about 50 cents a gallon cheaper than last year. >> probably, well, with the bikes and everything, probably only 20 miles a gallon so not as bad as it could be but cheaper than flying for six. >> yes, that's right. the national average price of gasoline is 2.26 a gallon. and, a tank of gas will get you to the jersey shore and back, so far, so good for the summer tourist season. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan, is in cape may county where this summer is
6:35 am
full of great expectations. >> with the waves rolling in, and scarsly a cloud in the sky, beach lovers had their dream come true to kick off memorial day weekend. patty and kelsey from northeast philadelphia made it a mother-daughter day. >> so we came on the beach. it was real nice, relaxing it, wasn't too hot. >> soggy spring made some nervous about the un official kick off to summer. but the sun and visitors were -- >> open for business! >> had the shore buzz withing excitement. >> happy memorial day. >> this is huge. and with the weather that we are expecting for this weekend, it is going to be great. >> at mike's seafood and dock, hard at work in anticipation of hungary customers, they think the 2016 has the recipe for success. >> number is number one. and the fresh seafood, but we are ready for, that the fishing has been great, just unloaded lobster boat with a thousand pounds of lobster,
6:36 am
and everything else that goes with it. >> crowds at the shore are expected to be at or above record levels, thanks to improving economy, and relatively low gas prices. but the top factor for a successful summer at the shore is as you might expect the weather. >> it is awesome. to have this casino every weather, you couldn't ask for anything better. >> because it is such a beautiful weekend at the jersey shore, officials say leave little early and anticipate longer than usual drive time. sea isle, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> there is a lot to do this member memorial day weaken, special section at check out the forecast, plus get away guide, barbeque recipes and more. you can also learn how to give back to our military heroes. and, if you are going by air, it is a test for the ts a and your patience. the agency has added hundreds of screen tears help speed up those long lines at airports all across the country. airlines warn, it will get
6:37 am
more difficult to help passengers who missed flights because every those long lines, with estimated 2 and a half million people flying this weekend, there will be fewer available seats. and, check this out. a falling tree comes dangerously close to a police officer. watch as officer douglas farber there was checking out a downed tree in ring wood, new jersey, the rest of the tree came crashing down. officer farber got out of the way and avoided more serious injuries, but he did break his wrist and received 13 stitches on the top of his head. >> new jersey family makes an incredible discovery beneath their home. workers raising the monmouth county house after it was damaged by super storm sandy discovered a boat right there, believed to be dating back to the 1800s. eileen scanlan says that's not the only thing they learned about their house. >> the boat was the foundation. the edges of those walls were actually coming down and being supported by this boat.
6:38 am
>> that sin credible. archeologist haves not determined the exact age that far boat. the scanlan's are reaping out to local museums and universities, to try to learn more. coming up next: memorial day bargains. also ahead, did you know billions of pounds of produce are tossed out every year? because it is just not pretty enough? well, coming up, what some people are doing to give ugly fruits and veggies a second chance. and this: >> we're down the shore in wildwood, and having a ball. and there is a brand new 3 theme golf course that you won't want to miss. can you name them? these are wildwood eyes. >> and heating up for the holiday. but will you have to change your outdoor plans on memorial day? justin drabick is back with the latest on your rain chances, this weekend. stay with us.
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new way to lose weight that doesn't involve surgery or down time. it is a gastric balloon, and it works pretty much the way it sounds. the balloon placed down into the patient's stomach, with a scope, then filled with saline. the procedure takes about 15 minutes, with mild sedation. it is designed to make patient feel full, so they'll eat less. >> it has really broken me of my habit of eating late at night and eating too much at night and then in hindsight i realize that was really my problem. >> now, the balloon stays inside the stomach for 6 months, afterward, patient
6:42 am
meet with the nutritionist to help keep those pounds off. for viewers of the national institutes of health are finding flaws in a new study connecting cell phone radiation, to the development of tumors in rats. results show tumors showed up in rats continually expose today cell phone radiation. females were not affected. strangely, rats not expose today radiation died at a higher rate than those that were exposed, it is suggesting links between cell phones and cancer may not be as significant as previously thought. temple now the first university in pennsylvania to offer private space dedicated specifically for nursing mothers. a special sweet on the student center 2 floor officially opens wednesday. mothers can reserve the space for pumping or breast feeding, and features a full down table, two benches, mirror, more. temple says the suite is in response to an annual call for big ideas. fifth graders ran the show
6:43 am
at joyce kilmer elementary school in cherry hill. the school held its 10 annual alex's lemonade stand fundraising, collected more than 30 thousand dollars since they started doing the event >> they put the donations, and then we hands them cup of almost and aid. >> student also collected hair donations for the children with hair lost foundations, one child even donated 3 hundred dollars of her own christmas money. good for her. >> now, did you know, more than 25% of america's fruits and vegtables never even make it off the farm because of their appearance? just not pretty enough n today's "3 on your side" consumer report jim donovan tells you about campaign to get the perfect produce on grocery store shelves. >> says half of her cross go
6:44 am
to waste because of the way they look. oddly shaped strawberries, natural imperfections that lead to 6 billion pounds of wasted produce in the u.s. even though it is safe to eat, grocery stores want prettier produce. >> because it is really hard sometimes because can't you just push the flaw? >> now, into stores reduced price, to both cut waste and feed the hungry >> started social media campaign to celebrate ugly produce, his on line petition to have wal-mart sell it has more than one hundred thousand signatures. >> keep throwing so much food in the garbage. >> convinced whole foods to sell imperfect produce in california's stores for 30-50% less. in pennsylvania, giant eagle rolled out a similar program.
6:45 am
but, for ugly produce to be the norm, farmers say, consumers have to be willing to compromise, and buy into something not so perfect. >> wal-mart says it has a pilot program to sell produce with imperfections in its united kingdom stores, and now looking at how it can transfer that model to its us locations. reporting for "3 on your side", i'm jim donovan. >> compiled the biggest and best retail discount, if you are looking to p sharks topping the list, ashley home store. it is offering 25% off on line purchases, and consumers can get 35% off major appliances at best buy. and there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. saturday anthony mason and elaine key hand owe join us live from new york, with the preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan, happy memorial day weekends. coming up the day's headlines plus taking out drones with
6:46 am
nature's original flyers. details on the plan to use trained birds to stop intruding drones. >> then, ranking president's by their athletic ability. new book details which commanders in chief were the best athletes, and who were the worse. and, for half a century, she literally owned this town. but now she is forced to sell. the story behind one woman's sale after nevada town that may go for millions. >> all that plus your eye opener, the dish, and music, in our saturday session. just ahead, on cbs this morning, saturday. >> spring time coming to an end so is one of the world's largest flower gardens. some americans were among the last guests to see this season 's wonders at cokeanoff. >> more from the netherlands. >> reporter: a garden like no other. a 79 acre park featuring tulips, holland's national flower, in all shapes and colors. >> i think they're awesome.
6:47 am
i've always had a dream to see holland in the spring time. and i can't believe we're actually here. >> set outside of amsterdam, open 8 weeks every year since 1950. an as bulb bloom, the crowds grown. >> my aunt and uncle came here 50 years ago, i remember pictures when i was a kid. >> 7 million tulips planted every single year here along these winding paths finds more than 6 hundred varieties. making it the largest tulip collection in the world. >> it is a beautiful park, with many, many tulips, high since, daphodils, all flowers. >> what is it that you are doing right now? >> well, this is starting to fall, we want to keep the garden as neat as possible. >> he has been gardening for 20 years, 6 years here, has pick up tricks of the trade. >> lasagna technique, and we have several layers of bulbs
6:48 am
above each other. >> each layer means new flowers blossom every day. nature's version of fireworks. a celebration of spring, before summer, set in. >> cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> that's absolutely stunning, isn't it? really is a sign of spring and summer and finally feeling like it, as well, here in the delaware valley, justin? >> a lot of rain recently, able to water the flowers, my grass taking off, hard to keep up w but eventually we get in the hot, humid pat earn, and things start to dry out little bit. starting to get first surge of mid-summer like wet they are holiday weekends there is could be day 3 now with 90 degrees temperatures here in philadelphia. check in with weather watchers, not too bad. little muggy across most locations mid 60s, 70s, from a lot of the backyards, go around the region check out what's happening this morning. john jenkins up in perkasie, 69 degrees, looks like may have little fog, depend where you are, will quickly
6:49 am
dissipate with the rapid warm up from the sunshine we're dealing with already across the region. let's head just north of the city up to william's house in levittown, he has got mostly sunny skies also coming in upper 60s, 68 degrees, into new jersey we go, south central new jersey tabernacle, 64, few more clouds right now, weaver just mid to high level clouds across the region. could recall there in the mid 60s (outside, at lynn's house in cherry hill, full sun sun at 69. take you down to the sharp tax will be the hot spot this weekend. nice day yesterday. repeat today. live look right now, few people out on the boardwalk, getting morning work out in, whether it is a walk, a jog, or a bike ride. good morning for that. wind kicks up little bit this afternoon along the shore points. that keeps the temperatures down on the cooler side with high near 80 degrees. but feeling like summer, and the stretch continues, into the entire weekend here. thursday, we hit 09 degrees. looks like today could be day 3 for philadelphia.
6:50 am
so that would make it the first official heatwave of the season. little cooler tomorrow with some more clouds returning. and some showers late in the day and at night shower chances monday, monday the best day to sees rain, high temperatures should be upper 70s this time of year. that's not happening with this set up. big ridge in the jet stream, well to the north across the eastern half of the united states high pressure under the ridge, warm it up. typical for the middle of summer but we have to watch one little system out across the southeast coast off the coast. tropical system trying to develop there is could become tropical storm bonnie today not a loft moisture, won't be strong storm, moisture could work it way northward bring the rain into the delaware valley later sunday night in monday. keep an eye on this track. >> could linger, but moisture just gets pulled northward. >> best chance to see some wet weather, surf may kick up little bit at the jersey shore
6:51 am
delaware beaches, especially on monday. as some of the energy passes off shore. so, here is your shore forecast. today looks great. mostly sunny skies, little breezy, high near 80. tomorrow some more clouds, most of the day should stay dry, could be shower late in the day. better chance for some showers around specially monday morning. temperatures there little bit cooler, lower 70s, due to the clouds cover. good day to hang out at home maybe. don't want to deal with the holiday crowds, maybe got your backyard pool going. 90 degrees today, hot, humid, sun and clouds, uv index very high. make sure to have the sun block on. forecast today future weather model showing nothing but sunshine mix with few clouds, maybe stray shower up in the poconos this evening, tomorrow morning, heads up for the shore . you may wake up to some fog. jersey shore, delaware beaches, wind shift more out of the southeast, bringing moisture off the ocean, should break out to little sunshine early afternoon, here comes some of the showers in here, sunday, 6. so outdoor barbeque plans, evening, may have some wet weather to deal with in some spots. today, though, hot. upper 80s to near 90 degrees
6:52 am
tonight still mild. 60s to about 70. then tomorrow, little cooler, you can see the clouds building in from the south. that knocks the temperatures down little bit. but still on the warm side, certainly mid 80s, today sun, clouds, 90 degrees for the city. tonight, 68, partly cloudy, warm, muggy, here is the extended forecast, again later tomorrow best chance for the rain, most of the day should stay dry. 81 memorial day, we will dodge some showers maybe storm, looks good though starting tuesday through next week. temperatures around low 80s with low humidity, jan, back over to you. >> justin, thank you. >> while it is not quite summer yet vittoria celebrating beach season, headed down to kick off the start of the long memorial day weekends and found brand new mini golf course for the whole family. >> it is summertime, it is the time, how exciting is this? >> we are so ready for sum earl, you can't believe it. >> i can believe it.
6:53 am
>> it has been long winter. >> this has been really long and fun project. but, it is time to be open. >> opening across from the beach balls is the star luck mini golf course. 27 hole spot with 3 sunny destinations. you can watch for sharks in the ocean and even go fish. catch you later, gone fishing. >> you can hit the beach. >> beach course, which is all about one hundred foot long custom built sand do you know that has sea life carved into it, upstairs is the wacky tacky and crowded boardwalk. >> get this, even dog friendly until 6. meet the ground keeper. >> i get a hole in one, will you get me and the grounds keep area ice cream? >> well -- yes. >> you said it, jack. now, unfortunately the grounds keeper has some work to do. so i grabbed brother and sister john and marie for friendly competition. first hole in one, gets ice cream on jack more i. i'll tell him later. now, for marie?
6:54 am
what? (cheers). >> wow. looks like two ice cream cones. where's jack? >> dad -- i mean, we didn't need to dig into your pock for those ice cream cones, how do you feel? >> feel great. >> tell me about having fun at the beach with your kids and your family? >> best thing in the worlds. >> isn't it, though? >> it is, it really is. >> wildwood! >> that vittoria wood he will has the best job, doesn't she? looks like a lot of fun. back with the best time to take in mini golf this
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> time for one last check on the forecast. justin, best day to get out for outdoor activities? i know it will be hot today. >> depends how you look at it, if you like the heat, any time, it will be dry,
6:57 am
obviously talking 990 degrees, so this morning into the evening, best chance times to be outside if you want to beat the heat. >> and if you have a pool or by the ocean? >> that's great. ocean will be little cool. but, at least on the beach, yes, pretty warm. make sure you have the sun block around. check it out, storm scan3, what we like to see on holiday weekends, not much happening. just few clouds today. a lot of sunshine. we keep it nice and dry. memorial day, that's whether we have some showers around. maybe have a back up plan, just in case some of the showers stick around that might i impacter the barbeque. >> we may be signing off on tv but always on line at cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekends.
6:58 am
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