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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 29, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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>> hi. >> hi. >> hey look, look. >> like rock more than girls. >> and one bachelor doesn't play by the rules. >> hey, girl. >> i'm sure she gave alex the first impression. >> stay away from alex. >> he is a bad boy. >> the "the insider" on yahoo! >> have a great weekend. >> everybody. >> yahoo!
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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> the ocean city boardwalk is bustling tonight as memorial day weekend kicks off with a
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beautiful evening after what was a very hot day but a change is coming. tropical storm bonnie is churning toward the east coast as we speak and she is already bringing heavy rain to parts of the carolinas. good evening, i'm rahel solomon. natasha brown has the night off. let's get right to meteorologist lauren casey in our weather center to help us time out the rain that is heading our way. lauren. >> thanks so much. yeah, today was certainly a scorching day. 90-degree heat in may and not just today. this is three consecutive days in a row and that defines a heat wave. so, it's officially, yeah, heat wave in philadelphia. our average high temperature 77 degrees. remember most of the month of may? dreary, wet, cool conditions. wow, what a transition over the last several days and it is extremely mild at this late our getting a live look at center city philadelphia on this start to the holiday weekend. 74 degrees right now but dewpoints have dropped off pretty dramatically, dropping 6 degrees in just the last two hours, so actually feels a
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little bit more comfortable when you step outside in the city. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions. we had thunderstorms over the poconos, a few stronger storms producing street flooding but now all is quiet with a few passing clouds. can't say the same for folks along the south carolina coastline georgia coastline as well due to tropical storm bon northeast latest advisory from the national hurricane center wind speeds up just a tick, 45 miles per hour. sustained movement is stationary moving it's not moving. with this system the main impact is going to be the heavy rainfall and rip currents along the southeastern coastline. wind is not going to be a huge factor. the system will continue to move along the coastline kind of weakening as it goes moving very slowly. still to our south at least the center of circulation by monday and tuesday but the moisture will not stay to the south of the delaware valley making for a wet memorial day holiday and i'll time out the heaviest rainfall and when we could see some thunderstorm activity coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> all right, lauren, thank you. we will check in with you
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then. many people are firing up their grills or heading down the shore to celebrate the unofficial start of summer. others meantime are checking out activities around the city. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at franklin square park. hi, trang. >> reporter: hi, rahel. it was scorching hot all day long but with the sundown it made for perfect weather to attend a outdoor festival. there were lines out the door of the chinese lantern festival. huge lines outside the chinese lantern festival at franklin square park. >> very packed, very packed. looks nice though. seen it riding by a lot. hopefully the kids enjoy it. >> reporter: people looking to kick off memorial day weekend with some outdoor activity in the city. >> we loved it. we actually saw lantern festival when we were in china and it was very similar to this and so the girls loved it. >> i think it's beautiful. i think we came at the right time. it's gorgeous out. we just came from south street. it's a great day to be in
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philly. >> it's been wonderful finally after all the rain. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: the rain isn't staying away for long, though. with a wet forecast for monday, many say they plan to stay home but still have a cookout. >> on monday we'll do the burgers hot dogs and potato salad and everything else. >> i don't care at all. [laughter] actually going to be grilling. going to be grilling something. >> reporter: and the festival here wrapped up at 11:00 but you can see people filing out just hanging out around here enjoying this beautiful weather. but for now we're live from franklin square park, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> trang thank you. the jersey shore tourism season off to a sizzling starter. thousands are packing the boardwalks and the beaches. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff tells us businesses getting creative with technology to cash in on the holiday weekend. >> reporter: they are the smells. >> i first smell the caramel, you come closer and you smell
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the popcorn brewing. >> reporter: that television just can can't convey. >> i put my windows down to get that whiff of the basement it's a welcome home to those who take their memorial day with a side of sand and salt water and make bumper to bumper bearable. >> yeah, we hit a lot of traffic. >> reporter: was it worth it. >> yeah, it was. >> reporter: for young families the stress of travel doesn't end once the car is parked. >> you got beach chairs, we got umbrellas, we got towels, shovels, buckets all the kids toys. >> reporter: the ocean city company beach caddie is cashing in on this early swimsuit weather offering a new app that transports and assembles that cumbersome beach gear. >> you can book them right then and there or you have the option to schedule a pickup for a future date and time. >> reporter: it is the kind of innovation that has kept shore businesses strong. after severe weather in the off season and only hints of sun over the past month, this has been a collective sigh of
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relief. no one carries out this memorial day tradition for the love of crowds or travel logistics. it runs a bit deeper than that. so, to outsiders who say that the jersey shore smells, well, it does. >> smells like. >> reporter: in ocean city, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and don't forget, visit for our memorial day guide. we've got all the cool spots to check out and recipes for you to try this holiday weekend. now to a developing story. authorities are investigating a horrific case of animal abuse in delaware county. someone set two dogs on fire in the backyard of a home in chester tonight. "eyewitness news" on the 2800 block of west sixth street. right now the search is on for the person who killed the dogs and a reward will be offered for information in the case. dad to the rescue. a huge tree limb fell on a burlington county man as he pushed his four-year-old son to safety. it happened in the picnic area at neshaminy state park in
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bensalem bucks county this afternoon. the good samaritans were able to lift the limb off the man before first responders arrived on the scene. fortunately father and son were treated for only minor injuries. >> we will reinspect all the trees in the area. we do it over and over again but we wander to be sure that nobody else would be in danger so that area is secured for right now. it will be off limits for the rest of the weekend so that we can be sure that the area is safe. >> a six-year-old daughter was also with the family. she was not hurt. another manhole cover gets blown off a philadelphia street because of an underground explosion. this time it happened at 63rd and race just before 12 o'clock this afternoon. peco says a damaged underground power cable called 1,000 customers to temporarily lose power. now it's not known what caused the damage. this is the third manhole explosion in a week. it happened in washington square west sunday and near 30th street station last saturday. no one was injured in any of the incidents. a jogger hit by a car on
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roosevelt boulevard yesterday died from her injuries today. police say the 20-year-old woman ran into the side of a car while crossing the boulevard near d street in olney. she was thrown into the windshield and suffered major head injuries. police are investigating and have not filed any charges as of yet. and take a look at this. crews pulled a car from the darby creek in haverford township today. police say the driver crashed through a fence on old chester pike and went into the water. the driver suffered minor injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a vintage plane that crashed yesterday into the hudson river has been recovered. a large crane aboard an army corps of engineers vessel pulled the wreckage out of the water today. the world war ii had taken off from republic airport in long island and sent up a distress signal before going down. the body of the pilot 56-year-old william gordon of florida was recovered yesterday and the cause of the crash is under investigation. on tuesday, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane says she will release a report
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on the porn gate scandal. two supreme court justices and several others lost their jobs after pornographic e-mails were found on state servers. now the e-mails are a major part of kane's defense as she faces trial on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. and campaign 2016 the presidential candidates are battling for california this holiday weekend. >> legendary actor dick van dyk is apparently very excited to support bernie sanders. as you can see there he did a little dance while introducing the democrat in santa barbara today. sanders criticized hillary clinton and donald trump for their fundraising activity. trump and clinton are not holding public events today and california and new jersey vote on june 7th. more than 1900 migrants have been rescued in 16 operations coordinated by the italian coast guard. the rescues involve coast guard navy commercial tug boats and ngo vests.
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most of the rescues were made off the libyan coast in the southern mediterranean sea and some of the migrant boats did capsize. dozens of people are still reportedly missing. severe weather is impacting two regions of the country this holiday weekend. four people are dead following flooding in texas and kansas and tonight there are warnings posted for the south carolina coast as tropical storm bonnie churns off shore. we get the latest now from cbs news correspondent wendy gillette. >> reporter: the rain cleared saturday in harris county texas near houston but the damage was already done. vehicles sat submerged after water turned roads into streams. the floods stranded some like this man, a truck brought him through the water to a rescue boat which delivered him to the other side where he was reunited with a woman. it was one of dozens of water rescues the past couple days since the heavy rains started thursday. this family also needed help after they became trapped. >> scared for my house but we're good. >> reporter: in central kansas search teams are still
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looking for an alleged-year-old boy swept away by a swollen creek friday night. >> we'll be out here all day and as long as it takes until we find him. >> reporter: the surf is already roaring in charleston county south carolina where tropical storm warnings are in effect as bonnie moves in. the rough conditions were not enough to keep some away determined to celebrate their holiday weekend. but riptide currents off of tibi island in georgia generated by the storm proved too dangerous. lifeguards ran into the water to bring swimmers closer to the shore and safety. wendy gillette for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> still to come tonight on "eyewitness news," children climbing single file down a shear rock cliff with nothing to keep them safe. find out why they make this trek dozens of times every year. lauren. >> and our spring heat streak will continue tomorrow. we'll talk about that plus bonnie will bring some tropical moisture our way for the holiday. the details in your full forecast coming up. >> ahead in sports, another
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tough day for the phillies. where is the offense? lesley van arsdale has the details. stay with us.
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>> the second time was the charm for a new addition to the international space station. nasa inflated the expandable section known as beam today. the habitat needs to be pumped up like a balloon and a first attempt to inflate beam failed
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on thursday. pluto is ready for its close flays is' new horizon spacecraft is giving us a view of pluto's surface. these images were taken a year ago from 10,000 miles away but were just released today. very neat. elementary school students in southwestern china are literally risking their lives just to get to school. how is this for a morning commute. the children have to descend a half mile cliff on unsteady ladders made of vines. the trip is so demanding they only go home twice a month. parents volunteer on each trip to supervise the children. hm. a washington state man is lucky to be alive after falling over not one, not two, three waterfalls. his plunge was caught on camera. he jumped to a rock in the middle of the falls and he says he realized he was stuck but instead of waiting for help he tried to get out on his own. instead he fell. >> head went first. i went kind of like this, like a turtle on his back. and rolled and then did a slow
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front flip. i was like wow, i'm alive, okay, cool, i made it. then i didn't realize it was actually a triple falls. >> he fell two more times. the second fall shattered his feet and on the third he nearly drowned. he managed to get out of the water somehow where rescuers found him and carried him to safety. south jersey is saluting local veterans this memorial day weekend. today sally's supermarkets honored dozens of members of the five branches of the military in with a luncheon. celebrations took place simultaneously at the supermarkets in gloucester and camden counties. veterans received a $200 bank gift card and many thank yous. volunteers cooked up a holiday meal for homeless veterans today. volunteers in olde city. the volunteers served hot dogs sausages and other barbecue grille favorites. this effort is led by chef mertz humans for people.
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very good cause. lauren, what a good day to barbecue. perfect weather this week. >> absolutely. >> maybe not so much monday. >> in transition a little bit but you'll still need the sunscreen tomorrow. had to slather it on today. day number three in a row so officially ailette wave. 92 in allentown, 85 the high temperature on this first dave our three-day weekend in mount pocono. little cool interwildwood but stale really nice beach day with a high temperature at 79 degrees. and we're still very mild at this late hour. 74 degrees in philadelphia. upper 70's in the lehigh valley. a little bit cooler down the shore catching a little bit of that sea breeze, ocean temperature still pretty chilly only for the brave, 58 degrees. temperatures down the shore upper 60's to near 70 degrees right now but if you're headed pool side again tomorrow, good place to be. 68 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. could see a few pop-up thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. so, do keep an eye out for that.
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otherwise we will enjoy times of sunshine for our sunday. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions after we did have some stronger thunderstorm activity up in the higher elevations but now all is quiet and we are getting a little bit of a break from the humidity, a brief one in philadelphia and points south and east where dewpoints have dropped off into the 50 over the last self hours but still feeling muggy up towards the lehigh valley and berks county with dewpoints in the low 60's but with all of that surface moisture around, we are going to see some areas of fog developing overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning especially down the shore where we could have visibilities less than a half a mile as we head into tomorrow morning. so, keep that in mind if you are commuting but that fog will dissipate as we head into the mid to late morning hours tomorrow. so, overnight tonight mostly clear, some patchy fog down to 68 degrees. for tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds with spotty thunderstorms a high temperature at 86 degrees. still running about 10 degrees above our average and above average for monday. that's about the only good element of the forecast. 81 degrees, heavy rain and
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thunderstorm activity especially for the first half of the day so bulk of the moisture will arrive as we head into tomorrow night and then continue through the midday hours on monday, so future weather showing us a quiet start to the day, save for that fog down the shore tomorrow morning. nice round of sunshine as we head into the midday and early afternoon hours. could see some spotty storms breaking out as we head into late afternoon evening hours and then more of that moisture really starting to build in after midnight tomorrow night. notice those heavy pockets of rain with those brighter reflectivities orange and red colors. looking ahead towards monday morning again dealing with some shower activity. thunderstorm activity as well with some heavy periods of rain. for the afternoon, better conditions. i think we could see some breaks of sunshine but still some scattered shower and thunderstorm activity for the afternoon. the evening quiets down a bit, maybe you can have a little bit of a barbecue on the last evening of your three-day weekend but rainfall totals, there's going to be a pretty big gradient across the delaware valley just due to the downpour nature of the
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rain that's going to be moving in but we're expecting the heaviest rainfall totals along the coast where we could pick up close to 2-inchs in some locations and we'll see the lesser amounts up towards the lehigh valley with potentially half a inch of rainfall late monday. tomorrow spotty storms, morning fog down the shore. otherwise a mix of sun and clouds. high temperatures very warm near 80 degrees along the coast, low 80's in the poconos and then there's our soggy holiday on monday. but on the backside of that conditions very nice. high pressure returns. 85 with the humidity dropping on tuesday. a nice round of sunshine on wednesday and thursday with lower humidity values and temperatures a little bit closer to average. >> okay you know what though after this last month i think we could handle a day or two of rain for sure. >> yeah, all right, thanks. lesley will talk about sports. >> eagles ready to get back to work on tuesday and how will jim schwartz's defense help eagles former draft pick marcus? that's coming up. defense not a problem for the phillies.
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offense is. the struggle ver
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>> lesley joining us again lesley the phils just can't catch a break. >> not doing so well on the road right now absolutely. phils spending the weekend in chicago taking on the cubs. they are the best team in baseball right now and they have shown the fightans that well, they're not quite there yet. herrera led off the game with a bunt single and he gets picked off. not a good way to start the game. eickhoff got the start. in the first fowler hit a solo homer. one life nothing cubs. later in the first, we have ben zorbros with a double to left to drive in another run. offensively challenged phillies trailing two-nothing. heyward hit a line drive over
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david low to score addison russell. it's three life nothing. kyle hendrix gave up a run on five hits for a second career complete game as chicago beat the phillies four-one. fightans have now lost six out of eight. dodgers taking on the mets. chase utley's first game in citi field after last year's playoff series where he broke the leg of reuben at a had at a. chase got his revenge right here hitting two home runs and drove in a run as los angeles beat new york nine to one. eagles are off this week then resume ota's on tuesday down to the novacare complex. one player looking to have a good season marcus smith. many question that selection and he hasn't done much to silence his critics just eight tackles and one and a half sacks under davis' system but now jim schwartz is running that defense and marcus says
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that new system is better suited for him. >> free flowing and we don't really drop into coverage as much we just go in and get the ball and his philosophy is you hit the ball on the way to the quarterback. >> this is a scheme that greatly limits what he's asked to do. very easy in theory. difficult in execution. but easy in theory. and should allow him to play fast, attack spots. >> down at the linc they're hosting the ncaa men's lacrosse championship and the first game north carolina taking on loyola. tarheels chris clou t. i. er scoring nine goals on 13 shots leading carolina to an 18-13 win. they'll play maryland in a championship game. arena football soul on the road taking on the gladiators. marvin ross returns a interception for a touchdown.
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soul will lose their seconds game of the season. third round of the dana deluca invitational. spieth looking for his first professional win. jordan with the chip rolls into the cup for a birdie. jordan shot a five under 65. you can see the final round tomorrow right here on cbs3. to the pitch, the union in mile high air of denver facing colorado in extra time union down a cole. carol can can you can coming up clutch. union get the point with the one-all tie. remains in first place in the eastern conference. sounds so good to say, first place. >> absolutely. and that's not easy because that denver air is thin. >> sure is. >> lesley thank you. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" an incredible feat of brain power to honor our fallen heroes. find out why a navy veteran
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>> ♪ >> a navy veteran is marking memorial day in a touching way. ron white is writing the flames of more than 2300 fallen veterans from afghanistan on a wall but he does it all from memory. the traveling wall is on display in colorado springs. ron says it took him 10 months to memorize all the names and he can write t
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>> castle fit for kids of all ages. take a look this bouncesy castle is the world's largest. it was unveiled at a music festival in england. it is 62 feet by 62 feet by 39 feet is that taller than the great wall of china. 100 people can bounce around unside at the same time and probably good weather to get in a bouncy house this weekend. >> you're going to break a sweat for sure tomorrow with a high temperature 86 degrees, humid once again, a mix of sun and clouds. watching out for spotty storms. heavier rain moves in tomorrow night and continues into the first part our memorial day holiday unfortunately. 81 degrees on the holiday and then a nice stretch of more comfortable and sunny weather as we head into midweek next week. >> comfortable is always good. lauren thanks. >> thanks guys. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now. i'm rahel solomon for lesley lauren and everyone here


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