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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 29, 2016 5:05am-6:01am EDT

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>> showed a relaxed vibe on the carpet. i was wondering what your red carpet pregame was. what do you do before coming on red carpets like this to be so chill? >> i sit in the car on the way home going oh, man, oh, man, are we getting close? oh, god, here it, all right. here we go. >> all right. well, this weekend johnny's movie is going up against "x-men: apocalypse." >> if the apocalypse hit tomorrow, what are the last three things you do would do? >> i'd take this dress off. >> jlaw opting for elegance in a satin dior. but she had to skip lunch to wear it. >> if have i anything in my stomach, constituent wear it. and i'm still struggling. >> co-star olivia munn about is her adversary. sophie turner, evan peters and james mcavoy also star. a lot of buzz about this movie.
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also buzz about jlaw's appetite. >> my favorite headline will always be look how much pizza jennifer lawrence ordered. >> that was a real thing? how much did you order? >> well, i was with people. so the pizza car came twice. look how much pizza jennifer lawrence ate. >> none of that matters. who are the friends you're going to keep after this experience? who is in and who is out? >> the three of us -- >> we're like the cool. >> yeah, we're fun. >> and everyone just gravitates towards us. >> yeah, that's true. >> like you you, and you. >> what? >> you had some major bruises. >> i did. >> what was aaron's reaction? >> when i would miss up and hit over and over, he saw it. he was proud of me for the dedication. >> and the outfit? think madonna, givenchy. >> it would not be the first time madonna has copied
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something i've worn. >> just because there isn't a war doesn't mean there peace. >> the ancient mutant set on destroying the human race. jlaw, it's her third time bearing it all in blue. but the sexy villain olivia plays has some sinister powers of her own. >> the thing i have always loved she very lethal. an amazing fighter. she has ninja assassin skills and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. >> looks like they had so much fun filming this thing. this movie is expected to rake in more than $120 million this weekend alone. all right now. to a miniseries coming back to tv this holiday weekend after nearly 40 years. remember ruth's groundbreaking television event from back in 1977 which shattered ratings records? the finale still ranks as the second most watched finale series in u.s. history. monday, the remake will air across three different cable network, and kevin fraser went behind the scenes.
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>> i'm your family. run! >> the story of kunta kinte's abduction from africa into slavery is being retold for a new generation. in 1977, lavar burton played kunta. this time he is an executive producer, and british actor malachi kirby plays the iconic role. >> what tip did you give him? >> the only tip i can possibly give malachi is to make it his own. >> forrest whittaker is the role louis gossett junior. and ben vereen takes on chicken george. the original is mostly shot on the disney lot, where as this was shot here in louisiana. but also in south africa. ♪ the slave ship scenes were done in cape town, south africa. in louisiana, seven different plantstations were used. they have been historically preserved down to the original
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slave cabin. >> that's a real slave cabin. >> yes it is. >> how many people lived in that? >> no telling. probably about 20. >> today they're shooting one of the most emotional scenes of the entire miniseries. this is when kunta kinte's daughter kizzy has been sold and now she is about to leave the plantation. part of "root's" realism comes from costume designer ruth carter. explain what these are. >> this is a slave tag. and on the tag it said the name of the person who owned you. >> some of the 21,000 plus costumes are stored in this huge new orleans warehouse. every outfit is historically accurate. and seeing actors dressed as slaves, walking through the plantation was like watching ghosts from the past. >> this ground is alive with the blood of our ancestors. >> coming up, our summer movie preview special continues with a look on ghostbuster, and "bad
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and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. you're never going to find any peace, not until you admit to yourself who you really are. >> oh, boy. now there is a movie that should heat up the summer box office. jason bourne fans, here what you got to do. mark your calendars for july 29th. that's when the fifth bourne movie hits theater. >> they're always so good too. and you know what? matt damon has been playing this character for more than a decade, let's go back to the start of the franchise. it's our bourne flashback. >> that's jason bourne. >> it is a big jason bourne movie. bigger than we've ever done. >> action! >> that's matt damon now, dodging explosions in athens, greece. at 45, he is back as jason bourne for the fourth time. and that was matt in 2002,
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fresh-faced at 32, playing bourne for the first time, fighting bad guys in zurich, switzerland. >> i actually didn't get hurt at all. the people they had working with me were really good. and, you know, no stunts gone bad. >> amazingly, back then matt wasn't sure if he would do another movie. >> i did it because i loved the script and the director. i wasn't trying to make any play at being the next action hero. if i get another script as good as this one, i'll do it. >> the first three flicks earned almost a billion dollars at the box office. and after leaving the franchise, while jeremy renner stepped in for 2012, "the bourne legacy" matt is back in the latest simply called "jason bourne". >> i like jason bourne. >> the newest member of the cia team trying to track down jason bourne is alicia. >> what if he is not coming for us. what if it's something else? >> who knows if this will be the last time he'll play bourne, but he definitely seems happy how it
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ends. >> this time he gets all the answers to the original question of identity. so that's really, really exciting. >> and next year matt damon has an even bigger project, if that's even possible, right, on his hands. it's a science fiction movie called "the gray wall." and expectedly, it's shooting entirely in china. it has a monster budget of reportedly $135 million, the most expensive film ever shot there. >> that's saying a lot, by the way. up next, we're on the set of the new "star trek" movie with chris pine and the staff giving us behind the scenes detail. >> this is a secret that everybody may not know about. and meet the hot new ben hur. what he told us about the pressures of taking over charlton heston's classic role.
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sip into summertime with dunkin's frozen coolatta. freeze up the flavors of summer with a blue raspberry or any other small frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. fire at will! do it, do it. >> check out "star trek." it sought july 22nd. it's the 13th film in this franchise. >> incredible. >> pretty amazing.
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it's also the third film in the rebooted series. and one of the big films to watch out this summer no doubt. >> and "e.t." was as always first on the trip. from kevin frazier's trip there, just walking on the star ship enterprise can get to your head. >> "e.t." is first on the set of "star trek beyond". >> who is the captain now? >> that would be chris pine. >> the set is so enormous. >> what kind of new things are we going to see on the enterprise? >> this is new. i haven't seen this before. the weapons bay. so this is kind of neat. the big phasers are brand-new. >> and here is another set secret. >> the buttons really work, look. >> the screen. >> just ordered a sandwich. >> this is future tetris. >> action. we're getting launched. >> and here is news. sulu has a daughter.
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we never knew about that. >> explain this picture. sulu has a baby. >> she has a cutie. >> got it out of a picture frame at walgreen's. >> the bridge is one of five sets that make up the star ship enterprise. the other parts are housed on three other sets. how are you keeping all this secret? people are going kooky about this. >> first of all, we're not showing what the uniforms look like or the british. >> good stuff. >> karl urban shared another secret, how they code each copy of the script. >> get red scripts that have our names printed on them. they're specific spelling mistakes incorporated into each draft. so if it were to get out, they could still track it back to whose script it was. >> wow. >> it's crazy. >> it's like the 50th anniversary. there is going to be some throwback stuff. i think everybody behind the scenes, you know, wanted to pay true homage to the '60s. >> we've come a long ways in the
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five decades that "star trek" has been with us. and yes, at the time when it was created, it did the unthinkable. >> "star trek beyond" launches into theaters july 22nd. >> how are we going to get out of this one? >> man, get. this "star trek" turned 50 this fall. think about that for a second. and chris pine told us that trek fans are going to love this movie. one of the many reasons, because there is going to be lots of throwbacks. >> we love the throwbacks. now to a movie that cosmetic o came out then? remember ben hur? it was released in 1959 and starred the iconic charlton heston. august 19th, you'll be able to see the big screen reimagining of the classic. and actor jack houston is the new man playing ben hur. nancy o'dell talked about the role that got charlton and oscar. >> no pressure there, right? >> no pressure at all. it's an incredible honor to be
5:20 am
stepping into charlton heston's sandals. >> we first saw you at work when you were on the set in italy. >> action! >> you stayed away. you should have killed me. >> what can we expect? >> we're really excited. this is a movie that has such a beautiful message. it's a grand epic. >> what is your name? >> ben hur. >> you know we have done nothing wrong. >> calling for blood. >> crucify them. >> it's about the love of two brothers who fall out. and it's a misunderstanding that ben hur basically as a slave and his family off to the cross. and it's this incredible story of redemption. >> it's a giant leap from the charlton heston movie. this reimagined story is closer to the novel, ben hur, the tale of the christ. >> the world you live on is wrong. their power.
5:21 am
>> i won't let him go unpunished for what he has done for us. >> was it is a quick death? >> if your brother is the pride of rome, you beat him and you'll defeat an empire. then you will have your vengeance. >> you should have stay away. >> you should have killed me. >> i will. >> how real was it? everybody is used to everything being so digital. was it really that real? >> everything is incredibly authentic. like we really did everything in there. when you see me and tobey with four horses going around the track. >> you're doing it. >> and nothing preparious for that. >> you're making me sweat thinking about it. >> pretty serious. >> 32 horses pull eight real chariots at over 40 miles per hour on a track just outside of rome. >> we were there. and the power, you realize why cars are still referred to as horsepower. >> come on! are we having fun now, brother? stand up now!
5:22 am
>> it looks amazing. can i tell you? and by two of the most amazing producers. >> roma downey, mark burnett. >> we adore them. i know they love you. >> it will be really nice to share this film with the next generation. >> it definitely will. still ahead, our summer preview continues with "central intelligence" stars, the rock and kevin hart. we're digging up her high school photos. oh, boy. then this dwayne johnson movie isn't out until next year. "baywatch." but we are on the sizzling set with the insanely attractive cast getting a scoop on the cameos, the new bathing suits, and zac efron's abs. look at him over there. it's ridiculous. >> that's on the way. >>. closed captioning provided by --
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>> stop doing that. that. >> is "neighbors 2: sorority rising" with zac efron. it came out last weekend. zac fans, you're going to get another chance to see him in a lot less clothing. >> you probably feel how is that possible? well, that's when "baywatch" hits theaters. we've seen some pictures of zac and dwayne johnson on instagram. pamela anderson is back on the beach. but kevin frazier was first to hit the set of the reboot. >> we're hanging in miami beach with the sexy stars of "baywatch." the ladies are right over there. not these guys. no, no, i'm talking about the ladies. >> the ladies, yes, they are. >> hey. >> you're getting pumped in between take. >> got to do it, man. got to do it. >> i get up at 3:45 in the morning and i go in the shower, make myself wet, take some selfies like i worked out, go back to bed. >> he is joking. he plays mitch, the head lifeguard originally played by david hasselhoff in the series. >> rocking the hoff.
5:27 am
i was born red. >> the hoff has a cameo and so does pamela anderson. zac is matt. >> grittier, funnier. >> raunchier. >> what are you talking about? what language. >> of course, there will be a beach full of "baywatch" babes. kelly rohrbach is pamela's role. >> cj is the mort flirtatious and free-spirited of them all. hers is a little smaller. >> stephanie played by alexandra paul is the more conservative one of the bunch. so everybody is afraid that there aren't going to be enough, they are coming. they are just not mine. >> here is the tough part of alexandra dedario's gig. she is zac's love interest in the movie. >> that is terrible. it's awful. look at him over there. it's ridiculous. >> of course, fans are a
5:28 am
constant in miami on the beach. unfortunately, so were the prying paparazzi i just noticed there are all the paparazzi. everywhere you guys move on set. >> at first i was give me my robe between every take. now whatever. >> even more motivation not to eat ice cream. >> how it is doing the slow motion run? have you done one of those yet? >> yeah. >> oh, yeah. ♪ you ran a lot faster than me. >> it's so stupid. >> my favorite memory about "baywatch" was the music. when it first starts. ♪ and then the music. ♪ >> but that was my favorite part. it was my calling. and to watch everyone run in slow motion. >> she came so close to living out her slow-mo beach scene. but she is not playing a lifeguard. she is the bad guy. >> the big scene. and there is a villain whose got a gun pointed at me. but it's not just any villain. and it's not just any person there is only one woman in the
5:29 am
world that can handle this kind of pressure, this kind of action. >> evil never looked so good. >> evil looks so good. they really get into the whole trash talk frenemy thing. >> i know you're not used to this, mr. rock. but i smell what you're cooking, okay? so watch out because i got you. you going down. and he was like oh, yeah? >> she plays the villainous victoria, the opposite of her role as fbi recruit alex on "quantico". >> my role doesn't have me as victoria at all. she doesn't get her hands dirty because she has a manicure. and somebody else does the dirty work. >> one more set secret that made zac efron and the rock popular. you know you got to get that pump on. they use resistance bands. >> i love that we can do it together. >> we got a show to do here. >> sit here and i'll work out. and besides dwayne's workout, he
5:30 am
is a busy guy. june 17th look for him and kevin hart in "central intelligence." again, kevin frazier got the only invite to the set. and from the looks of things, it was a blast. >> here we are at "central intelligence." shut us down, the fire trucks are around. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] out of my video! >> it's every day, laughing, having fun. >> watch your mouth. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> now in the movie, dwayne and kevin play two guys who went to high school together. what do you think happened when i pulled out their real high school photos? i want to ask you about this grown 30-year-old man taking a high school picture. >> somebody's dad. >> looks like a drug smuggler. [ laughter ] >> look at this hairline, man. that was when my mom was cutting my hair. >> thankfully, he is getting better with age. but you won't be able to unsee this in the movie. you were the coolest kid in high school. >> like a total transformation.
5:31 am
>> you used to be. ♪ never going to get it, never going to get it ♪ >> dwayne's a geek who turns into a cia agent, and he drags kevin, a mild mannered accountant into the world of espionage. >> you ready? >> no. >> let's go. >> no, i said no! >> i caught up with these two again. it was time for a little friendly competition. i'm going to ask you a question. whoever can convince me, state a better case will win a prize. who was more popular in high school in real life. i'm going to let you go first. >> 100% me. >> why? >> i was the most popular kid in high school. i wasn't the cool guy. but being fun made me cool. true story. it's a fact. look it up. >> look, i can't argue with that he was funny in high school. but here is the truth. i was more popular. because, you know, this voice that i'm doing right now, kevin. that's how -- [ laughter ] that's how i talked in high school. >> the green. >> this is an important question.
5:32 am
who's -- >> here is the thing. i'm a [ bleep ] when it comes to working out. i lift the gym. i lift everybody in it. >> i'm very much in shape. i'm a specimen. but he is doing everything properly. i'm going to give it. >> he only says that because he is [ bleep ] eating potato chips. i mean, once every week. i don't know you're going to keep this. but that's special. look at that. >> who has more jobs? >> oh, without a shout of a doubt, i do. so many jobs. i work even when i sleep. when i'm sleeping, i'm working. >> he has his job. i do so much that i've given the title job away. >> he has a career. careers. >> oh, yes. that's a good angle. yes. that's good. that's good. >> i must be for the people. >> it's not a job. >> it's not a job. it's not a job.
5:33 am
>> let's just stop on there. >> give him the plate. >> give him the plate. >> these two stars never stop. dwayne also has the fast and furious coming up. kevin just finished his world tour. and then he has two animated movies coming soon, "captain underpants" and "the secret life of pets." it's really funny. and set to be in a jumanji reboot. >> man, good to be working, right? no kidding. on the way, will smith talks suicide squad. >> people are excited about the film. >> excited is a massive understatement. >> people are freaking out. then megan fox talks teenage mutan ninja turtles and her new baby on the. >> are you excited? >> that's next. but first -- ♪ ♪ got a hold on me >> with two billion view, brothers daniel, alejandro and fabian of boys avenue are the most viewed indy band on youtube. >> it was so exciting. every view, every comment. we read every comment.
5:34 am
every day we would wake up and how many view news. >> we would wake up in the morning and oh, my gosh, look at everything that happened. >> the new album road less traveled is thought now and the tour takes off september 9st. >> the songs are getting a more
5:35 am
5:36 am
guys, i got a lead on what's going on.
5:37 am
>> that is megan fox, back for another go around with the teenaged mutant ninja turtles. >> highly anticipated. she is a mom to two young boys with another baby on the way. while we were psyched to see her at the big premier this week, megan wasn't feeling well. so her co-stars took charge. >> i'm here representing megan. she got a little upset that she can't be here. >> can you give me your best megan fox red carpet pose. >> i don't know, can i? >> i know that she wanted to be here and she is a little under the weather. so what can you do? we're going to have a fun time. >> what's your name? >> casey jones. >> steven is new to the franchise as casey jones, corrections officer turned vigilante. new to the red carpet, but acting like a total pro was his 2-year-old wearing ninja turtle green. >> and your daughter was unbelievably adorable just now. she works the red carpet like a pro.
5:38 am
>> i'm actually slightly uncomfortable with how well she handled the red carpet. but i've been promising her for a very long time that she would get to come to the turtles premier and get to wear a pretty dress. >> is she a little spitfire? >> she is. she is good, though. she is going to be 3 in october. and she likes princess and pretty dresses. and she is healthy and happy and smart. and i couldn't ask for anything more. >> a couple of other turtle franchise football byes hit the rhett carpet. tyler perry and laura linney. linney is the police chief. >> it's great to see strong female case. how fun was this movie? >> i had a ball. and i love these turtles. >> cowabunga! >> will you return for another one? >> with pleasure. absolutely i would. >> tyler makes his turtle debut as mad scientist baxter stockman. >> i heard something you were hinting about baxter returning as the fly. >> all i know is that's what happens in the evolution of the character. >> a true fan knows.
5:39 am
you can predict. >> a true fan nose. >> guy, i got a lead on what's going on. >> while we didn't see megan on the red carpet, we did see her on our set visit. >> nice to be back here in new york. tackling the city. >> megan and will are back for number two. >> going with the turtles. when something bad happen, you want to be with the turtles. >> we all knew there was going to be a sequel. this is a property that is already people love it. >> they sure did. the first film made nearly $500 million at the box office. >> good for you. >> that's one of my favorite parts is the choreography and stuff like that. and i grew up dancing. so maybe that has nothing do with it. >> as for stephen, you may know him as viero. daughter couldn't couldn't be more proud. >> when she would see me on the monitor, she would say da da,
5:40 am
movie. casey jones. >> i'm hoping it's something she can enjoy. but i have a feeling we might lose her to finding dori next summer. >> and megan's parenting skills has earned the approval of her costay, her kids are around a lot. my kids are around a lot. are we going to rap because i got to get my kids to bed. >> very grown-up. >> yeah. >> megan is showing off her gorgeous baby bump last month in hawaii. >> you're either like wonder woman or crazy. >> yeah. noah will almost be four. i've had a baby almost every other year since 2012. >> do you know if it's a girl or boy yet? >> i do. but i'm not going to tell you. >> this is going to be good! >> do your sons recognize you when they see you on billboards or tv? >> they're way too young to see the movie. even if i wasn't in the it, it would be way too scary for them.
5:41 am
i did show them the trailer. and noah, my older one was very quiet for a little while. and he said mommy, you can't be in that movie because then the monsters might get you. >> aw. >> at this point i was it will be years before they see any of this stuff. >> the sets on that film are so cool. and my kids are already asking if they can go down the water slide as if it's at a park. they were so excited about this franchise, they announced the sequel just two davis original premier. and that made almost $200 million in the u.s. alone. >> nice! all right. a lot of kids are excited. one of the most anticipated movies of the summer is no shocker. another comic-book based superhero movie called "suicide squad." it stars is so many. it's not out until august 5. but it's going to be huge. i talked to some of the cast about the frenzied
5:42 am
fanticipation. >> people are excited about the film. >> excited is a massive understatement. people are freaking out. >> you must be crazy. ♪ >> if you're a 12-year-old boy right now, it's like -- it's like the heavens are about to part when "suicide squad" comes out. >> the movie is about a band of super villains recruited to save the world. since dead shot is a bad guy gone good, we first get to see him in prison orange. >> what did jada think? >> she thought it was pretty hot. i went with the suge knight look. she appreciated that. >> i'm known to be quite vexing. i'm just forewarning you thinking film is a warring for will and co-star margot robbie who were both in "focus". >> it's training is going to be intense. >> we're bad guys. it's what we do. >> but margo is in another film coming out this summer, the legend of tarzan with alexander
5:43 am
skarsgard. >> he is no normal man. >> alexander spent four months in training before shooting began. it looks like that paid off. he reportedly won the role over the likes of tom hardy, henry cavill, and charlie hunam. margot plays jane. we had to ask about a love scene with tarzan. there is a big bruise. >> alex. >> healing okay? >> it's all right. it's all right. very traumatic experience. >> what a brave guy, right? actually, he kind of is because he is basically not clothed for most of this movie. so that takes a lot of courage. he is one of our five hottest movie stars. we're running down the entire list on monday's "e.t." so you got to make sure you check that out. still to come this weekend, melissa mccarthy, kristen wiig and the stars of "snl." we're on location of the new "ghostbusters." >> i can carry tape easier than i can carry the package.
5:44 am
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i think every mom has been there. so much pressure to be perfect. and we are not. i hate that. we're not. when it's too much for the moms in the movie "bad moms," watch out. >> i am a perfect dad, okay. ? here is what you do. think hangover but for motherhood as we continue our look at the summer's hottest movies. here are some of our favorite hollywood moms gone wild. >> "e.t." moms, here is a unique peek of "bad moms." >> is that your mom bra? >> this is my sexy bra. >> looks like you wrapped an ace bandage. >> mila is a harried working mom while christina applegate leads a group of bad mom bully. >> are those store bought? >> i'm going to destroy you. >> it's war. mila, kristen bell and catherine hahn for a bit of moms gone
5:48 am
wild. >> bad mom. >> bad mom! >> woo. >> honey. >> the movie also features nfl star j.j. watt. >> excuse me. >> mila's football loving hubby completely fan boyed out. >> more interested in you that day than jj? >> how dare you. of course jj. it's not even a question. >> what brings out the bad mom on you? >> i'm on a schedule and things don't always add to that schedule. i have to remind myself, honey, it's in the calendar. it's bedtime. she is mama. and i'm forget it. >> i'm trying. >> well, try harder. >> everybody in this movie is a mom. the first thing that happens how did your baby sleep? how is your night. how are the kids. i think at any given time when you walk up to where our chairs are we're all video chatting our children. >> such good moms. but make no mistake. this is a very adult movie. >> the guy who wrote this also wrote the three hangover movies. so what can we expect?
5:49 am
>> basically, the same sort of language. not a family film. >> in the movie, mila is sing well two kids. in real life, she and ashton have just one daughter so far. so i'm wondering, does that make you think about maybe a sibling? >> oh, for sure. listen. no, i'm not pregnant. oh my god. this is how rumors start. absolutely i do want to have more kids one day. for sure. yes. >> back to christina's squad. her side features bride maid cowriter jada pinkett smith. when is the last time you allowed yourself an evening out the get a little crazy. >> last night. >> what hatched last night? >> hey, when the husband and the kids are out of town. >> i made out with so many women tonight. >> guys, i really like -- >> in real life, kristen is not much of a partier. >> we put the kids down and we look at the clock, and it's like 7:43. oh, go to bed!
5:50 am
curl up, maybe pop on john oliver. i don't know. and then -- >> but even perfect christina 'fesses up to her own bad mom moment. >> my daughter got mad at me. and she was two and a half and she slammed the door in my husband and my face and we both simultaneously flipped her off. >> i can visually see them doing that. i've had some bad moments as a dad. but i've never done that. >> what do you do? >> i walk away. leave the room. >> i do the grrr! not a good look. i shouldn't have done that on cam race, help me. >> if you want to talk about girl power, i'm going to save us both here, look no further than the female "ghostbusters" reboot. coming in july, melissa mccarthy and her crew, they ain't afraid of no ghost. only kevin frazier is on the set with melissa and her whole hilarious catch ♪ something strange in the neighborhood ♪ >> you're like kicking people's butts. what is the physicality been like? >> pretty intense. i'm nice and sweaty.
5:51 am
>> nice. i was actually a size 16 when i got here. i'm a size 9 now. ♪ who you going to call, ghost busters! >> any fashion say on the outfits? >> i'll take a jumpsuit any way i can get it. cinched at the waist and comfortable enough to do this? yes! >> the only thing different about this from my daily wardrobe is there is no cat hair on it. [ laughter ] >> action! >> this is ecto 1, the vehicle that the ladies will use to chase ghosts in. the original ecto started life as an ambulance. this one began as a hearst. >> if there is a paranormal problem, we are the ones to answer the call. >> how cool is the car and how heavy are the damn backpacks? >> super cool. it's a cadillac. >> i can carry tate easier than the backpacks. see, watch this. >> go ahead.
5:52 am
>> je g >> gets upset, it's okay. take it out of me. >> remember annie potts, the nerdy assistant in the original? this time around it's chris hemsworth. i heard y'all love chris hemsworth. >> he is great. that's the funny guy that has been swinging a hammer. and he is really funny. and freakishly good improviser. >> really? >> it's too much. it's too much in one guy. >> i was born to be a ghostbuster, all right? >> melissa mccarthy and the rest of the ghostbusters ready for a whole new batch of boom. >> everybody wants to get slimed and then you realize it's hard to be deslimed. >> the ladies got deslimed enough to do a cool thing. visit a local hospital in boston, which made for a bunch of happy patients. >> we were in our base camp and looked up and saw these huge
5:53 am
signs. and each letter was this big. and it said who are you going to call? we immediately were we're going. >> with the packs and ran in. we heard there were some ghosts here. we scared them. >> and during our day on the set, we met a group of local high school kids who had done a hilarious send-up of the original "ghostbusters." >> i was signing stuff and this looks like a permission slip. yeah, we skipped the first day of high school today. >> they're all going to call. >> i'm waiting to get a call from the principal. >> is it going to be another magical theme? >> can we -- >> does she? >> it's the piccolo. >> i spin in circles. >> if she has the right shoes on. you're going to crunching. >> it's fun. [ laughter ] >> oh, please. ♪
5:54 am
♪ who you going to call, ghostbusters ♪ >> these ladies are cracking up on the set. what a funny cast. >> you tell that they have fun together. >> how do they possibly deliver those lines with a straight face is what i want make your day supreme with dunkin's new bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'.
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look at all the stars with birthdays this weekend. carey mulligan is 31. melissa etheridge is celebrating turning 55. and annette bening 58. take a look at your final choices. which star once worked as a shoe designer for puma. >> that is elisabeth hasselbeck, who is 39 this weekend. monday on "e.t." sizzling couples, sexy bikini bodies, and big block busters getting ready to burn up the box office. that's monday. >> we are almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late-breaking hollywood news, just go to our website, >> we leave you with a song of the summer with justin timberlake, can't stop the feeling. >> j.t.'s first solo song in three years is for "the trolls" which isn't out until november. but it's the fifth number one solo that we can't get enough.
5:58 am
>> hope you can't either. enjoy it. enjoy the rest of your memorial day. goodbye. ♪ ♪ got this feeling in my body ♪ can't fight the feeling, got this feeling in my body ♪ ♪ can't stop the feeling. >> got this feeling in my body ♪
5:59 am
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is the unofficial start of summer. folks are out enjoying memorial day weekend. see some fun activities you can check out around the city and down the shore. and get out and enjoy the weekend while you can. because some wet weather is on the way. tropical storm bonnie has her eye on the east coast. >> today is sunday, may 29, good morning, i'm jan carabeo, rahel solomon is in tonight. here's meteorologist, justin drabick with eyewitness weather. the big question, justin, will we get through our sunday without seeing any rain? >> i think the rain holds off until later tonight. good news. at this . i wouldn't cancel any plans today. another good day to hit the pool or the beach, it will be hot, humid, temperatures well in the upper


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