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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is the unofficial start of summer. folks are out enjoying memorial day weekend. see some fun activities you can check out around the city and down the shore. and get out and enjoy the weekend while you can. because some wet weather is on the way. tropical storm bonnie has her eye on the east coast. >> today is sunday, may 29, good morning, i'm jan carabeo, rahel solomon is in tonight. here's meteorologist, justin drabick with eyewitness weather. the big question, justin, will we get through our sunday without seeing any rain? >> i think the rain holds off until later tonight. good news. at this . i wouldn't cancel any plans today. another good day to hit the pool or the beach, it will be hot, humid, temperatures well in the upper 80s, maybe 90.
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we hit our first heatwave of the season yesterday, three days in a row, 9 degrees, so we're in a good run at least for the holiday weekends, things go downhill little later today and tomorrow. so you may want a back up plan for memorial day itself. we will talk about that in just a bit. good start to the sunday morning, check it o generally sunny skies, few fair weather clouds up there, high thin serous clouds, just sign eventually approaching storm system, 66 at the airport, dew points not too bad. we're in the upper 50's, so not that humid right now. that will change little bit later this afternoon. current air temperatures across the region pretty much mid and upper 6's, check out millville dropped to 58 degrees, so comfortable start for parts every interior south jersey, mt. holly at 61, 64 pottstown, there is is the winds, currently calm, about five miles per hour, and the wind speeds president -- pretty much stay on the light side today. storm scan3 quiet. that's great news this morning, even into the afternoon, i think we're looking good. just notice an increase in clouds throughout the
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afternoon, it is really the evening hours, into tonight, we start to see the shower chances arriving, and then off and on showers through the day on monday. but today still in good shape. sun and clouds, late day shower possible, 88 degrees for philadelphia, near 80 at the shore, better chance for shower coming in late afternoon, up in the poconos, staying dry, mid 80s, talk about bonnie where the storm is headed and those memorial day showers coming up in just a few minutes, jan, back to you. >> justin, thanks many many in our region are down the shore for memorial day weekends, others staying here in philadelphia to check out the fun activities happening all across our city. it was the perfect weather saturday night to attend outdoor event. "eyewitness news" at the chinese lantern festival if franklin square, where lines were out the door all night long. and visitors came from all over too to check out those pretty lanterns. >> we loved itment we actually saw lantern festival when we were in china, very similar to there is so the girls loved it. >> i think it is beautiful. i think we came at the right
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time. gorgeous out, just came from south street. great day to be fill. >> i really is gorgeous, chinese lap turn festival runs through june the 12. >> the jersey shore tourism season is off to a sizzling start. thousands are packing the boardwalks and the beaches. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff tells us one business is getting creative with technology to cash in on the holiday weekend. >> they are the smells. >> first the carmel, come close, smell the popcorn brewing. >> i put my windows down to get that whiff of the bay. >> it is a welcome home for those who take their memorial day with a side of sand and salt water. and makes bumper to bumper bearable. >> we hit a lot of traffic. >> was it worth it? >> yes, it was worth it. >> for young families the stress of travel doesn't ends once the car is parked. >> we got beach chairs. we got umbrellas, we got towels. we got shovels, buckets, all
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of the kids toys. >> the ocean city company beach kad is he cashing in on this early swimsuit weather, offering a new app that transports and assembles that cumbersome beach gear. >> you can book them right then and there or you have the option to schedule a pick up for a future dathan time. >> the casino of innovation kept shore businesses strong, after some severe weather in the off season, and only hints every sunday over the past month, this has been a collective sigh of relief. no one carries out this memorial day tradition for the love of crowds or travel logistics, it runs a bit deeper than that. so to outsiders who say that the jersey shore smells, well, it does. >> it smells like my childhood. >> in ocean city, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and don't forget visit for our memorial day guide. we have all of the cool spots to check out and recipes for you to try this holiday weekend. new this morning, a
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stabbing in north philadelphia sends one man to the hospital. authorities say the 39 year old victim was attacked around midnight near front and clearfield streets. the victim was transported to temple hospital and we're told he is in stable condition. no word on a suspect or motive at this time. also, new this morning, two people are injured in a car crash in east falls, emergency crews responded to the overturned vehicle on route one in fox street just after 3 a.m. both people injured were taken to the hospital and have non-life threatening injuries. no word on the cause just yet. >> a 3 year old girl is recovering after falling out after 2 floor window in germantown. paramedics rush to the scene of the five hundred block of manheim street around 12 30 yesterday afternoon. police say the girl's father had just put the young girl to bed, when he noticed a hole in the screen and his daughter missing. the 3 year old is in stable condition with a fractured skull. authorities are investigating a horrific case of animal abuse in delaware
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county. police say someone set 2 dogs on fire in the backyard of a home in chester last night. "eyewitness news" on the 28 hundred block of west 6 street. right now the search is on for the person who killed those dogs, a reward will be offered for information in the case. a dad saves his son when a huge tree limb falls in bucks county. this happened yesterday afternoon in the picnic area at neshaminy state park in bensalem. the father pushed his 4 year old son to safety, good samaritans lifted the limb off the man before first responders arrived on the scene. fortunately father and son only suffered minor injuries. >> we will re inspect all of the trees if the area. we do it over and over again. but we want to be sure that nobody else would be in danger. >> so that area is secure for right now, it will be off limits for the rest of the weekends so we can be sure that the area is safe. >> now, 6 year old daughter also with the family. she was not injured. another manhole cover gets
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blown off of philadelphia's streets because of underground explosion. this time it happened at 63 and race just before noon yesterday. peco says damaged underground power cable caused one thousand customers to temporarily lose power. it is not known what caused the damage. this is the third manhole explosion in a week. no one was injured. >> a jogger hit by a car on roosevelt boulevard has died from her injuries. police say the 20 year old woman ran into the side of the car on friday, while crossing the boulevard near d street in olney. she was thrown into the windshield, and suffered major head injuries. police are investigating, and have not filed any charges. and take a look at this video, showing crews pulling a car from the darby creek in haverford township. police say the driver crashed through a fence on old chester pike and went into the water yesterday. the driver suffered minor injuries. the cause of the crash is being investigated. on tuesday, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane
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says she will release a report on the scandal. two supreme court just cents and others lost their jobs or resigned after pornographic emails were found on state servers, the emails are a major part every kane's defense, as she faces trial on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. >> there is turmoil surrounding the trump campaign this weekend. anti-trump protesters faced off against police and trump supporters in southern california. giuliana goldman with the latest on campaign 2016. >> changed his minds, he said -- >> in a interview for "face the nation", bernie sanders said he doesn't know why donald trump backed away from debating him. >> maybe we'll get a call in five minutes where he will say yes again. i think that is who donald trump is. >> trump released a statement saying it was inapropriate for him to debate the 2 place finisher. >> well, you know, i know they've gone back and forth on this, trump doesn't sound very
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serious. >> while hillary clinton laughed off the idea that trump and sanders campaign spent 2 days going back and forth about a california debate. trump said he would participate if the event raised between ten and 15 million dollars for women's health charities. >> get him out of here. >> he didn't mention the de funk debate at his last two rallies in california friday evening. which were met with fierce protests, many were rallying against the presumptive republican nominee's immigration proposal. >> this isn't baltimore, pal. >> it is great, i don't know, but it is great. >> this is not right. we have to stand up for ourselves. >> in san diego, police in riot gear clashed with protesters and dozens of people were arrested. the democratic race in california has tight ends considerably, and polls show clinton and sanders in dead heat ahead of the june 7
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primary. giuliana goldman, cbs news, washington. >> and to see more of the interview with bernie sanders, watch "face the nation" with john dickerson. that airs this morning, at 10 30, right here on cbs-3. still to come this morning, a deputy is shot during a traffic stop in georgia. we have the latest on his condition, and the shooter. and when this woman tried withdrawing money from her bank, she learned someone took all of her cash and a thief out of her account. coming up: phone hacking, how to keep it from happening to you. justin? >> we had good start to the holiday weekend. now get ready for some showers. i'm timing it out for you as we head into memorial day. check it out
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>> welcome back, traffic stop ends with sheriff deputy in the hospital, suspect under arrest. police say harris county deputy jamie white pulled over a car on interstate 185 last night. while the deputy was walking up to the vehicle, someone shot him above the left eye. he is expected to recover. there is no word on why the deputy stopped that car. >> crews recover a vintage plane, that crashed friday evening, into the hudson river. a large crane aboard an army corps of engineers vessel pulled the wreckage out of the water, the world war ii plane had taken off from republic airport, of long island, and sent out a distress signal before going down. the body of the pilot, 56 year old william gordon, of florida, was recovered on
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friday, the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> a guerrilla was shot and killed at the cincinnati zoo yesterday after it grabbed 3 year old boy who had fall mean the exhibit. zoo officials say the guerrilla pick up the boy and dragged him for about ten minutes before they shot the animal, the child apparently got into the exhibit by crawling through a railing. he was not seriously hurt. >> 2 parts of the country are dealing with mother nature this holiday weekend, tropical storm bonnie is pomeling the southeast coast bringing rain, winds, and choppy surf. four people are dead after flooding in texas and kansas, cbs news correspondent wendy gillette has the latest. >> the rain cleared saturday near houston, but damage already done, vehicles sat submerged after water turned roads into streams. a truck brought him through the flood, which delivered him
6:15 am
to the other side where he was reunite wad woman. one of dozens of water rescues the past couple of days since the heavy rain started thursday. >> this family also needed help after they became trapped. >> scared from my house but we're good. >> in central kansas, search teams still looking for a 11 year old boy who was swept away by a swollen creek friday night. >> we'll be out here all day, and as long as it takes, and until we find him. >> surf already roaring in charleston county, where tropical storm warnings are in effect and bonnie moves in. the rough conditions were not enough to keep some away determined to celebrate their holiday weekend. >> but rip current tides proved too dangerous, lifeguards ran into the water to bring swimmers closer to the shore and safety. >> big concerns down south about tropical storm born i. do we have anything to be worried about? >> the only concern is some
6:16 am
showers unfortunately just bad timing coming in for the holiday, kind of ruining a good pattern we're in right now. but as far as rough surf pretty much not going to happen, that storm stays over the carolinas, stalls out, weakens over time. we will bring rain in here but today looking pretty good. do don't cancel those plans up in the poconos, you guys stay dry pretty much the entire day. probably won't see the showers in the mountains until later tonight. big boulder right now generally clear sky, so a loft sunshine, if you are hanging out at the mountains, the lake, do some fishing today, good shape, warm, humid, temperatures well into the 80s up in the poconos, yesterday we did hit 90 degrees once again, exactly, that's throw days in a row, so there you go, the first official heatwave if you want to call it that just barely getting it at 90 degrees, average high is 77. we make a run at 90 today. i don't think it will happen just because we get some more clouds in here, but it is possible, temperatures certainly going to be on the hot side. well into the upper 80s, here we are, comfortable right now. 58 in millville, 64, newark,
6:17 am
delaware, 63 pemberton and in cherry hill, not bad start around philadelphia surrounding suburbs, 606 woodstown, then mullica hill this morning, mild nerve chalfont checks in at 67 at this hour, and 68 up in the lehigh valley, mount nobody. pocono low 60s. there is storm scan3, big ridge of high pressure, normally keeps things nice and quiet. then the little tropical system thrown in the mix here. you can see the spin just off the coast of charleston, south carolina, about 60 miles off the coast. moving very slowly, actually going to casino of stall and weak never time, casino of hang out over south and north carolina over the next new days, so get the moisture running on in inland, will start to move northward. that's why we deal with some showers, but the main storm stays well to the south. kind of protected by the outer banks of north carolina so you can't get the rougher surf coming around. really no threat of high surf issues coming in the next 2, 3 days or so, so pretty safe conditions at the shore. water temperature just cold. all right, humidity still on the high side today. call it steamy.
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same deal tomorrow. tuesday it backs off little bit. still going to be on the steamy side, our humid side. wednesday you are going to notice a difference, so if you are not liking the humidity, wait few more days, pleasant conditions do return, but good way it beat the heat today is hang out at the pool at home. going to be warm, inland highs, upper 80s, sun and clouds again late in the day. this is most likely after five. see the chance for late day shower or thunderstorm. let's get the latest on bonnie. winds currently at 40 might per hour, so barely tropical storm status, moving northward very slowly at 8 miles per hour, and so the track again, that takes us north, then eventually off to the north and east, and potentially weakening into depression, later in the week, and maybe reformed back to storm, it depends where the exact track is. if it hangs over the water this water pretty warm could re intensify, again, through the middle of the week it stays well to the south. just get the initial showers in here tonight and tomorrow. 30% chance for some showers today. mainly coming in later this afternoon into tonight, and
6:19 am
then monday good shot at seeing the rain at least the first half of the day, and then tuesday, wednesday, we dry out, so a lot of people have plans tomorrow for the barbeque, may want to have back up plan just to be safe. so check it out. not much happening through actually, having computer issues there is model not showing any data but the showers do roll in later tonight, say, five and 8 and then see heavier showers overnight, into at least the first half of monday. rainfall amounts, around the city, quarter inch maybe up to half inch, but the main threat for the steadier rain will be across the shore, so not good beach day tomorrow. so, the temperatures, same deal, we will be running on the warm side, well into the upper 80s, and again, not getting the data in here, computer issues this morning, but forecast high today up to 88 degrees, sun and clouds, late day shower, and then tonight mostly cloudy, some showers possibly heavy at times, upper 60s for the low, here is the extended forecast off and on showers monday at 81, drying out though for tuesday, back to 86, then keep it in the upper 60s, low 80s
6:20 am
for the ends of the week, jan, back to you. >> justin, thanks. we often think of identity theft as computer crime with scammers hacking into our on-line accounts. but, in today's 3 on your side consumer report, jim donovan shows you how thieves are wifing out bank accounts using nothing more than a telephone. >> when christie couldn't get cash out of her atm, she called her bank to ask why. >> and so they said, well, do you have answer these three security questions. so i failed all three security questions. >> the questions had been changed and her account taken over during a kind of phone hacking. a con artist posing as her was able to answer a chase operator's questions about the school she went to, her license plate number, even the bank she had a loan from. that gave the scammers the ability to steel 28 hundred dollars by writing checks from her account. she doesn't know how the con artist got her personal information but security experts say criminals can buy it from hackers, who have
6:21 am
breached the data bases of retailers, financial institutions, even local businesses, and schools. >> it is real a question of when, not if, any more, that each of us is going to suffer a form or multiple forms every identity theft. >> identity theft 911 founder adam levin says to protect yourself, always use long and strong passwords. pick security questions you haven't shared on social media. the schools you went to, or your mom's made encouraging name could be right on facebook. in a statement, chase noted: custom remembers not liable for fraudulent transitions that they report to us in a timely fashion. it took a couple of weeks, but she did get her money back. >> this that is been a full-time job. >> she has also dis able telephone banking though chase concedes another crook with the right information could turn it back on. reporting for 3 on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" this morning. breaking bad habit. it is authorities do. health reporter stephanie stahl shows you how you can
6:22 am
just tap them away. plus, a school definitely not for the faint of heart. where these student are risking their lives just to get
6:23 am
6:24 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> welcome back, on the cbs-3 health watch, breaking bad habits like snacking, smoking, spending too much time on the internet can be tough to do. instead of relying just on your will power, there is a new device that may help. health reporter stephanie stahl explains, how bad habits can now be zapped away.
6:25 am
>> from fast-food, to facebook, we all have our vices, procrastinating, over spending, sleeping in late, bad habits, we would all like to break. >> my bad habit is arguably one of the worse habits in the world which is smoking cigarettes. >> i graze throughout the day on unhealthy foods. >> ever since i was 14 i would pull my hair out. >> now device you wear on your wrist promises to jolt you out after bad habit once and for all. but it is a little bit shocking. >> feels like someone is like licking you on your wrist, like bad. >> it is called patch lock, every time you feel a craving or engage in bad behavior, push abut on or activate an app and you get a little shock. >> it was shocking how strong it was. >> some people might think it is painful. i just think it is, you know, annoying. >> it is aver sean conditioning, type of shock therapy, there is debate about it effectiveness, especially when self-administered. but the makers say there is a small study showing it works.
6:26 am
>> it gives you that mild electrical sensation, that is just uncomfortable enough that when you pair it with a habit you are trying to break, trains your brain to have an aver sean to had a habit. >> the severity of shock is up to the user it, ranges from 50 to 450 volts. >> we've seen people quit habit in as little as five days. >> marty and naomi say the device broke their bad habit quick. >> i that day i saw results, i found myself by the end of the day not touching my hair at all. >> so far i have been using it for about two weeks now and it has worked. >> it cost just under 2 hundred dollars, it can also zap you automatically if you do things like don't exercise enough or if you visit certain websites i want to avoid. >> say you didn't want to go on facebook during the work day, could you say any time i go to facebook. com automatically sends that uncomfortable stimulus. >> the maker says it is safe when used properly, but the long-term effect of patch pavlock are unknown. >> if you don't want to get zapped, you can send it to
6:27 am
beep or vibrate. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> ya, i don't know about zapping myself. but to each his own. >> coming up: huge rescue of migrants stranded at sea. see where this happened and finds out who coordinated the difficult operation that saved so many lives. >> plus lucky to be alive, a man plunges over three waterfalls and lives to talk about it. find out what made him jump. >> and are we looking at memorial day wash out? find out when the rain moves in so you will know how to plan your holiday b
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>> a tropical storm with bad timing, bonaci churning toward the east coast this memorial day weekend. justin lets us know when the showers will arrive. good morning, i'm jan carabeo, meteorologist, justin dray brick out on the cbs-3 skydeck with eyewitness weather. so justin, looking pretty calm right now. but how long will that last? >> really through much of the day we'll be in good shape. it is later on this evening, we start to see the rain chances moving in from the south. so if you have outdoor plans this evening, may want to try to get them done early just to be safe specially if you are south of the city because the rain will be moving from south to north. not bad start this morning, actually kind of comfortable, little less humid than
6:31 am
yesterday at this time. temperatures running mid and upper 60s, even some upper 50's in the coolest spot, interior south jersey, millville checking in at 58 degrees, 67 in palmyra, 64 in pottstown. humidity still going to be on the rise, morning into the afternoon, so it will be another hot, humid day, we make a run at 90. i don't know if we'll get there just because see increase in clouds in the afternoon. could you see some rain developing across the carolinas, from tropical storm bonnie. some of the showers will start to work its way northwards, through the day, and impact us, certainly, tonight, and at least through the first half of the day memorial day, some of the showers could be heavy at times. but today still not bad. a loft sunshine this morning, temperatures in the 60s, 70s, this afternoon, we call it partly sunny, temps climbing well to the 80s once again, some of the hot spots could reach 90 degrees, across the delaware valley. so, in philadelphia, should make it up to about 88 degrees, still running a good ten degrees above average for this time of year. dew . temperatures like i said, humidity not as bad as
6:32 am
it has been, in the 50's to about 60 degrees, though dew . may climb to the mid 60s so it will feel steamy. near 08 at the shore, mid 80s at the poconos, things do go downhill tonight. we will time out the rain for you coming up in the full forecast in just a few minutes, jan, back to you. >> justin, thank you. many in our region are getting a taste of summer this weekend, as they enjoy memorial day weekends down the shore. cherri gregg from sister station, "kyw news radio", is live in ocean city with a look at all of the excitement happening there. good morning, cherry, i'm a little bit jealous. >> good morning, jen. this is one of the reasons why i love my job. i mean, the softee air smell, you got people on the board walk, you have sunshine, you have beach. this is absolutely amazing, okay? the memorial day week sends in full swing here in ocean city, and as you can see, people are sort of taking advantage of the cool morning, they are jogging, getting their
6:33 am
exercise in, just enjoying the morning. and they've been doing this all weekends. folks began arriving on friday, getting little bit of taste of summer, as you can see, they immediately went to the beach, built sand castles, lot of families having a lot of fun. and one of the families i want to introduce a young woman who i was able to just grab and seeing her mom walk down the board walk, rebecca brown. how are you doing, rebecca? >> good. >> yes, now, they've been here since friday from pennsylvania, what area of pennsylvania are you from? >> lewis berg, hour away from harrisburg. >> so they came down here, what's been the best part of this memorial day weekend for you? >> just get to go relax, and we've got it for the sunrise this morning, and that was pretty cool. >> yes. she has shells, a shell in her hand, they have on the flip flops. this is -- who is here with you, your mom hiding behind our photographer, but who is
6:34 am
all here with you, the whole family? >> my mom, my dad, my sister. >> do you feel like it is summer yet? >> ya, it is a good feeling, and i'm just happy to be where i can relax and not worry about school or anything. >> and that's what this weekend is really b it is the first time that a lot of families have had a chance to get away and relax. is there a place on the board walk that you. >> where the fudge kitchen is. >> fudge kitchen, yes, i like 0 like salt water taffy myself a lot that far coming up this morning as people enjoy memorial day here at the jersey shore. live at the shore, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all of the delicious boardwalk food, you are making me hungry, thank up, cherry. and don't forget visit cbs for our memorial day guide. all of the cool spots to check out. and recipes for to you try this holiday weekends. >> now, the latest on the campaign trail, presidential candidate are battling for california this holiday weekend.
6:35 am
>> actor dick vandike right there is excited to support bernie sanders. the 90 year old dance will introducing the democrat in santa barbara, sanders criticized rival hillary clinton and presumptive republican nominee, donald trump, for their fundraising activities. trump and clinton did not hold public events yesterday. clinton has a campaign stop thursday afternoon in mercer county, new jersey, and california. , hold their primaries on june 7. more than 19 hundred my grant were rescued in 16 operations coordinated by the italian coast guard. the rescue involved coast guard, navy, commercial tugboats, and ngo vessels, most rescues madoff the libyan coast and southern mediterranian sea. most of the both capsized, dozens every people are reportedly still missing. a rough start to marriage for one couple, wedding crust ship crashes.
6:36 am
the bride and group along with more than one hundred 50 passengers and crew were in the middle of dinner on the boston harbor crews when the ship hit a sand bar and ran aground last night on georgia's island. the bride and groom say it was a memorable experience. >> didn't have time to go through the process. >> like an hour, then big crash, then next thing you know, coast guard, everyone is moving. >> yes. >> kids were crying, people were screaming, it was crazy. >> definitely something to remember. all passengers were safely evacuated. officials say the boat was not singing, and no one was hurt. well, listen to this, some elementary school student in southwestern china quite literally risking their lives just to get to school. how is this for a commute? doesn't compare to the schuylkill, does it? unsteady ladders made of vine. trip is so demanding, they only go home twice a month. parents volunteer on each trip to supervise the children.
6:37 am
a washington state man is lucky to be alive after falling over not one but three waterfalls, his plunge was also caught on camera. josh, in the middle of the falls, said i realized he was stuck but instead of waiting for help he tried to get out on his own, instead he fell. >> ed went first, went kinds of like there is like turtle on it back, and rolled, and then did a slow front flip, like wow, i'm alive, cool, i made it, then i didn't realize it was actually a triple fall. >> wow. he fell 2 more times, the 2 fall shattered his feet, and on the third he nearly drowned. he managed to get out of the water, where rescuers found him and carried him to safety. >> now, that it is the memorial day weekends, the shore is the place to be for this taste with tori. and vittoria woodill found a retro joint that's really cool. >> ♪
6:38 am
>> we're down the shore and that means it is happy days in north wildwood. hey, and if you are look to go cool down at the beach, cool scoops is the bees knees. >> we're known as scoops, but it is really cool scoops because it is cool in here. you name it, i collect it. >> ain't that the truth? this 50's built ice cream parlor serving 35 flavors of delicious frozen delights, and neo retro atmosphere, like their diner room complete with waitress, have a cone in their drive in movie room with real cars. even the bathrooms bring you back in time. and they've got musical greats, and vintage coverings every inch of the walls, the ceilings, and hallways. >> operator, how may i help you? >> all designed to connect families to musical era that owner paul russo does his best to keep alive. >> capitol of the worlds wildwood, new jersey, and that's why i settle here.
6:39 am
>> that's not the only thing that drew this former new york architect to the jersey shore. >> i think i ran down here the month after, bought this piece of property in october of 2001. >> so, for 15 summers, cool scoops has been a sweet success, serving sundays like the the go 8 daddy-o. banana split where you can pick your schools, and they'll top it off with pineapple, chocolate, strawberry, and of course, whipped cream. >> yeah. >> you'll see sundays drive-thru, too. it is a place where friends, family, meet, and wear do-op meets dessert two, things that will always go together. >> ♪ together like ♪ remember forever ♪ do-open ♪ >> very nice, looks tasty. happening today, it will be a star studded event at the
6:40 am
nation's capitol. for the national memorial day concert. >> rehearsals for the big event, one of several performers including the beach boys, and rene fleming who will be there, john, and gary, once again, host the concert. still, i think the best possible way of taking a 90 minute program and educating, as well as entertaining, and enlightening, the populous; to how important memorial day is. >> honors military men and women has been going on since 1989. still to come this morning, tropical storm bonnie is soaking the coast of south carolina, find out what one couple is doing so the storm doesn't dampen their nuptials. plus, the mutants are up against some popular fairytale
6:41 am
characters at the box office this weekend. but only one movie will come out on top. see which film critics pick. >> and we're in for another muggy day. meteorologist, justin drabick, let us know when the humidity finally breaks.
6:42 am
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6:44 am
have to make new plans after tropical storm bonnie ripped through the region and for one couple in charleston, this storm is probably the last thing they wanted, right? jordan addison and dillon hudson have an outdoor wedding in charleston today. but they won't let the storm stop the party. they say they have a back up plan. >> they casino of had us nervous, but now we're just casino of going with the flow. >> now, because of the weather, we have to move it inside, luckily, our venue is a good plan b. >> still be beautiful, and move forward, and have a good time. >> more rain is expected today in south carolina. the storm started weakening early this morning, but up to 6 inches of rain is still expected. you got to always have that back up plan if you have an outdoor wedding, fortunately, we don't have to wore bit back up plan too early today, right, justin? >> not today. tomorrow maybe different story, bringing rain chances back in the forecast, if you have the barbeque plan for tomorrow, maybe pool plan, beach day, not the best move, because dealing with wet weather. at least for the first half of
6:45 am
monday. now, monday afternoon actually may get little better depending how fast the showers move on through. nice start to the morning here at the shore. margate live look, i saw yesterday, maybe dealing with thicker fog, not whole lot of fog this morning, so that's a good thing. we got the sunshine out. enjoy t ocean pretty calm. won't see increase in waves from this tropical system as it stays well to the south. all right, temperatures, still feeling like summer, yesterday, 90 degrees, there you go, 3 days in a row, officially does ma make it a heatwave, pairly making it at 90. upper 80s will do it for high temperatures, tomorrow, noticeably cooler balls of the clouds and off and on showers, but still going to feel humid and uncomfortable. high temperature this time of year should be upper 70s, still running ten degrees above average. comfortable right now, 68 allentown and reading, 66 in philadelphia, now back up to 60 in millville. we in the 50's earlier there. still a lot of warmth across the eastern half of the united states, just dominated by area of high pressure, which helps build the heat, and keep us
6:46 am
dry. except when you have a tropical system, and this one's thrown into the mix. so here we go. we got rain moving in off the southeast coast, storm about 60 miles southeast of charleston, south carolina, going to casino of stall out over the north and south carolina coast over the next couple every days, kind of weaken, but rain will be there. and it get caught up in the jet stream. so slowly moves northward, don't get direct impact from the system, just showers that roll on through. and there is going to be a humid air mass still in place. so there will be heavy downpours coming in tonight into tomorrow morning specially. but today, for the most part, looks good. sun, clouds, may get passing shower coming in late afternoon into the evening hours at the shore. high temperature up around 79 degrees. ocean water still chilly in the 50's, and right now, uv index on the high side, 8 out every ten, and certainly tomorrow we will deal with some more showers in our forecast. latest on bonnie, wind at 40 miles per hour, here is the movement, over the next three days, not much. eventually to the north and east, and weakening back into a tropical depression as it hugs the coastline.
6:47 am
again, the actual storm's energy stays tucked in, from the outer banks, so we don't get the wave action. so no really increased rip current from this storm coming in over the next few days, good news for the jersey shore if you are headed into the ocean. so time things out for our rain showers. tonight, shows showers should arrive in the evening hours, between five and 8 from south to north, overnight, going to see off and on heavy showers at times, maybe rumble every thunder, for memorial day, still showers, heaviest probably early in the morning, afternoon, becomes more scattered. so i don't think it will be raining all day long at this . the way things look, with the storm system. so let's time it out for you. today looks like big mess here, on the radar map here with scattered showers firing up. you can see the heavy rainfall across the carolinas, and virginia. the showers move northward, later tonight, and then for monday, again, by the afternoon, may start to dry out, especially west of the city. now, jersey shore, delaware beaches, still under the gun for some steadier showers through much of the day. and then the storm kind of lingers off the carolina coals, but we do dry out there
6:48 am
is front, helping things push through. so little bit of closer look here. you can see heavier showers rolling through the overnight hours, and then monday, try to get little better, for the afternoon, and into monday night. so, again, rainfall amounts are running around quarter to half inch around philadelphia, higher amounts as you go toward the jersey shore, so for today enjoy, sun, clouds, warm, high of 8 # 8. jan, back over to you. >> justin, thanks. it is 6 48. time to get a check on the roads, let's go to ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. morning, ann. >> good morning, jan. looking it ben franklin mid-span, popular bridge headed to the shore today. if you are head the to the shore no delays on the 42 freeway, but on 295 southbound, 42, left lane closed due to sewer great collapse. there are delays there. also, delays on the garden state parkway northbound, heading home from the shore, the left lane is blocked, between the white horse pike and pomona. that's due to overturned car, causing that big mess there. but the a.c. expressway at this . looks all right. if you are going to the shore,
6:49 am
southbound, no delays or problems on the garden state parkway or the a.c. expressway this morning. we will move the traffic cam here, and this is the schuylkill, vin expressway, schuylkill at the top of your screen, vine expressway in the middle, no delays or problems on these two highways. and dow want it say martin luther king drive is closed, ben franklin parkway and the falls bridge for recreational activities. moving the traffic cam, to i95, at the airport, if you are headed to the airport today or picking someone up, you should end count another delays or problems, i95 looks all right, through philadelphia, and its suburbs. taking mass transit, on or close to schedule. no reported delays. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm inch avenue, now, jan, back to you. >> thank you so much, ann ann. are you headed to the move thinks memorial day weekend? the xmen are back with new characters in the mix this time. and alice makes return trip to wonderland. david daniel takes a look at the big screen franchises
6:50 am
(movie clip). >> those mighty mutants go up against their deadly enemy yet or so we're told in xmen apocalypse. reviews mediocre, but shouldn't matter. the latest entry in the movie franchise will top the holiday weekends box office. grossing at least 80 million dollars and maybe as much as one hundred million. >> if he is in need, ill help him. >> alice through the looking glass, disney's follow up to 2010's alice in wonderland. reviews are mixed, and it is not tracking nearly as high as the original. but it is also facing stiffer competition. analysts expect a four day opening weekend between 55 and 60 million dollars. in hollywood, i'm david daniels. >> still to come this morning. how will gym shorts defense
6:51 am
help smith? defense isn't a problem for the phillies, but offense sure is. the struggle is real to the phils. lesley van arsdall has all of the highlight coming up in sports.
6:52 am
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6:53 am
♪ >> yesterday the phillies offense once geniesing in action. herrera led the game with a buzz single, gets pick off, which is not a good way to
6:54 am
start the game. >> decks letter will hit fly ball, flew right over the wall and left for solo homer. and one-nothing cubs. later in the first, ben with the double to left to drive in another run, and offensively challenged phils trail 2-nothing, second inning, jayson will hit line drive over david low to score addison, 3-nothing, cubs pitcher kyle hendrix gave up run on five hits for a second career complete game. chicago beat the phillies four to one, fighting's have now lost 6 out of l 8. >> dodgers taking on the mets, first game at city field after last year's playoff series, the third inning, mets pitcher noah through 99 mile per hour fastball, behind, ejected, along with mets manager terry collins, and chase will get his revenge. hitting 2 homeruns and drove in five, as los angeles beat new york 9 to 1. >> the eagles are off this weekend, resume ota's on
6:55 am
tuesday down at the nova care complex, one player look to go have good season, 20-14, first round pick marcus smith, many questioned that selection. he hasn't done much to silence his critics, 8 tackles, one and a half sacks. now, with jim short running the defense marcus says the new system better suited for him. >> we don't drop in the coverage as much cents just go to get the ball, his philosophy is hit the ball on the way to the quarterback. >> in is a scheme that bravely limits what he's asked to do. >> easy in theory. and should allow him to play fast, attack spots. >> down at the linc hosting the ncaa men's lacrosse championship, taking on low old a. scoring ncaa championship record, 9 giles goals on just 13 shots, to lead carolina to
6:56 am
18-13 win. he'll play maryland in the championship game tomorrow in south philadelphia. >> arena football, soul on the road in cleveland, take the sole down 7 under three minutes left, under some pressure, throws interception, marvin ross returns it for a touchdown, soul lose 2 game of the season 63-49. third round of the invitational. jordan spieth looking for his first professional win in his home state of texas. jordan with the chip shot 565, one stroke lead over simpson and ryan palmer. you can see the final rounds today right here on cbs-3. to the pitch we go. the union, mile high denver facing colorado. union down a goal, captain brian carol, scoring in the final minute of the match. union get a . with the one-all tyree main in first place, in the eastern conference. nb amounting, the warriors beat oklahoma city to force a game 7. that's all for sports, i'm
6:57 am
lesley van arsdall. have a great day. >> that's it for "eyewitness news" at 6. here's what we have for you at 7. a new celebration trends that's popular with millennials. finds out which part is gaining in popularity. >> now, on a sunny weekends (not take a dream drive? traffic reporter meisha johnson found a kid-friendly place perfect to celebrate our veterans, see some aircraft they flew for our country. >> and, is today an ideal day to take that drive? eyewitness weather is just minutes away, this sunday morning.
6:58 am
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". those lazy hazy crazy days of summer. the tourist season gets off to a hot start. we're live at the shore. but bad timing for a tropical storm. we're keeping track of bonnie, as it takes aim at the coastline. >> today is sunday, may 29, good morning, i'm jan carabeo, rahel solomon will be in here later tonight. >> here's meteorologist, justin drabick with eyewitness weather, another big day for the cook out. how is it looking? >> actually good shape. feel like hot, humid conditions. you will love today. getting close to 09. i don't know if we will make it, more clouds move in, those clouds will bring some rain from bonnie, but the good news is bonnie won't impact us direct. so we just get some rainout of here, not seeing any increase in winds from the system as


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