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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  May 29, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> get out and enjoy the weekends while you can. justin is tracking showers. >> today is sunday, may 29. good morning, i'm jan carabeo, rahel solomon is in tonight. here's meteorologist, justin drabick with eyewitness weather. hearing new information about tropical depression bonn think morning? >> yerkes the storm has weak ends little bit. it was never strong. winds did get to up 40, 45 miles per hour, but even though it is weakening, still rainout of the system. but, but, not going to see direct impact. i mean, if we would even say there is a storm out, there you wouldn't even know. just say hey plane olds showers. >> raining. >> exactly. >> we will get that later tonight. so most of today dry. outdoor plans, no problem. don't worry about it, it is later in the evening, we start to see some shower chances increase, and there is potential for heavy rain overnight into at least the first half of memorial day. 69 right now at the airport, we're in the sunshine, few high clouds out there. south breeze, yes, 3 miles per hour, dew . temperature right around 60. so feels little humid out there. 69 at the airport, in the low
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70s, even mid 70s now up in reading, 74 degrees. 70 in millville 71 at the atlantic city airport, so rapid warm up this morning, a loft suburbs already reaching the low 70s. rain showers, well to our south. across southern virginia, north carolina, so they'll take their time to get here. so between five to 8 tonight start to see shower chances returning, and another hot day. getting close to 09, but the clouds may drop the temps down little bit. 88 for philadelphia, near 80 at the shore, nice breeze off the water over the ocean 50's, keep the temps there in the 70s, and then mid 80s up in the poconos, so the rain returns tonight. memorial day, you want to have the back up plan, just to be safe. if you have morning plans, morning looks to be the worse of the rain, afternoon could get little bit better, temperatures low 80s, pretty much clouds throughout the day. talk about drier weather returning for the middle of next week, details in a few minutes, jan, back to you. >> justin, thanks so much. well, not everyone is down the shore. some people are staying right here in philadelphia to check out fun activities. all across our city this
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memorial day weekends. it was the perfect day sat date night to attends an outdoor event. "eyewitness news", at the chinese lantern festival in franklin square where lines were out the door all night long. and, visitors came from all over to check out those lanterns. >> ♪ >> we loved it. we actually saw lantern festival when in china it was very similar to. >> this so the girls loved it. >> i think it is beautiful. i think we came at the right time. it is gorgeous out, just kate from south street. so great day to be in fill. >> i really great. check it out. chinese lantern festival runs through june the 12. >> jersey shore tourism season off to sizzling start, thousands packing the boardwalks and the beaches tells us one business getting creative technology to cash in on this holiday weekend. >> they are the smells. >> first smell the carmel, then come close and smell the
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popcorn brewing. >> that television just can't convey. >> i put my windows down to get that whiff of the bay. >> welcome home for those who take their memorial day with a side of sand and salt water. and it makes bumper to bumper bearable. >> yes, we hit a lot of traffic. >> was it worth it? >> yes, it was worth it. >> for young families, the stress of travel doesn't ends once the car is parked. >> you got beach chairs, you got umbrellas, you got towels, you got shovels, buckets, all of the kids toys. >> the ocean city company beach caddy is cashing in on this early swimsuit weather offering new app that transports and assembles that cumbersome beach gear. >> you can book them right then and there, or you have the option to schedule a pick up for a future dathan time. >> the kind of innovation that's kept shore businesses strong. after some severe weather in the offer season, only some sun over the past months there is has been collective sigh of relief. >> no one carries out this memorial day tradition for the
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love of crowds, or travel logistics, it runs a bit deeper than that. so, to outsiders who say that the jersey shore smells, well, it does. it smells like my childhood. >> in ocean city, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and don't from get to visit for all memorial day guide. we have all of the cool spots to check out and recipes for to you try this holiday weekend. new this morning, a man is shot and killed in southwest philadelphia. police say the 39 year old victim was shot in the head at woodland and 52 street, around 5 30 a.m. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no word on suspect or motive at this time. another shooting this morning, this one in north philadelphia. authority say a man was shot in the arm around 4 a.m. it happened at 24 and diamond streets near william dick public school. the victim was taken to temple hospital and his condition is not known at this time. no word on a suspect, either.
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a stabbing in north philadelphia sends one man to the hospital. authorities say the 39 year old victim was attacked around midnight, near front and clearfield streets. the victim was transported to temple hospital. and we're told he is in stable condition. no word on a suspect or motive, just yet. also, new this morning, two people are injured in a car crash in east falls. emergency crews responded to the overturned vehicle on route one and fox street just after 3 a.m. both people injured were taken to the hospital and have non-life threatening injuries. the cause is being investigated. >> take a listen to this. three year old girl is recovering after falling out after 2 floor window in germantown. paramedics rush to the scene on the five hundred block of manheim street around 12 30 yesterday afternoon. police say the girl's father had just put the young girl to bed when he noticed a hole in his a screen and his daughter missing. the 3 year old is in stable condition, with a fractured
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skull. authorities are investigating a horrific case of animal abuse in delaware county. police say someone set 2 dogs on fire, in a backyard after home in chester, last night. "eyewitness news" on the 28 hundred block of west 6 street. right now, the search is on for the person who killed those dogs, a reward will be offered for information in this case. a dad saves his son when a huge tree limb falls in bucks county. this happened yesterday afternoon, in the picnic area at neshaminy state park in bensalem. the father pushed his four year old son to safety. then good samaritans lift that limb off the man before first responders arrived on the scene, fortunately, father and son, suffered only minor injuries. we we will re inspect all of the trees in the area, and do it over and over again. >> so that area is secure for right now, off limit for the rest of the weekend so we can be sure that the area is safe. >> a 6 year old daughter was also with the family. she was not injured.
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>> on tuesday, pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, says she will release a report on the porn gate scandal, two supreme court justices and several others lost their jobs or resigned after important graphic emails were found on state servers. the emails are a major part of kane's defense as she faces trial on charges of perjury and obstruction every justice. as there is turmoil surrounding the trump campaign this weekend, anti-trump protesters face-off against police, giuliana goldman with the latest on campaign 2016. >> changed his mind and said yes, changed his mind said no. >> in a interview for "face the nation" bernie sands he is said he doesn't know why donald trump bawked away from debating him. >> maybe we'll get a call in five minutes where he will say yes again. i think that's who donald trump is. >> trump released a statement saying it was inapropriate for him to debate the 2 place
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finisher. >> you know i know they've gone back and forth on there is trump doesn't sound very serious. >> while hillary clinton laughed off the idea, trump and sanders campaign spent two days going back and forth about a california debate. trump said woe participate if the event raised between ten 15 million dollars for women's health charities. get them out of here. >> he didn't mention the de funk debate at his last two rallies in california friday evening. which were met with fierce protests, many were rallying against the presumptive republican nominees immigration proposal. >> you are going -- >> this isn't baltimore, pal. >> i don't know but it is great. >> this is not right. we need to stand up ourselves. >> in san diego, police in riot gear clashed with protesters and dozens of people were arrested. >> the democratic race in california has tightened
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considerably and polls now show clinton and sanders in dead heat ahead of the june 7 primary. giuliana goldman, cbs news, washington. more than 19 hundred migrants were rescued, and 6 operations coordinated by the italian coast guard, the rescues involved coast guard, navy, commercial tugboats and ngo vessel, most of the rescues were madoff the libyan coast and southern mediterranian sea, some of the migrants boats capsized, dozens of people are reportedly still missing. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news": a deputy shot during a traffic stop in georgia. we have the latest on his condition and the shooter. plus: are you planning to travel this summer? well, keep in mind, burglar love to strike empty homes. but there are things that you can do to protect your property. we'll show you how thinking like a criminal could keep the crooks away. justin? >> it continues to feel like mid summer day all across the delaware valley. but we are dealing with more rain returning in the forecast
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for memorial day, we time it out for you in the full eyewitness weather you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania.
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>> deputy jamie white pulled over a car on interstate 185, last night, while the deputy was walking up to the vehicle, someone shot him above the left eye. he is expected to recover. there is no word on why that deputy stopped the car. >> crews recover a vintage plane that crashed friday evening into the hudson river. a large crane aboard an army corps of engineers vessel pulled the wreckage out of the water. the world war ii lynn had taken off from republic airport on long island, and sent out a distress signal before going down.
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the body of the pilot, 56 year old william gordon, of florida, was recovered on friday, the cause of the crash is under investigation. 2 part of the country are dealing with mother nature this holiday weekend. tropical storm bonnie is pomeling southeast coast, bringing rain, wind, and choppy surf. four people are dead, after flooding in texas and kansas. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette with the latest. >> the rain cleared saturday, in harris county, texas near houston, but the damage was already done. vehicles sat submerged after water turned roads into streams. the floods stranded some like this man, a trust brought him through the water to rescue boat which delivered him to the other side where he was reunited with a woman. it was one of dozens of water rescues the past couple of days since the heavy rain started thursday s this family also needed help after they became trapped. >> scared for my house, but we're good. >> in central kansas, search teams are still looking for a
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11 year old boy who was swept away, by a swollen creek, friday night. >> we'll be out here all day, and as long as it takes, and until we find him. >> the surf already roaring in charleston county south carolina where tropical storm warnings are in effect, as bonnie moves in. the rough conditions were not enough to keep some away, determined, to celebrate their holiday weekend. but rip tide current off of islands in georgia generated by the storm proved too dangerous, lifeguards ran into the water, to bring swimmers closer to the shore, and safety. wendy gillette, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". so bonaci now actually been downgrade today depression, right? >> that's right. yes, but not really going to change much if the forecast. we will still get rain out of it, never direct hit for the delaware valley, not even notice it is tropical system, but does have a name, but gets attention, bad timing though, holiday, and we got to feel with some wet weather. so have the back up plan to be safe.
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this morning and really today nice day. soap, that's cool. you know, sunday, everybody, or most people, have off tomorrow. so tomorrow more of a travel day, if you are out on vacation, so enjoy today. right now 72 degrees, looking live from palmyra cove nature park new jersey, across the river, little hazy, because we have the humidity starting to increase. and there are some high clouds, that's a sign of the approaching showers that will impact us, later on tonight looks like, you can see, circulation in the radar signature to our south. that is what is left of tropical storm bonnie. now downgraded officially to a depression. so kind of lingering, across the south and north carolina coast for the next few days, but it is bringing some steady rain across the carolinas today and tomorrow. some of the showers do get caught up in the jet stream, and track northward, later tonight, into tomorrow. and there could be some pockets of heavy rain specially overnight tonight, into the first half of memorial day. mild though. check it out. lehigh valley, berks county, already low and mid 70s, close to 70 at the city. cooler along the coast, ocean water chilly, 56 degrees, southeast breeze, so that's keeping the temperatures down
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into the 60s, cape may checking in at 72 degrees this hour. 69 in rehoboth beach. some people saying little too humid, too soon. okay, i get that. it will feel steamy today, tomorrow, little bit better on tuesday, but noticeably more pleasant on wednesday. so if you are looking for drier air mass, wait few more days it, will get here. but good place to cool off is maybe hanging out, backyard, if you have a pool, 88 degrees, little bit on the hot side today. sun, clouds, throw some sun block on, uv high 8 out of ten. the latest stats on depression bonnie, winds now down to 35 miles per hour moving northward slowly at 9 miles per hour, so the forecast, doesn't move it much. next few days, wednesday, kind of lingering across north carolina, just off the coast. and it is what's left of it, it will be remnants. so get most of the rain kind of lingers over the carolinas for much of the week, we will get some of the showers out ahead of it tonight into tomorrow. 30% chance for late day shower today. more likely at night. then tomorrow good deal of
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showers specially for the first half of the day, tuesday, wednesday, looking much drier. so we time it out for youment through 2, 3. dry, just increasing cloud cover moving in from the south. 7 we start to see few areas of showers, developing, and then pockets of some heavy rain at times, not raining the whole time tonight and tomorrow. depends on where you are. but looks like the steadiest rain will try to set up from the city on south and east. specially monday morning. so, still potential for some heavier rain, does try to get better for the afternoon specially west of the city. so if you have late afternoon barbeque plans, you might be okay. like i said, not rain willing everywhere, have the back up plan around in case. steadiest, heaviest, most amount of rain, near the shore, maybe over an inch of rain there. lesser amounts the farther north and west you go. today though feeling like summer, sunshine and clouds, late day shower, high of around 88 degrees. and then, for tonight, off and on showers, some of that could be heavy at times, maybe rumble every thunder. so tomorrow, 81 degrees, we will have some showers around especially during the morning, tuesday, back to sunshine, you
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will to 86, pleasant wednesday and thursday, upper 70s, low 80s, more showers friday and saturday. january, back over to you. >> justin, thank you. now 8 18. time to check in on those roads, let's go to ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. morning, ann. >> good morning, jan. looking at i59 near girard. earlier disable vehicle here northbound lanes to the right of your screen, that's since cleared. good to go on 95, in fact being 95 looks right through philadelphia and it suburbs which is bonus today. we move the traffic cam here, to the schuylkill at spring garden, no delays on the schuylkill, if you look to the far right, that's martin luther king drive closed for recreational activities through the ben franklin parkway and the falls bridge, and if you look to the left, train pulling into 30 street station. you're dropping someone off today at 30 street station, or picking someone up for the holiday, well, again, amtrak saying no major delays or problems. but, septa is staying on its broad street subway northbound local service will not stop at fairmount, cecil b. moore,
8:19 am
susquehanna, dolphin, allegheny stations. we move the traffic cam one more time to the walt whitman bridge mid-span. no delays or problems on the walt whitman bridge. very popular bridge to take. if you are headed to the shore, if you are headed to the shore, there is no problems further up on 42, 295 southbound, jam upright at the 42 freeway, due to sewer great collapse. the left lane is closed and the garden state parkway northbound, that's sluggish between the white horse pike and pomona, an accident just cleared, no delays on the atlantic city expressway. entrances to the shore points look okay, as well. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans, jan, back to you. >> sounds good. thanks so much. now, with many people go on summer vacations or even just go to work, their homes could become a target for burglars. in today's "3 on your side" consumer report, jim donovan shows us how thinking more like a crook could help protect yourself. >> this woman is too fearful to show her face a year after her home was burglarized. >> that feeling never goes away. >> the thieves stole her
8:20 am
jewelry, and sense of security. >> i have now the blind closed constantly. >> so what kind of homes do burglars target? well, it is not just curb appeal or security measures that come pact your risk. some experts say geography and architecture also play a role. >> they finds ways into our homes that we might not have predicted this ought r of burglars guide to the city says think like a burglar and architect to be prepared. every time you hide yourself from view, you are also hiding from view anyone else that's in the house. >> that means tall privacy walls or bushes, for example, may be letting a burglar take his time breaking in. he says even a patio railing can tempt a thief. >> this casino every thing would be ideal hand hold or something that you could use to climb up to the 2 floor. >> bottom line, no where is one hundred% safe. so things to keep in mind. reconsider that salable privacy wall, or large bush. if you could climb it, and hide behind it, it may be perfect for burglars. use simple security measures,
8:21 am
like alarms, cameras, most of all, lock your doors and windows. all of them. this woman's window was closed, but unlocked. when it became a window of opportunity for a burglar. >> it is a terrible, terrible feeling. >> and get to know your neighbors, a good knows i neighbor can help keep an eye on your home and gave you a heads up if they notice anything out of the ordinary. >> reporting for 3 on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> good advice, jim, thank
8:22 am
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>> preview coming up a little bit on this sunday morning: >> here we come ♪ >> in the fall of 1966, four
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musician action, mix of the beatle, and the marks brothers, made their debut on american television. >> ♪ hey hey with the monkeys ♪ >> for the next 58 episodes, the monkeys would turn pop culture upside down. don't you want to be famous, the idol of millions? >> no, i just want to be revered by a small minority. >> a small minority? >> small minority, like a tribe of african pig me's, get it. >> half century later. >> the big 50 mean anything really to you guys? >> well, if you have to ask us. >> mike, mickey, and peter, are still monkeying around. >> ♪ then i saw her face ♪ now i'm a believer ♪ >> the monkeys would out sell the beatles, and the stones, in 1967. their first four albumns, went to number one. >> ♪
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>> we were a fake bands that became a real bands that wasn't really real? >> well, see, now you are off in the weeds with me. because i don't know the answer to that question. and mick doesn't know. and if peter says he does, he's lying. >> anthony mason, with the monkeys. plus, on this very busy travel weekend, a look at the growing epidemic of road rage. and a visit to utah zion national park. all of that and much more on sunday morning here on cbs-3 at 9 a.m. still to come this morning, honoring america's veterans. local supermarket, find a special way to thank those who wore an uniform. >> and, tropical depression bonnie is soaking the coast of south carolina, find out what one couple is doing so the storm doesn't pam pen their nuptials. and will it be a memorial day wash out? find out when the rain moves in so you'll know how to plan your holid
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive
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save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning. i'm jan carabeo. happy memorial day holiday weekends, everyone. meteorologist, justin drabick, out there on the cbs-3 skydeck with eyewitness weather. dry for now, justin, but really how long will this last? is pretty much most of the day it we'll be in good shape. not until this evening we start to bring back rain chances in our forecast, so outdoor plans obviously a go. still pretty nice outside right now, if you don't like the heat, humidity, get outside now, enjoy, because it will be another hot day feeling like the middle of july this afternoon. in the sunshine, few high clouds out there, but 69 degrees at the airport, 73 now already up in allentown, mid
8:29 am
70s, in reading. soap, there is some warmth, rapidly building this morning with the full sunshine. but there are some clouds off to the south and west. they'll start to move in throughout the afternoon, lower and thicken tonight, and you can see some showers out across southern virginia, northern north carolina, that's associated with what's left of tropical storm bonnie. now downgraded to a depression, some of the showers will get in here tonight. so, this morning, sunshine, 60s, 70s, this afternoon, partly sunny, we will be well into the 80s again, getting close to 90, it is possible, if you see enough sunshine, so if you hit it, in philadelphia, this would be day 4, of 90 agree temperatures, but right now forecast high of 88. at the shore, upper 70s, but that ocean water still chilly in the 50's, that keeps the air temps down, poconos good shape today. highs in the mid 80s, now, tomorrow, little built of different story. dealing with off and on showers, there will be heavy rain around, especially monday morning, the afternoon, could get little better, maybe some breaks from time to time. but, have a back up plan for that outdoor barbeque, if you
8:30 am
have that going on tomorrow, just to be safe. we will talk about when the drier weather lasts and how long it sticks around coming in a few minutes. >> justin, thank you. memorial day weekends in full swing down the shore, many in the region kicking off unofficial start to summer. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" is live in ocean city this morning. beach-goers have been up all morning long, enjoying this beautiful day, and it has been pack and not even 9. hi, cherri gregg! >> reporter: hi, jan, here with the madison family. they're like myself, having a great time here at the shore. and i know you probably are a little bit jealous, jan, because the weather out here is absolutely marvelous. they got here on thursday, how has it been? >> good. >> good? yes? >> yes, really fun. >> what's been the best part of what you have been doing here so far? >> time together. >> yes. >> with the family, yes. >> look at these bikes. they were all riding these bikes. they got the blue ones, the
8:31 am
pink ones, all riding the bikes altogether this morning. who was doing the best job? what was going on here? were you ladies beating mom and dad? >> yes. >> definitely. >> mom, i mean, what's going on? it is a little bit of family rivalry in here? >> , no just having fun, we're trying to let them win, i guess. >> yes, yes. so what's it about the shore? do you come here every summer? >> every year, same time. >> yes. >> what is it about the shore that you love? >> family time. >> yes? >> my mom's here, my brothers, sometimes my sister. good time. >> and that's what it is, it is like so many people here with the whole entire family, as you can see, from the footage we have, people were on the beach. they were doing sand castles, just having a ball, that you take, partake in the beach life yesterday? >> not yet. we're going today. >> going today? >> yes, yesterday was boating. they went fishing. >> they went fishing, they absolutely went fishing, and today they'll go to the beach. >> yep. >> so you bring your whole family together.
8:32 am
this is your chance, you were with a houseful of women over here. >> oh, i know, you should see the other half. >> so how do you cope? i mean, but put them on the bikes to have a good time. >> absolutely, can't go wrong. >> yes, and this weather -- >> can't go wrong in jerry? can't go wrong in jersey. >> this weather has been absolutely amazing, little built after mist coming off of the ocean right now. it cools things down, got little hot for few minutes. but it has been absolutely wonderful. we're hoping that the storms will hold off as long as possible. so, people can enjoy this day, as you can see, people are running, riding their bikes, like the madison family here, they're jogging, bringing the kids out, absolute fun weaken, family time to get away and start the summer. that's what you all will do, right. >> yep. >> that's right. well, happy memorial day weekends, and of course all of this, veteran have fallen for our country, but fun time. >> definitely. >> thanks for stopping with me. we're going tone joy the rest of the shore, and i hope you
8:33 am
guys are enjoying your sunday, live at the jersey shore, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherry, thank you, we have to definitely remember those military heroes, thanks so much. visit for our memorial day guide, all of the cool spots to check out and recipes for you to try this holiday weekend. >> well, south jersey saluting local veterans this memorial day weekend as well. valley super markets honored dozens of veterans from the five branches of the military during a special luncheon. celebrations took place simultaneously, at many of the super markets in gloucester, camden counties, as well, the veterans received $200 bank gift card. and many thank you. >> volunteers cooked up holiday meal for homeless veterans, volunteers served hotdogs, sausages, other barbeque grill favorite. this effort is led by chef humans for people foundation. touch food bank in camden, new jersey, donated the food.
8:34 am
>> special memorial day service planned today in valley forge. the world war i unit called the descendents and friends of infantry will honor veterans at washington memorial chapel at 2 this afternoon. it is their 98 annual service. the speak they are year is author and historian, william t walker, the free event also includes reenactors, tappings played, artifact display and much more. >> catherine mcphee for rehearsals in the national memorial day concert in our nation's capitol today. she is one of several performers in the star studded event, including the beach boys, and rene fleming. joe monday tape ya and gary, once again, host the concert. >> tacking a 90 minute program, educating as well as
8:35 am
entertaining, and enlightening the populous, how important memorial day is. >> concert that honors our military men and women has been going on since 1989. talk about one rough start to one couple after their wedding crews crashes. the bride and groom, along with passenger and crew were in the middle of dinner on the boston harbor crews, it hit a sand bar, renee shore. the bride and groom say it was a memorable experience. >> didn't have time to go -- >> it was like an hour, then it was a big crash, then, as you know, coast guard, everyone moving. >> yes, we got stuck. >> kids are crying. it was crazy. >> yes, we got stuck. passengers were safely evacuated, thank goodness, officials say the boat was not singing and no one was hurt. well, there is still much
8:36 am
more to come here on "eyewitness news" this morning. coming up next, we will check in with "face the nation"'s john dickerson, for a look ahead at today's broadcast. stay with we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products.
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and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity.
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>> welcome back, student at one philadelphia high school are learning both inside and outside the classroom. our pat gallen says, seniors are learning more than just english, history, and math. they've learning life lessons, as well. >> that's the sound of success. at crystal ray high school in north philadelphia they bang the gong every time a major goal is achieved by a student. and in june, major goals will be met, at the first ever graduating class will walk but before that happens, their student must first learn how to swim. >> part of the curriculum, by the time you graduate, learn how to pass a swimming test, basically water survivor.
8:39 am
>> crest tow ray has teamed up with kelly haves to make sure each student can get over and an extremely difficult on stack. >> i these kids came in, they were extremely nervous to get in the water. and a lot of them had never even been by a pool before. >> program designed to help kids who have little to no access to swimming instruction, therefore, much more prone to drowning. but christo ray is change that one child at a time. each student sent required to take a swim test and pass it before they can move on. >> to be brought back, that was a bad experience, happened when i was 7, i never forgot it. >> as i got in the pool, i i felt pretty confident, i said hey, i'm definitely ready to take this test. >> i felt like oh, i can do anything now, because it is hard like swimming specially in a full pool of water. >> now nearly all of the 85 senior students are able to at least tread water. if not more. and that's a great feeling. >> the first time i swam from
8:40 am
one end the pool to the other end, i felt like i could just pick up the world and just, ya, hold its hands. >> in north philadelphia, pat gallen, "eyewitness news". >> cbs "face the nation" will be coming your way in just a little later on this morning, at ten 30 here on cbs-3, and joining us live now with a preview in washington is the moderator and cbs news political director john dickersonment john, good morning. >> good morning, jan, the republican race has wrapped up. donald trump hit the magic number this week, but on the democratic side, things still rolling along, we talk to bernie sanders about the important california primary coming up in ten days, then what's he going to do after that? he will still be behind hillary clinton, so what's his plan? then we'll have a conversation with senator john johnson, senate of home lan security committee, talk to him about the latest woes at the tsa then a conversation with governor john of colorado he's got a new book out, not like the kind of books other politicians write. and then jan as always at the
8:41 am
end we'll have our conversation with our round table of reporters who will try to put the week's political news in some casino of perspective. >> being look forward to it, thank you, john. the zika virus will not change plans for this summer olympics in rio dean jena/, world held organization says no public health justification for delaying or cancelling the games. marlie hall has more on the decision, and why some disagree with it. the world health organization said the james should go on. despite a letter from one hundred 52 health experts calling for the summer olympics in brazil to be delayed, or relocated. doctor lee eagle co-authored the letter. >> it is a quick response from world health organization. it is an anticipated response. it doesn't necessarily mean it is the right response. >> in a letter, doctors site evidence the zika virus causes severe birth defect, including babies born with abnormally small heads. authors also noted the number of infections in rio dejaniero
8:42 am
have gone up, despite efforts to wipe out the mosquitos that spread zzika virus. >> there are serious implications for human health. >> you went sofas to call that unethical? >> it is unethical and irresponsible to put people, to knowingly put people in harm's way. >> the united nations world health organization remains un convinced. in response doctor doctor eagle and his colleagues it, said based on the current assessment, cancelling or changing location of the 2016 olympics will not significantly alter the international spread of zika virus. agree the plans should go on as plan, but urges pregnant women not to travel to areas with zika virus transmission, marlie hall, cbs news new york. >> and still to come right here on "eyewitness news", yoga like you've never seen it before. a new way to step up your game.
8:43 am
>> and, some showers may dampen your memorial day weekend, eyewitness weather is just minutes away, this sunday morning. stay with us.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> many headed to the beach for memorial day now have to make new plans, after bonnie hits the region. for one cup nel charleston, this weather is probably the last thing they wanted. dillon hudson have south door wedding in charleston today. but, they will not let the heavy rainfall stop the party. they say they have a back up plan. >> had us nervous but going with the flow. >> move it inside luckily, our venue good. >> still be beautiful, move forward, and have a good time. >> now the storm has weakened, and downgraded to a tropical depression, that happened this morning, still, more rain is expected in that region. >> always have to have an
8:46 am
outdoor plan with the education. >> you have the big barbeque plans tomorrow, everybody's invited this hope you have a big house, because probably have to move it indoors especially during the morning hours, if you do have outdoor plans monday some rain around, afternoon could get little better in some locations, i'll break it down for you coming up in just a bit. we check in with wet weather watch they are morning, waking up already some warm temperatures rapid warm up as we're seeing generally mostly sunny skies widespread 7's, going north and west to the city up in san towing, a michael really full sun at 72 degrees, out doing some yard work before the rain arrives, but that's not later until tonight. so, let's take plenty of hours to go, dry weather, take you to new jersey, peter's house, fog right now in williamstown, checks in at 07 degrees. moist air mass, starting to push inland a little bit. down to delaware we hid to middletown where jason is loving this member oriole qual
8:47 am
day weaken weather, full sunshine right now, and let's go one more location here. also seeing little fog in levittown at 74 degrees, speaking of fog, got it back. ocean city talked about this yesterday. could be an issue, didn't have it whole lot earlier this morning, but right now, eventually dissipate a we do warm the air temperatures up. again, one of the main reasons for this fog is the ocean just cold. typical this time of year. water temperature map, happening right now, pick out the gulfstream, darker reds here, the warm water from the carolinas on southward. >> social security if the green and yellow areas, temperatures in the water 50's to 60. i want to know if anybody is in the water without a wet suitment probably won't be able to last very long. look at some of the water temperatures. 56 currently, heads down to the delaware beaches, ocean city maryland generally low 60s, but again, this is
8:48 am
average for this time of year. this happens. but as long as we get sunshine for the next couple of weeks or so, we will see rapid warm up in the water temperatures. dew ., huge, in the forecast this time of year. really at the time us what it feels like outside. right now dew . temp, 60 degrees, that puts us in the humid side. should increase about the mid 60s this afternoon, so call it steamy. still going to be humid tomorrow. really not until wednesday, until that humidity starts to drop. here's what's left of bonnie. some steady rain inland over the carolinas, some of the showers, do start to move northward, batch of showers off the coast, bellmawr have a peninsula, could get into parts of southern delaware, south jersey late this afternoon into early evening, but the bulk of the rain should hold off until later on tonight. beach forecast, today, not bad. 79 degrees, once we get rid of the fog, sun, clouds, again the ocean water temperature chilly at 56. wear the sun block even when sun and fog around, easily could get burn. tomorrow rain at times pretty much through the day on monday at the shore.
8:49 am
hit the beach today. time to do it right now this evening showers start to arrive between five, 8 from south to north, overnight see heavier showers around maybe thunderstorm, memorial day, best chance for the heavy rain will be for the first half of the day. afternoon, could get little better. specially west of the city. through this afternoon not bad, sunshine mixed when clouds, take you to 7. we tart to see some of the initial showers, moving in, from the south. yellow, orange, not raining everywhere, we have breaks from time to time. tomorrow morning, still a batch of some steadier rain, potentially from the city on south and east. but, notice north and west, so if you have plans in the afternoon, be outdoors tomorrow afternoon, you might be okay. specially away from the city some of the showers do linger on through the afternoon, start to dry out, rainfall amount, see the heaviest rain maybe over inch every rain specially across eastern new
8:50 am
jersey, part of delaware, lesser and the going north and west of the city maybe quarter of an inch or less toward the lehigh valley, and berks county. so today, still hot, humid, sunshine, clouds, late day shower possible 88 degrees, tonight cloudy skies, 68 degrees, tomorrow forecast, cooler with the clouds and some rain. 81 degrees, tuesday, better, just in time back to work and school. 86 grow with the sun, low 80s wednesday, less humid, and then keep it in the upper 70s for thursday, with more showers friday, saturday. do you love watching the weather you could be featured in our newscast by becoming a eyewitness weather watcher. sign up now at >> thanks so much. it is now 8 50. time to check in on those roads. let's go right to ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, ann. >> and good morning, jan. looking at i59 right at the delaware state line. right at naman's road, headed to those delaware beaches. no delays or problems here i95 in good shape. through delaware, and through
8:51 am
philadelphia. we move the traffic cam to the ben franklin mid-span, ben franklin bridge on the philadelphia side, if you are taking the ben franklin bridge, to 295 southbound, keep in mind there are delays right at the 42 freeway, due to sewer great collapse and left lane closed other than that, 42 itself looks all right. no problems further up on the ac spread way or the garden state parkway, entrances to the shore points look okay, as well we move it one more time mid-county toll plaza of the pa turnpike, headed to the poconos, both the northeast extension, pa turnpike look okay, if you are taking ma cents transit this morning, one note, on the broad street subway, northbound local service will not stop at fair mant or allegheny stations everyone else mass transit on or close to schedule. that's the latest from cbs-3 # traffic center, now, jan, back to you. >> great, thank you, ann. downward dog, warrier 2, happy baby, yoga student years
8:52 am
are piedly popular these days, but lets introduce to you a practice you just don't see anywhere. lesley van arsdall does the honors. >> hammock suspended from the seen, so ready to take your don't ward dog to the neck level this is for you. >> we have a lot of people in here that do not like traditional florio, a they come in here and love it. does become more fun, because you can fly, and you can do advanced pose z- also good for those looking for deep stretch and even managed pain. that's actually why carry opened the studio after she was in a bad car accident. >> i went through a windshield. and have a lot of damage done to my leg, hot right side of my body. so avenue lot of nerve pain, a lot of issues with putting weight on my leg. the pain just constant. really helps. >> avenue back injury, myself. and this just made me be able
8:53 am
to do things i never could before. i fell in love with t i love swinging through the glare now never having take answer yoga class i was assured i would be fine. >> problem child. >> exhale. >> some of it very relaxing. >> inhale. >> definitely not there yet. or -- but at least i wasn't the only beginner. on scale everyone to ten, how fun was this class for you? >> a ten, definately you should definitely give aerial yoga a try if you're up for
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> look like the 2 time was the charm for a new addition to the international space station. nasa inflated the expandable section known as bean yesterday. the bedroom sized habitat needs to be pumped up like a
8:56 am
balloon, first attempt to inflate beam failed on thursday. meantime flute owe was ready for his close up, new horizon spacecraft is giving an unprecedented view of pluto's surface. these images were taken a year ago from ten thousand miles away, but were just released yesterday. and navy veteran is marking memorial day in a very touching way. rhawn white is writing the names of more than 23 hundred fallen veterans from afghanistan on a wall and does it all from memory. the traveling wall on display in colorado springs, said it took him ten months to memorize the names, and can he wrote them in chronological order. coca-cola also rolling out a patriots i can theme soda can to celebrate 75 years of partnership with the uso. the soda company's i'm proud to be an american cans are red, white and blue. they honor members of the military, and will be in stores through independence day. budweiser launched similar campaign this month, when it
8:57 am
renamed its beer america. feels great, aim loving the heat, enjoy it, outdoor plans are a g tonight start to see showers returning heavy overnight tomorrow, best chance every rain will be during the morning, could get some dry, times, during the afternoon, have the back up plan tomorrow just to be safe. >> that does it for cbs "eyewitness news" for now. let's check in on line at cbs philly. com. have a great sunday morning. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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