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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  May 30, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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foggy and dreary memorial day. >> good evening i'm rahel solomon. these storms are the remnants of tropical depression bonnie. let's get right to meteorologist lauren casey. she's tracking the wet heather. hi lauren. it was a nice weekend. we got in two good days of sunshine and summer like conditions. conditions have been deteriorating. getting a live look at center city philadelphia. rain drops on the lens of skycam 3. temperatures 72 degrees right now. winds out of the south relatively light. significants miles per hour. dewpoints are way elevated toward the 70 degrees mark. very humid as tropical moisture continues to saturates our atmosphere. a flood advisory for a large portion of the delaware valley. does include center city philadelphia. we could see localized flooding
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in poor drainage areas. and the culprit of course the moisture from the remnants of bonnie. what is left of the circulation is still over the carolinas still well far away that's not stopping all the moisture to flow up into our backyard. rainfall intensity is starting to pick up over the last hour or two across portions of the area now some of the heaviest rain falling across parts of center city philadelphia and south jersey and camden and burlington counties getting a good downpour, cherry hill, hains port and rain coming down pretty steadily we've picked up over an inch of rainfall across parts of delaware we're adding to that. chester county getting a good soaking. this attributed to the moisture from bonnie. the main portion of the system is well off to our south of that tropical influx. moving northbound. we are going to be contending
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with this tropical moisture all through the day. periods of rain, heavy at time. thunderstorms activities events are being unfortunately canceled across the area because of tomorrow's weather. 78 degrees high temperature. a very humid day. not the best looking holiday. conditions are going to turn around pretty quickly we'll talk about that. if we can squeeze in a chance to throw burgers on the grill we might have a small portion i'll let you know coming up. >> all right a. thanks. today a special service was held in valley forther forge park in remembrance of our fallen heros. joe holden was there. u at washington memorial chapel a moving remembrance for the men of the 314th in fan industry 79th discussing.
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>> we're here to remember not just the men of the 314 all those who fought. >> reporter: nancy is devotes hours and hours to keep the memories a life. her grand father a sharp shooter from the mountains of pennsylvania survived being wounded twice in france. >> it's important to keep those memories a live when people have passed we need generations to know where they came from. >> being here part of memoralizing my grand father's friends who died in france. >> reporter: corporal irwin rennes with the 79th division he was an intelligence scout. >> he never ever talked about it. they were told they would be supported by another division. the other division did not support them. and they were left alone to take that hit. cost thousands of troops. >> reporter: self dozen gathered here learning stories about an
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honorable and brave infantry. a generation gone but not forgotten. >> our respect one day a year whatever your faith is say a prayer or tilt a glass to them. >> reporter: something grasp like this would like to see changed presence of a world war i memorial in washington d.c.. there are plans, we are told to construct one. in valley forge national park i'm joe holden cbs3 eyewitness news. >> it was the perfect beach day for people spend distinct memorial day down the shore. cape may county where plenty of people were out and about taking van top of of tonights whether before the rain moved in. merchants hope -- >> there's a lot of people i think with all the rainy weather we had this season people are excider ted to get back out. its been good a good weekend a really good weekends. >> memorial day of course kicks
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off down the shore make sure to check out a memorial day weekend guide on you'll find get away spots, recipes and information on how you can give back to military heros. we are learning more about the pennsylvania teen who died after a rodeo performance in south jersey koi lots just finished freshman year at the university of tendency and today eyewitness news trang dough spoke to the university and rodeo about the tragic accident. >> reporter: tragedy in piles with thousands of spectators in the crowd 19 year old bear back bronc company rider koi died after he was trampled by ice horse. rodeo owner said he was on the horse. bucked the teen off and accidentally stepped on him. cow tone road i don't posted this statement to its face back
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page parks cowtown road i don't and harris family extend condolences for the tragic loss of their son koi. during this difficult time our thoughts and prayers are with all who knew and loved him. >> about 8th grade. >> reporter: video posted on youtube by the university of tendency where lots was a member of the rodeo team showed clips of him doing what he loved. the freshman from pennsylvania was studying criminal justice. he had dreams of pursuing rodeo professionally after graduation. >> all memories going to rodeos. >> reporter: head coach also released a statement which reads in part, koi was just an out standing kid who had a real bright future. he was a good student and he came from a great family. even though he was only here for one year, his impact will always be felt here at ut martin. into lot's death was the first in 62 seasons for the cowtown
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rodeo. trang do cbs3 eyewitness news. >> okay. reasoning, thank you. $1,000 reward is being offered for information in a horrific case of animal cruelty in delaware count two dogs were found burned behind a home on the 28 hundred block on 6th street in chest the and mals were alive before un someone set them on fire. the reward is for leading to arrest and conviction. four year old who came face-to-face with a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo is out of the hospital. they killed the gorilla after he fell into a exhibit some are outraged is the zoo's response and want the child's mother to face child. show a four year old boy in the gorilla moat the boy got through a barrier and fell at least 10 feet down into the shallow stream. that's when the 17 year old
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endangered western low land gorilla approaches the boy. at first it looked like he's being protective then his behavior turns threatening. >> oh, my god. the gorilla has the child and is dragging him. >> reporter: zoo officials removed two female gorillas from the en closure did not approach him for 10 minutes. eventually zoo president says the 400 pound gorilla became violent. >> it seemed very much by our professional team to be a life threatening situation. so the choice was made to put down the gorilla. >> reporter: its team chose not to training what lies because the an pal was agitated and it would have taken too long to said date him. >> we certainly don't want to be in a situation where they have to be killed: facebook pages like justice for the gorilla. the endangered gorilla was put
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down. others want the boy's mother to face child endangerment charges. >> a gunman hooter rised a houston neighborhood for over an hour was shot and cutter by police. investigators say no one on the ground or in the air we're safe the shooter riddled five police cars and a helicopter with bullets. one man shot dead in his car two other drivers barely escaped with their lives. >> then it went through that seat come back through that seat graze the back seat. >> look and seen me across the street and shot at me. >> six people wounded in a shooting rampage including two officers and a person police are calling a possible second gunman all the injuries were considered non life threatening. campaign 2016 trump captured
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a large audience in the nations capital. the gop nominee focused and military and veterans while speaking at the and wallet rolling thunder event in washington d.c.. democratic side sanders campaigning hard in california, hillary clinton meantime took the holiday weekend off. >>as we await the democratic and republican conventions this summer the libertarian party picked its candidate at the parties convention in orlando florida. some believe jonathon could play a spoiler because of trump and president clinton historically high unfavorable rating. he pulled 10%. still to come tonight and eyewitness news international children's choir come to our area. ♪ how these young children helped a local church fight
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childhood poverty with the power of song. an unbelievable stunt the man jumps out of a plane and flies head first into a target. find out how fast he was going when he hit it. lauren. we're in for a messy memorial day thanks to the moisture from bonnie i'll let you know if we have any dry time throughout the holiday inn full forecast that's coming up next. >> ahead in sports the phillies stay with us .
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>> well today wasn't so typical sunday at a delaware county church this morning more than 200 people gathered in glen mills help feed the hungry. they assembled 10 thousand meals in just an hour. this is the souped of hungry children being fed. one thousand meals are
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assembled. valley point church in glen mills delaware county didn't hold its regular services this morning instead members made 1010 thousand meals for the organization stop hunger now. meals made with white rise, soy flower, dehydrate ted vegetables and vitamins and can be boiled in water. sent to 35 countries and distributed through school feeding programs. >> can have a choice 20 come to school to get fed rather than the alternative, which is much less desirable garbage or beg on the street. >> i was a runner. we had to run food back and forth from the people who packed it and people who the feed. >> made me feel really good that i'm able to use these hands that i have here to help other people around the world. >> reporter: this is the third year valley point church has assembled the packages making it more than 30 thousand meals in
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total. >> ii want to expose valley poit church for an opportunity to also learn about ways we can be generous to help kids receive that education, food and clean water. so i thought it would just be a wonderful day where we focus not on us, but on others. ♪ >> reporter: after a busy hour of assembling meals the church was treated to the sites and sounds of the international children's kier the young performers come from hon chorus, fill opinions, da paul and you granada 10 month tour this was their last concert. >> we are sing go dancing, traveling the country. >> it's like having another family in here and hanging together with my friends. >> reporter: the children stay with church members. you can imagine experiences they'll take home now to their families. >> senate bigger picture us is what they give us lessons in
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life they give us. ♪ >> reporter: if you would like to sponsor a child or help make meals we have information on our website. here's one reason to smile after getting a ticket an evesham township police officers spotted these little guys wearing helmets so he gave them a ticket for being safe. option chill. kids can redeem ticket for a free slurpee at 7-eleven. i love slurpees. >> and water ice. this is a good weekends. summer like weekend. saturday nice much of the day soon as we got close to the sunset clouds started to run in. then we we have tomorrow to deal with. a day off today was a nice day. mid to upper '80s across much of
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the area. conditions they are a change and now the board walk looking much more sparse as we get a live look at ocean city new jersey. few soles left wandering around. continuing to see this moisture build into our atmosphere. you can feel the wall of moisture as soon as you step outside. the humidity earlier today as well as warm temperatures. 87 was our high temperature today in philadelphia. about 10 degrees above our average. near 90 in the lehigh valley. temperatures right around 80 degrees down the shore. nice beach day. but tomorrow conversely its going to be abeam mer of a beach day. periods of rain and thunderstorms activity. temperatures in the mid stents. uv index two. clouds are going to keep sunshine far a bay. we are seeing pocket of heavier rainfall riding up the i95 corridor putting down heavy
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rain. building up into trenton and bensalem right now seeing moderate to heavy rainfall. steady rainfall across suburbs lehigh valley and poconos. steady rainfall continues right now across parts of northern delaware where we've already picked up over an inch of rainfall just this evening and parts of pennsylvania and new jersey as well. mullica hill picking up an inch half most of it in the last air. newark close to an inch swarthmore picking up three tenths of an inch at the airport a quarter of an inches. we're going to add to those tool lease as we head into the overnight period time. i mean bedded storm activity. temperature falling back to 70 degrees. light winds tonight and through the day tomorrow. this is not going to had to be a wind event. high temperature 78 degrees of the periods of heavy rain again i mean bedded thunderstorms
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through the day tomorrow. temperatures right now they are rain cool 72 degrees in philly temperatures very consistent all across the delaware valley right around 70 degrees. dewpoints unfortunately are also very consistent they are so elevated up to near 70 degrees in low 70s just indicating so much moisture at the surface for all of this rain to feed off of. also very humid conditions. winds are relatively light. dealing with remnants of a tropical system. winds are not going to be an issue for us. so those are good news down the shore not going to say a strong on sure flow with his rainfall. we could see localized fooder flooding across the area due to the heavy nature of this rain periods of rain tomorrow i mean bedded thunderstorms we could certainly see rainfall photos one o two plus inch. future area i think is under playing this a little bit even as we head into midnight hour we know that the rain is already much more expansive not
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believing his model thinking under playing the rain a little bit. rain continues to move through the area:heavy pock of rain in the morning as we head into midday as well. some areas dealing with rainfall times of rain as we head into the late afternoon and even into the evening hours we'll still see a few thunderstorms maybe sneak outrun to the grill but again we're going to be dealing with this rain off and on throughout the day tomorrow. heavy at times. not a great looking holiday forecast. two nice days then we return to the nice weather as we head into tuesday humidity finally drops off giving us a break. decreasing clouds and then on wednesday high temperatures at 82 degrees. comfortable with sunshine and temperatures back down into the 70s on thursday. a little bit closer to where we should be at seasonally that we do have rain chance return into friday with some showers around. >> we've been all over the place may was so cool and so wet then it got hot 82. >> season of tran significant.
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>> all right a, lauren. thanks you. >> phillies offense continues to struggle in particular ryan howard has been struggling. and yes, another windy day at
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>> leslie back checking on sports phillies really having a rough time. >> let's hope change oven you will help. so happy that that sixth game road trip finally ended they lost five out of 60. swept them out of wrigley the fills bats were quiet. the cubs, gave up seven runs and didn't make it. giving up a run on four hits and struck out sick. cubs starting pictures allowed just three once in the series. they fillet beat the fills seven to two. five runs in three games. that's not going to cut it.
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joseph got the start first day hit his third homer of the year it was the second time. as to the game pete buchanan he will see more playing time. batting 155 six hits he is in the final year of his contract. 26 million that includes a 10 million dollar buy out option is the end of the season. coming up next in the sports zone we're going to talk about the struggling phillies swept. john johnson will be joining me delaware count times george. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> in that's something we can be proud of. all right union. when we come back an incredible aerial stunt well you just have to see to
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>> american sky diver was able
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to check one carrying challenge off his bucket list. take a look he's wearing winning suit he jumped out of a helicopter and successfully, he threw the air reaching speeds 120 miles an hour. he likes to inspire people. consider us entertained. lauren is back and
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>> lauren's back. >> it's going to be a little rainy periods of heavy rain off and on. i mean bedded thunderstorms. 78 degrees for memorial day. things start to dry out. we'll get a nice break as we head into tuesday. >> something to look forward. that is eyewitness news for now. thanks for joining us. remember we are always on at now let's turn things over to ♪ [theme]
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>> hey, what's up, i'm shad and this q. on the show today: chrissie hynde. the lead singer of the pretenders has a new memoir out called reckless. she shares a little bit about her life, from small-town akron, ohio, to the uk punk scene. >> chrissie hynde: well, of course, i grew up in what, i think, if you're a rock fan, was like the greatest time in rock history to grow up in. >> shad: and felicia day. the internet-famous actor sits down to talk about infiltrating online geek culture and how the digital world helped her thrive. >> felicia day: i love the idea that a community can spring up where people feel like they're, they belong. they, they're going to... like cheers, you're going to a club, um, or a bar that you like every day to enjoy content and share that content with other people. performs off his new album, avalanche, live in studio. i'm shad and this is q. ♪ [theme] ♪
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>> chrissie: ♪ to a place in the past ♪ we've been cast out of ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ now we're back in the fight ♪ we're back on the train ♪ oh, back on the chain gang ♪ >> shad: chrissie hynde, lead singer of the pretenders. her hit songs are staples of rock radio, and she recently put out a memoir callreckless. it details her wild younger days. she came by studio q and we had a great chat. i should tell you this was before she made some controversial remarks about rape, so we don't talk about that. but we do talk about the incident in question. here's chrissie hynde in studio q. first off, congrats on the book. >> chrissie: thanks very much. >> shad: um, tell me about your decision to share the story now. >> chrissie: i think it's just an age thing.


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