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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 30, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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i could just get to work early, right, and all the sudden we have major backups, flashflood warnings, out through philly, yes. >> good . at least we won't have as many cars on the road, you know? but yes, getting soaked in some of these spots out there. as you mentioned, flashflood warnings posted specifically philadelphia county, guys. so you take a look out here, overlooking spring garden, but specifically the frankford and the pennypack creeks, when the heavy burst of rain came through, they quickly came out of their banks, thankfully they're receding nearly as quickly, but regardless, those flashflood warnings stay in effect for portions every philadelphia county, central, northeastern philadelphia county through 6 30 this morning, so, another 90 minutes or so, still going to likely have some minor or at least, yes, at least minor issues out there. but certainly outside we go to spring garden and broad street. still quite wet. looks like the crews are replentishing the beaches on the shore, still very hazy, we're essentially talking completely saturated air mass.
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so when the rain comes through, it comes through heavily. you get drenched when that rain comes down. but outside ocean city here in cape may county things are more than anything just very, well, foggy, hazy, and very moisture-laden, for sure. lets guess next, out to our live neighborhood network, where at this . looking at is the daily rain, just within the last 24 hours, and at the moment, you know, you have got some spots where you didn't get hit hard at all, atlantic city not reporting much of anything at all. but in abington, you have nearly three quarters after inch on the ground already in burn ville just shy of half inch. so again even though the rain is coming through somewhat quickly, in nature, when it does come through, it comes through very heavily. now, we do have some issues with the radar, as soon as we get it up and running we'll show it to you, regardless know this. periods of rain off and on any time throughout the day, likely couple every thunderstorms embedded within that, and as that takes place, of corpse, you are going to get drenched. we take quick peak at the 7 day forecast moving forward here, mid lower 80s on tuesday and wednesday, in the sunshine at least, really today is the
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day we've got to get through. this is renmant tropical moisture, stowe will drench us when it comes through, but by tomorrow, the humidity is dropping, and the sun is coming back. meisha, over to you. >> that will be nice tomorrow, thank you, katie. so, just a little while ago, what we were looking at is we had an accident, the vine, headlights eastbound near the schuylkill. what we were looking at is some flood that was happening right around there, again, the vine. now what happened is we were seeing these cars wiz through there, and i was thinking, man, that's just could be a disaster because it is dark out, you can hydroplane, bamm, it happened. here we go. accident high dough plans, moving until the eastbound direction near the schuylkill, it is very, very slippery. specially where you have all of the water accumulating under the bridges, bridge decks, side streets, all of that very, very slick, all of these vehicles now being pushed all the way off to the far right trying to scoot around this. again it is dark, a lot of water out, there and you will hydroplane if you try to go 55 miles per hour through this. that's what we're looking at
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right now, it just happened. ben franklin bridge, what you are looking at, looking very wet, if you mover in the westbound direction, 59 south at cottman, also, looking very slick, very wet, the good news is not a lot of vehicles out there on this holiday morning, good for you, get to sleep in this morning. you should it is a great holiday. paying respects, accident here, south avenue, near chester pike. make note of that, norwood, and also downed wires still out there. monroe township south main street, at carol avenue, overall, busy morning, joe. >> thank you, meisha a and a little rain of course cannot dampen spirit down the shore, there are plenty of people down there enjoying memorial day weekends. >> that includes our pat gallen checking out the early morning scene in ocean city, pat, staying dry? >> yes, you know what? jill, brooke, it is dry out here right now, there was mist coming down few minute ago, that's since subsided but sort after mist coming off the ocean, little bit after fog out here. but joe talked about some of
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our friends. do you see any of our friends out here? take a look at the boardwalk so far this morning. it is empty. i think maybe people on the bikes or the runners, probably going to get a little bit of late start this morning on this memorial day as the weather hopes to hold off a little bit later on, we will talk with michaelangeloto, the director of community services for the city of ocean city. he will talk about all of the great things that come along with ocean sit, not only on memorial day, but coming up this entire summer. so we will get a sense every what's to come here on this island throughout the summer, and a little bit later on, when it is chilly, and it is misty, the weather not great, what's better than coffee and donuts? so in the 6 hour down on 1st st., i'm going to be at brown's restaurant, making some donuts this morning, because, i'm hungry, i'm ready to get this morning underway, and i'm hoping fingers crossed the weather holds off. i know the city of ocean city hoping that, as well, as are all of the towns here on the beach.
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guys, beautiful weekend, beach fantastic, little built of weird weather yesterday, but for the most part the sunburned that off. it was fantastic. we're all hoping for one more day. live in ocean city, pat gallen, "eyewitness news". joe, brooke, back into you. >> pat, when making those donuts the crowds will flock to you, pat, thanks for that live report. >> ya. >> and if you are still making memorial day plans, check out cbs philly. com. you will find get away spots, rest peoples, and information on how you can give back to our military heroes. happening today: the delaware national guard will honor of the late beau biden. >> special tribute marks the first anniversary of his death. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live, in new castle, delaware, with the story. good morning. >> reporter: joe, brooke, good morning. this is her moanly happen here in new castle, delaware, right around 2 this afternoon, but preparations are well underway, just down that road this morning. and commerce boulevard will also close a little later on
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because of this event. now, vice president joe biden, and doctor jill biden, are both expected to attend. it will be a very fitting way to mark this memorial day for their family. today the delaware national guard headquarters becomes the major joseph r beau biden the third national guard reserve center. beau biden dedicated his life to service, to his family as a father, to his state as attorney general, and to his country, enlisting in the army national guard following 9/11, major general frank says beau biden grew into his role as a citizens soldier training in the hauls that will now bear his name. he worked in the adjunct general's offers in 2008 deployed to iraq for a year. he returned with the legion of merit, the bronze star, and the gratitude of his comrads. "eyewitness news" spoke to the major general when the centers rededication was first announced late last year. >> beau biden is like a son to me, i had the discontinuing honor of administering the
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office. people who follow us in service, the state of the nation, will be able to see his name there and reflect on what he did in the sacrifices that he made. >> now just down this road, this 106 thousand square foot facility hold in 2014, it houses the army and air national guard headquarters as well as the local us navy research. today, new sign and will be unveiled during this rededication ceremony, of corpse, in beau biden's name. we'll continue to philadelphia this story. for now live in new castle, delaware, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", joe, brooke, back into you. >> one thousand dollars reward to catch the person responsible for a horrific case of animal cruelty in delaware county. 2 dogs were found burned behind a home on the 28 hundred block of west 6 street, in chester, on saturday night. officers tell us, this is one of the worse cases of animal cruelty they've seen. investigators are trying to figure out if the animals were
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alive before they were set on fire. >> we are getting more details this morning about the pennsylvania teen who died after his rodeo performance in south jersey. authority say 19 year old coy lot trampled during his riding event in pilesgrove salem county. he died at the hospital. lutz from howard pennsylvania near state college. he had just finished his freshman year at the university of tennessee at martin where he was a member of the rodeo team. >> now, for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> on the front page of the bucks county courier times, topical depression bonaci raining on memorial day parades even lead to go some concellations, bensalem, newtown, warminster, already canceled or rescheduled parades scheduled for this morning, other parade organizers will make a final call in a few hours. >> burlington county times is telling the story after father and son who helped deliver the solemn sounds of memorial day. navy veteran edward lindt the
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thirds and his son edward lindt the fourth played taps at more than two dozen different ceremonies throughout the memorial day weekend. >> and the intelligence err reports on tiny fly threatening on john, garlic, shallots and other crops in bucks and montgomery county. this is the first confirmed infestation in the western hemisphere, another suspect in the new jersey. >> and there is your look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> coming up: soaked down south. we'll show you the flooding left behind by a weekend of downpours. >> and now, we are getting drenched by that same system. katie times out the heaviest downpours, to let you now if you can enjoy some time outside for memorial day. >> plus, a zoo tragedy, after workers kill a guerrilla, when a young boy falls into the exhibit. find out what stunned visitors saw, just moments before the endangered animal was put down. and, why zoo officials say they had no choice but to shoot him.
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also, why ryan howard's rough seas on went from bad to worse. >> oh, oh,. >> and we'll show you the phillies plan to honor fallen troops for memorial day. >> first, here are some of the memorial day parades and ceremonies scheduled for this morning. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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well, four year old boy who fell into a guerrilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo is out of the hospital. >> that's right, the zoo special animal response team killed the guerrilla to protect the child. and as brian web reports, the ordeal was all caught on
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camera. >> the little boy is barely visible under the guerrilla, 15 feet below his mother. for a moment, it seems like he's protecting him, until -- >> oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. >> kimmo connor shot the video, near the boy and his mother before hearing a splash in the moat. >> the little boy, i'm going to go in. no your night i'm going to go in, no you're notment the mother turns to her other children. >> the four year old boy climbed through a barrier and dropped into the exhibit. two female guerrillas responded to command by zoo train tears leave, but the 4 hundred pound did not. o'connor says he ran out of his cage toward the boy, drank him through the moat twice, and then up concrete section of the exhibit. >> when he scaled him up, his head is banking against the wall, as he's climbing up. and so that's the part that people didn't see. >> after ten minute, zoo employees shot and killed the 17 year olden dangered
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guerrilla, fearing a tranquilizer might further agitate the april. >> it seems very much by our professional team, our dangerous animal response team being to be a life threatening situation. and so the choice was made to put down or shoot him. >> in a statement the family said we he can tend our heart felt thanks for the quick action by the cincinnati zoo staff. we know this was a very difficult decision for them and they are grieving the loss of their guerrilla. doctors at a cincinnati hospital treated and released the boy just hours after the incident. brian web, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> now the zoo says it is reviewing security around the enclosure, cincinnati police say they do not plan to charge the mother. >> tropical depression bonaci to blame for more than a foot of rain in part of south carolina flooding neighborhoods, and partially shutting down interstate 95. first responders used boats to rescue people stranded in their homes. the forecasters say the storm
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could bring up to 3 more inch every rain in the next couple of days. >> so now we are getting slammed by that same rain, not exactly great weather for memorial day. >> not at all. katie, will the whole day be a wash out? because i have plans. >> so here is the thing. it feels basically like we have just all moved and transplanted ourselves to the tropics, when you walk out the door, it is so incredibly muggy outside. such a moisture-laden air mass, that, guys, i feel like could you see rain almost at any time. because it is such a moisture laden air mass, when it does rain, very likely to just get drenched. so flashflooding has been an issue for us all morning long, let's take you outside, show you what we are talking about here, picture worth a thousand words, when we take you out to center city at least the visibility, low ceilings are not there, but what do you have is obviously very cloudy skies, and certainly, a lot of rain that's already fallen on the center city street, and most everywhere else. so even though the rain is coming through technically in pocket, as it comes down, it
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will drench you because it is just so much moisture to work with. so we could easily and have already seen some flooding go on out there. there continue to be some flashflood warnings in fact for portions every central philadelphia where this shot is being taken from as well as northern philadelphia. so county, that; county-wide. so pennypack being frankford creeks most specifically, very, very quickly spills out of their banks, travel issues traveling, for about another hour and change still have the flashflood warning in effect, now the light of day currently out there starting to pop over the horizon outside beach patrol headquarters here, at the moment, still relatively low tide cycle, yes, rain certainly done it job, still obviously little hazy out here, at beach patrol headquarters being look at the humidity, relative humidity, saturated, magnolia, kay may, atlantic city, host of other spots, one hundred% humidity. not good hair day, put it that way. so very, very, very steamy outside. when the rain comes down, man, it is doing its job of really
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soaking us. you have actually over an inch and a quarter already reported at lehighton, lehighton area high school. temperatures generally speaking in the mid or upper 60s around the region, with dew points at about that spot, yes, i will have high humidity. very quickly we go on out to the 7 day forecast, give you sense what's yet to come here. thankfully once we get past the holiday, and of course all time for us to head back to work and school, the weather clears, it is awesome. meantime expect heavy rain still out there many doing through in pockets, any time today, meisha, a so i wouldn't call it wash out, but really any time could you get soaked. so, there you have it. >> yes, i saw this morning coming in as well, katie, really looking wet on the roadways, in fact, seen couple of accidents already, seen spin out crash, in fact, we were watching, just kind of wiz through this under pass here, a look at the schuylkill eastbound at vine. and you can see, the water casino every pooling to the side of the road. you will see it a lot. what you can't see is when you are driving up to it, if you don't know that it is there, you casino of wiz on through
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going 55 miles per hour and bamm, you can hit hydroplane, and you can spin out. that's what we're seeing here schuylkill eastbound at the vine. accident, you can't see it right now, but pulled all the way out to the shoulder so easing tension, there just know very, very, very wet out there. clear that out of the way, and take a look at the blue route, you can't see anything, here we go, weaver one driver out there on the blue route at ridge pike, some of these streets we're looking at not looking as well as other parts, and also, it is looking very, very empty, on this holiday, memorial day, what we want to see, empty roadways, everyone taking the day off hopefully. the ones that do have to be on the roadway be sure to know it is looking very, very wet outside. 202 at route 30 bypass, another area looking very slow, joe, out to you. >> clear them out of there. phillies host home cooking would help turn things around after very rough road trip. here is lesley van arsdall with your morning sport. >> the phillies are back at citizens bank park tonight starting 3 game series against the nationals, they returned
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home after brutal 6 game road trip, where they went one and five. yesterday the cubs swept them out every wrigley for the first time since 1995. once again, phils bats were quite silent. vince got the start, and the cubs just teed off on him, gave up 7 runs, didn't make it out of the fifth inning. john went 7 innings give up run, and struck out 6. cubs starting pitchers allowing just three runs in the series as the fighting's were south scored 17 to 5. five runs three games. that's not going to cut it. tommy joseph got the start at first yesterday, hit his third homer of the year. 2 time joseph faced righthander instead of ryan howard since called up from the minors. after the game pete said tomely see more playing time, ryan batting 154 in may, just had 6 hits, and struck out 25 times. he is in the final year every his contract, and the phillies owe him 26 million. that includes a ten million dollars buy out option at the end of the season.
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jeremy will get the start tonight. that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall have, a great memorial day. >> phillies will be sporting new look for tonight's gym against the nationals. >> that's right. >> neice are the hats right here. >> pretty cool. they'll honor the military by wearing these special camouflage hats, they're jersey actually have camo on the names and numbers, all for memorial day. nice hat. >> absolutely. specially for our troops. >> well, a day daredevil known as many human arrow, pulls off incredible stunt. see the unlikely target he hit while flying 120 miles per hour, plus: >> there is a buzz high above the street of new york sit, you'll find beehives in unusual places. i'm jill wagner, i'll have that story coming up.
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>> welcome back, sometimes deadly pesticides ... >> brooke, now zombies also creating a unusual home for bees, and jill wagner shows us it is right in the heart of new york city. >> high above the busy street of manhattan, an unlikely buzz. bees, tens every thousands every them, who call this skyscraper home. >> this would be is the third year that we've had bees atop one brian park. >> andrew is the bee keeper, says the bees aren't aggressive, but he didn't want to take any chances. >> you are holding about a thousand bees. >> the organization owns the building, and want today install an outdoor garden, but needed a little help to get the flowers to bloom. that's where the bees come in. >> why are these bees so important for new york city? >> these bees are important because the big apple needs pollenating. >> 258 different type every bees in new york city, in
5:26 am
fact, more bees than people, and they live in some expensive real estate. urban beehives can be found in several major cities. including san francisco where they've installed bee san too area, the country's bee population is half of what it was 70 years ago. >> it is an ongoing effort. >> jeffrey barber from bank of america works in the building and says he's happy to share the office space. >> bees are an important component of the ecological system. >> there are some sweet perks. the doser organization gives the honey produced by the bees to its tenant roof to table. jill wagner, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". scary. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", got to tell you why a director slammed an oscar nominated actress. pat, how is it going? >> it is going all right out here, brooke, little misty, the rain is holding off here on the ocean city boardwalk so far, and fingers crossed it
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holds off for the rest of the day, coming up we will talk to the community director, hereof ocean sit, about what's to come, big things in ocean city this summer, katy? >> pat, as far as the rain holding off, well, it sort of boiles down to the question: are you feeling lucky? i've got some ponding out there, already, on the roadways from periods of heavy rain that's moved in. we will track it for you coming up. joe? >> thank, katie. some roads are flooded this morning from all of that rain. meisha, lets us know about the trouble spots, if you are getting ready to hit the roads.
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>> wet ends to the weekends down the shore, boardwalk source in ocean city this morning. goods morning, i'm joe holden. >> i'm brooke thomas. see how the rain is impacting the busy tourism season. katie will tell were you you need to cancel your cook out. but first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> happening today, special tribute to the late beau biden. >> vice president joe by the end, and doctor jill biden, both expected to attend. it will be a very fitting way to mark this memorial day. >> authorities say 19 year old coy lutz was trample, during his drunk riding event in


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