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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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memorial day. today is monday, may the 30, thank you for being with us, on this memorial day. i'm joe hole never for jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things as usual. >> good morning, you guys, very wet roadways, good news no one is out there right now, seems like we had like a mini rush in the 4 hour, now, ghosttown. >> all cleared? >> rain is definately out there, but hey, if you have lighter traffic, then at least that's helpful. we'll take what we can get. a lot of people, meisha, a you said it, trying to get out the door and hope for really awesome, easy drive. can't necessarily say that, because we had some flooding issues here, in the last couple of hours, and doppler estimation cents of the kind of rainfall we've seen, i mean, look at this, basically, a train after kim every inches of rain that's fallen in a last 24 hours, up the i95 corridor, also, include in the this, is the poconos. up near northampton, carbon county, pick up shy of 3 inches in some of the spots. yes, basically, the center
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line of where you have had the heaviest rain fell just southeast for the most part of the i95 corridor, with rain amounts of at least 2 inches. now, we showed this plume of moisture moment ago. this is all what's now left of what had been tropical storm bonnie. the actual center of circulation actually still to the south. so we will continue to see moisture get funneled in, and as a result, even though it is scattered, where you have those pockets every rain, man, you're getting drenched, and there is so much moisture in this atmosphere to work, with these aren't your area temperatures, rather, your dew ., remember, guys, dew . measures, the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. the closer this number is to the actual temperature, in the air, the more moisture laden the air mass. and these basically are meaning that we've got a saturated air mass, and look at the temperatures, low 70s, very, very close to the dew . value. in other words, it is saturated. it is not the best hair day, it is really humid. thankfully not windy, but really any time today, we will be dealing with periods every rain coming through in
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pockets, granted, but meisha, i have to tell you, you know, not the best outlook, if you do have outdoor plans, just keep eye to the sky all day. >> absolutely, i would, oh, all of those people going to barbeque, i don't know how that you will go. good morning, guys, happy memorial day to you. looking at the schuylkill eastbound, approaching spring garden, looking good. basically anywhere that i look it, looks like there is so in terms every volume, awesome, great, big thugs up n terms of wet roadways, boo, not good. ever since 4 hour, it is not looked very good. 309 northbound pa turnpike, what's going on is we're getting a lot those pockets of building of i would say flooding or you can say pockets of water causing hydroplane, causing some accidents, some spin out, take it easy out there. ben franklin bridge, westbound direction, look how quiet it, looks wet, accident, 42 freeway north, or southbound rather approaching route 534. that's in new jersey. and also, flooding in mt. laurel, new jersey, union mill road between hartford and briggs road, also walton avenue between hillside lane and windsor lane.
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certainly saw flooding out there, joe, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. the shore is crowded this holiday weekend. >> our pat gallen is live in ocean city where it is overcast, but rain, right now, i hear it is not raining. you don't have a hood on, no umbrella? >> who hood, no umbrella, things holding offer at the beach in ocean city on 2 street. earlier mist, light rain falling, but that has since moved off. and as you heard katie say, it will be kind of on and off all day. i don't know it will be a great beach day here in ocean city but i think the people that live here and the people that work here, fingers crossed that it does hold off and that you can get on the beach, it is not that bad right now, actually, quite warm, i mean, these last few mornings, i've been out on the beaches, and you have got this chilly little breeze coming off the water, but right now, so far so good. so, that's a good thing, and this weekend, if you have been down the shore, you know, that it has been beautiful. pristine almost. i got down here thursday night, it was beautiful.
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friday, saturday, even yesterday, it was a little bit odd on the beach where you had some fog in the area. but it was still a beautiful beach day. so it has been a great weekend here so far. again, they are hoping that memorial day the same holds true down here, i was talking with the director of the community services here, in ocean city, michael ankleto he said things have been great, because you know that things are good in ocean sit when people are trying to buy parking spots. >> it is crazy, people are offering one hundred dollars, you know, van full of families, comes out, tries to buy a parking spot for one hundred bucks. that's actually happening here in ocean city. so you know it is a good weekend. you know it is park, here in ocean city bug summer ahead, late nerve july, the beach boys will be here for two nights, they've got great concerts coming up throughout the summer. so, a bunch of great things happening here in ocean city and in just couple every minute probably half hour or so i will be cooking myself breakfast, forget you guys,
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i'll be making donuts, breakfast sandwiches, getting some coffee ready just down the street here at brown's on the boardwalk. so, guys, let me go do that, you go do your news thing, i'll make breakfast, cool? >> love it. >> i just had a question, pat, if we don't see the sun by noon, do we think the garden state parkway will be jammed by noon? >> i would think so. you know, if it is me, and i can't get a good beach day in on a monday i'll try to get out of here to beat the rush. that's just me. i hate sitting in traffic. i can't speak for the rest, but yes, that would be me. >> i'm with you, with you, sir, pat gallen, thanks very much. >> thanks, pat. we talk about the start of summer. memorial day to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, according to the website wallet hub, more than 42 million veterans served in wartime. by the way the national moment of remembrance is at 3 p.m. today. >> also, happening today, special tribute to the late beau biden. >> the delaware national guard will honor him on this first
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anniversary of his death. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo, live in new castle, delaware, with more on the ceremony. good morning, jan. >> reporter: brooke, joe, good morning there is ceremony happening in new castle delaware scheduled for 2 this afternoon, but preparations are well underway right now just down this road, that's commons boulevard. you can see it is closing little later this morning because of this event. it will be a fitting way to mark this memorial day for the biden family. today the delaware national guard headquarters here, becomes the major joseph r beau biden the third national guard reserve center. >> beau biden dedicated his life to service to his family as a father, to his state as attorney general, and to his country, enlisting in the army national guard following 9/11, major general frank says beau biden grew into his role as a citizens soldier training in the hauls that will now bear his name. he worked in the general's office, and in 2008 deployed
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to iraq for a year. he returned with legion of merit the bronze star and the gratitude of his comrads. "eyewitness news" spoke to the major general when the centers rededication was first announced late last year. >> beau biden never asked for any special considerations. he wanted to go with his unit and he did. people who follow us, and serve as this state and nation will be table see his name there and reflect on what he did and the sacrifices that he made. >> now, both vice president joe biden and his wife, doctor jill biden, are expected to be in attendance today, during this rededication ceremony a number every new signs will be unveiled, again, in honor of beau biden. we will continue to follow this story but for now live in new castle, delaware, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", joe, brooke, back into you. >> thank you for that live report. >> getting more information about the pennsylvania teen who died after a rodeo perform nance south jersey. authorities say 19 year old
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coy lutz was trampled during his wrong riding event saturday night in pilesgrove salem county and died at the hospital. lutz from howard, pennsylvania, near state college. he had just finished his fresh freshman year at the university of tennessee at martin where he was a member of the rodeo team. one thousand dollars reward is being offered for information in a case of animal cruelty in delaware county. 2 dogs were found burned behind a home on the 28 hundred block of west 6 street, in chester, saturday night. investigators believe the animals were alive before someone set them on fire. the reward for information is lead to go arrest, there is a reward, excuse me, for information lead to go arrest and conviction. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, a guerrilla is killed after a four year old boy fell into his exhibit. and their encounter was caught on camera. it is hard to watch. we'll show you socking video of the -- it is shocking. >> plus the death toll rising
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from flashflooding in texas, the threat far from over for people in this area. that's coming up. >> as we head to break, schedule of ceremonies scheduled for this morning. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> six people dead, 2 missing after record flooding in texas. >> rain, soak the region this holiday weekends, more than 19 inches every rain, matter of fact, fell since thursday. the rain has since stopped, but, flood waters are still rising. >> tropical bonnie, partially shutdown interstate 95. first responders used boats to rescue people strands in the their homes, forecasters say the storm could bring up to 3 more inches every rain in the next couple of days.
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>> katie tracking rain for us. >> yes, and actually tropical moisture all compliment, in fact, of what's now tropical depression bonnie. always reminds us, you don't need major hurricane for devestation, frankly only tropical storm, now depression, modest winds speeds, all things considered, is leading more flooding issues than anything. and that becomes what actually ends up being our biggest issue over the course of the day today. so, granted, not the prettiest forecast for the holiday, obviously, we continue to track this system, migrating northeast, as the days progress, and now, at least thankfully as we move forward, we're expecting high pressure going to overtake our forecast, but what you see here on storm scan, is that is that moisture just getting drawn in. so, there are spot actually already pick up over 3 inches of rain, and the rain really just got started, over say the last 12 hours, or so, give or take, depending on location, very quickly, dow want to zero in, show you localized zoom
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here on the tri-state sweep. heaviest pocket of rain, very obviously where they are, generally through the central sliver of new jersey, just across western upper bucks, and then go into the poconos, and those are the places where we've actually ends up right now anyway with heaviest rainfall totals, short list of rainfall totals coming into us, almost 3 and a half inches has fall never jonas, pa, seoul, new jersey, mt. holly, regional headquarters in located mt. holly, short of 3 inches a piece there, walnutport pa2.7 inches from rain that's fallen, just through the overnight. outside we go, nearby, walnut port still some low hanging cloud cover here, overlooking blue mountain, things are pretty tranquil at the moment. but it definitely has one of those damage has been done scenario, dodging showers, thunderstorms, or periods of rain, as a good way of putting it, really any time today. mid to mid to low 80s the next two two days, thankfully high pressure regaining control, so it means the sun comes back, and the humidity drops.
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>> yes, great thing. oh, yesterday was so warm. good morning, everyone, wet roadways this morning. look at the volume levels. this is awesome. pushing into the 6 hour, we know it will hold steady because of a holiday today. just know that you are not going to be driving at posted speeds in a lot of areas, specially, where we have some of the flooding. so, 95, there are reports of some flooding around here specially down south toward the airport, tail light southbound direction, at academy, this is more the north, watching volume levels here, actually looks pretty ghoul. -- good. wet roadways, sealing pooling happening more off to the shoulder side streets, under the bridge decks for sure. the vine looking good, moving in both the westbound and eastbound sides. take a look at this, how empty this is. accident overturned vehicle, here, the pa turnpike northeast extension southbound between quakertown and lansdale. left lane blocked, right now, another accident, 42, approaching route 534. over to you, joe. >> meisha, a thank you.
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now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> on the front page of the bucks county, tropical depression bonnie range on memorial day parades. already canceled or reschedule parades planning that they were planning for this morning. other parade organizers will make final call in a couple of hours. the burlington county times reports the county looking to connect some rain coke as creek trails. the county purchasing open space properties in flood prone areas along the rancocas creek, and smithville lake. >> in the intel jenners, pennsylvanians getting more options on buying beer. the pennsylvania liquor board license 9 more convenience stores that sell gas, to carry take out 6. pending state supreme court case could invalidate those licenses, though. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. still ahead, zoo tragedy after a guerrilla is killed in order to protect a four year old boy who fell into the he
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exhibit it. >> was pulling the boy underwater by his ankle for long period of time, four year old, and when he scaled him up, his head is banking against the wall as he's climbing up. >> that eyewitness captured the terrifying ordeal on camera. we'll let you know how the little boy is doing this mo
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benefiber® healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle. >> frightening encounter with
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a guerrilla at the cincinnati zoo. >> guerrilla now dead, as brian web reports, the entire ordeal caught on camera. >> little boy barely visible, 15 feet below his mother, for a moment, it seems like the guerrilla is pro ticking him, until ... >> oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. >> kimmo connor shot the video and was near the boy and his mother before hearing a splash in the moat. >> the little boy, i'm going to in. no you're not. i'm going to go in. no you're not. the mother turns to her other children. >> the four year old boy climbed through a barrier and dropped into the exhibit. 2 female guerillas responds today a commands by zoo train tears lever, but the 4 hundred pounds did not. o'connor says he ran out of his cage towards the boy, dragged him through the moat twice then up concrete section of the exhibit. >> when he scaled him up, his head is banking against the wall, as he's climbing up. and so that's the part that people didn't see.
6:21 am
>> after ten minutes, zoo employees shot and killed the 17 year olden dangered guerrilla fearing tranquilizer might further agitate the april. >> seemed very much by our professional team, dangerous response team it, could be a life threatening situation. and so the choice was made to put down or shoot the guerrilla. >> in a statement, the family said, we extend our heartfelt thanks for the quick action by the cincinnati zoo staff. we know that this was a very difficult decision for them, and that they're grieving the loss of their guerrilla. doctors at a cincinnati hospital treated and released the boy, just hours after the incident. brian web, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". coming up in the next watch, why some cancer patients don't need as many painkillers any longer. >> plus urban bee keeping. it is a real thing. and new york city buzzing with hundreds of hives. can you believe that? find out why this is so important in the big apple.
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hey, katy? >> very interesting stuff. brooke, good morning, everyone. well, we've got some soggy conditions this memorial day, a tropical paradise outside if you don't mind all of the rain that's coming down. we'll have full details for you coming
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>> why some breast cancer surgeries may need fewer pain killer. >> doctors in belgium suggest breast cancer patients needs fewer painkillers after surgery, if their anesthesia is opioid free. they tracked masectomy, almost p he can tomorrow, found the non-opioid needed less medication for pain. >> researchers in europe report decibel levels in hospital intensive care aoun kits go well above levels recommended by the world health organization. alarms, equipment, noise, can disturb both patient and the medical teams take being care every them. >> patient undergo eye surgery, relaxing music before the procedure according to french researchers, they found patients who listened to instrumental music needed significantly less sedation, and reported higher satisfaction afterward. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", katie reporting the holiday forecast. >> wet weather isn't ruining
6:26 am
the day for people down the shore, right, pat? >> of course not, brooke. the best part of waking up, some fresh coffee in your cup. we're here at the ocean city boardwalk getting ready for beautiful morning, we're going to make some donuts. don't go anywhere, because i'm hungry, and i know you guys are. >> all eyes on california, as that state prepares for its presidential primary. we will tell you who is campaigning there, who just opened a new office there. also, what trump and sanders are saying about that canceled debate. meisha? >> good morning, justin, good morning to all of you. accidents on the pa turnpike out there, also on 42 freeway, a look at the ben franklin bridge, looking dark out there. all of the updates coming up. first a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be rig
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wrap up the memorial day weekends. >> so the big question, will today be a wash-out? katie will let us know if we get any breaks from the rain and storms. good morning, i'm joe holmgren hey there, i'm brooks thomas at 6 30, what you needed to in your morning minute. >> happening today, delaware national guard will honor the late beau biden. >> beau biden never asked for any consideration. he wanted to go with his aoun. >> i vice president joe biden and doctor jill bailed end both expected to attends, it will be a very fitting way to mark this memorial day. >> all of a sudden you heard the blast, older gentlemen, started yelling, there is a child in there. there is a child. and everyone started screaming. >> four year old boy, who survived a 15 foot fall at the cincinnati zoo is out of the hospital. >> bernie sanders, voters ahead of next week's primaries, while donald trump is giving his attention to america's veterans.
6:31 am
>> this weekend is the un official start of the summer season. >> a loft just waited for months to hit the beach and the bore walk. >> it was beautiful, beautiful, this entire weekend, little bit shaky right now on the ocean city boardwalk, weather not so great, but fingers cross the it does hold off for today. >> yes, whether or not great, still shaky, still rough, and we are hoping to see some sun later in the day. >> katie what is it looking like for the rest of memorial day? >> see, here is the thing, we've got wet weather out there right now, generally speaking somewhat spotty -- spot any nature, the problem is we have this plume of moisture fun kneeling our region, i can't promise we'll see ends . to this until sometime later tonight specially into tomorrow, which is less than ideal timing since many of us have to head back to work and school. that said, let me show you what will happen. this moisture my friend coming in courtesy what's now tropical depression bonnie all getting funneled right up the east coast.
6:32 am
so, we're not alone here, in our dreary weather. but, regardless, it is tropical moisture, and because it is such a moisture laden air mass it, could really rain at any time. now, at this ., you have got the heaviest rain coming through, and actually the rain period coming through, almost sliver, trains every rain rolling through the same spots, so there are locations we have pick up over 3 inches every rain specially through the poconos, portions every burling tonight coy have i seen it already, right now this is where you have got the localized pockets every rain central burlington, down toward salem, cumberland, couple of of spots in southeastern pa as well, that said being look at our temperatures dew . are very close to this, in other words, basically one hundred% saturated out there with this air mass, so even if it is not raining it is really steamy not just down the shore for beach forecast, but really
6:33 am
anywhere today, in philadelphia, we expect to hit about 78 degrees, or so, mid 70s at best though, as you head to the shore, thankfully, even despite all of this wet weather rip countries being does remain low, so i won't be shock, if we see a loft surfers out there on the waves today. over to you. >> absolutely, i bet you they're all to get out there specially if they have the day off. good morning, happy memorial day. knotts only flooding but hydroplaning, accident there is one the schuylkill eastbound, past montgomery, you can see, the car went into the embankment there spun around, that's what we've been seeing a lot this morning in our accident, a lot of spin out crashes because we do have a loft water out there hydroplaning will be an issue no doubt about it. so, again, this is the schuylkill eastbound, past montgomery and you can see, flashers sitting on the shoulder letting you know where that is, not a lot of vehicles going by, i won't
6:34 am
show you back up camera know the hydroplaning an issue, vine headlights westbound at 24 looking quiet brooke over to you. >> memorial day week send wrapping up with some rain in the forecast. >> but not stopping vacationers from enjoying the beach perhaps one more day on the boards walk. >> pat gallen live in ocean city this morning getting his day off to a great start. pat? >> weather little off, but so much so good, people riding their bikes, there are people running so far this morning, i wouldn't knit less do it, but you got the people jumping out there doing it so far. here live at brown's which is at first and the boardwalk here in ocean city, and we will make some food. they are letting me make donuts this morning, misty brown the owner of brown's good morning. >> big year for you guys. >> 40 anniversary here on the board walk, very excited to be
6:35 am
here for 40 years and hopefully 40 more. >> quite a fe each t. >> yes, my in-laws start philadelphia about 4 years ago 40 years ago, my husband and i joined them about 20. >> all in the family, got to love that. >> so, for this entire weekends weather has been fantastic. had great beach day, so happy to be here, it has been very, very busy and everyone's very upbeat. >> looks like your window is already, and people filing up for their donuts. >> like this every day in the summer? >> every day, people wait here for their donuts, great time for everybody. >> bikers come by, runners come by? >> yes. >> so brian will teach me thousand do this? >> yes. >> i'll jump over here, this is brian, will teach me thousand dot donuts how do we start? >> not much too t the donut machine here does a lot of the work for us. that's the donut robot. >> we don't even need you?
6:36 am
>> just here for moral support. >> straightforward as a team, we've got 6 different flavors here, go ahead, throw one in. >> let's do it. >> lay it flat. >> here? >> love cinnamin. do a little roll there. >> people love to call that the beach sands. >> i like it. >> all right, this is my cinnamin donut. this is so fresh, it is actually burning my hand. ready? >> oh, ya toss it back to you guys, i'll sit down and eat this. see ya. >> there is a full mouth. >> bye, pat. all right, the philadelphia viet nam veterans memorial is adding the name of two more soldiers. both sergeants, died back in
6:37 am
1967. their families are expected to attend the ceremony which is scheduled for 12 3 this afternoon. make sure to check out memorial day weekends guide on cbs there you will find get away spots, recipes, information on how you can give back to our military heroes. >> we'll know tomorrow, what they say about inapropriate emails in december, state attorney general kathleen kane ordered review every material considered offensive, sometimes raunchy, and pornographic. it reportedly had been shared among judges, prosecutors, and other, in the criminal justice system. >> both donald trump and bernie sanders campaign this memorial day weekends with one week to go before primaries in new jersey, and california. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in the cbs-3 sat center all of the details, hey, justin? >> brooke, the sanders campaign hit the trail in central california, the golden state primary is next tuesday, june 7. the clinton camp though took the long weaken off.
6:38 am
as sanders and hillary clinton continue to spar, donald trump, looking ahead to the fall white house race and military affairs. sand swept across san wack keen valley, covering the woes, poverty rates. back east, donald trump was a draw at washington dc's role thunder rally on stage trump tackle issues like veteran services and the military. the annual rolling thunder event welcomed thousands of motorcyclists for the holiday weekends though trump now counts 12 hundred 39 delegates enough to win his party's nomination, he still campaigning, part of that was to include debate with sanders for charity, but trump pulled out on cbs "face the nation", sanders reacted, and trump spokeswoman defends that cancellation. should debate virtually on every i shall he's been asked
6:39 am
about. >> now secure enough delegates the republican nominee, doesn't make sense any more,. >> clinic toss happened women campaign offers, down to the wire campaigning contest pole showed yet another potential neck and neck race for sanders and clinton in california. trump is back in new york tomorrow, for press event. brooke and jill, back into you. >> thanks a lot, justin now the liberitarian party has already punched its ticket. former new mexico governor gary johnson won the presidential nomination for a 2 time. he got about one% of the vote when he ran back in 2012. johnson describes himself as fiscally conservative and socially liberal. some believe co-play spoiler because of donald trump and hillary clinton's high un favorability ratings. johnson's runningmate former massachusetts governor william wells. still ahead, discovery in the ocean that's the size after mini-van. >> plus, the latest weapon
6:40 am
against drones, going rogue has wings, see how these eagles are being trained to take down drones supposed threat. plus this. >> there is a buzz high above the streets of new york city. finds beehives in unusual places, i'm jill wagner, that story, coming up. >> ♪ >> and first here are a few more memorial day parades happening around town today. we will be right back.
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>> tropical depression bonnie washes out memorial day celebrations across the east coast, millions of american had to cancel cookouts or move the party inside. >> and in texas, the carolina, mother nature flooded their holiday plans, as kim hutchinson showed us, some people tried to make the best
6:44 am
of the wet weather. >> just in time for memorial day, bonnie stalled northwest of charleston, the system brought rain and rough says to carolina beaches forcing red flag warnings kept folks out of the water. >> we plan on being out here, we're here, even though the weather is like it is, so not too bad. watch the rain. stay out of it. >> away from the coast bonnie caused flooding, shutdown parts every interstate 95, creating traffic jams that further snarled holiday plans. >> best advice for anybody driving around in this right now would be patience is key. >> bonnie force cast to bring rain to the mid-atlantic and northeast coast monday, or the west parts of texas, days of rain, 6 people have died across the state, and evacuation orders were issued in some areas. the sun came out sunday, but the water is still rising. >> it got real high last night, went down, we thought we dodge add bullet. >> a lot of people probably thought that all of the drainage coming downstream from everywhere. >> forecasters say more thunderstorms could erupt in
6:45 am
the central west and plane states monday could bring more misery to southeast texas, where local rivers continue to rise. kim hutchinson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". katie, we are are getting little taste of this here already. and hurricane season isn't even here yet. >> that's so true. even back in january, guys, we actually saw a tropical system formed, named system, came out amex form back in january, bin on the checklist, and the rest of the list, do we have any fun familiar names? nicole, lisa, one of our awesome directors, what else do we have here? snow brooke on the list this year no joe on the list, we do have otto. but we do not have a meisha and we do not have kate, so she and i can be on your good side the rest of the year. let's go ahead. speak egg of the averages,
6:46 am
very weird to see any kind of tropical activity in a named system develop in january. but we're just beginning to see the combination every hurricane season, technically, doesn't start until this wednesday, but things can happen but generally speaking the peak of hurricane season won't happen until late august, early september. the eyewitness weather watch ers quickly here too, very, very moisture laden air mass out there. most of the temperature readings we're finding upper 60s, boy does it feel muggy outside. jeff reporting rain right now in hatfield, at 68 degrees, we have got a bunch of great shots that came in over the course of the memorial day weekends, peter took picture of this, 18 to 20 inch turtle he found out sinning himself over the weekend, love it, biggest one he's ever seen, so assume ago the love further unless his neighborhood, love the picture, we see another very puddle shot with all of the raindrops telling the
6:47 am
story. lots of sunshine for any of you out on the beach, this was the view, so-so nice, now that is getting swept away, in time for memorial day unfortunately, but go ahead, back to the maps, plume of moisture getting drawn in from bonnie, which is actually still centered well off to the south. thankfully, also jets out to sea and high pressure replaces it so we do start it clear out nicely by tomorrow. as the skies clear, humidity drops, sun is back, back into the 80s, thursday my personal favorite, 76 and comfortable, sunshine, and then meisha, shower thunderstorm returns to the forecast by friday. >> hand i memorial day, just waking up with us, roads looking good not anything going on out, there but a lot of accidents, guys, spin-out crashes, flooding, downed wires, we've had down trees, that sort of thing, so right now, an accident skewing eastbound past montgomery, we had car go up into the
6:48 am
embankment, looks like that's now since been cleared. but a lot of that is because of the pockets every watt their we're getting on the roadways, causing people, vine looking good moving in the westbound eastbound direction, from to drive today the one blessing about going out in the rain is the roadways look so darn nice. this is where we do have accident, overturned vehicle, pa turnpike northeast extension, southbound between quakertown and lansdale. right lane is still blocked, been out there for little bit. it is still out there. also, take a look at this mass transit checklist, it is operating on holiday schedule today, the dart and new jersey transit bus routes, new jersey river line and patco high-speed line, make note of that, and i'll be tweeting that, as well. joe over you. >> now 48. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> anthony mason joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, anthony. >> good morning, brooke, good morning, joe. coming up we're in texas and south carolina tracking the deadly and severe memorial day weather. plus, animal expert jack hanna on the decision to shoot a
6:49 am
guerrilla, after a little boy fell inside an exhibit. also, doctor david reveals the hole's he's finding in major new study suggesting a link between cell phones and cancer. and, meet the former marine, who has created comic book about life on the battlefield and beyond. the news back in the morning, see in you about ten minutes. >> okay, anthony, thank you very much. there are basilica of saints peter and paul living in the heart of new york sit. >> i jill wagner shows us these bees keep manhattan echo system moving forward. >> high above the busy streets of manhattan, an unlikely buzz. bees, tens every thousands of them, who call this skyscraper home. >> this would be the third year that we've had bees atop one brian park. >> andrew, the bee keeper, he says the bees aren't aggressive, but he didn't want to take any chances. >> you are holding hold about a thousand bees. >> the dirts organization owns the building and wanted to install outdoor garden but needed a little help to get the flowers to bloom.
6:50 am
>> that is where the bees come in. >> why are these bees so important for new york city? >> these bees are important for new york city because the big apple needs pollen ating. >> there are 258 different types of bees in new york city, in fact, there are more bees than people. and they live in some expensive real estate. urban beehives can be found in several major cities, including san francisco, where the fairmount hotel has installed bee sanctuaries. it is a small way of helping the massive bee shortage. the country's bee population is half of what it was 70 years ago. >> it is an ongoing effort. >> jeffrey barber from bank of america works in the building, and says, he's happy to share the office space. >> these are an important component of the ecological system. >> and there are some sweet perks. the organization gives the honey produced by the bees to its tenants roof to table. jill wagner, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
6:51 am
interesting stuff. the dutch police department has new recruits to keep drones out of the sky. >> the recruits have wings, and a happen ties for unusual pray. meet hunter, the bald eagle. he's the world's first bird trained to take down drones. each bird trains indoors every day for full year, the eagles can be used to hover over parades and airports. >> we expect there to be more drones, people buy them, as toys, and some will use them in the wrong place and the wrong way. >> the 2 the eagle spots a drones, takes off, traveling up to 80 miles per hour, police departments around the world express interest in this program, too. >> snagged it. >> well, an american sky diver was able to check one daring challenge right off his bucket list. >> it is a death defying spot, check it out, that's human arrow jeb, wearing the wing suit. the 40 year old jumped out of helicopter and successfully hit target suspended over the great wall of china.
6:52 am
he flew through the air, reaching speeds of 1 hundred 20 miles per hour, and it took him ten years to plot this jump but it was worth it. >> brooke from the skies to the depths of the sea, gigantic sea sponge spotted about 7 thousand people, surface of the passive irk ocean off the hawaii coast, more than three yards long, 2 injuries hi, one .5 yards wide, about the same size if you are following along as mini-van. scientists say it could be centuries old and could even be the oldest living animal on earth. >> and we will be right back with 3 things you need to know before you go. >> it is 3 to go and it is next.
6:53 am
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>> some herring moments, in feltonville, crashed into a pole. this is new video from the scene. the driver went through a chain link fence g street and wyoming avenue before hitting the pole. he was hit, stuck inside the car, for more than an hour, and it happened, so peco could turn offer the power. the driver was taken to the hospital, but we're told it was not seriously hurt. and before we leave, it is three to go. >> later today, the delaware national guard will unveil new
6:57 am
signs, naming its heads quarters after former state attorney general, and national guard major, beau biden. biden died a year ago, of brain cancer, he was just 46. a $1,000 reward is being offered for information in a case of animal cruelty in delaware county. two dogs were found burned behind a home on the 2800 block of west sixth street, in chester on saturday night. >> and, the phillies will have new look for tonight's game against the nationals, this is pretty cool. they are going to honor the military, by wearing these special camouflage hats, their jerseys will haves will camo on the words and numbers for memorial day. that's three to go. >> how about last check of the weather and traffic. >> i would say keep some type of wet weather gear to go. this will help. it will keep the rain off your forehead, right? looking little foggy, storm scan3, most of what we had through the morning has since moved out. but this is plume of moisture getting funneled in what's now tropical depression bonnie. and we look at some of the
6:58 am
rain and the, just everything is owing in across gloucester, camden county, the border there, talking rain amounts of inch per hour. granted moving through, not with you for an entire hour, but, you know, you will see some minor flooding any time you get this kind of heavy rain in such a short amount of time like. that will so watch for the slow travel. meanwhile, more clouds and definitely a a lot of high humidity. wednesday, thursday, humidity backs, it looks awesome. >> not a loft vehicles out on the roadway, once you get out on the roadway, seeing problems. accident overturned vehicle, the pa turnpike northeast extension southbound, between quakertown and lansdale, that right lane is still block there. and also, an update on mrs. transit. there you go. all or operating on holiday schedules, so be sure to check the schedules on line particularly dart bus routes new jersey transit as well and again i will be tweet that out, joe, over to you. >> thank you, meisha a a pair of young friends celebrating memorial day with a special treat. >> evesham township police officer spotted the little guys wearing their helmets, so gave them a ticket, but his is
6:59 am
a particular for being safe. >> overs, i was playing it safe. >> i know. part of operation chill. the kids can redeem their tickets for free slurpee at 7-eleven. >> i love. >> so cute. >> what a great idea. >> so cute. good job, kids. >> yes, love it. >> very good. well next on cbs this morning, could your cell phone be a health risk? a question of course many of us have asked a lot. >> well, setting the records straight on government study that reports a cell phone link to cancer. >> well it will be a good story coming up. remember to join us early each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting 4:30 a.m. have a great day. >> ♪
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs >> ♪ good morning, it's monday, may 30th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." severe storms spark deadly flooding in texas, and tropical weather soaks molest th-- soaks this memorial day. donald trump promises new answers this week on the money he pledged to give veterans. a zoo defends its decision to kill an endangered gorilla to save a 4-year-old boy. animal expert jack hanna will join us. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. oh, oh! [ thunder ] >> i've been here 20 years, and this is the worst i've seen. >> deadly storms swamp the south. >> i'm up to my ink else in


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