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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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beach day but at least part of the weekend was a winner. good afternoon i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. the we are now in the final hours, of the memorial day holiday, and how does the rest of the nate look? lets get to meteorologist, kate bilo in the cbs-3 weather center. >> if you county from as part of the holiday weekend three out of four not too bad. today not the best day for areas south and east of philadelphia you can see some spots had a nice memorial day north and west of philadelphia, clear skies at the moment but yet another line of showers and thunderstorms moving through. so if you are outside sunny and bright, in the lehigh valley, portions of berks, lancaster county another line of showers and storms associated with the weak cold front will move through and that will push moisture associated with now post tropical storm cyclone bonnie off the coast. you can see that moisture streaming from portions of ocean county down through delaware beaches. we will zoom out ande where that low is. notice what is happening here. here's remnant of tropical storm bonnie down here.
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we have a conveyor belt of moisture just stream along atlantic seaboard. we have heavy rain this morning north and west of the city up in the poconos, some spots over 2 inches here over monroe county, heavy rain in the city and heavy rain down the shore. some spots didn't get as much but few areas over two or 3 inches of rain. few rainfall totals from earlier today, jonas, pennsylvania in monroe county in the poconos, three and a half inches just shy of that n sewell, new jersey 2.93. mount holly at 2.9. at philadelphia airport this morning one and a half inches of rain and still very warm and steamy out there with temperatures in the 70's and 80's at the moment. coming up we will tell but showers and storms moving through tonight and how it will clear us out as we see nice weather back in time to start mountain of june. for now, back to you. thank you, kate. business owners down the shore hope to salvage final day before everybody heads back to work and school tomorrow. not a perfect beach day in ocean city but rain isn't stopping people from enjoying their memorial damon. earlier this morning, most
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folks did without the umbrella for a nice walk or run on the boardwalk. >> a at another jersey shore town over the weekend the crowd came and went but left the beach looking more like a trash dump. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in wildwood with more about the wild weekend, trang? >> reporter: well, jessica, beach is cleaned now as crews worked tirelessly starting at 4:00 a.m. to pick up trash that was here. there why used paper, rakes and people hearsay the scene was upsetting and disrespectful. look at this cell phone video sent by ed coleman, cbs-3 viewer. you can see beer cans and plastic cups and trash strewn across the beach. you can see empty trash cans that people did not bother to use. wildwood's meter says video disgusted him and he has a strong message for people responsible. >> to come down here you wouldn't do that at home, you wouldn't do it in your community so why do you think it is okay to come on our
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community and act like. that i'm offering you a free beach, all i'm asking for to you pick up after yourself and they cannot even do that. >> reporter: trash wasn't only issue here in wildwood this weekend. coming up at 6:00 we will talk to the police chief about what was a very busy weekend for his department. for now we're live in wildwood i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". an unusual situation in knew hope where a barge became stuck at the lambertville wing dam. the boat is used to launch fire works from the delaware river but it was not carrying fire works when it was stuck. owner brought out a crew to try to recover the barge while first responders stood by in support. >> it was recently put in the water, tied to the shore up river a little bit, and last night we don't know how it either broke lose or was cut loose but it freed itself and came to rest right there in the middle of the river. >> officials say there was no safety issue and they also say that a 25-foot pontoon boat beast came stuck in the same spot just a few weeks ago.
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well, late beau biden is being honored on this memorial day. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us from new castle with more on how the delaware national guard is recognizing the vice-president's son. greg. >> reporter: ukee, that honor come in the form of a new name for the national guard and reserve center here in new castle delaware. you can see it right there being named today after the late beau biden, memorialized in front of his father, the vice-president, joe biden and most of his family. >> humbled. >> reporter: this 48 million-dollar fat it is. >> he was a really had the heart of the servant who was, his job was to serve and to be served. >> reporter: 106,000 square feet built the home of the delaware's national guard will now forever be known as major joseph r beau biden the third national guard reserve center. >> he devoted his whole life
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to his family and to other people. working for his state, working for his country. his friend and his family. >> reporter: this memorial day the vice-president and his family attending the dedication ceremony. >> beau never left anyone behind, always there for his family, his buddies and for people who i don't think he ever knew until they first approached him for help. >> reporter: delaware's former attorney general and army reservists died one year ago today, from brain cancer but he left an indelible mark not only on those that knew him personally but also with the men and women that he served this country with. >> i truly loved him. he was the most morally upright person. >> he was a great guy. he just loved being a solder. >> he was incredible. it was all about service for beau. he joined military at the 35. he didn't need to do that. he wanted to to that. he wanted to serve his
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country. >> reporter: in closing the vice-president saying that he hopes his grand kid the late beau biden a's children are able to drive by this facility for years to come and remember their father. we are live from new castle delaware, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. fort washington american legion post number ten kick off a project it hopes will last far beyond memorial day. it teamed up with power home remodeling to announce plans to build eight new homes for trans sixthing military veterans. it also plans to build a fitness center and computer lab. >> ♪ national anthem >> two new names were unveiled in the ceremony, today at the philadelphia vietnam veterans memorial, at spruce and columbus. new names are master sergeant francis cork ran of port richmond and master sergeant george wilson.
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two service members had gone unrecognized for nearly 50 years, they were recognized officially by the department of defense back in 2013. as mother nature rained on your mothers day parade cbs has a list of rescheduled events. but the fallen were remembered across the united states, in ceremonies, small and large, mark albert show you a few of them as he reports now from washington. >> present. >> present boot. >> president obama laid wreath of the tomb of unknowns at arlington national cemetery paying tribute to thousands of men and women who died on the battle field and were never identified. in his last memorial day as president, he called for improved services in health care, for veterans and their families. >> for us, the living, for those who still have a voice, it is our responsibility, our obligation to fill that silence with our love and our support and our gratitude and
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not just with word but with our actions. >> reporter: here at world war two memorial a ceremony paid tribute to the more than 400,000 american service members, who died between 1941 and 1945. a 100-foot american flag was unfurled at u.s.s. intrepid sea, air and space museum in new york city and wreath where is flown in the hudson river. the at the white house pow mia flag flew at half staff in memory of the more than 82,000 u.s. service members since world war two who are still listed as missing. mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a man was swept away while trying to save his dog, in the penny pack creek. the 67 year-old victim's body was pulled from the creek near berry rode around 9:30 this morning. his name has not been released, police later found victim's dog waiting next to his car. some moments for a driver in feltonville, that crashed
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in the pole at g street in wyoming avenue around 4:30 this morning and brought live wires down on his car. he was stuck inside the car for more than 90 minutes, before peco could turn off the power. driver was taken to the hospital where we are told he was in the seriously hurt. anger, over the death of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. >> the grill was killed after a child fell in the enclosure, coming up protesters gathered outside the zoo as little boy's parents speak out we will tell what you they are saying now that their sonnies home from the hospital. fran sick search for a missing child lost in the woods after his parent made him get out of the car as punishment. as shark attacks, a teenage inner florida how east coast swimmers can get alerts on their smart phones if a shark is lurking nearby. we will be right
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police are resuming their search for a seven year-old boy who disappeared, in the woods, after his parent made him get out of the car as punishment. >> authorities say that the parents, told them that their
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son disappeared saturday, they claimed they before in the forest picking wild vegetables but an hour later they changed the story and admit they had were punishing him for throwing rocks. when they drove back to look for him he was already gone. in cincinnati more fall out after zoo keepers killed a gorilla dragging a small boy who got into its even close another. today animal rights activist held signs mourns the death of the endangered lowland gorilla named. it was a tragedy that he lived and died in captivity. jack hanna said on cbs this morning that killing the gorilla was the right call. he said a tranquilizer dart was not an option. >> when that dart hits the animal, the animal, you can imagine, the animal it is like a shot but he jump president. what would happen. i have seen a gorilla takes a green coconut which you cannot even bunch open with the hatchet. beyond the strength. so what choice human life and
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animal life. >> tense moments leading up to the shoot a was captured on video as brian web know shows you. >> little boy is barely visible under the gorilla, 15 feet below, his mother. for a moment, it seems like he is protecting him, until. >> oh, my gosh. >> tim o'connor shot video and near boy and mother before hearing a splash in the mote. >> little boy, i'm going to go n no you're not. the mother turns around, to her other children. >> reporter: four year-old boy climbed through a barrier and dropped into the exhibit. two female gorillas responded to a command by zoo trainers to leave but the 400-pound gorilla did not. o'connor says that he ran out of his cage, towards the boy, dragged him through the mote twice and then up a concrete section of the exhibit. >> when he scaled him up his head is banging up against the wall, until that is the part that people didn't see.
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>> reporter: after ten minutes, zoo employees shot and killed the 17 year-old endangered gorilla, fearing that a tranquilizer might further agitate the ape. >> it seemed very much by our professional team our dangerous animal response team to be a life threatening situation. >> reporter: so the choice was made. >> so the choice was made to put down our shoot the gorilla. >> reporter: in the statement the family said we extend our heartfelt thanks for quick action by the cincinnati zoo's have staff. we know that this was a a very difficult decision for them and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla. doctors at a cincinnati hospital, treated and released the boy, just hours after the incident. brian web for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a day at the beach turned terrifying for a teenage inner florida, the 13 year-old was attacked by a shark while swimming in chest deep water in neptune beach. eyewitness captured this video of the boy right after life guard carried him out of the water. he had been bid even on the
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leg. police patrol believes it could be 50 feet long based on the boy's wound. they closed off a section of the beach to see if the shark would swim back out to sea. officials are looking at new methods for tracking a growing shark population. on cape cod new warning flags are flying on life guard stands. north carolina university researchers are testing drones that could spot sharks and a smart phone app is launched by add latin i can great white, to monitor shark movement and post their own sightings. well, the shore towns, are pretty crowded for at least part of this weekend. >> yes. >> which was so nice and today, well, it is the same thing today was not so nice but parts of the area turned out to be really nice. heavier rain came through overnight. sun came out. we salvage memorial day plans. even if you did cancel your barbecue ahead based on the forecast it didn't look good and when you got another round of showers, underway tonight. today definitely the worst day of the holiday weekend,
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although, north and west of the city enough sunshine that temperatures have climbed to the mid 80es a. in the meantime it is a complete wash out down the shore and we got an inch and a half of rain in philadelphia overnight last night into early this morning. take a look what is going on we will go outside to the shore. this does not look like a beach day whatsoever. this is ocean city cape may county. it is foggy, it is wet, rain continues to fall, and it was a beautiful weekend there. three out of four days counting friday and people seem to cut out early on friday. three out of four days were gorgeous done the shore and in the city and suburbs. today, well, it has been half and half. lets go through a chore of the live neighborhood network sites. you can see difference outside. here in philadelphia it is overcast, it is humid, damp, muggy, broadheadsville in the poconos looking good. few skies, beautiful day there. kutztown area middle school get this to load, there it is, looks good blue skies, just patchy clouds outside and then you head down to margate at beach patrol headquarters and notice how wet sand is, dark clouds in place and the rain, still, is coming down.
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lets take a peak at storm scan three right now which shows the setup here. here is what is left of tropical storm bonnie, it is not bonnie anymore but see remnant circulation there we have a weak cold front from the north and west pushing in the area and there is that conveyor belt of tropical moisture just lining along the coast, all the waste up to the jersey shore today. i want to zoom in on the cold front. it is moving in. these storms in areas that have gotten some sun today, bucks, lancaster, berks county, lehigh veil in the mid 80's. these storms could pack a punch as they go through. temperatures in the mid 80es a it is steamy. watch for a stray shower or locally gusty thunder normal that part of the region. further south and east it is muggy but we have not had enough sun to fully destabilize the at months seer so these showers will fizzle before they get here. we have low 60's north and west but toward the shore, dew points in the the upper 60's to near 07 degrees. that puts us in the steamy, to oppressive range, outside right now.
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it is not comfortable. in very muggy memorial day afternoon. again, north and west we have more sunshine. it feels better. it all depended on where you are today. future weather shows this line of showers and storms and notice six or 7:00 o'clock as this line pushes in the lehigh valley and berks county a few segments could take on a bit of the bow echo and that means some, at least isolated severe wind gusts are possible as well as possibly even some small hail. it witt fizzle out. tomorrow a shower down the shore, rest of us looking at sunshine as we enter into a quiet, pleasant stretch with high pressure overhead tuesday, wednesday, and into thursday as well. overnight mostly cloud which just a stray shower at 69. tuesday mostly sunny and not as humid. your eyewitness weather three day forecast take a look as we head forward in time it it does cool down a little bit, back to normal. normal high in the upper 70's and we will be heading that way by thursday. we will finish out may and start month of june on a really nice note for the next few days but as we know from
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the weather the past few weeks it doesn't always stay that way. we have a chance of showers and storms in the seven day forecast, i'll tell you more that next half an hour. >> see you then, thanks very much. a pachyderm in quite a predicament, still ahead, watch as this elephant is rescued from the storm drain. >> don? top nba prospect ben simmons is's beast but is he a quitter. his former teammate has the answer. ryan howard has had a miserable month but his manager is rooting for him. hear what pete mackanin is
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phillies in action tonight but look at this radar behind us here. >> i know, before i wrote my stuffy thought, i talked to kate, gave her a call, what is the weather looking like. >> it is not good. >> that is right, i got people. phillies and nationals the at 7:05. it looks like mother nature will cooperate tonight. as for action on the field bryce harper has been a force of nature, six straight games at citizens bank park with the
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home run. that is bad news for phillies hoff lost seven out of nine games. meanwhile ryan howard is in the starting line up tonight, this is after manager pete mack san on said tommy joseph will get more time at first base. that means howard will see reduced time as we move in the next several weeks. he is batting .154, lowest mark for business for guys who qualify. >> he had a bad month of may. he admitted as much. he is playing tonight. every time i put him in the line up i'm hoping he will get three or four hits and get on track, and gain some confidence back. >> come on let's get it. trever newhouse will throw out first pitch tonight. back in october he went in cardiac arrest during a soccer game and spent several weeks at children's hospital in philadelphia where doctors discovered he suffers from a preexisting heart condition, so good to see that young man is doing just fine and will be using that arm tonight to throw out that first pitch. all right. sixers scouts and coaches doing some work on the holiday.
5:25 pm
team held its third round of the predraft work out six guys attending the session all project as second rounders or undrafted free agents. sixers have three, first round picks, none in the second round. lsu tim quarterman was on the court and played alongside likely number one pick ben simmons. the rumors that simmons quit on the tigers. he said don't believe the hype. >> losing frustrated a lot of us as competitors because we always wanted to win. we have a young team so as of him being a competent for and great player and he never gave up on us. >> i like that. >> i like tq, all right. >> that is right. >> that makes you all feel like ben simmons. >> let's bring it. >> we will see what happens there. >> thanks. the vatican had a little hollywood, today. >> coming up in the next half an hour why george clooney, richard gear and few other stars met with pope francis.
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also, tonight, carving out a memory south jersey man find a unusual way to honor his father,
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memorial day coverage continues now on "eyewitness news" at 5:30. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. memorial day business honoring those who gave their lives for the united states but also today on penns landing dozens of men and women start aid new life as american citizens. christian johansen from kyw news radio has more. >> ♪ >> under a cloudy sky, board the battleship new jersey, dozens of families gathered to celebrate what it means to be free. >> i basically wanted to be here, of course, for a better
5:30 pm
life, better future. >> reporter: reason for the holiday and somber moment to kick off ceremony tossing a wreath of red, white and blue flowers to honor men and women who lost their lives fighting for freedom. >> it is very important to remember service by all of the people served in the armed forces and those who paid the ultimate price, to help protect our freedoms and liberties. >> reporter: twenty-nine countries from across the world were represented. >> turkey. >> reporter: and more than three dozen people took the oath to become united states citizens. >> so help me god. >> reporter: no better gift for two servicemen who for the for countries they now can call home. one a veteran from german hoy served in the united states army in 1969. and the other an air force reserve from dell a loose who was stationed at maguire air force base. >> it has been a while, for 13 years. i'm glad to be part of this country. >> reporter: both are now
5:31 pm
citizens of the united states. christian johansen for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, campaign 2016 did not take a break for the holiday n new york state democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton walk in the chap contract memorial day parade. she was joined by her husband former president bill clinton and new york governor cuomo. donald trump says he will clear up questions about millions of dollars raised for veterans. in january, trump skipped debate to hold this fundraiser. he said it raised more than six million-dollar for vets including a million-dollar pledge by trump himself. he has faced questions about the exact figures and which organizations, received the money. we will have to wait, longer to hear about more pennsylvania state employees who sent inappropriate e-mails. attorney general kathleen kane's office was going to announce preliminary results of the investigation tomorrow but that report is not yet complete. officials expected it later this summer, thousands of
5:32 pm
e-mails some pornographic, have been released by kane's office. kane herself is under criminal indictment over her handling of the grand jury information. striking verizon workers will be back on the job on wednesday, nearly 40,000 employees of the communication workers of america union went on strike last month. union officials say a tentative agreement has been reached and it includes pay raises, and the first contract for verizon wireless store workers. union em me will vote on the deal, once they get back to work. at least six people are dead after heavy rains flieded parts of the texas and the waters are still rising n rosenberg near houston and south east texas this river is expect to cresson tuesday. the estimate is more than 3 feet above the previous record. >> people living across the street from me, it is in their whole front yard is under water. >> reporter: it has stranded live stock and prompted evacuation of two prisons. going to south carolina
5:33 pm
flood what thers from tropical storm bonnie overwhelmed side roads and even some stretches of interstate 95 closed for several hours. interstate is now back opened but officials warn people to take it easy on those side roads until things dry up. lets take a look at this video from southern sri lanka a baby elephant rescued from a drain sunday. rescuers could see the elephant was stuck not far from the surface they got to work. yeahed hammers and blow torches to widen the drain and then carefully lifted the baby elephant, that was taken to the area hospital for treatment. a penny saved is a penny earned, still to come on "eyewitness news" a man comes up with an unconventional way to pay his parking ticket and let's just say, they were not the really happen bye this fine. many veterans suffer from post traumatic stress disorder but or finding a unique way to cook. stephanie stahl shares the healing power of horses, kate. moisture associated with what was tropical storm bonnie brought a shore spoiler for
5:34 pm
memorial day but now starting to clear out and we are talking about a sunny stretch ahead i'll tell you when he sunny like temperatures head back toward late springtime temperatures and when our next chance of rain is in the forecast, that is coming up when we come right back.
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gone, but not the forgotten on this memorial day a ceremony was held at national vet advance cemetery in washington's crossing. our anita oh was there for the service. >> ♪ >> reporter: for those hoff experienced war, the meaning behind memorial day is impossible to forget. >> 563 vietnam brothers or marines that i left in vietnam, it is what memorial day means to me, we should be
5:38 pm
celebrating the people that sacrificed their lives. that is why we have such a great country. >> reporter: for those hoff only trained for combat the sacrifice of the soldiers, before then is what is protecting. >> being here, you know, they did not, they did not die in vein. they did not die without a purpose. >> reporter: that is what hundreds in bucks county came to reflect upon and remember during a memorial day ceremony at washington crossing national cemetery, after which they laid roses by more than 7,000 headstones, these ground holden more meaning for some in this community because it was almost turned into a property of more than 200 new homes, but many thought instead to create a national cemetery for fallen solder. >> many of them, very aged, world war one veterans came and sat through hours and hours of meet to make it happen but it was a fight that we had to have and it was a fight worth having and i'm glad we were successful.
5:39 pm
>> reporter: so this memorial day and each one to come... they will remember, they will honor, and they will solute. >> ♪ >> reporter: in newtown, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". ♪ solute them all. >> yes. >> a growing number of young veterans have now found their place in the american work force. >> unemployment rate for post 9/11 veterans hit a record low dropping to 5.1 percent in 2015. that is a drastic change from 2011 when american 12 percent of the young vets were without a job. still there are warnings that proposed cuts to the gi bill could impede further gains, drug a house passed reductions in housing subsidies for veterans children.
5:40 pm
>> everyone is doubling down to help veterans transition home and last thing we want to do while we have men and women abroad fighting our fight toys cut one of their critical benefits. >> reporter: military commission found mouse monthly housing allowance for veterans children to go to college were higher then cost of room and board. a cut in that area would allow savings to go toward other veterans benefits. it is a memorial day tradition, veterans organizations give out flowers, to honor our military. >> you have probably seen flowers, and in tonight's good question, it is why are these flowers associated with memorial day. they are bright, beautiful but why are they passed out every year and where did this tradition get its start. >> something special. >> good luck, tribute to somebody. >> main this is like red, white and blue. >> act of passing out poppies, date back 100 years. our nicole brewer answers your question tonight at "eyewitness news" at 11:00. if you have a good
5:41 pm
question you can log on to cbs philly/good question or tweet us using the #cbs-3 good question. the healing power of horses, coming up how veterans are overcoming post traumatic stress syndrome with former race horses by t
5:42 pm
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5:44 pm
a texas man was so upset about having to pay a speeding ticket he paid for tonight pennies, brett sanders said he had to pay 212 collars for paying 9 miles over the speed limit. so he got 0,000 pen fridays a bank, loaded them in two buckets and then dumped them at the courthouse. >> a friend to take the video. >> yes. >> got to have that. >> and johnny dep's 17 year-old daughter takes to social media to defend her father over abuse allegations. in a posting on instagram yesterday, lily rose dep called her father sweetest most loving father i know. am berth heard is divorcing him. in a court hearing for restraining order on friday, heard told a judge that dep had been emotionally and physically abusive, throughout their relationship. several hollywood stars were in vatican city sunday getting medals from pope francis. in photos you can see george
5:45 pm
clooney accepting the award, you can see richard gear during the same, selma heyek can be seen in the audience as she received medal as well. celebrity will be ambassadors for one of the pope's favorite causes, a foundation that unites students from different religions and culture. tonight will be a great time to get a close-up look at mars, you won't even need a telescope. the red planet is now closer to earth then it has been in 11 years. it will appear bigger, brighter in the sky until june e brightest star in the southeastern sky and appear a little reddish. best time to see mars will be around midnight, tonight. kate, out of the corner of my eye, i don't know if you are nodding because you enjoyed see that or other people will be able to see it tonight. >> many of us might be able to see it tonight. down the shore you probably will not, it will take a while for those cloud to break but we may get enough that you may spot it tonight f not tonight
5:46 pm
certainly tomorrow night. the next time mars comes this close to earth, basically, they are planning on actually going to mars. >> yes. >> isn't that right. >> yes, few more years for that to start happening. >> we have a decent afternoon north and west of the city underway, completely the opposite south and east of the city. shore not having a very nice memorial day. good news for us around the city and point north and west heavy rain since last week, the system sped up. it came through while we were all asleep and many salvaged a decent memorial day but in the over just yet. few showers and storms on the way. we will take you up to the poconos, one spot where things are looking nice, this afternoon, they got a lot of rain overnight, in fact, over 3 inches in some spots in carbon and monroe counties but cleared out this afternoon. sun came out and nice day for, maybe going out on a lake, or being at the beach at the lake here but problem is another round of showers and storms heading that way. if you see dark included you will want to head, inside. it all depend on where you you
5:47 pm
are, that is the theme of the memorial day. it is all like real estate, location, location, location. and the location is north and west, definitely seeing better weather. we are in the 80's as we check with chuck in perkasie 82 degrees. he has sunshine. dew point is 65. bit steamy, not very comfortable with dew points in the mid 60's and lower 70's. michael riley in sanatoga full sun there, nice day in the western suburbs and let summer begin, dew points also 65 there. but as we head toward shore points that is where things are more dicey, it is only 67, in atlantic city. we will go from 80's to 60's as we head down the shore, james in ocean city and he has rain, it is heading to our oc memorial ceremony, then came home and hunkered down. still going to the the memorial ceremony in the rain because that is the true meaning of today, thank you james, for. that lets take a quit peak, and, and ites showing flags as well. this one from philly, showing
5:48 pm
the flags with the sun behind it. true meaning apparently with the memorial day for those who died in services to our country. however your barbecue turned out hopefully you found amen to reflect on that today. we will take you up to margate. another indication have of how miserable this day is down the shore. lets look at how wet, yesterday that beach was pack, today, nobody in sight, whatsoever, waves were crashing in and this is all moisture associated with what was once tropical storm, bonnie, now post tropical cyclone. you can see it spinning over carolinas, a shore spoiler from the outer banks from the up in our neck of the woods and this conveyor belt of moisture pulling tropical moisture in all day long. really since last night. then we have another wrinkle to add to the equation here, you can see this cool front moving in, now areas that have seen sunshine, temperatures surged to the mid 80's and enough heat and humidity and destabilization that these showers and storms could pack a brief punch as they move through. watch for gusty wind and
5:49 pm
possibly some brief downpours especially north and west of the city this evening. overnight the last night we had a couple spots in the poconos that pick up two or 3 inches of rain, same story overnight in the city, again, many of us woke up to dry conditions if we were in the north and western suburbs, look at how much rain fell, over 2 inches around philadelphia and right along i-95 corridor and down towards the shore points it is still going with many spots checking in with an inch of rain and 2 inches down through delaware beaches. temperatures right now 60's down the shore. mid 80's difference to the north and west and after those storms and storms moved through tonight tomorrow moisture lurking off the coast. it is a cloudy day, stray shower is possible, and city looks good tomorrow and looks good wednesday, and thursday, as well, and then thursday into friday is when our next front approaches and by friday afternoon showers and storms, will return, to the area. down the shore this week things do get better, shower chance possible tomorrow, and weather-wise some sun in the afternoon and mostly sunny wednesday and thursday looks good as well.
5:50 pm
and mostly cloudy, can't rule out a stray shower, here and there for your tuesday, mostly sunny. eyewitness weather seven day forecast straight stretch, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. showers thunderstorms friday. saturday looks good for now but another chance for wet weather for sunday and monday. back to you. kate, thank you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch as we continue to honor memorial day, is there a new different kind of therapy for veterans who struggle with emotional issues. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has how horses can help. >> reporter: that is right, horses. u.s. department of veterans affairs reports up to 20 percent of veterans suffer from pose traumatic stress disorder. patients say it can be difficult to seek help. now a group of veterans is finding comfort in a unique horse training program. kevin, didn't expect to find healing, on a farm. >> something peaceful about being around horses. it is relaxing. >> reporter: retired marine suffers from ptsd and says that this former race horse,
5:51 pm
clayton, is helping him cope. he was diagnosed after serving tourness iraq and afghanistan. >> i just had a short temper but as a sergeant in the marine core it is an expectation you are doing your job well when you are on that edge a little bit. problem was carrying that home. >> reporter: experts say horse assisted therapy can help veteran learn how to handle stress and begin to feel at peace through walking and grooming the animals. >> you have to put up fences, you have to find a way to deal. it is not always helpful, you think it is but it is not. the horses offer is an opportunity to let down all have of your defenses. >> reporter: one thing that the veterans don't do with the horses is ride them. >> we're about relationship, companionship, partnership and connection, not the about control. >> reporter: when army reservists mike king returned from iraq, he struggled with alcohol abuse and anxiety. he says, spending time with the horses is calming. >> you guys start to feed off of each other and energy
5:52 pm
intertwine and that is when the work starts. >> reporter: va says that there are more than 23 million veterans in the united states, many suffering post traumatic stress disorder they say reaching out for help is critical first step in coping. there are a variety of programs, and therapist, that can help. horses but that you do in the ride, just the kind of interact. interesting program. >> k-9's, i have seen that story but that is wonderful as well, also. >> thanks, stephanie. a new jersey man's lasting memory of his father. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", how he turned a storm damage tree in t
5:53 pm
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we are almost one year removed from the severe storms that did big dam damage in south jersey. >> washington township was hit particularly hard with trees and power lines, coming down on cars and homes. one local home bob timons lost a tree, that he and his son planted together in 1964. but now he is honoring his father by carving out a lasting memory on this memorial day. "eyewitness news" photographer tommy gardener shows us how. >> i looked out the window, and i watched this silver mapel, 50 years old. one of the biggest trees in the area. it just pushed down like the grass. all i seen was, and it looked like a bomb went off, and wind came down and scrape the earth. it was like a demolition, michael angelo once said you take pieces off that don't
5:57 pm
belong and sculpture has always been there. >> how about as i put your father in full uniform, i'll put an eagal cross his back because he was an airborne ranger, and i'll have you soluting the flag. >> that is what i saw. >> he went to work, eight hours later, this is what he produced. >> i wanted to show my town, that out of the worst can come the best. >> bob tried to make a positive come out of a giant negative. >> what do i think about that? i think about a guy who loves his country, that is what it tells me. >> it is heartening people help their community especially during tough times. >> just a nice guy and wish more people were like that. >> there is a lot of damage done, and a lot of people were affected and bob tried to make a positive come out of a giant negative. >> realistically the tree is
5:58 pm
officially, dead. >> ♪ >> symbolically it will never die. wonderful. >> yes. >> thank you tommy g for sharing. that. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 this memorial kay a veterans organization, headquartered, goes up in flames, crews battled an fire at american legion in philadelphia we are live from frankford, kate? and it has been a half and half memorial day, beautiful north and west, cloudy in the city and wash out down the shore but coming up we have a sunny stretch to look forward to. it is a day we collectively honor but for some the memories of those who served our country and lost their lives is something that they have to live with every single day. i'm rahel solomon at beverly national cemetery with some of those stories. plus a wild weekend in wildwood leaves this mark, trash on the beach has city officials fired up.
5:59 pm
the mayor's message to the beach goers. and at 6:00 o'clock here's is what happening a four alarm fire at a philadelphia american legion hall, tonight, crews are still working to put out, the hot spots. the fire started this this afternoon in philadelphia's brideberg neighborhood, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm he jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live with the very latest on that fire, david? >> reporter: jessica, yes, people living here know this american legion that has been here for decade. i will back out of the way and you can see crews are continuing to douse the blaze with what the tore get those hot spots out but for the most part building has suffered serious damage. things don't look too bad right now but look at this video from just about an hour ago. >> relentless flames shot through the roof of the american legion on orthodox street in brideberg, crews
6:00 pm
with the philadelphia fire department were the on the scene in a matter of minutes. the at the one point the fire hit four alarms, people were inside but made it out. >> because they had ceremony, earlier today, and they were supposed to be cooking, roast beef meat balls and whatever and they were supposed to have, members over there, because we had a parade out in brideberg. >> reporter: american legion hall is somewhat of a landmark for brideberg residents they were upset to see the memorial day destruction. >> i used to attend here as a kid. so delays lot of wood, upstairs it is all wood. >> i seen the parade there. when i was a little girl. it is sad. >> reporter: authorities say there were no serious injuries, and neighbors say that is the most important part of it all. fire commissioner adam thiel who just started on the job a few weeks from virginia held a news conference


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