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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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with the philadelphia fire department were the on the scene in a matter of minutes. the at the one point the fire hit four alarms, people were inside but made it out. >> because they had ceremony, earlier today, and they were supposed to be cooking, roast beef meat balls and whatever and they were supposed to have, members over there, because we had a parade out in brideberg. >> reporter: american legion hall is somewhat of a landmark for brideberg residents they were upset to see the memorial day destruction. >> i used to attend here as a kid. so delays lot of wood, upstairs it is all wood. >> i seen the parade there. when i was a little girl. it is sad. >> reporter: authorities say there were no serious injuries, and neighbors say that is the most important part of it all. fire commissioner adam thiel who just started on the job a few weeks from virginia held a news conference about five minutes ago.
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he said one fire fighter had very minor injuries. he had to be taken to the hospital to get check out for an juror his wrist but that fire fighter is expect to be okay. a couple homes in the area evacuated no serious injuries to those homes or damage toss those homes but we do know that building behind me that has been here for decades in bridesberg has a lot of restoration work ahead of it. reporting live from bridesberg, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". mayor of wildwood has a strong message for crowds who celebrated at the beach over this memorial day weekend, but left it covered in trash. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live on the beach in wildwood with this story, tran g? >> reporter: jessica, wild wide pride itself for being a free public beach opened to everyone but people living hearsay some of these weekend visitors disrespected this community by leaving trash on the beach and also getting into numerous fights. cell phone video sparking outrage, long time wildwood resident ed coleman shot this
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video of a trashed wildwood beach on memorial day. empty beer cans, plastic cups and debris left in the sand for a 15 block stretch. >> i'm offering you a fee beach. all i'm asking for you to do is pick up after yourself and they can't even do that. >> reporter: wildwood mayor eartha troiano junior says it took hours for public work crew toss clean up the mess a lot of energy, a lot of wasted money for simple act of just pick up what you put the on the ground. >> reporter: wildwood police department also busy this holiday weekend since thursday evening, 2,000 calls to police netted 182 arrests. >> under age drinking, disorderly conducts, so, you know, young kid are coming down here and think they have free reign and can do what they want, we're opened to the public, everybody is welcomed to come here but we want to you come here and, you know, act like ladies and gentleman and be polite, obey the law. >> reporter: in wildwood
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police wrote so many citation that is they ran out of ticket books, of the nearly 200 people arrested this weekend, 40 were minors. live from wildwood i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a mixed bag weather-wise this memorial day but there is a silver lining, another sunny stretch is on the the way, meteorologist kate bilo joins with us some good news, kate. >> as we head back to work and school after the long weekend tomorrow things looking good for a few days but not looking so great outside right now. here's a live look at ocean city boardwalk. sea gulls are enjoying this evening, not many people outside on the boards. it is foggy damp and wet, still some steady rain coming down you can barely seaboard walk, a contrast to the beauty that we have had over past few days this memorial day weekend. the lets see is what going on, we have got two areas to watch. we have got rain moving through shore points. it is lightening up, every where except extreme sussex county delaware where urban and small stream advisory has been issued. now we are seeing cloud blow
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up as a weak cold front starts to push through the area. we are dry in the middle here but if you are north and west, especially showers and thunderstorms associated with this line we will be coming through during the next couple hours. while we don't have any severe watches or warnings, some of these could pack a punch. you can see this one right hear blowing up with heavy rain and even threat for hail. so what to expect this evening? scattered strong storms, mainly north and west. here in bucks county, montgomery, chester on up through the lehigh valley and berks county that is best chance to see these locally strong storms. wind gusting to 40 miles an hour and small hail possible with any storm this evening. in the meantime take a look at rainfall amounts. this is mainly from overnight last night and you can see in the poconos, jonas monroe county and a half inches, philadelphia we have an inch and a half overnight, did clear out for most of the day but you another round of showers on the way, we will time those out and tell you how to help push out the moisture and bring that sun stretch back in for next couple of days. for now back to you you. >> kate, thank you.
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late beau biden was honored in delaware on this memorial day. home of the delaware national guard has been renamed, as the major joseph r beau biden the third national guard reserve center. his father, vice-president joe biden, was there for the ceremony. beau biden was an army reservists and state's former attorney general. >> truly loved him. he was mess more amly upright person. >> great guy, he just loved being a solder. >> he was incredible. it was all about service for beau. he joined the the military at 356789 he didn't need to do that. he wanted to do. that he wanted to serve his country. >> beau biden died one year ago today from brain cancer. memorial day is a time to remember those who lost their lives fighting for our country. today our rahel solomon visited beverly national cemetery in burlington county where loved ones remembered the fallen. >> walter from collinswood new jersey. >> reporter: they are names we don't often hear. their individual stories we
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may not know. >> he was a gunner in the b24 lynn later bomber. >> reporter: collectively they are some of the men and women who died serving our country. >> he was shot down over more and in i. >> reporter: emily, of philadelphia said he and his older brother were in the same time, and in the navy his brother thaddeus in the air force. thaddeus never made it home from world war two. >> shot down over the european theater, that was in 44. >> reporter: each of the stories here are different and each of the stories of people who visit here are different as well. henry for example tells me for a long time he could not come visit because it was just too hard. others however say they make it a point every single year not the just for themselves but now, for their children. >> i have been doing this every year since i was a little kid and it is important to bring my kids here so they know it is not just about partying and going to the beach and that they realize that the people here, made the
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sacrifice so that we can live in this great free country. >> reporter: a country where you you are free to do almost anything, including celebrate and enjoy long weekend. some suggest that maybe also including sometime to stop. >> we're not out here for eight or ten hours but an hour or two. >> reporter: remember those who paid the cost for to us enjoy this american freedom. >> i do miss him. >> reporter: reporting from beverly national cemetery in beverly, new jersey, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". memorial day remembrances also took place on the streets of philadelphia a today. >> ♪ >> the richardson raiders drill team performed their memorial day parade and they had their community picnic. they marched into philadelphia national cemetery on haines street and limekiln pike in honor of lives lost. if your community's parade got rained out, you can find out if the new date has been scheduled just go to our web site at cbs
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a man drowned trying to rescue his dog from the penny pack creek. a 57 year-old victim's body was pulled from the creek near verree road around 9:30 this morning. his name has not been released. police later found the victim's dog waiting next to his car. and still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" a strange sight on the delaware river a barge, gets stuck in bucks county and no strange tore a sticky situation. and in this historic battleship right in the backyard see how those who lost their lives for service of our country this memorial day were honored aboard the ship. paralysis, by analysis are sixers over thinking, the number one pick, and then phillies are struggling but what is their number one problem? we will hear from pete mackanin sports coming up next.
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ape back object "eyewitness news" now with than an usual situation in new hope, a barge, became stuck in the delaware river. officials say that this boat carries fire works for weekly displays over new hope and lambertville. now it was in the loaded with fire works when it got stuck, the crews say it broke loose last night. a 25-foot ton tugboat both became stuck in the the very same the spot just a few weeks ago. this memorial day president obama honored memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> ♪ national anthem
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>> the president, laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldiers for the final time as president. remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom. the president then addressed the crowd gathered at arlington the national cemetery. >> the americans who rest here and their familiar list, the best of us, those from whom we ask everything, ask of to us day only one thing in return that we remember them. >> the president also acknowledged the 20 american lives lost since he spoke at arlington a year ago. philadelphia has its own tomb of the unknown soldiers in washington square and groups gathered there for a brief ceremony, american revolutionary reenactor noah lewis portrayed black
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revolutionary solder and pointed out fight for america was a diverse one. >> this is what this time is about, not just a the spanish, french, the germans, all of the different nationalities but all of us combined together to make one nation, one people, american. >> the ceremony was started by daughters of the american revolution, 22 years ago. gloucester township's memorial kay ceremony had to be removed indoors but it was still a large turnout. tribute to fallen heroes included stories shared by veterans and a military solute. wreath and flowers were laid in memory of the men and women who died in service to america. every year, veterans organizations, give out flowers to honor our military. >> and many of them use the same flower, poppies, tonight's good question is why are poppizza associated with memorial day. our nicole brewer will have the answer tonight on "eyewitness news" at is 11:00.
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>> don bell joins with us sports. fightins are back in town. >> good to have them here. i'm sure they are happy to be home after what they experienced last week. >> no doubt about that. >> potholes and detours, road was unkind to the phillies. they lost five out of six on the road trip to detroit and chicago, but now they are back home as we just mentioned. the first pitch with the washington nationals is at 7:05. reason why they are struggling in one word: offense. they were out scored 17-five during a sweep at wrigley field. manager pete mackanin knows that bats better wake up. >> we know we are hungry for offense. that is one of the issues. if we had more offense i think we would not be in the situation where we're at. we are still two games over 500 after two months mainly because we have a good pitching staff. >> highlights tonight at 11:00. no stone unturned by sixers. all will three of their picks in june's nba draft are in the first round but that didn't stop them from holding a predraft work out featuring
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six games projected to go in the second round or undrafted. sixers haven't had a pretty good deal of success when it company toms rookie free agent but during the process a great deal of focus is on who they will take, number one overall, on june 23rd. today brett brown was asked if you can over think the evaluation period. >> you have to do that so we can all walk into a room on june 23rd and feel strong about the philadelphia 76ers, with the 2016 pick choose and we feel confident that we have done our due diligence. >> got to do it. got to do it. warriors and thunder game seven tonight in golden state after taking a three-one series lead oklahoma city choked away game six saturday night. this is the kind of game that defines legacies. brett brown has five championship rings from his time with the san antonio spurs. he weighed in on this make or break battle. >> is there nothing like game sevens. this game tonight you want to
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talk about the elite of our sport, playing game seven, it is a privilege to watch this game tonight. >> down at the link north carolina verse maryland and mens lacrosse national championship game sudden death overtime, chris cartier scoring and tar heels go on a frenzy, they win 14-13. north caroline's a first national title in mens lacrosse, since 1991. >> nice. >> how about that. >> listen, whether you cheer for teams or not it doesn't matter when they win like that, it is beautiful thing. >> fun to see. >> real exciting. >> don, thanks. >> kate joins us with our forecast. a lot of rain moved through here last night. >> yes, it did overnight a lot of heavy rain. we missed sleeping, you may have woken up and yard was soak but afternoon turnout okay from the city north and west. that is changing now. we have a few storms heading our way on the radar picture right now, so we are in between in the city, showers and storms north and west, steady rain still down the
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shore in the middle and city things look good. good news for phillies fans a tending this evening, should stay generally dry maybe a stray shower nothing more than. that lets look outside, we will go to storm scan three and show you the setup that we have going on here. bonnie no longer a tropical storm. it is a post tropical cyclone heading towards being a remnant low. you can still see that defined circulation with what was bonnie. thinks over portions of north and south carolina at the moment. you can see bonnie with the circulation around the low, of course, count are clockwise circulation you follow that and you can see how all this moisture is pulled from the tropics and moving right along the coast. our saving grace at least here in philadelphia and northwestern suburbs this cold front moving in which is starting to push that moisture out to sea. we are in the squeeze play at the moment but heaviest rain through most of the daylight hours has been down the shore and through the delaware beaches and that is where it is as well. clouds are blowing up here across most of the region north and west as well as this line of showers and
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thunderstorms intensifies over the area strongest right the now right around mount pocono we will see pretty nasty storms pushing through. portions of carbon and monroe counties. a few more to the south. these will fizzle as they helped more cooler stable air centered over philadelphia and points south and east. we had a nice four day stretch without rain here finally, string together more than a few days prior to that in the month of may but total monthly precipitation included last night's inch and a half in philadelphia, 6.65 inches and it makes it tenth wetest may on record thus far. temperatures right now you can see how much warmer north and west, more sun peak out today. eighty-three allentown. eighty-two in reading. seventy in wildwood. seventy in millville where rain has been with us and boy, is it steamy outside. dew point in the upper 60's and 07's from the the city south and east and puts us in the the oppressive or steamy category depending where you fall but regardless it is not very comfortable outside right now. new storms push through this evening and could pack a punch
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in the next hour or so, wind gusting 40, maybe pea sized hail, those will start to fizzle overnight and then tomorrow maybe just a stray shower down the shore as moisture hangs out right off the coast, rest of the region looking good tomorrow and then wednesday and thursday that sunny stretch continues. so, overnight we are dropping down to 69 degrees, still humid with just a stray shower. tuesday turns out mostly sunny and in the as humid, could be some fog in the morning, watch out out and about early tuesday morning heading back to work maybe leave yourself some extra time because of the fog. eyewitness weather seven day forecast beautiful stretch tuesday through thursday and another chance for showers and storms on friday and it is unsettled this weekend as well with sunday and monday with the chance for shower or thunderstorms. >> looks good though. >> not bad. >> thanks, kada appreciate it. still to come on "eyewitness news". >> summer is here and that means shade and coming up a few ways to
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memorial day services were held a board the spanish american war cruiser olympia the at penns landing. >> historic ship is docked at delaware river as part of the independent sea port museum. today's celebration honored servicemen and women both past and present, this years theme was remembering the unknown solder. the "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> e lay keyano is in for scott pelley tonight and she joins with us a look ahead, elaine. >> reporter: tonight on the "cbs evening news" rush is on to escape rising rivers in texas as deadly flooding, continues. plus did the zoo dot right thing killing a gorilla to protect a four year-old. a marine faces ultimate challenge for his fallen comrades, more stories and more tonight on spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved.
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you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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when that sun comes as it will as you heard from kate it is time for protection for everyone, from those uv rays. >> you can protect yourself, but with the sun screen and also a little bit of fashion, and vittoria woodill gets advice on styling and summer. >> reporter: top off your summer look at this hat shop a company started right here in pennsylvania, 120 years ago. >> we're an old school hat
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shop. >> a old term for anyone specializing in, mens clothing and accessories. >> reporter: ladies it is not all about the gentlemen here there is i hat for us all and jason, the shop keeper is helping us fine the perfect hat, sun bathing. to start let's talk face shape. >> you usually want the crown of the hat to frame your face nicely. give this one a try right here. >> reporter: jason suggest a panama hat with the safari brim as perfect summer hat for anyone's face. >> panama hat for it to be a true panama hat need to be hand we've men ecuador with fine straw. >> this feels great. i love this report report looking for another option go with the wide brim, open crowned pan in hat in the bold color. >> compared to the last one i showed you it will give you a completely different look, just pure elegance. >> reporter: you just called me pure elegance. >> yes. >> reporter: for beach don't swap the looks but the straw. >> the exact same look, silhouette and everything, that you were getting from the
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panama hat is something more of a packable paper straw. >> reporter: why the not at feathers for fun at their feather bar that says torey. >> reporter: like the brothers motto says a hat allows to you make a statement without saying anything, so hello, summer. variety tore use woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" i have more hats then i have suits, because of golf. >> yes. >> yeah, that is cool. >> i have to to get over there. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly. we will be right back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next did the zoo dot right thing by killing a gorilla to protect a child, jamie youkiss with the outrage new surrounding that incident. and they are the best at snipping out bombs but are there enough to protect every airport. chris vanlev explains. here now is elaine keyano, take care family we will see you tonight.
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>> quijano: the rush is on to escape the rising rivers in texas after days of torrential rains. >> it's crazy! >> quijano: also tonight, they are the best at sniffing out bombs. >> sniff, please. >> quijano: but there is not enough to protect every airport. did the zoo do the right thing by killing a gorilla to protect a 4-year-old? >> the child's head was banging on concrete. >> quijano: and a marine faces the ultimate challenge for fallen comrades. >> i pushed my body to the ultimate extreme and came out victorious. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> quijano: scott is off tonight. i'm elaine quijano. rescuers in southeast texas


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