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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. ♪ >> right now at 11:00 wild weekend in wildwood. beach goers leave behind a big
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mess. why authorities say this wasn't the only problem over the holiday weekend. memorial day tra dig. red poppies handed out to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. but why poppies? good question. nicole brewer traces the history of this symbol. >> fire tears through an american leon post in northeast philadelphia. why this building holds memories for so many in the community. the fire broke out just hours after memorial day ceremonies inside the legion. good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> eye, everyone i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in brides burg where fire crews remain on the scene night. david? >> reporter: jessica and ukee, those crews expect to be out here several more hours to douse some of this hot spots. listen i talk to lot of people that live in this neighborhood tonight. one man that says he has been here for 70 years. he remembers this building as a little boy. >> this building is one that those who live in bridesburg and frankford noel.
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now most of it is destroyed. >> i seen a parade there. when i was a little girl. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a day to remember those who died fighting for our country. but win minutes, flames shot through the roof of the american legion on orth dock street. >> this was so big and the flames. we pull up the windows game out. they had to move us back further down. >> reporter: they had ceremony earlier today and they were supposed to be cooking roast beef, meatballs and whatever supposed to have members over there. we had a parade out in brides burg. >> reporter: crews with the philadelphia fire department were on scene in matter of minutes. at one point the fire hit four alarm. people were inside but made it out. >> it's memorial day. we're working, fast response time, four alarms, aggressive attack. outstanding property safed mirror by the philadelphia fire department and our partners.
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>> reporter: philadelphia fire commissioner told one firefighter was taken to the hospital for a minor wrist injury. no other injuries to report. and for those who know the building well, that's incredib incredible. >> i used to come here when i was a kid. they got two bowling alleys a lot of wood. upstairs is all wood. >> reporter: i spoke to member by phone tonight. he says that this is liking going to be a total loss that's a shame fort neighborhood. toll fire crews expect to go inside to see if they can find an actual cause. what exactly triggered this blaze behind me. reporting live tonight david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david, thank you. it was a rainy memorial day around the region but now the remnants of tropical storm bonnie are moving out. meteorologist kate bilo is keeping an eye on what comes neck. kate. >> you can still see the remnants circulation from what was bonnie right about here over portions of the carolinas or north and south carolina at the moment and that conveyor belt tropical moisture that impact the us last night and today
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finally starting to shift offshore that's where the heaviest rain is right now over the open atlantic. we still do have a few showers to contend with this evening. line of showers along a cold front fizzled over philadelphia and the suburbs but still dealing with a few showers down the shore. just pushing offshore right now but another weak boundary set up over portions of the south jersey and delaware. there are scattered showers over northern kent county in to cumberland county at the moment much these will continue to fizzle overnight. while we can't rule out a stray shower tomorrow does look like things are much quieter much nicer and turning less humid as well. doppler estimated rainfall two or 3-inches even reported over 3.5-inches in portions of the poconos this morning. around the city of philadelphia, we clocked never overnight with .5-inches of rain. not much through the daylight hours today. down the shower over an inch threw the jersey shore and 2-inches in much of portions of the delaware beaches. temperatures right now still warm and it's still moist 72 in
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philadelphia. 70 in wilmington. um per 60s down the shore. but dew points pretty much the same. dew points in the upper 60 toss near 70 degrees. that puts us in the oppressive to steamy range here still tonight it is very humid. lots of moisture in mace and that means fog will be developing overnight. coming up we'll talk about visibilities for tomorrow morning's commute an nice stretch of weather ahead. for now ukee back over to you. >> thank you. >> with long memorial day weekend wrapping up with soggy weather some people down the shore trying to sal ratch the day despite the rain. officials say they had their hands full this weekend with some visitors behaving badly a with news reporter trang dough has the story from wildwood report roar rainy dreary end to memorial day weekend down the shore. no one on the beach in wildwood but surprising number of people walking the boardwalk. >> hanging out on the bore walk getting last bit of memorial day in here. >> there's nothing to do today because it's raining. ruined the last day for us but
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we still love it here. >> reporter: arcade was a busy spot offering fun shelter from the rain. >> not a big fan of the rain today? but it's good for business. >> wonderful place. >> wet weather much needing quiet after wild weekend at the popular shore town. officers responded to more than 2,000 calls and made close to 200 arrests since thursday. >> underaged dripping, disorderly conducts, so, you know, people, young kids are coming down here and think they have free rain can do whatever they want. >> the mayor condemned beach goers who left beer cans, plastic cups and debris among a 15-mile stretch of the beach overnight. cell phone video shot by cbs3 viewer dumped the mess. >> i'd rather have clean beach and less problems and respectful beach and respect -- if i knew who these people were, i would personally call and say, you know what, you're not welcome
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back. >> reporter: police chief says officers dealt with the largest crowds of teenagers here for memorial day weekend in about a decade. several fights broke out and police arrested about 40 teenagers. in wildwood, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news". on this memorial day a special honor in delaware for late beau biden the home of the delaware national guard has now been renamed the major joseph r. beau biden the third national guard reserve center much his father vice-president joe by didn't was there for the sr. mon. he was an army reserve sift and the state's former attorney general. >> truly loved him. he was the most morally up right person. >> he was great guy. he loved being a soldier. >> it was inn cell. it was all about service for b bow. like he join the military at 35. didn't need to do that. he wanted to do that. he want to do serve his country. >> beau biden died one year ago today from brain cancer. for the first time in 13 years, new names were added to the philadelphia vietnam veterans memorial on spruce
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street. at a ceremony today the names of master sergeant francis corcoran of port richmond and master sergeant george element wilson of frankford were unveiled. the service members had gone unrecognized for nearly 50 yea years. they were officially recognized by the department of defense in 2013. in bucks county today a special ceremony was held at the national veterans cemetery in washington's crossing. hundreds attended the memorial day service to honor fallen soldiers. over 11,000 veterans buried since it was established five years ago. >> a man takes his dog for a walk on this memorial day and it ends in tragedy. the man died while trying to rescue his dog from the pennypack creek in northeast philadelphia. the marine unit pull the sketch-year-old man's body out of the creek near very rei road about 9:00 their this morning. his identity has not been released. police later found the victim's dog alive by his car. young girl is in stable condition to of after she was bit tepp by a dog at tenth and
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ontario streets in north philadelphia. police found four pitbulls. the girl was bitten once in the face and treated on the scene. officers shot and killed one of the dogs and the on the three were restrained. people are questioning whether cincinnati zookeepers did the rye thing when they shot and killed a rare gorilla over the weekend in order to safe little boy who had fallen into its enclosure. animal activist held a vigil outside the zoo. the child fell into a moat witness western gorilla. officials made the decision to shoot and kill harambe saying tranquilizing the animal was not an option. >> the child's life was in danger. people who question that who are monday morning quarterbacks or second guessers don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver back gorilla. >> the zoo says the exhibit barrier is adequate and officials are looking into ways to improve it. an online petition with more
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than 100,000 signatures wants the boy's mother to face charges for not looking after hover son. officials hope to reopen the exhibit by next weekend. a strange sight in bucks county. this barge became stuck in the delaware river. authorities say the boat carries five work for weekly displays to new hope in lambertville. it was not currently loaded with fireworks when it got stuck. crews say it somehow broke loose from its moore rings last night or someone may have cut it free in an act of vandalism. for nearly 40,000 verizon workers will be back on the job wednesday bringing an end to nearly seven week strike. unions and the company reached a tentative contract agreement over the weekend inn the includes pay raises for store worker. employees will vote on the deal once they get back to work. this memorial day we honor those who died fighting for our ken tree and many times a flower is used as a symbol of their sacrifice. >> red poppies often described at memorial services and placed
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on grave. why the poppy? good question much nicole brewer has the story behind the tradition. >> hollywood a listers meet the pope. why the pontiff honored some of the biggest names in shogis. kate? >> and we're finally getting the remnant moisture from what was bonnie out to sea and clearing out that will give way sunny stretch with temperatures a little more like they should be for late spring rather than the summer like weather we've had. ale break down the week for you coming up. >> they're on rolly hundreds people hurled themselves down a hill. the prize they were seeking.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ ♪ in honor of memorial day today president obama honored the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. ♪
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>> the president laid wreath at the too many of the unknown soldier remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom. the president then addressed the crowd gathered at arlington national cemetery. >> the americans who rest here and their families the best of us those from whom we ask everything. scuff us today only one thing in return. that we remember them. >> the president also acknowledged the 20 american lives lot of sips he spoke at arlington one year ago. it is a memorial day tradition veterans organizationings give out flowers to honor those who made the ultimate sack chris for our countries. why are poppies associated with memorial day? that is a good
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question and nicole brewer has more on how this tradition got its start. ♪ >> have you seen these flowers? >> no. i haven't. >> any idea what they're used for. >> something special. >> they're given away for charitable organization. >> tribute to somebody. >> i can't think of it. does every memorial day these red poppies are distributed by veterans service organization proceeds benefiting servicemen and women and their families but why these flowers? >> maybe because like red, white and blue. >> poppies were put in the pocks of past away soldiers. >> bright color. >> it actually dates back to world war one striking the bright read flowers brooming among roads of white crosses on soldier's graves. it inspired two women's who made the sale of artificial poppies in 1920 benefiting orphans of the war. >> that's very nice. >> veterans of foreign affairs
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or vfw made it official flower of remembrance in 1922 but it was a shortage of poppies from french manufacturers that went to the tradition of using unemployed and disabled veterans to assemble the silk flowers. >> that's really interesting. because like they lost something but then they keep on going with it. >> poppy factory was actually built in pittsburgh back in 19 1924. but today veterans at va medical facilities and veterans homes help assemble the poppies which are then distributed by service organizations across the cup tree. i'll send it back to you. >> we want to hear your good question. log on to question to let us know. also tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on it witness news at 11:00. we can't wait to hear your good question. donald trump plans to answer questions tomorrow about how much money he raised at a fundraiser benefiting veterans earlier this year and where the money ended up. on the democratic side in campaign 2016 bernie sanders
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spent mom ya'll day trying to drum up support in california ahead of the state's primary next tuesday. hillary clinton spent the holiday in her adopted hometown of chap quon new york. she'll resume camping in california later this week. >> vatican city turn hollywood. pope francis honored biggest names in film. george clooney accepting the medal for working to fight climate change war and terrorism also seen richard gere, selma hey 86 received a medal as well. celebrities will be ambassadors for one of the pope's favorite causes. kate joins us with our forecast. that system shifted or sped up. the out of here, right. >> lingering showers in south jersey and delaware. those will move out overnight. and we're sitting pretty for couple of days. >> good. >> a lot of people got lucky on memorial day. sped up. came through mostly overnight last night. heavy rain while we were sleeping and folks got to see
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sunshine for hem yea day picnics which was not anticipated hopefully was a bonus for you. tonight we're clearing out as well the next couple of days not too bad. not too hard to go back to work it's not rainy and you got nice weather to wake up to tomorrow morning. here's one problem we'll be dealing with tonight and tomorrow morning. the fog and you can see just a brief look at ocean city. see the boards are completely soaked and it is foggy out the there. here's time lapse video from margate this morning. showing just how damp and gloomy the day it was a couple of optimists put their chairs out this morning. they quickly those chairs come right back off the beach and not lot of people out there today. it was just a steady driving rain through the afternoon and now the fog has taken over. humidity very high. the air almost completely saturated as i showed you earlier temperatures in the upper 60s. dew points are in the upper 60s to match so a very soggy night outside. storm scan3 shows most of the steady moisture out to sea and
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most will stay out to sea. lurking just offshore. tomorrow we could pick up a stray shower down the shore nothing really more than that. in the meantime, few showers fizzled along the cold front over our western suburbs. we just have this one weak little boundary sizzling over south jersey and delaware a few showers there but this is all going to be clearing. that you first overnight hours and tomorrow will end up mostly sunny. visibilities right now, 10 miles just about everywhere except a little pocket of southern cape may county where some of the instead yesterday fog is or thickest fog i shall say right now. tomorrow morning you can see visibles down around a half mile to the shore points and portions of delaware at 4am for the first part of the morning commute visibles drop to a mile or less around the city. so pockets of dense fog early tomorrow morning. this will start to mix out by nine or 10am and it will end up being mostly sunny day. certainly something to keep in hyped when you leave the house tomorrow morning. maybe little slower than normal thanks to the fog outside. leave yourself plenty of time probably a big tacking on the
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road as everybody tags back the first day after a long weekend. 72 in philadelphia at the moment. it's 69 in millville. we're looking at 70 degrees in allentown. we added yet another rain drop to the calendar today. nice four day stretch of dry weather briefs previously we couldn't string together more than two in a row this month. monthly total 6.65-inches show tomorrow should stay rain free. tenth wettest may on record so far. future weather pictures again shows the rape moving off the coast here overnight. tomorrow starts with clouds and fog. notice this quickly dissipates through the course of the day and while there may be a stray shower down the shore tomorrow after most of us end up with lots of sunshine. here's went afternoon. nothing but sunshine and a few pat cheese clouds. things improving over the neck few days. stray shower down the shore tomorrow if you're there for the week outlook, 72 with sunshine on wednesday. thursday clouds and sun at 71. overnight in the city mostly cloudy. still can't rule out a stray shower 69 degrees will be your low.
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watch for that fog tomorrow morning. then turning out mostly sunny and not as humid in the afternoon. the high 86 degrees. your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, looks great wednesday, looks great thursday as well. friday brings another chance for a shower or thunderstorm. and then temperatures return to the upper 70s that's seasonal that's where we should be upper 70 we jump quick fool summer now we're dealing it back a little bit. and heading back to where we should be for the first week of job. >> oh, man just will little bit. >> don is here now. talking a football. >> talking about the birds. eagles owner jeffrey lurie speaks for the first time since drafting carson wentz. hear why they had to make that move. match up against the national comes down to jonathan papelbon. see if the phillies could take
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>> don joins us now. the phillies -- struggle -- >> what's going on. >> we were so hot and now -- >> and now. >> we're not. >> long season. >> that a boy. let's talk about it phillies host the nationals in south philadelphia. after a hot streak the fightings are treading water. they're trying to avoid their longest losing streak since starting the season zero-four. down at citizens bank park we go. game time the bottom of the sixth galvis solo bloat cher reach cher to right field. two-one the score writ there. we go to the eighth inning. former phil l live jason werth when he used to play him we used to call his worthy. we can't stand him. espinosa werth beats the throw at second and we're died. two batters later bases loaded for daniel murphy. singles to right. ben revere come on down how about werth a play at the plate and sliding under the tag. it's four-two national. now in the ninth ryan howard
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faces jonathan papelbon. paps. and it goes back to the wall. the big piece had rough month of may that was pretty good. franco scores but papelbon and the nats hold ton within four four-three your final score. >> before the game new house throughout the first pitch e went into cardiac arrest during a soccer game. spent self week at children's hospital of philadelphia where doctors kiss every discovered he suffers from a pre-existing heart condition. so good to see that kid up on his feet and actually throwing out the first pitch at the gall became. he's doing fine. good stuff. opportunities like these don't grow on trees. eagles owner jeffrey lurie saw a rare opportunity and he took advantage of it. lurie spoke to sports illustra illustrated monday morning quarterback at the nfl owners meetings in atlanta. he talk about the eagles drafting carson wentz second overall back in april. now he says we see it differently than i guess some other people may. lurie said, we see sam bradford as absolutely the right guy quarterback the seem.
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we are so rarely able to draft in the top five in the draft. it's only been twice in about 15-20 years. we saw the opportunity went leak two quarterbacks. we had to make them move to secure having a potential franchise quarterback for many, many years. all right. down to the lingering we go. energy carl versus maryland in the men's lacrosse national championship game sudden death overtime and the tar heels coming up way massive play and they win it, 14-13. go ahead, walk it off. north carolina's first national tile since 1991. it comes here in philadelphia. a game one of the stanley cup finals. game tied under two minutes le left. and nick, left alone and he lights the lamp. pittsburgh takes game 13-game two wednesday night. >> we got late breaking news here. >> okay. >> late breaking news. golden state warriors beat to
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advance to the finals. >> high tech operation here. >> team work makes the dream work. >> up next we'll tell you why one group wanted to tumble down a
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annual tradition in the united kingdom talking about the cheese roll. >> hundreds risk breaking an arm, leg or both by running down a streep hill chasing a big wheel of cheese.
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it at tracts people from all over the world. large crowds lined the hill to watch the participants throwing themselves down the slope all for the cheese. we'll be back.
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that's going to do it for us. our morning team is back from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for all of us here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbs up next the late show with stephen coluber. >> thanks for watching. have a good night, family and sleep well. ♪
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>> stephen: hey, chris. >> hey, stephen. >> stephen: hey, man, thanks so much for being here. we're so excited that coldplay is on the show tonight. >> thanks so much. it looks like an amazing show. >> stephen: oh, we're going to have a good time. >> everything looks great. just one thing. >> stephen: about the show? >> about the theme song. >> stephen: what, is there something wrong with the theme song? >> no, the tune is great, the tune is good, but i just feel like it needs words, it needs lyrics. so i've just been working on some, right here. >> stephen: you wrote lyrics? to our theme song? >> yeah, i did. >> stephen: can i hear them? >> yeah, so you know how the show opens with that drum roll? >> stephen: yeah, brr-rr-rap! >> and shoo-be-do-dop. shoo-doo-dop-doo. shoo-be-do-dop. shoo-be-doo-doo-doo-doo. >> stephen: that's our theme song. >> thanks, man, i'm glad you love it. i do too.


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