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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 31, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> where did $6 million go in that's a big question donald trump plans to answer today. find out why he's on the defensive, though, about his fundraising. >> good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. we'll also have the latest on tragic story for a man out walking his dog. but first here's what you need to know to start your day in a
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morning minute. >> breaking news from frankford. >> looking for known offender, hopefully these cameras can help us with this investigation. >> first, 13 year old girl tells police a male, member of her own family, raped her. >> police are looking for three suspect, wanted for home invasion in delaware county. the homeowner suffered minor injuries. >> the smoke was so big, and the flames, just poof, we pulled up, the windows came out. >> investigators are trying to pinpoint what caused a fire at american legion post in northeast philadelphia. >> donald trump is holding a trues conference this morning to explain where the money went. bernie sanders will be in month array santa cruz california. hillary clinton spent the weekend in her hometown in new york.
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>> he fires, yes. >> i don't even want to see any highlight. golden state warriors will head to the nba finals, beat the oklahoma sit thunder 96 to 88. blah blah. our pat gallen will have more about the future everyone of the superstars from that game, coming up in about 15 minutes, and i'm going to cry. >> okay, all right. weep, weep, weep. meantime, kate is in for katie, who is a little un the wet they are morning, she's out on the skydeck, weather much better than this time yesterday, though, kate? >> much much better than this time yesterday, guys. yesterday waking to up flashflood warnings across the area, we got over inch and a half of rain in philadelphia late last night or i should say sunday night in monday morning, but it cleared out during the day yesterday we will continue that clearing out process here, today. storm scan3, we start you off there, see the moisture pulled into our area.
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now shirt out to sea. meantime looking a-okay. start off with some clouds and fog this morning, will mix out, by about nine armor 10:00 a.m., lead to go beautiful mostly sunny day. temperatures right now, it is warm, and it is sticky out here, i can tell you little soupy on the skydeck, 71 in philadelphia i, 07 degrees in wilmington sitting at 68 in atlantic city just almost cooler in mount pocono at 59 right now. visibilities, dropping, still clear visibility in the city i can tell you i can see all the way down 16th street right now, but down to thirds after mile in millville. half mile visible at the atlantic city airport right now. the visibility in wildwood only .8. so dense patchy fog, will slow you down, especially in south jersey and delaware this morning. day planner looks good, dew points drop little this afternoon will feel little more comfortable specially by about 3:00 p.m. eighteen at noon, 87 degrees at 3:00 p.m., and turning out
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mostly sunny today, today's just first day of a stretch of pretty nice, sunny, seasonable weather mark that transition from may into early june, so it will feel a little bit more like it is supposed to feel this time of the year. we do have showers, and thunderstorms returning to the seven day, that coming up. for now a check on the roads with meisha. >> great. thank you so much, kate. soap nice to hear that we are starting to get the weather bee deserve. we deserve it, thank you, mother nature, thanks, kate. deaths able vehicle, we had it here, ram from southbound blue route to westbound skewing, this is the suing westbound at mess, that ramp now since cleared. great news, because watching this camera shot, we were seeing people come around the bends, come right up to the truck, and slam on their brakes because he was blocking the entire ramp. so he is out of the way now, looking actually pretty darn good there i would have to say, gulph mills, this is where we have the disable vehicle still pulled all the way off to the shoulder. it was blocking little bit that far right lane. now it is off to the shoulder. this is the skewing eastbound near conshohocken, pulled all
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the way off to the shoulder. so it has not cleared out of your way yet. make note it is there. starting to grow in volume levels. fifty-nine south at cottman coming around the s curve looking pretty good. billing little bit this morning. i would say for what is it, now, 5:30 in the morning there is actually isn't that bad for the day after memorial day. pushing more toward the 6:00. jim, over to you. >> being look good, thank up, meisha. with just a week before the california primary hillary clinton and bernie sanders are focusing on tight battle. meanwhile, donald trump has scheduled a news conference as hena daniels reports, presumptive gop nominee supposed to answer questions about millions he raised for veterans groups earlier this year. >> donald trump is expected to set the record straight today. about his fundraising efforts on behalf of veterans. >> we just raise almost $6 million for the vet. >> the presumptive gop nominee has come under scrutiny from the media and some veterans groups for failing to disclose where the money went. he rushed the issue aside
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while cord courting vets in a on all motorcycle event in washington, d.c., while tearing into his likely democratic opponent, hillary clinton. >> she thinks the va is doing good f she thinks they're doing a good job, then i've been waste ago lot of time. because i know the vets, and they are miserable with what's happening. >> clinton remains locked in a tight battle in california, with rival bernie sanders. the vermont senator attended game seven of the western conference finals last night, like the warriors who fought back from the brung of elimination, he is hoping for a great come back in the golden state. >> they turned it around,. >> clinton changed her campaign schedule will return to california four days earlier than planned, win in the state next tuesday would give her enough delegates to lock up the party nomination. >> hena daniels, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> a man's walk with his dog ends in tragedy, man dialed while trying to rescue his pet from the pennypack creek in
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northeast philadelphia, marine unit pulled the man's body out of the creek yesterday morning. police have not released his identity. they later found the victim's dog by his car. >> the time now is 5:37. in business news this morning, surprising news about the salaries of ceo's. >> and what is up for the short week on wall street? money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. hey, jill? >> reporter: good morning. brooke, jim, the markets reopen after the long holiday weekends, on friday the dow gained 44 points, the nasdaq rose 31, futures pointing to higher open. big week on wall street, investors, important may jobs report, that comes out friday. strong report makes it more likely that the fed will raise interest rates in june or july. before the open this morning, the commerce department releases data on personal income and spending, which, should geffin site into the american consumer and whether gains the stock market are encouraging people to spend more money. here is something we've not
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heard in a long time. pay for ceo's surprisingly fell last year. the average compensation for ceo's top 200 companies dropped by 15% in 2015, compared to the year before that, according to the new york times, their average compensation, though, still $19.3 million. i think they're doing okay. >> how will they live? how will they live? >> yes. tough life. >> i'm telling you, thanks, jill. check in with you tomorrow. >> well, it is back to work tomorrow for tens every thousand it is of striking verizon workers, they're returning to their jobs after reaching tentative deal to ends six week long strike. almost 40,000 workers will get a raise and verizon will also hire more people to to work at call centers. union members will vote on the deal after they go back to work. >> one of the sixers best twitters is at it again. >> see what joel embiid had people talking overnight. >> talk about getting caught in a binds. stay with us, see how that man says he got his head stuck in
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the washing machine. jan? >> brooke, jim, we are many coming to you live this morning, from the devon horse show where you can see number of the horses, trainers and riders, are already awake and working out ahead of a long list of competitions today. i'm jan carabeo, coming up we check in with olympian to find out what's new this year. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> give on horse show is underway, drawing top competent it is from around the world to our area. >> even if you are not an after idea questions tree and, plenty to see and do. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in devon this morning with a pro view, hey, january? >> brooke, jim, good morning, 120 years isn't that fan that is snuck as you mention there is so much history and so much to do here, take a look behind me, number of horses and riders already working out ahead of today's competition, but this isn't just what you can find here at the who are show tomorrow, it is ladies day, with all of the fantastic hats and of course the country fair runs through sunday, as well. but really, you got to check this out. these horses, these athletes, are incredible. they do a lot of things. and go through a lot of training. mason phelps joins us, in a mexico city olympics, trainer, and he actually competed here in devon. so mason what's it like to be back here in devon at this show? >> 120 years, where stomach chons are made, so the best the best from coast-to-coast here right here, in
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pennsylvania and terrific competition, some of the best horses and riders? some world champions. >> mcclane, gold medalist from the olympic games, he will be jumping tonight, and again on thursday night, he just won in rome, here for the week, so we have big expectations for him, oddly enough thursday night, stop by our grand prix, mcclane olympic horse. >> right. describe what we're seeing behind us, this is warm up. what are some of the september today people can expect to see? >> all day long, in the way of going, then this evening we've got 3-foot six to 4 feet, then jumps get bigger and colorful, like 5-foot hi, and go for speed, and see some exciting rounds, helpfully everybody survives, not everybody does, i've been getting every hitting this turf more than once, and you have a variety of coaching classes and you
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have got little something for everybody. you have seen both sides, what does it take for these athletes to make it to this level? >> first of all do you have qualify to get here, so you spends a lot of time going to horse shows across the country, earning point, get on the master list, and if you are the ton ten, 15, 230, whatever they except in the different division, you get yourself in here. but you couldn't just pay and show up, doesn't work like that. >> right a lot of efforts goes into. >> this before we go, talk about how important devon has become in this sport, in general, internationally? >> well, devon is certainly one of the premiere if not the most premiere outdoor horse shows in the united stay, certainly one of the oldest, and as i say, where champions meet, so the winning ribbon here is almost like winning a metal at the olympic games begin credible. mason phelps, thank you so much. coming up in the next hour, we will speak to a three time world champion, have to tune in to see who that is.
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>> thanks, jan. >> really does attract international track. i remember going, and all of the language, boy, these people are from all over the placement and they have some good weather to enjoy? >> they do, first few days of the horse show little warm and steamy, today might be your day to go, if not today, tomorrow, thursday, every day, looking pretty great. >> i will take warm and steam. >> i me too. felt great this weekend, i wasn't complaining about the jump head first into summer but now we dial it back, take it back to what early june tomorrow is supposed to feel like. that's good news, i grew upgoing to the horse show, try to get out there before the show closes on beautiful days. friday the one day to watch out for this week, guys, the day we have few showers, maybe thunderstorm but meantime sunny stretch has gun, live look at center city nice wide shot for you on the go pro cam. beautiful, blue sky peaking through the clouds, waking up to clouds cover all-in-all will turn out to be a very nice afternoon humidity starts
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to come down. weather watchers rupp, and sending in their observations, kenneth martin had willingboro, in urge new jersey, at 70 degrees, got some fog, he says great day to get out and do anything. and he's right, it certainly will. even if it doesn't look like you will need the sun glass this is morning grab them. you may need them for some sun glare on your right home -- ride home. cart inning ton, 69 degrees there warm this morning, 64, steamy. head down into delaware, as i zoom out the map, little bit there. 68 degrees in middletown, and jason says back to work after the holiday weekends. let's check in with live look again, in kutztown, live neighborhood network. i just want to show you the beautiful sunrise shot here, see the fog just clinging to the fields there, and some beautiful color in the sky at the moment. sunday night, the rain, pushing out to sea the cloud deck behind it is starting to erode, and we've got some much nicer weather to talk b still have to watch for the fog this
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morning specially eastern new jersey and delaware, shore points and delaware beaches, visibility down to below quarter mile at times. >> few sunny days finally, sunny and nice again tomorrow highs in the 80s, seasonable on thursday, with highs in the seven's but notice the showers lurking, how quickly the showers get in and out and whether they steak around for the upcoming weekend. now we check on the roads with meisha, good morning. >> good morning, always nice to have the sun back, looking good out on the roadways, really good actually. schuylkill at spring garden moving in the eastbound direction, both directions actually eastbound and westbound, looking very similar and looking real nice right now. the vine, looking good as well. both moving in the westbound and eastbound directions, slowly starting to builds. we can expect that pushing into the 6:00 hour. so, in about 15 minute, we will probably really going to start to see this heat up. reminder will be closed at any time through thursday, so that overnight construction that we had, i would say, getting used
5:48 am
to it at this point between the schuylkill and broad. just know that tomorrow or tonight rather it will be closed disabling vehicle, pulled off to the shoulder, schuylkill eastbound near conshohocken, again, pulled off to the shoulder but coming around the bend, just know it is out there. also, con vukovich shore here, emergency road work from earlier accident, on the garden state parkway northbound at new gretna toll plaza, three toll lanes, are closed right now, more construction on 422, i'll get to in just a moment, jim, over you. >> the nba finals start thursday night with warriors taking on the cavaliers. here to tell us about the warriors big and frustrating for me come back in their series with the thunder is our own pat gallen. >> what was that noise you just made? >> don't start. oak home, a oak home, a oklahoma, i've heard it all morning. >> so anti-sports, so -- >> sorry, brooke. all good things must come to an end. and the epic series between the oklahoma city thunder and golden state warriors reached its finale last night, of
5:49 am
course it did not disappoint unless you are from oklahoma, sorry, brooke. steve kerry, one more chance, at labron at calves in the finals, started the series slow, but finished strong. just like he does right there on the finger roll, over westbrook, warriors up 11. but kevin did your and the and the thunder, would not go away they storm back there is one makes it four-point game with just over a minute to play. however, too much steph curry, would swivel, curve, knock down the dagger right here. so good. finish, 36 points, warriors win 96-88, they become the tenth team in nba history to come back from three-one series deficit. up next the nba finals against the cleveland cavaliers. what's up next for kevin did your and the? superstar, if he does not resign with the thunder he will be one of the moist south
5:50 am
after players in league history. did your and the if he so chooses can make a lot more money if he stays in oklahoma city. under this kerr offer him five years, $149 million, max, 111 million over four years. the sixers get involved? joel embiid wants in. he tweeted as much just after the warriors disposed of the thunder, saying, quote, time to recruit katie to the sixers now embiid has yet to play, sitting out last two season with foot injuries, recall, he tried to lure labron james to the sixers, to no avail. good stuff, however, did your and the wouldn't look too far ahead after the loss. >> we just lost 30 minutes ago, so i haven't even thought about it. just embracing my teammates. >> i think about that stuff, i don't know when, but just lost an hour ago, 30 minutes ago,
5:51 am
so i don't know. >> my guess is kevin did your and the not coming to philadelphia as a free agent, as for the nba finals, we will be treated this rematch of last year's series, it was absolutely out standing. and if game seven's momentum can roll into game one of the finals on thursday night, well, guys, we are in for a treat. brooke, probably not impressed. >> i don't need any more high lights. >> thank you very much for that. very informative report. >> don't rush him away. listen, katy? that would be cool. >> coming here? >> absolutely. >> i mean, oklahoma fans, who is okay with him leaving. i left oklahoma, too. so -- >> you can do it, then kevin durante can do it. >> let him go. >> our producer yelling rap rap. terrifying case of road wage. >> see the violent confrontation that sent two motorcycle riders to the hospital. >> and talk about a memorable prom for this couple. the surprising item doctors found in that girl's throat. we're coming back.
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>> shocking case every road rage caught on camera. >> happened after memorial day bike ride for veterans in florida. >> see driver and cull he will on motorcycle getting into heated argument at stop light. drivers then backs up and runs
5:55 am
over the pair on the motorcycle, knocking the man and woman to the ground before speeding off. >> he's too long back up, purplely hit the bike and kept ongoing. you don't know what's going through your mind, is he going to -- gets past us, put the car in reverse, is he going it turn around, is he going to stop, pull out a gun, you don't know waist going on. >> crazy stuff. both bikers were hurt but will be okay. police eventually caught up with the driver. >> prom night really stuck with massachusetts teen, and she has the x-rays to prove it. kathleen followed a pen, it happened on the party bus as they headed to prom. she said her boyfriend 'd pout near kept falling off, a she tried to adjust it she laughed and inhaled the pin. >> oh! >> he made some funny joke, then i laughed, and it went down my throat and i was just immediately started coughing. >> cute kid. she said she didn't feel any pain so they just went onto
5:56 am
prom. >> oh? >> it wasn't until the next day that she went to the hospital. x-rays show the pin lodged in her bronchial tube, but doctors removed it without issue. >> i love that they just went to prom? man in china had to be freed from washing machine machine. seriously? authorities say the man was trying to fix the drum in the machine when his head got stuck. firefighters work to keep his oxygen supply going, while they delicately broke the plastic, doctors checked him out as a precaution, but proves his pride just hurt, because somebody took these pictures and released them. >> probably moment later. coming up: three's on your side with how to read the labels on your cleaning products. so you can buy the safest once available. >> plus, a lot of people dread going to the dentist. so imagine if a dog jumped into your lap as you got into the chair for a cleaning? find out why this dog is actually on the staff. it is coming up.
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devastating. >> i what a mess in wildwood, beaches trashed. now the mayor has a message for beach-goers. well, today is tuesday, may the 31, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. kate and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning, katie fehlinger is out today. >> roadways looking good, nice and dry, but i know you said it earlier, pack those sunglasses you'll need them. >> yes, interesting, we'll have maybe some fog delays this morning, part of the area, then some sun glare delays this afternoon which i'll take a sun glare delay any day of the week. sign up for delay let's sign up for sun glare declare. center city still seeing some clouds, and patchy fog, seeing breaks of blue skies in, there as well, and moisture once associated with tropical storm bonnie now moved taught sea we can see godrey ands, get out of here we need weiss err weather back maybe the kind of weather we had over the weaken, just little less humid, not quite as hot. that will sounds like perfection to me. storm scan3 pretty


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