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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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for fishing and swimming, it is just over the tree line here, it is on pigeon creek and we are told tonight that this, of course is a a very rural area, police trying to figure out who may have been coming or going in an exact period of time, big question who is this woman and what happened to her. chester county detectives are on the hunt for clueness this case where they say a woman's body was dumped in the east coventry township pond, her leg tied down, hooked to a cinder block. >> this young woman's body was thrown in the pond like somebody was throwing away trash. >> reporter: investigators narrowed down window of time when they believe victim was placed here. children had been swimming in the the pond sunday afternoon. body was discovered, floating on the upon's surface around 11:00 a.m. monday. d.a. tells cbs-3 that is roughly a 20 hour period of time, that she could have been left here. >> no gunshot wounds, no blunt force trauma, no sign of strangulation, in other word, there is no obvious sign of what the cause of death was
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here. >> reporter: prosecutors say that there was no water in the victim's lungs meaning she was already dead when she was placed in the pond. but jewelry and tattoos shown here, detective believe, could unravel the mystery, of who she is. >> hopefully somebody will recognize who this woman is, and will contact the chester county detectives, let them know, who this woman is. >> reporter: back live investigators say she is an african-american women between ages of 25 and 35, weighing 130-pound. she stood about 5 feet, 6 inches tall. now at this time, the district attorney tells cbs-3 that there are to his knowledge were no missing persons, cases reported out of nearby coatsville, or, in pottstown or any of the area in this vicinity. they are asking for the public's help to try to figure out just who this woman is. reporting live, from east coventry township joe holden
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for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. two suspects are behind bars in connection to the home invasion robbery in prospect park delaware county. the these are the suspect, 18 year-old nicholas lewis and 23 year-old taker grant. both are from the pocono area investigators say the men and third suspect broke in the home on lafayette avenue last night and held home owner at gunpoint. they ran away once someone else inside called 911. that third suspect remains at large. well, now that everyone is back at work sun comes back out. meteorologist kate bilo is on our skies deck to tell you how you long sunshine will stick around this week, kate. >> beautiful afternoon here in philadelphia a barely a cloud in the sky just a few puffy fair weather cumulus clouds moving through. lets look at your weather headlines as we all have headed back to work and school today on a beautiful tuesday, and we will almost swap this day with yesterday but unfortunately that is now things works. we will begin today, much more comfortable as well, with seasonal temperatures,
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temperatures will be dropping over next couple days. storm scan three shows everything quiet only shower we have had is over sussex county delaware quickly diving toward maryland. eighty-seven in philadelphia. eighty-six in wilmington. eighty-five in reading, take a look at down the shore as well and you can see really great beach day, make going up for yesterday's weather, 78 degrees in stone harbor. 72 degrees in ocean city. big difference between the weekend and today, these dew points. dew point are still high at the shore. it is definitely hume mid south jersey and delaware but look at the dew point in philadelphia, right now 49 degrees. where does that fall in our comfort index? right in the awesome range. 50-degree dew point or thereabouts, feels fantastic. great evening. comfortable night, and coming up i'll tell you how long this stretch of weather last before the threat for showers and storms returns to the forecast, for now, back to you. thanks, kate. prosecutors now say criminal charges are possible in the weekend shooting of the gorilla at cincinnati zoo.
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>> on saturday zoo officials fatally shot the endangered gorilla a named harambe who got in the animal's exhibit. police say that the boy's parents could be charged with child neglect. the detective are investigating the events leading up to the shooting. animal right activist say a the zoo should be find. >> what happened this last weekend made it very clear that the physical barriers a at cincinnati zoo are not adequate to keep people out of the enclosures. >> a federal investigation is also planned into saturday's incident, an inspection, a few months ago found no problems with the zoos gorilla exhibit. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live at philadelphia zoo where cincinnati zoo has sparked a conversation about exhibit safety here, greg. >> reporter: it is sparking a conversation at this zoo and zoos throughout the country. question is how do you allow human visitors to see as much of the animal population as
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possible while keeping both of those populations safe. days after a young boy fell in the animal enclosure at the cincinnati zoo, and officials there forced to shoot and killed an endangered gorilla a... zoo people here in philadelphia are insuring visitor safety is their number one priority. >> first would i say don't worry, we're a very safe environment. this barrier here for example, it has got mesh on it so a kid who gets a way from their parents for a few minutes cannot get through. >> reporter: philadelphia zoo chief operating officer any baker praises his counterparts response to that difficult situation. >> this was a tragic situation and i think, cincinnati handled it very well and professionally. >> reporter: he said incident there will lead to digsal training for his team here. >> anytime something happens we all go back and look at our campus, look at our protocols, look at our training, and make sure we're doing everything that we can to create a safe environment that also supports a great guest experience.
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>> reporter: with more than 1.2 million visitors a year and hundreds of wild, strong, year round tenants, philadelphia zoo officials are ready for any situation. >> we have a gun trained team in an emergency situation like that, where human life is at immediate and serious risk, that at the end of the day we're prepared to respond in the same way. >> reporter: chief operating officer, also says part of the responsibility for safety falls in the shoulders of course, of the parent visiting with their children, of course, always keep an eye on your kid, while visiting this zoo or any zoos around the country. live, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". reward is growing to find however killed two dogs in chester by burning them in the plastic container. dogs were found saturday night between or behind, west sixth street. animal group justice rescue is offering $3,000 for information about the the crime, and investigators are still trying to figure out whether the dogs were a live,
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before they were burn. a hearing is set for july to deciding whether one of the three teenage girls charged in the death of the delaware classmate will go on trial as an adult. prosecutors want the 16 year-old girl's case moved from family court to superior court. authorities say that amy joyner-francis after died a after a beating in a rest room. the attack aggravated a preexisting heart condition. in campaign 2016, donald trump is sparring once again with the media. today gave a full account of the money he says he raised for veterans at an event ahead of the iowa caucus. cbs news correspondent kenneth craig has more on the war of word folds of honor foundation, $200,000. >> reporter: after months of questioning, donald trump finally released a full list of veterans charities he originally claim he raised six million-dollar for.
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>> well, let's see that adds up to $5,600,000, total and we will have some more coming in. >> reporter: presumptive republican nominee then slammed media who had been pressing him for details about the the donations that he gave to a veterans group earlier this year. >> everyone is here, who got it, who got it who got it and you make me look very bad. >> reporter: trump even permanently attacked one reporter. >> he is a sleeze in my book. you know the facts and you know the facts well. >> reporter: trump's events almost always have protesters and that is true even at trump tower. this time one veteran group gathered to say they don't want trump as command inner chief. >> he would threaten muslims, latinos and women all of whom i served with this afghanistan who donned the uniform and served their country. >> reporter: trump's democratic opponents are still battling it out for that parties nomination. bernie sanders campaigned with nurses in california where he has been gaining momentum head
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of next week primary. clinton has responded by canceling a campaign event in new jersey, and will instead travel to california, thursday. the latest survey in the state shows the two in a virtual tie. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hillary clinton picked up some big support in california today, governor jerry brown gave her his endorsement and he says she's the only person who can stop dop old trump from being president. a flyers great passed away team announce that had rick macleish passed away i have series of illnesses. he spent part of the 12 season with the flyers including both stanley cup winning teams in the 74 and 1975. he is first flyer to score 50 goals in a season. rick macleish was 66 years old. the ncaa champion villanova university mens basketball team met with an important fan today. >> the team traveled to the white house, for a meeting with president obama. visit comes nearly two months after nova won its first title
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since 1985, beating north carolina on a buzzer beater against north carolina these wildcats were more about one moment or one shot, they had unbelievable defense, they had some great clutch shooting, and a senior class that won more class then any group in wild cat history, and they had a stable of talented players who were just as happy in the deck for loose ball as they were cutting down the nets. >> on behalf of our entire villanova family i want to thank you and your staff for inviting us to the white house. this has a great day for villanova university. >> to show their appreciation the team presented our forty-fourth president with the special jersey, obviously the number 44 there. leslie van arsdal will have more on the wildcats meeting with the president, live from the white house tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock. they wore those jerseys to the pearl harbor game. >> great get. >> one of the toughest spots for professional bike riders.
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>> our pat gallen is up to the challenge, coming up on "eyewitness news", pat takes on famous manayunk mall. but, was he able to make it to the top? find out. a little later on. plus, we will show you water destroying everything, in their path. and now, this is a crazy hazard a giant alligator meanders across a golf course. i think would i skip that hall. you're
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well, areas already overwhelmed by rising flood waters in texas are facing more flooding. the deluge of rain pummeling the southeastern part of the state has sent rivers surge to go levels not seen in decades. authority are evacuating hundreds along the river near houston. seven people have died in the flooding, several others are missing. and in southern germany raging flood water swept away cars and damaged property. this is cell phone video, and
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this divers were searched for two people who went missing in the flood. authorities say four people have been killed including a fire fighter and a 13 year-old girl. shark attacks on both companieses over the holiday weekend are raising new concerns for summertime beach goers. experts predict that a record number of attacks this year, and there is new technology used to track those animals could help people feel safer when they swim. this might look like an ordinary jet ski trip but it is an example of high tech on the high seas. shark researcher dover lowe and his teams are diving in the ocean off the southern california coasts, tagging had sharks with transmit others near popular beaches. they are tracking shark movements to find out why the population of young great white sharks, is growing, so close, to crowded shores. >> they come in because there is lots of abundant food like stingrays and water is warm. >> reporter: female swimmer was hospitalized sunday after receiving multiple bite wound
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to her upper body from a suspect great white shark. the last year there were 98 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide, the highest on record, resulting in six fatality. lowe says he is not the surprised to see a shark attack so early in the season. >> there has been a shark attack that will continue to go up. there are more and more people using the ocean then ever before. other thing and in some places like the united states, we are seeing recovery of our shark population. you put those two things together you will see more shark attacks. >> reporter: shark trackers are also using drones to give them eyes in the sky. scientists are using under water cameras to count the number and types of sharks, swimming by. this is a wave glider a versatile research tool that uses solar and wave for youer to propel itself. stanford researchers are using that and floating bow you he is. >> it is giving us inside into
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how these big sharks make decisions. >> reporter: experts say that the more they learn, about how sharks, make decisions the more information they will have to help beach goers decide, whether to enjoy the ocean or maybe just, enjoy the view. president obama is urging americans to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season. >> the president today warned of what he sees as a growing complacently when it comes to dangerous weather. >> what we have been seeing is some public complacency, coming in. a large portion of people not having preparedness kits, not having evacuation plans. we have been stagnant a little bit with respect to the number of people, percentage of people who respond to evacuation orders. >> the president made those remarks today at fema headquarters in washington. hurricane season starts tomorrow. every time they like to predict, the amount of storms, have they done that yet. >> yes, this year they think
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it will be average. the there has been a few slow years. even at average that would be more active then past three years have been. you know what, it doesn't matter how many storms if there are there are it only takes one. they prepare and his comments are definitely spot on. we will talk about a great day to day. i know jessica talk about how this is her perfect, perfect day. >> yes, perfect day. >> yes. >> perfect day. >> but it is not humid today. >> yes.ect day. >> that is the big key. dew points have dropped quite a bit this afternoon. we have started the day with dew points in the 60's a, now dew points in the 40's and 50's. the that is what putting us in that comfort range n south jersey and delaware thinking it doesn't feel all that great where i am because dew points are still high there but gradually lowering over the next several days. we're speaking of the shore, we will take you down to the ocean city boardwalk where it looks hazy outside right now. still a bit steamy but a lot more people outside on that boardwalk today then what we saw yesterday. yesterday was a total wash out at this time. right now things are looking good. people are walking around enjoying sunshine if only we
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could swap this weather for yesterday's weather it would have been a perfect memorial day weekend. live neighborhood network also down the shore, this is beach patrol headquarters in margate where you can see folks still outside on the beach with the umbrellas firmly planted in the sand enjoying a great first unofficial week of summer. of course, it is memorial day. week following memorial day, lot of people get their shore houses starting this week and it is a good one. next few days looking good as well. storm scan three is quiet across the area we will head back to margate. storm scan three is looking good for right now. one shower over sussex county delaware, slowing up, could turn into a thunderstorm toward salisbury maryland but as we zoom out, there is nothing going on. showers and storms out to sea and next weather maker thinks front but that will not get here until friday, and until then, we will sit pretty. 87 degrees in philadelphia. eighty-six in allentown. eighty-six in trenton. cooler down the shore. it has been a soggy may. we will finish out moth on a dry note but 6.65 inches of rain, over half of a foot of
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rain this month making it the tenth, most wetest may, on record. let's hepp for the tenth driest june on record, to counter a act that. we have a few sunny days ahead in the future. eighty's tomorrow. sunny and nice with sunshine through thursday. seventy's on thursday. little bit cooler. a couple of cloud moving in the afternoon as this front approaches this that comes friday bringing a chance for a few scattered clouds and thunderstorms. you'll love the shore. 72 degrees. still maybe want that wet suit planning on going in the water at 60 degrees. uv index at nine. put on that high spf. lets look at your overnight forecast. mainly clear, mild, 65. another beautiful day tomorrow. cooler then today. eighty-two. that is thanks to the northeasterly wind. humidity low. looking good for your wednesday. you're witness weather three day forecast mostly sunny on wednesday at 82. thursday looking great. partly sunny. 77 degrees. upper 70's where we should this be time of the year. friday is a little hiccup in the the forecast. that brings us a shower or
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thunderstorm in the afternoon mainly, but coming up i'll tell you about the weekend and we have got nice weather, one of the days looks better then the others. i'll tell you which one to get outside coming up next half an hour. >> we have beach season. >> beach season is here. vittoria woodill is down the shore at 5:00 and 6:00 she will take us live to atlantic city. as i showed you it will be a great beach day in atlantic city. that is right here on cbs-3 tomorrow. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it. we have got word from hollywood a star wars spin off is in a little bit of trouble. >> still ahead why disney executives are reportedly in a panic over rogue1 and why they may have to reshoot some of it, don. birthday boy looks to make good for the phillies and knowing when to say when, news of the surprising retirement from the football field. those stories coming up next from the football field. those stories coming up next in at longhorn steakhouse, we know there's nothing better
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welcome back. on saturday, righty aaron nola turns 23 but today he is trying to slow down nationals. phillies/nationals 7:05 at the bank. fightins lost four straight and that ties a season high. last night bull pen struggled giving up three runs. washington's daniel murphy doing damage in the eighth. he drove in the go ahead run. phillies lose four-two your final score. surprising news in the nfl former eagles safety walter thurmond is reportedly retiring at 28. he and malcolm jenkins formed one of the better safety tandems in the league last year. he played every game for the bird and compiled 71 tackles and three picks. he is a free agent but apparently, as he has told some sources he wants to pursue some other opportunities. great story, guys out of cleveland. first base man mike naply took a fan and read this sign that said chemo starts tomorrow, mike can i have a home run and
5:26 pm
a hug. naply following through, jacking one in the stand in the sixth inning a begins the texas rangers. great moment for the cleveland indians and, of course, for the young kid with the sign. staying on the diamond how about this nine two-year old burt walled ron is a world war two veteran and threw out first pitch for seattle mariners. he began his military service in 1943, and he served at pearl harbor, and he retired, in 1946. throwing out the first pitch. >> they is, lefty. >> yes. >> look at that. >> he has some smoke on that too. >> look at that. >> look at this. >> he has the wind up. >> well done, sir. >> we solute you, yes, sir, nicely done. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. as we continue tonight a pop superstar calls out a fan for making a racket during a concert. >> hear it for yourself in the next half an hour. plus...
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a would mains beaten nearly to death, a and 13 year-old daughter sexually assaulted, i'm rahel solomon how teen victim escaped and the woman that helped her. shocking act of road rage a motor wrist hit a motorcycle on purpose with two people on board. that story and more coming up next. new at 6:00 an argument is brewing in south jersey, cherry hill man puts his painting for sale on the internet and gets an interesting response from the u.s. government. we will be
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. have you seen this man? philadelphia police are on the hunt for suspect accused of sexually assaulting a 13 year-old girl and nearly
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beating her mother to death. both victims, and in their own home, and, "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. good evening. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. rahel solomon is live at the crime scene on pratt street in frankford with more disturbing details, rahel. >> reporter: jessica and ukee philadelphia police tell me this suspect has ties all across the city, so right now you they are searching for him. until the 13 year-old victim is staying with family her mother apparently at einstein medical center, clinging to life in extremely critical condition. >> anger. anger. because you know what i mean i got a mom, i got daughters. nobody want to hear nothing like that. >> reporter: graphic details of a story that sent a neighborhood into shock. anger for some, fear for others. >> i felt like crying. i think of my daughter. i know i see them every day, both of them. and, i see them. it is heart breaking. >> reporter: philadelphia police say early tuesday
5:32 pm
morning malik bailey, brutally attacked his 38 year-old wife before dragging his 13 year-old step daughter from her bedroom to the basement to sexually assault her. investigators say when bailey left the tina loan she ran to a neighbor's home. >> she was crying and she was scared. he was scared. who wouldn't be. >> reporter: bailey was able to escape before police arrived. tuesday crime scene investigators could be scenery moving what appears to be evidence from the home on the 1900 block of pratt. police say there is no known history of domestic abuse at the home and suspect has only minor previous criminal arrests. >> i don't know what it is that makes somebody do what they do or snap. i have no idea. how do you go from point a to point c so fast. >> reporter: i also spoke to a woman who says that she's the cousin of the suspect. she was with him about an hour before this a alleged crime. she says he appeared to be fine. tonight, both she and police are unable to say what provoked this crime. in the meantime police say until this suspect turns
5:33 pm
himself in, they will be looking for him. reporting from frankford, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thank you. caught on camera a frightening road rage incident in florida. watch as this driver runs over a man and woman on a motorcycle. this happened near tampa. before the incident police say word were exchanged between the driver of the car and the people on the bike. the bikers were not seriously injured, the driver of the carries facing charges. a fellow boater comes to the rescue of a family left stranded off the coast of florida. they were miles away, when their boat began to take on water. another heard their distress calls and raced over to help. >> you could tell they were headed, they have two young children, couple older folks on the boat. they weren't eager to get in the water. there was a chance to lend a hand. i know somebody else would help me in distress. >> reporter: all ten people were able to swim to safety before their boat sank. wildwood is offering an incentive to take part in their beach clean up day next
5:34 pm
month, crowd left a 15-mile stretch of the beach a mess, with trash over the holiday weekend. that is all cleaned up now but city officials are determined to keep it from happening again. volunteers who registered to take part in the beach clean up on june 11th will get free passes to see an advanced screening of finding dori. members of the fbi call it the miracle on market. you may recall pope francis kissed a a local girl, during the papal visit having no idea that she had a brain tumor. here's pope francis and the event in market street in september. will the family joined fbi and u.s. marshals for a presentation presidential. they swore him in as deputy u.s. marshall for the day. >> he has been, constantly, just strong. he always had a smile on his face. he is a always there to help his sister and teach her how to walk, you know, help her with eating. he is very lucky to have him. >> tonight at
5:35 pm
11:00 "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt will have more from the ceremony including another surprise from pope francis, one that the family says they never expect. pope francis a points a bucks county priest as a new auxiliary bishop of the philadelphia a archdiocese. news conference today reference edward deliman accepted the new role. >> last evening bishop senior called me or two evenings ago and one of the things he asked me was difficult have a zucchetto yet. i said what do you think i had a hope chest? >> a zucchetto is cap worn by catholic clergy. fifty-seven year-old reverend speaks spanish and will continue to serve as pastor of saint charles borromeo in bensalem until his ordination august 18th. adele has a message for fans going to her concerts in philadelphia later this summer: just enjoy the show. >> please stop filming me with the video camera. it is annoying.
5:36 pm
unaudible. >> adele got a round of applause after she told a fan, for setting up a tripod to record the concert. she told the fan to live in the moment and enjoy the show. someone else reported the confrontation with their cell phone, as you can see there, that is ironic. adele laid it down. alarms are reportedly going off at disney, entertainment sources say disney executives are in a panic about the the new star wars movie, rogue1, set for release in december but after executives saw the first cut they are not happy. in an attempt to fix it expensive reshoots have been planned. >> they will get it ride. >> they will get it right. >> new labels will make it easier to pick the most safe cleaning products, coming up we will show you what you need to be looking for. also see how this cuddly dog helped calm nervous patients while they are visiting the dentist.
5:37 pm
and, a child has a melt down and this one might melt your heart. it has already gone viral. we will tell you what he is so upset about, kate. it turns out to be a beautiful day today but bit on the warm side for the last day of may. we will start june tomorrow on another sunny note, coming up, i'll tell you how long this stretch of sunshine lasts and
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star bucks is rolling out the a new cold concoction for summer to help customers beat the heat and to boost sales. they are calling it, a nitro brew, a cold coffee with nitrogen and served through a tap like beer. star bucks began serving the brew in seattle in march, and quickly became the second best selling item on the menu. now nitro brew is coming to 500 star bucks stores all across seattle, new york,
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chicago, boston, los angeles, san francisco and, portland. well, beer isn't just for boys, i think a lot have people know. that high heel brewing is a craft beer company that is targeting women. their beers like the sling back perry ale and too hot to handle. it shows women consume 32 percent of craft beer. it is often embarrassing and we really cannot control it that redness that appears on our face when we blush. >> that brings us to tonight's good question, submitted by barbara. she wondered why do we blush. do you know what makes us blush or why? >> when you are embarrassed about something, what happens. >> i turn red. >> panic mode. >> you are not supposed to hold your breath when you are lifting weights because that will dilate your face and it will explode. >> nicole answers a very good question tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. by the way, if you have a good question log on to cbs question and
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tweet us using #cbs-3 good question. we are back with kate's forecast, in just a
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now thinks weird, a little strange, fire fighters in china had to free a man who
5:45 pm
got his head stuck in the washing machine. the fire department says that it happened while he was trying to fix the machine's drum. crews removed the drum, broke ate part and then freed the man in under an hour. he suffered minor head injuries. do you ever worry about chemicals you are exposed to using cleaning products n3 on your side consumer report jim donovan shows us how to find safees products for you you and your family. >> a trip down the household cleaning aisle reveals an array of fragrance and chemicals, so how do you know which ones are safe. >> harsh chemicals, packaging sometimes, influence is made. >> u.s. environmental protection agency is changing that package going. the epa unveiled a new label for cleaning products called safer choice, to help consumers determine which products are using the most safe ingredients. the epa says there are currently more than 2,000 products that qualify for the new safer choice label. companies voluntarily submit
5:46 pm
products for consideration, and epa examines the ingredients so consumers do not have to. >> it is about being able to go to the supermarket and buy products thaw can see of the safer choice for you. >> reporter: figuring out exactly what is in the product isn't as easy as checking the bottle. environmental working group reviewed 400 products, and nearly half received a poor rating for transparency of ingredients. epa has little power to remove hazardous chemicals already in the marketplace so by alerting customers to products that don't contain them the agency can influence what goes in the products by changing demand. >> i think it will make it easier to find because products are healthy for me and my family. >> reporter: safer choice label is already on some products, more products are expected to hit store shelves in the coming months. the reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. a young boy gets emotional talking about the earth. >> through tears and his heart
5:47 pm
health heartache caught the heart of millions around the world.. unaudible. >> henry has a little melt down in the car. his rant has new been viewed more than 16 million times on facebook and one might say he is an aspiring environmentalist. kid at my school, a video, and eating trash and i almost cried and that is why i'm fired up. >> through go. >> um-hmm. >> big job he is taking on. he has already written a book called enjoy the planet, but don't wreck it. >> he is fired up about it. >> wow. >> look at that passion. >> isn't it though. >> yes. >> he felt it. >> yes, i love it. he is fired up about it. love to hear that. >> i'm's fired up about seeing the sun.
5:48 pm
>> beautiful. >> beautiful day. >> low humidity, lots of sunshine, upper 80's this day comes along not very often. in the upper 80's at lot of times it is steamy but today, perfection. the question is how long will the perfection, stick around? we know in the month of may it was hard to string together two dry days, but, now we're heading in to june. will june bring us nice her weather then may d lets take a look we will start off outside right now and we are looking live at broad street and spring garden street, in center city philadelphia nothing but sunshine out the there just a few patchy clouds heading to the phillies game. you will be loving the weather, this evening, low humidity, nice and warm, cooling off nicely won sun starts to go down, not much better, not many better nights then baseball for tonight. it is gold he even ticket heading to the phillies game. lets go to the eyewitness weather watchers this evening. we are looking at temperatures in the 80's here. 196 degrees reading. that feels high. ninety-six and full sun on the concrete there in cherry hill.
5:49 pm
eighty-seven in further to the north, with john, in bucks county, yardley. 82 degrees, full sun. great day, started humid but much nicer as day went on. keep it coming. we will try to do just. that lets head off to the north and west up toward reading area where, he joins us from birdboro, is what hot and cold, and, was a perfect day, not too had, only 86 degrees. lie i can to called this a goldie locks, not too hot, not too cold just right and not too humid either. you have to add that in there. eyewitness weather watchers send nothing some photos. i wanted to share, where is it, it is not popping up. share it on my twitter, and he sent us a grand daughter who caught her first fitch and adorable. so congratulations to her. lets look at is what going on, our live neighborhood network at palmyra cove nature park in new jersey. where it is 90 degrees the at the moment. that is reading there we have blue skies, sunshine, really nice looking afternoon. in the city of philadelphia it is beautiful in the poconos as
5:50 pm
well with the the foggy start up in broadheadsvillain now sunny and fantastic n kutztown our early morning shot. lets take a look at how the day has shaped up, 85 degrees in kutztown with blue skies. and so still looking at is what going on, a all that moisture with bonnie. remnant low is circulating off the coast but the moisture has been pushed out to sea and we're dealing with nothing much in relation to that at the moment but as we take a look at tomorrow, watch for these showers off to the south. tomorrow is generally a dry day. but, a couple of the models are trying to sneak a shower here in mainly south of the area in the afternoon. something to watch for in the afternoon hours. most of the day is looking g this front is the next one that could impact our friday, with the chance of a shower or a thunderstorm. temperatures right now 87 degrees in philadelphia cooler down the shore. we're in the upper 70's. eighty-six in lancaster. eighty-five in reading. we're back to spring. temperatures feeling a little bit more like they should here for late may, or early june. our average high is 78. today we will flip those
5:51 pm
numbers around and got to 87 so far. eighty's tomorrow but then back to the 70's. closer to average for the first week of june, on thursday and friday. here's a look at many to we will start the day with sunshine. maybe a pop up sprinkle in the afternoon, that is bit. thursday just a few more clouds as this front approaches, thursday is partly, to mostly sunny. the cloud come in thursday night and then friday, we could see some shower and thunderstorm active as that front progress's long the eastern seaboard. overnight mainly clear, mild, 65 degrees. tomorrow is a mostly sunny day, again, best chance of a shower cannot be ruled out. most of us do stay dry tomorrow, so we will call it mostly sunny. thursday looks great. partly to mostly sunny. just a few clouds moving in the afternoon. then friday is our next chance for showers and a thunderstorm along a cold front, sat the day looks good at 80 degrees, a dry day saturday but sunday afternoon watch for a shower or storm and then showers could linger into monday, as well. ukee and jessica, back over to you. we have seen therapy dogs help out in hospitals, airports.
5:52 pm
>> but here's a spot i'm supplies nod one thought of ever before. >> that is right. >> the dentist office. doctors softe is a poodle who serves as a therapy dog for a beverly hills dentist. well, dentist works object her patients, teeth, and, she hangs out with the patient. doctor softy has a calming influence on uneasy, patients. >> ahh. >> well, you have to watch for water hazard while golfing, but this is new. >> wow. >> that is real. >> wow. >> massive alligator caught on camera walking across a florida golf course. this video has been shared a few times. the understandably no one got close enough for an exact measurement but it is very large. big guy took his time playing through, and golfers just backed off. isn't that wild. >> that thing is very big. >> do we know where in florida. >> um-hmm. >> i played a few courses and
5:53 pm
never seen that. >> we don't need to you run into that. >> make sure i don't go down there. >> exactly. >> for sure. it is one of the hardest courses in the world of the competitive cycling. >> that is no joke. wow. >> our pat gallen goes up the manayunk wall, philadelphia international bikeling classic a lives this weekend and the wall is one tough challenge. did pat conquer that wall,
5:54 pm
to you, they're more than just a pet. ♪ so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog.
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5:56 pm
one of the most popular sporting events in philadelphia rolls into town this weekend. >> philadelphia international
5:57 pm
cycling classic includes one of the hardest stretches in cycling, and our pat gallen, tackled philadelphia's famous manayunk wall. >> reporter: manayunk wall perhaps the most daunting task in american cycling, and on sunday riders from across the world will hit levering street during philadelphia international cycling classic. i wanted to see what all of the hype was about and for that i even wrist ted former world champion cyclist and racing coach joe went zel who worked for fuji bike in northeast philadelphia we will fine the wall, practice your shifting a and practice standing up on the the bike, so when the wall gets really steep you can add extra power to it. >> reporter: now, time for the real deal. >> i know all of the real good tricks, of how to fudge your way up that climb. >> that is what i need. >> you want to carry our momentum, from the flat section for about a get some speed up, we will hit the wall so we will use those shifting, tips to gradually shift in easier gears as we approach
5:58 pm
the steep section of the wall. >> shifting to easier gear and get ready, we will need to stand up. >> good job. >> anyone who wants to come out and get a good work out outside the gym, come ride the wall. >> that is tough. >> that is great. >> i'm having a hard time keeping up with you, good job. >> don't sit down, keep those legs moving. >> wow. >> wow. >> that is awesome. >> from manayunk, pat gallen for "eyewitness news". cool. >> that makes me tired watching you the. >> those pros do it over and over again, please, please. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a wild cat welcome at the white house, president other bam a honoring champs as we are live from washington with the player's reaction to a special day. also, breaking news tonight, disturbing discovery in a southwest philadelphia home, a shocking find, and the investigation into the discovery. also this... the federal
5:59 pm
government is taking a south jersey man to court over a depression era paint ago this he recovered. i'm alexandria hoff and i'll explain what the new deal has to do with this. and temperatures got to the upper 80's to take but with the humidity dropping it has been feeling fantastic outside, it is start of the sunny stretch, i'll tell you how long that will last, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. i think maybe the best title game of all time. >> those last few seconds could be a documentary. >> now at 6:00 honoring the champions, the president welcomed the wildcats to the white house, to celebrate villanovaes ncaa basketball title. it seems like just yesterday, chris jenkins nailed buzzer beater for championship win. good evening i'm ukee washington. hi everyone i'm jessica dean with sports director don bell. this is a special day.
6:00 pm
we watched as the president talk about the team and everything was fun. >> this is a team that just keeps giving us these moments, gqj, the chef, and the president showed all types of love for them. our leslie van arsdal is with the team in washington and she joins us live from the white house, leslie. >> you know, this has been a wild ride, for this team, since winning the national championship, two months ago. and then to actually celebrate the win, with the president of the united states, it doesn't get any bigger or better than that. welcome to the white house. i guess it is the blue and white house today because we're giving it up to the 2016 ncaa champion villanova wildcats. >> villanova's visit to the white house two months after wildcats won their first national title in 1985 on a buzzer beater by chris jenkins. what better way to wrap up a victory tore then a send o


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