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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 1, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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you are happy to necessity vine street expressway is now opened. >> even though i'm here already. >> yes. happy for commuters. >> it is amazing how much time you get added on your commute with construction. this is why i need you, girl w that said we have nice clear skies, as you mentioned meisha road are totally dry. no wet weather at all today. nice commute in that regard, some sun glare will get you but small price to pay, beautiful weather for the day as a whole. we have high pressure to thank for that for the next few days. more sunshine and pleasant weather in the forecast both today and tomorrow for that matter but we will look outside the window this morning, temperatures are nice and mild despite clear sky, we are not dropping off that readily on the thermometer. we are at 56 in mount pocono. sixty-eight in city. at philly international up and down i-95 in the mid to upper 60's at the moment. looking through eyewitness weather day planner we are talking about bright skies, lots of sunshine even by
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9:00 a.m., already in the mid 70's and we will have a very easy time into about 84 degrees for daytime high. heading down the shore it looks good right now, today, tomorrow, beautiful days with high in the lower 70's and sunshine. shot for wet weather on friday with a late day sure or storm. meisha, over to you. >> overall it looks gorgeous. beautiful today. thank you for that. good morning everyone. looking in new jersey at 42 freeway north bound at creek road to 295, it is looking pretty nice and quiet right now. we necessity it will change at 5:00 he clock hour. everybody heading back to work and school today especially if in the yesterday, they were today. look at that sky, this is schuylkill eastbound at spring garden. headlights in the eastbound direction, man, that looks very pretty. sun just trying to come up, coming up later in the 5:00 o'clock hour. lighting up that sky. accident 309 north bound at butler pike you cannot see it here but take my word right
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lane is compromised. there is an accident around this area in ambler 309 north at butler pike. we have sewer and water repairs hartford road is block between route 38 and union mill road. they are assaying this is blocked right around 3:00 p.m. and could go over that so you will use an alternate larchmont boulevard is your best bet. jim, over to you. a hit and run in north philadelphia end with a off-duty police officer opening fire striking a hospital. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at broad and tioga which still has police tape at the scene, jan. >> reporter: brooke and jim, good morning, very dramatic scene that unfolded here late last night in north philadelphia, where we're standing right where that gunfire erupted on the busy corner on have broad and tioga a street. a lot is still unclear, there are unanswered questions, and unclear why this off-duty officer opened fire but what we do know is that the altercation happened right here after the officer got into some sort of a car
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accident while on that motorcycle. it is till taped off on the scene this morning. also on the scene take a look at this video for close-up, good view, scattered glass at outpatient facility of temple university hospital. one of the shots fired actually traveled a block, and pierced the window there. bullet ended up lodged in the wall behind a desk inside but in one there was injured. this all happened after 11c last night. the officer with the 22nd district had just gotten off work, on his personal motorcycle, with his accident at broad and tioga here in north philadelphia, for some reason police say he shot five times at what investigators are calling the striking vehicle. that vehicle they say fled the scene. it has not been recovered this morning. the off-duty officer was taken to temple for minor injuries suffered during the car accident and he is expect to be okay. back out here live, we have a very active police investigation. investigators say it is unclear what immediately led
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to the gun fire last night and again, they have not found that other vehicle involved in this accident, initially, police were looking for a green older model, monte carlo and unclear at this time how many people were inside this vehicle and unclear if any are injured this morning. this is a continuing police investigation, we will continue to keep you up to date. we are live from north philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", brooke and jim, back to you. overnight police do not expect to file charges against a uber driver who struck and killed a woman in north philadelphia police say victim was crossing the street on the 2200 block by cecil b. moore avenue around 1:30 when she was struck. the uber driver stayed at the scene. police are looking for three juveniles after an elderly man was murdered in his southwest philadelphia home. the 77 year-old was found tuesday afternoon, on the living room floor of his house on the 6300 block of theodore street. "eyewitness news" has learned that the victim suffered severe head trauma.
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police say someone broke in the house twice this weekend. neighbor next door heard a loud noise, around 1:30 in the morning, monday. >> i heard a boom, like that and the wall shook and that is it. i just heard that noise. >> witnesses reported seeing three males leave the house from the front door and locking it behind them. police say the man's work van is still missing. in other news health officials are learning more about a baby born in new jersey with a birth defect linked to the zika virus. the child was delivered at hackensack medical center in bergen county yesterday and has microcephaly an abnormally small brain. mother from honduras and contracted the mosquito born illness there. the world health organization is reporting that the zika a virus lingers in the body longer then first thought and is now urging people returning from areas
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where zika is found to practice safe sex or abstain for at least eight weeks, not four, which was previously recommended. hillary clinton makes a campaign stop in north jersey to day and then head to california to battle bernie sanders. both new jersey and california hold primaries next tuesday. meanwhile donald trump unleashed attacks over reporters over his donations to veterans charities. hena daniels explains. >> reporter: donald trump continued to rail against the media. hours after identifying veterans groups that received donations made on behalf of his foundation. >> i raised 5.6 million for vets, instead of being thanked or treated nicely by the press i got the worst publicity. >> honor foundation, $200,000. >> reporter: cbs news has confirmed 32 of the 41 donations totaling 4.4 million-dollar. at a news conference on tuesday the presumptive g.o.p. nominee verbally attacked
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reporters for questioning where the money went. >> i have watched you on television you are a real beauty. a sleeze in my book. you are a sleeze. >> reporter: trump's likely democratic opponent hillary clinton blasted the billion air. >> he has bragged for months about raising six million-dollar for veterans but it took a reporter to shame him into actually making his contributions. >> reporter: yesterday the former secretary of state got a big boost a head of california's primary next week. with an endorsement from the state's governor jerry brown. still clinton's current rival bernie sanders insist that the race is far from over. >> we're going to go marching into the democratic convention with incredible momentum. >> reporter: clinton heads back to the golden state tomorrow, looking to deny sanders that momentum. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". after a wild weekend leaves wildwood littered in trash officials offer new incentives to keep their
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beaches clean. crowds left a 15-mile stretch of the beach a mess over the holiday weekend. the it is all cleaned up now but wildwood officials are determine to keep that from happening again. volunteers who registered to take part in the beach clean up on june 11th will get free passes to see an advanced screening of finding dori. now for a lot newspaper headlines across our region. >> in the delaware county daily times today is deadline for municipalities to find a permanent animal control and sheltering service to treat and care for lost and stray animals. more than a dozen communities have chosen to sign a three-year agreement with the brandywine valley spca in chester county. from the front page of the southern berks news daniel boone area school board approved hiring an outside firm to provide custodial and other maintenance services. the move could cost 35 jobs. the district says it will save 435 you this dollars by out sourcing services that includes building maintenance, grounds keeping and snow
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removal. burlington county times, living in beverly, new jersey chances are over past 46 years dave parker was at your door. on tuesday he left the office for the last time as an employee ready to just deliver up his next adventure: retirement. good for him. >> that is some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, coming up get ready to check your pantry we will tell but a massive recall on baking goods. plus, it is the trip of the lifetime for the villanova wildcats as they are honored at the white house, see how they celebrated their visit with the president. also, heart stopping new video as it gets swept away by swollen river, what the driver did just before the raging what the their took the jeep that likely saved his life. >> ♪ >> brightened my day, one of my favorite bruno mars songs,
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cincinnati police are up investigating what happened over the weekend at the cincinnati zoo. >> on saturday zoo officials fatally shot an endangered gorilla name harambe to protect i three-year eld boy who got in the animal's exhibit. police say boy's parents could be charged with child neglect. detectives are investigating the events leading up to the shooting. animal rights activist say the zoo should be find. meanwhile philadelphia zoo is assuring visitors that safety is their top priority, barriers have mesh on them so child who gets away from parents even just for a few minutes just can't get through. philadelphia zoo officials believe cincinnati zoo handled the situation well, they also
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say they are ready for anything. >> we have a gun trained team in an emergency situation like that where human life is at immediate and serious risk, that at the end of the day we're prepared to respond in the same way. >> the philadelphia zoo says their workers will receive a digsal training as well. watch this jeep get washed away in rising waters in texas. you have heard the term turnaround don't drawn. thinks an example of how strong currents can carry any object away. jeep was push down the quad loop river by a toy, like a toy, thankfully, the driver wasn't in the jeep at the time and just parked and got out. it has been raining since last week causing flooding in many areas and more rain on the way. >> big mess there. >> katie, our weather was great yesterday, can we have a repeat performance. >> i would say yeah, it isn't as hot as yesterday was so maybe it was a little too high on the mercury for your taste,
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especially a nicer day for you but you regardless very pleasant weather unfolding for us. happy meteorological summer, guys, june 1 marks beginning of the climate season, anyway but officially outside to the graphic summer won't begin in philadelphia or anywhere until june 20th, but 6:34 on the nose is when we will see solstice take place when summer begins according to the astronomical calendar and that is what we go by. storm scan three showing a quiet pattern all things considered. we have high pressure in canada off to the south post tropical cyclone bonnie sitting and spin away, retreat agent the scene but we stay under the influence, of high pressure so we don't worry about any moisture being sent from that. also marks beginning of the atlantic hurricane season as well. we will have more information from that as show progresses, stick around for that. what kind of season could we be facing.
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we are looking lovely. great baseball weather to day 7:05 p.m. first pitch 78 and sunshine. couple cloud overhead. beautiful, perfect excuse to head on down to south philadelphia a pollen report, as you might imagine it is not ideal, not horrible either, it sits right around medium to high range for oak, muscle bury and grasses. we are pecking wet weather to wash that pol's way on friday but looking ahead to the seven day forecast is there another shot come sunday when we will see another cold front crossing through soy it will bring us in the upper 70's, cooler by comparison but also see a few showers and a thunderstorm knocking on our doorstep by that point. meisha, back over to you. >> time to bring the umbrella back out, thanks, katie. not today to take will be gorgeous. this is ambler 309 northbound at butler pike. we had an accident blocking right lane that has been since cleared. we are looking good ever since that accident has been
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cleared, it is looking very quiet, on 309, great news, take a look at this sky, dang, take a look at that 95 south at girard. when we wake up on a wednesday morning we need that peace, serenity, first thing in the morning, that is it. this is it for us. ninety-five south at girard looking good but volume levels picking up, don't even look down there. don't look, just look right up here. man, that is gorgeous, right? schuylkill taillights in the eastbound direction past king of prussia looking good here as well, beautiful sky here as well. we have an accident, i will call your attention to this ac expressway, to off ramp to route 322 or exit number two it is pulled off to the right shoulder. as we progress, these little accidents can be big things. i will let you know when that clears. brooke, over to you. national champion wildcats get a white house welcome and president obama honor the team with the special tour, speech and then shook hand with each
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member of the team. visit comes two months after villanova won its first title since 1985 and you can add the president to the list of the people who had a tough time pronouncing one player's name in particular. >> we have the best dressed man in college basket ball, the george clooney of coaches, jay wright. >> coming from him he is smooth, i was very flattered and humled. so it was nice that he would even know that they joke about that. >> the team presented the between the fourth president with the wildcats jersey with the number 44, that is the same uniform theyer with when they played at pearl harbor in obama's home state of hawaii. phillies hope a new month will bring them some new luck after a very rough even to may here's sports director don bell with your morning sports. >> couple weeks ago phillies were seven games above 500. now they are 26-26, struggle could not be more real. they have lost five in a row
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and tonight they will take on the nationals in the final of their one game series. last night at the bank fanatic, clowning dusty baker but dusty would get the last laugh. top of the first, jason werth, former philly, just taking on aaron nola, deep left field, get up, and get out. one to nothing, nationals. game tied in the sixth, daniel murphy having an epic season. came in batting .395, best in the bigs, takes nola deep. he goes six innings, allowing two run but phillies trail by one. nationals up four-one. deep, deep right field, that is steven drew with the hit and he is just going to keep on running. an inside the park home run and the phillies, fall five-one. now adam morgan will be on the bump for phillies tonight and that is your sports. i'm don bell, have a great
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day. >> sports fans have said they say ridiculous thing when a team loses. >> one fan is following through on his promise see how he ended up eating his words. it is kiss from the pope that changed this little girls life. we will show you special gift that the pope gave the family to mark the special occasion,
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a philadelphia family is honored with a special surprise from pope francis. >> it comes almost a year after the pope change their lives with the simple kiss. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt shows us the holy gift they never expected. >> reporter: it has been called miracle on market street little will girl from philadelphia kissed on the head by pope francis that girl guillen a mastertony fights a brain tumor her parents discovered it a few months after it was born that kiss meant more then you can imagine. >> reporter: little guillen a's future was uncertain when
5:24 am
she was born. >> every day kristin and i took 15 steps, that is distance from our bed to her crib, not knowing what we would find. >> reporter: little girl continues to make major strides and we followed her along the way. she's starting to talk, walk and full of energy. she joined her mom, dad and brother dominic for a special ceremony honoring her older brother as he was sworn in as a special deputy u.s. marshall for the day. he idolizes those who carry a badge. >> i'm always going to do the right thing. >> i will. >> the family has always had a special relationship with law enforcement, fbi agents helped them meet pope francis on that sunny day last september. fbi special agent don asper made it possible by getting the pope's attention. >> no one there on the street knew anything was wrong with her they didn't know her condition, the pope certainly didn't know that she had a inoperable brain tumor. >> reporter: that is what amazes people, pope not
5:25 am
knowing anything about her story felt compelled to stop and kiss her just centimeters from the tumor. after he received his opinion opinion from david web the family got another surprise from fbi special agent in charge william sweeney. >> if you cannot see it, which you can't from this difficulties tan this is in fact signed by holy father. >> oh, my goodness. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: man known to be simple signed a small, simple francisco on the bottom right corner. family learned that pope francis not only knows about her but asks about her and continues to receive updates on her progress. >> to know that he knows about her and asking about her and he is praying for her and continuing to pray for her is a amazing. >> reporter: she's currently finishing chemotherapy, she has doctors at chop and houston texas. i talk with her doctors and they are optimistic about her future. family has a foundation set up in her name to help families
5:26 am
under going similar circumstances. we have those details on our web site at cbs david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> great news. that family has a long road ahead of them so fact that the holy father remembers them, that is great. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news", the new brew coming to star bucks and unique way that the drink is being served, justin. jim, a deadly discovery in southwest philadelphia. i'm justin finch. coming up why police believe victim was target not the just one but two break ins. it is a little muggy here on the cbs-3 sky deck to start the day off but overall a beautiful summer risk day, but wet weather does return, we will tell you when coming up. before you hit the road meisha is outside with the trouble spots for the wednesday morning commute.
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search is on for a killer after a man is found dead in his southwest philadelphia home. the suspicious activity neighbors saw that may be connected to this murder. good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm jim donovan. but first here's what you need to start your day in the morning minute. a hit ape run involving an off-duty philadelphia police officer ends in gunfire.
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>> this is where all that gunfire erupted late last night on the very busy corner on have broad and tioga streets. it is unclear why this off-duty officer opened fire. >> somebody knows is what going on out here and needs to dot right thing. >> reporter: police believe three juveniles may be responsible for death of the elderly man in southwest philadelphia. doctors say a babe which a birth defect linked to the zika virus was born at hackensack medical center in bergen county, new jersey. >> press should ab shamed of themselves. >> donald trump is sparring with the media, after months of questioning, trump released full list of donations he gave to veterans group. >> ♪ >> that is the villanova mens basketball team doing running man challenge at the white house yesterday, chris


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