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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  June 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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new this morning a rough start for residents in this montgomery county home. a car smashed right into their house. we are live as invest faithors worked to figure out what went wrong. teenager is struck and killed by a hit/run driver who ditched the driver blocks away we will tell what you police necessity about the suspect that they are looking for at this hour. with less that be two months to go organizers need to raise millions have of dollars for democratic national convention. we will show you why officials are blaming donald trump for their cash problems. well, today is thursday, june 2nd, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. we are getting your day started with weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> good morning. gateway to the weekend. it is thursday.
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>> ahh. >> we have pictures of the burlington bristol bridge that was completely closed but now is reopened. >> weather department is still looking phenomenal. today looks better, i love the smile on your face. >> i will give you $20 right now. >> good forecast, but, it is still going to be a beautiful day. look at storm scan three high pressure is still just hanging on. you can see off to the south across north carolina coastal areas and off to the west moving our way but we are expecting very quiet weather. in the forecast today. it does look like a very nice and very seasonal day. looking at area temperatures as we stand right now 65 millville. ac airport, wildwood, even in wilmington at that valley, cooler by comparison at philly international but comfortable start quite frankly in the mid to lower 60's with on shore wind flow along these shore points. if that is where your travels take you, you pick a good day.
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do expect there will be likely fog to kick is off, enough moisture to how that to form. we have upped our expectation today to 83 for daytime high in philadelphia we will call it partly sunny overall but we will see that sunshine, and stay dry through the day g stuff. >> eighty-three, no complaints here. even if it is totally cloudy, would i never complain at 83. good morning, happy thursday. this is what we have an overturn vehicle not too long ago in northern liberties. delaware avenue southbound between frankford and penn street. police were on the scene a while ago when i got into work. now they have totally cleared this area great news for those in and around that area it was looking busy. now we are looking good. we saucon trucks out there, hard to see, it looks like maybe it is clearing, 95 north, ramp to the blue route that right lane was compromised, also the vine, another back to that overnight construction and because of that we are still closed moving in both westbound and eastbound direction between the schuylkill and broad street.
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hopefully that cleared up, for next, and construction on the boulevard cleared northbound between wissohickon and broad street that right lane was compromised. more construction, in just a moment. jim, over to you. car crashes into a montgomery county home forcing a family to sleep elsewhere for the night. >> jan carabao is live, at plymouth meeting where an investigation is underway. jan, what is going on. >> reporter: a construction crew just left, until a little bit ago after they completed quite a bit of work here on the scene. they had to support one of the walls inside of this home as well as board up front window there. family won't be able to stay here until engineering can check out structural integrity of the home after all damage was done. look at the video this car not only crashed in the home around 12:30 this morning but the vehicle was all the way inside. this is the
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germantown pike in plymouth meeting montgomery county. police are not releasing much information but i was able to speak with code enforcement on the scene and they say engineering will be here later today to assess the extent of the damage. we are told one load bearing wall was taken out and that had to be supported this morning. the this is a home and business, chiropractor's office, the home owner was on the scene but that person declined to speak with us. reports are the driver was taken to einstein montgomery county but it is unclear why because there was no injuries here. that is a macing when you look at the damage here. at this point reports are one person had to go to the hospital, home owner shaken up but they didn't want to talk to us this morning and a lot of damage to clean up here later today. we are reporting live, from plymouth township, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police are looking for driver of the deadly hit and run in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. >> the car was stolen and they may be closing in on a potential suspect. officers say that the 18 year-old victim was struck and killed around 9:30 last night
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in the 3900 block of old york road, the driver, ditched the prius on the 1300 block of west pike street and then ran from the scene. eyewitnesses told police they saw a woman driving the car around the neighborhood. >> we find out first of all, was she driving this vehicle, that struck and killed the 18 year-old and also why was she seen driving this vehicle on a regular basis in the last few days and weeks if the vehicle will is stolen status. >> victim died at the hospital justin finch will have a live report on this story in 30 minutes. we're learning more this morning about a train crash that left two amtrak workers dead. ntsb has released its preliminary report on the april 3rd crash in chester. train 89 hit a back ho performing international man's killing peter and joe carter. the engineers said immediately prior to the accident he had applied the emergency brake after quote, seeing something, on main track three.
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ntsb investigators are still confirming what roadway protection where is in place at the time of the accident. hillary clinton will deliver is what being called a major foreign policy address today in california. she's in san diego one day after visiting new jersey, this speech will contrast her plans for the the country with those of donald trump. trump continues to face criticism over his defunct trump university including allegations he used predatory practices to enroll students. the in the meantime democratic national convention is right here in philadelphia and less than two months away. organizers say that they are behind in funding, by millions of dollars. "eyewitness news" spoke to former pennsylvania governor ed rendell who is also the knc chairman and says there are
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three main reasons why this year has been harder to raise money for one he blames donald trump. >> because of what he said about latin os and muslims a number of major national companies pulled out of funding the republican convention. and then to be fair not the to show favoritism to that, they pulled out and they didn't fund us as well. >> reporter: former governor is confident that the dnc will get that money ten million-dollar in total before the convention. there is now a $20,000 reward for information, leading to an arrest in the murder of the southwest philadelphia man. seventy-eight year-old joseph daily was found dead in his theodore street home on tuesday. police say daily was beaten and strangled likely by a group of kid who had previously targeted him friday night. the suspects made off with daily a's blue ford van police are hoping the public will spot that van that has a license plate, pd5338z. the that is pd5338z. call police if you have any information. thirty-nine year-old malik bailey is in custody this morning following a brief foot pursuit in south philadelphia. bailey is accused of a tacking a 38 year-old woman and sexually assaulting his 13 year-old step daughter in
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their frankford home tuesday. bailey had has three prior arrests for drug-related crimes. for the third time in 16 months a bucks county woman is under arrest that stems from an insurance fraud case. claire she's accused of intimidating witnesses by causing issuance of the inappropriate, subpoenas, they sought among other things the personnel file of the witness in the case and various internal documents. the she's charged in january of 2015 for attempting to defraud insurance companies of more than 20 million. retired pro wrestler jimmy super fly snuka will not stand trial for murder. lehigh county judge ruled the seven three-year oldies mentally incompetent. snuka was charged in the 1983 death of his girlfriend. the judge says she does not believe snuka a is capable of faking the symptoms of dimension a he will be reevaluated in six months. still ahead, tv crew helps rescue a dog from rising flood waters but we will tell you
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why the puppy wasn't able to swim away. we are learning more about a murder suicide on the campus of ucla. how the university is trying to return to normallal today. find out why this rap video has a new jersey school in trouble this morning, when we come right
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classes resumed on the classes of ucla following a murder/suicide that left a professor dead. william club was gunned down in the engineering building yesterday, club taught mechanical engineering. he leaves behind a wife and two children. the deceased shooter has not been identified but sources say a male student may have been at assailant. after a newly released music video. >> ♪ >> that is his video for his song, wake up, it was filmed the pather son new jersey native former high school, east side high school. the controversial video
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includes drug references and school advertise trick leaders say they are investigating how this was allowed. while some officials think the video is inappropriate some students just could not have a problem. >> the content, lewdness, the representation of the drugs. >> it is not like the kid were there, to rap with the, you know, the rapper. >> they shouldn't be influenced by he or any other video that have drugs in it. >> the principal has been placed on leave. spokesperson for the school district says the district does not endorse the content of the video. tv news crew saved the life of the dog. >> he was chained to the front porch on the flooded news texas and barely able to keep her head above water when reporter a and photographer jumped in and brought her to safety. sheriff shared that ham sandwich with the pup and she's staying with the houston humane society. >> time is 4:42. >> don't chain your dogs outside. >> yes. >> katie has another check of
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your forecast. >> not downhill with all that rain. >> anywhere. >> it is tough to watch. >> so glad there is a a happy end to go that one though. good morning, guys. we are not dealing with anywhere near the kind of heavy rain that they are still dealing with in the lone star state but what we have is two systems to track here. only one of which will have any direct impact on us. you can still see what is new left of bonnie, sitting and swirling and really, becoming sort of like that nosey neighbor that will not leave you alone in the carolina coastline and bringing in rough surf down this way. what will happies this will get pushed out to sea and it doesn't pose any additional threat to the coastline and not to us. we still have sitting between these two systems but this next cold front moving our way. it is as far east assent rally with pennsylvania you are likely to see showers and thunderstorms firing up here, some of which could turn nasty. you want to certainly pay attention to the radar but with that said for rest of the delaware valley and entire delaware valley things are
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quiet. we will look at future weather. showers and storms fire up mid to late afternoon out across central pennsylvania, 5:00 p.m. is your time there. and not until tomorrow, especially morning we will see wet weather push to our area, by the time front is pushing through timing is good because it comes through overnight and early morning but we shouldn't to have deal with any major headaches with these showers or storms. they should be pretty not just scattered but, thankfully not anything in the way of severe weather out of them. today, no storms in sight for our area. pretty pleasant day all things considered with the sunshine, couple cloud, high of 83. we will drop down in the mid 60's tonight, later tonight, we will see an isolated shower, again as that cold front moves closer and closer and then tomorrow is the day that the front will cross. temperatures held back to 80, pretty seasonal with the scattered showers or thunderstorm, saturday we will call this a half and half weekend because we will stay dry on saturday. new round of showers and storms moving in on sunday and these could be more widespread, meisha. >> prepared for some rain,
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thanks, katie, very much. good morning, happy thursday, waking up to the vine close another they might be opening, westbound side, we can see a vehicle there and off to the eastbound side, for that overnight construction between the schuylkill and the broad. it looks like vine is just now reopening and we have more construction here, 202 looks like it is still out there southbound at route 401 that left lane is compromised you can see cones sitting in the roadways and it will not slow you down as it is fairly early. route 30 eastbound between business route 30 and route 100 up some construction there that left lane was compromised and has been since cleared as well. burlington bristol bridge reopened after that was closed and we have company construction, 95 north bound for route 141, three lanes are blocked and it will be blocked until around 5:00 a.m. also, sewer main repairs has turned into a repair, hartford road is closed between route 38 and union mill road between 9:00 a a.m. and 4:30 p.m. you have to take this alternate we were using
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yesterday, larchmont boulevard your best bet. jim, over to you. a car crashes in the plymouth meeting home forcing a family to evacuate. no one was injured. the front of the house was boarded up overnight. later engineers will evaluate home stability before the family can go back. an 18 year-old is dead after a hit and run in hunting park. this happened just after 9:00 last night on the 3900 block of old york road. police are looking for the driver of a stolen, toyota prius. and the ntsb has release aid preliminary report on april's deadly amtrak train crash. engineer operating the train said he a replied the emergency brake after quote seeing something on the traffic. the train crashed in the backhoe killing two workers and injuring 41 others. still a head how google is making it easier to find out about yourself. and also ahead we will have a discussion featuring two supreme court justices but it had has nothing to do with the law. we will tell you the activity that brings a whole bit
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together when we come back,
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welcome back. if you are heading out the door stay updated with katie a's forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. pennsylvania's transportation secretary, wants the state to lead the way for self driving cars. a rescue group brings three dogs to new jersey, all the way from south korea. efforts to breathe new life into new athletic in camden. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. supreme court justices they may not agree on every issue but on this, there is consensus, they enjoy fine dining. justices ruth paider ginsburg and sonya sotomayor discussed food traditions of the high court last night in washington. the throughout history the court has kind together, to reup force cooperation. one such dining experience led to this memorable moment last
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year when justice ginsburg nodded off during the president's state of the union address. >> and that was the first time i fell asleep during the state of the union. >> nineteenth century justices lived in the boarding house and always ate together. these days they eat lunch together on court dates and they get some personal space. >> good for them. good for them. very interesting to go see them outside the court. 4:50. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, jill, is what the deal with the takata a air bag recall, we're hearing some bags still have the air bags. >> reporter: new government report says that toyota, fiat chrysler, volkswagen and mitsubishi are selling new bags with defective takata air
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bags. they have been blamed for 11 deaths, and prompted a massive air bag recall, it is illegal to sell those vehicles but they must be recalled by 2018. >> that doesn't sound good. what is this chatter about google making it easier to google yourself. >> it is easy right now. >> reporter: who would do that, right. google is updating its my account features. it will be easier to find out what people know about them if you do a vanity search a card link to go your account setting will show up and linked user account information to the search engine. users will be able to see how they are depicted on various sites. brooke and jim. >> have you ever google had your self. >> yes, sometimes. >> i think i'm the only person what but, jill. >> twitter search, everything. >> you can find interesting stuff. >> i have googled myself but there is another jill wagner out there. >> there is another brooke thomas. >> i could careless if there is another jim donovan, whatever people are saying, good for them. >> thanks. >> that is a very healthy attitude.
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>> thank you, i try. she thinks i'm crazy but i'm's trying. see you later. coming up later, we will get another check of weather and traffic. >> but nice day today but katie is tracking our next chance for rain. my goodness our full forecast when we
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we're looking ahead to a nice day here in the delaware val that i includes all of the shore towns, beach behind me we will look at that beach forecast in a second but lets look a live look at one of the the area shore towns, outside we will go to ocean city and in cape may county a a little fine haze, over those boardwalk street lamps. so we are going to see some dense fog development over the water here today. expect that this morning. it should be breaking after mid-morning. after that happens, partly sunny skies.
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nice day to hit the beach. water temperatures starting to amp up here, 65 or so, uv index up at a eight so put on that sun block. you know the drill. current risk, thankfully remains low and that is good for tomorrow as well. not the best beach day but any showers or storms we do see tomorrow will be scattered in nature and likely, for the afternoon things will be drying out anyway, meisha. >> great information, thanks very much. >> good morning. roadways are looking pretty good. would i say they have been busy. we know it will be busy just like yesterday. this is where we saw overnight construction, ramp from the schuylkill eastbound wye way at the bottom of the screen still blocking there ramp to the schuylkill eastbound on to the vine, so closed because of that overnight construction between schuylkill and broad. we have been having that construction. just know that is slow. westbound side of the vine is however still opened. the construction here as well, 202 southbound at route 401 that left lane is still blocked, although it looks like is there movement. maybe moving that out of their way. ninety-five southbound cottman is what you are looking at, nice and quiet, that is what
4:56 am
we want to see right now. make note sewer main repairs and road repairs, hartford road closed between route 38 and union mill road between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30, use an alternate larchmont will be your best bet. philadelphia's new museum is now opened to the public. >> um-hmm, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony last night at northeast regional council of carpenter a's museum right there on spring garden street. the museum contains, rare artifact as from the early days of the carpenter's union which was headquarters in philadelphia during 1880's. well, coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" it is a list that no one wants to be on. >> exactly. >> find out about unwanted honor philadelphia adjust earned. plus, we're hearing a frantic call for help after a boy fell in the gorilla enclosure. what the boy family is encouraging people to do. >> taylor swift may have new materials in her
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a family forced out of their home after that car smashes right through a wall. where the home owner hopes to get back inside to check out the damage. plus sadly a teen is hit and killed by someone driving a stolen car, we will show you where detectives found the car and what they necessity about the driver they are looking for this morning. and short on cash, three reasons democrats are struggling to raise money for the parties convention in philadelphia this summer. well to day is thursday, june 2nd good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas, busy googling jim, since he doesn't do it. >> i have never googled myself. >> we are keeping an eye on things. >> that is dangerous. good morning, everyone. so few word, i will say,
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construction. >> construction. >> well, construction, you nailed it. the vine is just reopening. we have a lieutenant of construction that we will let you know about that will slow you down. >> lets get to the to the good stuff. we have quiet weather. sun glare could be a problem for you and it is coming up super early these days, 5:30ish when the sun pops it head over the horizon. those things are nice and quiet. other than a handfull of cloud. we will zoom it out one time, toss satellite coverage overtop and unveil cloud moving through our area but we are still more than anything going to see sunshine this morning. we do sit between systems today so generally we are looking at a nice pleasant day. warmer. yesterday we did over achieve which we will discuss but right now 62 degrees is current thermometer reading at philly international. comfortable start. dew points are not high. it feels good. lets look at the day planner. we have started to warm up efficiently. by noon we are flirting with 80 calling it partly sunny throughout the


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