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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  June 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on the run, search continues for the driver of stolen car, who hit and killed a teenager in hunting park last night, then ran away. police say one in a series of hit and runs, been investigating in recent weeks. good afternoon everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, in the latest deadly incident, witnesses were key, in helping police get a lead on the
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suspect. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch tells us about this, and other cases, keeping accident investigators busy. >> cars collided, police commissioner richard ross calling these crashes all too common. >> most cases, i mean, i don't know why people just don't stop. >> in the last two weeks, we've had unusual amounts of photo versus pedestrian accidents. >> another last night in the city's hunting park section, and a 18 year old boy died after being struck, near old york road, and luzern street, the striking vehicle a white toyota prius, abandoned few blocks from the crash scene. >> the vehicle was stolen, earlier this year, from east lansdowne, pennsylvania. >> police say surveillance video shows the stolen prius hitting that teen, and the brutal impact neighbors tell investigators they've seen that car before, and a driver.
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>> they describe a female, as the person who normally drives that vehicle. >> the driver set to be short, heavyset black woman, in a white floral print dress, last seen running west on pike street. that was later just after 5:00 this morning in south philly, hit-and-run, at oregon and front street. police now looking for a red hyundai suv, that hit a person, they say, and then double back and left again. >> for many, leaving a person thereto die. and it is so sad and taj glike victim taken to jefferson hospital. still, at large, the driver, who struck and dragged kensington pastor and church van driver elliot last week, police still looking for the saab that hit him and kept going on front street. >> if you have any information, about those pedestrian-involved crashes, police want to hear from you, also reminding drivers to remain on the scene in a bright, leaving when the heavier charges can come in. outside police headquarters, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> in other news, 14 year old
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boy is recovering this noon, after he was hit by a car in spring garden. it happened just before 7:00 this morning, on fourth and spring garden streets. authority say a driver tried to pass a septa bus when she struck the victim. that driver remained at the scene, no word if she will face any charges. the teen was taken to hahnemann hospital in stable condition. breaking news, chopper three is live over mercer county where an s.u.v. smashed into a store in a strip mall. the accident happened off of route 130 near princeton hightstown road in east winsor. so far, no word on any injuries, or what caused the driver to lose control. stay with "eyewitness news" for updates. fire rips through a home in cobbs creek, but authorities say that's not what sent a person to the hospital. firefighters were called to 59 and locust around 7:45 this morning for report of heavy fire. from the second floor of a home. that's where fire crews found man with gunshot wound to the head, but no burns. he was rushed to pen presbyterian hospital in unknown condition.
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the circumstances surrounding the shooting and fire are un investigation. lot of damage to the front of this home in plymouth meeting montgomery county from a car that crashed right into it overnight. it happened shortly after 1:00 on the 1300 block of germantown pike. the driver was taken to einstein montgomery, no one inside the home was hurt, but the family can't stay there until engineers say it is strugglely safe. >> the front wall and window were boarded up overnight, the home also a chiropractor's office. >> well, there is only one word to describe today, and that is comfortable. first look at the forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger live on the cbs-3 skydeck, hello, kate. >> i such a nice afternoon, jim, yes. it really is beautiful here in the city. but, this is a perfect example every thousand have little micro climates that set up down at the shore towns, more clouds than anything, whereas, i've gotting in but blue skies overhead, man is it comfortable outside as you mention, jim, so, so nice outside here, and at least
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across the urban corridor and point inland. let's go ahead, quick peak at storm scan, won't finds too much going on out there. see what the satelite layer on top of this, that there are clouds, flanked the coast right now, and also across sussex county, delaware, so that's where you are going to find more clouds than anything, we're going to split the difference basically call this partly sunny day, might see more clouds, might see more sun, regardless we are dry across the region as a whole here tonight, current temperatures readings as they stand cooler where you have got more clouds 57 here in philadelphia, and flirting with 08 already, in allentown and even out in reading where you do have more sun than anything. so, it really is a nice day for the city as a whole, the shore, yes, you have got limited sunshine we will bank you see little sun before said and done, low 70s the expectation there, poconos mid 70s, under some sunshine all-in-all, even though we are sitting between systems, still real nice day that will be
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changing brick, jim, wet weather headed our way and i'll tell when you it get here later in the show. >> well, in campaign 2016, the push is on for california, hillary clinton is skipping a planned visit to new jersey to begin a five day swing through the golden state. recent polls show bernie sanders challenging the democratic front runner in california, prompts her to focus more on the campaign out west. clinton will give a national security address in san diego this afternoon. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders has been in california all week and he's staying there. sanders will hold another rally this afternoon, this time, maddest tow, followed by another one tonight in chico. sanders hammering the point home during his rally that a win in california would create huge momentum moving forward in the convention here in philadelphia. not to be out done, donald trump also campaigning out west, presumptive republican nominee is holding a rally in san jose tonight. last night in san diego, trump
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defended himself from recent attacks by hillary clinton, by going on the offensive. saying, clinton has made the world more volatile. >> two month until the democratic national convention organizers a lack every funding. we're talking millions of dollars. former governor ed rendell is the dnc chairman, he toll "eyewitness news" there are three main reasons why this year has been harder to raise money. for one, he blames donald trump. >> because it is donald trump's candidacy, because of the things he said about latinos, muslims, number of major national companies pulled out of the republican convention, then to be fair and not to show favortism, they pulled out, and didn't fund us, as well. >> still also says he's confident the dnc will get that money $10 million total. he thinks they will get it before the convention. >> to get ready for the dnc, philadelphia city council is considering a bill that would de-criminalize disorderly conduct, instead of arresting
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protesters, police could give them ticket for a fine instead. city leaders hope the change would prevent criminal justice system from being overwelmed. >> well, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" the fight for felusia and the thousands of civilians trapped inside the city. >> and just barely keeping their heads above water, cattle swim for their lives, there is no end to the flooding in texas. we'll head out west
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>> preliminary report on the train crash that left two amtrak worker dead on april 3rd, train 89 struck back hoe performing minute never on the tracks in chester >> prior to the accident, he applied the emergency brake after, quote, seeing something on main track three. veteran workers, peter, and joe, were killed. ntsb investigators are still confirming what roadway work or protection were in place at the time of the accident. iraqi troops are stalled this noon, in their battle to recapture the city of felusia. isis fighters pushing back against the military as government forces and shiite malitia try to push their way in. >> tens and tens cents of civilians, as many as 20,000 children may be among the resident who can't escape. charlie d'agada has the latest. >> the fierce battle for felusia shows no sign of a let-up. government forces and shiite malitia continue to target isis militants inside felusia,
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but they're meeting heavy resistance from fighter who don't want strangle hold for city more than two years, a tens of thousands of government work back up by us-led air strikes, have advanced, clearing areas to the north and south of felusia. but the offense has stalled, eye ricky military officials partly down for the concern of tens every thousands of resident remain trapped inside felusia. but it is also due to the fact isis has been able to hold onto that territory. now, the un, estimate, there may be as many as 20,000 children, among the residents in felusia. basic food is in short supply, and they haven't had any safe drinking water for month. charlie d'agada, cbs news, baghdad. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news": oh, baby, a moose mother to be wanders away from the woods, and what happens next has people talking.
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>> katy? >> this awed to be good. folks, looking ahead to gorgeous weather for the rest of the day, it can only last us so long, as we well know. we are tracking a duo of fronts, that's going to lead to what we will call a half and half weekend. i'll detail all of the wet wet ishikawa use you'll face this weekend coming up.
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for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. >> breaking news, an open ate overdose, 57 year old singer found dead in his minnesota home april 21.
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investigating trying to figure fought an overdose was to blame and whether a doctor was prescribing drugs to the singer in the weeks before. >> well, more wet weather is expected through this weekend for part of texas already devastated by flooding. >> at least eight people have drowned in texas and oak home, a and emergency crews have carried out more than 300 water rescues, just this week. manuel, in richmond, texas. >> the sound every pounding rain across the state of texas, wednesday's storms, targeted north of houston, where a six-inch downpour in just three hours led to flashflooding. it was a similar scene, further north in lob you can, where drivers went through washed out streets. in the southeast, the overflowing grass river stranded these cows, in deep water. the river continues to consume homes and land. it has climbed to nearly 10 feet above flood stage near
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richmond, exceeding earlier projections. emergency crews have carried out more than 450 water rescues. >> this is something we haven't seen in this area in 100 years. >> maury's home already in nearly 3 feet of water, as this area braces for more rain. >> is this beyond belief for people? >> yes, it is, nobody can project it, it is unbelievable. i don't know what i am going to do an hour from now. >> texas governor, greg abbott, has declared state every disaster in 31 counties, because of the severe weather. and parts every southeast texas could get up to 7 inches of rain, over the next several days. manuel, cbs news, richmond, texas. watch video like that, and you can't complain about a wet weekend, that's for sure. >> utley. >> put it in perspective. >> never woken up with my whole house underwater, terrible. >> unbelievable, the kind of damage that flood do, so yes, hearts really going out to the folks that are deal with this in texas for sure.
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we don't have any flooding rain in our forecast, but couple fronts will be passing through the next few days, probably few thunderstorms to go along with it, as well, but at this point not worried about any major severe weather issues, nothing like that, so kind of run of the mill systems that push through here. we stay somewhat consistent when it comes to the warmth that's out there, as well. let's take you outside. i want to show you how different it can be even just, what, 100 miles difference, between counties, so we start things off in ocean sit, where certainly the clouds are not keeping anybody from walking out and about. it is actually pretty nice afternoon, you just don't have as much sunshine as perhaps you were hoping for, that sun is trying to peak through, so we'll call it limited sunshine. on "skycam 3", here in ocean city really up and down the entire jersey shore, however, further inland go, go next to the live neighborhood network, live shot, look like camp going on, recess taking place under the pavilion, outside the he elementary school, you gt the idea, so beautiful afternoon un folding, 81 degrees, certainly where
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you have got the brightest conditions, and it is warming up the mossee fish endly. that said, let's take to you radar, there are few things we want to talk about here there is next front that you can see sort of draped back, essentially along the ohio river, that's pushing through tomorrow. and brink withing it our next round of showers. would you believe that what had been tropical cyclone bonnie actually now turning itself back into and upgrading it self to tropical depression bonnie again? this will not give up. good thing is that it is actually going to be migrating out to sea with time, so thank the lucky stars for that, in addition to that, there is an area of low pressure, very broad zone across the gulf at the national hurricane center watching at this point i'm not worried about that for any major impact, but keep an eye on that, too, here is bonnie expected to with time finally get out and pushed out to sea, and then week, unbelievable that will not go away. let's jump to future weather the next system that will have any direct impact is front i showed you, as early as later on tonight, far northwest
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counties, could see quick shower, notice how things sort of just they get cut off almost as soon as you hit the schuylkill valley here so we are going to eventually see some wet weather push in, looks like for the most part like it will wait until tomorrow morning, that is your cold front crossing through, because it comes in the morning before you have had time to heat up throughout the day, you shouldn't have too much instability, there could be brief and locally heavy downpour, the majority of the rain will come in though in the morning maybe just left over shower at some point for the rest of the afternoon, very scattered in nature. so, that's what this is going do to the uv index, sort of go up and down, today, still specially where you got the brightest conditions, pretty toasty and definitely burn easily if you're not prepared for it. but by tomorrow a lot more clouds cover overhead courtesy of the frontal paths and saturday, though, we rebounds on the uv index as sun comes back. meanwhile phillies game tonight looking like decent excuse to go down to south philly, 76 degrees under sunshine, 70:51 pitch, loving it. now, moving forward, i like to call this the every other day plan. now, the consistent warmth is
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with us, right through monday, low to mid 80s, and then, we do have to deal with couple of thundershowers again, so that will common friday. that will common sunday with another front moving in, and then by monday we are back into some sunshine. so every other day you can bank on dry weather, and then every other day beyond that, ya, little wet weather to dodge. but, not really talking about any kind of flooding rain, no major storms, just run of the mill sort of summer like wetter. >> so i can grill out saturday. >> i would say absolutely, party at jim's place. he has to watch what he says here. careful what you say. >> all right, you guys, only took couple of seconds for an old bridge connecting two counties in new york state to come down this morning. the implosion sent more than 1200 tons of scrap metal into a george below. officials stopped traffic, a thousand foot radius as precautionary measure, new $17 million bridge is expected to start immediately. >> good idea. >> i always like implosions, i guess the little kid in me. i don't know, i like it, then
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i think okay, but then you can build something new there. >> yes. >> start fresh. >> improvement. >> never a kid. we'll be right back.
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>> we have breaking news to tell but water main break spilling water all over 18th and arch streets in center city. officials think a contractor may have struck a 20-inch main while working in the area. you can see water shooting into the street in this eyewitness cam video, weaver a crew on the scene, and much
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more on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00. >> also, just in to "eyewitness news", congressman john lewis has been named as this year's recipient of the liberty medal. the annual award presented by the national constitution center. congressman lewis is one of the last surviving leaders of the 19 60s civil rights movement. he currently reps george's fifth district. award will honor him for his dedication, and constitution, ceremony takes place september 19th. he's amazing. >> well, coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 this is only a drill, but one day after a shooting on the campus of ucla it is an incredibly important one. the new policy student at temple university are being taught. >> quite a site for shoppers outside a hardware store in alaska, a newborn moose. the calf was born not in the forest, but in the parking lot after lowe's home improvement store in anchorage. onlookers kept their distance,
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smart, smart. but they were in awe of the site, as the baby took its first steps after a while the mother and newborn, who was a bit wobbly leg, made their way out of the parking lot, presumably back home to the woods. >> wow. that's a big animal. >> talk about a spectacle. >> good luck to the mother and baby. >> i would have been out of there very quickly. that's "eyewitness news" today for noon. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, for katie all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line for you at >> remember the young and the restless is next.
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>> stitch: okay. i'll be right in as soon as his chart comes up from the e.r. okay. so, he was wearing a helmet? >> officer: yeah, but he must have been going at a pretty good clip. >> stitch: okay. did anybody see what happened? any witnesses? >> officer: he was alone when we got there, but someone called 911. >> stitch: all right. [ cellphone rings ] >> phyllis: [ breathes deeply ] hey. >> jack: i'm at memorial. there's been an accident. billy was out riding and crashed his motorcycle. >> phyllis: my god. is he okay?


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