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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 4, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00 o'clock, a store own are in fights back. tonight police are praising a man who they say shot and killed a would be robber inside a pharmacy. how the man new his business was being targeted. plus, new developments surrounding the deadly flooding in central texas. emergency crews find the bodies of four american soldiers. what we're learning about the moments right before they went missing. eco friendly living is more popular than ever. it's top of mind and on the top
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of homes. we're talking green roofs. we know they're good for the environment but what exactly do they do? good question. nicole brewer with the benefits of going green. those stories and much more straight ahead but we begin tonight with the threat of severe weather this weekend. good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. there are a lot of outdoor activity planned for this first weekend in june so let's get right over to meteorologist lauren casey in for kate tonig tonight. you've been keeping a close eye what's coming our way film we're getting into that season where we have to keep an eye on the potential for severe weather. today we started with some showers. didn't bother anyone too much other than having to break out the umbrella. dry conditions live look at center city philadelphia still clouds, mild temperature at 71 degrees. winds are light and out of the south storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions. just little flare up of ground clutter there over the last couple of hours. dry conditions. the closest thunderstorm well up north scranton. we'll have a quiet overnight period as we head into the
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upcoming weekend keeping an eye very potent storm system well up win at this time impacting the upper midwest you notice strong and severe thunderstorms in association with this area of low pressure. that's that will drag a cold front through the delaware valley as we head into sunday and create a storm chance for us on the drier day of the weekend is going to be tomorrow warm and humid with a few isolated storms in the afternoon. and then we'll likely see numerous storms as we head into sunday. we do have the potential to see some strong even some severe thunderstorms heavy rain a possibility main threat going to be strong gusty winds talk about the threat the time frame and some nicer weather on the back side of this cold front as we head into next week coming up in just a few. all right. lauren, we'll see you then. thanks. tonight it would be robber is dead after an employee fights back during a hold up at a local pharmacy. and we're learning more about what happened inside the store before the gunfire and who may be facing charges tonight. natasha brown talked investigators at the falls township police department.
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>> reporter: the actions of a store owner are being commended by police and the district attorney who say he was well within his rights to pull trigger on an alleged robbery suspect. vivid images captured on security cameras allowed the owner of the pennsbury pharmacy in falls township to watch every move of an approaching armed robber. the own are in was a lone inside the store when the masked man walk in around 10:00 a.m. >> the owner yelled to him several times, i am armed, do not come into the store. >> reporter: suspect didn't heed the warning. police say he stormed through the store to the back within dost pharmacy masking a shotgun behind an open umbrella. >> the actor pushed the umbrella through the window and then jumped through the window with the shotgun brandishing the shotgun at which point the owner fired mull pell times striking the subject muddle tell piles. >> reporter: owner triggered a silent alarm. police were there win minutes. finding an alleged accomplice who was oblivious to what was happening inside sitting outside
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of the store in a stolen van. the man was taken into police custody and heard mum link only a progress of his innocence. >> a man who identified himself as a friend of the pharmacy owner was seen locking down the store hours after the dramatic ordeal. >> there is no thought that we would prosecute the shooter in this case. he was entirely justified in his conduct and frankly should be commended. >> reporter: bucks county da sees this as a justifiable shooting while those who know the normally quiet owner are justifiably concerned about his well-being. >> he's always friendly. has no problem with anybody. >> reporter: suspect now in custody facing a number of charges including robbery and he will also face charges in the death of his co conspirator. meantime police are trying to figure out if these two suspects may be linked to other pharmacy robberies throughout the area. in falls township, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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crews rescue a 71-year-old man from a grain bin in burlington county. chopper three over pro bass company farm in psychville -- on sykesville rotor in chesterfield. it's unclear what led to this man getting stuck but officials say he was up to his chest in grain. after a four-hour rescue effort the man was freed and transported to the hospital. he was not seriously injured. section of the eastbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike remains closed tonight as crews work to clear an overturned tractor trailer. chopper three over the mess on the eastbound off-ramp at the bensalem interchange. the truck carrying trash rolled on to its side around 3:30 this afternoon. the eastbound lanes of the turnpike are closed tonight between willow grove and bensalem so that crews can clear that scene. north penn high school student goes to court. he's accused of of setting a fire that caused $800,000 in damage. "eyewitness news" was outside as the suspect's mother left montgomery county court today. authorities say he admitted to felony charges in connection
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with setting a fire in the band storage room in north penn high in lansdale on may 24th. the judge ordered the teen to undergo psychiatric and psychological testing before his sentencing within 20 days. >> students are thank you very muchly upset that one of their own would start a fire. they're trying to understand why someone would do that but they're dealing with it as best they can. >> the fire caused $500,000 in damage to property and $300,000 in damage to the contents mainly sheet music and instruments. the defense is now calling witnesses in the federal corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah. prosecutors revved their case again the 11-term democrat tod today. the trial could end up in the hands of the jury as early as next week. it is still unclear if congressman fattah will take the witness stand in his own defen defense. in campaign 2016 tonight the candidates are battling for new jersey and california ahead of primary day on tuesday. >> hillary clinton, bernie sanders and donald trump are all in the golden state tonight
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clinton the democratic frontrunner and trump the presumptive republican nominee continue to attack each other's position on foreign policy. sanders took on both arrivals as he looks to clinch an upset. all three candidates did not hold their fire today. >> he doesn't really have ideas. he just engages in rants and personal feuds and out right lies. something that our country cannot afford in a commander in chief. >> hillary clinton is a thief and hillary clinton should be in jail for what she did to our national security. >> we're not going to be rebuilding communities in iraq and afghanistan. we'll be rebuilding communities in the united states of america! >> now clinton to have enough delegates to secure the nomination by the time the polls close in new jersey tuesday night. and with the new jersey primary just four days away stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage as voters in the garden state head to the polls. and there are now 52 days
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until the democratic national convention begins right here in philadelphia. we've got you covered leading up to the big day head over to for a look at all the preparations. tonight army officials say they've recovered the bodies of four more soldiers killed in flooding at fort hood in central texas. in all, nine soldiers died when flood waters overturned the tactical vehicle that was carrying them. >> water was rising quickly and we were in the process of -- at the moment of the event of closing the roads. >> the bodies of five soldiers were found thursday. three soldiers who were rescued from the flood waters were treated at a local hospital and have been released. torrential rains have caused deadly flooding in france and other parts of europe and paris rising waters from the river are threatening the louvre. mew assume workers are scrambling to protect priceless art. tourists are being turned away. paris has not seen the river reach these levels in 35 years. the water is currently 20 feet
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above normal. unfortunately, no relief in sight for them with more rain in the forecast. some south jersey towns fighting mosquitoes to prevent the transmission of zika virus. counties have been spraying for mosquitoes and treating ponds with chemicals or releasing fish that prey on mosquito lar veil counties are doing out reach to teach people how to protect themselves from mosquito bites and how to look out for flu-like symptoms caused by zika. >> relatively mild disease in most adults greatest concern is for women who are trying to conceive or pregnant. >> one baby born in hackensack, new jersey, recently suffered birth defects linked to zika. more than a dozen cases in the state have been linked to international travel but so far none from mosquito bites. they are rare sight along the jersey shore but beach patrols are preparing for possible shark attacks. here's why. some experts predict 2016 will be a record year for shark attacks nationwide.
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over the past century there have been 15 shark attacks in new jersey. three of them in the last 10 years. experts say the best way for swimmers to stay safe to stay alert. >> there are times you shall not be swimming where sharks are more active at dawn and dusk. you should swim in groups. they also say that bright colors can attract sharks. >> wildwood beach patrol says it started using drones to spot any hazards in the ocean. from energy efficient appliances to building materials made out of recycled products, eco friendly living is now more popular than ever. >> and that goes for green roofs, too. we know they're good for the environment but what exactly are their benefits? good question. nicole brewer gets the answer. >> also ahead tonight this video of a philadelphia police officer playing football with kids has gone viral. he's going to tell us why he did it and how the kids reactioned to the game. lauren? >> we do have the potential for severe weather across the delaware valley on sunday. i'll time out the storms talk
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about the biggest threats and some nicer weather once the storms roll out in your full forecast coming up next. also, a very big first. how these high school seniors are making history tonight. ♪
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ video of a philadelphia police officer connecting with the community is going viral tonight. >> a neighbor recorded officer sean cane playing football with some children along pomona street in germantown. it's been viewed more than 300,000 times. after the game, officer told the kids the police are there to help him and he answered all their questions. >> my question i posed to them, what one thing do you think i use the most? and of course
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they'll point and your taser. >> no. >> your begun. >> no. >> the answer was -- >> my pen i use my pe inform the most. >> officer cane is a member of the 14th police district. thank you, sir. more people are choosing to live eco friendly or as some call it living green. it's at the top of a lot of people's minds and for others at the top of their homes. >> green roofs are popping up all over the region and that had us wondering how do they help the earth? it's a good question and nicole brewer is here witness answer tonight. >> you may be surprised to know when it comes to green roof square footage philly ranks fourth in the country as of last year there were 111 green roofs all across our city with 60 more set for construction. so this fall there was a new bill introduced by city council that would increase tax credits for these rooftop gardens we're definitely seeing a trend here in philadelphia and that got us wondering how does a green roof actually help the environment? good question. we went a few stories up for the
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answer. ♪ >> you've heard of green roofs. >> i live in this building. we have one. >> what do you think it look like? >> maybe like a roof with a lot of stuff on it. >> solar panels. >> lots of plants, grass. >> whether you've been top a green roof or not most of us know it's good for the environment were you what are the actual benefits. >> that's a good question. >> great thank about green roofs they provide a number of environmental benefits. >> alex is the executive director of the delaware valley green building council. says in a city like philadelphia, storm water management is a huge advantage. >> provides a slower release an lot of water is absorbed by the plants themselves. >> that's great. i mean the city needs more of them. >> then there's energy efficiency. >> in the winter time a green roof acts like a big blanket holding heat in and in the summertime it keeps the heat out of the building by absorbing it. >> makes sense. >> not losing as much by
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insulating. your utility bills do go down. >> there is a first cost increase to build a green roof offset by savings on energy bills and incentives from the city. a rooftop like this one at wharton street loft in south philly adds property to the value. how does it hold up when compared to a convention al roof. >> i would imagine it would last longer. >> 40 years as opposed to 17. >> yeah, that's super. >> green roof protects the roof membrane from the sunlight which is what break it down and make it last sometimes more than double the normal lifespan of a roof. >> in addition to creating wildlife habitats and increasing bio diversity, green roofs improve hair quality. >> these plants are constantly scrubbing the air absor absorbie particle lates. >> that's pretty awesome. another reason to have one. >> if you'd like to see a green roof up close cira green is in university city and it's open to the public the city's largest green roof and first elevated
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park in philadelphia. >> very nice. >> i have to tell you the view is incredible. >> i was going to say in addition to the actual benefits. >> exactly. >> it's pretty. >> nice a men in the. >> and to help get your point across you have your green on. >> right. well done what's your good question. we'd love to hear from you log on to question to let us know or tweet us using the hash tag good question. good philly comicon is in full swing. we got a sneak peek at comic cars on display. the will he dorian from back to the future and kit. they're taking over the convention zen this weekend thor chris hemsworth, david duchovny and michael j. fox from back to the future are expected to attend. >> lauren, you're keeping your eye on the rain and you were also keeping your eye on the
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jurassic park jeep. >> i would take it for a spin. get your faux dinosaur out. >> don't do it on sunday. it will get a little wet. but we do have storms in the forecast for sunday. tomorrow will be our drier day of the weekend with isolated chance of a few afternoon storms. did start today off with little bit of rain had the clouds throughout the day held temperatures back. in fact our coolest day in almost two weeks time in philadelphia topping at 76 degrees. our average high is 79. really not that cool. we've just been on this incredible heat streak over the last couple of weeks. after a cool and dreary start to the month of may. temperatures right now, we're still mild 71 degrees in philly. 70 in the lehigh valley. middle 60s down the shore. as far as rainfall totals a big gradient across the area west of the city picking up the move rainfall. chester county oxford an inch of rainfall. in new jersey, medford three hundredths of an. kennett square half an inch of rainfall mainly from the rain
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this morning. storstormstorm scan3 showing ust conditions a couple of false returns. rain free throughout the overnight period. keeping an eye the upper midwest counterclockwise circulation in association with this potent storm system will continue to move east and come fox knocking on our door into sunday. mostly cloudy areas of fog down to 66 degrees. light winds and light winds even through the day tomorrow. we'll have the humidity, we'll have the warmth at 84 degrees. so not even a breeze to help cook us off a mix of clouds and sun shy with chance of isolated shower or storm in the afternoon main concern of course is going dobb on sunday. do have a slight risk of severe weather for the and tire delaware valley and actually an end hasn'ted risk which is not all too common south and west of the city. we do have the potential to see some strong gusty winds i think that's going to be our main threat with something we call low level jet or fast winds at the middle levels the atmosphe atmosphere. quarter sized hail potentially and larger in isolated spots and can't rule out the possibility
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of isolated tornado in that enhanced risk area south and west of philadelphia. future weather will show us as we head into the day tomorrow pretty quiet conditions seeing pop-up storms, showers as we head into the afternoon hours. chance of showers especially north and west of the city tomorrow night. and the activity really gets going as we head into sunday. could see around of showers a few um pedestrianed thunderstorms for the first half of the day. once we get into the heat of the day, combine that with the approaching cod front we'reg dio numerous thunderstorms breaking out as we head into the late afternoon and evening hours. then that line of strong and potentially severe storms racing across the delaware valley as we head into sunday evening by the late evening hours midnight we start to quite things down but that's going to be our time frame of concern when we could see that strong poe potentially severe weather. future rain amounts not too much through saturday with isolated rain chance but check out these totals as we press on that was sunday especially into the second half of the day. could see local amounts well over an inch with some of this
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downpour style weather we are expecting later in the day on sunday. but then check that out. after the front moves through, really nice weather monday turning sunny becoming less humid. breezy conditions. very nice into tuesday. wednesday and thursday. temperatures fall back into the 70s not too bad on wednesday. which just happens to be my day off. 76 -- >> well, g look at you. >> mostly sunny an little bree breezy. >> shout out to me. (laughter). >> nice day for lauren. >> you work it, girl. all right. thank you lauren appreciate it. >> don bell joins us now what's coming up in sports. >> that's a nice gift when you know your day will be great. >> why? because you have the forecast. two of the eagles biggest stars are mia but for how long doug pederson and the phillies finally score more than a couple of runs. was it enough to snap that seven game losing streak. sports coming up next.
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golfers took part in the 22nd annual philadelphia boys choir golf outing at the pine crest country club that lansdowne it supports the choir's mission to provide the finest musical education for young men and women in the and surrounding area. 59 deer friends and i were there. we will honor the founder and
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director dr. robert g. hal bun blessed to travel the world age 10 to 13 and they're still doing that today. >> a lot of us still very good friends an lot of them will be there tomorrow and just reminisce a little bit. should be great. >> enjoy. >> are you going to sing for us at some point. >> tomorrow? >> yeah. >> tonight. >> we'll let -- we'll be back after this. >> get this weekend started, right. >> hawaii. >> in the meantime tell us about the phillies. >> they got it started right. >> crossing fingers and toes hoping they can finally get a w. bell bottoms and disco shirts it was '70's night at the ballpark. not many fans dressed the part but the phillies were rocking throw back jersey and hoping throw out that seven game losing streak. fightings hosting the brewers in game two of their four-game series. throw back jersey i talk back from 1976 also rocking pill box caps. i'm not a fan, ukee. >> cameron rough solo shot to
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one. phils one-zero. maikel franco left field herrera again. two to nothing phils. later in the third, jimmy, three-zero phils. yes, we're starting to feel it. now to the fourth. two on for andres blank company, get giving it back to the people at right three run shot and seven game is over. >> phils win six-three. >> it's nice to come in here smiling for change. >> i think it's the uniform. i think this is the uniform we ought to wear. >> wins are great. everybody is happy when you win. you know, it's good to get back to where we were. >> ukee says stay retro by the way. do it. he's taking this thing and run with it doug pederson says about quarterback sam bradford eagles head coach likes what he sees in bradford who finally of course reported to camp after
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demanding that trade. right now the eagles are holding voluntarily work outs monday's mini camp is mandatory that means defensive tackle fletcher cox and running back darrin sproles should support to take their physicals. they've skip the optional pouring here. dougie fresh expects to see them soon. >> it's a mandatory situation much it's the only mandatory as spec of the entire off season program so i he is ass the head football coach i expect both of those guys to be back and be part of the team back in the locker room. i think it's important they're both here. >> kozlowski don't care he ran the pole and led to front row sweep. and joey la began know have the first two spots. rain wreaked havoc on practice today. he wins his first pole of the season. >> stay retro. >> you like the hats don't you.
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>> i like the uniforms. >> i like the. nis. >> wel
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♪ new tonight the first graduates class from chris tow ray philadelphia high school received their diplomas. >> "eyewitness news" at lasalle university for the big celebration and listen to this. this is interesting all 86 seniors they got accepted into
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four-year colleges. what make this school unique local businesses provide jobs and mentors for the students. >> that's great. >> the wages cover a big part of 30 wig. great all the way around and big congratulations to all the students. well done. we'll be right back.
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 5:00 to seven for lauren, don our whole crew i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. it late show with stephen
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