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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  June 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now on "eyewitness news", severe storms are rolling through the area. storm scan3 is showing us this system as it rips across the delaware valley. and live look at the ominous skies over spring garden right now. the worse of the storms started blast being through right about 6:00. good evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown, thanks for joining us, severe thunderstorm warning in effect for parts of the area, right to lauren casey in the weather center with the latest on the storm system, lauren? >> thanks so much, that the tasha. severe thunderstorm did just pass through center city philadelphia, now starting to quiet things down, but as we look at parts of new jersey, do have severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:45 for large portion of south jersey, and we're watching this line of strong and severe
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thunderstorms race its way eastbound at about 55 miles per hour. the strongest portion of the line extending from eastern philadelphia county into parts of southern new jersey, right now, starting to push into burlington county, again, this line moving east, bat 55 miles per hour. already had some reports of some trees down, some power lines down, west depford, some wires down being reported. so this is the strongest portions line where you see the brightest reflective at this, bright red colors, continuing to move off to the east, heads up in number ton, shamong, down into winslow, rain intensity going to be picking up for you right now, and again, all of this racing off to the east. get ready down the shore, as women. do have the severe thunderstorm warning in effect for trenton up to the north this line crossing the i-95 corridor right now, watch out for heavy rainfall, the possibility of strong, gusty winds, we already had a wind gust reported at 52 miles per hour at philadelphia international airport. severe thunderstorm watch remains in effect for large portion of the area, as we contends with the first line,
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that will be the only line we're going to be contending with. we are going to be in the clear, and the national weather service already dropping count that's are west of that line of severe thunderstorms, so that's good news, but now focus on south jersey and down the shore as the line will continue to move to the east, future weather showing us into the 7:00 hour those storms nearing the coastline, 7:00, 8:00 impacting the shore and delaware beaches. then as we head into 9:00 and 27:00, system starting to wayne, maybe few lingering showers, well off to the east. then by 11:00 and midnight, no problems for us, but again, watching out for the potential tore some strong giddy -- go i wins, could bring down power polls, could bring down some trees, as well. it is important to notice the different between a watch and a warning, watch which have place, condition golf recall for for the development of severe weather, severe weather warning it means severe weather is imminent. and you need to takings. i'll talk more about our radar images, how long this system
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will take to move through, some nicer, quieter weather moving in on the back side in just a few. >> lauren, thank you so much, we'll get back to you soon. when severe weather strikes you can always stay ahead of the storm with the cbs philly weather app available now on itunes and google play. also tonight, phillie season takes bit of ugly turn, first baseman ryan howard is blast ago fan who is now under investigation. howard says that fan through a beer bottle at him during the game at citizens bank park. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live at the ballpark tonight with howard's reaction, anita? >> reporter: well, good evening, natasha. that's right, the phillies are investigating that fan. they are also investigating this incident, they say that it happened yesterday during the game against the brewers. and it was a great game today, eight to one they won against the brewers, fan still talking about that ugly moment that happened yesterday. now, fans, and the phillies say, that they are investigating that fan for allegedly throwing a bud light bottle at ryan howard.
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during the game yesterday, as he walked off the feel after making that final out, so far no official id on the person who allegedly through that bottle, but the phillies say they do have photos of the suspect, and that photo is making the rounds on social media, as fans are sharing that hundreds of times to try to find out the person who did this. here outside the stadium, we've been talking to phillies fans, who have been fans for decades, they say the consequences for that alleged bottle throw err should be jail time, fines and a ban from future games. >> what is wrong with you? philadelphia fans are hard core fans, okay, but for to you throw a bottle at a guy, this is a player, who has given to the city, who still contributing, just not right now, it is wrong. >> misrepresents phillies fans. >> seems to, doesn't it? that's the rep we have, unfortunately, just takes couple of bad apples to spoil the city. >> now, howard did respond, he said the incident infuriates
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him. he told reporters after the game, quote, i've done too much in this town to have that casino of stuff. he also said this this is the first time that anyone has thrown something at him from the stands. now, 36 year old howard is batting around a 150 this season, the final season of his five year deal with the file east, but fans say hey, they admit while he is not playing his best this season, they say he's done a lot for the sit, part of the city's history now, dose not deserve treatment like this from supposed fans. live at citizens bank park, this evening, i'm anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> anita, thank you very much. search is on for the cause of fire that ripped through a commercial building in doylestown bucks county. take a look at this eyewitness cam video. the flames were intense on swamp road this morning, in engulfing that building. fire officials say two suite inside the simply beautiful smiles dentist office were damaged. no one was inside the building at the time of the fire. >> also, police confirm now, a five year old girl has died
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from her injuries after a house fire in northeast philly. sophia olson and her mother were critically injured in the fire that started thursday inside their home on had your everylane. she was trapped in the back bedroom and her mother couldn't reach her a neighbor who are who happened to be a police officer was also injured trying to help and he was released from the hospital yesterday. her mother remains in stable condition. >> today marks three years since center city building collapse, six people died at 22nd and market, when a building under demolition collapsed onto crowded salvation army store. more than dozen people suffered severe injuries. the demolition contractor annex calf ate or operator were criminally charged in this case for their involvement in the tragedy. they are serving lengthy prison sentences, and an effort is underway to establish a memorial park at the site of that deadly collapse. >> family member meantime of muhammad ali are celebrating his life in his hometown. ali's emotional brother hugged
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members of king solomon missionary church during a worship service in louie shrill. the church isn't far from the pink house where the boxing champion grew up. this afternoon, relatives remember the last time they saw ali. >> i hug him, i said, ali, you are the greatest, i love you, man, if there is anybody i want to be like it is like you, he couldn't really speak webbing, the parkinson's, he gave me a smile, coy feel the love, and his wife, lonnie, she came up, ali, danny look just like you when you were young, so pretty. and then ali looked over, he is like ... he thought he was pretty. >> muhammad ali's funeral will be held in louisville on friday. the last big rounds of primaries will be held on tuesday, with new jersey and california offering up the biggest prizes, hillary clinton is getting closer to facing donald trump in november, but bernie sanders says not so fast. cbs news correspondent
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danielle nottingham with the latest on the campaign trail. >> frontrunner hillary clinton, is 60 delegates away from clinching the democratic nomination, she is poised to beat out bernie sands hers six states hold primaries on tuesday. >> after tuesday, i'm going to do everything i can to reach out, to try to unify the democratic party, and i expect senator sanders to do the same. >> clinton commanding double digit lil over the vermont senator in new jersey, but in california, sanders hand been putting up a tough fight. the latest cbs news poll shows clinton is ahead by just two points. >> no matter the outcome of the primary here in california, sanders has promised to continue his campaign. >> if i am not the nominee, i'm going to fight to become the nominee, it is secretary clinton's job to explain to those people why she should be -- why she should get their support. >> as clinton edges closer to facing donald trump in november, the presumptive republican nominee is getting heat for highlighting the mexican heritage of the federal judge presiding over a
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lawsuit against trump university. >> he is a member of a club or society, very strongly pro mexican, which is all fine. but i say he's -- i want to build a wall, going to build a wall. >> clinton called the remarks dangerous and not normal politics. danielle nottingham, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, there are now 50 days until the democratic national convention begins right here in philadelphia. go to for a look at all of the preparations. >> stay with us, everyone, still ahead tonight on "eyewitness news", a grueling bike race draws riders from dozens of countries all to philadelphia. we're going to take you over to manayunk for a look at the fun and competition. lauren? >> i'm tracking severe storms rolling across the delaware valley. i'll have the latest on storm scan3, the latest warning information and when these storms roll on up in your full forecast coming up next. >> straight ahead in sports, phillies offense comes out of hibernation in a big way.
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highlights from the ballpark, that's coming up. stay with us.
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[ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. >> welcome back, the 30th annual international cycling classic drew cyclists from 36 countries around the worlds, edward, of spain, won the men's division, and american megan took first place for the women. cherricherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" spent
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the day today at one of the most infamous spots along the race route. >> the manayunk wall, the place where the philadelphia international cycling classic both begins and ends, but with a 17% incline, also the biggest challenge along the 12.3-mile loop. >> it is definitely one of the biggest walls i've seen. >> joel taylor rides for the h & r block pro cycling team his strategy for tackling the wall, pacing. >> such a local zero long race, comes down to how good your legs are. >> with tight security, and everything in place, more than a dozen men's teams took off for the race, at 8:00 a.m. >> this race is 110 miles for the men and 73.8 miles for the women. and collectively, they'll climb, the manayunk wall, a total of 15 times. >> something the spectator like to watch from their balconies, roof thomas, and everywhere inbetween. >> it is not the hardest
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climb, but deep enough to make the race exciting. >> the key element to making it to the top of the wall, encourage. >> my job is to snake sure that they make it up this hill. >> melvin moore is one of more than 300 volunteers, but for the past 30 years, he's done this. >> , to help the riders make it to the top. >> and of course, the could you bells and cheers, also a big party, and the parties, too. >> the more fun you are having, the better time the ride letters have. >> while there is a prize at the ends, the bike race is a day of fun, beginning, and ending at the wall. in manayunk, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> i'm glad the rain held off for the race. >> but now it is here, continuing to roll across the area pretty quickly, next couple of hours, ourself ear weather threat will come to an end, but it is still very
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prevalent right now severe thunderstorm warning in effect from the i-95 corridor, through parts of southern new jersey all the way to the coast, we still do have the severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 7:15, as it line of strong and severe thunderstorms is continuing to move off to the east, at about 55 miles per hour, so pretty good clip. most impacted right now, burlington county in new jersey with the heavy rainfall, strong gusty winds potentially up to 70 miles per hour storm has history every downing some trees, downing power lines as well, also history of torrential rainfall, frequent lightning as well, heads up ocean county, headed your way, but right now, the immediate threat will be across parts of burlington county as this line continues to move to the east, watch out woodland, down into maxwell, as well, your tore err shale rain will start to move in. could see strong gusty winds, already had report after winds gust that's 52 miles per hour at philadelphia international airport. as i mention, heads up ocean
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county new jersey from toms river down into stafford as strongest portion of the line makes that approach right now. we will be moving in closing in really over the next hour, the line does extends down into parts of southern new jersey into southern new jersey, not as potent, but still could see some of the strong gusty winds and certainly heavy rainfall and frequent light link. dealing with residual, immediate thunder storm active till, once this race on through, severe weather lent will come to end. still dealing with shower activity west of philadelphia, across parts of delaware, but severe weather threat in those locations has come to an end. and because of that, the national weather service has dropped the severe thunderstorm watch for parts of area, on the western side of that line. and it will continue to drop these counties, as a line moves east. because the immediate concern right now is southern new jersey. as the line approaches the coastline. that will occur over the next couple of hours even by the 9:00 hour, those storms moving off shore, severe weather
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threat comes to end by 10:00, 11:00 this evening, so good news there, then we're quiet for the rest of the overnight periods, maybe isolated shower, we head into early morning tomorrow, nice sunshine in store, and much different day in store for our monday. but we have picked up some pretty significant rainfall totals, for as quickly as the rain is moving through, over half inch in kennett square, close to havening wilmington, not too much in oxford, medford picking up .2 of an inch of rainfall, certainly have some raindrops, looking on the lens of "skycam 3", but conditions much quieter, than when i piked outside, just little bit ago, 35, 40 minutes ago, temperatures have dropped off significantly, at 71 degrees right now, winds out of the southwest at around 12 miles per hour. so, overnight tonight, thunderstorms coming to ends pretty early, and gradual clearing, 68 degrees, so still mild overnight tonight. still warm through the day tomorrow. we jump up to 84 degrees, no storms in the forecast, mostly sunny, and humidity dropping off it, will feel so much more comfortable, by tomorrow
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afternoon, than it does right now, dew point well up in there into the 60s, to mid 70s, could you feel that humidity, and the storms are just feeding off this moist atmosphere, as i mention, dew point drop off into the middle 50's by tomorrow afternoon, feeling much more comfortable. temperature gradient, see where the rain moved through, temperatures down into the 60s where we've had the rain in the lehigh valley, and parts of along the i95 corridor, and temperatures will continue to drop as that rain continues to move it way east, then much quieter looking extended forecast, check out all of that sunshine, few isolated showers as we head into tuesday. temperatures drop off as we head into mid week, mid 70s, and we have some fall like humidity levels for wednesday, and thursday, bit breezy but nice and crisp. so much quieter weather after this busy afternoon and evening. >> that sounds good, thank you so much, appreciate it. sports highlights. >> that's right, talking about the phillies, offensive struggles, seems like falling back to earth after making a run, first place in the
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division. well, the bats waking up today against milwaukee brewers. to the bottom of the third, runner on third, hernandez smacking one to right field, goes off the wall, cody ash i scores, hernandez winds up with triple. phillies pup-nothing, fifth inning, same score. hits to deep right. watch the spin. over the fence, trying to grab it, umpire's review the play, call it grounds rule double. her after owes scores and maikel franco will go to third. no worries. next batter up, we have jimmy, crushes the ball to the same area. no review needed on this one, it went well over the fence. a three run blast, that's going to put the phillies up seven to nothing in the fifth. wait. there is more. rough, other side of the field, back-to-back homers for the phillies, scored four runs in the fifth. aaron nola went, giving up zero renz. phillies win eight to one. >> this is a start of something, something big for
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us, hopefully we can get it going. i would like to have a set line up. i would like to have, you know, certain guys settle in, and certain spots, and we will just see how it goes, you know, in the near future. >> how would you like to drive in this? yes, rain postponed today's sprint cup race in the poconos. try to do it again tomorrow at noon. brad will start on the pole. >> game two of the nba finals tonight in oakland, warriors looking to take two game lead on the cavs golden state won that first match up handsly barriers out scored the cleveland bench 45 to ten, tip-off tonight at 8:00. novack, has completed his career grand-slam. the top seed came from behind to win the french open in four sets, he dropped the first set to andy murray, took the next three, six-one, six-two, six-four, now won 28 grand-slam matches in a row. to the pga tour. playoff at memorial. william beats john on the second hole to win his first
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pga tour title. gets one and a half million dollars and three year exemption to play on the tour. >> to copa america, send you all an up, philadelphia union goal keeper andre blake is in the game for jamaica. tough game so far, early red card for the raying gay boys, hand dray huge save in the second half to keep his team in the game. well, astros rookie tyler white bought himself brand new range rover, so they left it out in the middle of the fields forbath g practice, one ball did land on top of the rover. but the organizers of the prank said don't worry, they'll pay for the damages. >> tonight in the cbs-3 sports zone, we're joined by mark, from 94wip to talk about the phillies in the upcoming sixers draft. then sonny hill stopping by to talk about the life and legacy of muhammad ali, man he knew personally, coming up tonight after "eyewitness news" at 11. if you know zone, he always
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has some great stories. >> always, so many great stories. thank you so much, leslie. back in a moment. stay with
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>> a new jersey man gets the shock of his life when his favorite singer crashes his wedding. take a look. that's right. berks county's own taylor shift showed up at the ceremony long beach township yesterday. posted these pictures of the surprise on instagram. the groom, had no idea she was coming, according to people. com, his sister, set this whole thing up. swift serenaded max and his wife, with a live version of blank face. isn't that cool? >> how cool is that? >> that's the best wedding gifter. >> how does that happen. >> i. >> i don't know. >> they're connected. >> back in a moment. stay with us.
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>> that's "eyewitness news" for now, aim natasha brown, for leslie, lauren, all of you we appreciate you joining us, remember we're always on back on the "cw philly" at 10:00 and back here at 11:00. take care everyone. >> ♪
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captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> scott pelley: michael botticelli is the president's drug czar. just don't call him that. >> it's actually a title that i don't like. >> pelley: why? >> because i think it connotes this old "war on drugs" focus to the work that we do. it portrays that we are clinging to kind of failed policies and failed practices in the past. >> pelley: are you saying that the way we have waged the war on drugs for more than 40 years has been all wrong? >> it has been all wrong. >> stahl: tonight we pay tribute to muhammad ali by rebroadcasting a story that captured him like none other. at the time he was suffering from parkinson's, yet with his wit and spirit intact as the late ed bradley found out.


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