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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 9, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> every fire death is a tragedy. >> we have one man dead described as an elderly man. fire crew is a arrived to the 1700 block of taylor within minutes. >> all in favor, say aye. >> philadelphia is poised to make history by becoming first major city in the country to pass a sugary drink tax. >> this approval did not come without a lot of controversy and debate. >> this is a savage crime, murder, terrorism at the heart of the tel aviv. >> death toll climbs to four in the terror attack in israel with two palestinian gunman dressed in suits are seen shooting customers at point blank range inside of a popular market. >> bernie sanders brought enormous energy and good ideas, he pushed the party. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is meeting with president obama at the white house. sanders wants to make sure the party will back his progressive agenda.
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>> ♪ >> that was jim's favorite rapper pit bull performing his new single. >> i do like that. >> he is the only rapper i really know quite honestly. >> i will tell you snoop dog story after the break. >> that is messing around with lee own a lewis and cassidy. we will have more highlights coming up later in the broadcast. >> but first katie is outside on the sky deck without a jacket. are you cold. >> this will be a classic, not as i do kind of a moment, guys because i rush out the door, so darn fast this morning, that i have down the driveway, i'm like oh, manny need a jacket. please dent do what i did and forget yours. today is starting off on a pretty cool note, so thankfully you you are tuning in right now. i can give you advice that you do want the extra layer. don't go by me go by what i
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say. lets look at what is going on, storm scan. not too much happening out there, guys. the nice and clear. we had a beautiful star lit sky right now, sunnies officially beginning to pop up over the horizon and as it does so you'll than up with sun glare but you what a beautiful start and i would call it, practically, perfect but not total perfection, because we will keep sunshine, we will get warmth, eventually starting off on a cool note, and, we will have some wind, and we can check that one off the list but we have a breeze that could be picking up as high as 15 to 20 miles an hour throughout the course of the the day. here's where we stand at philly international, predominantly westerly flow but 9 miles an hour, it is feeling colder anytime that wind blows but it is a light breeze. looking forward in the forecast hour by hour we will go, handful of hours through the course of the day, big ball of sunshine out there, perfect day for our alex's lemonade stand tell-a-thon here at cbs-3 which kicks off in 25 minutes. stay tune for that.
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mid 70's expectation though in the sunshine, still with the breeze but offer all this is a nice, day. we will keep these hits rolling for you coming up and discuss how you long it lasts, meisha later in the the show. >> thank you. that is great news to wake up to on our gate kay to the weekend. good morning. happy thursday. 422. taillights moving in the eastbound direction at pennsylvania turnpike, sneak peak what is going on out there, looking good, really good. now that we're pushing deeper in the 5:00 p.m. hour we are expecting things to heat up. things are looking nice. schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction at conshohocken curve on the westbound side a lot of early risers, now starting to hit the roadways but, things are looking good. we have nice dry roadways. sunshine. pack those sunglasses. you will need them. overall vine, bird eye view with the vine over schuylkill you can see it moving around looking good. everyone traveling at 55 miles an hour which is where we want to keep people. construction at 130 southbound near market street is there
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utility work in the right lane. make note of that. more construction on the garden state parkway north bound. this is between north wildwood and route nine, left lane blocked they are saying until 3:00 p.m., brooke, over to you. fire marshall is on the scene of the deadly fire in the cities point breeze neighborhood. >> elderly man was killed in the house fire overnight. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live with the very latest on the investigation, good morning, justin. >> reporter: jim and brooke, good morning. fire fighters are breaking down from their initial response to the fire and removing hoses and ladder from the operation here. earlier we were told many will remain here on the scene as fatal fire investigation continues. we will have several minor displaced, since this fire broke ought the at 2:00 o'clock. the lets go to video from overnight. fire commissioner thiel says fire crew as arrived here to the 1700 block of south taylor within minutes of that fire, at 2:00 o'clock this morning. it was here that they found two story home, a blaze. they also had word of one
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person trapped, and died who is described as an elderly man, who was later found on the first floor of his home. did he later die from his injuries. now investigators are working to determine where in the home this fire broke out, and if this home had working smoke alarms at that time. the commissioner told us the response to this fire what herc leon. >> this fire ultimately brought 11 fire companies and more than 40 fire fighters and medics and other fire department personnel to the scene. every fire death is a tragedy. we want to remind everybody the importance of smoke alarms and being safe around fire. >> reporter: this morning police and fire fighters securing the scene at the fire marshall beginning their investigation. you can see the home here had severe damage to the second floor, as well as down to the first, lots of burned debris now, outside on the sidewalk. at this time there were no yours to fire fighters, we do know one person who died,
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elderly man found inside, in word yet on a cause, that is the focus of this now day long investigation. we are live from point breeze i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", brooke and jim, back inside to you. in other news philadelphia a police are searching for vandals who shattered car windows in the cities fishtown neighborhood. the trail of the destruction span ago long the 1800 to 2200 block of memphis street, nearly two dozen cars had windows smashed, residents believed it happened early yesterday morning. >> when i first saw it, i was like my god they probably stole something but they were doing to be fun or to be jerks. i don't know. >> there is nothing stolen. it is just for vandalism and destruction. >> investigators are using surveillance video to help them track down the vandals. the time right now is 5:36. in business news this morning, you won't believe how much users spent in apple's app store last year. >> is what powering surge in the stock market. jill wagner joins us live from
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the new york stock exchange. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> reporter: dow jones opened up above the 18,000 mark for the first time since april, it jumped 66 points yesterday, nasdaq rose 22, futures are pointing to a bit of the lower open. oil prices are continuing to climb, they are at their highest level in almost a year. there is more demand in places like china and supply outages in nigeria plus u.s. inventories are down. there are plenty of job openings in the u.s. but not enough qualified workers. labor department says april had most jobless claims in nine months. companies cut back on hiring because they cannot find qualified applicants. and some changes are coming to apple's app store, users will start seeing ads when they search for apps. they are offering a bigger cut to sell. users spent more than $20 billion in the app store, last year. brooke and jim. >> jill, do you have any subscription apps?
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>> reporter: i have never paid for an app. >> thank you. >> we are meant for each other. jill and i are meant for each other. >> i'm just saying, she and i think alike. >> no, i will not pay for apps, one of my things. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> thanks, jill. get ready to pay more for your the water though in philadelphia. water rate board just key side todd increase bills for the next two years. here's what it means for average residential customer. starting next month your monthly bill will increase by $3.44 a movement bills will then jump another $3.18 per month in july of 2017. well, on your next grocery run in pennsylvania may be able to stock up on milk, eggs and alcohol. on wednesday governor signed a bipartisan liquor reform bill that will allow licensed grocery stores to sell wine and beer. in addition, residents can have bottles of wine shipped
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to them from private wine wholesalers. licensed convenient store can sell six packs of beer, union that represents employees of the state liquor stores is strongly opposed to the new law you. community college of philadelphia is expanding to attract more international students. the school is building two, 11 story residential towers at corner of the 15th and hamilton streets near spring garden street. wayne based radnor property group will oversee construction, project is set to get started next spring in 2017. well, it is a big day here at cbs-3. you are looking live at our great hall, our tenth annual alex scott a stand for hope tell a thone, raising money for fight against childhood cancer. phone lines will be opened in less than 20 minutes. our crew is getting ready right now. stay with us to find out how you too can make a difference. one of our favorite days here at cbs-3.
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>> i'm so excited. >> another one of will smith's old movies is heading back to the box office. >> we will tell you when you can see him play muhammad ali again on the big screen, pat. >> phillies don't may today but they hope to put up big numbers. we will tell you about phillies festival to strike out als and who it helps in our area. talk about a unwanted passenger, see what happens when that bear tries to hitch a ride, stay with
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there has been a rash of coyote sightings down the jersey shore. >> lower township resident took this picture after she spotted a animal tuesday night. another home owner said he saw coyoties a handful of time since spring and came face-to-face with one. >> i was just watching him, more or less, you know, and he was watching me, that was it, you know, and i tried to walk toward him but he stood his ground so i backed off. >> good idea. >> yes. >> well, there have in the been any recent reports of any aggressive coyoties, wild life experts say the best way to avoid them is by securing your trash, this is not loony tunes, this is not a fun animal. >> my eye sight is so bad would i think it is a dog coming toward me. fightins phillies are fighting lou gehrig's disease. >> phillies are hosting their annual fun raising party to day to strike out als. our pat gallen is here with an advanced look at 2016 phillies
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festival and it benefits. >> great event. great time at the ballpark. it is a big day for phillies that has nothing to do with the game being played. not only do phillies have first pick for the first time since 1998 but a very important event takes place at citizens bank park. before 6:00 today it is phillies festival to strike out als. annual fare brings the players out for autograph sessions, fans get to throw in the bull pen and most importantly it raises money to fight lou gehrig's disease. since 1984, the event has raised over 16 million-dollar for als association, greater philadelphia chapter's patient services. it helps people like wes roads who got a chance to speak to the phillies about als and how it is affecting him. he teaches science the at arcadia university and was diagnosed in may of 2005. he has two sons who are one and three years old at the time he was diagnosis. he talks about the festival and his fight with the help of
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his family. >> fans really get there, interactive with the players and players wife but it is a great experience but it is raising money for greater philadelphia chapter of the als association and that money is used to benefit people in the greater philadelphia area. you know, my wife who brought me around and said, if you can be courageous and show strength, through this, that is what the business will learn. that totally turned me around. >> this is one of those can't miss events in philadelphia, you get to hang out, up close and personal with phillies players while helping a great cause and great people like wes who continue the fight toward a cure. if you you can make it out, go to festival for tickets. they always have a good turnout. it is sold out every year. i would be surprised if it wasn't this year as well. >> thanks, pat, appreciate it. lets get a a check of the forecast now. >> kate is checking in with weather watchers, katie.
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>> indeed, i am. they are report something chills out there for sure. we will take a look at the maps ape first we have got a lot of 40's out here. primarily at least around urban corridor, lower 50's generally speaking. let's move in tighter here to take a lot at coolest spots. 44 degrees in the perkasie area. seeing the sun in fully affect from john this morning but that is a chill in the air. you want to walk out the door easily with a sweater or a sweat shirt or a please, at least in these more remote suburbs. it is quite cool. 50 degrees, you are doing some flirting the with the 40's out in cardington where bill is reporting full sunshine but 50 . not too much breeze just yet but that will pick up with time here. fifty-three is temperature that comes from peter, he too seeing the sunshine. so the sunnies with us to start the day much like yesterday but completely opposite, extreme of what we saw yesterday. we keep the sunshine, all day to day. it looks nice. now as we look at storm scan three, it is a nice wide zoom. we will zoom it out in the
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opened waters of the atlantic. that disturbance pushes out very quickly. we are seeing high pressure at this point. take back control of the weather pattern, it will keep control right through end of the week. while it may be breezy, it is feeling comfortable with more crispness in the air, we have got very low humidity as a result. that is where we will get to break out our awesome column here today and tomorrow in terms of the dew point value. notice it spikes backup this weekend. that is our next cold front, as it starts to push in the region. that is where there may be a blemish on the forecast which we will get to but our perfect, alex's lemonade stand graphic, i just love it, sobriety, sunny and we have actual sun. we have 76. little breezy. but very nice day. moving it forward my personal favorite is tomorrow because we will lose breeze and keep those other great elements and warm up. saturday, sunday, mid 80's, this is sunshine but cold front comes through, so late in the day, shower or maybe even a strong thunderstorm will rumble through our region and otherwise i think you can
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keep your outdoor plans, it is looking like a nice weekend overall, summer like too, meisha. >> thanks, katie. good morning, everyone, happy thursday. we are looking at roadways, they are looking great. take a look the a the shot, you can see how much sunnies out there, we have got nice dry roadways, overall things are looking pretty good morning. schuylkill eastbound at city avenue, moving in the eastbound direction, you can see just past those trees in the westbound side, basically looking similar. overall, we are looking good there. take a look at this, 95 south as you approach cottman you can see, just how many vehicles there are getting on the roadway and why you will need sun glasses today. you will need them, blue route southbound mid county is what you are looking at there in this section looking fairly quiet. take a look the a the blue route, looking quiet, looking good, this is exactly what we want to see pushing toward 6:00 o'clock hour because that is when we will heat up. construction, pennsylvania turnpike westbound between delaware valley and bensalem taxer right lane is blocked there and mercon trucks in new jersey, route 130 southbound near market street, we do have
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some utility work in the right lane so make note of that. also on the garden state parkway north bound between north wildwood and route nine, left lane blocked until 3:00 p.m. well, pretty soon flying taxis could be circling for a landing at a carport near you. chinese company says that they are almost ready to test a drone large enough to fly a single person across a decent sized town. now it can carry 220-pound, at 60 miles an hour for about half an hour. they have partnered with the state of nevada and nasa to test the the 4-foot tall drone. don't sign me up. tell you the spirit of the muhammad ali lives on after his death and that includes in hollywood, this is pretty cool, sony is rereleasing its 2001 oscar nominated film, ali, hundreds of u.s. movie theaters. the movie stars will smith who will serve as a pallbearer at ali's funeral services tomorrow. muhammad ali passed away last
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week at 74. you will remember this movie is awesome. ♪ >> ferrell brought fun to the muse ache ward last night during that performance with little big time. big prize was tim mcgraw, i really like him but he did end carrie underwood of winning music video of the year. i love carrie underwood. if you have in the seen hamilton just yet you will get a taste of the musical at the tone a ward sunday night. >> ♪ >> cbs announce the award show will include a performance from all ten nominated musicals, lot of people will be watching to see if hamilton can break the railroaded for most tony wins. cbs-3 is one place to see tony's hosted by jammed
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corden, catch the show sunday night at 8:00. are youing to be watching it or record it. >> i will probably record it. >> 8:00 p.m. >> um-hmm. >> stop laughing, katie. what do you get when you go in to labor but there is in one around. >> this is terrifying. this mom had to deliver her baby all by herself. find out what was going through her mine during this special
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires,
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but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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thanks to a generous donation. >> all 23 members of the k-9 unit will get new, state of the art, bullet-proof and puncture proof body arm or. local philanthropist joe and berwyn donated $22,000 to pay for the new vest, new k-9 arm or was in the included in the cities current budget. wild fire is sparking fear near arizona you may remember back in 2013 that is town where 19 members of the an elite fire fighting crew were killed. hundreds of people were fleeing their homes and one building has burned and several others are threaten but luckily no injuries have been reported. well, a fort worth, texas woman initial to labor and forced to deliver the baby herself. it all happened so fast for
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allison markheart, she dialed 911 where dispatcher katie, talked her through the ten minute labor and delivery. markheart who has a history of complicated deliveries laid on her bedroom floor as sharia shourd her. >> is the baby crying or breathing. >> yes. >> okay, very good. i hear that. >> she did magnificent. she was the perfect caller. >> i was a little freaked out. >> but i wouldn't have done anything differently. >> you should see katie's face. mom and her baby little august are now home and happy to report they are both in great health. well, terrifying moments, that one family, can barely believe. >> yes. >> i see what you did there, good stuff. >> trying to get a glimpse of the black bear on the side of the road, fascination quickly turned into a terror. >> oh, my goodness. >> dad?
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>> ahh. >> the curious bear opens up the door and tried to catch a ride. as you just heard children started screaming. dad tried to snap a pick but mom pulled off. if you get that close make sure doors are locked first, but why would you be stopped looking at that. >> well, he is still trying to take the picture, that is what i just love. >> hilarious. >> well, they will remember. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" a story that might make you think twice about going in the ocean why some people are breaking out in this rash, what you can do to protect yourself. just a couple minutes phone lines will open for tenth annual alex scott: a stan for hope tell-a-thon. find out how to help us raise money in the fight against cancer. 844977
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the enamel on my wasn't there as much, my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help protect my teeth.
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pronamel is giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing so it's nice to know that it was as simple as that.
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new this morning, unable to escape the flames, an elderly man is killed when fire sweeps through his home, overnight, we are live on the scene as investigators work to determine the cause. and it is a big talker in philadelphia, a sugary drink tax, we will show you major hurdle it just cleared and changes that come with it. and phone lines are opening right now, for tenth annual alex scott: a stand
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for hope tell-a-thon. we are raising money for pediatric cancer. the number to call is 1.844.977.cbs3, we will have much more throughout the show, on this special fundraiser, and the very special girl, who inspired it. good morning, it is thursday june 9th i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning. road are looking gorgeous. >> yes. >> it is looking gorgeous outside. so much sunshine, katie. >> yes. >> that can be blinding but we are not complaining. >> it is always something. always a trade off that comes with it but you are right, we have got sun out there it will last all day i promise this time. you don't to have worry about storms rumbling through like yesterday but look at how serene it is right now outside beach patrol outside margate. not 1lone soul there. light waves. it is just lovely. here's the thing, it


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