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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 12, 2016 2:35am-3:06am EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now at 11 o'clock, an up and coming singer from south jersey is shot and killed while surrounded by her fans moments after a show in florida. and tonight as the community grapples with this loss a memorial for christina grimmie grows at cherokee high school in her hometown of marlton burlington county. christina attended cherokee before launching her singing career. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. the 22-year-old had just wrapped up her performance and
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was signing autographs at the plaza live theater in orlando when she was gunned down late last night. police say 27-year-old kevin james loebell fired those shots then turned the weapon on himself after grimmie's brother tackled him to the ground. investigators believe loebell went to the show intending to kill christina. one fan who saw it happen described the horrifying moments. >> i feel like overwhelmed and basically traumatized whenever i think about it, i still hear people screaming. we were having the time of our lives and we were having so much fun. it was just so great and then it all turned bad. >> as the investigation continues tonight one local man who knew christina speaks with "eyewitness news" about the friend he lost. reporter trang do is live in the sat center with this television exclusive. trang. >> reporter: natasha, he described christina as deeply religious and family oriented an inspiration to thousands of
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local students who came after her and someone who despite her fame never forgot her roots. >> ♪ >> reporter: at just 22 years old, christina grimmie rose to become marlton new jersey's bright of the young star. she gained internet fame as a teenager through pop covers and original songs she posted to her youtube channel. her powerful voice and musical talent undeniable. >> ♪ >> reporter: pete met christina at marlton middle school. he attended cherokee high school together bonding over a shared love of music. >> very sad to see somebody like this go. i mean, we -- i'm at a loss for words. >> reporter: he says the loss of his close friend is immeasurable. >> she just treasured the important things in life. she didn't let music and all the success and the fame get in the way of what really
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mattered. >> reporter: long time evesham township mayor randy brown says even as grimmie rose to fame she never for got where she came from. >> she was truly a rock star. she was someone who, you know, came and did our fourth of july event in front of 30,000 people a couple years ago. she didn't have to do it. didn't get paid a penny for it but it was something she felt she wanted to do and give back to the community and we're going to dearly, dearly miss her. >> ♪ >> reporter: and tributes are pouring in for the singer all over social media. cherokee high school tweeting "a tragedy. it is with heavy hearts our cherokee family extends sincere rest condolences to the family of christina grimmie always a chief. and the #pray for christina is also trending online. live in the cbs3 sat center
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i'm trang do. >> thank you trang. you can get the late hest on the investigation into the death of christina grimmie on our web site also tonight an 11-year-old boy is recovering after he was struck by a car in north philly. this crash happened at 19th and lehigh this afternoon. investigators say the 28-year-old driver of a volkswagen struck a nissan his vehicle left the road, hit the boy and then hit a building. the 52-year-old woman driving the nissan is hospitalized and is in critical condition. >> i'm coming from this way. i see oh he about to hit that little boy and he came across there. one got out the way. the other one it hit him right into the wall. >> the child is currently stable at the hospital. and the driver of the volkswagen suffered minor injuries. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. meantime police in northwest philly are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened at about 2:00 this morning on the 100 block of herman street. officers responded to reports of a person shot inside a
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vehicle and found the 27-year-old man sitting in the driver seat of a 2015 chrysler. he had been shot in the left side and was pronounced dead at that scene. a female passenger was also in the car with him at the time and had not been shot. the gunman remains on the loose tonight. now to port richmond where a truck hit a light pole and knocked out power to part of the area early this morning. the accident happened at aramingo avenue and wheatsheaf lane. because of the power outage the nearby wawa briefological to close. the truck was carrying fuel and it did leak onto the roadway. no word on any injuries at this point. we're turning now to weather tonightly we dealt with hot and muggy temperatures all day long today but the end of our weekend it's looking a little bit better, hopefully a little cooler. meteorologist lauren casey is in the weather center with the first look at the forecast. >> our hottest day, we climbed into 90's in philadelphia and we had had humidity to boot and it's a very muggy evening and still extremely warm at
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this hour. 83 degrees as we get a live look at center city philadelphia from skycam3. still have a heat index as well feeling more like 84 degrees when you factor in that humidity. at least we have a little bit of a breeze to help cool us off out of the we have at around 10 miles an hour. temperatures across the delaware valley still very mild. even down the shore we didn't have the sea breeze kicking in today, 82 degrees your current temperature at the airport and atlantic city, 78 degrees is your current in wildwood and we still have a heat index as well feeling more like 89 degrees at this late hour in dover. storm scan3 pretty quiet. we did have that potential for isolated severe storms today. fortunately for us those did not materialize due a lack of instability and very quiet conditions just a couple passing clouds and that's how we'll keep it throughout the overnight period and another dose of sunshine is in store for our sunday but the good news is we're going to start off muggy but comfortable as we head throughout the day especially into the evening hours. cooler and sunny on monday and that streak of quiet weather is going to continue into next week and i'll have all the
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details on a good looking forecast in just a few. >> lauren thanks. see you soon. to campaign 2016 news. republican donald trump is rallying supporters in pittsburgh tonight while democrat hillary clinton has no events scheduled. this is the first weekend that both parties have presumptive presidential nominees. cbs news correspondent brian webb has more. >> i am the least racist person that you've ever met, believe me. >> reporter: donald trump defend himself while taking shots at his own party including former candidate mitt romney who accused trump of trickle down racism. >> he choked like a dog he choked and now it's time for somebody else. >> reporter: trump also went after his usual suspects on saturday during stops in florida and pennsylvania. in tampa, he hit president obama and hillary clinton in the same sentence. >> we have no leadership, we have a president that as far as i'm concerned he's incompetent. [cheers and applause] >> and now he's going to be
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campaigning for crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: clinton took the day off after a big week grabbing the democratic nomination getting the president's endorsement and going after trump on women's health. >> we have to ask ourselves and you have to ask everyone you come in contact with, do we want to put our health o-lives, our futures in donald trump's hands? >> reporter: clinton met with massachusetts senator and trump attack dog elizabeth warren this week adding to speculation that she's being considered as a possible running mate. ryan webb for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, police had to break up huge soccer riots at the euro 2016 tournament in the southern french city of marseilles today. fist fights between supporters of england and russia spilled out into the streets before today's match and then again after it ended. this is the third straight dave violence at the tournament and several arrests
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have already been made. and now authorities are investigating a deadly hot air balloon accident near rochester, new york. the balloon carrying passengers and crew landed in a field last night. four crew members held the balloon down while the passengers got out of the basket but somehow the balloon started rising again. that's when one of the crew members got tangled in the balloon. he was lifted a hundred feet off the ground before falling to his death. a huge rocket launched from cape canaveral in florida today. >> we have main engine ignition. two, one and liftoff. >> the launch was delayed by two days because of bad weather. an incredible 2.1 million pounds of thrust was required for a successful liftoff. it's believed this rocket is carrying a national reconnaissance office eavesdropping satellite. the solar powered plane known as the impulse is in new york after departing the lehigh valley last night. this is video of the plane
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completing a flyover of the statue of liberty early this morning before landing at j.f.k. airport. the impulse is on a flight around the world. it took off from the arab emirates in march of 2015. pope francis held an audience with hundreds of people attending a disabilities congress in rome today. the pope answered questions from participants about fighting discrimination. he described it as "the worst thing that there is among us." during a speech by the pontiff a child with down's syndrome was invited onto the stage. francis hugged the little girl and asked her to sit down right beside him. he praised her bravery. this is all part of the jubilee of mercy. and now back here at home, hundreds marched in the fifth annual philadelphia disabilities pride parade on market street. the parade began at the constitution center. it ended with speeches and live performances at city hall. the event was organized by the mayor's commission on people with disabilities and other
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partners. and now the movie ali is back in theaters this weekend to honor the late boxing legend. the 2001 biopic stars philadelphia's own will smith as muhammad ali and it tells the life story of the former heavy weight champion. sony says it received many, many requests for the film after ali passed away last week. his funeral was held yesterday. the film received two academy award nominations. >> ♪ >> stay with us. still to come on "eyewitness news," a cowboy lassos a suspected bad guy. hear what this hero on horse back has to say about his wild west style of crime fighting. also, a very unusual critter here turns up in an animal shelter. find out what this little guy is and where it's from. lauren. >> and expect a warm and muggy start to your sun but humidity levels will be dropping off through the day. i'll talk about how quickly they will fall and how comfortable our evening will be in your full forecast coming up just after this.
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>> horse races don't finish any closer than today's belmont stakes. lesley van arsdale with that and a whole lot more in sports. that's coming up. stay with us, everyone.
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>> we are back now on "eyewitness news" with a story that's really going viral. a cowboy lassos a suspected thief. eyewitnesses say the suspect tried to steal a bicycle at a wal-mart parking lot in oregon. the owner of the bike started screaming and that's when the cowboy pulled his horse out of a trailer, jumped onto it and
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lassoed the suspect right there in the parking lot. he held him until police arrived at that scene. eyewitnesses say they're calling this guy a cowboy and the lone ranger. >> he came out of nowhere. i don't even know how he got on the horse fast enough. who gets on their horse in wal-mart and chases after someone and lassos them other than the lone ranger. >> maybe someone in oregon. the hero cowboy says he was happy to be in the right place at the right time. you've heard of snakes on the plane. how about snakes in a car. an arkansas woman somehow managed to stop her car after a 4-foot long rat snake dropped from her dashboard and slithered across her feet. it happened as she was driving on i49 in fayetteville, arkansas. >> it was rough and scaly and as it slithered across my feet, that is the nails on a chalkboard kind of thing. most flexible person in the world but i can guarantee you my knees were up next to my
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ears. >> rightfully snow. rat snakes aren't venomous. animal control officers captured the snake right weigh. three days of festivities commemorating the 90th birthday of britain's queen elizabeth, ii they're under way. the queen and the royal family waved from the balance couldn't flee at buckingham palace today after a flyover of royal air force planes. it was the first appearance on the balance couldn't flee for william and kate's little baby charlotte. by tradition she she also has an official birthday. today is prince philip's actual 95th birthday. carrying on alex scott's dream one cup of lemonade at a time. this is the stand where it all started. the original alex's lemonade stand. "eyewitness news" at penn wynne elementary school in wynnewood montgomery county. alex's friends and family continue to honor her dream holding a family fun event at her school every june. and just like all the other
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alex's lemonade stands this one also raised money to help fight childhood cancer. another lemonade stand was held today. this time in woolwich township gloucester county this one hosted by 10-year-old mario carpino. he has been battling inoperable brain tumors since 2007. this is his sixth annual lemonade stand and this year he's got big goals. he hopes to raise $50,000. >> not only are we doing this to find a cure for mario but we're doing to it find a cure for every child who's battling the toughest battle was landed to them. >> mario and his family have raised more than $307,000 for alex's lemonade stand over the past six years. very, very nice. hot and muggy day today. still i think it feels like that. let's check in with lauren casey. >> it's going to get better. the ac is getting a workout.
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feeling like summer but summer doesn't officially begin got about a week and a half or less. getting close. summer solstice will occur june 20th at 6:34 in the morning. today definitely felt like summer. 92 degrees the high temperature in philadelphia our warmest of the season search tons of 90's for highs on the board. down the shore a high temperature of 90 in ac, 91 in dover and temperatures are still extremely warm at this late hour. 84 degrees in wilmington, still at 82 degrees right now in reading. temperature change over the last 24 hours has been significant. this warm air kind of blasting in. temperature change over the last 24 hours on the order of 15 to 25 plus degrees. so, we have the heat certainly in place and then we have the humidity on top of that. dewpoints tell us about that sticky factor when you step outside. dewpoint change over the past 24 hours on the order of about 15 to 25 degrees with dewpoints in the 60's and in some cases 70's meaning it feels so sticky when you step
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outside. that mugginess will continue through the night tonight and through the first half the day tomorrow but dewpoints will be gradually dropping off throughout the day. cold front is going to come through tomorrow morning so by late day tomorrow on our comfort index, we go from starting off oppressive and steamy down to awesome with dewpoints potentially dropping down into the 40's, kind of fall-like levels as we head into late day tomorrow but for tonight, you know what's in store. 72 degrees, a very warm overnight low, humid conditions, partly cloudy as we head into the day tomorrow we're not going to see any precipitation from the cold front passing through. sunshine but you are going to notice that the winds are going to whip up once the frontal boundary comes through the delaware and that humidity levels will slowly and gradually lessen especially as we head into the second half of the day. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions. we did have that concern for the potential of isolated severe storms at a. we didn't get all the ingredients to come together for those storms to form so good news for us. we don't have to worry about severe weather after having two days of severe weather in
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the past week. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions all up and down the i-95 corridor and again that cold front is going to come through tomorrow but without any precipitation fanfare across the region tomorrow, just bright sunshine but there cooler air will start to filter in north and west first. so in the poconos a much cooler and less humid day to start, 67 degrees. down the shore, though, 85 degrees your high temperature, 86 in philly. windy conditions prevail across the area and you'll notice that temperature gradient for our highs tomorrow with some of that cooler air building into the north and west first, high temperatures feeling better in the lehigh valley in the upper 70's but in philly and points south and east still up into the 80's. woar not going to see a sea breeze because of that strong northwesterly flow tomorrow so down the shore it's going to be toasty once again with those highs in the middle 80's but we get a break from the heat as we head into monday, 70 degrees, 78 degrees, still very comfortable breezy conditions. we bump up to 82 degrees on wednesday. really not a rain drop in sight until we head into thursday and that's just an
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isolated storm chance. so, a nice quiet week ahead for us, ladies. >> all right, that sounds good. thank you lauren. we appreciate it. wow, this finish today. >> she's still talking about it. >> i'm still talking about it. i need to get another look. >> you will in a minute. it was a fantastic finish at the belmont today. we have the highlights of this close race natasha can't stop talk
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>> an early game today for the phillies and nationals. 12:05 start. phillies office looked like they needed a couple more hours of sleep. nationals tanner roark struck out three in a row. that's closest the phillies are going to get to some runs. bottom of the inning, roark will help his own cause. drops down a bunt on the safety squeeze right here. phillies just can't make the play. so nationals will take a two-nothing lead. and more trouble in the second. bryce harper with a rbi single
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that would plate the nationals fourth run of the inning. nola only lasting three and two-thirds at a. check outer this grab by the nationals anthony rendon at third. it was just this kind of a day for the philliesly they lose this afternoon in washington eight-nothing the final. next up for the phillies after that nationals series the toronto blue jays. top of the six manny machado with the home run that will make it four-three oriolesly this game full of offense. edward encarnacion crushes this three run shot to left. he had two homers in the game. blue jays win 11 to six. the eight and two philadelphia soul in action in trenton against the l.a. kings. going deep to reynolds for a 37-yard touchdown up by eight. in the third quarter he finds richardson. scores from 20 yards out. soul go up by 30. soul win 73 to 37. the stanley cup playoffs will resume tomorrow night in
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san jose. sharks kept the series alive with a four-two win on thursday. san jose looking to become the second team in stanley cup history to come back from a three-one deficit in the finals to win the cup. >> here comes lani on the far outside. destine in front, creator lani on the outside. destined and creator. these two come down to the line together. too close to call. >> i mean, what a finish. only the fourth time in the history of the the belmont the race was decided by a nose. the winner creator so close. preakness winner exaggerator finished 11th. the u.s. taking on paraguay. clint dempsey scores to put the u.s. up by one. the u.s. would play the second half with 10 men after a red card. thank goodness for the two saves. the united states win one-nothing. they advance to their first
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quarterfinal since 1995, the second time ever. beautiful at any for gulf at the cricket club. round three of the senior players championship. bryant with the shot. from his body language he doesn't like it. the ball hits the green rolls in for the eagle. bernard langer is the leader at two under par. >> that expression changed quickly. >> oh, very quickly. >> it's like yeah, okay, we're good. still to come on "eyewitness news," take a look at this little critter here. giddy, hm? do you know what it is, lesley? >> i do not, natasha. >> okay. it is because it's very rare and it was just found in the u.s. we're going to tell you the name of this animal and where it
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. an animal shelter takes in a stray pet and workers say they have never seen anything like this. neither have we actually. >> no. >> take a look. he has ears of a rabbit nose of a donkey body of a large guinea pig. he's a patagonian marriage workers at the eugene oregon shelter say to care for him is a new and fun experience. no one has come forward to claim it though. where is his family. >> nobody is missing their mara. >> shelter is making arrangements to fine him a home at the zoo. >> he's up for adoption.
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>> i know, on this he's kind of cute, right? no. >> okay. >> am i on my own on this. [laughter] some
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>> well that's "eyewitness news." i'm natasha brown >> well that's "eyewitness news." >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation from worx. [ dramatic music plays ] nothing offends these members of the mount parnassus garden club like a neglected lawn. and they're here to do something about it. [ clicks ] their weapon of choice -- the all-new worx gt 2.0... the next-generation lithium-battery-powered two-in-one trimmer and edger that means business.
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