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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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health center say they are optimistic that victims being treated there will recover. no longer need to give major amount of blood to those men and women and officials will be about a mile from the scene of the crime pulse nightclub. fbi say omar mateen was quite investigate in the past but ultimately removed from a watch list. local woman killed, has just graduated from west catholic high school. >> reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio spoke to her father and joins us now with what he had to say, cherri. >> reporter: good evening, rahel and guess contact i just spoke with albert murray, he confirmed that the with the fbi his daughter akyra murray a recent graduate and wet catholic prep high school was shot and killed at pulse nightclub. the entire family was in orlando, on vacation. here's some of my phone interview with him. so what happened? >> like i said, we were at the
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house and kid wanted to to go out. so they, looked up on line, orlando to find a place and they looked forward four and a half stars. they wanted to go there. i took them. >> reporter: you got a call from them. >> yes, she was screaming said daddy, i'm bleeding, i have been shot, come get me. we were 30 minutes away. we were on the road. i was doing 90 or a hundred. some different counties and whatever. we followed the cops down. so we got there, 30, 35, minutes. >> reporter: what do you know at this point. >> we just confirmed that she was at the club. we have not talk to fbi, nobody has called us. >> reporter: just your reaction to all of this that is going on right now, i mean. >> i put it like this, i haven't cried so much. i can't cry no more. i don't know if i can cry no
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more. >> reporter: your daughter she just got a scholarship to college. >> yep, yep, yep scholarship to college. she just graduated last week, third in her class. >> reporter: i'm sorry that this ended are you down there with your wife and whole family. >> whole family, yes. >> of course, the entire family is heart broken. they are still in orlando, working with law enforcement officials, at 6:00 i will tell you more about akyra who had a full scholarship to college as well as reaction from west catholic. where they are stunned, angry, back to you. >> just to hear him say i don't think i can cry anymore. so many family and friend are feeling that today and so often in the situation like this they will go back and replace things, find conversations they had with people and tugs at them. has he had that experience. >> reporter: he did and it gives me chills just talking to him about it. he wrote on his facebook page did he not want akyra to go to pulse nightclub but she just graduated, she was
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celebrating, she begged him to go. he took her, her cousin and friend reluctantly and this happened. you cannot predict this. this is no one's fault but it is so, so terrible for so many so young and promising to be killed like this and so many others as well. >> cherri that interviews giving us chills too we know we just did that and we appreciate you turning that so quickly. we will check with you at 6:00. federal authorities are digging deeper in to the possible terror connections related to the deadly shootings. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live near that crime scene in orlando with a closer look at how some survivors were able to escape, the massacre, hi there, greg. >> reporter: hi there, jessica, exactly right, 49 innocent people were murdered inside, pulse nightclub, some 39 hours ago, of course, fbi saying that the shooter, 29 year-old omar mateen but we also know shooting started around 2:02 in the morning. club was pack. it was last call. there were hundreds inside.
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so the survivors i spoke with say that it was sheer luck that they were able to get out. one day after the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history, the fbi confirms that the shooter, 29 year-old omar mateen a u.s. citizen may have been inspired to kill by isis. >> the one thing that we can say is that this is being treated as a terrorist investigation. it appears that the shooter was inspired by various extremist information that was disseminated over the internet. >> reporter: as of a federal investigation is in the infancy. >> there are strong indications of radicalization by this killer, and potential inspiration by terrorist organizations. we are spending a tremendous amount of time as you can imagine trying to understand every moment of this killer's path to that terrible night in orlando.
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understand his motives and to understand the details of his life. >> reporter: orlando nicknamed city beautiful is right now, the city full of sorrow. >> it hasn't quite hit me just yet but it will. >> reporter: he was inside club pulse when the first shots rang out and witnessed one of the 49 victims, died in the fire. >> we hear gunshots when you think our music, you look over, and you see bodies dropping, and people bleeding. >> reporter: he managed to escape but still came back to help the wounded. monday neighbors like donna, helping those who are mourning, lost friend and loved ones. >> this is a really close knit neighborhood. >> he lives feet from the club. >> i have seen patrons all the time. >> reporter: and allowing people that want to leave memory behind to get close to where loved ones died is tough. >> excuse me, i live down there. i'll get you down there. >> reporter: such an incredible close community here in orlando, florida that
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gentlemen you just heard from is an indication of how this community is really coming together in helping those mourn. there are three planned vigils tonight largest one at 7:00, equality florida is hold ago this just about a mile and a half from club pulse where this massacre took place. coming up tonight at 6:00, on cbs-3 we will actually hear from a man who was inside the club. he was from philadelphia, he was inside club and hear exactly why he decided to leave just an hour and a half before the shooting took place. live from orlando i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. just steps beyond that tragic scene in orlando is a crush of media from all over the world. streets are lined with news trucks and correspondents, waiting and watching for any new information. meantime more details are emerging about the gunman responsible for the orlando shooting, 29 year-old omar mateen was a american born muslim, he was calling 911 and pledging his allegiance to
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isis. cbs news reporter don pierce is in fort pierce florida and talked to people that knew him. >> reporter: in the islamic center at fort pierce, people prayed with omar mateen say they are horrified. >> board member abdel, last seen mateen at prayer friday night. he said that there was no indication that the 29 year-old was about to carry out a deadly attack. another member of the congregation told me off camera that mateen often kept to himself, in one here saw any warning signs. mateen, told people that he wanted a career in law enforcement, he worked as a security guard for the saint lucy county court system, and port port saint lucy home, mateen's father says he is shocked and saddened. >> but as far as him being a terrorist, i'm not aware. >> reporter: mateen was on the fbi's radar, he traveled to saudi arabia in 2012 to attend the ha ge, fbi agents say he was interviewed at least
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twice, once in 2013, after co-workers said that he made inflammatory remarks about terrorist ties and in 2014, after contact he had with abu salah the first american known suicide bomb inner syria. mateen was eventually cleared. >> there will be a lot of scrutiny as to whether or not fbi dug deeply enough in those two investigations. >> reporter: law enforcement is looking into whether mateen had any help and are following up on over 100 leads. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tonight, hospital officials say they are expecting the victims still in their care to recover. orlando health tweeted the survivors in intensive care no longer need ventilators to breathe. city orlando identified most of the people killed in the shooting among them brendan mccool, who was with her friend nicholas perez and angel torres. perez and torres were being interviewed when they learned their friend had died.
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>> from what we heard she was missing but we he just saw that she has just died. >> family members say the hospital, still has more than a cost even patients who had not yet been identified. tonight, dozens of people are still hospitalized in orlando, the scale of the shooting overwhelmed both medical centers and ambulances. several victims were taken to emergency rooms and police cruisers and personal cars because victims out numbered ambulances. three hospitals went into crisis mode. >> we immediately activated our mass casualty incident plan, we immediately brought in six trauma surgeons to respond, we have spent the morning, operating on a number of victims. >> some family members tried to learn the status of their loved ones had a hard time getting information from the hospitals, that is because of patient/health information confidentiality laws known as hippa slowed or prevented hospitals from releasing though details.
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orlando's mayor has asked the white house to wave those regulations. shooting has sparked renewed calls for gun control. pennsylvania senator bob casey talk about the need for common sense gun measures. >> we should pass a ban on military style weapons, the kind of weapon that was used yesterday, the kind of weapon that we have heard about over and over again. that is one thing we should do we should pass background check bill which was one of the few measures that had a degree of bipartisanship in the last couple of years. >> and in light of the yesterday's events, casey also calls for a national comprehensive background check system to be put in place. facebook activated its first safety check in the united states, after sunday's shootings. that tool lets people in the area of the disaster, crisis let loved ones know they are okay. previously it had only been used during terror attacks and natural disasters overseas. our coverage of the
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orlando shooting continues, at 5:30 when investigators have discovered while examining the crime scene both inside and around, the night club. among the other stories we are following today a south jersey community still reeling from the loss of the singer shot and killed in florida. coming up how they are planning to remember cristina grimmie tonight. phillies fan turns himself in saying he was the one who threw a beer bottle will at ryan howard earlier this month, kate. it is beautiful outside this monday and the nice weather sticking around for a couple days but we have a chance for rain in the forecast, coming up, i'll tell you which day to look for rain drops and whether the sun will return for the upcoming weekend, stay
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a vigil will take place in marlton tonight for the late cristina grimmie, she's the singer who was shot and killed friday in florida while signing autographs for her fans. evesham township native was a contestant on the voice and considered a rising star in the music industry. our vittoria woodill will have
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more on the life, legacy of cristina grimmie coming up at 6:00 o'clock. an incident involving a phillies fan behaving badly comes to a resolution. police identified man suspected of throwing a beer bottle at phillies first base man ryan howard. "eyewitness news" reporter a knee a oh joins us live from the ballpark to explain how police caught up with that suspect, anita. >> reporter: that is right, jessica, police say 21 year-old sidney smith, is now facing disorderly conduct charges and expected to face a judge tomorrow. university of delaware spokesmen confirmed to me that smith is, in fact, currently a student there. philadelphia police say that smith turned himself into south detective on friday afternoon, he admitted that he is the person who threw that beer bottle at first base man ryan howard at a phillies game this month. he was given a summary citation much like a speeding ticket and faces a fine of $300. this all started after someone at the game snapped a photo of that bottle thrower and quickly spread across social media with hundreds of people
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retweeting that photo and both investigators and fans were trying to track down the person responsible. howard himself condemned the bottle throwing saying he has done too much in philadelphia to deserve treatment like. that he is batting .150 this season, supporters say you know what he has done a lot for this city. he led phillies to the world series in 2008 and they support him, no matter how he is playing, mayor jim kenney also speaking out today begins that bottle thrower and said we understand that philadelphia fans can be passionate, we have to understand that baseball is still just a game. >> i think that person with the bottle should be banned from that building forever, we don't throw projectiles for people. it is cowardly and wrong. i'm sure there is not a big, he will not go to jail for it but i think there should be a punishment commiserate with the type of reputation that it gives philly fans that is uncalled for because is there only a handful of knuckle heads that do that stuff.
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>> reporter: philadelphia police say sidney smith a 21 university of delaware student is person responsible for throwing that beer bottle at ryan howard at a phillies game earlier this month. we stopped by several addresses for smith today and also tried to reach him on social media but we have not heard back yesterday. live, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. a driver loses control and crashes in to a pennsauken home. accident happened around noon in the 6800 block of rosemont avenue, the driver of the car was killed in the crash but there were month other reported injuries. officials are doing what they can to keep the home from collapsing. >> meteorologist kate bilo joins us now and listen, it is a lovely day outside, if you can get outside and get around, it goodies day to do it. >> nice stretch. >> we have had everything. we had heat and humidity on saturday. we had wind but nice and warm yesterday. today is cooler, more comfortable, little breezy but wonderful out. >> yes good only thing we have not had is a lot of rainfall which is good news and that
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will be the pattern through the next couple days but we have some wet weather on the way, later on this week. lets get into it. we will take you outside we can see folks enjoying the beach today. this is ocean city any cape may county, of course, looking beautiful. that is the place to be, what a great week you have if this is your week down the shore, it is, going to be fantastic. the one day to watch, down the shore, two days to watch, thursday into friday, things could get a little dicey but next couple of days, looking perfect and you can see people still outside on the beach right the now 59:18. lets look the at margate still folks outside on the beach our camera on the live neighborhood network at beach patrol, waves are rolling in, sea gulls are swirling overhead, it is a fantastic late spring afternoon. it is still spring. we don't start summer until monday, so we are enjoying this last week of spring with temperatures right about where they should be. storm scan three, clear for the moment as you can see not a whole lot happening but we have cloud starting to drift from the north and west and notice storm scan three picking up on a little
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sprinkle up there just north and west of the lehigh val any berks county. can't rule out a stray sprinkle this evening or tonight, mostly not seeing much of anything at all but driving, see one or two rain drops on the windshield that is producing. lets talk about temperatures, falling we hit 90 degrees. it was a record setter in atlantic city. today's high much cooler, 78 degrees. i would pick today, over yesterday, temperature wise, at least but at least humidity dropped yesterday afternoon. temperatures are cooler in the poconos. 61 degrees at mount pocono. seventy-two in allentown. 77 degrees in the city. cooler in wildwood, 73 there. seventy-eight still in atlantic city at the airport but right along the coast slightly cooler with the wind off the water. overnight we are down to 61, patchy clouds, maybe that passing sprinkle. tomorrow another great one, mostly sunny low humidity, temperature right around 80 degrees and humidity low once again, but for tonight into tomorrow. thursday is when humidity
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increases and that is when we can see showers, storms moving in. high pressure overhead tomorrow, skies are clear but coming up next, we will talk more about the rain and thunderstorms threats for thursday. you're witness weather three day forecast beautiful tomorrow, warmer wednesday with clouds increasing and then showers approach thursday and could have thunderstorms, question is how quickly does that system clear out and in time for weekend we will have more next half an hour. >> we have a couple days to enjoy. >> for sure. >> kate, thank you. you may think your children are getting enough sleep at night but chances are they are not. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" how much should they really need and how to make sure they will get it. sixers are less than two weeks away from making their pick and they don't want to sleep on brandon in gram. after working out in philadelphia hear what one of the nation's top prospects is philadelphia hear what one of the nation's top prospects is sayi at longhorn steakhouse, we know there's nothing better than a steak and an ice cold beer.
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nba draft is in ten days.
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two word describe the sixers approach, due diligence. many believe they will take lsu ben simmons with the topic but today they work out presumptive number two selection, duke forward brandon ingram was at going through paces. at 18 he is youngest player in the draft but he has big league skills, elite shooter at 6-foot nine ability to get his own shots. here's what separates him from the others. >> you know, a guy with high character, but, everyone talks different in the draft, everybody has a different character and everyone has difference preferences. i can't say which guy they like, and which guy they don't like. >> he is a very fluid player, flute with the ball, fluid with the shot, good decision maker with the ball but a lot of good things. a lot of good things good staying with hoops tonight, it could be the night, warriors will win their second
5:25 pm
consecutive nba tight follow they can beat lebron and cavilers at home. here's the problem, they will be playing without green, who has been suspended for accumulating too many flagrant fouls, golden state lead the series, best of seven, three games to one. as we look at dray green right there great game. looking forward to it. >> a lot of people looking forward to it good don, thank you. our coverage of the orlando nightclub shooting continues at 5:30. >> coming up debate over gun control is rescindled and spread to the campaign trail how hillary clinton and donald trump are responding to day, plus. >> reporter: congressman chaka fattah is accuse odd running a corrupt organization but i'll tell you why his attorneys say nothing could be
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we have learn a local woman ace monk the 50 dead, after sunday's nightclub shooting in orlando. >> eighteen year-old akyra murray had just graduated from west catholic high school and she was preparing to go to college on a full athletic scholarship. i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jessica dean. ukee washington is off tonight. this was the deadliest mass shooting in american history. forty-nine people, plus the gun man are dead, 53 others are injured, and, a vigil will be held it in in orlando about a mile from the scene of the crime at pulse nightclub. shooter, omar mateen was twice investigated by the fbi but ultimately removed from a terror watch list. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has the very latest from florida. >> reporter: rahel and jessica we are learning more about the gunman, and massacre of this orlando nightclub and also learning more about items seized from his residents. while investigators continue to scour this crime scene, family members of the victims are just trying to cope. volunteers wearing red and
5:30 pm
black t-shirts walked in solidarity with family members of the victims shielding them from the press helping them to get privacy so they can mourn. >> we still believe that we probably families out there hoff not come forward and don't know the status. >> reporter: forty-nine people were killed and another fifth 53 injured in the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. investigators say 29 year-old omar mateen injured a gay nightclub into orlando early sunday morning wielding an ar15 assault rifle and a hand gun. standoff ended several hours, after it began with the gun battle between shooter and swat team. they punched holes in the wall and stormed the club. >> many, many bodies, bodies stacked upon bodies, and, you know, loss of of life. >> reporter: around crime scene tape investigators are going over every inch possible. you can see beyond the perimeter of the club is covered in the tall fence with dark material. the last of the bodies have been removed. fbi director james comby says
5:31 pm
there are strong indications that mateen was radicalized, inspired by foreign terrorist organizations. >> we are going through the kill are's life, especially his electronics to understand as much as we can about his past and whether there was anyone else involved either in directing him or in assisting him. >> reporter: fbi officials have seized a lap top computer, kindle and cell phones from mateen's home. fbi source says he was a heavy internet user and had a social media press even and unlike san bernardin terrorist mateen did not delete files. fbi says there is no indication that the attack was direct from inn outside the u.s. we heard from the gun shop owner where mateen legally purchased his firearms. he bought handgun and long gun about a week apart. in orlando, florida, craig boswell for-3 " "eyewit news". rahel and jessica. >> political debate, to determine how to prevent more mass shootings. >> president obama and two candidates vying to be the next command inner chief are all weighing in.
5:32 pm
president obama emerged from the meeting with his national security t cauautioning against putting politics before policy, with the orlando massacre. he spoke about the need to address terrorism inn gun violence. >> we have to counter extremist, but we also have to make sure that we -- it is not easy for somebody who decides they want to harm people in this country, to be able to take weapons. >> reporter: gunman omar mateen legally bought the assault rifle he bought to shoot more than 100 people. even though he was on the fbi radar for ties to terrorist groups. >> 91 percent of those who try to act as terrorism, legally buy guns in america. >> reporter: on capitol hill senate democrats called on collogue toss immediately pass legislation that would prevent people on terror watch list from his buying firearms or explosives. republicans blocked that bill in december. presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald
5:33 pm
trump are presenting two drastically different approaches on counter terrorism and gun control. trump double down on his ban to foreign born muslims from enter the u.s. >> only reason the killer was in america in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here. >> reporter: clinton says only way to stop lone wolf attacks is through cooperation with muslim americans. > we should be intensifying, contact these commutes not scapegoating or isolating them. >> reporter: clinton says she wants to create task forces to find and stop, lone wolf attacks before they happen. anan politicianness our region are also, shooting, delaware senator, harper spoke about dangers facing america today. >> right after we face, it is for people who are already here, and americans, american citizens are really illegal residents are radicalized through social media best way to reach out to them is, through social media, to have a counter available message.
5:34 pm
>> senator also said that the u.s. must remain vigilant, here at home against the threats of terrorism. and people all over the world are deeply saddened by the orlando nightclub shooting and in this country they are doing what they can to show support. the sidney harbor was lit in rainbow colors and lb gt community came together to support each other. >> i feel incredibly sad about what has happened and i felt like i needed to come together with my community. >> israel, tel aviv city hall were in solidarity, german chancellor, angel mur cure said her country has a heavy heart n paris, rainbow banners flew alongside french and american flags. even if you are not directly impacted, by the shooting it can certainly still affect you, licensed psychologist eric spiegel was a guest on "eyewitness news" this morning and he explained why this mass shooting can be so difficult for all of us to
5:35 pm
process. >> i think the first thing that happens when there is an act of any kind of violence is that people's instincts or safety get triggered, a lot of feelings of fear, pain, loss, i think that one of the things that is most difficult about an act like this is that it is something that everyone can relate to. >> doctor spiegel says after events like it this is important to seek out people who are close with and feel comfortable talking to to get support. local businesses are helping out, in orlando, just down the street from the crime scene, ace hardware teamed up with target to provide students through first responders and media members. the is there a table with hot dogs, chips, drinks and employees say they just like to do their part. >> just trying to help out in anyway we can, get some food, we have teamed up with target, they have brought some food over and we are cooking it autopsy and doing whatever we can, it is a hot day in florida, anything you can do to help. >> employees say that tragedies like this brings out a family bond among community members. and is there a vigil last
5:36 pm
night on the campus of virginia tech university. this was previously the site of the worst mass shooting in american history, 32 people were killed back in 2007, those who attended say it is bitter sweet to hand that label to another community saying in one should to have go through a tragedy similar to the one that they suffered nine years ago. and our coverage of the orlando shooting does not end here, coming up at 6:00 new jersey's director of home land security tells cleve bryan what home grown terror is and the signs to watch out for. that is our next hour. then at 6:30 scott pelley anchors "cbs evening news" from orlando right here after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. federal racketeering trial of the pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah is drawing to a close. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live outside federal courthouse in center city where closing arguments got underway today, joe. >> reporter: jessica, lot of closing arguments very long winded at times but defense attorneys for chaka fattah say prosecutors, in building their case, have destroyed a man's career, while those same
5:37 pm
prosecutors say that fattah had so many schemes going they had to number one and they called it a white collar crime spree. fattah and his four co-defendants have been on trial for four long weeks, attorneys today, have been making their closing arguments to the jury, government alleged that fattah a long time congressman was architect behind a racketeering conspiracy, using campaign cash, including a million-dollar loan, from his 2007 failed bid for mayor, to bankroll personal expenses. it is charged fattah took bribes in exchange for political support. two people connected to the investigation pleaded guilty and testified against fattah and his co-defendants. when arriving in court, fattah his wife, shifted gears, and instead offered thoughts on the massacre in orlando. >> only thing i want to say today is our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victims, of this tragic terrorist incident in florida. i cannot say anything more
5:38 pm
about any other matter. >> reporter: in closing arguments assistant u.s. attorney, john crammer told jury quote fattah repeatedly abused his office for personal, political gain in, one stood up and said no. if fattah calls your number, you run the play. countering that the congressman's attorney sharply said that the prosecution wants to hang some type of crime, on the congressman. there were no crimes committed, you the jury should send the prosecution home, empty handed. well, fattah smiled most of those points as his defense attorneys were trying to dismantle the prosecution's case. now at this point the jury could conceivably have the case, to deliberate as early as late tomorrow afternoon. reporting live outside federal court in center city, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right joe, thank you. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is under going an outpatient procedure to treat prostate cancer. he will be out of the office for a few days. in february the governor
5:39 pm
publicly disclosed he was diagnosed with cancer. he also described it as a mild form that required minor treatment and would not involve chemotherapy. he is expected to remain at his home, until thursday. money apparently isn't everything when it comes to finding a perfect job. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" what could be more important then getting the big paychecks. plus, are your children getting enough sleep? according to sleep guidelines they may not be. coming up what you can do to make sure to make sure your kid get the rest that they need, kate. beautiful weather for now, coming up, i'll tell you which day this week you'll need to grab the umbrella and whether the nice weather returns in time for the weekend
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victims of yesterday's massacre were remembered this morning at the new york stock exchange... >> just before trading began members stood quietly on the stock exchange floor for a minute of silence. boston is also honoring victims of the orlando shooting, the cities bridge was lit in rainbow colors in support of the victims and lb gt community. officials also took place throughout the city. several counselors from boston's fire department are heading to orlando to support the fire fighters who responded to the night club. a display of support in new york city, empire state building's iconic lights went dark in honor of the orlando shooting victims. we will be right back with kate's workweek forecast, stay
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when thinking about taking a new job but survey find for millennials is there something that matters more than just the size of the paycheck. a survey of the class of 2016, and 70 percent of them said they would prefer to work at a company with a positive social
5:47 pm
atmosphere and they would be willing to take less money to do it. >> you have an impact on how the company will evolve. i will in the go do a job at a large corporation that i'm not interested in, and where my job will be significant simply because of the money. >> graduates also said they want to work at companies where they can feel passionate about their job and when they feel they can advance. fire officials are still working to fight a forest fire in wood land township, new jersey. so far that fire has scorched 400 acres. it was spotted yesterday, by the new jersey forest fire service during a routine flight, in reports of any injuries so far, it is unclear what started the fire but high wind may have helped, to spread the flames. kate joins with us a split workweek forecast. >> that is exactly what it is, rahel. we have nice weather to start the week and then things go downhill by the end of the week but it is not a completely bad forecast, right. >> yes. >> we will take half and half. thursday is a day you want to
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look out for this week, that is dau to have umbrella by the front door. we have rain moving through. we will take a closer look at that in just a moment. lets take a closer look at the beauty that is our monday evening, just a few, high clouds starting to drift in here. we will take a live look at our camera mounted on the look here at cbs broadcast center and things are looking good, just a few more cloud, trying to drift from the north and west, and not really bringing much of anything but we cannot rule out a stray shower here this evening. if we take a closer look what is happening here on storm can three you can see that is starting to move in, from the north and west, we have a few sprinkles here, notice approaching berks county, not a whole lot, but if you are out and about this evening or tonight, don't be shock if you have this way, windshield wipers one or two times a weak system cloud bank and a few showers starting to move from the south and west. as we head into tomorrow in the a whole lot. we have a big dome of high pressure that will take control tomorrow, once again we're talking about low humidity and comfortable temperatures for your tuesday.
5:49 pm
our next system still well to the west and that is not going to get here until thursday, maybe late wednesday into thursday but otherwise things are looking okay. today though what a perfect day. we're checking boxes here, practically perfect, today and tomorrow, and sunny skies tomorrow, warm temperatures, warm humidity, light breeze. we had tit day and we will have it again. lets see how our eyewitness weather watchers feel about the day. they are reporting temperatures in the 70's, all across the region right new. we are looking at 71 degrees up toward trenton. this is bucks county. yardley johnnies at 71 with sunshine. he said beautiful day. low wind to make it very, very comfortable, and sharp contrast with yesterday, was a blustery day all day licensing and temperatures near 90. greg mccoy is in marshall ton delaware at 77. greg says delightful day, cool breezy morning and a warm sunny afternoon, then again, temperatures all across the region this afternoon are in the upper 70's to near 8o great photos from our weather watchers. we have beautiful flowers here and this great one ed connor
5:50 pm
took from maguire air force base, and a plane taking off overhead in that deep, blue skies. and so the wind still not an issue, in the like yesterday, wind right now at ten to 15 miles an hour, all across the area they are from the north and west, that is that nice cool, comfortable breeze we are feeling this afternoon and as we head through the day tomorrow we are looking at decent conditions, it will be a bit breezy but temperatures will be in the 80's once again, and nice and warm day, temperatures in the low to mid 80's across the region. wind picking up slightly but not a bad day all things considered. heading through your future weather, picture this is how things change as our next system moves in. by wednesday afternoon, the big cloud bank pushing in from the south and west, so wednesday, mess of the day looks nice before it looks g north and west suburbs looking good. delaware and year southwest of the city may see cloud by wednesday afternoon. then as we head to wednesday night we will see cloud increase even more. here's our system in to thursday and here's what happens it moves right on
5:51 pm
through. thursday morning, rain, steady any a few spots thursday morning into thursday afternoon and there is a chance that system may be slow to clear thursday night into friday bringing the risk for showers especially down the shore on friday. tomorrow, 0 percent chance of rain, wednesday, 10 percent chance, so showers moving in late but then better chance on thursday, and friday, still a chance or at least a few showers especially in the morning in the city of anytime down the shore. your seven day eyewitness weather forecast low humidity, beautiful day tomorrow. stunner like today. your wednesday at 85, sunshine, showers and rumble of thunder on thursday, and then friday just a few morning showers and then we will clear it out. weekend looks pretty fantastic. we have temperatures in the 80's both saturday and sunday, with lower humidity, rahel and jessica back over to you. >> lots to look forward to thanks. many struck toll get enough sleep at night because of our busy schedules and children and teens struggle too. >> yes, they do but they often need more sleep then adults. chris martinez tells us just
5:52 pm
how much sleep pediatricians now say that they need and two ways that parents can get them in bed sooner. >> ready. >> yes. >> reporter: at the winget housekeeping up with eight year-old grady and five-year old ginger is a full-time job. >> it is a challenge to get them in bed by 8:30. school starts at eight. so, you know, we struggle with it at times. >> reporter: experts say getting enough sleep is critical for kid, not just for their physical health but also to help with their behavior and learning. that is why the american academy of pediatrics is now supporting new sleep guidelines. >> decreased sleep can lead to hypertension, which is high blood pressure, we necessity it can lead to obesity, in teens, it can lead to depression and in adults as well. >> reporter: new recommendations say infants from four to 12 months should get 12 to 16 hours of sleep. children one to two years old 11 to 14 hours. kid three to five. ten to 13. six to 12, nine to 12 hours.
5:53 pm
teenagers should get from eight to ten hours of sleep. doctor croft says many children are just too over scheduled to get enough rest. >> sometimes you do have to think about what it is that my child really enjoys doing, those are priorities and maybe we don't need to do every sport. >> reporter: aap says parents should establish a routine to make sure kid get to bed on time. >> you just want happy, healthy, rested children. it makes parenting easier. >> let's go. >> reporter: turning off tv and computers 30 minutes before bedtime is a good place to start. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". scientists say they have learned new information about migraines, study out of cincinnati find many people who suffer from them have mild deficienciness vitamin d, and q10. now that is in children and adults. doctors say that it is too early to tell if vitamin supplements could help with
5:54 pm
those migraines. dozens of area students went back to school today, way, way back, coming up, why they walk the halls of their old elementary schools, stay with (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
it was a special, back to school day, for penn wood high school seniors. >> after graduation practice they morning they took a trip back in time to visit their elementary and middle schools. more than 100 graduating high school students, went to the halls where they attended school as young children. the principal says that the program was started as a way to help students reflect on their entire educational experiences, and inspire new generations. >> the elementary perspective it is huge for them because they see ultimately the final product, all of the hard work that you do, this is the end game right here. >> and the principal says it was a moving experience for
5:58 pm
many of the students, and he hopes that this was a start of the great new end of the year tradition. well, that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a philadelphia family mourning tonight as they learned a daughter ace monk the dead in orlando. we will hear from her emotional father and get latest on the investigation live, from florida. >> reporter: home grown violent extremist, people in and counter terrorism experts have been watching for years. coming up some signs to look for in your own community. and, in the wake of the orlando shooting the scare on a local campus, reason liacouras center was evacuated this afternoon. plus a singer from south jersey killed while sing autographs in florida and tonight how her home town is celebrating her life.
5:59 pm
>> unaudible. >> a philadelphia father is heart broken his daughter is one of the 50 people, dead after the massacre inside of an orlando nightclub and tonight we're learning more about the victims, and the man responsible for that deadly rampage. that local victim 18 year-old akyra murray, good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm rahel solomon. ukee washington is off tonight. officials identified 48 of the victims including murray, and officials from orlando regional medical center say they are optimistic that victims being treated there will recover. we have also learned that the shooter, omar mateen was interviewed by the fbi twice in the past but ultimately removed from the terror watch list. >> we have team three coverage, of the orlando nightclub shooting, we have reporters covering every angle of the story, including our greg argos live from orlando, greg. we will get to greg in a moment but first lets talk to cherri. >> cherri, you spoke with the father of a west catholic high
6:00 pm
school graduate who unfortunately was in that night club that night and did not make it. >> reporter: yes, she did not. i spoke with albert murray who confirmed that his 18 year-old daughter akyra murray was shot and killed at pulse nightclub, the entire family, was in orlando on, and, and that devastating news. >> reporter: albert murray says his daughter akyra was celebrating her recent graduation from west catholic prep high school. and begged to go to pulse nightclub with her cousin and friends. he told kyw news radio via phone that hours after dropping her off he got a horrific phone call. >> she was screaming saying daddy, i'm bleeding. i have been shot. come get me. we were on the expressway about 30 minutes away. we were on the road, rushing. i was doing about 90, 100. cops must be going to the scene in that area from different counties. we pretty much followed the cop down. so, we got there, 30,


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