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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 14, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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morning. good morning. >> yes, good morning, happy tuesday, roads are look good. just a loft construction out there. no accidents to report. i do have update on the delaware memorial bridge coming up. >> good to know. definitely looking ahead to beautiful weather yet again today. fantastic day, i mean, if you thought yesterday was great, i think you will actually like today even better. still had bit after breeze to contends with out there, but yesterday, but at this point it really has tapered off nicely. storm scan, completely quiet. devoid of any storms at this point. will change can time, not today, won't see much activity, so move it along, taking a look at the area temperatures r we are right now, mid 60s up and down portions of i59, notice, couple of cooler spots though, actually a bit of a clearer sky in trenton, 59 degrees, cooler by comparison, even in mount pocono, only in the 40's, though, depending where you begin your travels this morning, you may want to think about adding a extra layer on top of that t-shirt and shorts that you have got to hit the road.
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>> yesterday we could check three of the boxes off, today we get all four, sunshine, warmth, comfortable humidity, very low dew point, and with that light breeze, it makes it a great hair day. put it that way. now if you are hitting the shore lucky you, you pick great day for it, there will be a northwest wind out there, land breeze, ten to 15 miles per hour, but rip countries being remains nice and low, high pressured anchored overhead. water temperatures still chilly but still great day to be at the beach. under the sunshine we hit 79 but the uv index hi, sun ankle sell nights and strong so latter up with the sun block. >> we'll need to do that, thanks for the reminder, a lot of construction still out here this morning, hopefully clearing soon. you can see crews out here, 202 southbound between 401 and route 30. that left lane is still compromised so i'll let you know as soon as that clears, but still out there right now. also, a look at 422, taillights eastbound direction, this is at trooper, no construction here, just want to gave you a peak in
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this area let you know what's going on, looking good just early risers out, there the vine was closed overnight. between the schuylkill and broad, it was closed last night so seeing the eastbound or the westbound side just opening right now eastbound side, looking good, that means, westbound side, you're soon going to follow, great news there. blue route looking good, nice and quiet watch we want to see just cracking into the 5:00 hour on a tuesday, do have some construction here, passyunk avenue bridge, going to be traffic pattern shift because bridge repairs, so this is going to start 7:00 p.m., tonight, and it will go until next summer so we will get used to that for sure. construction here, gas line repairs in pennsauken wrote 38 eastbound between route 130 at route 70. two lanes are block, until 6:00 a.m. saturday, and also, admiral wilson boulevard eastbound that right lane blocked. >> thanks so much, meisha a new this morning, police
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searching for the driver in a hit-and-run that killed a young woman, in the lawncrest section of the city. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at the scene, with the very latest on the investigation. jan? >> brooke, nicole it, seems this pedestrian did everything right, right hine me in the crosswalk crossing with the signal, when she was hit, sad day, pronounced dead here overnight. and since then, police have been interviewing witnesses and searching for this hit-and-run driver. >> evidence of powerful crash on the boulevard add atoms avenue in the lawncrest section of philadelphia. police say young woman in late teens, early 20's, crossing here late last night, when driver hit her and kept going. >> she was hit with such impact, it caused her body to travel 200 feet north after being struck. >> the crash happened around 11:30, witnesses tell police, the victim was in the outer northbound lanes, walking in the crosswalk with the green light, she was on her telephone at the time when police say machine i van
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struck her traveling northeast on adams, her body, roll on to the hood of the vehicle. >> when she got hit the impact caused her to come out of her footwear, both of her slippers are still on the highway. her cell phone, which she had in her hand, is broken, and also on the scene. and the earrings, she was wearing, were actually torn from her ears. >> witnesses say the vehicle was traveling faster than the 40-mile per hour speed limit, they describe it as white or silver van probably ten, 15 years old, and likely with front end damage, and windshield damage police sass matter of time before they catch up with the driver. >> though turn themselves in. they will get caught. we have description of the vehicle, physical evidence on the scene, we have witnesses. >> the accident investigation, will do complete investigation, as for the victim her body has been taken to the medical examiners office for an autopsy, and she has not yet been identified. police say she had no id on
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her. reporting live from lawncrest, jan carabeo, cbs 3, "eyewitness news", brooke, nicole, back into you. >> thanks a lot, jan. another fatal accident this one involving a bike and a car. police say a bike rider was killed after being struck in pennsauken camden county, around 10:30 last night. chopper three over the scene thereon route 130 south at north park drive, still wait to go hear from police, if the driver stopped at the scene. >> and, new this morning, 21 year old driver is being interviewed by police after her car jumped a curb and hit for pedestrians along south street. the victim's injuries are not life threatening, so that's good news, police say the car also broke a glass window, near third and south streets, around 1:00 this morning. investigators say, it does not appear drugs or alcohol were involved. brooke? >> fbi says no evidence after plot in the orlando night club shoot that killed 49 people hit more than 50 others. sources tell cbs news the gunman omar mateen there is man, may have been to the
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pulse night club prior to the shooting. he died in a shoot-out with police. the owner after gun store say he bought a long gun and handgun about a week ago on separate days. president obama will travel to orlando on thursday, to pay respects to the victims. >> sunday morning before the tragedy ... those were the last moments of 25 year old amanda al veer's life, she was one of the 49 people killed by the gunman, there were vigils across the country, to remember the victims, including orlando where kenneth craig picks up the story. >> thousands lit candles, cited, shared hugs, during vigil for the 49 victims of the pulls night club shooting in orlando monday night. carlos bra long's close friends, oscar montero, was among those killed. and his sister barely made it out of the gay night club
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alive. >> she was able to escape. i love her so much. >> omar mateen opened fire on party goers early sunday morning, police later killed him during a gun battle. the fbi says mateen appeared to be self radicalized. >> we see no indication that this was a plot directed from outside the united state. >> mateen's father says he was homophobic. >> but at least one club goer claims mateen had been inside the club at least dozen times before caring out the massacre. investigators have yet to confirm that report. louise feels remorse that he survived, seconds after he escaped the club, he stopped to help a stranger. >> his arm split in two, he had a gash on his side, i quickly took off my shirt, used as a corn quit. and comforted him, talk to him, distract the him from being negative. >> surgeons tell cbs news the hospitalized victims are expected to recover. kenneth craig, cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news". >> well, philadelphians are stands withing orlando in this time of tragedy. >> the city held it on vigil last night and refreshed a local victim. our coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live in the cbs-3 sat center, justin, a lot of people came out for this. >> good morning, brooke, emotional evening in center city indeed. large crowd gathered at city hall, to pay tribute to the more than 50 hurt, and 49 killed. among those lost, akira had your how just graduated west catholic high. >> at city hall monday, almost 1,000 miles from orlando, a show of grief, and support for the 49 people who lost their lives in the pulse night club shooting. name after name, was red, and then came one that some in this crowd new very well.
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>> ikira had your. >> i i've known akyra almost mow while life. >> new west catholic grad was on vacation in orlando last weekend and was at pulse with a cousin and friend. murray was shot and later died. a family friend used face time to connect murray's mother to the vigil. >> she had a full scholarship that she will not be able to use. >> murray ' lost touching even mayor jim kenney saw her talent. >> she was a beautiful athlete, i watched her play many times against numerous and goretti, which happens to be my team, but she was the best player on that squad. a thousand points scored. >> the large crowd soon found solace in song. >> ♪ >> then spontaneous tribute, a march around city hall, in her honor.
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>> family's friends said murray at pulse with a friends, as well, patience carter, who is recovering from gunshot to her leg. brooke, nicole, back into you. >> thanks, justin. in roxborough, bells told for the orlando shooting victims. at saint timothy e physical tow church the bells rang out once for each person killed in the attack. now, investigators are revealing more about what they've learned about that gunman. sources tell cbs news that omar mateen was active on social media and the internet. the fbi found evidence he may have researched disney world as a possible target before choosing the pulls night club. mateen has been on the fbi radar in the fast, in fact, may 2013 co-workers explained he was boasting of family connection toss al quaida and he was a member of hezbollah. two separate fbi investigations cleared mateen, the gunman's ex-wife told cnn that he was unstable. >> and in the beginning i
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thought maybe it was just that, and that was just part of his personality, and, you know, he is just a very difficult person but then the incident began involving into physical abuse toward me. >> mateen's ex-wife said her ex-husband's instability was evidence seven, eight years ago. stay with "eyewitness news" as more details unfold about the orlando massacre, you can always find the latest development on our website at there is new fall-out this morning from the contaminated water concerns in bucks and montgomery counties. >> yes, plus hundreds of people come together to remember a local singer, killed after a concert. finds out which pop star is offering to pay for that funeral. >> also, big update, phillies fan accused of throwing a bottle at ryan howard finally comes forward. when we come back, we will discuss the punish. he's facing when he appears in front after judge today. >> you only need one word to describe the weather today. perfect. katie let you know just how long this marvel weather will
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stick around, we'll be right back.
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>> hundreds pay tribute to christina grimmie from marlton, killed friday after concert in florida former voice contestant was remembered last night at the memorial sport complex in evesham. authorities say kevin liable shot and killed the 22 year old as she signed autographs, then he turned the gun on himself. grimmie's brother marcus was with her, tackled the suspect to the ground. he told the crowd her love for her religion, family, friends, never waitered. >> she is awesome. loved this town. loved the state. she loved sinking. she loved the lord. and she loved me. >> authorities in florida are still searching for a motive. they say he traveled to the show to specifically target grimmie. maroon five lead singer adam leave even has offered to pay for her funeral.
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>> how nice, good thing to do for her family. okay, let's switch it up, talk about the werth. if you liked the weather yesterday you will love today's forecast. >> beautiful yesterday. if you can improve on that, more power to you. >> and i think i actually can. because the one thing that we will lose today that we had yesterday is the worse of that win. it was more after refreshing breeze yesterday. it wasn't like you had ahold on your hat like we did sunday, but, that said, it is again looking ahead to be a beautiful day here with low humidity continuing, full sunshine, comfortable, warm, and what more could you ask for, right? let's take it outside. show you view here. look at the pretty colors. absolutely stunning start to the day. outside kutztown area middle school, and you have got that light of day already popping over the horizon, though technically, yes, give it another 15 minute or so, that's when the sun officially raises this kutztown, pretty much everywhere else, officially today in philadelphia we are going to be 32 seconds shy of 15 hours of daylight. doesn't that sound awesome? 57 degrees the current temperature here, notice the lighter wind is present. now, looking at storm scan3,
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there have actually been couple every clouds roll through this morning, interestingly, i notice, the further north you go where you had more of clear sky, actually is little cool they are morning, you didn't have any blanket of cloud cover too limit that kind of cooling effect where the heat just gets logs to the atmosphere. so just an interesting phenomenon that i evening out over. regardless over to generally quiet start, comfortable, little cooler off into trenton, allentown, mount pocono. currently there is a hint after breeze, but it is starting to taper off, with time, it basically just becomes un noticeable. now, that said, our pollen levels haven't been all that terrible, even despite the wind, but even as that wind tapers off today, looking at what i call just medium range here. grass, at this point, continues to be our predominant pollen, snow is a great day, to mow the lawn, i know, on the honey do list, hey, will still feel great outside if it is something do you have do, just know if grass political send something you have allergies from, taking the meds before you head out to mow the grass. now, looking forward in the nor cast, overall not bad. thursday's actually going to
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ends up being the most unsettled day of the forecast, showers, thunderstorm pretty much any time, somewhat scat nerd nature though coy see heavy rain pockets roll through, too, by friday starting to clear things out, all bodes very well for fathers day weekends. meisha, over to you. >> sure does, all right, katie, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. looking at the vine, closed overnight for the construction, between schuylkill and broad. it was not closed sunday to monday, but dealing with it from last night. so, it sounds like the ram from eastbound schuylkill is still blocked, westbound, you are now open, just casino of waiting for the eastbound side might just be opening right now. moving in the westbound side toward the schuylkill, looking pretty good on the vine. just know we were dealing with that last night. boulevard let's take a look at that, looking okay for those every you moving in the southbound direction, toward the schuylkill. you can see, how many vehicles are out there, moving in the southbound direction. we will see this only increase obviously as we push toward that 6:00. right now the boulevard basically holding steady there. right now, we were looking at
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202 southbound between 201 and route 30. now clearing out of your way. might actually be completely cleared right now. we can still crews out there, overall not causing too many slow downs, just don't have the volume to hold. that will that's clearing out of the way, looking good there. construction pa turn peak westbound between valley forge and downingtown, that right lane is blocked right now. nicole, brooke, over to you. >> meisha, thanks so much. >> it is 5:19 right now. time for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. on the front page of the intelligence err, philadelphia environmental law firm has fired intent to sue the us navy and federal government over water concerns all around the horsham air guard station. >> people living near the base were allegedly exposed to unregulated chemicals in their drinking water. lawyers are demanding blood testing and medical monitoring or else they will file a lawsuit. >> on the cover of the burlington county times, some officials in cinnaminson are questioning a $10,000 pay raise from the township's
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administrator and director of public safety. michael king served both roles, but some township officials say they don't have the money to pay for the raise due to budget constraints. >> and the bucks county courier times reports there is a new life at old wal-mart in bristol township. twenty-four hour fitness center martial arts academy are moving in to the former wal-mart store at the fairless hills shopping center. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from across the delaware vale. pennsylvania's governor is taking some time away from the job. >> yes, find out why he'll be out of the offers for the next new days. plus this. >> ♪ >> this has to be one of the most weird carpool karioke, see why james cards end ended oppress willing one of the band members in someone's front lawn. and gets weirder. stay with us. >> the old way of dealing with teen drop-out rates was truant
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>> adele delivered a moving tribute honor the victims in the orlando mass shooting. >> and everybody in orlando ... >> so sweet. the singer started crying as she dedicated her sunday night concert in belgium. adele became very emotional saying she has a special connection with the lgbt community. >> private jet caring rapper lil wayne had to make an emergency landing in omaha, nebraska. people over at "tmz" said wayne was flying from milwaukee to california when he had a seizure. they say he declined medical treatment and the plane took off only for the plane to turn back around after it happened again. the rapper's real name of course is duane michael carter junior, and he has a history
5:25 am
of seizures. james corden had a full car for his latest carry pool karioke ride. it was red hot, or something. >> ♪ sends me to the love ♪ take me all the way ♪ ♪ i don't ever want to feel. >> they helped james corden get all the way to work while rocking out to some of their biggest hits, and when front man anthony admitted the bandores recalls on tour sometimes, you know cord hen to get in on the fun. >> crazy. (laughing) >> oh, destroyed me. >> he even tried to fit in by taking his shirt off for a song. >> oh, my. >> he had way too much fun
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with that. >> that is really something. >> hey, i like this guy so much. james corden, i like him so much. >> he's doll. >> one other interesting note, share used to babysit for him when he was 12 years old. >> amazing. >> wow. >> cher as your babysitter? not too shabby. all right, that was a whole lot of crazy. thank you, brooke. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", we are switching gears here, the latest on search for driver wanted for deadly hit-and-run. plus this. >> candidate are reacting to the orlando massacre on the campaign trail. and today, party rivals bernie sanders and hillary clinton are scheduled to have a private meeting. i'm hena daniels in new york, i'll have the latest coming up. >> and pretty much doesn't get much better than this, my friends, comfortable start to the day, whole day look phenominal. basically just perfection in the forecast. but how long does it last? you know it has got to go downhill sometime. i'll tell you when coming up. >> does it have to? >> i know, right? before you hit the road, meisha will let you know, show
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you the early slow slots for your tuesday morning drive into work. stay with us.
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♪ ♪
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♪ y- this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> killed in the crosswalk, a woman is hit while trying to
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cross the boulevard overnight. what police know about the car that took off after that crash. >> good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. >> i can't believe that keeps happening, i'm brooke thomas, also, the latest on the massacre in orlando and the role the shooting played on the cam pail train. first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> ♪ >> deadly hit-and-run in the lawncrest section of philadelphia. >> this was extremely powerful crash. police say once this victim was hit, she actually road the striking vehicle's hood for 200 feet. before falling to the grounds. >> bruising and broken bones. >> four people in the hospital after a driver apparently hit a group of people on the 300 block every south street. >> well, the feds are now labeling the gunman who shot 49 people to death inside orlando night club a home-grown extremist.


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