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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 16, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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meisha are keeping an eye on things. >> how are the roads looking. >> roads are looking good. we have a hit/run out there that i will tell but but road themselves are okay. we will have more coming up in just a moment. >> this will be one of those mornings where we have to factor weather in to your traffic. yeah, if you get the opportunity, always so hard, on any weekday morning to get your self out the door extra early but this would be one of those days to try to do that because you can see there is action out there on storm scan three, there were pretty heavier storms that rumbled through sussex county overnight, at 1:00 o'clock in the morning. that is what it was but as we look at the sweep right now, we're putting things into motion inn three hour loop at this point we are primarily seeing activity across western suburbs outside of philadelphia just about ready to move its way in to philadelphia county. it is, some spots mostly steady rain and we have certainly seen thunderstorms. i wouldn't be shock to see another thunderstorm here and there we might the see one of those storms turn locally strong but in the meantime, i
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have to tell you even though it seems that pollen is very slow today my allergies are bugging me. again, thumbs up from bob our floor director too maybe have allergy medicines ready to go. it is something that was noticeable this morning. we do start to see grass pollen go up in the next couple days as we start to clear out from the rain currently moving through. and then we will expect to see that become more noticeable problem. temperatures in the meantime are stuck in the mid 60's generally around the entire board here. coolest spot in the past as is typical to mount pocono. upper 50's there. in the muggy 60's in less in quakertown, doylestown, palmyra flirting with 70. as the day progresses brunt of the wet weather happens this morning but we will still have scattered showers to dodge, really anytime here today. it is not a wash out but enough thaw will want to pack umbrella. >> probably great advice, i have got mine with me. thanks, katie. good morning. and we are seeing gateway to
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the weekend. admiral wilson boulevard here, two lanes block. i will get more if to that later. we have gays main repair leaks. ben franklin bridge here moving in the westbound direction from new jersey looking good, beautiful shot there. schuylkill eastbound past king of prussia, this is what you are looking at here. great company heading out to the schuylkill. still early. the just moving in the 5:00 o'clock hour. this is where we have a hit and rest in west norriton, main street at colonial avenue. so, right there, main street at colonial avenue for those in and around this area we will see flashing lights. probably not slowing you down right now but it certainly will, if this investigation does not get moved out of the way and again the vehicle did flee the scene. new jersey route 130 at route 322, two lanes blocked until 5:00 a.m. also 42 freeway southbound between route 130 and 2951 lane is block until right now. this construction project is just now starting to get moved out of the way right around 5:00 a.m., brooke, over to
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you. overnight huge flames tore through a home at paulsboro, gloucester county. fire fighters were forced to battle this from the outside, and thinks you will because of the fire weakened building and official where is a frayed it might collapse. fire started around 11:30 at billings avenue and seventh street, there are in injuries and causes under investigation. also new this morning philadelphia police are looking for person who shot up a house in holmesberg. police tell us that the a least seven shots were fired at the house on the 4700 block of bleigh avenue, and at least, one bullet hit the home, no one was hurt luckily. philadelphia is on the verge of becoming first major u.s. city to charge a sugary drink tax. city council will vote today. jan carabao is live outside wawa in center city where some customers are wondering where that money is going, right, jan. >> reporter: well, tax revenue is slated to go to education and other city initiatives like parks and recreation programs but many people we have spoken to say yes, while
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those are noble causes they cannot afford to pay more for diet soda or soda but city council did give preliminary approval to this tax last week and at that time council president darryl clark said this measure would be adopted today during a final vote. that would make fill at first major u.s. city to tax sugary drinks. debate over this tax has been heat todd say the least, there have been weeks of contentious public hearings and protest and rallies both inside and outside city hall. lawmakers, however have come to a compromise. they have preliminarily approved one and a half cents tax on all sugary drinks, half of what mayor jim kenney initially wanted and that includes sweet but diet drinks as well this taxis expected to bring in 91 million-dollar over the next year and money is slated to fund universal prek and parks and recreation programs throughout the city but some are skeptical after hearing some of that money will be diverted to the cities general fund. others say there just isn't
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enough known about exactly how fund will be implemented. the beverage industry has spent millions of dollars on ads to block the tax, industry leaders and store owners say it will cost business and jobs, the industry is expected to sue the city if the measure is adopt but it all comes down to this today, final vote is scheduled over at city hall for later today. reporting live from center city, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jan, thanks very much. president obama will travel to orlando later today to meet with the survivors and families of those killed in the pulse nightclub shooting. meanwhile investigators are taking a closer look at the gun man's wife at a revealing post on his own facebook page. cbs news correspondent kenneth craig has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: fbi investigators are methodically piecing together omar mateen's movement leading up to the deadly shooting rampage inside the pulse nightclub in orlando. a former co-worker said mateen
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was a ticking time bomb. >> omar was deeply disturbed man, he was full of hate, rage. >> reporter: in a facebook post, minutes before the attack, the shooter wrote you kill innocent women and children by doing u.s. air strikes, now taste the islamic state veggens. cbs news sources say she knew her husband was planning the attack. she drove with him to stake out the gay club. >> at the end of all of our interviews however long that takes if someone is able to be charged in this investigation we will bring them to justice. >> reporter: president obama and vice-president biden will arrive in orlando later today to meet with survivors, first responders, and families of the victims killed in the attack. the first funeral services for one of the shooting victims was held yesterday in, orlando, family and friend remembered 40 year-old javier jorge reyes, those who knew him called him a fun, free spirit. dozens of people gathered across the street to show support.
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one held a sign that said orlando loves you. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there werens of people at that private vigil for west catholic high school graduate killed in it or land owe nightclub shooting. teachers and students say akyra murray was a stand out student and basketball player scoring a thousand points in her high school career. akyra made it out of the the night club when shooting started but ran back inside, to get her cousin. anytime she walked in any room, she would put a smile on your face. when they said he came out and went back in, because that is who akyra was. >> akyra's funeral will be likely next week. her family set up akyra murray memorial fund at citizens bank to help pay for her funeral expenses. senate democrats are demanding a vote on gun control following the orlando massacre. they held a marathon session on the senate floor and it ended just a few hours ago. >> we are not asking anyone
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heretofore get someone who just murdered one of their family members, we are not asking someone in this chamber which toys do something which is in a sense super human, we're just asking people to support two votes. >> nearly 14 hour filibuster was led by connecticut senator chris murphy who has been upset with congressional in action on gun violence. senate plans to reconvene at 10:00 this morning. philadelphia police hopes this surveillance video will help them find a driver that hit and killed a 17 year-old girl on roosevelt boulevard. they are looking for that silver minivan in the middle of the screen. markayla jackson was crossing at adams avenue late monday night when she was hit and killed. police are looking for an early 2,000 model chevy venture. they said it should have heavy front end damage and the shattered windshield. we will have more on the search for that driver coming up in our next half an hour. rattled nerves in grays ferry after an explosion at this steam plant, shook the neighborhood. a problem with one of the
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boil's parentally at the plant at 26th and christian streets cause that had blast that rocked the area yesterday afternoon. one worker suffered minor injuries and a woman was also hurt by shattered glass inside of her home. >> the explosion was so loud. i thought my chest was, my heart was just beating so hard, it was very frightening. >> fire fighters gave the all clear after checking all of the homes near that plant for gas and carbon monoxide, plant provides thermal energy to 300 customers here in the city. history or hate, a controversy is brewing at a state capitol. >> see why governor ordered a flag to be removed, plus this. >> reporter: an autopsy is planned a day after the body of a two-year old boy snatched into a disney lake by al-ghaith the or is found, we are in florida with the latest on the investigation coming up. we have somebody just sick like that to aim and shoot at
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an harmless cat is unbelievable. >> this cat is on the mend after a heart breaking case of animal cruelty, but he is saved and brought back to life. >> ♪ >> it didn't take taylor swift long to shake off her latest break up, we will tell but the actor t swift was spotted kissing, maybe this is start of a new story, get it. >> i got that one. >> yes. >> we will be right back. to grow up. but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections
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my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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well this morning walt disney world beaches are still closed as a precaution after that deadly alligator attack. >> two-year old lane graves was killed on tuesday night as he waited in shallow water at a popular resort there in disney world. don champion has the very
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latest on the investigation. >> reporter: an autopsy is planned on the body of little lane graves, heart broken members of the orange county florida sheriff's department tweeted a photo of the two-year old last night hours after his body was found in the disney world resort lake. >> i will tell you that it was a tough message to deliver. >> reporter: it was along the shores of the lake where investigators say an alligator pounded tuesday night and snatched lane as he was in shallow water. in horror his father matt tried unsuccessfully to wrestle lane back to safety. crews searched for the boy's body for 16 hours. >> the child was found, his body was completely intact so at this time we will go through the formality of making a formal identification. >> reporter: no swimming signs were posted in the area of the attack but there were not any warnings about alligators.
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disney says that will now being under up review. alligator are part of the natural landscape at disney world, mark mchugh is a expert. >> there is canals, pond, lake that connect through the disney property. it wouldn't be unusual at all for alligators to be moving from one body of water to the next. >> reporter: difficulties necessity has removed alligators from its property before. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a fast moving wild fire is burning in new mexico, gunman declared a state of emergency and mandatory evacuations are underway right now. flames broke out yesterday burning more than 2,000 acres and threatening more homes and build initial its path. authorities say it is too dangerous to give crews on the ground fighting the fire from the air. >> wow. >> um-hmm. >> tough situation there. >> terrifying. >> back here at home grab the umbrella before you head out the door because rain is back in the forecast. >> katie is here with when the heavier showers are arriving, katie. >> it looks like right now is when the brunt of the
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disturbance will be bringing us steady heavy rain. i wouldn't call it a wash out but if you get stuck under weather is there ample moisture to work with and we are finding localized downpours. keep that in mine. if you can see especially off to the south east now over the opened ocean water but through del marva this came through as a strong thunderstorm in the last couple hours about 1:00 in the morning sussex county was lighting up with thunderstorms f that woke you up that is why that took place but there could still be a thunderstorm. you can see a few just west of the state college. so yeah, again, today will be one of those days where we see a scattered situation of showers, locally steady rain and couple thunderstorms n terms of the computer modeling how much are we talking here? it doesn't look like much more than a couple tents of an inch because it is so much more scattered in nature but if you trust the european model at least there could be more than. that we are not talk thinking about kind of flooding, flash flooding but you could get flood damage anytime you get
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stuck in the rain. outside to middletown ship high school what had been bought full sunrisees last couple mornings. you will barely see sunshine here today but regardless light of day is popping up over the horizon. might be a gray start but it is another day and we are expect to go see wet weather off and on anytime. here's your current dew point these are not air temperatures rather but moisture content in the air, lower it is, dryer the air. they are starting to get up there. about the point we hit 65 on the dew point is when it begins to feel steamy but because it is early and still cool outside, at least for what the rest of the day has in store it is feeling somewhat muggy outside. not much wind to work with. kind of stale feeling to the air but rain is on the way with clouds and showers around, but come friday we will clear things out and bode well for a stellar upcoming weekend not just at the shore but every where else. no matter where you are taking dad celebrate all weekend long it looks great. meisha, great pool weather on
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monday. >> i was just thinking the same thing a pool is sounds nice, so dads getting in on that. headlights moving in the eastbound direction, i can always count on brooke to back me up when i a something weird. moving in the eastbound direction past oaks you can looking good, anywhere on 422 we are looking nice this morning. ninety-five headlights moving in the southbound past pass betsy ross bridge. this is a busier stretch all in the morning just heating up particularly moving in the southbound direction. headlights are moving in the south bun direction, moving in the northbound side, you're looking okay. we have something sitting over on the shoulder but not causing too many slow downs. just make node i-95, moving in the southbound direction is anywhere one of the first areas we see start to heat up. look at the blue route headlights in the southbound direction at route one, i would say looking pretty good, and some early risers just now starting to jump on the blue route but overall you are still traveling at posted speeds anywhere we look we're
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okay. this is where we have a hit and run this morning you guys in west norriton, main street at colonial avenue. we will see a lot of flashing lights. this will slow you down as the investigation is underway. brooke and nicole, back over to you meisha, thanks. confederate flag controversy is north of the mason dixon line and latest battle ground is harrisburg. confederate flag was part of the flag display at the state capitol and it was taken down by state representative who called it a symbol of oppression and hate. the historical society put it back, and then governor tom wolf stepped in and ordered it removed. historical society disagrees with the governor. >> it is part of history, the good, the bad, the in difference, it is all part of history. >> confederate flag is a symbol of racism and patriotism and he does not think it should be on display in the state building. >> exhibit features flags representing different era of exploration, colon says and expansion. they will be on display until next month. and now for a lot a
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newspaper headlines from across our region. >> on the front page of the burlington county times, police in burlington township are getting a new tool. body cameras. starting monday, four patrol officers and a detective will begin wearing the cameras. the goal, it is to have more than 40 officers wearing them by september. in the bucks county courier times a funding short fall in bristol won't stop construction on the long delayed dock project at boro board. they voted to go ahead with the three million-dollar project even though they are half million-dollar short. dock on mill street will include 26 boat slips and accommodating larger vessels. from the press of atlantic city, show us your shoes. hundreds of people line the ocean city boardwalk to see the annual miss new jersey parade. the preliminary round of the pageant are tonight and tomorrow and winner will be crowned saturday. >> that is a look at your newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. all right. coming up we will have important news burr cup of coffee in the morning.
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>> this is kind of bad news, how it could be linked to cancer and easy way to reduce your risk. you know eagles quarterback carson wentz will be hearing about this one from his teammates. just wait until you hear how he was rescued after the getting lock in the bathroom. >> oh, boy what? >> stay with
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welcome back, golden state warriors will try to win their second consecutive nba championship tonight. they are flying to finish off cavilers in game six of the nba finals. here's sports director don bell with the rest of your morning sports. >> phillies back home tonight hosting the blue jays, fightins hoping for some home cooking, they could use it, overall they have lost 18 out of 24, heading in to the game. fanatic, does president quite know how to multi task, trying to eat popcorn, that doesn't mix. that guy taking selfies that is pretty good. another rough night for fightin phillies.
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edwin incarnation, you see swing, can't see the ball but then you do because it is in the upper deck. wow, that is gone. one to nothing blue jays. but fast forward to the eighth phillies down four-two, five-two josh donaldson going yard on back to back game against the phillies. they fall seven-two your final score. that is all for sports i'm don bell, have a great take. >> don, thanks. new eagles quarterback carson wentz is used to escaping pocket right but getting out of the bathroom is a different story. >> pat gallen is here with the rookie's rest room troubles, what. >> must be a slow sports day. eagles quarterback carson wentz is known for athletic ability and foot work that can get him out of tough situations, under pressure. hopefully eagles rookie is better at getting out of the grasp of the linebacker then he is a gas station bathroom. wentz tweeted he was lock inside a bathroom at a new jersey fast station and attendants freed him using
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garden sheers, and a strong leg kick. >> what is this. >> i'm in the sure how garden sheers works here but probably for a different day. i can think of many other places i would rather be stuck then a gas station bathroom. kudos for wentz for making light of the situation. number two pick just finished up otas with the eagles and reports were mixed on his performance. got news it is only his first round of practices and we will know more next month. so wentz and his eagles teammates are off until training camp begins in late july and first chance to see wentz in game axis in mid-august against tampa bay buccaneers in the presees than until then carson in more gas station bathrooms. >> that is interesting. >> i agree with that rule, don't ever go in the gas station bathroom. >> well, that is true but when you have to go you have to go. >> pat says no i like to void them at all cost that is just me. >> we will just leave it there. >> thank you.
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coming up next on "eyewitness news", the unlikely weapon a woman used to fight off an attacker, justin? >> reporter: and new surveillance video police say shows the man that struck and killed a teenage girl crossing adams avenue monday night. i'm justin finch with the look at the that van, this morning. plus if you thought boost boost on the boardwalk was controversial hear about a bold new idea to help save atlantic city, katie? and brooke, well, it is raining here in philadelphia now, we are going to need umbrellas today, however, you need them for fathers day weekend? i'm going to have your full forecast coming up but in the meantime stay tuned we will be
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you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. hit, killed, and left for dead on the boulevard, now we're getting our best look the ativan police want to find after a, hit and run crash that killed a teenager. good morning, so glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm brooke thomas. another day another delay at revel. we will show you why the hotel still cannot open up as planned but first here's what you need to know to start dare in the morning minute. >> today is day city council witt


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