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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 16, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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(mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. hit, killed, and left for dead on the boulevard, now we're getting our best look the ativan police want to find after a, hit and run crash that killed a teenager. good morning, so glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm brooke thomas. another day another delay at revel. we will show you why the hotel still cannot open up as planned but first here's what you need to know to start dare in the morning minute. >> today is day city council witt vote on the suing ago
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railroad drink tax. >> councilman darryl clark said it would likely ab adopt today. that would make first u.s. major city to tax sugary drinks. >> no injuries but a lot of damage after a house fire in paulsboro, gloucester county. >> child was drowned by alligator. >> body of the toddler snatched at a disney resort has been found. >> there is a chance, we already have alligator we will get through process and forensic to make certain. >> president obama and vice-president biden will arrive in orlando later today to meet with the survivors, first responders and families of the victims killed in the a tack. >> ♪
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>> wow. >> yikes. fighting words. >> that is kevin hart dropping mike on james corden on the late, late show. >> they were giving to it each other, right. >> yes. >> yes. >> well, you got to do it for the fans though, we were all laughing. but with that said, we will transition to weather i have got the umbrella ready to go. rain is falling right now moderately but you'll find rain coming through in pockets. this is not a wash out of the day. storm scan right now it is more scattered variety of showers, and moment, and, out here chester county and portions of the western suburbs, a thunderstorm now starting to brew, and as a result, you hear thunder you want to stay inside until it passes. if you have to get out the door expect some light roadways and that rain could
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becoming down heavily. but today we do sit through southwestern portion of the the area, in a joan risk, or marginal risk for locally strong thunderstorms. main impact heavy rain, win, frequent lightening and moderate risk there but hail and tornado activity would be a very, very low risk to day. with more clouds then anything and rain falling it feels somewhat muggy. our temperatures are currently in the mid to, well, upper 60's depending on location but you're absolutely going to notice a clamminess that is in the air when you walk outside the door. lots of moisture content starting to build up out here and as a result of the thursday, you will be only limited to the mid 07's at best for daytime highs so scattered showers, anytime, and brunt of the wet weather happens this morning. so, a.m. drive will be most impact by this but, coming up, i do promise you a really nice pay off, for today's unsettled weather. we will talk burr fathers day outlook and also some other nice days coming up in the
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minutes ahead. meisha, back inside to you. >> we will take that pay off, thanks very much. good morning, happy thursday, yes, indeed, we are looking at some wet roadways out there. this is a look at the schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction at spring garden. the plenty of vehicles already, but i'm more concern with is how wet it is out there right now. rain is coming down, that will slow you down quite significantly. so, give yourself a couple extra minutes this morning. you will need it. overall, you will still be traveling at posted speeds for now. we know that will start to drop, later it gets more vehicles out there 95 south at girard look at how busy, very wet indeed. ninety-five south will get busy. if you are at home thinking of hitting 95 moving in the southbound direction anywhere around that area i would leave sooner rather than later. boulevard moving in the southbound direction wearing looking wet as wet. this is where we have a hit and run in west nor it town, that has been since cleared. main street at colonial avenue. construction 95 south between academy road and cottman avenue that left lane is closed, between 9:00 a.m. and
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1:00 p.m. for bridge inspections. i well tweet that out as well. back over to you. search is on for hit and run driver who left a 17 year-old girl for dead on the boulevard this week. >> but police hope to make an arrest soon with the help of new clues in the case. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live with the look at newly released surveillance video, if morning, justin. >> reporter: brooke and nicole, good morning. markayla jackson was struck and killed crossing adams avenue on monday night. police were looking for a white, silver van and now they have video of that van, that they want you to see. now, here's a look at that van in question. philadelphia police say it is an early 2,000 model chevy venture and this is it on roosevelt boulevard, monday night. just before 11:30, jackson just 17, was crossing from north to south in the crosswalk and with the green right. then that chevy van traveling north on the boulevard outer lanes turn on to adams police say striking jackson and
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launching her almost 200 feet. that van just kept going, heading east on adams leaving jackson, helpless in the roadway. she suffered head and internal injuries and was pronounced dead soon after. police and jackson's family asking for whoever was behind the wheel to come forward. >> it was an accident but as of right now do the right thing, turn yourself in, plead your cause but don't do a hit and run that is in the the good. >> all driver had to to was just stop. driver had green light, as did the pedestrian, had he just pulled over like you are supposed to, call 911 and render aid. >> reminder for all drivers if they are involved in the pedestrian accident to remain on the scene. police say as you can see adams avenue a very short walk there but it was deadly. investigators say that if you see that van, it likely has heavy front end damage and a
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shattered windshield. again early 2,000 model chevy venture white or likely silver in color. brooke and nicole back inside to you. >> thanks for that update. happening today, city council will vote to tax sugary drinks. if the vote passes, philadelphia would become first major u.s. city to implement such a tax. mayor kenney says that the money collect from the tax will go directly to fund prek education. a portion of the revenue will be diverted to the cities general fund, and critics called the legislation unconstitutional and they are expected to challenge the law in court, if it is adopted. >> should be interesting. 5:37. in business news this morning, how modern technology is helping old school vending machines. >> and, find out how soon we could see an interest rate increase. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange, jill. >> reporter: good morning, brooke and nicole, sell off continues on wall street, dow jones fell 34 points
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yesterday, fifth straight day of losses, nasdaq just eight. interest rates are staying put for now but fed chair janet yellin isn't ruling out raising rates at next meeting in july. fed held off in raising rates in part because of the last month's disastrous jobs report n december fed raised rates for first time since the financial crisis. bank of america is cutting 8,000 additional jobs from its consume are banking division work a bigger push into digital banking. bank of america will be adding some sales positions. and old school vending machines are getting some high tech help, the machines with apple pay have seen a 22 percent rise in sales, accord together new york post, in the only are customers snatching up candy and soda but they are buying bigger ticket items like headphones and padlocks. brooke and nicole. >> thanks very much, jill. >> thanks, jill. in campaign 2016 bernie sanders will address his millions of supporters tonight. he is scheduled to make an than line video address
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beginning at 8:30 to talk about is what next for his campaign. last night presumptive presidential nominee clashed on the issue of national security n virginia democrat hillary clinton continue on frame republican donald trump as unfit to be command inner chief because of his call for temporary ban on muslim interest grints n atlanta trump called for authorities to respect conduct surveillance on mosque in the wake of the orlando attacks. >> if hillary clinton gets in you will have a supreme court that will destroy our country as we know it. just remember that. >> after all of the twitter apartments and conspiracy theories we have been hearing recently it is time for substantive discussions about how do we protect our country good the candidates also weighed in on gun control, trump competed he wants to meet with the nra to discuss keeping people from the fbi terror watch list from buying guns. clinton is calling on congress to reinstate assault weapons
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ban. in a new cbs news poll hillary clinton has a six-point lead in donald trum april machining register voters who plan to vote in november's general election. the former revel casino will not be opening today, they are still waiting on inspections and permits. now the revel was once -- one of the four casinos that closed in 2014. developer glenn straub bought it in bankruptcy court, and straub plans to open up the revel yesterday but now it is in the clear when the complex including 900 new hotel rooms will open. the casino is set to open up in late august. one atlantic city law maker wants to see marijuana legislation bill on the ballot. reid says marijuana taxed at 20 percent could be a answer to ac's financial problems. he is introducing legislation in trenton to make recreational marijuana legal only in atlantic city. critics say promoting drugs is not the way out of atlantic city's financial mess. jurors return to work for the second day of
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deliberations, in congressman chaka fattah's racketeering trial. the philadelphia demies accused of arranging an illegal one million-dollar campaign loan, and then paying back part of it with federal grant money and charitable donations f take's lawyers blame two from ital consultants who pleaded guilty. when is there a verdict we will let you know right here on "eyewitness news". pennsylvania governor tom wolf returns to work to tackle a issue that hits close to home. wolf will sign a bill to inn christ awareness about ways to detect, diagnosis and treat prostate cancer. wolf was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year. he spent the last two days at home recovering from a procedure, to treat his cancer. good news for coffee drinkers, world health organization no longer classifies as a carcinogen. the agency says there is not enough evidence linking coffee to cancer but researchers is a very hot beverages can be a health risk. high temperatures could cause throat injuries which lead to tumors. all right. 5:41 right now, a cat is
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nearly killed after getting shot with an arrow, we will have the lucky broke that saved the animal life when we come back. a fireball at a gas station when a car burst into flames, check out the video there, the driver's mistake that is spark ago this explosion. and is this the start of a new love story forte lor swift. see which hollywood heart throb she was spotted kissing weeks after her latest break up when we come back. >> ♪ >> morning rain makes you want to get right back into bed, but sometimes that is not an option. so we are hoping you wake up with us and start your thursday off with us right, katie will let you know when it will dry up. here's a hint. before the weekend. difficult just give ate way. i think i did. >> oh, no. >> stay tuned anyway. >> sorry, katie.
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we have a disturbing case of animal abuse. search is on for a suspect who shot a cat with an arrow in delanco, burlington county. family members found their cat with a arrow lodged through her torso. now doctors say that the cat is lucky to be alive, and x-rays show the arrow just missed b's chest cavity and didn't hit any arteries. investigators think arrow came from a cross bow.
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>> it is unlawful to possess and of course discharging a weapon. little concerning that it is against a cat. >> that family is furious about this attack but they are relieved, of course that b is okay. dramatic surveillance shows a car bursting into flames at a gas station in rochester, new york. the explosion threw the driver from the car and set his clothes on fire just before this man, spilled a gas can and put tonight his trunk. of course, then the explosion. man has second and third degree burns. police are investigating what exactly started the fire. after a few days of just perfect weather, rain is returning this morning. >> katie is checking in with the weather watchers. katie. >> indeed i am. at the moment we are not finding rain every where. that is what you'll fine throughout the day. it is more scattered variety of any showers, thunderstorms but there are some spots where we will getting hit hard. lets check with the watchers. we will start off by looking
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at the map view here. we have a couple spots where it is warmer then others. beginning to feel muggy as well, barbara sent in 66 degrees from willow grove. she's in more cloud then anything, humidity beginning to climb here but pressure is starting to drop off as this latest disturbance pushes n we will go to another one across the board here 62 degrees from john. he has a full overcast right now but very high humidity at 93 percent. we will get one more, go far inland out to the farm country here where fran is reporting some thunderstorms right now, one just bubbled up as i was on the air on the sky deck, a couple minutes ago and he tweeted and says his pups are in the loving these thunderstorms all that much. take care of the animal too but some thunder rumbling in the farmland he said right now. lets take a closer look at storm scan and see how things are shaping up, again, everything is scattered but look at this let's zero in on through lancaster county and into now at this point portions of chester county,
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couple lightening strikes, firing up, all doppler indicated but look at this darker shade we have heavy rainfall intensity and as i set this up this pocket was more removed off to the west but take this dot, transpose it over into just, a couple miles east and basically looking at just shy of two and three-quarters inches of rain per hour. it will not last an entire hour but it is drenching heavy rain falling. the here's my advice bring along the umbrella it is scattered. out there at anytime but we will look to fathers day, the ties, they give ate way, right? sunny and fantastic by sunday and actually guys as early as tomorrow, we will start to clear things out with time here. more and more sun as day progresses. weekend looks awesome, meisha. >> it sure does, fathers day, wow you guys are lucking out, looks gorgeous. good morning everyone. blue route look at how wet, headlights moving in the north bound direction before the schuylkill very wet roadways
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right now. blue route is, looking good but some roads we were looking at is really starting to heat up, a lot of these folks getting outside but it is wet, slow moving commute, that is for sure. taillights moving in the eastbound direction before montgomery, giving you a good look what is is looking like in the east and westbound side and you can see a lieutenant of vehicles out there in the 5:00 o'clock hour and when it gets that wet we know what road are like around city avenue or schuylkill or i-95 southbound. those will get busy. i-95 north at 452. take that to the airport. we will be looking all right in delaware county. we know that will heat up later on in the 6:00 o'clock, or 6:30ish i would say. construction in delaware 495 north bound on and off ramps, 7:00 p.m. tonight through, 5:00 p.m. on sunday. i will tweet that as as well. gas main repairs we have updates here route 38 eastbound between route 130 and route 73, three lanes are blocked until 6:00 a.m., next friday admiral wilson
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boulevard eastbound two right lanes are block, another one i will tweet out for you. brooke, over to you. >> it didn't take long to taylor swift to shake off her last break up. >> she was spotted kissing actor tom huddleston on the beach near her house in road island. he is best known for playing loci. he is 35. she's 26. they are both really attractive. you probably remember swift broke up with her long time boyfriend, dj calvin harris this happened early this month. i didn't want to leave him out. harris was spotted with swift latest hook up by unfollowing his ex on social media. he is petty like me. ashton kutcher and mila family is expanding. representative confirms that she's pregnant with their second child. the former co-star will have a
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doubt their will turn two in october and they are also getting ready to celebrate their very first, wedding anniversary. and here's a new one for oprah's book club the former queen of daytime is writing her first, cookbook. >> yes. >> you are in to that, nicole. >> oprah says she was inspired to write the book after she lost more than 20 pounds with weight watchers. the cookbook will be a veilable next january, oprah was working on a memorandum ours but that has been postpone. she lost more than 20 pounds. she made more than 20 million. how much was that weight watchers deal. >> lady o can do no wrong. >> writing a cookbook oprah i'm right there. >> i love her. >> okay. >> switching gears right now surprising discovery inside a bathroom. >> see how, a deer was saved after getting stuck in the tub, plus. >> i know what happened and i don't ever want to get through it again. >> that woman she refused to give up without a fight after someone tried to kidnap her, yeah, every kay item that she
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used to break free we will break it down for you, we will be right
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wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me, no no,♪ ♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider,♪ ♪yeaaahh... ♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me nooo♪ ♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight riiiiiiiideer!♪ well, you can call this the sweet, smell of success. a quick thinking ohio woman escapes her kidnapper by using body spray. sixty-one year-old joyce
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kenney was opening up her front door when a man grabbed her arm, covered her mouth and told her to drive. she did, but the whole time she was thinking of an escape. >> body spray, i reached down, grabbed that and sprayed his eyes, either me or him and i knew that. >> luckily for joyce suspect already had the door cracked open as they drove. police are still working to track down the suspect. good for her. >> wow. california man says that he has add a lot of visitors over the years and a lot of them don't knock. this is aftermath of the 19th time ray minter's house, 19th time, it has been hit by a car. house sits at end of the highway exit ramp and he says drivers are either going too fast or they are impaired, and they just crashed right into his fence, car or his house. poor guy. >> first one, shocks you, and then after that, you know, as long as nobody in the the house is hurt, you don't care because i know it will get repaired. >> i feel like it is time to
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move. minter says he has begged lawmakers for action to reduce frequency of crashes but so far they have done nothing. >> my goodness. >> that is scary. >> this story had a colorado man saying oh, deer? home owner in jefferson county was helping a faun caught in some fencing, when the baby deer took off and ran into his bathroom. unsure what to do, he put the faun in the tub. officers wrapped him in the blanket and sent it back in the wild. >> that is kind of sweet though. >> yes. >> okay. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", this puppy has a new lesion life. we are all about the puns on life. that is thanks to the group of fourth graders. we will tell you how this special program at a local school is helping in more ways then one. and a drexel university golfer who played his way into the u.s. open, pat gallen has his story coming
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give yourself some extra time this morning checking out storm scan it looks like your commute will be a wet one. katie will time out the showers. >> reporter: an autopsy is planned a day after the body of a two-year old boy snatched into the disney lake by an
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alligator is found. i'm don champion in the lake buena vista florida with the latest on the investigation coming up. and happening today philadelphia votes on a sugary drink tax, what it means for you, if it passes. today is thursday, june 6th, event good morning, so glad you are with us i'm nicole brewer in for jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> very good morning. it is thursday, wet, wet, wet, it will be very slow commute. we are seeing that start to pick up. >> it is interesting too we don't have rain falling currently every where but you get the spray, and it passes through. >> anytime it rains, even if it is like a light shower, so, yeah, always tough also to give yourself extra time hitting the alarm and get out extra early that makes it tougher. we will take a look outside dreary start to the day outside whitefield elementary school. the current temperature 65. feels like 65. muggy 65 as day


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