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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  June 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> right now on "eyewitness news," police search the feasterville home where 12 girls were rescued this week and the investigation into this disturbing case has only just begun. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. the man who owns the house and the girls' parents are all sitting in jail cells tonight. the girls were rescued from the 400 block of old street road on thursday after a suspicious neighbor called child services. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is outside the home right now where a press conference has just ended.
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anita. >> reporter: yes, natasha, just a few minutes ago we found out what investigators have been finding inside that home. they have been searching that home photographing and cataloging everything that they found. we're told that police actually found a very elaborate train set worth tens of thousands of dollars in the basement of that home along with mattresses as well as violins and clarinets so they believe as well that the kids inside may have been home schooled because they found several pieces of homework and instruments as well. as you can see investigators are on the scene right now, again they're combing through to find anything to help them with this investigation. we're also told that cadaver dogs have been out on the scene searching for any potential bodies that may have been buried there but police say right now they have not found anything of that sort. and the homeowner had previously told neighbors here that no children lived inside of that home but he now faces sexual assault charges. a quiet block of old street road now shaken by what police
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say was happening inside one neighbor's home for years without anyone knowing. >> flabbergasted. >> amazed. >> reporter: authorities removed 12 girls ranging in age from six months told 18 years old from this feasterville home. the homeownerrer 51-year-old lee kaplan faces a multitude of charges including sexual assault. >> noticed these little girls, only little girls and they would be outside very sporadic eight, very rarely you would see one or two. >> reporter: this neighbor says her motherly instincts kicked in and when she sensed something was off she called pennsylvania's child line. >> this is it finally, enough. like catch this guy. >> reporter: what police discovered no birth certificates or school records for any of the children and that kaplan had allegedly fathered two of them with the eldest girl. she's now 18 but police say she was only 14 when she first conceived. >> lee kaplan had had sexual relations with her in the course of those relations a three year olds and a six month old child was born.
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>> reporter: even what's perhaps more disturbing is the girl's parents daniel and savilla stoltzfus gifted the girl to kaplan. >> police say the stoltzfus family was part of an a.m. mick community in lancaster county. the affidavit states both parents knew their daughter had two children fathered by kaplan and yet did not remove her or any of their other children from the home. several neighbors say they had previously contacted police as far as several years ago about strange occurrences inside of the home but police say the difficult part of this is that they had no probable cause to actually enter the home at the time. now, kaplan and both of the girls' parents remain in county jail on $1 million bail each tonight. we're live in feasterville, i'm anita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> anita, thank you very much. also new details about this disturbing case as they emerge stay with "eyewitness news." we'll have the latest on our web site one man is killed, another is fighting for his life after
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being shot in overbrook. police say both victims 26-year-old men were shot just before 3 o'clock this afternoon on the 1000 block of edgemoor road. the man killed was pronounced dead at the hospital. the other victim is in critical condition. no arrests have been made just yet. and police do need your help finding a missing camden county woman right now and her two children. police say 26-year-old nicole hitchens of lindenwold was last seen around 2:00 p.m. in stratford. officials believe she's with her son and daughter as well. they believe they're in philadelphia. if you have any information please contacts police right away. and we're turning to our weather today. this father's day weekend is shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. meteorologist lauren casey is in our weather center to tell us if the nice weather is going to continue for dad's day. hope so lauren. >> absolutely is so natasha. a picture is worth a thousand words. live look at beach patrol in
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margate, take that in, gorgeous beach day not a cloud in the sky just nice friendly waves with relatively light winds along the coast. temperatures are warm across the delaware valley but we have a bit of a sea breeze kicking down the shore. 84 degrees in the city right now, lehigh valley up to 86 degrees but down the shore with that southerly component to the wind flow temperatures in the 70's. storm scan3 showing us a lot of sunshine across the area, just some friendly white puffy clouds that developed due to the heating of the day over the last several hours. otherwise clear skies, very quiet and we keep it rain free as we head into tonight and fortunately for our dad's day as well bright sunshine in store but it's going to get a little hotter, up top 88 degrees and then we have even more heat after that as we head into the seven day. association to look forward to, the day in the 70's, tomorrow you get to hang out with the family, get to hang out with dad and tuesday we're watching out for scattered storms and we'll talk about that storm threat in a few. >> lauren thanks so much. firefighters caught a break today battling this massive wildfire in santa
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barbara california. they were expecting high winds that never materialized and allowed them to get it 45 percent contained. forecasters say high winds could return tonight coupled with temperatures in the 90's. hundreds of homes are at risk. as much thousand acres have already burned. elsewhere out west the cedar fire in arizona continues to grow. it's now burning 12,000 acres. and it's just 30 percent contained. officials say they are confident they can get the upper hand very soon. >> number one objective of course is ensuring that we have emergency responder safety and that those folks are well taken care of. you know, that second objective is providing protection for the communities that they're adjacent to or within the potential threat of the fire. >> so far there are no mandatory evacuations, though many people have decided to leave town on their own. now, to the very latest on the massacre in orlando. the final farewells are under
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with for the victims in this horrific shooting nearly a week ago. correspondent quija yang reports from orlando. >> reporter: corey connor did not live to see his dream of becoming a firefighter come trial. on saturday, the mayor of orange county, florida, declared him an honorary one at his funeral. >> i want you to know that the whole community is grieving. connell's was one of many service happening over the weekend for the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. the grief rippled across puerto rico, too. nearly half of the 49 victims were puerto rican including 28-year-old angel padro who moved to florida. >> we lost an angel. god have a new angel. >> reporter: outside several of the funeral services here
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in orlando, community members even stranger filled the streets to show their support. >> they came to orlando and we support them. >> reporter: volunteers made and wore 11 massive angel wings to shield mourners from protestors as 32-year-old christopher line nan's funeral. >> we got a chance to give our support for those that are fallen and those that are grieving and to say that love wins. >> reporter: more funerals are planned in there coming days and the community vows to remain orlando strong. quija jang for cbs3 "eyewitness news" if to campaign 2016 presumptive republican nominee donald trump is campaigning out west after taking the stage to a raucous introduction this afternoon in las vegas. trump addressed rumors that the gop will den fly him the nomination at next month's convention. trump says that despite those reports, he's not concerned. >> and now you have a couple of guys that were badly defeated and they're trying to
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organize maybe like a little bit of a delegate revolt. the republican national committee, they put out a statement you can't do it, it's not legal, you can't do it, you're not allowed to do it. >> trump's recent comments about a judge of mexican heritage have turned some of the members of his own party against him. >> reporter:. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren blasted the businessman today at the new hampshire democratic state convention. warren who has endorsed and is now actively campaigning for hillary clinton did not hold back. >> every day it becomes clearer that he is a thin skinned racist bully and every day it becomes clearer he will never be president of the united states. >> warren has met with clinton in recent days fueling speculation that clinton will tap her for the vice presidency. in a recent bloomberg poll more than a third of clinton supporters say warren should
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be her vp. as team u.s.a. prepares for the olympics the host city has declared a financial emergency. the governor of rio says he needs money from the country's federal government to avoid a "total collapse of public services during the games." declining oil prices have plunged rio into its worst recession since the 30's. meantime brazil is grappling with a nationwide political crisis. the president was suspended last month amid a corruption investigation. rio insists everything will be ready to go on august 5th when the games begin. stastay with us. still to come on "eyewitness news" a tv that actually keeps mosquitos away. find out how it works and where it will be on sale first. lauren. >> we'll need that this weekend heading outside because of dad's day. if you have outdoor plans we'll talk about the forecast and plus when things really heat up just in time for the start of summer. i'll have all that in your extended forecast coming up. >> and just ahead in sports
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phils manager pete mackanin shook up the lineup today. will it help the phils in their four game losing streak? lesley is coming along to tell us. stay with us.
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>> welcome back the centers for disease control says zika is spreading quickly through puerto rico putting pregnant women at risk. doctors say new blood tests
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indicate hundreds of babies there could be born with micr mo end cephaly in a year. lg says it's hoping to help protect against mosquito born diseases. the televisions are expected to go on sale in india first. a local teen fighting cancer gets its birthday wish of a lifetime come true. this is dan hill. he turned 16 today. he's a huge phillies sports fan and today he had the chance to attend the phillies game with oh, 25 or so of his good friends. the best part about this he got to meet some phillies players before the first pitch along with other surprises. dan says it really was all once in a lifetime experience. >> i have all my friends and family here, coach, everyone has been great to me this past
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couple years, definitely the best birthday. >> well, this was all made possible through a project called the youth cancer baseball tour. the program takes hundreds of kids and their families dealing with childhood cancer to mlb games. happy birth day. glad will he a great time. look how beautiful it was. picture perfect day to be outside doing anything. >> ing to anything whether you're in the poconos, in the city, down the shore, wherever you are in the suburbs, beautiful for everyone. sunshine across our area, this last official weekend of the spring season and what a lovely way to end the season. checking in on our cbs3 sky cam over ocean city, new jersey, yeah, the beach everyone enjoying themselves. i don't see too many people in the water, maybe up to their knees, a couple of brave souls. temperatures, though, water temperatures have been warming up pretty dramatically over the last several weeks but we're still not at gulf stream level. you can see the gulf stream, that streak of very warm water there racing uninto the atlantic but a little closer to our coastline temperatures
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are still starting to warm but near 70 degrees right now at some of our shore points as far as the water temperature goes so maybe only the brave going all the way in but temperatures right now, air temperatures we are cooler down the shore, warmer in the city, 84 degrees in philadelphia right now, lehigh valley in the middle 80's but we do have that southerly wind driving in that cooler ocean air, so temperatures taking a hit because of that 70 degrees right now ocean city, 74 in stone harbor and a nice 77 degrees currently in cape may. dewpoints, they're also nice because they're down. they were elevated over the last several days but now down into the 50 range down even into the 40 range in some cases so the humidity levels, that sticky factor feeling much better. we're not having a big index heat pack because of the lower humidity values, maybe a degree or two in some areas but as we head into the neck several days, that's really not going to be the case. the humidity will remain on the tame side at least for tomorrow. dad's day going to be hanging out by the grille cooking
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burgers and dogs for tacked maybe you do the work, let him relax, 88 degrees, sunshine, but we're going start to ramp up the humidity as we head into monday ironically the official start of the summer season and we'll have humid conditions into monday. then on tuesday dewpoints elevate even further to tomorrow citsteamyconditions. high temperatures which he is to 90 degrees and humidity starts to break on the backside of a cold front as we head into wednesday but yeah all this heat and humidity building in just in time for the official start to summer which is on monday, 6:34 officially this summer solstice and we ring in a new season. storm scan3 showing us very quiet conditions, high pressure in control promoting that stable sinking air and that is true all across the eastern seaboard right now. just a couple of clouds in western pennsylvania, otherwise no weather problems and overnight tonight, little bit more mild, mostly clear, down to 61 degrees and tomorrow a little bit hotter, up to 88 degrees, bright sunshine, southwesterly winds
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at around five to 10 miles per hour. and again we'll have that sea breeze kicking in down the shore so high temperatures in the upper 70's to near 80 degrees. but as we head north and west of the city a toasty one especially in the poconos climbing into the middle 80's, some low 90's expected across parts of berks county tomorrow and then we get even hotter as we head into monday, 90 degrees with that steamy sunshine. that end we do have a chance for some scattered storms. models indicating we could see a round in the morning and then a secondary round in the afternoon so stay tuned to that forecast as it continues to evolve and then we get there cold front coming through, breaks our heat and humidity. midweek looks very nice. sunshine, low 80's and lower humidity. >> very nice weekend. thank you so much, lauren. great day for some baseball lesley. >> at least the weather was nice. [laughter] >> i don't know what's going on with the phillies. after starting the game six games below points 500. the phillies had lost four straight, eight of nine, 21 out of 27. and during the four game slide
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the phillies pitching staff had given up 17 home runs. pete mackanin is shaking things up. cody asche leading off. mike kale franco batting sixth. let's see if the whole lineup change worked. odubel herrera batting second took the pitch over the mall left for his seventh homer of the year. that gives jerad eickhoff the lead. to the fifth. phillies did have the lead until this manage was crushed into the left field stands. became tied at one. not panicking until here. a big two run jack to left. the phillies now trailing three to one. eickhoff gave up three run off nine hits. then from the seventh gonzalez on the mound. the phillies losing streak is now at five. four-one the final. big week ahead for both the flyers and sixers. both leagues will be holding drafts. let's start with the orange and black.
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they surprised everyone by making the playoffs last season and losing to the caps in the first round. they have the 18th pick in the first round friday night in buffalo. hextall's team loaded with defensive prospects so will he pick another blue liner or maybe go with a forward. >> we've got more defense prospects than we do forward prospects and that's -- it's no different last year. we -- you know, we didn't have a lot of goalies so we loaded up last year, little more than i anticipated and this year there's a little bit of a focus on -- on forward for sure. that doesn't mean we're not going to pick a defenseman. >> last time the sixers had the topic they chose allen iverson. he became a hall of famer and global icon. will they get in lucky again. sports director don bell assembled a round table. they watched some game film
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and scouted ls's ben simmons and duke's star brandon ingram. so who should the sixers pick. >> he's going to go to a team that is let's be kind and say is a developing team. >> yes. >> somebody on that staff sonny is going to have to teach him and he's going to have to gravitate to that person. if he's gravitating to the bright lights and the piles of money, then this is what he is. >> well, you can see more from that round table tomorrow night in the sports zone at 11:35 right here on cbs3. now to the pitch the first place union taking on new york at yankee stadium. union coming into this match with a eight game unbeaten streak. things didn't go well for the unity eighth minute. new york on the attack. lambert beat andre blake. with that shot right there. new york took the lead. to the 21st minute new york way break away. jack harrison with a back heel pass. yes, the union's unbeaten streak will come to an end three-two the final today but
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they're still doing really well. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much lesley. appreciate that. when we come right back see the moment an american astronaut touched back down on
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>> welcome back. three members of the international space station are back on earth. american astronaut tim copra tim peake and the russian cosmonaut touched down this morning. they landed in a soyuz capsule in kazakstan. six months in space has helped rekindle space exploration.
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>> welcome back everyone. some very deserving kids had their days brightened up after receiving a very special gift today. "eyewitness news" at the irish pub in center city where three children with disabilities were given adaptive bicycles. the money raised in last year's tour de shore made the gift possible for the children. very nice. now they can just scoot around with ease. that's "eyewitness news" tonight. i'm natasha brown for lesley lauren all of us here, we
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always appreciate you being with us even on beautiful day like today you took time to spend with us. thank you. we'll se
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: wildfires rage in the west. a monster fire has forced hundreds from their homes. also tonight, nine victims of the orlando nightclub massacre are laid to rest. mourners faced off against protesters at one funeral. a dozen girls rescued from a house of horrors in pennsylvania. was one of the victims sent there to pay her family's debt. >> hey, everybody! >> ninan: and the first family celebrates america's national treasures. >> the beauty of the national park system is, it plongz to everybody. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> ninan:ing good evening. i'm reena ninan. firefighters in west are up against a perfect storm for


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