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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 20, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> city of brotherly love sends message of hope and healing not victims of the orlando massacre. >> i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. first, here's what you need to start your day in the morning minute. >> three people are hurt after a car crash. two cars collided just before
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2:00 a.m. at 47th and woodland avenue. >> this could have all been stopped over a year ago. >> neighbors in bucks county say they called police repeatedly about the feasterville house where 12 girls were rescued last week. >> now, kaplan and the girl's parents are all being held on $1 million bail. >> the fbi plans to release partial transcripts of the 911 conversations between negotiators and the gunman, attorney general loretta lynch said she would head to orlando tomorrow, to meet with investigators. >> gun control front and center on capitol hill. the senate is scheduled to vote on four measures, to control the sale of guns. >> my mom, my dad, i have a family. we will never forget you, dorey. >> i'll never forget you. >> i miss them. >> that's your number one movie at the box office this weekend, finding dorey earned $136.2 million, making it the
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highest grossing animated debut of all time. this is really cool. thirteen years it's been? >> exactly. >> since finding nemo. since nice weather weaken for us, most people didn't go outside and go to the theater, even more incredible. katie, specking any movie days this week? >> looks like there may be a couple of them, guys, tracking cold fronts through the week, also tracking another area of low pressure through the week, but the good news is spoiler for the weekend, right now the weekend you can upcoming one isn't looking all that bad. let's look how things are shaping up today. not bad either, just going to be hot, also steamy. hey it is the first official day of summer, why not, right? tis the season. kutztown area middle school we take you out there, do you have little haze over the soccer field here, in the foreground, 60 degrees, though, and i got it tell you as i stands out here on the skydeck, feels awfully comfortable, slightly muggy but not real un comfortable. storm scan3, nice and quiet, stays that way throughout at least the day, but then our next system is going to be moving on in. so late tonight, we start to
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see the potential for sock activity. for now temperatures as they stand, only at this point in mount pocono, 59 degrees, flirting with 70 along portions of i-95, 71 still topping off at the warmest spot of the pack here, in dover, delaware, but, as the day progresses, even rehoboth, 71 degrees, start to speak icily -- easily, tai take a look at the day planner, full sunshine wine the in the morning already at 80 degrees, with the fact that these dew point start to climb, it starts to feel awfully steamy outside. so, take care. by 3:00 p.m., we expect to hit about 91 degrees, but, we are officially shooting for 92. so there is will make it the second day straight that we're in the 90s here, as we kick start the summer season. looking forward, there is potential that we see some stronger thunderstorms, so coming up as the show goes on, i'll tell you exactly when you will not only need the umbrella but also when some of the stronger storm potential scheduled to arrive, meisha? >> summer making a entrance
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with a bang, thank you so much, katie. good morning, everybody. happy monday, welcome back, with us, 95 south, before girard, what you are looking at here. plenty of early risers out, there we've seen it even in the 4:00 hour i would say, wow, quite few early risers on the roadway, thinking about headed out, still know you're in good company. getting little bit busier out there as we can expect. schuylkill, looking pretty good once off the boulevard and on to the schuylkill, again, moving in the westbound direction, here, taillights moving in the westbound direction, looking good, but still a lot of vehicles out there, already. blue route, headlights, actually moving in the northbound direction, at route one, kind of keeping my eye on this area approaching route one, you can see, how many vehicles are already out there, as well. this is where some construction cleared on the pa turnpike, great news for those you, edgemore, off and onramps closed until next thursday. then, 495 north at edgemore road, right lane block, until 5:00 p.m. so, through the morning rush, and then just the start of the
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evening rush. brooke, over to you. >> meisha, a neighbors in bucks county say they called police repeatedly about the feasterville house where 12 girls were rescued last week. >> they want to know why authorities didn't act sooner. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in feasterville with the latest on the investigation. good morning, jan. >> reporter: jim, brooke, good morning. police here in bucks county calling this one of the more bizarre cases they've ever dealt with. and the work is not over. >> this investigation continues behind me here, liver on scene, you can see, police officer, still remains out front of this feasterville house this morning. a lot of work was done here over the weekends, as well, police, executed a search warrant, and went met you can justly through every room here. and that work unfolded right in front of the still stunned neighbors eyes. many who for long time suspected something was wrong at this hour, and even tell "eyewitness news", they contacted authorities years ago, about their concerns. now, police have arrested 51 year old lee kaplan, and charged him with number of crimes including sexual assault, police say, he
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fathered two children, three year old and infant, with now 18 year old woman, who lives here. they say he first started having sex with that victim when she was just 14 years old. now, authorities responds to this home, late last week, on old street road after receiving anonymous tip about child abuse, inside, police say, they found 12 females hiding in a basement chicken coup, range from six months to 18 years old. police say the 18 year old may have been given to kaplan by her birth parent, as some sort of business agreement for financial support. those parents have been arrested, as well. police say daniel and savila admitted to gifting their caught or and thought it was legal after re. on line. neighbors want to know why wasn't done earlier when they thought authority years ago, and police had this to say. >> the neighbors who called two years ago, i don't know what you are referring to, what casino every call did they call, that they saw amish people? that's the calls that we got. we didn't get child abuse
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calls there. so if it was a child abuse call we would have responded naturally. this time a little bit different because they found out that this girl was 14 years old, that had two children, so that gives you the probable cause to go in the house. >> now, police say, the children found in this home appear to be amish. investigators say, they're brinking in specialists now to speak with them. according to police, daniel and savila say the rest of the children are theirs, but police are working to confirm that, since they have no birth certificates, none end rolled in school, and unknown at this time if any of the other children were subjected to abuse, now, kaplan, and both of those girls parents are all being held on $1 million bail. reporting live in feasterville, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", brooke, jim, back into you. >> thanks for that, jan. the time 5:37. in business news this morning, british voters could decide to leave the european union. >> plus, guess what mark zuckerberg says he's doing
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with 99% of his fortune? money watch's jill wagner joins us from the stock exchange, jill, good morning. >> good morning, brooke, jim. the markets open after another down week on friday, the dow fell 57 points, nasdaq dropped 44, futures those pointing to higher open. invest remembers closely watching the lead to up thursday's big vote in europe. british vote letters way in on whether the country should leave the european union, break up would bring lots of uncertainty to the market. some big changes coming to cosco today, wholesaler searching from american express to city visa. city will be mailing new cards to cosco customers, cash back rewards and other perks will automatically transfer. >> and today's facebook holds its annual shareholder meeting on the agenda, creating new class of non-voting stock, this way, ceo mark zuckerberg could transfer shares to the chan zuckerberg initiative without including his majority voting controls. zuckerberg and his wife have promised to give away 99% of
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their fortune to charity. jim, brooke? >> i can start a charity for myself, jill. it is called the jim donovan retirement funds, and i'll share it with brooke, i'll do god deeds, ill. >> don't forget your money watch reporter. >> all right, thanks, jill. >> federal investigators funds to release more information about the orlando massacre. >> now, the fbi plans to release partial transcripts of the 911 conversations between negotiators and the gunman. now, on cbs "face the nation", attorney general loretta lynch said she would hit to orlando tomorrow to meet with investigators, yesterday marked one week since the worse mass shooting in modern us history. gunman killed 49 people, wounded 53 other, in the pulse night club. he died in a shoot-out with police. in orlando, as thousands gathered for community vigil, there was a rainbow in the sky. >> the people of philadelphia have a lot of support for the victims of the orlando shooting. last night the cathedral basilica of saint peter and
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paul in center city held special mass. hundreds of people were there, and so was "eyewitness news" reporter trang do. >> reporter: forty-nine candles along 49 roses in memory of those killed in the orlando night club shooting. >> this was about people, whose lives are senselessly taken, so that's the main concern here. and that was the reason why we would immediately want to have the eucharist celebrated offered for them, prayed for them. >> several hundred people gathered for the special mass at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. many visiting from out of town. >> we actually were praying for them, every night with family and we will continue to do it and we are blessed to be here. >> regular parishioners say the service was a bit different than usual. >> there was a little more
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spiritual and for giving, be more for giving, and more caring, you know, stop with the hate, just love all, one another, we are all one, no matter what color, race, gender, all one. >> very sorrow full, you know, we all care about them and our heart go out to them. >> father gill says other churches in the archdioces held similar mass toss provide prayers and comfort to the victims and their families. in logan circumstance em, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> meanwhile special celebration takes place at st. paul's episcopal church, to celebrate juneteenth, june 19th. it is very important, back in 1865 this was the day slavery came to an end officially in the united state, two and a half years after it was supposed to.
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the church played a role as it was a stop on the underground railroad, and that is the network of course, from the south, could make their way to freedom. >> well, still ahead this morning, getting our first look at chelsey clinton's baby boy. we will show you the pictures. >> also this morning, brand new study just released offered surprising new details about children and concussions. we'll tell but it on this morning's health watch. we'll be right back.
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>> i had a chance to talk to two of the stars, about tonight's big episode. >> starts to get very, yes, it takes off from the first episode, but, it starts to get really really suspense full, more characters are introduced in the second episode, and more, you know, more hilarious, as well. >> absolutely, the beautiful thing about what they've been able to do here, the creators of this show, the writers, to balance the comedy and the drama so well, and always with the suspense building, and in the second episode, we start to see these characters, really getting more and more flushed out. we become more invested in their issues and in them.
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you find people who root for and people that you want to see go down. >> the second episode of brain dead episodes at 8:00 here on cbs-3. i'm on zested when tony. >> oh, nice. >> great show. >> i have some of his character. >> i was thinking did i, too. >> little paranoid. >> looks like good show, though. >> pretty good stuff. >> definitely. >> weather looks good. >> the weather looks awesome, if you like summertime heat and humidity, we have you covered. >> you know so fun bye the humidity? my cousin here visiting my sister in new orleans then flew here, he was like oh, the air, it is so great, i can breathe. everyone is like saying it is so humid, but he is like no, nothing like new orleans. >> philadelphia, don't you worry, it will be fine, yes. but today definitely right up your alley coming from oklahoma for sure and from the south here. let's take you outside. show you the view.
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beautiful start to the day. looks a tad hazy though, don't this i? certainly looking like summertime. we take you outdoor, "skycam 3", all calm, all collected, definitely tran will day, high pressure building in place here. actually turn your focus here we come out to the screen here. we're actually talking little bit of tropical weather right now. thankfully this is not a system that's impacting us, but something worth mentioning, tropical depression four has now formed out over portions of the gulf of mexico. at this point it looks like it is actually going to be nudging inland to mexico, and bringing with it, the potential certainly for some very heavy rain in this area. but, as we bring it back stateside to our area, we go ahead, check in the weather watchers very quickly, we have low mid 60s here, mid upper 50's generally around most of the board, go ahead, take a look at the list for mass in, david mitchell, 59 degrees, off to cool start, considering how eventually warm it will get. checking in at 63, low 60s both fran and jenny cherry hill, john, mullica hill,
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56 degrees, that to me looks particular may be one of the mildest spots we have here on the docket. yes, even 56 degrees, coming in, in portions at least solve some of the neighborhoods in philadelphia, definitely says something. let's go ahead, take you back here to the graphics, we check in with storm scan3, not much going on here locally. but we have frontal boundary already starting to nudge east, this is what is going to eventually bring the next shot for showers, thunderstorms, although, by the time it crosses looks like it will be somewhat scat nerd nature of the activity. in the meantime, today is hot. it is definitely going to turn a lot muggier outside. so wear light lose clothing if you can, if you got to be out at the height of the day, ten to 4:00 p.m., that window where the sun will be at its strongest, make sure you're dragging plenty of water, draw the blind, during the day, if you have to be inside, maybe don't have the benefit of air conditioner, and also, keep in mind, be sure, reminding us of this earlier, cars can turn into offense in minutes, so never, ever, ever leave your kids, leave your pets, in that
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parked vehicle, if you have to run into the mini mart, so be it, take them inside with you. if you have to, okay? in the meantime, also, leave your nutri grain baron the outside. that will melt. low 90s for today, tomorrow, tomorrow that day we see shower or thunderstorm cross the area. meisha, over to you. >> great advice, katie, absolutely remember, never, ever leave anyone or anything in your vehicles, yes, not even chocolate bar. i did it the other day it melted all over my purse. so annoyed. schuylkill eastbound, spring garden, this is what you are looking at here, both directions actually starting to just slowly start to heat up now. we've been kinds of seeing it hold off little steady, actually start today heat up even in the 4:00 hour, pushing towards the 5:00. cracked in, heating up little bit. now kinds of holding steady here, as you can see, getting little busy. so probably going to be busy monday, chester brooke, looking great here on 202, so for those every you headed out on 202, great company. 202, taillights moving in the southbound direction at route 29. pairly anyone out there. vine open last night for no
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construction last night, great moving in the westbound eastbound side. you can see moving in the westbound side, trying to get out of the schuylkill, just a little bit after traffic jam there. letting us know that it is looking very busy on the vine in the world of mass transit, septa regional rails, buses, trolleys having started new schedule. make sure to check those schedules on line. also the media elwin line is bussing between elwyn and swarthmore there is will be going on through september 4th. i'll be tweet that out as well, construction here, 59 north between route 413 and street road, left lane closed, between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. jim, over to you. >> thank you, so much, meisha a well, we're getting our first look at aiden clinton, the new son of former first daughter, chelsey clinton, and her husband mark, the son of former montgomery county congress woman. it is chelsey and mark's second child, the clinton's second grand child, aiden's sister char slot born in june of 2014. >> on the hell watch, new information on treating children with concussions,
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most children who get concussions from sport or activities not treat in the hospitals. that's according to researcher at the university of washington. doctors say the timing shows the needs for all healthcare providers, to improve concussion training. >> the flint michigan water crisis put lead poisoning back in the spotlight. and now the american academy of pediatrics want strict regulations to protect our children. reporting from newark, new jersey where elevated levels of lead were detect in the schools there in recent month. >> lorina davis' outrage, after elevated lead levels were found in the water at her daughter's new jersey schools. >> they are allowed to wash their hand with the water, but they get donations for bottled water, but really need to fix the lead problem in the school. >> the american academy of pediatrics says there is no safe level of lead for children. the group is calling for stricter regulations, from the government, to find and eliminate all sources of lead around the country. >> we know now that even very
5:52 am
low levels of lead can cause adhd, can cause learning problems, aggressive behavior. >> the major source of lead is still paint, not from chips, but from dust in old homes, many children are also exposed to lead from water and old pipes. >> we need to make sure that we prevent it, because there is no treatment. >> the aap wants new federal standards to test for lead in house dust, water, and soil. the group also wants requirements to remove lead from housing, and childcare facilities, and to make sure school water fountains are safe. parents in newark don't just want increased testing. >> it worries me about what's going to happen to people in the longrun. >> they want to know their children's water is safe. in newark, new jersey, edward laurence, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> very important story there. still ahead, another sign that summer starting. >> we will tell you about the annual beach event happening today, we'll be right back.
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>> competition on the beach. >> marvel. >> now, mrs., what marvel's players were called, all across the country to play more than a thousand matches this week, the new king and queen of marges wins cash, get this, college scholarships, and other prizes. >> i think this is awesome. i like it. >> good stuff. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", solar impulse. solar powered plane making its way around the world, took off from new york this morning, find or where it is headed, and why this is such a big feat. >> most people worry about lyme disease, but can carry several other diseases, as well, brooke already scratching, doctor rob will be here in how to check yourself and the warning signs to look for coming
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wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. >> days after dozen girls were rescued from this bucks county home, neighbors saying are saying they tried to alert police last year. live with why the police couldn't make an arrest until now. >> fbi set to release big piece of evidence in the orlando night club shootingment find out what we expect to learn today as the senate prepares to vote on gun
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control. and, hello summer. the longest day of the year, and it will be a steamy one. but how long will we be dealing with the heat and the humidy? today is monday june the 20th, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, hopefully for a long time. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> oh, good morning. >> let's do it. >> amen, amen, all i'll say. roads are looking really good right now. in great company. just headed out the door, but it will get little busy out there. but no accidents to report. >> oh, great, good. thankfully no wet weather at the moment, right now, just still just in the influence of high pressure, so, sun is now up. you guys mentioned it, longest day of the year, and talking 15 hours, and 38 seconds to be exact, update here today, with high pressure still in place, so expect full sun, but because of that full sunshine, it will heat up really efficiently here guys, storm scan may be empty, but keep in mind when you have high height, high humidity, high solar angle, hea


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