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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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making it so difficult for firefighters gain the upper hand. >> well, today's tuesday, june the 21, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> hey, there i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are here as well helping you get your day started. good morning. >> how are the roads so far? >> roads looking pretty good. we know that will change, so, for the cameras i've seen, still look okay, construction, couple accident, one clearing, the update coming up. >> wet weather we've been talking about it is very, very localized. we don't have drop of rain right now at our station headquarters, but take a look, you can actually see in the camera shot, guys, the storms currently pushing off shore, see the demarcation there where there is little more light of day on the right side of your camera or your tv screen here. and all gray, indicating rain still falling as you look little further off to the left. that's one location. and in addition, as we go to one of the live network shots, interesting, do have gray clouds starting to roll in in
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the camera shot outside cut town area middle school. otherwise some sunshine, really good example whatever you will find here today. variety pack kind of forecast, tracking a cold front, it doesn't at least at this point indicate that we will see any casino every widespread wash out. where you have these thunderstorms locally far off to the north, then also now moving thankfully off shore from cape may county, sandwiched inbetween with dry weather and the city, it is again, mixed bag going on. where the rain is falling, you have some decent heavy rain pockets. you will dodge that today, as the first round quiet down, catch few hours after break, then later today specially we ends one more showers and storms, current temperatures already off to really warm start. no problem meisha hitting 09 later on. >> yes, i wouldn't think so. katie, thank you. good morning, everyone, all right, so kinds of waiting for to push in here. looking 422 tail light moving in the eastbound direction at valley forge.
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being actually looking okay, the vine, also, looking okay, moments ago, weighing seeing a long line every brake lights trying to get on the schuylkill from the vine moving in the westbound direction, now moved out of the way, looking okay, eastbound side, certainly starting to heat up, closed overnight for construction now the vine all clear obviously, delaware county, 95 north at 452, take it all the way up to the airport, this is what you are looking at. so delaware county actually looking okay. we have an accident outside >> construction new jersey here, route 73 southbound, 12, lanes block, that will be block until right around 6:00 a.m. so we still have lingering construction out there, as well, jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a right now police are looking for five men wanted in a vicious beating in south philadelphia. attack caught on camera, but too violent to show you. "eyewitness news" reporter jan
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carabeo live at the scene of the crime with the latest on the investigation. good morning, jan. >> brooke, jim, good morning there is was a brutal beat that happened right here outside of geno's steaks in south philadelphia. just about a week and a half ago. now, philadelphia police want the public's help in tracking down this group of attackers. and, this comes as the victims decide to speak out about the attack to "eyewitness news". patrick's canes cut and bruises about healed now, but ten days ago he look like there is black eye, cuts to his face, after police say he was attack outside geno's steaks in south philadelphia. >> i got punched in the nose and in the back of the head. when was bent over i got a couple of uppercuts into my pace. >> now philadelphia police are looking for this group of five men, surveillance video caught the whole thing. police only releasing this video, seeing the fight is too brutal. kane spoke with "eyewitness news" about the encounter. it was saturday june 11, kane from jenkintown was with his wife and some friends. they all wanted want a steak afr attending a wedding so they
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stopped bye joan owe's. >> my wife's girlfriend asked the guys at the able hey, does anybody have a cigarette i can bumm? off they went. guy just lost his mind, got real angry yelling at us like you don't know who i am. >> the violence escalated quickly, kane says one of the men even claim he was a member of isis. >> he just got angry, got in our face, he shoved her, then my wife said don't put your hands on a girl, they hit her. so the guy i was with, he and i, all right, that's. >> they were outnumbered five to one, turned down medical treatment afterward and and wrote what happened is a bad fight. >> everything just escalates right to violence and anger and people blow up for no reason. like there is no reason for it, just stupid. >> now, police say the five men actually left the scene in two separate vehicles, one they say is a dark colored pick-up truck, the other an s.u.v. they say that both of the vehicles have new jersey plates. anyone with information is asked to give police a call. we are reporting live in south
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philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke being back into you. >> thanks, jan. >> new this morning manhunt underway after double shooting in kensington. eleven year old man was hit in the leg and 23 year old man was shot in the back about 1:30 this morning near g and east madison street. investigators say the gunman likely used two guns, and sprayed parked cars with the gunfire. they say that the suspect had dredlocks, if you have any information, contact police. attorney general loretta lynch is heading to orlando today to focus on pulse night club shooting. she will meet with investigators, first responders, and the victim's family. in 911 transcript, released by the f.b.i., omar mateen spoke in arabic, identifying himself as an islamic soldier. he told negotiator to tell america to stop bombing syria and iraq, saying that is why he was out here right now. mateen also made threats that there are car bombs parked outside pulse night club telling police you people are going to get it and i'm going to ignite it if they try to do
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anything stupid. the fbi's first report sensored some information but after heavy criticism later released complete transcript of three calls. >> not releasing the audio, what i can tell you is that why the killer made these murderous statements, he did so in a chilling, calm, and deliberate manner. >> the fbi also not providing 91 calls from victims out of respect for them and their families. >> two survivors of the night club shooting are now back in philadelphia recall the ordeal, patience and tiara recovering from gunshot wounds, hud with the a kira's cousin tiara. murray was killed in the attack. just graduated from west catholic high school, parker was face-to-face with her cousin's killer. >> and i keep hearing that i was one of the only few people that made it out of there alive, and looking that man in his face. >> the thought that i'm just
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really so unable to move around, on my own, is a constant reminder like i really went through this. >> carter has a fractured feel or, will likely be four, six months before she walks again. >> funeral a rangment foray kira murray include a viewing on friday at 8:00 a.m. her funeral is set for 10:00. >> there is another move for compromise on gun control. legislation after four bills failed to pass the senate. republicans defeated democratic plans to he can pants backgrounds checks on firearms bottom line and at gun shows, voted down flan would have topped people on the no fly list and terrorist watch list from buying guns. democrats stopped republican proposals requiring a court order showing probable cause to block a gun sale. they also reject add flan would allow the mentally toil challenge their diagnosis, in order to be able to buy a gun. >> if we do nothing more people in our country will likely die.
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>> newcomb pro mice by main senator susan colwyn ban gun sales to terrorism suspect on the no fly littles, but her version would allow appeals for those mistakenly on the list. >> back to work today for jurors deciding the fate of chaka fat a today is the third day of deliberate racings after juror dismissed last week, 11 term death rat accused of arranging illegal 1 million campaign loan, then paying back part of it with federal grant money and charitable donations. four other people are also on trial. fattah's lawyers have blamed two political consultant who already pleaded guilty. >> pennsylvania supreme court judge is rejected bill cosby's latest effort to get the sex assault charges against him tossed out of court. cosby said he had a deal he wouldn't be charged over the 2,004 encounter former temple employee andrea constand. his attorneys also want to question constand at pretrial hearing next month. the judge says that is under consideration. >> private funeral services
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will be held today for the nebraska toddler killed in the alligator attack at disney world. the family of two year old lane graves is asking for privacy, as they gather to lay him to rest. the community has come together to support them by displace blue bows across town, people over at the town store have spent days hand making more than 1,000 bows. for customers, that is small way to show support. >> cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to lose a child like that. >> 100% of the profits go to the graves family. now there is little boy was playing in a foot of water in a lagoon when alligator grabbed him. disney has since put up fence and signs warning of the wildlife danger. >> well, it is the hottest start to sumner three states, and that extreme heat is fueling wild fires. coming up, the obstacle fire fight remembers facing battling the flames. >> plus this store i could have had a much different ending, mom saves her five year old son from the jaws after mountain lion, finds out how she was able to fight off
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this big cat. >> and a lock of dave bowie's hair is for sale. how much it is expected to get at prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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>> welcome back, the time is 61:23, fire crews out west are battling more than dozen wild fires fueled by extreme heat. >> it is awful. andrea is about to show you that hundreds of people were forced to grab what they can and just get out.
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>> the pair every fast moving wild fires continue to burn through brush in a san gabriel mountains overnight, firefighters work to keep them from merging. >> a lot of homes here, really close to the fire. >> reservoir and fish fires errupted monday, a mid intense heatwave. prompting hundreds of evacuations north of los angeles. >> we ask you to take your medication with you. and to bring some items of clothing just in case the evacuation lasts longer than a day or two. >> the first of the fires in the area was spark by a fatal car crash. less than two hours later the second gang burning in the sit of, charlie and his nab or fought to keep the flames from reaching their homes, as firefighters returned in. >> i feel really lucky. really really lucky. having it start right next-door like that, it is scary. >> others pack up their pets and belongings and got out. >> you know, you just hope for the best, and all of the neighbors, too, and hope everybody is okay. >> fast moving fire hit on a day temperatures hit triple digits across southern california. the heat and rugged terrain
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making it difficult for firefighters to get an upper hands. >> ash falling from the sky led to more misery for many residents. >> watching that fire made it even worse, so now we have this ash that's falling, so we definitely need the air on. >> heatwave will continue in part of the state today before expanding to the middle of the country. andrea, cbs news, duarte, california. >> boy, that's a big mess out there, kate. >> i really is. and you know we are actually going to see our fair share of some, say, interesting weather here today. but, not necessarily is the casino of situation that they're seeing out in the southwest, really, feeling like summer. that's for sure. no where near the casino of heat. 09 degrees is the expected hi, take you out to one of the pocono shots, actually out from camelback. see the light of day as we face eason this loop that we've got going here at camelback, but clearly the tell tail signs of raindrops on the camera lens, if you look closely, and also, you can even see the retreat of the rain as it all rolls away.
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now, at this point, there are still some rounds every rain and even some thunderstorms pushing through the area. this batch that was plaguing portions of cape may county in the last half hour, that's now since moved out to sea, thankfully, and in the clear at least briefly, this batch of what had been some very strong thunderstorms along i80, continue to fizzle as it rolled south, right now, across say trenton, mercer county area, pock of thunder storms has since developed. this is all courtesy of frontal boundary that's clearing through our area today. by tomorrow, it is lodge gone. meantime could still be late day strong if not locally severe thunderstorms, especially through the southern areas. meanwhile, it does much humid tomorrow, sun returning, briefly, next system already here on thursday. just re trigger additional rain and thunderstorms for the area. i won't be shocked at storms or rainfall locally heavy back to the mid 80s for us there. looking g ahead to fry and upcoming weekends, ended up breaking sunshine once more for you. friday and the upcoming
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weekend looks real nice. any thunderstorms we originally saw this morning, they are starting to clear out. if you are travels take you to the shore today, not a wash out, not the best day either to hit the beaches. because later on there will be more thunderstorms that do start to ignite we think, the uv index held back to seven, but testifily a very, very muggy day. that goes for everyone, you will see some sunshine, watch for thunderstorms to reignite as the day progresses, obviously some activity to track. tomorrow looks good. thursday more rain and storms, and friday, the weekends as a whole, looks pretty good right now. meisha. >> weekends looks great. katie, thank you. so what we are seeing outside right now, volumes level starting to increase, 59 south at cottman, coming around the s curve basically it is i'm not going to say bumper to bumper but going to be fishily quickly, starting to heat up on it state -- interstate 95. tire and tarp, 4232 eastbound, near route 23, you can see them kind of dodging and darting around this, slamming on brakes, when we start to get into problems when
6:17 am
everyone is slamming on brakes here trying to move over to the right then boom they have something right there, as well. starting to cause some slow downs to bring in the roadway when it starts to get bus can i slow you down, what we are seeing again that was 422 east, near route 23, the schuylkill, westbound, at city avenue, not looking that much betterment take a look at how bus that i looks, coming off the boulevard, jumping on the schuylkill westbound at city avenue a lot of brake lights going off there. then accident bridge street at frankford avenue. we will be back in a couple every minute. stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be rig
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>> welcome back mother who saw her young son attack by a wild animal, reacted and able to pull the little boy from the mouth of a mountain lion. happened near aspen, colorado, actually two mountain lions in the area, the woman heard screaming and confronted one which was on top of her five year old son. the mother continued in intimidating. >> we want them to remain wild. the premium to that is they want to have -- we want them to have fear of humans, that's their best chance every remaining wild. >> game officials killed both of the mountain lions, the mom and her son suffered injuries, but they're expected to be okay. >> now, for look at newspaper headlines, from across our region. >> front page of the bucks county courier time, montgomery county judge refused monday to throw out criminal charges against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. kane is accused of perjury and
6:21 am
related charge for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information, and then lying about it to cover it up. >> from the news journal, wilmington mayor dennis p williams being criticized for using media accounts, and to taught his achievements. but then not participating in recent mayoral debate. williams running to keep his job in the fall election. >> from the delaware county daily time, former payroll coordinator for the ridley school district accused of stealing more than $4,000 from the district is entering a first offender program. margaret haggerty will be placed on 12 month of supervision. and that's to perform 32 hours of community service. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines, from around the delaware valley. >> well, coming up still ahead, why ticket massacre owe you some free tickets. >> and the 93rd annual marbles tournament underway in wildwood. our own pat gallen is thereto show us some of the competition. >> do you think's mid steer? >> breaking news, severe thunderstorm warning just issued in mercer county. we are going to have details
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>> tracey stewart who adopted lilly the horse along with her husband, shared the news on facebook that the horse has died. horse was use end iced after falling and breaking a bone on it neck on the new jersey farm sunday. found in poor health back in march, a periods to be covered in paint balls. the stewart's adopted the horse after it was nursed back to health. >> a lock of david bowie's hair could go for thousands of dollars, heritage auctions putting the blondes hair up for sale. strands belong to a wigmaker who work on david bowie's wax figure for dollars madam touseux museum, kept the hair as a severe, now cashing in, the lock of hair expected to sell for $4,000. >> gross. >> listen to this, may have some tickets waiting for you. >> multi-million dollar lawsuit. part of settlement with plaintiffs who claim ticket master was deceptive when it came to fees.
6:26 am
people who bought tickets through the company's website between october of 1999 and february of 2013, are all eligible. and no those tickets only good for selected shows. >> if you are one the lucky people get your ticket by logging on to the ticket master website and clitch on vouchers. don't be surprised from a hard time getting through the website that's been crash ago lot. >> also push that information on my fast bike and twitter feats. >> the hair? >> the particular. >> the are you going to bid for the hair? coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", take a close look at these men, caught on camera checking in right around the corner from geno's steaks, the simple request that sent them into a rage. >> plugs a vandal caused more than $20,000 in damage by slashing dozens of tires. we'll show you the surveillance video police are hoping will help lead them to the suspect. meisha. >> we have some debris getting cleared out of your way here causing slow downs, frandford, one on the turnpike, all of the updates coming up.
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. a severe thunderstorm warning has just been issued for part of our area. >> katie will be along with us in just a minute, to time it all out for us, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. 6:30 on the dot. time to get you caught up. here's what you need to know to get you in your morning minute. >> got punched in the nose, and i got pun. in the back of the head, and when was casino of like bent over i got couple of uppercuts into my face. >> philadelphia police want the public's help in tracking down this group of attackers. >> manhunt is underway in kensington, after double shooting sends two men to the hospital. >> i was really hurt. my cousin was really killed. and i had to witness that with my own eyes. >> two philadelphia women who
6:31 am
survived last week's night club shooting in orlando are now back home. >> and scripts released by the f.b.i., omar mateen said for america to stop bombing syria and iraq. >> today bipartisan compromise to prevent suspected terrorists from bug guns set to be unveiled, dame after four proposals were vote you had down in the u.s. senate. >> ♪ >> late late show james corden taking carpool karaoke to new heights with selena gomez. >> i now you have a lot going on in the weather center right now. >> certainly do. yes, as you had mentioned, brooke, severe thunderstorm warning just issued, i want to get right to the graphic, heads up what's going on out
6:32 am
there, we take look at severe thunderstorm warning highly localized, mercer county, southern ocean county portions of monmouth county included in. that will out to the radar next, see, in the last couple of hours, some pretty heavy thunderstorms have been rumbling through, zero in on where the particular storm cell is located though, frequent lightning, heavy downpours, gusty wind. that's the main issue with this storm cell. as it heads east, and about 35 miles per hour, but this is very strong rainfall intensity, my friend, you have rainfall rate of nearly two and three quarters of an inch per hour within the dark maroon shaded area. so it is going to douse you, if you get stuck underneath t now, this morning, storms are not the only rounds of storms we have to deal with. later today, here's the good little idea of when things will take place, we start to see more thunderstorms errupting out there. we are waiting for cold front passage. so you will see some sun, it will heat up easily into about say the 09 degrees mark here in philadelphia, but between say noon and 3:00 p.m., you may start to see some
6:33 am
additional thunderstorms bubble up here, it all sort of migrates south and east with time to the point that we hit the late evening and the severe weather threat will draw to close. 09 degrees the expected high in philadelphia, with scattered showers, and thunderstorm, firing back up, if you haven't seen it already, and in the meantime, it is starting to feel little winnie out here for sure, meisha, no rhawn fall just yet, umbrella not the worse idea. >> sounds that way, thank you so much. morning commuters, obviously, take heed, take care of the warning, our roadways are certainly starting to heat up. a lot of people knowing they have to get out there early -- early whenever we talk thunderstorms and rain either get in there early or stay out altogether, most every just to get to work yet. so looking right now, 59 north academy not look that bad. ten minute ago, when we were looking at the northbound side, which is the headlights, on interstate 95, it was very very slow. no report why, but right now
6:34 am
whatever was cause that, is looking okay on the northbound side, it is really primarily the southbound side to keep my y eye onment academy, okay, maybe a lot of people not want too long hit the roadways knowing what's coming our way. this is where we had debris in the roadway, all clear, 422 east, looking at trooper, debris near route 23, looks okay here, it is to just look busy. so 422 certainly starting to heat up. blue route, taillights northbound direction at baltimore pike, also we do have accident out there on the pa turnpike westbound past bensalem, pulled out to the shoulder, brooke, over to you. >> list looking for five men accused of beating up a man in south philadelphia. claims from jenkintown, stopped by genos' steaks with his wife and some friends on june 11. kane said his wife's friend asked one of the men seen in the surveillance video for a cigarette, then the violence quickly escalated. next thing he said he was outnumbered and getting punches from all directions. >> i got punched in the nose, then i got punched of every in
6:35 am
the back of the head, when i was bent over i got couple of uppercuts into my face. >> the men fled genos in two cars, one dark colored pick-up truck the other suv, both had new jersey plates. if you have any information call police. >> authorities are interviewing the 12 girls rescued from a bucks county home last week. police say one of the girls was gifted to lee kaplan by her own parents. court documents reveal daniel and savila got money from kaplan after they defaulted on mortgage loan. kaplan fathered two children with their teenage daughter, he faces list of charges including sexual assault, the parent and kaplan are all being held on $1 million bail. police in warminster bucks county looking for vandal who slashed dozens of tires over the weekends, suspect targeted several businesses including laugh early chevrolet. surveillance cameras caught this man sneaking into the laugh early lot early saturday morning, replacing all of the damaged tires will coswell over $20,000. >> philadelphia's new sugary drink tax goes into effect in
6:36 am
january. mayor jim kenney signed it into law yesterday. the new legislation put the 1.5 cents an ounce tax on sweet beverages like sodas, sports drinks, bottled coffees. the plan project today bring in $90 million in revenue each year. it would go toward expanding universal pre k, amongst other things. opponent of the bill say it is unconstitutional, and vowed to fight it in court. >> well, now that it is officially summer, may want to kickback, ignore some of your pressing money matters. >> may want to obviously that's not a good idea. cbs news analyst jill schlessinger in new york with the perfect antidote to summer brain freeze, good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> so jill, you call it kiss. what does that mean exactly? >> you know, i had a finance professor first day of class, he puts kiss up on the board, keep it simple stupid. it is the perfect mantra for the summer of the start streamlining your financial life by using direct deposit, auto make those recurring
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>> nice information there. we appreciate it, thanks, jill, as always. >> well, in other news, promises to be close presidential election in pennsylvania. >> the latest quinnipiac university poll shows hillary clinton at 42%, and donald trump, at 41. >> statistical dead heat. it is virtually unchanged from clinton's one point lead in last month's pole. pole reveals most voters say clinton is better prepared and more intelligent to be president. pennsylvania is considered swing state in the november election. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, group of therapy dogs from our area is about to fly to orlando, to help people affected by the night club shooting. how long they'll be there, and what the dogs panned letters are saying about their mission. pat? >> good morning, jim, brooke. we are out here on the beach in wildwood, new jersey, for the 93rd annual national marble tournament. i'll tell you what, we'll play
6:39 am
some ringers have, little fun, when we come back. >> this is a wish. summertime means kids are home and looking for things to do. coming up look at some of the season's hottest toys that will keep them busy. >> ♪
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>> may say this next is for the marbles. >> underway in wildwood new jersey, news reporter pat gallen live in wildwood, new jersey there is morning, with more on the competition, pat, are you a mr.? >> yes, of course i am. absolutely i'm miss err. finds out exactly what term means. >> i know, jim, brooke, normally whether i toss it back to you guys, wondering if
6:43 am
i've lost my marbles, well, i just found them. they're here in wildwood, new jersey, the 93rd annual national marbles tournament here, in wildwood, and to tell us a little bit more about what we're seeing, what we're doing this week, is betty, the head coach at wildwood middle school, is that correct? >> that's correct. >> so how does one become the head coach, in marbles? how does it happen? >> actually we have 21st community center learning grant. >> okay? >> this is one of the activities that we have after school for the kids. we are, just finished fourth year of the grant. >> okay? >> so our kids start taking it as a class in september then work on it all winter long, in may we come out have, our local tournament. we end up with our champs. >> so we have two girls, two boys, compete in the national tournament, and these young folks, right here. >> pretty cool. okay, so how many total at your school will get involved in the marbles? >> at one point we had numbers up above 60. then we actually had about 35 compete. >> okay. >> got serious, 35 serious ones. >> pretty serious. >> tell us a little bit about how this works.
6:44 am
we're looking at the kids playing right now. i don't know anything about marbles. so, how do you start in what do you do? >> they start off with 13 marbles in the middle, game called ringer. the object of ringer is two people playing at the same time, and they take turns and the first person who shoot seven marbles out wins the game. >> seven marbles out wins the game, okay. >> seems pretty east. >> i it is easy enough. >> is it easy enough for me to troy? >> sure go, ahead. >> guys, here go. can i try this right here? so put the knuckle down? knuckle down? i need your help. knuckle down like that? >> yes. >> just flick it? >> flick it. >> just flick it. my gosh, bad. one more try, one more try, here we go. i got it hit one here. >> you got to hit something. >> i got to hit something and in the a person. >> one more, here we go, guys, i'll get it here. ya. all right, we will come over here, because these two guys over here are national
6:45 am
champions. we have emily and devon, so you're national champion, that takes hard work? >> gentlemen. >> how much hard work? do you play a lot? yes? quite a bit? can i see you and your work? all right, let's do it. >> devon you're also a national champ. how often do you philadelphia international airport. >> a lot. >> what's a lot. >> two, three hours a day. >> it takes a lot to do this guys. so these national champions will show me something, and if you want to see how it is done, they are doing it here all week long in wildwood, new jersey, come on down, bring the family, cool event, people setting up tents getting ready for this cool event. jim, brooke, i haven't lost my marbles. >> very good. >> i think you're throwing off their concentration, pat. >> little bit. i was amateur growing up as a kid, ya, it was like my favorite toy to play with. >> all right, you say so. well, here is some exciting news for labor day weekends, rihanna and coal play will headline the made in america
6:46 am
festival. scheduled for september 3rd and 4th in fill, the full schedule announced closer to the event. >> it will be a lot of fun, hone fully the weather is as awesome as it was the last festival we had, katie, waist going on today? i know you have lot going on today. >> a lot happening right now, guys, cold front crossing through, that's the main story, but because of that local thunderstorms shall here is your front right now, we is her know on some of the cells right now, so you can see also lightening being reported when almost every thunderstorm cell igniting. the one in question, severe thunderstorm warning across portions of mercer now just ocean and monmouth counties. additional thunderstorms looks likely it form in the northwestern county one of the watch ers seeing? have seen a lot of the variety pack going on with the watcher report so far today temperatures mid 70s, off to
6:47 am
real warm muggy start i might add roar g some rain, just sent us in within the last couple every minutes, 57 degrees, pretty decent humidity and the rain currently falling again further inland, across the river, zero in on the 75 degrees reading in from jerry blue bell at the moment he's actually seeing at least some sun filter you there the cloud core, see if we can go to one more, further offer to the south. seventy-two comes in this morning from margo, she, too, seeing just a little bit of makes tour of clouds and some sun. it will be scattered variety of showers and thunderstorms out there today. i do want to track this for you. so we jump ahead. starting things off 6:00 a.m. time stamp. good guide, because later thon afternoon even on the iron with "eyewitness news" at noon fresh round of showers and thunderstorms to dodge or track. it looks like the bulk of the strongest lines, cutting a
6:48 am
line through here, we sit in slight risk for severe weather in the zone. more of marginal risk further north you go, frankly guys, once you see the rain in this morning stop pretty much done with it, main, later today philly on south essentially, then later on tonight we start to clear things out, give you chance to at least get break in the action, so tomorrow, actually looks fabulous, by thursday, system number two, already here, meisha, that's going to bring fresh rounds every rain and thunderstorms. >> all right, we've got to brace ourselves for this one, katie, thank you so much. good morning, looking really busy on the schuylkill westbound before city avenue. you can see, just bumper to bumper at this point. very busy on the schuylkill, not so much on the schuylkill eastbound at spring garden moving into center city. so actually looking okay there. it is really by city avenue where i am mainly concerned. new jersey, 42 freeway northbound creek road. what you are looking at there. casino every holding steady there all morning long. not bad. accident here, pa turnpike westbound past bensalem pulled out to the shoulder, another
6:49 am
accident frankford bridge street at frankford avenue. just reminder construction on 495 northbound edgemore road, on and off-ramps are closed. these will be closed until next thursday, make note of this, i'll be tweeting it out. overall what we are dealing with are two accident and little bit of construction, overall okay there. also, mass transit, regional rails, buses and trolleys are running new schedule, media elwin line is bussing between elwyn and swarthmore, and this is going to be going on through september 4th brooke over to you. >> thank, meisha a now 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joining because preview, good morning, nora goods morning, wide ranking interview with charlie roads, vice president joe biden slams donald trump, defends president obama's foreign policy, discusses his historic role and friendship inside the white house joan us on whether disney could be held responsible for the alligator attack that killed a two year old boy. we are in southern california,
6:50 am
they've had record heat there, fueling massive wilds fires news back in the morning, see in you just about ten minutes. >> thanks, nor a we will definitely be watching as always. local group on the way to arlan dough to help ease the pain of the shooting rampage. members of the tri-state crisis response team on their way south, many of the victims of the shooting are receiving treatment and spending time with therapy animals. their focus will be the first responders in our main goal to provide service to the emergency responders down there, hospital staff, city workers so on so busy and focused on taking care of the victims, sometimes the emergency responders get left out. group raised money for their trip through charitable donations, they're head today orlando and will be back thursday, now that we are officially in the summer season kids will be spending more time outside whether
6:51 am
playing in the yard hanging at the pool or spending a day at the beach. plenty of cool toys to keep the kids entertained this season. jim outside with a special look at some of this season's hottest toys. brooke here from alley, one of the senior editors out, say your last name, i didn't want to much butch feron tv. >> as far as summer toys are concerned, seeing classic play, just gets little upgrade each year. so we will see a lot of class its but little different. and see things like stem, so kids can keep learning even when not in school. >> jim, i know all of us nope, it is all about the parents keeping those kids busy for as long as possible, so, what did you bring for us snowed. >> whether you are at the beach or the park, you will need somewhere to get little bit of shade from the sun. >> yes. >> so i have these. one touch cabana from pacific playpens, super easy to set up. just set it up, lock it in, now you have tent. >> i even can do this.
6:52 am
i'm not a big tenter but i can do that. >> spf30, so uv protection, parent can see inside the windows and super easy to take back down, plus waterproof and easy to clean. >> great for sleep overs, too, in the backyard, perfect. >> owe i grip because balls, soccer bought, football, easy grip junior. so they will and lot easier to catch than regular balls. >> give meisha a chance to see her athletic prowl he is here. >> i could could that. >> great, because they bounce on grass, pavement, sand, bounce on water so take them anywhere, and great travel toy. >> we have the crayola 3d sidewalk chalk. so if i draw something, if you want to stick those glasses on. >> okay. >> i'll draw something down here. >> oh, it is 3d.
6:53 am
>> it pops right off. the color is much more vibrant. so that -- >> oh, so cool. >> pops right off the sidewalk. >> this is a stem? >> yep. this is stem. so this is the geo safari junior sub scope. kids can see under water and they can explore underwater world. got led lights that they can see. it has two times magnification. >> cool. i'll give this for a second because i want to go play. >> jim is getting ands toy playment helmet obviously is. >> first, normally wear your helmet. so this is the edge dual action scooter. see when he rides it, use scissor motion with his legs. >> oh. also ride it in a wiggle motion so you can glide. >> i mean, is it new? >> new way to scoot.
6:54 am
instead of just your classic kick scooter, get more physicalling in two different ways. >> so now we know what jim is doing on the weekendsment looked too he is i -- easy for him. >> this is the derby, great for the pool because it can fit whole bunch of people in it, has cup holders so you can lounge, or pull it out of the pool and use it as poolside lounger. >> so fantastic, jim, do not get too comfortable. we will pull you up from there. >> three to go is next. moms, dads, those of how have it get your kids entertained, you have to get some of these toys. awesome. thanks so much for coming today. >> very welcome. thank you for having me. >> back to you in the
6:55 am
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here's what you need to know today, three to go. >> philadelphia police are looking for five men accuse of beating a jenkintown man outside a geno's steaks, they fled in two vehicles with new jersey plates. >> attorney general loretta lynch heads to orlando today to meet with families of the night club massacre. funeral services for local victim a kira murray are for friday morning. >> lane graves will be laid to rest today. he's the two year old who was killed in a alligator attack at disney worlds last week. and that's three to go. >> let's get last check on weather and traffic. >> yes, and the weather certainly going to be little dicey today.
6:59 am
you know, see know storms come through in pocket granted but on storm scan, this is good representation of how the afternoon will look. once the storms are out of the poconos i think you're done for the day, further off to the south how the radar will likely look throughout the afternoonment storm threat, heavy rain the big concern, with win and lightning as well, low risk thankfully meisha of hail and tornados. >> all right, katie, looking a little bit more dark outside. not so much here 95 south before girard, but in a lot of camera shots we're looking at see just haze coming over delaware county still looking good there, 59 north at 452, and the vine also booking but looking very busy particularly moving in the westbound direction. >> thanks, meisha a researchers at temple university could be onto something. >> you guys will like this, using electrical trick to make lower fault chocolate. researchers say they were able to reduce the fat by 10% by running liquid chocolate through an electrical field t means it needs less fat to make your favorite treats. process makes the process healthier and they say it tastes good.
7:00 am
neck up: charlie's interview with captioning funded by cbs good morning, it is tuesday, june 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump tries to shift his focus after firing his controversial campaign manager, and investigators reveal an apparent assassination attempt on the presumptive nominee. vice president joe biden slams donald trump in an interview with charlie, he warns of making the entire muslim religion our enemy. and new wildfires in the west amid a dangerous heat wave. firefighters struggle to control in triple digit temperatures. a look at today's "eye opener: your world in 90 seconds." it's


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