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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  June 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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a big fire tears through an apartment building with children inside, the way rescuers were able to get the family out safely and how they are doing right now. plus we will show you number of people who are still without power, right now a day after storms left a trail of destruction down the shore. a place in philadelphia where a september 11th memorial may be built, if it gets approval this morning. good morning, today is wednesday, june 22nd i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. we will get to the morning's stories in a moment but first lets check on the forecast with the katie on the road and then meisha. >> we have construction out there. good news is, it is nice, and 18th and vine but we are looking good out there.
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>> i always say i'm trying and always listening to our sister station kyw the news radio and i squealed with glee when they say the vine is open, opened early. >> yes. >> it is whatever makes you happy. >> lets take you outside, we will talk about very damaging storms that rumbled through yesterday. thankfully, storm scan is totally clear. at this point. so we are in the clear as a result with decent weather here today. we are still feeling a little humid in some spot some parts seeing high dew points but good news we are clearing out, drying out, if all be for a brief respite but we will see sun come back here today and linger all dejesus without any worries of wet weather. here are areas temperatures as they stand right now. the it is still mild. a lot cooler by comparison in these outlying suburbs, for example in allentown we are under 60 degrees. lower 50's ape flirting with
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the 40's at mount pocono. cooler dryer air mass trying to take grip here but isn't going to last very long and we will discuss why later in the show. for now you can walk out in most spots, without the need of april extra layer but lets say quakertown, doylestown, a worst site you will be a able to shed it quickly. it is still quite warm. at the shore in philadelphia we will get in the 80's. the it is late june. that is where we want to see these temperatures. >> it would be nice to have that humidity die down a little bit. it was hot yesterday. >> it was terrible. >> thanks very much. good morning, everybody. looking outside right now and like i said, vine is nice and opened, so both moving in the westbound side and eastbound side. we have early risers but vine is looking really good. great time to jump out there if you need a yum seven start.
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it to the really busy yesterday. ninety-five south at cottman looking calm coming around that s curve. whole stretch, it is still early. looking good out there right now. first look at new jersey, 42 freeway in northbound creek road approaching 295 you can see it is holding steady there i. i expect that to stay that way until 59:00 o'clock hour. construction 495 northbound at edgemore road off and on ramps are closed, a reminder, jim and brooke over to you. right now police need your help to find a missing man than from east camden. >> take a look, 22-year old omar ramos has been missing since last night and lives in the 400 block of south 27th street a may be in the cherry hill area he is a hispanic man 5-foot six, black hair, brown eyes, last seen wearing white shorts, white t-shirt and white shoes. anyone with information can call camden county police line to alarm fire rips through an apartment building in delaware county.
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>> they broke out a at third and yarn he will street in chester. >> justin finch is their life with the up investigation, justin. >> reporter: brooke and jim, good morning. neighbors helping neighbors is what we are told partly knock so many people out of this building as those flames were erupting here overnight. we do know that five people, likely, family were taken to the hospital, alerted by screams that we are told that got many out of this building. the as fire crews were arriving. fire fighters telling thaws they work as 12:30 this morning arriving at many residence were climbing to safety down a fire escape as flames consume their building. fire crews believe as many as 13 people may have lived inside, five who neighbors say are family, were rushed to crozer-chester's er. two adult and three children that we are told all came down a fire escape from their upper level apartment, they were healthy enough to selfie vac wait but face smoke on their way down.
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that fire, is how many got out of this building this morning and complicating this fire fight, crews say the fire size and their limited manpower, an obstacle that they were able to overcome. but, a bigger threat, they say, would have been rather a bigger help would have been a working smoke alarm inside. >> if it had smoke alarms, obviously, somebody would have been alerted, sooner and very good possibility that the fire would not have steppedded, as far as a it did, prior to the first 911 call. firehouse is like, you know, five blocks up the street. >> reporter: being close helped if the fire crew is here. you can see fire crews remain on the scene this morning. we do know that the crime scene investigators and chester police were here as well as the fire marshall. red cross is assisting at least four families. we know a fifth family was taken to the hospital.
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those assistance numbers will likely fluctuate throughout the morning but no injuries to fire fighters reported at this time. we are live here in chester i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". brooke and jim, back to you. this morning thousands of people down the shore are still in the dark. >> this is after after storms moved through knocking down poles and snapping trees. now this is the aftermath of the severe weather that moved through cape may county yesterday afternoon. storm brought heavy rain and high winds. >> it was a tornado. i was yelling my mommy think we have a tornado right now. >> reporter: by the time it is over 30,000 people are in the still and this morning 15,000 are still without power. in other news congressman chaka fattah is consulting with his lawyers following his conviction yesterday in the racketeering case. jury convicted the pennsylvania democrat of all charges against him, the case centered around various efforts to repay an illegal one million-dollar campaign loan. congressman's lawyers say fattah knew nothing about the the scheme, fattah is still a
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member of copping but he can in longer vote on the house floor. fattah is free, on bail, and judge sentenced on october 4th. police charged a second woman with murder after a body was found in fairmount park last week. twenty-eight year-old chan tell smith of southwest philadelphia was arrested yesterday, 39 year-old shaf on armstrong of wilkes barre turned herself into authorities on friday. investigators say they killed toy charta bryant over a $800 debt. the couple spotted the victim's body near mann the music center last tuesday. she was tied up, stabbed, and then shot. this morning health officials are confirming the first case of the
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in chester county. they say it involved a woman who recently traveled to an area affect by mosquitoes carrying the virus. she's not pregnant, today, there are 23 confirmed cases of travel-related zika in pennsylvania, and there are no locally acquired cases in the state though. >> the state house approved a stricter abortion bill. now under current law a woman can't get an abortion under 24 weeks. it bans dismember. abortions performed during the second trimester. it is unclear when senate may consider the bill but governor wolf has pledged to veto it. this morning a referendum on whether to legalize recreational marijuana is getting support from inside city hall. assemblyman read, says revenue from the the 20 per september tax on marijuana sales could help the city solve its financial sales. frank gilliam is urging the state legislator to allow the question to be put on the november ballot. >> i think it would be a tremendous opportunity for atlantic city to obtain revenue that we are in sorely in need of, as well as basically challenging the social aspect of it. >> critics say promoting drug use is not the way to balance cities books. assemblyman, introduced the bill last week but so far has
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it no, sir gone through any committees. in new jersey, governor christie wants to lower your property taxes. he is proposing changing the state's school funding formula because he says it is unfair. under his plan each district would get about $6,600 of state aid per student. that is a change from the current formula in which students in poor districts like camden get nearly 21 you this dollars per student. democrats call christie a's proposal unconstitutional and harmful. delaware river port authority is supposed to deciding whether to bail the september 11th memorial. >> the drpa, supplied this drawing, if the board approves it would be a at sixth and race near national constitution center. volunteers will donate labor and materials. drpa plans to build it in time to commemorate 15th anniversary of the attacks. on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning, wild weather. >> we will show you place where storms were so bad they caused a tree to split a house in half. car theft on camera, moment a woman is caught
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stealing a car and what was inside that made this crime especially terrifying, for the car's owner. we will be right
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thanks for joining us. a california father is back with his children this morning after a woman stole his suv with the kids inside. now this entire incident was captured by surveillance camera in the national city. dad says he left his car running while he ran inside the convenient store to grab an energy drink. when he came back he saw a woman stealing his car while his two, young children were in the back watching a video. police caught up to the woman several blocks away as she was charged with kidnapping and auto theft. wild weather splits a house in two, hughes tree fell from the back of the home in glenn oak all the way to the front but no one was home at the time. national weather service confirms a tornado touched down in the area. it was an f0 with wind of 80 miles an hour, and there are some power outages in several maryland counties.
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well, just, in time to beat the heat. >> the first of philadelphia's outdoor swimming pools opened for summer season to day. mayor kenney will be first to take a dip this afternoon in the northeast philadelphia. now if you want to join the mayor for a swim, the pool opens up at 4:00 o'clock. city recreation officials plan to have all 70 pools opened by the even of the week. time is 4:43. sure is. katie is here with another check of your forecast. katie, quiet day to day compared to yesterday. >> thankfully we are catching a break between systems so it looks good if you you want to hit the pools, the temperatures will turn cooler then they did yesterday but still warm enough to make it a great excuse to go to the pool. lets go back in time and look at a very short list of the storm reports that came into us, from all of those, very damaging storms that rumbled through yesterday. middletown ship had power outages, windows blown out, and poles snapped in villas, treason a house in whitesboro. that was some of the damage that showed up from those
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heavy, nasty thunderstorms. thankfully storm scan has since, long since, quieted down, it is still a little bit of the transition we will find ourselves in. it does feel muggy walking out the door. it will be breezy today. the front still trying to clear out but rain and storms are out of here. the problem is this is a brief respite, already you can see next system getting its act together and bringing potential for very strong to severe thunderstorms across midwest, portions of the great lakes region. when this hits us we are right back into that slight risk for severe weather this isn't today, this is for tomorrow, but again, it is always good to have a good heads up, slight risk, once again will be posted and depending on how things shape up, this could shift but regardless, slight risk at the moment is going to take effect for our area, tomorrow, and essentially including the southern 23rd. same story, gusty wind, possibility of hail and heavy downpours and frequent ground to cloud lightening. we have that storm tomorrow.
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it looks like heavy rain, widespread fashion, no less but i come bearing nice trade off weather news. look at friday, saturday, sunday awesome weather, mostly sunny skies all three days and temperatures rebounding to the mid to upper 80's. meisha, over to you. speaking of those thunderstorms, we have details, what happened on the road because of that as well. but first we have to accident at schuylkill eastbound at the vine. two lanes blocked. you can see flashing lights. just a moment ago we saw people out of their vehicles walking around blocking those two lanes trying to get that car pushed off to the side. not causing too many slow downs. you can see schuylkill eastbound at spring garden approaching center city these vehicles are driving toward where that accident is, there is just not enough vehicles on the roadway to have any sort of significant backup, but make note because that area will slow down fairly quickly. ben franklin bridge looking good for those from new jersey into center city. all major construction has already cleared which is great the news. we have down wires and pole,
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in hopewell, new jersey, look at this, route 29 river road closed at washington crossing road, all lanes block both directions, you will to have use this alternate, route 32 or bear tavern road is your best bet and also, down pole and tree in north wildwood, new jersey, route 147 eastbound at anglesee drive and that right lane is block, jim, back over to you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a pricey picasso. >> painting did really well in london. we will have the incredible amount of money, one person paid to bring the artwork home
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heading out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on our sister station kyw radio 106o also an effort to get more amish vote tours get to the poles this fall. city of philadelphia decides not to buy an armored vehicle for security during the democratic national convention and local theater company interpretation of the woman, running for president.
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check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. the time his 48:00. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange. good morning, jill. we hear e book readers may be getting money back. >> reporter: apple is going to give back 400 million-dollar, affected by that price fixing scheme, you could expect 1.57 for both ebooks and nearly $7 for new york times best sellers. amazon, barnes and noble are also paying out some money do you read ebooks. >> no, i like paper booksy like them both. >> they can use that machine toy get coffee and coffee wars are getting heated up or what is going on there. >> reporter: that is right dunkin' donuts will be offering cold brewized coffee in some locations, especially breed, in cold water instead of standing ice to hot coffee. star bucks started to offer cold brew, last year.
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so, a little competent totition there. >> i cannot tell the difference. i'm terrible. do you want to coughe with that cream, terrible coffee drinker. >> i drink hot coffee regardless of the temperature, all year round. >> all year round. >> thanks, jill. welshing coming up after the break we will get another check of weather and traffic. >> stay with us, katie will show us when next round of grand canyon and glacierger than national parks combined.
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we are expecting much more quieter weather in the delaware valley as our latest system is out of here. we have transitioning. you might net is it feels muggy out identify but thankfully it will feel more and more comfortable with time here today and don't to have worry about storms at least not right now. looking at storm scan three all calm, collect, all quiet and it stays that way. you may see a couple clouds as the day progresses but that is it. and then a breeze picks up. we are not looking at
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temperatures but rather dew point temperature. sixty-seven is dew point at philadelphia international. it is still muggy. further north that air mass has turned dryer. lower dew point, dryer the air, better hair day but regardless thinks a transition that will continue throughout the day. so from north to south we will see that dryer air move back in. seventy-one is your current temperature. still very mild here in philadelphia. sixty-seven in atlantic city. certainly cooler by comparison in the resort towns of the poconos. looking forward in the forecast, again looking good. 86 degrees, bit of the breeze, tomorrow though you need umbrella again. this will be the next system moving through bringing periods of rain and thunderstorms, and once more, we will sianni sit in the potential for strong to locally severe thunderstorms. you will want to stick with us here tomorrow especially as those storms begin to come through. meisha, back to you. good morning. we have an accident outside already the schuylkill eastbound at vine, it is pulled off to that right lane, just a while it was blocking
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two lanes, we did have people outside their vehicles walking around, they did get that car moved off to the far right but not causing too many slow downs just yet but it can if we don't get that cleared out in the next 20 to 30 minutes. ninety-five south at girard, looking pretty darn good here but i will say that looks busy for not even cracking in the 5:00 o'clock hour. boulevard southbound we are looking good as we approach that schuylkill, intersection there. now the bridge up here burlington bristol bridge was opening up at 4:45 it is up and tacony palmyra bridge is set to open in an hour. make note of that. from the thunderstorms we have residual effects, down wires and down pole in hopewell, new jersey. route 29, river road is closed at washington crossing road, and so just make sure you use an alternate route 32 or bear tavern road is your best bet and you will to have use that alternate. also down pole and tree in north wildwood, new jersey route 147 eastbound at anglesee drive, that right lane is block there. we have some things to see out
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there hopefully that clears out, somewhat early but mainly affecting from what we see the new jersey area right now philadelphia is actually looking okay. brooke and jim, over to you. picasso masterpiece, price is right. >> pablo pick car owe's masterpiece sold for more than 63 million american dollars at an auction in london no word on who bought it new 1909 painting establish the artist on his path to where they break down their subjects in geometric shapes and rhea sem many in abstract way. earliest between the century movement revolutionized, art. >> sixty-three million-dollar. >> can you imagine you have 63 million to spend and you want a picasso. >> i have a few nice pictures. >> don't lit it be a picture of a boat or cruise ship he
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will lose his mind. >> i got to spend money 63 million for a painting. i don't have that much. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a special honor for villanova wildcats basketball team. is there a painful new threat down the shore this summer. we will let you know is what disturbing about these jelly fish. dinosaurs invade the parkway where you can get a up close look at live sized creatures and rare fossils on display this weekend. we will be back at the top of the hour, stay with us. t recollection tie ran saueres.
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flames ripped through a chester apartment building sending a family of five to the hospital, we will tell you about the dramatic escape from the burning building. plus people are cleaning up down the shore after powerful storms blew through the area we will show you damage left behind and lingering problem still there this morning. congressman quick, chaka fattah looking at jail time. how his conviction will impact the work he does in washington. it is wednesday, june between the second, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. thanks for joining cbs-3. katie and meisha are here. >> happy hump day getting over the hump this morning, the vine is opened, burlington bristol bridge is up. we have residuals from the
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thunderstorms yesterday. >> down trees and wires. >> they were heavy duty storms that came through and sure enough they came through very scattered in nature. i didn't have one drop of rain at my house. but where you had it, you got slammed, unfortunately. lets take a look, storm scan three, totally quiet, at this point thank goodness, but we did see that front leaving behind all of that damaging weather last night but we are in the transition. what i mean is air mass has not completely emptied out of the moisture leaving behind, in other word, still humidity. storm scan may be totally empty and it will stay that way but walk out the door and in some spots south of the city, notice, it still feels muggy outside. that will change with time. we will see a breeze pick up as well. taking a look at area temperature we have a variety pack here, because we are in transition mode, so lower 70's up and down i-95, cooler by comparison where front has cleared and in trenton, allentown at


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