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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 22, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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thunderstorms yesterday. >> down trees and wires. >> they were heavy duty storms that came through and sure enough they came through very scattered in nature. i didn't have one drop of rain at my house. but where you had it, you got slammed, unfortunately. lets take a look, storm scan three, totally quiet, at this point thank goodness, but we did see that front leaving behind all of that damaging weather last night but we are in the transition. what i mean is air mass has not completely emptied out of the moisture leaving behind, in other word, still humidity. storm scan may be totally empty and it will stay that way but walk out the door and in some spots south of the city, notice, it still feels muggy outside. that will change with time. we will see a breeze pick up as well. taking a look at area temperature we have a variety pack here, because we are in transition mode, so lower 70's up and down i-95, cooler by comparison where front has cleared and in trenton, allentown at 58 degrees there
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and still holding tough in the pretty mild, mid to upper 60's around us. most of the shore towns. it will brighten up as day progresses. we will see a couple cloud but granted a nice day overall despite the breeze. it will feel more comfortable. eighty-six is the spec high. it got toasty yesterday and days earlier but this is where we do belong when it comes to the thermometer readings. mid 80's the spectation today as well as tomorrow but by tomorrow, meisha, we will go back down to that forecast, we will discuss later. >> sound good, thank you. good morning. this is where we had our first accident schuylkill eastbound at the vine, blocking two right lane and then they moved it over blocking one right lane and now completely cleared. we are looking good and we do have a lot of vehicles this morning. we are looking around spring garden just a moment ago and it was busy around there as well. busy considering we are cracking in the 5:00 o'clock hour all things considered. this is new jersey, 42 freeway north bound at creek road approaching 295 holding steady here and thinks typically what we see as we break in the the
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5:00 o'clock hour. typical in the world of traffic. this is looking at the vine opened last night for construction. all of the major construction cleared earlier. great news for those wiggling around that construction in the morning. vine looking good west and eastbound and burlington bristol bridge is opened, as you are coming back down, really any moment new and tacony palmyra bridge is scheduled to open in the next 15 minutes or so. speaking of those thunderstorms last night and residual effect route 29 river road is block at washington crossing road. we have a down utility pole there. use alternate route 32 or bear tavern road, jim, over to you. new this morning several families are forced out of their homes after a fire rips through their apartment building in delaware county. >> fire fighters saved one family from the fire escape. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live from chester. the justin what a dramatic rescue. >> reporter: brooke, jim, drama continue indeed, fire was brought under control around 2:11. the building itself is
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uninhabitable and now more than a dozen people are out of their homes this morning. chester fire fighters racing this fire at yarnel and west third to two alarms after arriving 12:30 this morning and finding heavy smoke throughout the multi level building. fire crews tell us at least 13 people lived inside, neighbors say family was rushed to crozer-chester's er, two adults and three children we are told all came down a fire escaped from their upper level apartment, at fire flickered and flames grew. fire fighters note all five are able to selfie vac wait and likely experience some smoke inhalation, at way down. and complicating this fire fight, crews say the fire size and scope and their limited manpower they have also had reports of no working smoke alarms inside this building forcing neighbors to find only seconds to pull together and save themselves. >> if not for your neighbors thinking of you and likewise
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this could have been possibly worse. >> it could have been worse. i was in the deep sleep. i heard people screaming out front. i was than the paying no mine until i heard get out the apartment is on fire. >> reporter: once that neighbor heard those screams as in many others they made their way down that fire escape all the way down to safety on the ground, and this fire is now, under investigation, we know at least four families are being assisted by the red cross, we expect that family at the hospital may also require assistance as well. many questions this morning, fire itself is not known where or how it started but it is believed in the second level rear, is where may have broken out. the cause remains under investigation this morning. we are live from chester i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". brooke and jim back inside to you. >> thanks, justin. thousands of people down the shore are still in the dark this morning after fast moving storms left behind a path of damage. a fierce storm hit cape may county yesterday afternoon up
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rooting trees and bringing down power lines. when it was all overdosens of homes were damaged and neighbors pitched into help clean up. >> just got home and saw my neighbors had trees down and my tree fell in my other neighbors yard. >> thankfully in one was hurt but more than 15,000 ac electric customers still don't have power this morning. and here's another lot at damage in cape may county from chopper three. the strong wind flipped over a small plane in cape may airport and rio grand. roofies gone at wildwood public works garage in the hotel in wildwood which also has roof damage. take a look at this picture from wildwood, strong, wind, pick up a small boat and carried it in the side of the greater wildwood yacht club. fortunately in one was hurt. in other news this morning pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah awaits his punishment after being quick of racketeering charges yesterday. jury found him guilty of laundering federal grants and none in profit fund to pay back an illegal one
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million-dollar come pain loan. fattah's lawyers say he was unaware about the illegal schemes. he is free, on bail, until his sentencing in october. >> it is a very tough day if you we will confer with my lawyers, we will figure out what your on next steps are. >> today's verdict makes clear that the citizens of the eastern district of pennsylvania expect their public officials to act with honesty and integrity. >> reporter: fattah can remain in congress but house rules ban him on voting on any legislation. weather is giving fire fighters in southern california a break as they battled two wild fires, heat wave is letting up a little bit. fire fighters hope that gives them chance to make progress today begins the flames. danielle nottingham brings us up to date. >> reporter: overnight air crews in california continued water drops above the san gabriel mountains to keep two wild fires from joining forces. the fires which began monday have burned thousands of acres and forced hundreds from their
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homes. robert ramos who lives here, says he is pack and ready to go in case the flames approach. >> luggage, pillows. >> reporter: liz riley ace machining these have already evacuated. she's staying at a red cross shelter that is providing hot meals and air conditioned trailer for pets. >> it is first time that we really had this high a temperature for this many days and it will just get worse. >> reporter: along with intense heat fire crews are concerned that a shift in wind direction could push those flames down the hill, and threaten more homes. the burning brush had left parts of the some communities near the blaze, covered in soot. >> a lot of ash all over my car and all in the backyard like a volcano had been around here and erupted. >> reporter: temporary relief from the triple digit temperatures is expect today, danielle in thing ham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, tan yell. there are new details on the or land owe massacre. sources tell cbs news omar mateen went inside pulse
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nightclub before the rampage that killed 49 people, and they say he left at within point and then return about two hours later when he started shooting. we are hearing from the man used to attend the same mosque as gunman. mohammad malik said he warned the fbi about mateen years ago after he heard him speak about videos by radical islamic cleric. >> he told me they were very powerful. >> and that for you was troubling. >> it would raise the red flag higher for me. >> reporter: fbi did investigate mateen twice over two years but eventually cleared him of any suspicion. war of word heat up in campaign 2016. >> today donald trump fires back, billion air businessman is expect to give a speech attacking hillary clinton after she calls him unfit to run the nation's economy. i'm hena daniel in new york and we will have the latest on campaign 2016 coming up. >> i do not want to go in the water rest of the sum. >> painful new threat for
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swimmers down the shore why these jelly fish are not ordinary ones we are used to seeing. >> ♪ >> we have some bad blood with the web site we have to tell you who she's upset with now and changes she's demanding when we come right back.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. one day after hillary clinton say a donald trump presidency would be a disaster for the economy, trump is firing back. he is making a speech in new york this morning. hena daniel has the latest spat on the two presidential nominees. >> now it is donald trump's turn to day he will give a speech attacking his opponent hillary clinton. >> basically she's crooked hillary. when you get right down to it. she will do horrible on the economy. >> reporter: trump spoke with cbs this morning nora o'donnell. he talk about a significant fun raising deficit and saying he may fun the race himself.
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as of may clinton campaign had 42 million-dollar in the bank to his 1.3 million. the presumptive g.o.p. nominee called it blood money. >> every time she raises money she's making deals, could i be ambassador to this, make sure my business is taken care of. give me a break. all of the money that she's raising is blood money. >> reporter: yesterday it was hillary clinton who blasted trump ridiculing his economic plan. >> he has written a lot of books about business, they all seem to end the at chapter 11. >> reporter: during a campaign stop in ohio the former secretary of state called billion air businessman reckless and careless. >> maybe we shouldn't expect better from someone whose most famous words you're fired. >> a report from moody analytics seem to back clinton's claims estimating trump's economic proposals would result in 3.5 million fewer jobs. clinton will continue to hit trump on the economy during an
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event today in raleigh-durham. hena daniels for cbs one eyewitness news. you can see more of nora o'donnell's interview with donald trump on cbs this morning at 7:00 o'clock here on cbs-3 right here after "eyewitness news". well this time yesterday people were waiting for storms to come through. >> um-hmm. a lot more quite it this morning. >> thank goodness. i can report we will see a nice little break in the action here but it doesn't last very long. there is a new storm system we have to discuss that moves in by tomorrow but i actually want to take you back in time first and foremost. lets go out to yesterday's radar. we were going on the air on "eyewitness news" at noon just shy at 11:55 this is how radar looked. we started to see thunderstorms bubbling up across maryland state border and south central pa. look the at how things ignited. we had a severe thunderstorm watch and then look at these storms, so much lightening. if you were stuck in them you
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know exactly how powerful they were. numerous round of very violent wind and heavy rain we had additional thunderstorms rumble through sussex county late last night and rather late last evening and then we also had a tornado report coming into cape may county. thankfully it is all licensing gong at this point and we are in the clear on storm scan ride now. that will be the story as we head in the rest of the day with high pressure trying to move in but it will not win the battle here because eventually storm number two, comes along and this was already bringing very strong thunderstorms back through illness and back in iowa. this will head our way especially tomorrow. it will bring witt heavy rain but also, again potential for strong to severe thunderstorms. we are just in that kind of a pattern. the good news is once that gets out of here if it is just a within day event we will clear things out and see really comfortable air settle in. we are back in the 80's on friday and upcoming weekend but looking ahead to the tail
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end of the weekend we will start to see heat rebuilding. it will be a brief respite for you coming up here but regardless, temperatures stay within the range of the 80's either low, mid or high 80's looking forward in the forecast to much nicer wet are coming our way. today is a nice day here at the shore we will see plenty of sunshine and we will see by tomorrow end up with more showers and thunderstorms. may not be the best beach day or any kind of day for outdoor activity the but friday beds well as does weekend with temperatures rebounding in the mid to upper 80's both saturday and sun take and we will flirt with 90's with more humidity monday. steamy out there on monday, meisha. >> it sure is, katie, i cannot stop looking at your graphics that sunshine makes me want to go in there and grab it. good morning everyone. looking at the blue route at ridge pike we are looking good both directions taillights moving in the southbound direction here looking good the a the blue route, would i say blue route is an area we are heating up and just a head up tacony palmyra bridge
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scheduled to open up at 5:35. burlington bristol bridge just came back down so we are looking good in both area. construction here though take a look at 95 southbound between airport and delaware state line this will be going on between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., around that area, this is what you are looking the outside, i-95 headlights moving southbound just past the airport looking good all around the airport right now for those in and around that but check your schedules on line. i say that if you have flights because of the weather would i say we have had lately with the thunderstorms yesterday, it can impact flights for today. down pole here in west wildwood, new jersey route 147 east bound and anglesea drive that right lane is block. we will have more coming up in a bit. brooke, over to you. clinging jelly fish are multiplying off the jersey shore. jelly fish carry a painful, sometimes dangerous sting, in extreme cases it can lead to kidney failure. the species are native to the pacific ocean but they may have arrived here from a ship
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marine biologist captured some of the jelly fish hoping to figure out how fast the population is expanding. >> as the summer season begins if you are in an area with high abundance here you will increase potential of it countering them and getting a big sting. >> the doctor says the pain does not subside but escalates upward. that is a major signals it might be time to seek medical treatment. springfield, massachusetts zoo is closed because there is a monkey on the loose. they is, a monkey native to sub sahara, africa. he turned a door and bolted from his even close another yesterday while an attendant was distract. he is unlikely to venture too far from his food source or his mate. they are just waiting for him to come down. funny. new for newspaper head lanes from across our region. >> on the front page of the delaware county daily times a bar that upper darby police superintendent calls the bar from hill has closed its
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doors. >> the bar and restaurant has shut down until its liquor license can be sold and transferred. it has been a scene of under age drink to go murder. a new york city law firm associated with consumer add ohio cade erin brooke witch will hold a public meeting to speak with people feel they may have been affect by contaminated drinking water. meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. at upper month land high school. burlington county town a vet happies helping aid animals, that are rescued in fires. north star vets gave pet oxygen masks to fire companies in chesterfield and florence, they are made especially fit the snouts of dogs and cats where they can be used for a variety of other animals. that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, sixers are almost on the clock, for the nba draft tomorrow night. >> but there might in the be much drama with the pick. find out what the team told one of the top prospects. and dinosaurs come to life
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on the parkway where you can get an up close look at life sized creatures and rare fossils on display this weekend, stay with alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing
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welcome back everyone at 5:23. the largest mega millions jackpot of the year grew again overnight after in one matched all of the numbers. now if you want to see if you won a smaller prize here are winning numbers six, 13, two , 49, 50 and meg ball is ten, that means friday night's drawing is new worth $363 million, the cash option is 244 million-dollar. now, there may not be much drama heading in to tomorrow night's nba draft because
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reports say sixers have already settled on who they will take with the topic. the here's sports director don bell with your morning sports. >> clef land cavilers are the champs but sixers own the off season. so much news to report. joel embiid has been cleared for full contact practice. secondly the team is looking for an additional top eight pick in tomorrow's draft which means jahlil okafor and nerlens noel are on the trading force and ben simmons worked out for the team yesterday a cord go to reports, he was told that the sixers will draft him first overall. sixers will just to have see him on their court. >> it ways important for us and we're excited to get the opportunity, i think it also speaks to the fact that, you know, ben and his representative wanted to make sure that they, we were aware, they want to be the number one pick. >> nba draft is tomorrow, full coverage here on cbs-3.
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that is all for sports. i'm don bell. have a great day. phillies will try to snap an eight game losing streak when they take on the twins tonight in minnesota. bats came alive last night, tommy joseph put philadelphia is head in the third inning with the two run home run to deep left. then very next batter, crushed another home run but thats last time fill boys hold a lead. their defense let them down in the 14th. one more honor for villanova mens basketball team, couple weeks after visiting the white house national champion will receive coveted john wanamaker at let ache ward. it i given out every year to a local the athlete or team who accomplishments helped put philadelphia in a positive light. chris jenkins buzzer beater helped wildcats in april to win the schools first national championship in 31 years. >> they keep ride ago this wife. >> i love that. coming up next on "eyewitness news" check your e-mail why you could be getting free money, jan.
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guilty on all counts, chaka fat to's lead team is weighing its options after the congressman is convicted in federal court. coming up what the decision could mean for his constituents, katie. jan, gray skies off to the south but things are trying out and we are looking ahead to a pretty nice rest pet between systems and we have a new storm system to track here. we will tell but that when it gets here, how much it will dump all coming up. and before you hit the road meisha lets you know about the early slow spots. we will be right back.
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new this this morning a family was rescued from this fire after the flames ripped through their apartment building. you're hear from the neighbor about this terrifying escape. good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm jim donovan. we will let you know which local hospital was name within of the best hospitals in the country but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> reporter: new this morning a two alarm fire rips through an and building in delaware county. >> neighbors helping neighbors is what we are told that got so many people out of this building. >> this morning thousands of people down the shore are still in the dark. >> the storms moved through incoming down poles and snapping trees.
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>> i have been through hurricanes, nor'easter never seen anything like this before. this is crazy. >> reporter: congressman chaka fattah is consulting with his lawyers following his convictions yesterday in the racketeering case. he can no longer vote on the house floor. hillary clinton leading fund raising race. >> written a lot of books about business, they all seem to end in chapter 11. >> she will do horrible on the economy. she will do a horrible job for jobs. >> come on. >> philadelphia's outdoor swimming pools, open up for the summer season today. there is kenney takes first dip in northeast philadelphia today. >> katie, will it be a good day. >> i think so. it does feel clammy outside. it is a day if you are coming outside from climate controlled, building like we have got here, all of a sudden you walk outside and sense


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