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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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hurricanes, nor'easter never seen anything like this before. this is crazy. >> reporter: congressman chaka fattah is consulting with his lawyers following his convictions yesterday in the racketeering case. he can no longer vote on the house floor. hillary clinton leading fund raising race. >> written a lot of books about business, they all seem to end in chapter 11. >> she will do horrible on the economy. she will do a horrible job for jobs. >> come on. >> philadelphia's outdoor swimming pools, open up for the summer season today. there is kenney takes first dip in northeast philadelphia today. >> katie, will it be a good day. >> i think so. it does feel clammy outside. it is a day if you are coming outside from climate controlled, building like we have got here, all of a sudden you walk outside and sense moisture.
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your hand get clammy. you know what i'm talking about. that is what it still feels like right new but dew points are high depending on your location paw we are in transition with the front that brought in damaging storms last night, still trying to push away. thankfully storm scan emptied out and looking to the south we have cloud cover not necessarily showing up on the radar but it is hazy. you can see how that front headaches its full retreat on the radar. all of the storms out to sea but that said, it will still look dreary looking outside the window. here we are in the live neighborhood network 70 degrees outside palmyra cove nature park but this will be a scene that brightens up with time new that the sunnies rising over the horizon as we speak. pollen report jim won't like this, pollen is high ter day, it is in the medium to lower range but still out there, grass, and plantain and dock are the predominant pollen.
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it drops off tomorrow. a storm system waits in the wings we will track. the pools are opening today here in philadelphia. i call it a great pool day overall. it should turn more comfortable with time as dew points drop off with time but you will notice breeze is noticeable feature of the forecast today in the wake of the front. eighty-six in the meantime. the seasonal all things considered for the day time high. meisha, back to you. >> what a nice contrast, thanks very much. we have a busy this traffic time this morning, give yourself a couple minutes. we might need it. and and airport, is block ago this left lane and that shoulder. even creeping in the second left lane flashing lights are maneuvering around. that make note because that can slow you dunn right around this time. you can see plenty of vehicles out there again. this is moving north bound side, southbound side is heating up and you'll get a gaper delay copping around southbound around that ben to
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look at is what going on. 309 north at route 73 we have someone out of their vehicle changing a tire here. 309 north at route 73, again pull off to the side. you cannot see too many vehicles but they are traveling fast, make note, it is out there so we don't get too many delays. tacony palmyra bridge is opening up at 5:35. burlington bristol bridge is back dunn for those oneberg that. schuylkill, headlights moving in the ease bun direction a reaching gulph mills looking good but heating up over past ten minutes. because we have thunderstorms we have residual effects. down wires and hopewell, new jersey. you will use alternate. route 32 or bear tavern road will be your best bet. brooke, over to you. new this morning a delaware county family is in the hospital after flames, ripped through their apartment building. the flames broke out around 12:30 at third and yarnel street in chester. the fire reached two alarms destroying the building and displacing more than a dozen
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people. fire fighters did save one family from the fire escape. >> if that fire escape were not the there do you think that as many people would have died. >> no, no. >> if i didn't wake up, i don't know, god knows what would have happened, and as i said my first thought were the kids and family next door and upstairs. >> two adults and three children are treated at the hospital for smoke inhalation. fire fighters say there were no smoke alarms inside. in other news congressman fattah is talking to his lawyers about his next move. yesterday a jury convicted him on every charge in the racketeering trial. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live from the cbs-3 sat center with the congressman's latest legal problems, jan. >> reporter: good morning. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is calling on congressman shack a fattah to resign. he is still a member of the congress after all and at the this point there is in indication he will step down meaning it is possible we will have a convicted sitting member of congress until
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fattah reports for prison. veteran pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah convicted tuesday in federal court on all charges against him. including racketeering, fraud, money laundering. >> very tough day but we will confer with my lawyers, we will figure out what our next steps are. >> reporter: u.s. represent racketeering case focused on efforts to repay a a illegal one million-dollar campaign loan. prosecutors argued that fattah used federal grand money and not fund to do it and used that same money to even rich his family and friend. four of his coconspirators were also quick. >> we investigated the facts, we followed facts, we charge as appropriate. >> reporter: fifty-nine year-old democrat was first elect in 1995 and served on the powerful house appropriations committee he but fattah lost his april primary and bid for reelection as the convicted felon, fattah is still a member of the congress but cannot vote on the house floor. >> the people deserve a representative in congress who can vote for them. >> reporter: david thornberg
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is with the the committee of 07 in philadelphia, a non-partisan political watch dog group. he says unless fattah steps town or the house votes to ex-pull him, he will continue to work as a congressman. >> he can literally show up to work and keep his paycheck. he will probably be stripped of his pension because of the convictions. >> reporter: mayor jim kenney was out of town at a convention when the jury came back with the guilty verdict. he weighed in from washington d.c. >> i think the district there needs a voting member, and, you know, the jury has spoken. >> reporter: fattah's lawyers say he didn't know about the illegal schemes. if the congressman does resign governor tom wolf would have to call a special election. fattah's sentencing hearing is scheduled for october 4th. live from the sat center, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, very much, jan. time is 5:36. in business news, customers could start seeing some money to day. >> twitter is making changes.
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money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, brooke, and jim, tomorrow investors are focused on the vote in the uk whether they decide to leave or exit european union. dow jones rose 24 points, nasdaq jumped six. janet yellin says it could have a significant economic repercussions. she's back for day two of testimony about the economy. yesterday she offered no timetable for raising, interest rates and it will, remain caucus. apple start todd pay back 400 million-dollar affect by price fixing scheme f you bought an e book between 2010 and 2012 from amazon, barnes and noble, you can get a credit of 1.57 for most books and nearly, $7 for new york times best sellers. twitter's latest move to facebook and snap chat, longer videos. new twitter video length is
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140 seconds an increase of 30 seconds. vine videos will still be about six seconds long. users will have the option to post additional videos alongside the vine. brooke and jim. >> interesting. >> yes. >> i used to. i get confused with all these things. >> he does do snap chat. >> he does snap chat and takes me for the ride, jill. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> jim doesn't understand snap chat. >> i don't blame you. >> proposed referendum to legalize recreational marijuana in the atlantic city is getting support from inside city hall. we told but the a proposal last week from the assemblyman. he said revenue from the 20 percent tax in marijuana sales could help them out of financial mess. now frank gilli am wants the legislator to allow the question on the november ballot. >> i think it would be a tremendous opportunity for atlantic city toy gain revenue we are in need of and challenging the social aspect of it.
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>> critics say promoting drug use isn't the way to balance the cities books. proposal will have to be run through the state committee vote, before it makes it to the general election ballot. health officials confirmed that the first case of zika virus in chester county. we are told a with man got the virus after traveling to the area affect by mosquitoes carrying the virus. she's not pregnant and she's already recover. so far there are 23 cases of travel related zika confirmed in pennsylvania, but there are no local cases so far. also for the second straight year, the children's hospital of philadelphia is the best children's hospital in the country. u is. news and world reports released the rank goes yesterday. they include diabetes and end chronology, cancer, cardiology, boston's children hospital finish on top of the rankings. congrats, chop they do an amazing job, proud to have them in our city. taylor swift takes on you tube we will let you know why she's upset with the web site. what does the first lady
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james corden just went for his latest car pool karaoke trip on the late, late she and this time he didn't have a singer riding shotgun. >> i will take a spin in a car and sing some songs with. >> me. >> yes, it is car pool car oak which first lady michelle obama. she shared big news after she joined snap chat yesterday. >> thanks. >> we're still waiting to hear when you can watch first lady's car pool karaoke on tv, cbs will only say it is coming up. i can't wait to see what songs they sing on their ride. taylor swift has a new target, you tube. she and hundreds of other are taking over web site over copy right issues this he say you
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tube makes money by making it easy to access the songs. now, they want congress to fix the copy right law. you tube responded with a statement saying they pay more than $3 billion to the music industry. got to tell but this, kfc has come up with a solution for a problem you probably didn't even know you had. check out the gas food chain's new creations, this chicken box, it includes a u.s. b port. you can charge your cell phone and keep it closed while you eat, jimmies rolling his eyes, but, they call it watt a box. the charger is only available at kfc in india. i mean you can get an omelette burger, you can ghetto owey just want my chicken and mashed potatoes with the gravy. >> you are so boring. burger patty made out of potatoes and charge your phone. it looks fun. >> okay, if you say so. the first of philadelphia's outdoor swimming pools opened for the
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season. mayor kenney will be first to take a dip this afternoon at max meyer pool in northeast philadelphia if you want to join the mayor for a swim, the pool opens up at 4:00 p.m. city officials plan to have all 70 pools, opened by the even of the week. >> it sound like a nice day to take a dip in the pool. >> i would say so because we are still dealing with humidity so it feels good to take a dip but we are looking at a dry day, brief respite from the storms we had yesterday but i promise really nice weather pay off down the road. jim, your weekend looks awesome right now. >> my allergies, i saw pollen, i was than the crazy, i kept telling her, it is allergies, and she kept telling me i was sick. >> he is sick. >> no. >> my goodness, let's take you outside to the field cameras, we will start off in ocean city, we will talk about how it feels muggy. doesn't this tell the story. look at how muggy, steamy out there still have some moisture to work with for sure but
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thankfully we are going to see even that start to go by way side. it is definitely a muggy beginning to the day but as this front continues to retreat, completely we will end up certainly with more and more sunshine but lowering dew points. let me take you outside to the eyewitness weather watchers in full force tracking these storms on twitter, on line and here through the watcher program. you can sign up. we are always looking for new eyewitness weather watchers. cbs it is as we go out to the the look here we have quite a variety packing on here quite frankly. we have temperatures in the 07's in some spots coming from jason. he has a hazy sunshine here. pretty high humidity in middletown, at 70 degrees to start the day. you said it right there, hazy beginning to the day. further off to the north, we're at 56 degrees by comparison, much cooler and find something clouds in perkasie where john jenkins send us his report. he says for better or worse's voided the storms from yesterday. but no needed rain
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unfortunately that he could have used for his garden and certainly that is something we will be looking ahead to here because there is a new storm system, on the move right now. you can see it tracking currently through especially north and south east tern iowa as well as northern illinois. that will be heading your way for tomorrow, in the meantime, want to take you back inside and talk about what happened yesterday. you may have heard there was a tornado warning posted in cape may county. all is cleared right now. but over cape may county they got hit somewhat the hardest here with a lot of different storm reports and very damaging win gust that is came in. report add cross the southern most tip, and here with gusts that were upward of hurricane force. damage report came in at 80 miles an hour at 3:35 yesterday. so really was a very strong thunder storm, cell that moved through that region. now yearly when we talk about tornado activity we are not talk about much in the state of the new jersey. on average we see two tornadoes per year, 16 in
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pennsylvania. we do need to hear from the weather service that they will get out and see whether a tornado actually occurred but we do not have an answer for. that meanwhile today is a dry day and quiet day. tomorrow, stormy weather and those storms could turn severe. moving outside we are looking at 95, taillights in the north bound direction. this is where we had a medical emergency pulled off, block ago this left lane. that has been since cleared. every where around the airport is especially moving in the southbound direction, looking good there. 309 north to the 73 we have someone changing a tire with the disable vehicle. it is in the causing too many slow downs tap. coney palmyra bridge was up and it is come back down, moving it right there and also we have a down pole here, in north wildwood, new jersey, route 47 east bound at anglesea drive that right lane is still block. we have construction out there. ninety-five south between airport and delaware state lines, this is going on between 9:00 a.m. pain p.m.
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make note of that because that can slow you down around 9:00 a.m. down pole and wires at route 29 river road is closed at washington crossing road, all lanes are blocked both directions you will have to use alternate route 32 or bear tavern road, jim, over to you. it should be a dynamite summer, at academy of natural sciences. >> say that againy could do like jj walker. >> dynamite. >> the exhibit, dinosaurs, unearthed will give visitors up close look the at the life sized creatures. our pat gallen is live with a preview, pat, jim gave me giggles, sorry. >> reporter: good morning, jim and brooke. growing up who didn't act like a dinosaur, at one point or another. i will go and i still tend to do that. you can to that here at the academy of natural sciencees. they a new exhibit opening up this saturday called dinosaurs unearthed. giant trex behind me about to eat me, that is part of the exhibit, it the is large.
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a lot to to here. interactive things to to. were you there is an educational part of this. and coupled with that is ted, the vp of collections here at the academy of natural sciences. good morning. >> thanks for being here. >> tell us what we are looking at here. >> the academy comes by the title honestly of philadelphia's dinosaur museum. the history of dinosaurs happened here in philadelphia, at the academy and i have a couple of pieces here that just represent that, believe it or not, this is a cast but these are original bones from new jersey. >> is that right. >> very, very early dinosaur discovery, that is a claw. hold on to it. that is from the hand of a tie ran sore us like animal that lived here about 68 million years ago. >> all right. >> it is real thing split is real thing. so much is history, starting here, earliest dinosaur discovery in north america
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were studied here in pennsylvania at the academy but a lot of them came from southern new jersey. delaware valley is where it was happening. >> i don't think people know. that i didn't know south jersey was hot bed for dinosaur activity. >> it has been for many years. we are excited to be able to show that off. >> how about other aspects of this cool exhibit as well. >> the materials here are state of the art. people get to experience what a dinosaur was like, the size, some big, some small, color, the feathers that we believe were on these meat eating dinosaurs, and it is a unique opportunity to have a lot of fun and live and learn something as well. >> having fun, ted, thanks so much, we appreciate it. come down here we get to see cool artifacts like this, this is heavy cool but ton to do here at the a canned my of natural sciences. come on down it starts saturday great place to bring the kid this weekend, jim and brooke i know you are big kids so you should come on down
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too. >> it looks like fun, thanks, pat. >> always learn something patrick's reports. >> always. well, this is hard to believe a man helped save a family and end up getting a bill for his acts. >> why would i want to stop to help somebody if i getty bill for $150. >> find out yes is paying a price for being a good samaritan, stay with
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now this service is for women and by women. services based in los angeles for now called cj and go and only women can drive and only women can hail a ride. they are encouraged to bring children and men, as long as the women brings them. it is all about safety for women. >> one thing i love about it does feel like family or girl friend. you will not be anxious when you get in this car. it will feel so comfortable to you. >> it is expected to expand to other cities and see if philadelphia gets the service. there is another, in boston. well, a california man is being credited with saving a family, after a crash, but instead of getting an award he is getting a i bill. derek wasted in time when he saw a man and baby inside a van on the its side outside sacramento. he broke the glass to free them before paramedics but
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then he received a bill, for $143. is what the reason? paramedic checked him out after he rescued the family since he had broken the glass and had a cut. for that they charged a first responders fee to anyone who gets care. first responders say that there is a way to appeal the bill. they need wave that. that is crazy. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", is there a company under fire this morning for publicly humiliating some of its employees by spanking them. plus cairo therapy, a popular trend in healing, find out what it claims to do and where you can get to get it, new center opening today when we come right back.
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new this morning a family of five escapes an overnight fire and we are live with the details of their daring escape. and a day of clean up down the shore after powerful storms left behind a trail of damage. we will update you on power outages and katie will let you know when we will see another chance of severe weather. congressman convicted, find out is what next for chaka fattah after being found guilty on federal corruption
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charges. it is wednesday, june between the second, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are here as well keeping an eye on things. >> happy wednesday. road are looking good. we are heating upright now. good news is vine is opened but we have trees and down wires on the roadways especially in new jersey. >> still a lot of clean up. cape may county got hit yesterday, lot of very damaging wind gusts reported in that area. but we are thankfully clear as a bell on storm scan. now when you walk outside the door it may not feel like that, guys. it may feel more like mugginess out there but we are in transition. while at least that radar is clearing out, we still need to get rid of the worst of the the moisture content and atmosphere and that will happen. it does turn less humid. it is less humid further north you have travel, but as you head into delaware, southern new jersey it feels clammy outside. looking at temperature difference in the last 24 hours too you can tell where the front has already had more of an impact because it is


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