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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  June 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. killed with a crossbow. the person police arrest after a woman is shot and killed with the unusual weapon. >> also, it is a big day ahead for the folcroft police office here survived getting shot seven times, we're live as he gets ready for a big step toward recovery. >> this is just about the last thing you want to see as an airline passenger, the terrifying moments that unfolded just hours ago when a jet filled with passengers, the wings burst into flames, good morning, everyone, today is monday, june 27, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooms thomas of we have a lot to get to this morning, first, a start on your monday forecast with justin drabick in for katie fehlinger and a look at the roads with meisha who is back. >> good morning, guys, roads are looking good.
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i feel like i'm having a little love affair with our crews at penndot, they are just sweeping things out of the way early this morning, so things are looking good. >> love you. >> love you back. so justin, dry roadways right now, are they going to stay that way? >> probably cruising through june, guys, going to start feeling like the heart of summer. we'll crank up the humidity. yes, warm over the weekends, humidity levels pretty low this time of year, but we start you off this morning, generally clear sky, looking at center city, still pretty comfortable, 64 at the airport, light south winds at 7 miles per hour, south winds will be huge in our forecast, it bridges back that humidity level on the high side, so there you go. fifty's, still, some of the suburbs, comfortable down in millville at this hour, 59 up in mount pocono, everybody else pretty much in the 60s, 61 degrees in doylestown, and feeling pretty good mt. holly, new jersey, coming in at 57 at this hour. dew point temperature again this tells the story, showing this all weekend long, generally in the 50's, going to start to see them starting
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to increase in the 60s. what's that mean to you? more humid air mass, feel the muggy conditions starting this afternoon, continuing through tuesday. storm scan3 quiet. we will be looking pretty good, clouds filter on in, really not cold tonight. see the next shower or storm chance, mid 80s today in philadelphia, little more cloud cover, nice sea breeze at the shore, good beach day, sunshine, maybe shower, storm, gets to the poconos little earlier. we time out the showers and thunderstorms specially head to tuesday, i'll break it down coming up in a few minutes. what's the latest? >> sounds good. outside it is looking good. like i said, our penndot crews are kind of getting the construction out of the way, fairly quickly, do still have it out l i'll let you know but supposed to lift sometime soon if it hasn't already. by the way the vine looking good. 422, this is you what being look at, fairly typical for early monday morning, i would say we have early risers, we'll see it heat up fairly steadily specially the
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4:00 and 5:00. it is monday, boulevard looking good, little ago we saw flashing lights, police officer strolling around out with hads lion, either way that's gone. we do develop i risers out there. vine, great news, for those every how take the vine, myself included, we will be in the eastbound and eastbound side looking good, heating up a little quicker than the eastbound side, construction here, 59 south between route 8962, left lanes block until 5:00 a.m. that should be lifting quite shortly, jim, over to you. >> thank, meisha a new this morning police are investigating after a 42 year old woman was shot and killed with a crossbow. they said her boyfriends did it. this all happened at 3100 block of willits road in torresdale after 9:00 last night, woman had been shot in the chest. she was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. officers then arrested her boyfriends, it is not clear what led to that shooting. >> and right now man in jail after police say he shot and killed another man in philadelphia's cobbs creek section. this all happened just before midnight in the 200 block of
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south edgewood street. investigators say, the victim was shot in the head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police tracked down the suspect near 52nd and spruce short time later and pulled him over at a gas station, they say, it yes able to find the gun used in the shooting. no word yet on what may have motivated the killing. a manhunt is underway right now after another murder there is time in north philadelphia. police say it happened just before 1:30 this morning in the 23 unblock of north cleveland street. man was found there, shot several times. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. there is no suspect description available yet. there is some good news, folcroft police officer christopher doorman could get out of the hospital today. shot seven times friday, and being treated at penn presbyterian medical center in university city. live where the brave officer is getting much deserved support from country star, good morning, justin. good morning, yesterday came word from folcroft police
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that christopher doorplan could be released as soon as today, as he spoke with country star kenny chesney over the phone as he recovers here from several gunshot wounds he suffered on friday morning. a look now at cell phone video from doorman's hospital room on sunday, the 25 year old officer smiling and in good spirits, as after having been shot, including wounds to his face and neck. folcroft police tell just that call country singer kenny chesney offered to take doorman to eagles game and a round of beers. this phonecall was important, clearing up some confusion, as chesney's saturday show at the linc. >> if he wanted to come tonight, so bad, and he said, kenny, please don't forget me. so, philadelphia -- >> after a song break, chesney told crowd about doorman's hospital video asking chesney not to from get about him, he told the crowd doorman would
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not be for gone end and reported doorman had passed away. latest cheyney admitted he was overwelmed of the attack and apologized about 10:00 a.m. on friday, doorman was shot seven times, and narcotics bus between folcroft delaware county apartment complex, prompts a manhunt for the alleged shooter dante brooks island, who was later caught, captured, and charged, mr. is say, doorman's been on the folcroft force for just about a year, than his bulletproof vest spared him from greater injury. now, looking back live at the hospital this morning, brooks is charged attempted murder, assault after police officers and unlicensed weapon possession, being held on $1 million bail. of course we're watching the door at penn press die yan and let you know when he is being released on line and on air. brooke, back to you. >> thank you, justin. another news, days after being becoming the first pick,
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ben simmons is mourning the death of his cousin killed in a hit-and-run. we're now getting a look at the car involved that the police believe was involved. take a look, investigators are looking for this black suv possibly a cadillac escalade, gmcu could be or chevy zest call aid. see it behind the white van. twenty-one year old zachary simmons killed saturday morning in a hit-and-run in hoboken, new jersey, simmons was with ben at the draft, posted picture of the two of them together there saturday night. he says, quote, i'm glad i could share this moment of my life with you. the driver who struck zachary simmons still hasn't been caught. >> if you live in camden county cherkaso i hill maybe needs, here is a heads up. county spelling mosquito repel meant your area right now, been doing it since 2:00 this morning, the spray is not harmful to people, not harmful to your pets, but you should avoid direct contact with it if you have respiratory issues. the sprague should wrap up at around 6:00 this morning.
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>> today secretary of state john kerry is heading to brussels and london. he's meeting with european and british leaders to talk about the decision by uk voters to leave the european union. scotland's leader suggested she will do whatever it takes to stay including withholding scotland's consent to the departure. >> camden county's library system trying to get your kids to read this summer. they get in the game program is offering prizes for teens and between, including ravel for barnes and noble gift card. now it is all based on books they red and the amount of time they take to road them. for more information go to any of the camden county libraries eight branches or the website camden county happening today, it is peco pal day at the zoo. >> police athletic zoo sending 250 kids to the zoo, sponsoring day of animals, face painting and lunch. peco is long supporter of pal has been sponsors a dago at the zoo for 14 years.
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>> offering lunch? i'm there you. >> say food, i say animals. thank you, kind person. >> there is something to be said about animals of the soul. they always say when you bring animals around the elderly or the sick something happens to rejuvenate the soul. >> and when you serve lunch, the soul is rejuvenated. >> we got this. >> who will the weather be for their day? >> feel more humidity but at least dry, no sign of any rain. >> i'll take that. >> justin, when we come back, new video, fiery ends to go a flight. we have to slow you. >> imagine seeing this out your window, brooke freaking out already, warning message pilots saw right before this plane wing burst into flames overnight. where they had to make an emergency landing. >> and we'll show you the special way children impacted by cancer, we'll get a chance to make good memories today.
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>> passenger plane on fire. take a look, happened actually just few hours ago. this was the scene, after the boeing triple seven's right engine caught fire just after an emergency landing in singapore. the plane headed from sing a poor to milan when four hours flood flight it had engine oil malfunction. when it landed the engine burst into flames. >> the people on board now completing their trip to italy after being transport today another plane. >> firefighter making headway in the wilds fire in central california now 40% contained, but official warn the death toll at two could get higher. they brought in kad calfer dogs to serve for more victims, some 2,000 fire fight remembers fighting the flames which burned 200 homes. california governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency. >> family of five is dead after crash involving an
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amtrak train in colorado, on their way to church when their van was hit. amtrak officials don't know if the mini-van was stopped, stalled, or crossing the takes, their young daughter survived and is in serious condition, the train was on its way from chicago to los angeles. in other news right now, police are looking in florida for a man who carjacked none other than a city mayor. it happened in sanford north of orlando saturday. mayor jeffrey triplet outside his no, ma'am, 300 walk up to him, took a gun, and took the wallet, badge, car keys, before fleeing in his mercedes. >> it is very scary situation. i'm a father of two. we've been married for 20 years this year, and i came home when i got out of the police station and kissed both my boys on the forehead and, you know, lucky to be standing here having this conversation. >> two of the men were later caught and are facing charges, including carjacking and aggravated assault washings
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deadly weapon. the third man still has not been caught. >> and this should ran worry free week for about 100 kids. cap p no worries gets underway >> kids get at break from cancer and make good memories. either suffering from cancer or dealing with a loved one who has. camp no worries runs through friday. >> well, the time now 4:44. >> justin is here, and it was a bit hot this weekend, and i'm not mad at that. so, can we hope for more of the same today? >> i'm with you. i like the heat. it is summertime. supposed to be like. that will temperatures, yes, they'll be warm. didn't have the humidity over the weekends, that changes today, so it kinds of makes it feel worse when you're south side next couple of days, on the humid side. interior south jersey in the 50's, like yesterday morning, a loft suburbs dropped into the mid and up ear's, 63 in the capitol sit of delaware, again around the city same
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deal, 64 if he airport, chalfont checking in at 63 degrees, mid 50's feeling good up in quakertown, 58 degrees in pottstown. so maybe you have the windows open at night though over the weekends it, may change over the next 24, 48 hours, the reason, cold front still well to the west, see the clouds and the showers along it, across eastern ohio, ahead more of south winds now, bridges in humidity, still dry. we'll see decent amount of sunshine today, will warm us up, temperatures right where they should be this time of year. head to the afternoon, dry, at least in the first half of the day, maybe stray shower or storm far northwest berks county up toward the poconos, into the overnight, maybe stray shower, but the best chance arrives coming in tomorrow, specially late morning, into the afternoon, scattered showers and possible thunderstorm, potential for marginal threat for severe weather tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours, heavy downpours, gusty winds, today's temperatures into the 80s, tonight muggy in the 70s once again mid 80s tomorrow. so for today, talking highs right where they should,
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58 degrees, more on the humid side. what's the latest on the roads? >> justin, at least eight's, gorgeous, thank you so much. roads looking okay. we have construction, but good news is a lot has been clearing out of the way, vine open last night, great news for those of how take the vine, 59 south near ridley park, looking good both ways, northbound, southbound, primarily the southbound side, but overall you can see how many early rides ers we have already, very indicative of very early monday morning, this is what happens i would say monday through wednesday, this is where we had some police activity, what it is, a disable vehicle pulled off to the middle area, between the shoulder and that, like i said, like that middle area. called the gore point, schuylkill westbound near the turnpike, what we are working with both directions the disable vehicle, not causing any slow downs right now but it certainly could, as things progress. anywhere on the suing could. 8962, left rained blocks, scheduled to open around 5:00 a.m. i think it will do just that. jim, over to you.
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>> this morning a loft people are talking and tweeting about the bet awards. >> i watched it, it was good stuff. next the art hoist took home the biggest honor and show you the surprising things they did right after the awards ceremony. stay with us.
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>> welcome back, stay updated with justin ace forecast on our cyst that's station kyw news 1060. taxpayer watch group chaka fattah should be stripped every his pension because of law in the books. water concerns in bucks and montgomery counties. several local agencies work to go fill the food gap for children who rely on school breakfast and lunch. check in two, three, four times a day, on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> time now, 449:67:89 time for check on business news. >> that's right, money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill, we have a lot to talk about, the second full trading
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day after the uk shocked the financial world, and vote today leave the european union. lou things shaping up so far? >> most asian markets fell again today, although the japanese market rebounded slightly, now it fell nearly 8% friday, in europe, uk markets down, germany and spain are making up for some of friday's massive losses. as of right now, dow futures pointing to slyly lower open, only 06-point drop. not terrible, friday had theirs worse day since 2011 with banking and financial stock taking a hit because exchange rates and currencies are in flux. again that drop right now, 56 points is what we're looking at, not terrible. >> not bad at all. friday i with a looking at my 401k okay, the last time he looking at you for awhile. >> he had hives. >> oh, it was bad. jill there is brexit vote is strengthening the us dollar, but that's not necessarily good thing, why is that? >> okay, society british town has been singing the us
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dollars, getting stronger. >> this does sound good. right? but it does mean american products will cost moreover sees. and, companies, like and he will, facebook, and google, well, they could potentially lose hundreds of millions of dollars in quarterly revenue, only bright side, traveling to the uk, you will get little bit more for your money. >> brooke, jim? >> road trip? we'll all go? >> if you're paying. if you're buying, i'm flying. that's how we do things with jim donovan, jill. thanks a lot. >> you know what? sign me up then. if those are the rules. >> meisha is laughing back there. >> she knows, that's how it goes. >> thanks, jill. women, coming up: sunny skies are in the forecast this week, some part of our a may see some rain. >> justin will show you which areas may be affected.
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waking to up quiet conditions across the delaware
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valley, still somewhat on the pleasant side it, changes this afternoon, we will bring back typical summertime humidity. temperatures still comfortable in outer suburbs, 58 degrees, in allentown, 64 officially at the airport in philadelphia, interior south jersey feels good, millville 55 degrees, and storm storm scan keeping things quiet. showers far northwestern pennsylvania, some could get in here late today specially poconos, most areas stay dry, really tomorrow best chance to see more wet weather. noticeably warm, partly sunny skies, high up around eight a degrees, average this time of year, muggy tonight, clouds on the increase, slight chance for shower or storm overnight low 69. here is the extended forecast, better chance for scattered showers or storms specially tuesday afternoon, highs in the mid 80s, wednesday will feel good again, we drop the humidity, pleasant, mid 80s, as we head into july, there is scattered shower and storm chance into the holiday weekends, highs returning to the upper 80s by saturday. all right, meisha, a now is the time when you're driving
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east, starting to see the daylight, how is the traffic? >> justin, absolutely, when i start to pull the cameras, we can slowly start to see the skies starting to light up just ever so slightly, still kind of dark in new jersey, 42 northbound, looking at here, looking pretty good. take this to 295, what you are looking at, a lot of drivers out on the road already, just cracking into that 5:00 hour, so, but the sky, like justin point out just starting light up now the schuylkill eastbound near girard, what you are looking at here, looking good. looking really good right around the schuylkill, but this on the schuylkill right here, police activity, actually disable vehicle pulled to the gore point, middle shoulder area, schuylkill westbound near the turnpike where that is, you can see, though, not going it cause tomorrow slow downs now, but certainly can if we don't get that cleared out of the way, right here the schuylkill eastbound, or westbound, rather, near the turnpike, looking good. construction pa turnpike between valley forge, ft. washington, left lane blocked, jim, over to you.
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>> beyonce gets it started in the bet awards in los angeles. >> ♪ >> you should have heard me scream when i realized who it was. she hit the stage with rapper kendrick lamar to perform her song freedom. also won in five categories including video of the year, for formation, but beyonce had to jet over to london so she wasn't able to stick around to except her award, that's okay, her mother, tina lawson, did. >> look at her, her mom looks good? >> very good. >> glad you enjoyed the show. >> good show, any time you can have beyonce surprise me, you know i'm in. >> i was asleep, sorry. >> that's all right, i'll fill you in. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, we go live to london for more on the fall out from last week's breakfast vote. also ahead if you plan to travel for the fourth you're that the alone, expected to be a record breaking year. we'll be
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>> slot and killed, woman nurds heard by her boyfriend, weapon he use that shocked police. the latest on their investigation just ahead. >> secretary every state, john kerry, heads to london for emergency talks, i'm tina krause in london with fall-out from breakfast. >> and, wounded folcroft police officer christopher doorman gets ready to make another step on his road zero to recovery. plus tell but his conversation on country singer kenny chesney. >> justin, meisha are here, as well as keeping an eye on things, meisha, back, welcome back. >> i'm back.
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>> no where else i would rather be here than with you. not hawaii. >> such a lie err. >> i was going to say? >> straight face. >> i'll go! >> we've got some construction outside, but good news for most, construction starting to mover out of the way, looking good. >> weather is all right. >> progress, we bring back shower and storm chances yes, nice shot here. >> boathouse row, nice sunrise in about a half hour or so, see the clear sky, start off with decent amount of sunshine today, some clouds will start to roll in this afternoon, but most of the rain should hold off until later tonight certainly tomorrow. >> outside the city it g at 58. sixty-one, good morning, wilmington, delaware, 26 dover. same deal out in berks county right now shore temperatures, zooming in, normally coolest


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