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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 27, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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well this is definitely not what you want to see when you look out your window. we'll show you what caused this plane's engine to burst into flames. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. we'll also have the latest on officer christopher doorman's recovery, first what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> quick arrest of the shooting death after man in a cobbs creek home. pulled over near 52nd and spruce. >> yesterday came word from folcroft police officer christopher dor machines man could be released as soon as today, 25 year old officer smiling and in good spirit after having been shot seven times, just three days ago. >> yes, pretty much ready to see it all gone. >> firefighters making headway in the wild fire in central california. but, officials warn the death toll now at two, could get
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higher. >> i didn't -- i have got to try to navigate the best way forwards. >> scotland, work to go keep in the european union. >> ♪ purple rain ♪ >> i tell if you, jennifer hudson can sing. >> that is with a err her paying tribute. different sort of thing. paying tribute to prince at the bt awards last night, going to have many more highlight from the awards show coming up in the broadcast. >> what are the highlight for the weather going to be like? justin out on the skydeck, i know it will be humid. i hate humidity. i know it is not your fault. >> not my fault. summertime. what we can expect. i think we've been at it pretty good so far this month of june. had four, five days in the 90s, but that's about it, nothing too terribly hot, cool sunrise happening pretty much in the next couple of minutes,
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good color out there, and nice start to the monday morning, still feeling okay, as far as humidity levels go, but changes this afternoon, 50's some of the suburbs, once again this morning, so, you get outside the city and you may have your windows open again for another night. so pretty pleasant during the night time hours. sitting at 64 officially at the airport right now, atlantic city airport coming in at 57 degrees, 57 in pottstown. and again, humidity increasing little bit at the airport, we have dew point temperature right now at 60 degrees, it measures moisture in the air, typically 60s like the threshold, when you start calling it humid. so there right now. these numbers will continue to rise over the next 24 hours. and with that, come the threat for some showers, maybe even few thunderstorms, especially later on tonight, and certainly on tuesday. but, storm scan3, quiet, so the morning driver will be good. afternoon lunchtime, no problems. check out the temperature, breakdown, mid 70s by 9:00. into the mid 80s, early afternoon, and then even in the evening hours, still pretty nice, at 78 degrees. on our way up to eight a
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degrees for the high temperature in philadelphia, upper 70s at the shore, and low 70s up in the poconos. those are temperatures pretty much on average. break down the timing of the storms coming up in a few more minute, let's hid the roads first with meisha. >> good morning shall would he otkn and humid. i cannot complain about the humidity. i remember what happened november, january, february, march, april, may. ninety-five at girard, looking actually pretty darn gooding moving in the southbound direction right around cottman, starting to heat up. i got to say granted there are a lot of vehicles out there, a the love early risers out, there started actually in the 4:00 hour. now you can see, kinds of holding steady here, we push deeper into the the 5:00 hour, 6:00, see the monday morning rush start to happen. overall 95 south at girard, looking okay, disable vehicle, it is still out there. but not bothering anyone the suing westbound near the turnpike see it is just kind of sitting there over pushed off to the middle shoulder area. schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction, and looking at the conshohocken curve this is what we are looking at here,
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looking good pushing into the eastbound direction around the conshohocken curve. i would say it look little busier, 15 minute ago, so we have this in waves. looks good right around there, right now. take a look at this, guys, construction, schuylkill eastbound, in the vine westbound, off ramp to 30th street closed 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. tuesday the 20th, for deck repair, so you will have to take this alternate south street 33rd street to market street back to 30th street. make note of. >> this i'll be tweeting this out as well for all of you. do have accident church road at penn i rode marlboro township, brooke being over to you. >> officer christopher doorman hoping to get out of the hospital today. >> this really is amazing, folcroft officer was shot seven times on friday. and is recovering at penn presbyterian head call center in university city. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live there now with the latest on his recoveriment good morning, justin. jim, brooke, good morning, officer christopher doorman could be home in just a matter of hours, no word yet on exactly when though. stunning recovery still, considering he was shot seven
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times on friday morning. let's take you now to image of officer doorman, police are telling us he's 25 years old, with just about one year on the force, in folcroft. and about 10:00 a.m. friday morning, came calls every drug sale behind folcroft area apartment building, on elmwood avenue. doorman was among the first to respond and was met with gunfire suffering wounds to his face, neck, and chest area. swat officers were called in, fanning out for all out search for a gunman, as the folcroft officer got doorman to nearby hospital, police closed in, and caught the alleged shooter dante brooks island. his charge is now include attempted murder and assault of police officer, islands' now being held on million dollars bail. and ever since, doorman's condition has improved. he's now talking, and even joking, we are told, a twitter campaign brought doorman's story to country star cheney cease any, one of his favorite singers, in on stage saturday at the linc, chesney mistakenly reported that doorman had passed away.
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then yesterday, two had a phonecall, and patched things up. >> epp has a lot of things going on, we understanded that. and he was told some information, and i don't know if it got miss communicated or whatever, and basically said that, you know, he passed away which ever which he did not. some of our officers were at the concert, and we new that he didn't, it was just a mishap. >> as you heard there, chesney and officer doorman have cleared that mistake up there. looking now at the doors here at penn presbyterian looking for signs of the officer ' reese lee, meet with doctors, get full checkup before being released. for the phonecall we do know chesney and officer doorman discussed eagles game, a round of beer, to follow, of corpse, he has that to look forward to, but just no word yet on a date. brooke, jim, back into you. some good news there. >> very much so. thanks, justin. meanwhile, happening today, new jersey lawmakers are planning to vote on a
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$35 billion budget, the democratic-led senate and assembly expected to consider their owner have sean, about $300 million more than governor chris christie's plan. the governor has the power of line item veto in the garden state, both sides have until thursday to pass the budget, and new jersey's constitution requires a balanced budget. >> well, time now 5:37. in business news this morning, which famous hotel is undergoing a major overhaul? >> and, find out how the mark lets react this week after the shake-up in the european union. money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, brooke, jim. it is the second full trading day after the uk shocked the financial world, and vote today leave the eu on friday, us mark heads their worse day since 2011, dow plumped 610 points, nasdaq dropped 202 points. no country's ever left the eu markets, hate uncertainty. banking and financial stocks were hard et cetera hit as exchange rates, currency are in flux, plus a lot of banks
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face european operations in london. record 43 million americans are expected to travel over the july 4th holiday weekend, triple s says most will be driving. gas prices are about 50 cents less per gallon than this time last year. and new york's historic wolds or of historia hotel, reports the chinese company that bought the hotel wants to close it next year and give it major overhaul, which includes, converting as many as 1100 hotels rooms, into luxury apartments, and there will still be about 400 hotel rooms, thoughment brooke, jim? >> shelf mall windows in that hotel. >> yes? >> you have been to every hotel. >> i it, i was therefore conference, and the windows are very small, that's all i remember about that hotel. >> this guy watch will we do with him,. >> i. >> thanks, jill. see you tomorrow. >> small windows, if you want the view, right? >> i get it it. >> little box i, i thought converting it into condos, i don't know about that. i'm not buying.
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>> all right. >> thanks, jill, we'll check in with you tomorrow. >> celebrations are underway at the panama canal. reopened yesterday for the first time since its huge expansion project. the project cost more than $5 billion. that's about a billion over budget, in two years, behind schedule. this is the first expansion since the canal old more than century ago. you know, more than 14,000 ships use the panama canal every year. also, this morning, pope francis says the catholic church should apologize to gay people whom it had suspended in the past, made these remarks on the pail al plane on the way back from armenia. the pope was responding to a question about a german card nard who said the church around open pies dollars about being negative. also says the church should apologize to anyone it has offends the in the past. >> celebrating gay pride with parades over the weekends, among them one in new york city which attracted hundreds every thousands every people. remember the victims shooting at the gay night club in lore
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lan dough, 49 people in white veils walked in silence representing the victims. security there was tight. we can't live in fear. then there would be no pride. >> i hope to some day honor their memory. >> the parade ended at the stone wall in, parade sparked the gay right movement, on friday, president obama designated it as the first national monument to gay right. a mother in oregon had a shoot and kill an intruder. police say the woman had just returned home, with her two young children, when she found a man hiding in one of their bedrooms. they say she had gun in her purse and opened fire. authorities say the mother and her children are still in shock. >> she had her two small children with her when she got home, ten and five year old, and had a confrontation with this intruder inside the home. so, certainly, very scary situation. >> authorities interviewed the mom, but so far, she's not been charged. >> imagine looking out the window of your airplane, and seeing it on fire?
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>> one passenger actually shot this video in singapore airlines flight. the plane was on its way to milan, italy, when the crew gotten gin oil warning four hours flood flight. jetliner caught fire after the plane returned to singapore, more than 200 people were aboard, but, the good news, no one was hurt. passengers from an american airlines flight used emergency ramp to evacuate a plane on the runway at london's heathrow airport after smoke filled the cabin sunday morning. the airline says it was a technical issue, 25 passengers use the escape flight. there were few minor injuries, the rest of the passengers used the jet bridge to get off of the plane. a roller coaster accident forces the temporary closure after scottish amusement park. the tsunami went flying off the rales. hurting nine children, and two adults. the ride can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour, that was unclear how fast it was going when the accident happened. and number of people were briefly trapped inside the derailed car. that's scary. still ahead, a disturbing
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. >> hey there, got to tell you, it cost 50-cent a lot more than that for cur g on stage. fit i was detained, along with a member of his entourage, for using profanity on stage during music festival. guess he didn't know it is illegal in the caribbean to use profane words in public, the rapper, real name curtis jackson the thirds, paid a fine, and released on bail. >> artist at the bet awards,
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amazing john honoring prince. >> ♪ >> artery was talking to roots, maxwell, stevie wouldn't, and more, gave multifaceted reflection son the, it was over and over and over again, prince tributes all throughout the show, after bet sort of dissed for their prince tribute last month, the cable network, i mean, i have to say, lived up to the challenge, by honoring prince, it was a show-long tribute. >> ♪ >> and of course we've been showing you little of this all day, beyonce april had the the stage with rapper kendrick lamar to get the party started. she perp form her song, freedom, then won in five categories, including, video of the year, for a formation, but beyonce, wasn't able to stick around to except the awards, had show in london she
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had to get to, her mom tina lawson was there, though, and talking about the next leg of her formation tour. i'm a huge beyonce fan, shocker, but i didn't know shear was performing at all. been a while since she performed at the bet awards, started with her dancers walking in and then showily she appeared, like the bottom half of her body and then came up on the screen when i realized who it was. >> that was you screaming? i heard you across town. >> that was me. >> i was asleep. >> that's okay, i'll tell you ball it. >> i went to bed before my one year old, that's pretty sad. >> did you? >> the morning show, that's what it does, morning show will do. that will need your sleep. but weather actually looking pretty good today. we bring in humidity, typical summertime stuff. slows you down in the afternoon, just not used to it, because we really haven't had the hot humid days just yet. we will talk about showers, storms there is week, as well. but good sunrise here, we had
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about 15 minutes ago, looking live, at boathouse row, mostly sunny skies, outside this morning, so, the morning drive will be good. battling some sun glare in some location so make sure to have the sunglasses on, but still comfortable, temperatures in the 50's in a lot of the suburbs, we go ahead and check in with weather watchers at this hour, see what's happening across the neighborhoods, even low 50's, to the low 60s, across the region, so we break it down for you, and see what's happening. willow grove, barbara lane checks out at 63 degrees, this hour, browns mills, mary ann, at 52 degrees, and cooler spot, to the pine barens, 59 mullica hill, john carol at 50, ed connor's house chesterfield, upper 60s around philadelphia, so, again, just really depends where you are, also some 50's hanging out in cherry hill still. and up at gilbertsville, eileen murray 50's, nice sunrise happening this morning, pretty nice shots, good color this morning, out in cher at the field, ed connor high clouds over us,
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giving good color. earlier shot this morning before sunrise from phil here in philadelphia. looking pretty good. let's talk about what's going to happen over the next hours, do have changes, cold front, out to the west. and out ahead of it are some showers, even few thunderstorms, eventually the front does work its way eastward, very slow mover, so, we got some time yet. so stays dry for the most part today. really not until toward tonight we see better chance for showers, storms, at the shore, again, looking pretty good, next few days, temperatures in the mid and upper 70s, going through time, again, we bring in the shower chances specially tomorrow. they'll be scattered. maybe some strong, possibly severe storms into the afternoon, not a big severe threat. and then once we hit wednesday, that cold front moves on through. and then conditions improve. so there go, severe threat tomorrow, heavier rain, possible, and then by the middle of the week we see another cool down as there is a drop in the jet stream. talking about highs down in the in few degrees below average for wednesday, show you the seven day coming up in a few minute, but we hit the road with meisha.
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good morning. >> good morning, just ten, you brought with you an amazing sunrise, thank you for. that will and for the dry roadways, that we're enjoying right now, looking good, 59 south approaching allegheny. you can see what you are looking at right there, great company. if you hit the roads right now. we are starting to heat up in certain hot spot areas. but overall things are looking pretty good. surprisingly interstate 95 pushing in the southbound direction, this is kind of held steady for the past 45 minute or so. so looking okay there. 309 southbound, past the turnpike, peak into delaware county looks good. ninety-five north at 452, take this all the way up to the airport, that's what you are looking atment like i said, looking real night there. we do have first look marlboro, possible injuries, church road penny road make note of that for those every in you that area. construction, skewing eastbound and the vine westbound, off-ramps to 30th street. it will be going on eight p.m. to 5:00 a.m. until tuesday junes 20th. that will happen because of the deck repair, i'll be tweeting this information out, as well, i realize that's a
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lot to read. jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha, on the cbs-3 health watch today, national hiv testing day. >> aids delaware encouraging people to get tested. they are holding special testing hours, and in their wilmington office from 8:00 this morning until 8:00 tonight. make appointment or walk, in test results ready in minutes. meanwhile, new study in the journal of pediatrics suggest there may be link between how early your child a chiefs certain milestones, and cognitive skills later on. researchers say children who were standing earlier than their piers often excelled developmentally. >> american academy of pediatrics want more education to help prevent teenagers from using performance enhancing substances. doctors say teen use of protein powder, steroids, other unregulated or illegal products is down, but, still too high. and they say healthcare workers need to be vigilant in recognizing abuses. still ahead: meet the world's ugliest dog.
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sweet pea rambo. >> strange pair, we'll tell you what lady gaga and the dalai lama are doing together. we'll be right back.
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>> as if we needed another reason to love bon jovi, surprise add cancer patient over the weekend? all started when rosey script coon as shared this picture of her mom, carol, the picture says please help our mom's dream come true. well, carol was invited today bon jovi's toms river restaurant, for a free meal, while they were there, bon jovi sneaked in behind carol, and stood there, until she realized it >> some people think only a mother could love a face like the ugliest dog in the world.
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>> doing lower celebrating this year's champ. >> take a look at sweet pea rando, chihuahua, with freckles, blonde hoe hawk, blue eyes, she also wears doggy diapers in case were you wondering, sweet pea beat out 15 other unique dogs, to win $1,500, and the tile l of you go i less dog, contest in is 28th years,. >> you go sweet pea. >> uh-huh. all right, nothing you go bridge there dog. sure to make you smile. >> english comedian, adam bucks on, shared this video of rosey, his dog, hopping through a field, of tall grass. now, rosacea poodle mix, enjoys bouncing around, where is she? >> oh, she all the watt in the back, need magnifies glass. >> what's it look like. >> oh, like a little skinny little thing. >> ya. >> interesting. >> kind of like little mini greyhounds, i think, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", wildlife officials hunting black bear
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that claude its way through tent and attacked a camper. why they say this is actually very rare. >> and how would you like legendary basketball coach herb magee to coach your kids? our pat gallen will let you know how to make it happen, he went one-on-one with the hall of famer for some tips on the course coming up.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast
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center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are investigating a murder, but the weapon is the last thing they expected, what a man is accused of using to kill his girlfriend. >> fowl crows police officer christopher doorman is on with his recovery. and his connection with country star kenny chesney. >> the fall out from the break, this will tell how he is meeting with today. today is monday, june the 27th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie out today, but justin and meisha are heaping keeping an eye on things this morning. >> back at it, kicking offer brand new week together, guys, roads are looking good. we do have tractor-trailer fire right now, i want to talk to you about and an accident that just popped up. >> cool, weather not too crazy, temperatures will be where they should be mid 80s this week,


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