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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are investigating a murder, but the weapon is the last thing they expected, what a man is accused of using to kill his girlfriend. >> fowl crows police officer christopher doorman is on with his recovery. and his connection with country star kenny chesney. >> the fall out from the break, this will tell how he is meeting with today. today is monday, june the 27th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie out today, but justin and meisha are heaping keeping an eye on things this morning. >> back at it, kicking offer brand new week together, guys, roads are looking good. we do have tractor-trailer fire right now, i want to talk to you about and an accident that just popped up. >> cool, weather not too crazy, temperatures will be where they should be mid 80s this week, little more
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humidity, so starts feeling like summer, today national sunglasses today, reminder not all about looking good, got to protect your eyes from that right there. nice sunrise ocean city, good beach day. that sun will rapidly go to work today we climb back to the mid 80s which is average for this time of year. , temperatures at the shore pretty comfortable. still some lucky spots, interior south jersey, and the northwest suburbs still in the 50's, this hour, 55 in quakertown and mt. holly, new jersey, palmyra checking in at 65, as well. all right, storm scan3, nice and quiet though, high clouds rolling on through time to time this morning, by the afternoon call it partly sunny most areas stay dry, bring back the shower chances later tonight into tomorrow this morning comfortable, how many i i had at this on the increase, 70s at the shore, and in the poconos. time out the storm chances coming up in the full forecast in a few minute, but check the latest road conditions, meisha, good morning. >> oh, good morning, roads
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looking actually pretty darn good. like you pointed out we've got some sun up, slow down, pack the sunglasses today. you'll need it, not that anyone is complaining about, that route one southbound at fox street, no delays looking really nice, so you can see that sun glare up in the upper right part of your corner of the screen, new jersey 42 freeway at creek road, really starting to heat up, probably one of the busiest stretches, 295 what you are looking at, slow down just little bit there, this is where we have, a approaching 553, right lane is blocked. >> not only right lane blocked, but there is no doubt going to cause a lot of gaper delay around the area those of you just thinking about headed out to the stretch either give yourself couple over extra minutes or holds off. i'll let you know it get tapered down. accident marlboro township possible injuries. there are. add penny road, not report of any lane blockages, there know it is out there and maybe just starting to slow you down little bit right now, jim, over to you.
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>> hands mind bars accused of shooting and killing his birth friends. >> actually shot her with a crossbow, happened after 9:00 last night, 3100 block of willits road. investigators say the 42 year old woman shot in the chest, also tell us, officers have been to this home recently, for domestic disturbance. >> there was for this address police have been out for him, neighbors say things started to go downhill recently in the last month or so. >> the unidentified victim died at the hospital. no details though on what led to the shooting. >> police officer christopher dorman could get out of the hospital today. remember the folcroft officer shot seven times friday, now recovering, at penn presbyterian medical center in university city where "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live right now and the officer got ago little celebrity support, justin,
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right? >> oh, brooke, jim, he is indeed, officer christopher dear man we hear is able to talk and even joking he also got phonecall from country singer kenny chesney, just yesterday, chesney calling to wish him well after he suffered several gunshots. now to cell phone video showing you phonecall, 25 year old officer dorman in good spirits after being shot seven times, including ones to his face and neck. folcroft police tell us that country singer kenny chesney on the line, inviting doorman to eagles game and a round of beers, very special call for doorman, who is a chesney fan, and chesney got to clear up this confusion, from a saturday show it the link. >> i wanted to come tonight so bad, and he said, kenny, please don't forget me. so, philadelphia -- >> on stage, chesney told crowds about doorman's hospital video asking chesney not to forgot him, then chesney said doorman would not be forgotten and mistakenly
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said he passed away. chesney apologized, about 10:00 a.m. friday, doorman was shot seven times in the drug bust, behind the folcroft delaware county apartment complex, triggering manhunt for alleged shooter dante brooks. later caught, captured, and charged, attempting murder, un licensed possession. now held on $1 million bail, and police say, doorman's been on the folcroft force for just about one year, and that his bulletproof vest was clutch sparing him from greater injury. and again, we are live here at penn presbyterian, we'll tell when you doorman leaves those doors, and of course he meets with doctors and also nurses for a full checkup before leaving. we are told he has that standing date with chesney for that eagles game and also beers, we'll let you know when this happens, as well, for right now awaiting had is departure from the hospital. brooke, jim, back into you. >> new this morning, suspect
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is track down and arrested in connection with deadly shooting in cobbs creek. police arrested the suspect after pulling over his car early this morning. victim was 24 year old male, shot twice in the head, and twice in the arm, along the 200 block every edgewood street. police say they were recovered the gun used in the shooting from the suspect's car. >> also, into new morning, 14 year old in stable condition, after shooting in west philadelphia. the teenager was hit in the left arm, near 54th and vine, around midnight, and was returned to pen presbyterian medical center. several cars were damaged boy the gunfire, the gunman got away. >> this is such sad news, 76ers first pick in the nba draft ben simmons is in mourning right now. his cousin was killed in a hit-and-run. take a look at this picture, investigators say it shows the suspect, cast, black suv hine the white van, it may be cadillac escalate, gmc, uconn, or chevy suburban. sang are you simmons killed
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saturday morning in hoboken, new jersey, he was with ben sill ons at the nba draft and ben posted a picture of them that day saying i'm glad i could share this moment of my life with you. the driver who hit and killed zachary simmons is still on the loose. >> a lot of people hurt yesterday at the state capitol as members after white is supremecist group clashed with protesters seven people stabbed, several suffered cuts and bruises. >> front page of the intelligence err, well water contamination, newspaper reports, many veterans are discovering only through social media that they may have been expose today toxic chemicals while working at local military bases. the presence every those chemicals has forced shutdown of 16 pun wells, and about 140 private wells. >> and from the trentonian, after police radon two massage
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parlors this spring, hammill town to be ship, mayor stricter regulations on all massage parlors, now before council, but unanimously declined to introduce the america you. >> from the press of atlantic city thousands took part yesterday in the 30th annual red, white and blue berry festival in hammonton, about 2 million blueberries were expected to be sold, according to organizers, among the treats were blue berry pies, tee, ice cream and cannoli's, producer jen said blue berry fantastic. >> cute. that's a look al some of the newspaper headlines around the delaware val. >> i still ahead, live in london as global markets open for the first time this week. since the trading, since the exit of brexit. >> secretary every state, john kerry, heads to london for emergency talks with european leaders, the latest from the fall out from brakes. >> i plus another threat looming, firefighters struggle to gain control of the massive
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wild fire in california. keeping close eye on the one thing that could spark another disaster. >> and shocker from soccer superstar, lionel mess zero messi, why the soccer worlds is reeling this morning, coming
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. y- the time is 6:11, secretary of state, john kerry, heads to london and brussels for emergency talks with the european leaders, after
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britain's stunning decision last week, to leave the european union. >> the talks commas financial markets around the world prepare for another uncertain day. tina krause is live from london. >> jim, brooke, good morning, 3.6 million people have signed an on line petition urging the british government to a null this brexit vote. a mid the uncertainty and the economic anxiety, secretary of state, john kerry; hoping to find a sensible solution if he crosses the pond for emergency talks with european leaders. >> secretary every state, john kerry,'s european visit comes as british and eu leaders continue to way the impact of messy divorce. speaking in rome, secretary kerry expressed support for both sides. >> the most important thing is that all of us, as leaders, work together to provide as much continuity as, as much stability, as much certainty as possible. >> ex it negotiations are already proving complicated, british prime minister david
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cameron who announced he stepped down in the fall; facing intense pressure to cut ties quickly. but, former london mayor, borris johnson, who is in a bid to replace him, claims no need to rush, writing in the daily testify graph today quote the negative consequences of the vote are being wildly over done. >> financial experts around the world remain concerned, the brexit could trigger slow down in the economy. global stock markets suffered 2 trillion that is in losses british pounds hit 31 year low, worlds markets are bracing for another rocky day today. >> you're going have your hurting amount for few days this week. then you will see the ups and downs in the trends usually is upward, over time. >> other weekend, scotland's leader promise swayed do whatever it takes to stay in the eu. >> i didn't create these situations. i've got to try to navigate the bested. >> expected to take at least two years for britain to officially break from the european union.
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>> european leaders are divided on just how to negotiate this brexit. it is unprecedented as britain is the first country to leave the european union in the eu's 06 year history. jim, brooke? >> thank you, tina, for the update. >> stunning announcement by the man many believe is the best soccer player in the worlds. >> argentina's lionel messi says he's end g his international career. made the announcement after last night's disappointing lost in the copa american final. the game went to penalty kicks, and messi sailed his shot over the cross bar. argentina lost to chile for the second straight year. messi has been to four title games, lost all four, the 29 year old is expected to continue playing for his other team, bars loan, a for now. we don't believe in that. pal gallen said he thought it was a passionate statement. so i don't know. we'll see. >> i know justin is passionate about the forecast for today. >> i am too. as soon as he started speaking this morning i was in.
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>> summertime, my favorite season, that's me personally, i like it warm, i don't minds the humidity. we'll get that back in our forecast starting this afternoon, pleasant for the most part this morning. notice showers, storms to the west. they don't really impact us, mainly until tomorrow. maybe stray showers into the overnight hours, most areas stay dry. looking okay this monday morning, the step sean, little fog now developing interior south jersey around millville, down to 3-mile visibility, look at dover, .3 of a mile visible, so we have the humidity on the rise, help producing some fog, but should quickly dissipate head toward mid-morning, temperatures are on the rise, six of's already, showing up around philadelphia, still some 50's in the cooler spots, interior south jersey, and lehigh valley. over the weaken we call it pleasant, humidity, but today it will be humid, tomorrow certainly feeling steamy but by wednesday, thursday, we will be back to pleasant conditions. so, if you don't like the humidity, wait few more days, does get better. the reason it is a cold front tracking east, slow mover, so we stay dry for the most part today.
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then tomorrow scattered showers, even few thunderstorms tuesday afternoon. don't cancel the outdoor plans, key word here scattered. once the front pushes through, the humidity drops, and eventually we do clear out for the middle of the week, not bad finish to the upcoming work week, and then at the shore today, good beach day. little more humid, but 77 for the air temperature, south wind, coming over the watt their, 71 degrees, water temps up from the weekends into the 60s, so does feel pretty good. inland spot today more humid today at eight a, that's how it should be this time of year, right on average, tonight increasing clouds, maybe stray shower overnight low 69. the extended forecast, nothing too crazy, temperatures where they should be for the end every june. and as we head into the holiday weekends, there is chance for scattered shower, saturday and sunday, let's get the latest road conditions, good morning, meisha. >> good morning, justin, great to see you. looking at 422 eastbound saint gabe's curve see what you are looking at here over the past ten minutes, alone, really starting to slow down little bit. so giving you birds eye view of the area. schuylkill westbound at city
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avenue. yikes. really starting heat up now, just quarter past 6:00 and already what you are looking at on the schuylkill westbound right around city avenue. boulevard southbound leading to up this area, casino of looking at the same thing. so starting to heat up there. blue route northbound past route one, you can see moving in both the northbound and southbound side, i would say, pretty similar both northbound and southbound but over start to go heat up on the blue route as well. where we have tractor-trailer fire in new jersey being route 55 southbound approaching route 553, right lane is block, so, when we have a right lane block we know it will slow down little bit. also you'll get brake lights tapping because of gaper delay. make note for those in and around the area, construction here, schuylkill eastbound, at the vine, westbound, the off ramp to 30th street, closed from eight p.m. to 5:00 a.m. on tuesday the 28th. that's tomorrow for deck repair. make note of. >> this you will have to use this alternate. i have also tweet that out for you as well. we still have construction out here route 130 both directions between route 322 and route 44, one lane blocked there.
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it will slow you down maybe ever sews slyly and construction here 295 both directions between route 42 and the schuylkill. and route 168, and we've got some lane shifts going on it, will slow you down little bit as well, jim, over to you. >> thanks, the flooding in west virginia being called a one in a thousand years event. >> and people there aren't out of the woods yet. up next, we will show you what they are bracing for today. >> plus an airline passenger captures terrifying site there is plane's wing burst into flames. you can see the wing on fire. what went wrong. coming up.
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plan your summer vacation at >> improving conditions are helping firefighters battle a wild fire in central california. now 40% contained, but official warning the death toll now at two could go higher. they brought in cadaver dogs to is her for more victims, officials say intentsly hot, dry weather remain a worry. that's something he says could spark another disaster. closer to our area this morning, 22 counties in west virginia are under a flashflood watch, just as last week's flood waters start to recede. the flooding has killed 25 people. and as hena dance yells report, have not now started sizing of last week's damage. >> west virginians bracing for more rain today. while still recovering, from devastating floods, the national weather service is calling last week's storm a one in a thousand year event. at least 24 people were killed. including diana sanders'
6:22 am
husband, of 37 years. >> while tried to get out. >> all that's left of their home is the front steps. the raging creek washed the house away with her husband inside. >> i sorry seen him walking last night, in the last clothes i seen him in. i swore him. i said you come back to me. i was thinking. >> resident new the rain was coming, but never imagined this. in the town, high waters swept into every single building. search teams continued door-to-door checks over the weekends looking for survivors. people in the small town are cleaning up. the town was underwater, entire neighborhoods wiped out. >> this side of the house, the basement of the house, all destroyed. my son, everything he owns, he has nothing, not a pair of shoes. >> communities from across the storm battered state are
6:23 am
coming together. with water, food, clothes, those left with nothing. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, coming up: the history lesson that will only cost you a quarter. >> plus, see a hall of fame where more than 1,000 career victories. and now philadelphia university head basketball coach herb magee wants to coach your kid. our own pat gallen went one-on-one with him to find out how. justin? >> all right, good monday morning, everyone, starting off nice and pleasant, but humidity on the rise, that means, shower, storm chances return to the forecast, i'll let you know when, when "eyewitness news" returns.
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>> if you needs to brush up on your history, you might want to head to jackson, michigan. >> a young man is putting his own spin, offering a history lesson. here's the best part it, will only cost you a quarter. >> have so much knowledge that i can't be a history teacher, i got -- i just came up with this. >> one day he just came down and he said, mom, i would like to make a boot, and for 25 sent, tell history, and tell people stories. >> good who are him, gabe said
6:27 am
when he gross up he wants to be in the military like his dad and grandfathers, meantime teaching others, plans to donate the money to veterans or his church. >> i love that. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", a group that pope francis says deserves an apology. justin? >> jim, a country sing is her comfort ago folcroft police officer shot in the line of duty, last week, i'm justin finch, coming up when those two plan to meet, and when that officer could be leaving penn presbyterian hospital. >> plus, caught on camera, a plane burst into flames. we'll show you what caused the airline emergency next. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention
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alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer >> it is looking butt storms
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are on the way. >> we'll let you know what is going on today in your morning minute. >> female victim was shot in the chest with a hunting crossbow. >> man is in jail right now accuse of shooting and killing his girlfriend in the city torresdale section. >> folcroft police officer christopher doorman zero could get out of the hospital today. >> officer doorman shot seven times, friday. >> the last check officers christopher doorman was talking and even joking. the most important thing is that all of us, as leaders, work together. >> secretary of state, john kerry is in europe to calm fears after britain's vote to leave the european union. >> my son, everything he owns, he has nothing. >> west virginians are brace fog more rain today. >> while still recovering from devastating floods. >> thirty years of aiming, to win it for chile.
6:32 am
>> and chile beat argentina four-two in shoot-out after the game, lionel messi announced he's quitting the argentinian national team. >> pat gallen isn't believing t i'm going with, that maybe just passion, justin, just passion, like how we feel about this weather. >> that's right. i mean, i love this weather actually, summertime, going to be warm, little more on the humid side, but nothing too craze think time of year. still, have not seen that real long-term pat western hot temperatures, not even going to happen over the next week or two, booed shape. this morning, still comfortable, 50's, 60s, in some of the suburbs, still at this hour, 56 officially at the airport, humidity levels still on the lower side for most part, 58 degrees in up an allentown the shore, now to the 60s, quakertown still chilling down at 55 degrees there is hour. now the dew point temperature what we are looking at over the next 12 hours or so, right now, still seeing numbers in the 50's, pretty good.
6:33 am
once you get to the 06 degrees range, that's when it starts it feel humid. that's what's going to happen later this afternoon. and the reason is cold front, which is still well to the west, you can see, showers, storms, out across western pennsylvania, most of the rain stays to the west today, just ahead of the front we get that increased heat and humidity. then the temperature breakdown, 9:00 temperatures mid 70s, by lunchtime well into the 80s, few more clouds return, this afternoon, and maybe stray shower, gets into the far northwest suburbs late in the afternoon at night, most areas stay dry, eight a the high temp today philadelphia right on average nice breeze off the water at the shore, 70s sunshine, poconos best chance to see that shower, storm, really tomorrow, better chance for some widespread scattered showers, storms, time it out in the full forecast in a if you more minutes, but let's hit the roads now with meisha, a what's the latest? >> justin, looking absolutely stunning outside. where you just were, and i can tell you end the roadways right now it is really starting to slow down, so
6:34 am
waiting for the rush to pass you by, i can tell you you are really in the thick of it now, just moving into around the 6:30, you can see interstate 95 moving in the southbound direction, coming around that s curve look at how busy just a string every brake light starting to go off. no longer traveling at posted speeds there, in fact, i would say you're not probably going above 25 miles per hour when you look at the boulevard moving in the southbound direction push toward that schuylkill, you can see, just flood of vehicles there, as well, and then once you jump on to the schuylkill westbound at city avenue this is what you are looking at, very, very busy here, as well, we can usually expect that happen, good indicator how bus at this will be specially when we actually drabbing into our main rush hour. of the 7:00. so the schuylkill westbound at city avenue, looking there, we do have this tractor-trailer fire in new jersey, route 55 southbound, approaching route 553, that right lane blocked, you are starting to get some gaper delay, some slow downs, and also construction, take a look at this actually starting, between the vine and columbus boulevard, this is double lane clear fewer
6:35 am
9:00 a.m., until 3:00 p.m. so you are going to have to scoot around this starting 9:00 a.m. again, just today. also, some more construction out there 295 both directions, between route 42 and 76, route 168 you will have some lane shifts around, there maneuver around with the roving crews, brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. looks like officer christopher doorman may get out of the hospital today. the folcroft officer shot multiple times on friday, and his so recovering at penn presbyterian medical center in university city had miraculous recovery so far. justin finch live there now, with the latest on that recovery. good morning, justin. jim, brooke, good morning, no word on exactly when but officer christopher doorman could be home in just a matter of hours, so truely remarkable recovery, considering he was shot some seven times, on friday morning, folcroft police tell us officer doorman is 25 years old, with just about one year on the force. about 10:00 a.m. friday morning, came reports of drug activity, behind a folcroft area apartment complex, on
6:36 am
elmwood avenue. doorman was among the first to respond and was met with a hail of gunfire, with hits to his head, face, neck area. swat officers called in for all out manhunt for suspect. as the folcroft officer got doorman to nearby hospital, police close in the and call at dollars shooter dante brooks, now charges attempted murder and assault of police officer, held on million dollars dale, ever since doorman's condition has been improving. he's now talking, we are told, and joking as well. a twitter campaign brought doorman's story to country star kenny chesney, one of his five are you artists, then slip of tongue on stage saturday. and in concert at the linc, chesney mistakenly reported that doorman passed away. yesterday, the two had phonecall, and patched things up. >> he has a lot of things going on. we understand that. and he was told some information, and i don't know if it got miss communicated or
6:37 am
whatever, and basically said that, you know, he passed away whatever which he did not. some of our officers were at the concert, and we new that he didn't. it was just a mishap. >> and, back live again, we are hearing that officer doorman could be released as soon as today. from pen presbyterian, of course we'll let you know that happens. police telling us that chesney, and doorman, planned to go to eagles game and get a round of beers, no word yet on date, but certainly the officer now has that to look forward tonight and eagles game, and beers with one every his favorite artists, brooke, jim, back into you. >> well, this is good news, good news, may be able to go home to his familiment thanks, justin. >> john kerry travels to brussels in london today. he will meet with european and british leaders to discuss british voters decision last week, to leave the european union. over the weekends scotland's leader suggested she would do whatever it takes it stay in the lock, including withholding scott lan's
6:38 am
consent to britain leaving. world markets are bracing for another rocky day after suffering about $2 trillion in losses, following the brexit vote. >> well, jetliner catches fire and it is caught on camera. singapore airlines flight was on it way to milan, italy when the crew got an engine oil warning. the boeing triple seven jet with 222 passengers on board and crew of 19 turned back, the aircraft right engine caught fire after it touched down, more than four hours after take off. good news, there were no injuries. smoke in the cabin forced evacuation of an american airlines flight on the runway at london's heathrow airport, the airline said it was a technical issue. this eyewitness video shows passengers using emergency evacuations slides, few minor injuries, other passengers used portable jet bridge to get off of the plane. >> pope francis says the catholic church should apologize to members of the gay community whom offender dollars in the past. he was responding to reporters question about a german cardinal who said the church
6:39 am
should telling toward gay people. also repeated remarks he made in 2013 which he asked who are we to judge? this comes after gay pride celebrations are held throughout the us over the weekend, they were held throughout the us over the weekend, this is one every them. the empire state building and the asian building lit in rainbow colors. correspondent wendy gillette tells us about parade held there sunday to celebrate gay pride. hundreds of thousands came to be loud and proud at new york's city's annual gay pride parade. but there were somber moments, too. forty-nine people in white veils walked in silence representing those killed in the shooting of gay night club pulse in orlando. forty-nine flags kicked off the parade, one held by new jersey resident, sam wax. >> i hope that some day honors their memory. >> owner and entertainment manager road on the lead float, flood by sea of orange
6:40 am
color that celebrate the gun control movement. parade volunteer amy hellmann mashed this year with different purpose. she is friends with a man who escaped the shooting unhurt. >> it was a very traumatic experience for him. and i was so thankful that he was all right, but in that same breath he lost so many friends that night. >> there is heightened security this year, including thousands of uniform police officers, lining the parade route. also, counter terrorism units and plane clothes officers in the crowd. >> security was also tight at other celebrations across the country. >> we can't live in fear. then there would be no pride. >> this year's parade in manhattan through drew larger crowd than years past. wendy gillette, cbs news, new york. >> happening today, new jersey lawmakers are scheduled votes on new $35 billion budget, at least their version, the democratic budget set about $300 million more than governor chris christie's plan, christie has the option
6:41 am
of using a line item veto. now, new jersey's constitution requires balanced budget, both sides have until thursday to pass the budget. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, hunt is on for a black bear that actually attack a camper, why wildlife officials say this is actually very rare. hey, pat? >> good morning, brooke, basketball season might be over. it doesn't mean the work stops. coming up i work one-on-one with a local legend who can help your kid succeed on the court, let me tell you, it worked. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> beyonce wows fans, as she surprisingly takes the stage at the bet awards. but then she's no where to be seen when it was time to except the an award. find out why next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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6:45 am
lucky to be alive after terrifying bear attack. >> yes, range remembers hunting for a dangerous bear right now, because the campground near has been closed and at nearby canyon under intense surveillance. >> the bear claude a camper's head, and shredded the man's tent. the camper did survive, but rangers say attacks like this are also unusual. >> california black bear, very skiddish, really don't want anything to do with human interaction, but if they're hungry, they are thirsty, again, the term wild is therefore a reason. >> yes, i'm with you. wildlife officials say the bear around payly aggressive so it will be put down when it is caught. >> happening today, aids delaware encouraging people to get tested for hiv. >> today national hiv testing day, holding special testing hours at its wilmington offers, so you can either walk in, make appointment from 8:00 this morning until 8:00 tonight. the results are ready in minutes. >> and because the futures so bright you got to wear shades, it is national sunglasses day,
6:46 am
it is more than a fashion statement, brooke. sunglasses also protect your eyes from harmful uv rays, but you always look spectacular in your sun glass. >> ya, clean it up. justin, what are you doing over there? >> i came prepared. >> okay. >> sunglasses day. >> lights are little bright in here. >> exactly. my dad's actually an optometrist. oh, out in the sun all the time, you got to wear sunglasses. >> do you have. >> and not those cheap ones, you needed ones -- >> why are you looking at me. >> yes, polarized. >> listen, mine aren't expensive but they'll protect me. >> right, always sit on them or lose them. >> i hear you, jim. >> those knock-offs. >> all right, well, you'll need the sunglasses today, we will be dealing with a lot of sunshine. that will change tomorrow, tracking some showers and storms, but this morning, again, 50's and 60s in a lot of location frost the weather watchers, still in some of the suburbs, so pleasant start. wilmington, delaware, mid 60s, lever down, 63 here in
6:47 am
eagleville, up at lou's house, still hanging out an at 06 in willing bonn over, john engines house, hey, cool when you have polarized lenses little effect going on on the glass. we do have fog though to worry about, specially down south into delaware, check the shot out, dover, from andy segal, showing that fog, so reduced visibility in some spots. so not seeing the sun rid there. delaware, but everywhere else, in the clear. storm scan3, cold front tracking eastward, takes its time to get here eventually we see showers roll in here, probably through the overnight hours best chance tomorrow. there is the visibility problem i was talking about, .3 of a mile in dover, everybody else looking good, the reason is the humidity on the rise, so seeing the moisture being squeezed out in the form of fog. shore forecast, break out the sunglasses today, wear the sun block, 77 degrees, tomorrow, not the best beach day, scattered showers, storms, looking better wednesday, back to the mid 70s, poconos in good shape as well today for the most part low 70s we keep you guys in the mid 70s through the next few days, and let's time things out for you.
6:48 am
today just clouds thicken up, shower possible overnight. this is 2:00 a.m. but really tomorrow afternoon, we see scattered showers and storms popping up one of those could be severe. late in the day, but for today, eight a degrees, little more humid tonight, muggy, 69, the extended forecast, nothing too hot through the end of the week, but holiday weekend maybe stray shower storm saturday and sunday, meisha, what's the latest? >> justin you are not the only cool one around here, all right? where is my john travolta, can i both him? good morning, everyone, 42 freeway northbound at creek road, really starting to heat up right now, delaware county same story there. and i can tell you, sun up, slow downs today for sure. as justin has just pointed out zero out. looking delaware county very busy take the northbound all the way to the airport, 95 south at girard same story here. very busy, no longer traveling at posted speeds as you can see, literally bumper to bumper, i would say traveling 25, 30 miles per hour right now, we will continue to drop there. we do have tractor-trailer fire in new jersey, route 55
6:49 am
southbound approaching route 553. that right lane block, and what you are getting right now a lot of gaper delay around the area because of t also, some construction out there i want to pull your attention to, 95 south between the vine and columbus boulevard being double lane closures starting today 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. jim, over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha a the time now 49:00. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> there is charlie roads joins us live from new york with a preview, good morning, charlie. >> hey, good morning, brooke, jim. we are tracking fresh fall out from brexit and the united dollars kingdom, also taking closer look at what it means for the presidential campaign and today's markets here in the united state. plus, we're out with national guard in west virginia, as it works to save people and animals from historic flooding. and in rome on pope's newcomb end, the pope says the church should seek forgiveness for its treatment of gay people. all of that and more, the news back in the morning, and we'll see you with it in about ten minutes. >> that's awesome, thanks a
6:50 am
lot, charlie, we will be watching. >> meanwhile, many on social meade why this morning are saying the bets awards more like prince tribute show. >> listen, artists did great honor last night. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it was a celebration. sheinelle monet, shealy e, phillies on the roots, even stevie wonder the list goes on, bet said they would do it big for prince, and i think the cable network lived up to the challenge by honoring prince in a show long tribute. really every time you looked up, it was time for another prince tribute, and it was awesome. >> freed freed. >> another awesome part, beyonce and rapper kendrick lamar kick off the show performing her song freedom. won five trophies including video of the year for formation, but beyonce wasn't able to stick around to except her award, she had to jet off to a show in london. instead, her mom, tina lawson,
6:51 am
accepted for her. she is great. beyonce of course had to leave early because she starting the next leg of her formation world tour in london, coming back here in september, jim. >> uh-huh. british boy band one direction could soon be history. oh, say it isn't so. harry styles reportedly signed a solo recording contract with columbia records, the same label as the band, right now the band is on hiatus, styles currently filming christopher noland world war ii film. >> i like harry style. and, big congrats to jill i from philly. grammy winning singer jill scott married her long time boyfriend over the weekend. the groom's friend dj mars posted this picture on his instagram page. told the reception had surprise performer, big daddy cane. >> that's cool stuff. >> uh-huh. >> pat knows who it is. >> i have no idea who these people are. >> don't know who big daddy sink? >> sorry, i'll learn later on, i'm sure you'll play the music
6:52 am
behind me. when the best bass account ball players need help with their shots, they go to the shot doctor. >> how you can get your child's game to the next level with the help after hall of famer watch? >> he is pretty good. >> all ' -- you'll see right here, if your son or daughter serious about playing basketball, ledger here to help them this summer. herb magee can shoot the lights out. and he is willing to bet he can help your kid shoot like steve kerr which his guidance. >> on thursday, the sixers took ben simmons with the first pick in the nba draft. one every his supposed week negatives cents is shooting the ball. if he never needs help, i know just the guy. and if your child is serious about the game, there is only one man to go see. >> watch my right foot. see? >> philadelphia university head coach herb magee is a hall of famer with over 1,000 career victories. but he's also known as the shot doctor. >> you are willing to work. if you are willing to listen, then what we are showing you will make you a much better
6:53 am
shooter. anyone can improve their shot. >> throughout the summer magee holds shooting camp for children serious about the sport and serious about becoming a great shooter. >> what we do, we build it up from the grounds up. what works, grip, which i consider probably the most highest priority. >> magee has work with nba players like malik roads, evan turner, marcus can bye, helping them home their skills from the outside. would his magic work on my shot? >> don't i -- worry about that. >> we can cut that one. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> goo good shot. ball was short. we bring it down. and we hide -- >> okay. >> as you come up to shoot, your elbow is in perfect condition. so if we are doing it correctly it, should look like. that will now, step in, shoot it. >> ♪ >> see the difference?
6:54 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> as you go seek, coach magee knows hoops. >> so here are the details of his summer camp, one which begins today, still time to sign up for the other camps which focus on the construction of a jump shot. herb told me this is not for those who are just looking for something to do. it is very intensive work on your shot. so again, if your kid is serious, make sure that you check it out. also guys i missed the first, i don't know, two, three shots after herb tweaked my hand, made like ten in a row. i mean, the guy is learning it. >> oh, i was watching. i said i understanded this. >> that wasn't cut for tv. that was real. >> thank you so much, pat. appreciate it. >> well, we will be right back with three things you need to know before go. >> three to go
6:55 am
alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer
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>> before we leave, three to go. >> christopher doorman may be re less dollars from the hospital as earl ace this morning, also got to speak with kenny chesney on the phone yesterday. >> philadelphia police say man shot and killed his girlfriends, with a crossbow, in the city's torresdale section last night, the man in custody. >> secretary of state, john kerry is traveling to brussels and london today in the wake
6:59 am
of the brexit vote, and that's three to go. >> now, a last check on weather and traffic. justin? >> all right, yes, national sunglasses day. >> to up protect your eyes, too, from the sun. today's national sun glass day, so we will have un sunshine, battling that, it will be warm, mid 80s, actually, that's bush kill falls, up in the poconos, but that's good place to visit too. mid 80s today. tomorrow, scattered showers, storms, keep it mid 80s until the end of the week. >> thanks so much, justin. schuylkill westbound at city avenue really starting to slow down. taillights moving in the eastbound direction, not bad. take a lock past the trees, westbound direction, you're traveling no more than 7 miles per hour right now. >> more or secretary of state john kerry's visit to london, meet with european and british leaders to discuss the uk's divorce from the european union. >> remember to join us earl each weekday morning starting 4:30 a.m. have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, june 27th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." new political and market turmoil after britain decide to leave the eu. today, members of parliament will try to plot a path forward. here in the united states, hillary clinton and donald trump sharply disagree on the impact. a passenger jet bursts into flames after an emergency landing. video from on board shows an entire wing on fire. west virginia braces for more downpours after a deadly week of historic flooding. we are on a rescue mission with the national your world in 90 seconds. it will not be


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