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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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seven times. he was responding to a drug related call when that suspect opened fire, and it was an incredible scene. he was rushed to mercy gets gerald hospital and it was there he was stabilized and then transported to penn presbyterian hospital via helicopter. today just some three days after being shot seven times, including four times in his bullet resistant vest, he was actually released from the hospital and that is where he arrived here to that hero's welcome. officer christopher dorman acknowledging that dozens of officers gathered to escort him home, three days after responding to a call, that almost took his life. friday dorman was shot seven times including once in the face, police say daunte island opened fire as dorman pulled up to the scene. just three days later dorman leaving penn presbyterian with the full police escort. twenty-five year-old one year veteran of the folcroft police department heading toward
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folcroft fire station where he volunteered for years. there hundreds of community members, fire fighters and neighbors welcome the hero. >> like to say thank you for everybody for being there for me and my family and my fellows brother in blue through this and everybody supporting me throughout. appreciate it. >> reporter: dorman had little to say about his ordeal but made it clear he want to be back on the force. >> ready to get back to work. >> reporter: his parents know george and jean more than excite that had hear sonnies home. >> he took it like a warrior. he didn't back down from the guy. his concern was the guy getting a way and doing harm to other people. >> reporter: expected to make a full recovery. >> i'm to thankful to god, i'm thank follow to the people that offered prayers, i'm thankful that he had that vest on. >> reporter: as you can imagine it will be sometime before officer dorman is able to get back to 100 percent but he does say he does want to return to full uniform. we spoke with the chief,
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earlier this afternoon, he says that will happen as soon as doctors give their okay. we are live at folcroft i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> happy to see he is doing well, thanks very much, greg. philadelphia police continue continue on investigate a homicide in northeast philadelphia where a husband shot his wife with the cross bow. police responded to a call on the 3100 block of willit road last night just after 9:00 o'clock. they found 42 year-old pamela nightlinker with a arrow wound to her chest she was transported to aria torresdale hospital where she was pronounced dead. neighbors were shock by what happened. >> this is all surprising because they were normal people. it shows you not even normal people you can trust. >> reporter: coming up tonight at 6:00 we will hear what the man who tried to save her said a accused murderer was doing and saying, leading up to the murder, that is coming up in a live report. also philadelphia fire fighters worked to put out a house fire this morning, chopper three hovered above this scene in the 1500 block
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of church street. flames could be seen burning through the roof of the row house in the frankford section of philadelphia. no one was injured and no word yet on how the fire started. the supreme court hands down a big ruling in the texas case involving strict regulations on abortion clinic s. pro life and pro choice demonstrators gathered outside the supreme court for today's ruling. in a five-three vote justices overturned a 2013 texas law that would have imposed tough standard on abortion clinics. correspondent paula read explains why the justices ruled the law as unconstitutional. >> reporter: supporters of abortion rights celebrated outside supreme court following justice decision. the court voted down texas 2013 a borings law saying it posed undue burden to women. >> today the supreme court...
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>> reporter: law requires a borings providers to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and required clinics to have same standard as outpatient surgery centers. >> it lays groundwork for some clinics that closed because of the admitting requirements to reopen their doors. >> reporter: thinks first major opinion on abortion in 25 years. vote was five-three withn in justice kennedy siding with the traditionally liberal block. the white house praised the court's decision. >> underscore reproductive freedom of women a cross the country. >> reporter: texas lieutenant governor called the ruling devastating. >> for the life of me i cannot imagine the women on the court or the men on the court who says we think somehow or another if you want an abortion you deserve less standard then if you were getting treated for a broken leg. >> reporter: texas lawmakers say they will pour over decision and revisit the issue in a way that the supreme court will a prove. paula reid for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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the supreme court also, upheld the broad reach of a federal law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. the just advertise zest rejected argument that the law covers intentional or knowing acts of abuse, and not those committed recklessly. the case involved two men from maine convicted of breaking federal law by possessing firearms, after misdemeanor convictions for domestic violence. also, members of the lb gt community with local and federal officials gathered at new york city stone wall inn today dedicating the site as the first national monument to gay rights. president barack obama a designated the cities christopher parkas stonewall inn national monument, it was done under the antique witts act last week. valerie jared was among the speakers. >> i'm certain that president obama envisioned this day during his second inaugural address when he said and i quote we, the people, declare
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today that the most evident of truths, that all of us are created equal. >> the monument covers part of the greenwich village including the stonewall inn, neighborhood around the bar was site of the police raid on the lb gt patrons of that tavern back in 1969. i believe the church should not only have a pol guyed to the person who was gay and whom he has offended. >> pope francis a board the papal plane on sunday making an apology to the gay community. the pope a said that the gay community should quote not be discriminated against and they should be respected, and pastorly a code. the comments came during a news conference as pope returned from the vatican during a trip to armenia. pope also says that the catholic church owes an apology to the poor and exploited women and children. humidity is creeping up and so is threat forum is are showers. meteorologist lauren casey is in for kate with the first look the at forecast, lauren.
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>> starting to feel a little sticky out here in the skies and cloud deck is increasing. to temperatures very summer-like in philadelphia we are at 85 degrees right now but we have cooler temperatures north and west of the city, compliments of the line of showers that is continuing to move eastbound, temperatures right now in the 70's, 73 degrees in allentown, in the 60's in mount pocono but in center city, across southern new jersey we are dealing with temperatures in the 80's and a little bit of a heat index as our dew points are increasing that humid factor so it feels more like 87 degrees right now in philadelphia, but we do have some showers and that will help cool us off. storm scan three showing thus round of showers not much in the way of lightening detect at this point and shower intensity is light to moderate so it is tame at this point but shower activity across the lehigh valley in bucks aunt montgomery counties and we are seeing shower activity right now across chester county and that will approach center city philadelphia as you head in
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the next hour or two. looking to your seven day as we head throughout the show look forward to thursday a beautiful day in store low humidity values but we have to get through a steamy day tomorrow with some storms and few could be on the stronger side and i will have details in the full forecast in a few minutes. thanks, lauren. and, development project in delaware county could be in jeopardy, located here in delaware county, cardinal crossing calls for hundreds of homes and thousands of square feet in retail and office space. it was to be the biggest development in the county in 20 years. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in broomall delaware county with what has become a battle ground, joe? >> reporter: natasha, good evening, i spoke to the township manager here in marple township earlier this afternoon and he told me while he cannot speak on behalf of any elect officials, the middle ground to solving all this would be leave the land behind me undeveloped. the archdiocese this
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afternoon, and, proceed with the sale of this property, on thursday. >> it is a battle ground, and, pending sales between archdiocese and reality firm to develop 200 plus acres of for necessary marple township, the site of the school on sprawl road. but, before the plans were development, known as cardinal crossing, seems to be growing less and less certain. >> the development that he wants to put in there is four times the size of the granite run mall complex. it is huge. >> reporter: marlene stewart is with save marple green space a group formed to fight what it says would be a devastating loss to green space in delaware county. plants called for wegmans stores, several hundred homes and other commercial buildings. for some it is just too much. >> the magnitude of the 213 acres that they are going to bull lows. >> reporter: archdiocese confirmed in the e-mail they still expect to close the 47 million-dollar sale on thursday, but three days out,
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marple township's manager told cbs-3 that leaders now believe that the most attractive option may to be leave the land as is. they won't, and, township would up end the sales a agreement, and, leaders declined an on camera interview. without township support it is unclear how much of the land could be developed, under zoning regulations. >> i think that a lot of the politicians have severely misjudged the depths of anger that the residents have. >> reporter: we also left messages for developers with cardinal crossing and did not hear back from him. we left a message for spokeswoman of delaware county council they have been asked to weigh in as far as a luge voters decide if this should be remaining open space. we did not hear back from her either. reporting live from broomall joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on "eyewitness news" one of the most popular former flyers gets the call to the hall, who is going to the hall of fame when we come right back. also, live like a
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princess? grace kelly's philadelphia home is for sale, we will show it to you coming up. national weather service says something like this happens only once in a thousand years. hear from a family who lost everything, in the west virginia floods. and is what oldies new again and some diet soda as what is being added back to some soft drinks that will affect the taste longest and fastest zipline in north america, there's only one place to do it.
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money cannot find you class but a piece of royalty. home of grace kelly is on the market here in philadelphia for one million-dollar. the east falls brick colonial features a formal dining room and a bar room, reportedly the kelly children etched their heights on a bedroom door. born in philadelphia, grace kelly went from hometown girl, to actress, to princess of monaco, and fashion icon. also a hearing was held today to determine who qualifies as an heir to the estate of the late musician, prince, and no will has been found. prince had a sister and at least five half siblings. mourn 20 other people are claiming to be an heir to the late music legend. dna test ruled out a colorado inmate claiming ton prince's son. minnesota judge said it will take a while to decide who will get the superstar's
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fortune. fire fighters in california are struggling to contain the state's largest wild fire. the fire called the erskin fire covers 43,000 acres. since breaking out on thursday, officials confirmed that two people have died as a result of this fire from smoke inhalation. in addition to the 250 structures lost, another 75 have been damaged. parts of the burned areas are still without power and they are possibly unsafe, because of hazardous waste. >> right now we have the fire listed at 45,388 acres and it is 40 percent contained. >> officials have not yet given evacuees the all clear to return to their homes. and more rain could bring even more headache, to -- heartache to portion office west virginia devastate by a week of flooding. national weather service says something like this happens about once every thousand years. cbs news correspondent chris
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van cleve is in clinton west virginia. >> i don't think reality set in yet. >> reporter: this is what reality in west virginia looks like, melissa and several generations of the sanders family lived side by side, right in the path of the rain swollen jackson week. >> my mother in law's house is ruin, my brother in laws house is ruin, my other brother-in-law's house washed away. >> reporter: bill sanders did not make it out of one of those houses. diana is his widow. >> it will be seven years, this was my life, everything was gone. i feel him here. >> reporter: damage from thursday's flooding is far worse then first thought, over 500 homes in one county alone have been badly damage or destroyed, in this area at least 100 are gone. crews have been working around the clock to clear debris and get the lights back on and volunteers have brought food
5:17 pm
and supplies to those in need. nearly 100 road remain closed, and soldiers and first responders have been going door to door in hard hit a area. a a woman desperate to rescue a litter of puppies trapped for days in this house flagged down the national guard. first out of the house is private first class jay meadows carrying a scared, hungry pit bull puppy through waist deep water. >> inside that box, five baby chihuahuas and their mom, close behind. finally. >> they got allie, thank god. >> reporter: allie the pit bull all car toyed safety. scenes like this are common across west virginia, today. there is, federal aid available because state has been declared a federal disaster area fema fund are available. people can start applying for that now. damage assessment teams are going across the state to get a clear sense of how bad it is, and that is as more rain
5:18 pm
is in the forecast for today. chris van cleve for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> amazing video on so many levels in that story. >> yes, dealing with so much there in west virginia. >> yes. >> lauren is here to check on our forecast. >> we had rain moving our way, folks seeing some showers across the delaware valley. we are seeing showers at this time, not too much in the way of thunderstorm a activity but as we head into late day tomorrow that could change up with the possibility of the strong storms but for right now enjoy some sunshine in center city philadelphia but it is starting to fade a way but not down the shore just yet. look at these people getting a live look at neighborhood network. that is just not fair. it is monday, why do they get to be down the shore but beautiful conditions, the waves crashing there blue skies with the cloud deck that will start to increase as we will see shower activity crossing the area and right now sunshine looking more sparse then it was just an hour ago in center city philadelphia as we look at sky
5:19 pm
scan . temperatures 85 degrees. breeze out of the south at 12 miles an hour. that humidity is increasing so we have a feels like temperature of 87 degrees. temperatures you do notice gradient due to the rainfall temperatures that have cooled in the 70's, north and west of the city compliments of the shower activity, compliments of the sea breeze down the shore we have temperatures in the 70's, still warm in cape may at 81 but nice comfortable 74 currently in ocean city. dew points they tell us about that moisture at the surface how comfortable it feels stepping outside and dew points are on the rise. our comfort factor is on the decrease. up by double ding it over the last 24 hours in a lot of our reporting sites and dew points in the 70's right now across the lehigh valley. that means it is toasty when you step outside. heading in the the day tomorrow on our comfort index bubble here we will be at oppressive with those dew points around that 07-degree mark all through the day as we get a break heading in to
5:20 pm
wednesday but for tonight that ac will be cranking only dropping back to near 70 degrees with the widely scattered showers and few rumbles of thunder around. for the day tomorrow you'll need to keep umbrella on stand by both in the morning and then later in the day with times of showers and thunderstorms and warm high temperature backup into the middle 80's. on storm scan three notice some shower activity, some thunderstorm activity with lightening bolts being indicated off to the south and west but closer to home really not much going on in the way of stronger weather just some light to moderate shower activity and even southern edge of the line is starting to break apart as it continues to move eastbound but some light rain moving from the lehigh valley eastbound into parts of the bucks and montgomery county. a approaching center city philadelphia line up wind at this point give it an hour before you break that umbrella a out due to light shower activity. future weather will show you quiet, once those showers move through but we could see pop up showers and thunderstorms in the overnight period for the first half of the day tomorrow. few showers and thunderstorms
5:21 pm
around before a more organized line develops ahead of the slow moving cold front as we head into the evening hours. we will watch out for that but a few of those could be on the stronger side especially north and west of the city, this is late day tomorrow, as we get a a quick check of the holiday preview looking good especially next sunday and machine but of course, it is early at this time but we will keep our fingers crossed for nice looking fourth of july weekend and in your three day forecast we have storms for tomorrow and much nicer conditions, much more comfortable by wednesday. >> head up. >> yep. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" it was all about the music, fashion and prince. >> we will show you how bet a ward honored the purpose will one and look the at wild fashions on and off the stage, leslie. hockey hall of fame class of 2016 was announced eric lindros finally got the call to the hall but you won't believe who
5:22 pm
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>> the call to the hall. >> all right. >> call to the hall. >> wait finally over for flyers greater i can lindros, after six a tempt lindros voted in the hockey hall of fame. at 6-foot four, 130-pound, lindros change the power forward position. never before had a player been that big with unbelievable hockey skills and speed, his career cut short after his fourth concussion in 2,000. ironically he was selected in part because of support from hall of fame commit thee member, bob clark, and you might remember when clark was flyers gm he and lindros had a strained, sometimes stormy relationship. the four three-year old will be the 12th flyer in the hall, mark howe in 2011. eric tweeted happy to be part of the 2016 hockey hall of fame induction, congratulations to the fellow inductees. former flyers coach pat quinn was also named to the hall, quinn who died in 2014, took flyers to the stanley cup finals in 1980 and coached them to the longest unbeaten streak in nhl history, 35
5:26 pm
games. phillies begin the final three games with the road trip tonight in phoenix against diamond backs. vince velasquez will make his first start, adam morgan has been moved to the bull pen. yesterday phillies lost for 12th time in 14 games. conner gillespy with the walk off single giving giant eight-seven win. since may 25th, phillies are six-25. check this out during mariners/cardinals game matt carpenter hits the ball to left feel. a fan jumps the fence, starts running toward the ball but somehow he missed the catch, lighting with the fan. he was taken off the field. >> i have seen those fans get tackled and hurt too. >> yes. >> a little victory lab there. >> my gosh. >> i a appreciate it. >> coming up next, pepsi making a change to some of the diet sodas, and is what oldies new again. plus democratic national convention is a few weeks away
5:27 pm
we have word honorary distribution toss i-95 that will be in effect that week. new at 6:00 o'clock tonight we will take you inside the flag room the place where presidential flags are created and they are hand stitched, a painstaking process that happens only in philadelphia.
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right now on eyewitness nice where new jersey drivers could see a price hike at the pump if lawmakers vote for a new gasoline tax. right now new jersey lawmakers are trying to reach a balance between causing pain at the pump and raising machine toy fix road and bridges. new jersey reporter cleve bryan is following proposal for a 23 cents per gallon increase to the gas tax. >> reporter: wearing same bright colors typically used
5:31 pm
to caution drivers hundreds of the construction workers were at the state house monday trying to get at tension of the new jersey lawmakers. without action the transportation trust fund that pays for road and bridge repairs will run dry this week. >> they will run out of money soon and something will have to be a tragedy and we have to come up with the money. >> reporter: means of replenishing trust fund have many drivers worried 23 cents per gallon increase to the gas tax. erika's group americans for prosperity says the taxis too high for i state that already spend too much on road. >> we actually collect more transportation revenue then 42 other states in the country. we also have the highest administrative costs in the country. so trenton has to do more with less. >> reporter: but 2014 study by the foundation found that new jersey spend about 12 times the national average on their state controlled road and bridges. right now there is a i buy partisan plan to pass gas tax that comes with retirement and estate tax relief but not all republicans including governor
5:32 pm
christie are on board. the efforts have been on going to tweak a bill to avoid a showdown with the governor. if a deal can't be reached late today, they can try again thursday the last day before the trust fun runs out n trenton, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, improvements could becoming to the neighborhoods surrounding the vine street expressway. fail's mayor jim kenney with u.s. department of transportation secretary anthony fox, announced that philadelphia is one of four cities to win the every place counts design challenge. vine street expressway successfully connected i-95 to the schuylkill expressway, its construction managed to split city communities but improvements are coming. >> our teamworking not only with the u.s. department of transportation but even some of our non-government organizations stake holders will work to provide technical assistance to philadelphia as it reimagines the connections
5:33 pm
between the communities impacted by this project in the past. >> planners a and designers will meet with local residents to plan on site technical a assistance next movement. also a stretch of i-95 in philadelphia will be off limits to certain types of the vehicles traffic during the democratic national convention. penndot says vehicles over 5 tons like tractor trailers, dump trucks and mobile homes will not be permitted to travel along i-95 between philadelphia international airport and the vine street expressway. the restrictions go in effect on saturday july 232nd days before the dnc begins. democrats on the house committee investigating the 2012 attacks in benghazi libya released their own reports. they concluded that the military could not have done anything differently on the night of the attack to save the lives of the four americans killed. the report also found then secretary of state hillary clinton never personally denied any request from diplomates for additional
5:34 pm
security. the panel's republican majority has yet to issue its own report after missing a self imposed summer deadline. meanwhile hillary clinton hits the campaign trail in the key battle ground stake with the vice-presidential choice in toe. donald trump is taking day off in preparation for policy speech in western pennsylvania tomorrow. correspondent, kenneth craig has more now from new york. >> reporter: hillary clinton and senator elizabeth warren held hand high in the air. >> i'm with her. >> reporter: warren is champion of the parties liberal progressive base. her endorsement could help clinton win over bernie sanders, supporters, warren wasted in time going after clinton's republican rival donald trump. >> a small insecure money grub her who fights for no one but himself. >> reporter: trump calls warren a sellout in a statement that read in part the sad attempt at pandering to the sanders wing is another example of a typical political calculation by d.c. insiders.
5:35 pm
>> she represents wall street and interest of big banks, i just felt like it wasn't very genuine. >> reporter: trump is painting clinton as ultimate establishment figure and warren could help beat that back. the it is sort of the try out for vice-presidential nomination. >> she exposing him for what he is, temperament. unfit and totally unqualified to be president of the united states. >> reporter: new study shows that trump's tax and budget plans would cause the national debt to shoot up by more than $11 trillion in a decade, clinton's agenda would increase it by 250 million-dollar. trump will have a chance to respond on tuesday, and his planning to deliver a speech outside pittsburgh entitled declaring american economic independent. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". after his policy speech in pennsylvania tomorrow trump will rally with supporters in saint claire's ohio. in the wake of the brexit
5:36 pm
volume standard and poors has stripped uk of its top credit grade. meantime secretary of state john kerry is in europe to calm fears after britain's voted to leave the european union. tina krause is in london to bring us up to date. >> reporter: prime minister david cameron addressed parliament for first time since britain's historic vote to leave the european union. >> i'm clear and cabinet agrees this morning that the decision must be accepted. >> reporter: cameron announced his resignation friday and says he will not begin formal exit from the eu before he leaves office. >> before we do that we need to determine the kind of relationship we want with the eu and rightly something for next prime minister and their cabinet to decide. >> reporter: more than three and a half million people signed a petition urging the british g to annul the vote. that is enough signatures to get a debate in parliament. >> we have made our decision, people have voted. >> reporter: this man is worried about unrest, brexit
5:37 pm
is bringing to the uk. >> talk about young against old, deprived areas against privileged areas. >> reporter: another rough economic day in the market, british pound plunge 3 percent against the dollar after losing 10 percent friday. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in europe helping to manage the fall out. >> most important thing is that all of us as leaders, work together to provide as much continuity, as much stability as much certainty as possible. >> reporter: european leaders are divided on how to negotiate this brexit. britain is the first country to leave the european union in the eu's 60 year history. tina krause for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". once again wall street reacted to the turmoil, dow jones closed down 260 points, nasdaq down 113 and s and p closed down 36. e beginnings officials investigating crash of egyptair flight 804 says
5:38 pm
plane's damaged black box's arrived in paris for repair. investigators hope technicians will be able to extract data from both the cockpit voice recorder and flight recorder. plane went down in the mediterranean sea last month with 66 people on board. it remains unclear the cause of the crash. still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 working from home is getting easier for some, the new trend that is bringing the office in some cases, the board room to your doorstep. does your diet sewed taste different? the change that fans of the pepsi demanded that is actually coming back to diet drinks, lauren. summertime steamies settling in across the delaware valley plus a chance of storms stays with us through tomorrow, i'll have details in your full forecast coming up next.
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soda drinkers have spoken and pepsi is listening. aspartame is back in the some diet drugs. less than a year ago artificial sweeter was removed over health concerns. since then customers say they do not like the new taste so sweetener is going back into pepsi. pepsi max, which is being renamed pepsi zero sugar. >> well, new trend has begun as it becomes more common for americans to tell i commute and work from home, many apartment buildings and residential buildings are providing work spaces for residents that work from home. study by global work place analytics to the come shows number of people who work from home grew 100 percent, since 2005. >> without having a discrete, separate, quiet place that you you can work that is not part
5:43 pm
of your home living situation. >> some buildings under construction are even going a step further but offering apartment owners the option of also purchasing a separate office. i can see that. >> yes. >> work from home. >> jury's still out but we will talk about it later. >> a sneak peak at holiday weekend weather,
5:44 pm
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weekend was beautiful. today was beautiful. >> we're getting less beautiful. >> oh, we are. >> unfortunately. >> the a least weekend was nice. the get this rain out of the way before the big weekend this weekend. >> that is right, the holiday. >> july 4th holiday, fire works, we need dry conditions and so far it is looking dry but weather forecast is evolving, still a week out but we will keep that finger crossed but sunshine is fade ago way across the delaware valley right the now, still have not maintained down the shore but we are working with a line of showers moving eastbound across the area but good looking view right now in ocean city, new jersey on sky scan three. we have high cloud, preceding
5:47 pm
that line of showers but people still outside on the beach enjoying themselves and our weather watchers are coming in with their reports right now, taking some break from the beach maybe and differences in the reports from our weather watchers especially off to the north and west and down the shore, verse rainfall, verse sunshine but everyone seems to be making mention of the dew points. it is more and more humid. we will check in right now head up north and west. 78 degrees as reported by our weather watchers. he is reporting rainfall right now in perkasie, and he is making note of the dew point. he is focused on that. 68 degrees. starting to feel steamy right now in perkasie in combination with some of that light rain falling. 85 degrees as reported by our weather watcher david and he is reporting partly to mostly cloudy conditions. he is in clementon, new jersey and also making note of the dew point. the his dew point is cooler in the mid 508's there as that rain approaches and we will head down the shore right now. cooler temperatures
5:48 pm
compliments of the sea breeze at our weather watchers house in ocean city. 78 degrees. he has got bright sunshine as we showed you on sky scan three. quite a difference in the included cover across the delaware valley and he is making note of the dew point at 71, steamy but does note positive part a nice cool breeze off the ocean keeping those temperatures down the shore in the 70's, as we head in the next couple of days we are going to have very seasonal temperatures, mid 80's right where we should be at this time have the year in philadelphia and we are sitting at 85 degrees right now. rain cooled off off to the north and west with temperatures in the 70's. 73 degrees in allentown. in the 60's in the poconos. ocean water temperature warming up 17 degrees but starting to increase are those dew points, they tell us about that sticky factor in the middle 60's and up in the 70's and it just feels so humid and unfortunately that will be the case tomorrow, all throughout the day with dew points hovering around the 70-degree mark on comfort index. it will feel oppressive.
5:49 pm
summertime all throughout our tuesday. tonight we will have ac dropping back near 70 degrees with scattered showers and rumbles overnight. keep that umbrella on stand by through the day tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms at times, high of 86 degrees. best chance of storms will be later in the day with the heat of the day. storm scan three is showing us most of the storm activity is off to our south and west but we are dealing with a line of showers maybe a few embedded rumbles of thunder but this showers and cells are pretty tame more moderate cell developing east of the lehighton and continuing to move off to the east but again not much in the way of lightening detection in much of the shower activity that is light to maryland rate intensity but center city philadelphia has substance. rain is moving our way. light rain coming down in norristown and it will cruz into the heart of the city heading in the next hour. future weather showing us a picture in the late evening hours and overnight tonight some the spotty shower and thunderstorm activity.
5:50 pm
even tomorrow morning for our commute we will be dodging hit or miss showers or storms but as we move in the afternoon get that heating in the day activity will start to pick up and time frame to be concerned with is later in the of afternoon and evening hours, we will likely see a line of showers and thunderstorms developing that will cross the delaware val any advance of the cold front. a few storms could be on the stronger side. we are in the slight risk for severe weather tomorrow north and west of the city. marginal risk for the area. water temperatures at the shore and it the is looking g water temperatures are starting to warm up in advance of the for the of july weekend. water temperatures in the 70's. over next couple days tomorrow is day to watch out for with that chance of the shower or thunderstorm especially late inert day that could be on the strong side but as we head into wednesday much nicer conditions. humidity dropping off. by thursday we are looking beautiful, that weekend preview still looking good-bye sunday and monday, sunshine so ukee we will keep our fingers crossed that it stays in the
5:51 pm
forecast. >> thanks, lauren. on the healthwatch tonight with suicide now second leading cause of death for teenagers the american academy of pediatrics issued new you guidelines so doctors can help identify patients at risk. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to tell us about new recommendations. >> reporter: suicide replaced murder as leading second leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 to 19, accidents are the biggest killer of teens. but this growing suicide rate now has experts says doctors need to talk to them about potential causes, including bullying. this is a volunteer counselor at crisis text line. she answers texts from teens who are often struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts. >> when they text in it could be something like i want to diet could that be simple or they could say i feel sad. >> reporter: suicide has listen to the second leading cause of death for adolescence. >> it is hard for these kid they don't necessity where to
5:52 pm
turn to. >> reporter: american academy of pediatrics is urging doctors to screen teenage patients for suicidal thoughts ape risk factors including family history of suicide, mood disorder, questioning sexual orientation and a history of physical or sexual abuse. >> we can catch these kid before they do something tragic to themselves. >> reporter: another wrist factor teens who spent more than five hours a day on the internet is linked to depression and suicidal thoughts. pediatricians should ask if teens have been bullied on line or face-to-face. >> there is a higher incidents in kids who think about hurting themselves or even completing a suicide and then those hoff been bullied. >> reporter: crisis text line is reaching teens all across the country. the in the last three years hot line has exchanged 19 million messages. and crisis text line says 80 percent of their clients are under the age of 25. they have counselors available 24/7 to get in touch just text
5:53 pm
741741. there is a report that also says teens involved with religions, and those who get along well with their parents and friend tend to have lower rates of suicide. this this cyber bullying we have talk about it a lot, it is an issue that parents need to watch out for. >> having a place to turn. >> and know the signs. >> stephanie, thank you. still ahead tonight, remembering, prince. >> ♪ >> the bet award pay homage to prince, more on that, plus a look at the night's fashions coming up
5:54 pm
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stars were out for bet award, a show of show of music, style and love for latent taner prince. >> insider's kelce knight joins us from los angeles with more, hi, chelsea. >> reporter: it certainly rained purple in the l.a. heat last night and bet divas proved that skin was in. michael yo was on the scene giving us inside track, all things bet awards. >> ♪ >> jennifer hudson setting the tone for the night, purple rain both in legacy on stage and throughout the red carpet fashion. >> i'm inspired by prince. >> really. >> i want to rock something, you know, kind of remained me of prince. i loved, loved, loved prince. >> reporter: robert a, transformed her prince inspiration to a mini metallic stunner. >> i'm here to pay respect,
5:58 pm
love, honor to prince, to amen for, someone who inspired us all. >> reporter: and now, she believes her friend would have a proved of the purple mani and went black and white satin suit. hello, back there was on backstage, prince pro shay threw it back to his unforgettable 1991vma moment. >> ladies and gentlemen, sheilae. >> prince's other mention sheila e shook things up in white, epitome of functional fashion as she slid her way through seven minute electrifying tribute that closed the show. much more on this story tonight on the insider, back to you in the studio. >> wow. >> nice. >> we will get more on the bet awards, on the insider tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. >> that will do it the for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. >> reporter: man is accused of killing his new wife with the cross bow, i'm anita oh in
5:59 pm
northeast philadelphia what neighbors who tried to help save her are saying today. >> reporter: just three days after being shot seven times officer christopher dorman is being released from the hospital. i'm greg argos here at penn presbyterian hospital about what the officer wants to do as soon as possible. a traffic headache three years in the making business to end for drivers in montgomery county, chopper three is over the popular bridge which will soon reopen. and following in the footsteps of the betsy ross, we will take you inside of philadelphia's flag room, and these flags are fit for a president. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. more shocked about seeing a body in my kitchen floor. >> reporter: it was a shocking crime in northeast philadelphia a a mother is killed by a cross bow, used
6:00 pm
for hunting. the victim ran to a neighbor's house moments before she died. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm natasha brown in nor guess contact man suspect of murder is victim's husband. eye witt the necessary news reporter anita oh talked to neighbors who say they saw the crime unfold, right before their eyes. she picks up the store friday here live at police headquarters, a neat a. >> reporter: well, ukee and natasha, neighbors tell me they saw paul cousin shouting about isis. he has been charged with homicide after police say he shot his new bride of just over a week in the chest with a cross bow. just that, it is sad. >> reporter: bloody gauze and single bouquet of roses marked the ground from which paramedics rushed pam lay to aria torresdale hospital after police say her new husband, 41 year-old paul cousin, shot her with a hunting cross bow. >> she was sitting in a st,


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