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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the victim ran to a neighbor's house moments before she died. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm natasha brown in nor guess contact man suspect of murder is victim's husband. eye witt the necessary news reporter anita oh talked to neighbors who say they saw the crime unfold, right before their eyes. she picks up the store friday here live at police headquarters, a neat a. >> reporter: well, ukee and natasha, neighbors tell me they saw paul cousin shouting about isis. he has been charged with homicide after police say he shot his new bride of just over a week in the chest with a cross bow. just that, it is sad. >> reporter: bloody gauze and single bouquet of roses marked the ground from which paramedics rushed pam lay to aria torresdale hospital after police say her new husband, 41 year-old paul cousin, shot her with a hunting cross bow. >> she was sitting in a seat, chair, and it went through her
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body, through the chair and into the wall. it was very high in velocity bow. >> unaudible. >> reporter: it happened shortly after 9:00 sunday night, next door neighbor marge i maldonado heard pounding on their door and opened it up to find a profusely bleed would go man asking for help. >> i see him holding her trying to help her in, that is it and then she collapsed. i was more shocked about being seeing a body in my kitchen floor, you know, and you can't do nothing about it. >> reporter: philadelphia police captain james clark said he admitted to shooting knightlinger during a argument. >> he was fed up and got his weapon of choice and unfortunately shot and killed her. >> reporter: officers were called before for domestic difficulties turn answers and neighbors say in recent weeks he seems more agitated and caused trouble near local businesses. >> he he ran around name a few weeks ago. >> reporter: text coming results will take several weeks. the both knightlinger a and two children each but all were
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away at the time. it all happened in the 3100 block of willits road in northeast philadelphia. close by i spoke with pamela's ex-husband jim knightlinger who said her two daughters have been taken it hard. wouldn't would not believe the loss, and cousin has been formally charged with whom side. live from police headquarters, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, tonight we are hearing from the folcroft police office shore was shot seven times and survived. officer chris dorman is out of the hospital and getting a hero's welcome. eye witt the necessary news reporter greg argos joins us from folcroft with that story, greg. >> reporter: good afternoon. that hero's welcome happened here at folcroft fire department where hundreds of the friend, family members, members have the community and fellow officers gathered to honor chris dorman, officer shot seven times just this past friday. when you realize folcroft police officer christopher dor
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map was shot seven times just 80 hours ago it is incredible to see him now heading home. >> it is a miracle, absolute miracle i'm telling you. >> reporter: his mother jean and father george are just two of the 100 people who gathered to see the 25 year-old officer return to his town. days after he was nearly killed in the line of duty. >> to say he took it like a warrior, he did. he didn't back down from the guy. his concern was guy getting a way ape doing harm to other people. >> reporter: that guy is daunte island whom police say opened fire on him as he responded to call for drug use. dorman was shot in the face, leg, groin and four times in the vest. >> i'm thankful to god, i'm thankful to the people who offered prayers. i'm thankful that he had that vest on. >> reporter: dorman himself says he is thankful for
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incredible support he has received from his brothers and sisters both in and out of the uniform. >> i would like to say thank you for everybody for being there for me and my family and others in blue through this and everybody supporting me. it means a lot i appreciate it. >> reporter: incredibly dorman's parents say he will make a full recovery, 100 percent in fact and first thing dorman says he wants to do once he makes that recovery is return to the police force. we are live from folcroft, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, greg. it is a muggy monday and rain would help cool us down a bit. lauren casey is in for kate trying to track some summer showers, lauren. >> it is feeling steamy, definitely still warm but looking off to the west, it is looking dark as that line of showers ace approaching center city philadelphia. temperatures right now still warm at 83 degrees our current in philadelphia we are at 80 in dover but to the north and west rain cooled air, temperatures in the 70's in the lehigh valley.
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we do have that steam factor ongoing right now, dew points have been increasing over the last 24 hours but by double digits in some locations and tomorrow, get ready for a humid day but right now yeah, we will be cooled down in center city philadelphia over the next hour there is that line of showers approaching from the west. cloud deck will start increasing down the shore and southern new jersey, pretty rapidly. now shower activity is light to maryland rate really no lightening being detect at this point and any of these cells. so light to moderate intensity rainfall not worried, but as we head in the next couple of hours get a dosing much needed rainfall and look out for tomorrow with the storm chance in the forecast. we could see stronger storms later in the day and talk about humid conditions, lessening as we head into mid week and that is coming up in your full forecast in a few. >> thank you. fire breaks out meantime inside delaware county furniture store this have afternoon. up land fire fighters responded to kerlin street and
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up land avenue around 3:30. chopper three over the scene where fire fight are worked very hard to the roof trying to extinguish the fire inside i've up land's furniture. no injuries were reported and in word on how fire started. the university of delaware could change when the school has its spring break. according to wilmington news journal university is considering making change following death of the visiting student at a off campus fraternity earlier this year. the university reportedly is looking to have its spring break scheduled to coincide with other colleges. chopper three over 23rd and market a short time ago after workers were injured by an electrical shock. they were working at a substation. we're told a 35 year-old male and 40 year-old male were taken to the hospital with burns. there is no word on their conditions tonight but they were conscious and alert when they were taken into the hospital. peco is on the scene right now investigating what happened. good news for drivers
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frustrating by a nearly three-year long detour in montgomery county. repairs on the arcola road bridge connecting collegeville and phoenixville will be finish by next tuesday a cording to the contractor and that is when it will reopen. neighbors say what was a five minute trip to local shopping center, often turned in tie half an hour drive because of the detour. bridge closed in 203 when it failed inspection. development planned for a large track of land in delaware county is now in jeopardy. development called cardinal crossing is planned to be build in marple township off sprawl road on the site of the old don guanella school. residential and retail space are planned for over 200 acres of land but with just three days to go before sale marple township leaders are still questioning the archdiocese decision to sell the land to the developer. some residents think the development would be too much. >> development that he just wants to put in there is four timeses size of the granite rhawn mall complex and it is
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huge. >> archdiocese believes it will still close the 47 million-dollar sale on thursday, but marple township has told cbs-3 that the most attractive option for the land may be leaving it as it is. the developer and cardinal crossing reality rather hasn't returned cbs-3's calls. new jersey lawmakers set to vote on the plan to raise gasoline tax by 23 cents cents per gallon. would it slash other tax toes fund transportation for the next ten years. it is a pie partisan plan but governor chris christie says he opposes the legislation. measure would also include a phase out of the estate tax, a cut in retirement income and a increase in the the tax credit for filers. it may be summer but delaware lawmakers are thinking ahead to the winter. state senate is considering a bill that would fine drivers who failed to clear snow and ice off their cars. fine would range between $25.75 each day they are
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caught, stiffer penalty could follow will if snow or ice comes off and hits someone or causes property damage. hard to imagine snow on the road as we get set for the fourth of july holiday, triple a says record 43 million americans are expect to travel this weekend and mostly will be driving. healthy economy is encouraging families to take summer trips. gas prices also helped drivers have saved about $20 billion on gas so far this year compared to the same period last year. well, we are starting to feel very patriotic as we gear up for the fourth. >> we will take to you philadelphia's very own flag room, torey? many of us have only seen presidential and vice-presidential flags, from the distance, but coming up we will faux up close and we will meet women behind every stitch that gives this flag and many others their spirit. we will take you to the philadelphia a zoo for a special day for police and the very lucky young people,
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leslie. eric lindros finally gets the call to the hall, we will tell you when other members from the orange and black will be in the 2016 class. we will hear from flyers gm ron hextall coming up. longhorn's grilled tastes of summer. our new smoky pepper crusted filet with shrimp. our new grilled hawaiian salmon. and our famous outlaw ribeye. tonight.
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well, oscar winning actress grace kelly grew up, it the is on the market. the six bedroom brick colonial is listed at one
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million-dollar, the east falls home is also where prince rainer of monaco proposed marriage to kelly. the home was built back in 1903 by kelly's father, john, who was also an olympic gold medal win are for rowing. quite a piece of history there that goes along with the sale. >> lovely. >> indeed. >> eric lindros making history right now. >> he sure is. the it took him a while, but wait finally over for eric lindros after six attempt flyers great voted in the hockey hall of fame today. at 6-foot four, 230-pound, lindros changed the power forward position. never before had a player been that big with unbelievable hockey skills and speed. his career cut short after his fourth concussion in 2,000. lindros won havert trophy as mvp in 1995 and led the flyers to the 1997 stanley cup finals. >> eric was, he was obviously a terrific player. i think the the size, the
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skill, the skating package was very, very special. >> former flyers coach pat quinn also named to the hall, quinn died in 2014 took flyers to the stanley cup flyers in 1980 and coached them to the longest unbeaten streak in nhl history 35 games. quinn played with ron hextall's dad in atlanta and ron remembered the first time he saw quinn. >> i remember one day he had a fight with a teammate of him, during practice, and my first impression of pat quinn but then you get to know the man and see him, you know, in the hockey world and all that he accomplished obviously as a player, manager, and as a coach, he has a terrific legacy. >> after the phillies beat tigers on may 25th they were five games above 500. since then they are six and 13, games under 500. the tonight they start three game series with the diamond backs who came in the bank ten days ago and took all four games from the phillies, vince velasquez will make his first start tonight since june e
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15 day dl with the right biceps strain. yesterday phillies lost for 12th game in the last 14 games, connor gillespy the the walk off single giving giants that eight-seven win. phillies just need to get something going at this point. >> it is sad. >> it will get better at some point. >> it is coming. >> 9:40 they start. >> yes, late one. >> lauren joins with us our forecast, it the has been great weather to be outside. doing baseball, whatever. fantastic. >> beautiful conditions but things will start to go downhill. not a huge hill but just a little slope. we are starting to feel that already, some showers work ago cross our area that steam factor settling in and that will be the case as we head through tomorrow with the storm chance. we could see a few stronger storms heading in to late daze tomorrow but right new we are just dealing with sunshine and seeing high level cloud there getting a live look at skies scan three at ocean city new jersey.
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enjoy last vest stages of that sunshine because the cloud deck will be rapidly increasing in advance of the line of showers that is traversing the delaware valley. we have sunshine as we check in on our live neighborhood network beach patrol in margate, beautiful conditions. couple people out there enjoying this monday at the beach, people out there right now but in center city philadelphia, all us working souls 83 degrees, cloud are up creasing. the south wind at 13 miles an hour. feeling more like 84 when you factor in that humidity. temperatures right now, rain cooled air north and west of the city. temperature 73 degrees in the lehigh valley. dew points are increasing up in the 60's, up in the 70's, starting to get up to 07-degree mark. it starts to feel oppressively humid. that would be the case across the area through tonight, and through the day tomorrow before we get some relief heading in to wednesday. overnight tonight scattered showers and rumble, very mild
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conditions at c will be running back do 69. right around average for our high tomorrow. eighty-six. very humid conditions. feeling warmer than that. we have times of showers and thunderstorms for second half of the day but no thunderstorm activity right now. storm scan three showing us showers light to moderate in intensity not picking up much in the way of lightening. that is good news. showers are starting to move into center city philadelphia. rain coming down in norristown, light in intensity back in phoenixville. we are seeing showers, moving eastbound across i-95 corridor trenton seeing light rain moving in border town, future weather showing us fairly quiet overnight period but we will dodge hit or miss showers from the storms even for our tuesday morning commute. we could see a couple storms out there. keep an eye to the sky. most activity time frame will be as we head in the second half of the day. we will get heating of the day. we will see scattered showers and storms and more organization as we head into the evening hours at 7:00 with the line of thunderstorms
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developing in advance of the cold front that will move east of the delaware valley. being time is when we have potential to see stronger storms. storm prediction center does much have of the area in the marginal risk of severe weather too many, slight risk up to the north and west. keep yourself aware of the changing weather situation as we head into late day tomorrow. little preview, still far out at this point but it looks like saturday isolated storms and sunday and fourth itself are looking pretty nice. hopefully that forecast will hold out. we won't change it with very nice conditions in stories specially for fourth of july holiday with even some low humidity but it will be a steam bath tomorrow before we get a break on wednesday with decreasing humidity and increasing sunshine. thursday looks beautiful. isolated storms for friday and saturday and holding out hope for the fourth of july weekend forecast. >> lets keep that going. >> good looking stretch in the holiday. >> yes. >> good looking stretch.
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>> thank you. >> a appreciate it. >> patriotic mural gives new life right here in philadelphia. >> we will show you coming up next. in this very room only 30 presidential and vice-presidential flags are made every year. what room is it? it is flag room, and where is it? you'll find out
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welcome back just in time for welcome america festival city of philadelphia hold a rededication ceremony for a patriotic mural. >> flags unfurled, rededicated this afternoon in northern liberties. original was created in in 2001 to honor the people who lost their lives during the september 11th attack. the mural will also be featured on the cover of the philadelphia's style best of stylish you. one of jay -- police
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athletic league sent 250 kid and teens to the nation's first zoo to a little face painting, having a good time, mess popular part was a tour of the animal exhibits, of course. event was all part of the 2016 peco pal day at the zoo. >> very nice. hippos just chillin. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> charlie rose has a look ahead, charlie. >> here's the "cbs evening news". supporters erupt in cheers after the most significant abortion decision in a decade. plus floods continue to threaten west virginia, as fires rage out west. donald trump gets doubled teamed on the campaign trail, tonight on the "cbs evening
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it is something you may have never noticed when you see president obama address the nation or appear at a news conference on a for ebb trip. >> it is made right here in philadelphia vittoria woodill has story of the women who so it inside the place called the
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flag room. >> reporter: is there only one place in the world where perfect stitch is repeated by hand for ten hours a day making presidential and vice-presidential flags for the united states of america. it just so happens to be right here in philadelphia. >> every time you see the president on television, we know it came from philadelphia. >> reporter: this is the flag room, defense logistics agency in northeast philadelphia where woman of the flag room design, trace, and skillfully embroider the flags you see by or behind our nation's leaders. only 30 presidential and vice-presidential flags come out of this room annually with differences in the details like four stars on the vice-presidential flag, and 50 stars for the presidential flags. but after the flags leave the hand of these needle painters. >> nobody knows where the flags end up. >> reporter: where ever they go these women want you to know this. >> there is a lady behind every eagle, there is all
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kinds of life, and stories that go into that eagle. that all goes into the flag. it is all part of them. flag becomes part of them. >> reporter: what do these flags mean for these women it means pride in every single stitch. as philadelphians that is something that we can all honor together. vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nicely done. >> beautiful. >> so intricate. >> thanks. thanks for watching us here at 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at ten on the cw philly a inn we are right back here at 11:00 on cbs-3. >> up next, cbs opening news. the nation's highest court strikes down a controversial abortion law. also west virginia prepares for another round of flooding. britain's vote to leave the eu sends globe willal markets plunging will their exit be a long time problem for american investors. scott pelley is off. here now is charlie rose in new york. take care family. we will see you
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>> rose: struck down. the supreme court rules texas went too far in regulating abortion clinics. >> today's decision is a game changer. >> rose: also tonight, homes and lives ruined by fires in the west. >> i've got nothing to come back to except rubble. >> rose: and floods in the east. >> i don't think i'll ever feel safe again. i'll be terrified every time it rains. >> rose: britain's divorce from europe causes more pain in the stock market. and donald trump gets double teamed on the campaign trail. >> you want to see goofy? look at him in that hat. >> i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's thin skin. cani


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